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yeah im on ch 544 of one piece (im on like ep. 542, so im cool. . .) and i saw the cover and thought "this would be awesome if someone got a pic of this and blackmailed sanji with it. i know i would!"

look at your precious sanji now :iconbeautifulmeoldy682:
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hey look! more lineart! omg. . . okay im not gunna be like that.
okay one of the most touching scenes in OP. I have the original without the words.

and yeah know, now that i look at it, Zoro looks sorta pale.
Damn crayola pencils. . .

hey 99 deviations! almost there!

whats sad is that i ahd to look up how to spell 'lose'

EDIT: idk why anyone would get mad over harmless art. its not like im copyrighting. who hasnt done this at some point? oh and if its cuz zoro looks ppathetic and hurt, then sorry. i couldnt resist the torture. have a nice day!
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Nico Robin as a child, laughing that ridiculouse laugh Jauger D Saul told her to. I wanted to do one of her crying and laughing as she floated away from Ohara, but I couldn't find one. So yeah. I love doing these pics, it helps me get a feel for the character and helps me draw them (without a pic tto refer to) in the future. I'm planning on starting one on Sanji, Usopp, Chopper/Dr Hiluluku, and another Robin.

But i ran out of printing paper
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Yaaay, I finally finished coloring and lining it. lol

I like the style I did with luffy, so I'ma do it to all the characters I draw.

In case you're wondering what the red is in his pupil, yes that is a heart. :3
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Chapter 1:: The Falling Hero! Where's Luffy?

"All hands on deck! Sanj, pull up the sail!" Nami shouted.

"Anything for you, Nami dear!" Sanji sighed as he ran for the billowing sail, hearts for eyes. The winds blew harder as rain pounded the deck. The Going Merry rocked with the turmoiling waves as lightning lit the dark sky.

"Usopp! Zoro! Tie down any loose items on the deck!" The Straw Hat's ran around, securing the ship and finding cover from the storm.

Luffy ran around with Chopper, the tiny blue-nosed reindeer with medical training. "Stooooorrrmmm!!!!"

"Luffy! Chopper! Get to work!" Nami yelled.

"Aye aye, Cap'n!" they said saluting her

"Wait, I'm the captain. Get to work Chopper!" Luffy exlaimed.

"Aye aye, Cap'n!" Chopper said.

Usopp screamed. "Wave!"

Luffy turned and gasped, a huge wave about three times the size of the Going Merry over took the ship.


"Yeah! To a great grab! Good job, men. You fools were actually useful!" Yelled a happy pirate captain with a mustache 3 times the size of his actual face.

The dimwitted crew laughed and jeered, as the pedestrians in the pub shook with fear. The bartender scrubbed the glass in his hand, completely pale to the bone. The pirates threw around the gold they had attained, without a single worry in the world.

~Rhythm D. Jade~

I pushed open the door of the pub called the Down Joint, only to be met with a not-to-welcoming group of pirates. I went strait for the bar and gestured for the bartender. The whole pub was silent.

"Um, y-yes ma'am?" the bartender cleaned the glass nervously.

I smiled, "Gimme everything you got! I'm starved and a tankard of apple juice."

"Apple juice? And what would a pretty young thang like you need with so much food? You're gunna burst!" jeered the pirate captain.

"Heh." I tipped my battered grey fedora  with a blue band over my eyes. "Got a problem with that? I just haven't had a decenct meal in a while."

"He-here you go." said the bartender, putting a heaping plate of food in front of me and a tankard of apple juice.

"Perfect! How'd ya know steaks' my favorite?' I dug in, inhaling my food instantly.

"Hey miss," sais a pirate with an eyepatch and a scar criss-crossing his face and dog ears. he sat down next to me. "Now, we are the great  Dog Pirates. So don't mess with us. I want to know your name and maybe if you're nice, we'll let you stay with us for a bit. See out captain? He has a 14,000,000  beri bounty on his head.

I looked over, still chewing on the steak. "So?"

"So, don't mess with us! The captain will rip you to shreds pretty or-HEY ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!"

I had turned back to my food "More juice please! And keep the food coming!" I said smiling.

A fist slammed down and smashed the bar with my food and juice on it. "Listen, you bitch. Gimme your name and leave then I wont have to kill you. But," the captain leaned down, smiling horribly revealing fang-like teeth. "I the great Captain Jackle will let you off if you gimme some of that." he looked down at my cleavage.
I stood, fixing my fedora. "You know, you could've just let me be, instead you had to go and smash all of my food and insist I sleep with you if I want to live." I looked up and met Captain Jackass's greedy eyes.

"But since you picked a fight, and I'm in a good mood, I guess I'll let you off easy." I smiled slyly.

"Let me off easy?" laughed Jackass. "Well ya wanna fight? I'll go easy on-" he never finished that statement.

I had fixed my fedora to cover my left eye and smiled evily. "Okay."

He growled. "Fine." he yelled as he lunged at me, but I jumped over the attack, and planted a good kick right on his spinal cord. I used his back as a spring board, flipped into the air and landed on what was left of the bar. I pulled out a sack of beris and tossed them at the bartender, who caught it, eyes wide. "keep the change."

I jumped off the counter and walked out of the pub, the pirates silent in shock.

"No one has ever beat Captain Jackle!" one pirate whispered to another.

"Yeah, and she beat him in one hit! In the back even!'

"Who is she?"

Doors closed behind me just as one screamed, "I-I know now! She-she's Rhythm D. Jade! And look at the bounty! 210,000,000 beri!"

I laughed as I walked down the street. Idiots. Hopefully Captain Jackass would find a new hobby now.


XRoranoa ZoroX

"Whew. Glad that's over" Usopp said, wiping water and sweat from his forehead.

"Yeah, iI thought we were goners." Chopper said, wringing his fur out.

"Well, if you need me, I'll be taking a nap," I said sitting downa and leaning against the main mast.

"Guys, doesn't it seem oddly silent? Like we're missing someone?" Robin said taking out her book.

"Like who? Everyone's here." Nami said.

"Our captain." Robin said.

Everyone froze.



*Monkey D. Luffy*

My stomache growled, but I felt so weak. I couldn't move. I groaned. I felt waves lapping at me, making me nasueated.

"Keh. Look what the ocean brought me! A littlke squirt." A set of hands dragged me away from the water. I looked up to meet the smiling eyes of Rhythm D. Jade.

I jumped up "Ha haaaa! Rhythm!" I hugged her.

She hugged back. "Hey, Monkey! What brought you here? I thought you were out adventuring and looking for a crew so you could be king of the pirates?"
yeah! chappie one!

rated: Pg-13
word count: do u honestly give a shit?
discription: heeeeereee's Rhythm!

I dont own anything except the plot and Rhythm, and Jackass Pirates

Intro: [link]
Ch 2: [link]
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in this drawing idea is show, how much I have contributed to drawing skills


and NOW !!!! (look up) : D
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The second time I draw all the Migiwara =D

All with Watercolors

One Piece (C) Eiichiro Oda
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onmly because the first one got so popular so fast.

Okama Sanji Demotivator:: [link]
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requested by :iconrunning-geck:

Whoever drew this is my hero! You're awesome!! Sanji looks so asdfghfds hot!!
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its what i do. so should you

(because she insisted and "threatened" to kill me (though I know she cant) partial credit goes to toughcookie27
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