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The DL Project is a new idea I have begun to experiment with. What is the DL Project you may ask, well it stands for Dark Light, meaning hybrids of fuses that are not your normal run of the mill combo. It began with the mood spikes that my fuse Lyrayeno experienced last battle as part of the anniversary contest. Since then I have made several attempts to recreate that level of power in a controllable form. All failed until now. This creation is Marosharp, a hybrid of Bisharp, Dusclops and Marowak. Marosharp is very violent and is only under the control of my assistant Mr. Sandover and I. It is not to be let of the lab until further tests of its power have been tested.

Marosharp -The Overlord (Hybrid) Pokemon
Type- Dark/???
Ability- Watchful: Uses the Dusclops eye atop bone to spy and analyze foes.
DL Category- Dark
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Well the first of most likely three of my pumpkins to come. Well I did the pokemon Arcanine cause I love him :3 Though i can be kinda blury up close. I also kinda made up my own pattern for this - [link]

what it looks like in the light- [link]
with dark photo lighting-[link]
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I finally drew and colored Skeleton King!!! :evillaugh:

I feel awesome that I managed this (and I must say I think my Photoshop and drawing skill are improving). It took a long time to get his stupid hands drawn right and don't even get me started on his head X_X though I am sooooo happy on how Shuggazoom came out seeing as I hadn't drawn more than a circle for its location on the original sketch. Well this is the last SRMTHFG fan art for a while and I think you have had enough of my babbling so just enjoy the pic and please comment. ^_^

(If you have never heard of Skeleton King, he is from a show called Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! or just SRMTHFG)
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Classification- Steel Shellfish FUSEmon

Client- Murder-Wise
Price- $4,673,321,944

Ability- Reaper
This ability raises a random stat each time an opponent is defeated in battle.
Signature Move- Cutting Edge
Type- Steel
Category- Physical
PP- 10
Base Power- 60
Accuracy- --
"The user slices with sharp steel and blinding speed. This move always goes first and never misses."

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ----------- - --- -- -- - - -
---------- --- --- --- --- ----- --- - - ---------------- ---- ---- -- - - - - - --
"I finally got my hands on some *real* Kabutops DNA. As luck would have it, I used up the last Gyarados sample during my previous experiment. I decided Skarmory DNA would have to suffice..."

"The resulting FUSEmon isn't exactly what I'd been expecting, but he is quite remarkable nonetheless(he's also
steel shellfish. Get it? Still selfi- never mind).
I hadn't foreseen such a large portion of the Kabutop's casing becoming metal, only a few segments on the core and limbs remain as shell.
I had also honestly been hoping to keep water type in the mix, but with so much metal on his body, Skarbutops is just not capable of swimming without becoming extremely fatigued and being dragged to the bottom. It seems that the metal on his body does not share the lightweight qualities of a Skarmory. At least Bitt enjoys swimming to his rescue when he gets trapped at the bottom of the pool...
I AM quite pleased that his scythes took to the Skarmory DNA as well as they did, though. I imagine they will be much more efficient made of steel rather than shell!"

"Apparently Skarbutops is also unable to fly... very well, at least; His splayed wings make for messy 'flight'(and I use that term loosely). If he flaps his wings fast enough and at a certain angle he can hover for a very short while. I suspect that if he were to be tossed off a tall building he *could* land safely, but without sufficient speed or height his wings are almost useless."

"I've also noticed that, while not excessively aggressive, Skarbutops seems to take a strange, almost... usettling, delight in defeating the other FUSEmon in combat. Afterwards he does a reinvigorated dance, for lack of a better word, that would be almost sort of... well, cute, were it not so off-putting..."

---------- --- --- --- --- ----- --- - - ---------------- ---- ---- -- - - - - - --
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ----------- - --- -- -- - - -

My second FUSEmon so far~
Fusing these two turned out much better than I was actually expecting it to. I never really realized the little things they have in common.... :o
I think that's all I have to say about it, though. *goes off to play Fallout*
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Steel/Dragon/Rock/Fire/Flying/Dark or Steel/Fire/Dark

Client: N/A

Price: $42,029,102

Height: 6'07"

Weight: 697.2lbs

Classification: Steel Dragon FUSEmon

Genetic Material: Hydreigon, Charizard, Aggron

Special Ability: Sturdy Flight
Cannot be hurt by damage dealing Ground or Electric-type moves. Also is not affected by One Hit Knock Out moves and cannot be knocked out when HP is full.

Signature Move: Shadow Blast
The user breaths pure shadows at the opponent. Critical hits land more easily and may also inflict a burn.

Attack: 95
Accuracy: 90
PP: 5
Effect Rate: 25%

Dr. Lynette's Notes:
Jan. 16, 2012 -
"After finishing Professor S.K. Rebb's request, aka Hydrastos, I must admit I could not get the idea of another Hydreigon-based FUSEmon out of my head. So I've decided to start work on another one, the components of which I have already decided on. I shall use three wonderful powerhouse Pokemon: Hydreigon, Aggron, and Charizard."

Jan. 17, 2012 -
"I'm amazed at how well this is turning out. My 3D program created a wonderfully dragonic-looking FUSEmon and so far the first attempt has turned out wonderfully. It ended up being created at such a small size, but then again they all start out small. .... I fear that one of these days I may end up creating another Baniella, or worse.... another Mewtwo.... Stephanie tells me I worry too much about this, and if I continue to worry so much that I much just fulfill that fear. Perhaps she is right."

Jan. 19, 2012 -
"... I have to say, I'm shocked at just how BIG this little guy got in such a short time. In just one day he's already achieved what I believe will be his full height, which oddly enough is exactly the same height as the two Hydrastos. However, thanks to Aggron's DNA, this one is FAR heavier and has required a much stronger tank for him to continue his growth. Despite his body growing so quickly, everything else such as his brain and CNS for example, have yet to fully develop. This one is not a shiny, however I worry about what his temperament might be like."

Jan. 21, 2012 -
"I have NO idea why I worried so much. Hydrarigon, as I've named his species, despite the Pokemon he is made up of.... is little more than a big cuddle bug. He looks so vicious, and I assume in battle he most likely would be, but with the other FUSEmon and I he is so gentle. He and the female Hydrastos seem to get along nicely. I can only imagine what a child of these two would look like. In any case, I think I may take a brake for a little.... or even tempt fate itself... I dread using Mewtwo's DNA, despite the small vial of it I have managed to collect over the years through a few... 'sources' I have, but I have another small bit of DNA I may use instead."


I SOOOOOO had to do this!! Not kidding, I love Hydreigon for this, it's so damn cute!!! Even though I am nowhere even remotely NEAR getting one in my Pokemon White game, I love this thing. Yes I know the pose is pretty much the same as with Hydrastos, but I have to admit, multi-headed creatures are a little bit of a pain for me to get right in certain poses. Also, that body shape looks like it'd be a PAIN to draw on all fours, but maybe I'll draw action shots of some of my FUSEmon at some point, maybe even draw a few of them together. Who knows, maybe if FUSE-Corp runs some contest or opens up a group like those Pokemon RP ones where they do the comics and shit (not that I can really do comics, I hate trying to do panels, I'm not good with those, but stories I can do no problem ^w^). But yeah, I'm happy with this one. I probably should go back and do the other FUSEmon I did in colored pencil on the computer. For some reason I prefer these ones in digital, it just looks better to me.

Also, on a minor note, I forgot to save the PSP file with almost all of the shading and a few minor things being lost due to my own stupidity. Not that it means much, I can always go back and fix that if I really want to, but oh well. ^^;

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
FUSEmon (c) :iconfuse-corp:
Info and design (c) Me
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Done for a kid at my school who has a slight mental disability, but loves the Spyro Skylanders game. Drawn from the "Drobot" figurine my brother has.
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Fusion of Lapras, Nidoking and Garados.

The Clawed Serpent Pokemon

Type: Ground/Water

-Doudle Whip
-Crushing Blow
-Hydro Pump

Ability: Riptide-raises water types moves in a pinch.

Length: 21 ft
Hight: 6.5 ft

Can battle both in water and land though its speed is cut in half when out of water. Able to learn many moves including dig, wrap, waterfall, strength and poison sting.
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name: garzam
type: flying psychic dragon
ability: righteous heart
species: fusemon
client: fusecorp
dna: scyther alakazam garchomp
info: noble, will not strike a downed opponent or an unarmed one, of course it wont just sit there, garzam will defend its self but will not strike.
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Classification:Iron Snake FUSEmon

Client: :iconsableyefan:

Price: $22,324,152.00

Special Ability:Dragon Heart
"All moves become Dragon-type moves."

Signature Move:Minor Tempest
Type: Dragon
Power: 70
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10
"A small build up of energy is released at the foe."
"With the newly found knowledge of breeding Fusions, the labs seem to be a bustling with activity. I myself have been assisting with the daycare center construction. Everything seems to be going well. It also seems I've recieved an egg from a former client. He wants me to hatch the egg of the Supreme FUSEmon, Sceptragon. What a great time to test the new incubation chamber, yes?"

The child of tempest winds, Trerondra!
There's something about the coloring that I like...must be the blue.
Trerondra Dragonith
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Name: Xatarnown

Classification: Pineal FUSEmon

Type: Psychic/Flying

Client: :iconfuse-corp:

Price: N/A (Defence Proposal) WITHDRAWN

Ability: Solipsism (This FUSEmon does not suffer the negative effects of sleep)

"This Fusion was part of an attempt by me to counter the threat posed by the rogue Fusion Deuxrai. Unfortunately, the cultured subject's genetic code was found to possess several key mutations that prevented the proper formation and folding of a number of vital proteins, and the subject passed away due to multiple complications arising from these mutations 1 week following release from the final growth tank. The project was discontinued soon after, and resources were allocated to other fields.

Observations made while the subject was alive showed that it's most remarkable feat was the creation of a Dream Smoke 'portal' to what appeared to be a boundless void swarming with regular Unown. These Unown would not follow human orders, but seemed instead to be under the thrall of the subject, as it could direct them into intricate formations and, with persuasion, form basic words. The subject also exhibited the traits expected from the Project, namely the retention of Xatu's Miracle Eye technique, with which it would nullify Deuxrai's Psychic immunity, and resistance to or lack of a need to sleep.

It was made apparent from culture samples taken after the subject's death that random insertion of the Unown Glyphic Matrix was responsible for the fatal genetic breakage, a result that was unprecedented given the successful combinations by myself and other researchers; Investigation into this failure is ongoing."
1.5 because I intended to submit this before Tachikenki, but I just plum forgot! :dummy:

So this was going to be my submission to the Deuxrai defence program, and I'd almost finished the thing before I actually bothered to read the rules: only TWO Pokemon to be fused, where I had used THREE. and so I left it alone for a while, to both sulk over my blunder and to let the contest hullabaloo die off and not confuse people with it's appearance. The Solipsism ability is not an Insomnia clone by the way: Xatarnown is still affected by sleep, but operates normally regardless, making Rest instant, penaltyless full recovery, Hypnosis and Dark Void utterly useless, and also prevents the landing of other non-volatile statuses. It's role would have been to nullify Deuxrai's immunity and then support with defensive barriers.

Hope you like it! :D

Pokemon is property of Game Freak, the Pokemon Company, Nintendo, etc. I make pretty pictures for their fans is all :heart:
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