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Shot taken on June 28th 2012, after moonset, from the summit of Mount Rocciamelone (3,538 m), Italy.
Yes, a remote location indeed.

The infinite is my favorite subject, since I can't go into deep space, I am constantly searching it here, on Earth...

The point of view of landscape photography is often from the plain toward an higher subject (like a mountain), this happens most frequently for obvious practical issues.
That's why I've always dreamed of pictures taken from most rarest view points.

This is definitely among my favourite night shots I've taken so far, just for one simple reason: the encounter of several natural spectacles!
Here we have the Milky Way cutting the night sky in direction south, so it is perfectly aligned with the distant pyramidal summit of Monviso (3.841 m).
This alignment, Milky Way -> Monviso, occurs at the beginning of every summer night, then gradually the Earth moves eastward, and the starry sky obviously to the west.
However, the particularity of this wonderful night was the presence of an infinite bank of clouds, approximately 800 meters below the summit where I was spending the night... the lights of the valley below turned this mass in motion in a sort of "primordial ocean".

As usual in night photography, the camera was able to capture far more details than I could see with my eyes, anyway this has been one of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen :-)
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Iceland ... in the Jokulsarlon with the midnight sun ...
One of the craziest light I ever seen. There's no noise ... only the waves, and the icebergs.
And us, runing to catch the moment, trying to advancing on the (cold (!)) water to approch some piece of ice.

©Ambre de l'AlPe
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check out the better version here:…
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Murphy's Haystacks
South Australia

Creepy noises in the dark, the occasional braying and scuttling of sheep, the sound of wind whistling across the fields and stars, stars as far I could see. For an hour, I had these haystacks alone to myself, my imagination and it was a question of how to record these senses into one image. This is the result of 14 vertical stitched images to encompass the very high milky way at the time of shooting. I hope you feel the sentiment! (ps. this is a redo from the facebook posted image which was done as a very small version on the fly where I completely overdid the stars)

[Flickr] [Facebook] [Web Gallery] [500px]
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A starry night in Kirkjufell, the Pyramid mountain. A hint of Aurora was in the sky when I took this (4-image, 40+MP) vertical panorama, and the perfectly-clear milky way appeared to engage in some sort of mystical dance with the mountain and the lagoon surrounding it, reflecting the stars.

If you'd like to experience and shoot these amazing locations under my dedicated guidance, please check out my upcoming 'Land of Ice' (south Iceland - first group sold out, 2nd group added) and 'Winter Paradise' (northern Iceland) photography workshops next January.
You can view the workshops teaser trailer here!

You're also welcome to follow me on my facebook page, where you can get a first look at my images, as well as get all the info about my work, photo tours and other news. For prints and licensing, please contact me directly.

Canon 5D3
Samyang 24mm f/1.4
Grundarfjörður, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland
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Edit: stoked at my fifth Daily Deviation. Thank you so much :iconanoya: (Anoya) for featuring me, and :icontimberclipse: (TimberClipse), :iconbokehlight: (BokehLight), and :iconmiguel-santos: (Miguel-Santos) for suggesting the image for a Daily Deviation.

One of my favourite places in New Zealand, is beautiful Lake Matheson.

On favourable mornings, the reward for your early morning hiking aspirations is a crystal clear and calm lake offering pristine reflections of the alpine spectacle before your eyes.

Not the most conducive cloud cover formation for a landscape image (covering Mount Cook wholesale), but, after a failed attempt the morning prior, I was thankful for the fire in the sky this second morning's attempt.

This is an image from my spring 2011 campaign of the South Island.

Canon EOS-5D Mark II, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
13s f/16.0 at 50.0mm iso100

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Probably the most beautiful mountain I have seen . Cerro Fitz Roy . 3405 m . Argentina .

Here in front - Classical vision .. From our night at Lago de Los Tres .

But this picture is special to me for various reasons:

I stayed many hours during the night looking at this amazing view .. It was a clear and pure night .. with full moon .. which creates this unhearthly light .

I have used a very wide opened lense ( 85 mm F1.2 L II ) to permit ISO 100 at night with 10 seconds exposure time .
which creates the vortex of moving clouds in the center .

Mixed with the sharpness of the rocks and the visible stars , I found it inspiring , . I hope you 'll enjoy this image.

Title and music inspiration by © Raison d'être

© Alexandre Deschaumes
Ethereal nature collection 2012

All Rights Reserved

Facebook page | WebSite


Story :

Here is the Cerro Fitz Roy, and its vortex of steaming clouds, between two storms.

Also called Cherro Chalten, the smoking mountain... It seems so. It reaches 3405 meters high, and you probably recognize this shape because it is so well-known that you see it everywhere... But, the thing is... I think it is the craziest and most beautiful mountain I've ever seen... Actually, it is always changing... It is huge, colossal.

Here the framing is narrow, and sadly a bit classical, it is surrounded by some sort of fortress... Which we don't really spot here. All the violent disturbances coming in from the Pacific crash over here and overwhelm a bit all around in tumults to be remembered. It remains a mythic summit to climb, given the commitment and technique it requires...

Since I'm always looking for more evocative images while trying to disconnect from well-known visions... With this emblematic mountain right in front of me, I was somewhat trapped. If some more anonymous or unknown element allows creativity, a such famous summit, often photographed under this angle, makes it limited, I think.

The failure of the tour on the continental Hielo glacier which would have allowed us crazier alternative views... It quite blemished my moral for a while, that's true...

Yet we pretty well approached the mounts by sleeping this night at the Lago de Los Tres.

While climbing we suffered from an incredible wind, it shoved us sideways and violently threw snow all around... We did fear not to be able to plant the camp... And finally it all settled down. We were able to strengthen a wall by carrying many stones around the tent. It lasted at least two hours. In the meanwhile, the mountains were still steaming, it was quite fantastic to observe... The clouds come in from the back or appear at its level and rise on the summit's faces, it really looks like a volcano... And the cloud's speed is impressive. We could swear it was a real-time TimeLapse. I was a bit stressed, we had already seen that the wind here could move stones and also probably break the tent's lashes... But the night was exceptionally calm, still with those growing and swirling clouds among the summits.

Then came the full moon, which allowed so much brightness on this night picture.

Technically, I've used the 85 mm (proof that we aren't so far from the mountain itself), pretty crazy fixed focus because I can open to F/1.2 and keep a perfect detail.
That's how I've been able to capture the peak and its starlit firmament... At full aperture, ISO 100 and a ten seconds pose, which almost shows a move on the stars and allows this fascinating clouds movement too. We can feel the motion, in the spirals in the centre. I had to take about twenty shots to get the most beautiful moves...

We all spent a good part of the night outside, with -10°C... It was probably the most beautiful night. Completely alone in front of a scene out of time and out of the real world.

Translation from french to english by : Adrien => :iconadmalamcrucem: thank you
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This is a picture of the night of the 5th march 2011... A night spent under the stars on the summit of the Brevent in the Chamonix valley in french Alps...
We were front of the Mont Blanc, the highest summit of the Alps, an amazing scenery.
The mountains remains enlighted by the lights of the town in the valley, giving a really particular athmosphere.
The sky was amazingly clear, only the summit of the Mont Blanc was clouds covered.

A great remember

Canon EOS 5D mkII - EF 17-40 - tripod - 30sec @ f4 and 1600iso - headlight for the tent lighting :)

©Xavier Jamonet

Website l Facebook Page l Workshop in Iceland - June 2011

Edit : thank you so much everybody for the DD and for all your comments and favs... wow! :)
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Hier soir au dessus de la Vallée Blanche; en dessous de la dent du Géant ....

On a décidé de s'entrainer un peu pour la Patagonie,... le départ approche ....
Alors voilà. On est montés très haut, on a retrouvé les glacier et la neige qui fond à toute vitesse, on s'est engoufrés dans le téléphérique avec nos sacs de 20kg, piolets à la main et baudriers à l'envers.

On a passé la nuit à 3600m en tente, une première (3500 la dernière fois) ... Il n'a fait que -20....!
Et on a pu fêter l'anniversaire de Xavier autour d'un rosé congelé, de soupe tomate mozza et d'une torche (!)

Vous pouvez toujours éventuellement nous aidez à financer notre expédition en patagonie sur ulule ... ( ici, si jamais ... [link] ) (merci, vraiment; on a déjà réuni 1/3 du budget, incroyable ...)

L'image en plus grand : [link]

Copyright : Ambre de l'AlPe
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Vallée de Lutour, French Pyrenees - August 2012.

Under The Northern Star by MaximeDaviron Serenity by MaximeDaviron

The Book Of Forgotten Lands by MaximeDaviron

500px 1X Website Facebook

Wow, another Daily Deviation, thanks a lot :) And thank you so much for all of your comments !
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