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Without the use of black, I've discovered that the possibilities doesn't become fewer, but bigger and more numerous, both while working, finishing and while watching the results. In stead of black, I've used a dark burned brown. It goes perfect with a neutral and warm background and undertone. In other cases, I will probably use a dark murky blue. This is probably clear as day for most of you x3, but for me, this is pleasent news in my progress.

Now to the character.
This is Cane, You've probably seen him briefly in the comic as Haze's friend in the army. More exactly, he's the only reason Haze is still in the army. He doesn't have the same view of the world as Haze, but they're as close as friends can be and where Haze goes, Cane will follow. (As long as he's allowed) Cane will help his friends in all conditions, in all kind of weather and every day. He's a force to count on and he could possibly be a match even for Haze in a sparring competition. He respects and loves Haze as a friend and leader.
His weapon of choice is the legionair's combat spear.

On this picture, Cane wears the common legionair's armour, with thee-linked shoulder plates, a black lackered steel plate armour and a protective skirt of scale-lamelle. He's armed with the one-hand longsword and a heavy dagger for extreme close combat or as a secundary weapon.
With that said, I'm done presenting Cane! :3
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Late Birthday gift for :iconaweso:
Happy belated birthday, gurl c:

Character *Aweso
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This is MintButt at FA
tried out some new tools in Sai, I like the hair...
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:iconkaito-tachibana: requested I do a goat girl. Well, here's your goat girl.

You think her boobs are big enough? Goats ARE milk producers... :iconimthinkingplz:

Imagine if i drew a cow... :l
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Ammys released goddess form, finally
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"Perhaps it really was naïve of me, to think that even after all this, I would still find a happy ending."

It's finally finished...

But anyway. It turned out well; I'm able to look at it without going "It looks worse than it did last time I checked".
Her eyes were easy to do, as they're made of dead Vythium don't reflect light; I was able to just fill them in with black.

Green Draconium and steel wraps around her skull, and matted fur hangs down like hair; I like her appearance for the most part; but I think I got the upper jaw of the mask just slightly the wrong shade of color. And my art program hates editing. ...I'll fix it when I'm in the mood.

Her outer skin is actually pale blue, while her insides are silvery; and her fur has a bit of a blue tint as well.

Only one chain is shown here, but she's got six; each with ridiculous reach.

I'm in a mood for drawing more Eren, so I'll probably to a side view picture soon.

By the way; even though she's the woman in the relationship, her lover changed his name, rather than Eren changing hers. The Grim reputation is strong, and it's in anyone's best interest to be have their name, so people know just who they're dealing with. You wanna have 40-plus vengeful predators coming at you at a time? I don't think so.

During her time, the Grim family was larger than it was during Umbra or Night's time, but they didn't ascend to royalty until around Umbra's time period.


Name: Eren Grim

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Height: 10 feet, 8 inches

Weight: 880 lbs

Quick to anger
Longs for her old life

Species: Catalyst-Syringe

Ridiculous physical strength
Ability to shift between life and undeath
Undying persistence; no matter how bad the odds are, if something needs to be done, she will get it done

Afraid of the monster she's become
Seems to be apathetic to most people
Her desire to complete everything often causes her to take many risks

Bulletproof metal
The times when she can actually make the demons inside of her get along with each other

Sustaining acid burns
The times when she can't get the demons inside of her to get along with each other
Fanatical Syringes


Love interest?: Lexen Grim

Anything out of the ordinary:
Abnormally tall
Almost half-machine
Literally eats ethereal demons and souls

Superpowers/Magical Abilities/etc.?
Powerful command of time and light
Can supercharge her own acid with demonic energy, which she then channels through tubes leading to her fingertips, to be sprayed out as an attack
Can cause a feeling of fear and weakness simply by making eye contact

Eren was an opossum Xeeok born into the Grim family; a large clan of predators, whose name was known and feared over many worlds. As with all members of the family, she was taught that there was nothing wrong with cannibalism, nothing wrong with making her own kind her prey.
Almost everyone in her bloodline was a natural predator; they didn't need a first taste of blood to experience the cravings for the flesh of another Voidborn.
Eren didn't experience these urges as strongly as most of her bretheren did. While she was responsible for taking lives to quench her bloodthirst, she was able to contain herself much longer than most of her family.
At age 20, she married another Xeeok of her own subtype, one she had known since her teen years. His name was Lexen. By the age of 24, they had four children; two sets of twins.
Then the Aberrations came. Lives were lost, and Eren disappeared; dragged off by one of the mechanical horrors.
There are many types of Aberration; one of the most feared is the Leech. It restrains its target long enough to transfer pieces of itself into its victim, trading its old, machine body for one with flesh and a working brain; enahnced with armor and machines.
Eren eventually killed the Leech, but not before her face was ruined. Where beautiful eyes once where, dark lenses remained, and a mask, grafted to her face, covered her mouth.
She couldn't return home like this; she looked like a monster, even by their standards. She had the mark of Aberration on her now, she couldn't go back. The urge to kill and convert sank in deeply; not like when she was just a predator. Now, even the people she once loved seemed expendable, to the darker parts of her mind. Returning now, when she was still so mentally weak, would endanger them all.
Eren sacrificed her old life and gave herself up to the process of Catalysis; the fusion of the soul with a demon; in hopes of finding power that would allow her to contain herself.
Now fused to the core, she found she was able to attract other demons with her aura. From them, she made her own Aberrations, from the bodies of those she deemed "expendable". This signified her beginning as a Syringe. Unlike most Syringes, however; she did not make it so her Aberrations would hunger for destruction. She made most of them with her family in mind; creating them to protect the people she loved from other Aberrations.
Then she set to work Aberrating herself further. She was physically a big target; right now, she was just a walking upgrade-box for another Syringe to try to kill and harvest. Using demonic energy to keep herself alive, she performed surgery and upgrades on herself; the knowledge on how to do so given to her by the demon she fused with.
By the time she was finished; her entire abdominal section was plated with an alloy of steel and green draconium, for the purpose of protecting her insides. Held within her body at that point was a stomach three times its original size; several generators to shock her back out of an undead state and back into life; pumps and tubes to take acid from her stomach and spray it through her altered, metal hands; a horde of angry machine locusts; as well as many other things.
Some of the most prominent were six coils of animated, indestructible Nagōdanite chains, tipped with four-inch blades. Each of these chains had a reach of 60 feet. Demonic energy could be channeled down the chains and into the blades; and as long as part of the blade was inside of a victim of her attack, it would be petrified and unable to move.
Eren quickly found that in her state of undeath, she had a limited supply of energy. To fix this, she hunted down Aberrations, using her powers to peel the demon away from the tormented soul, and swallow it; sometimes the soul as well. It would come to reside inside of her safely, protected and no longer under the endless torture of being a machine built for death. In exchange, Eren would feed off of the energy it exerted, until it naturally expired.
Demons only lasted so long after being stripped of sapience.
Eren existed on, trying to become stronger over time until she had full control of her Aberrant urges, before returning to her family. She had along way to go.
Six years, and she still was incomplete. Eventually, a pirate salvage crew found her. They worked in capturing Aberrations and selling them on the black market. They tried to apprehend Eren, and if she wanted to eat the souls of every last one of them, she could have done so. But she left a fraction of them either alive, with their souls, or untouched altogether; using the others as a warning as to what would happen if they further tried to take her.
Even so, she went with them of her own accord; she had nothing better to do after existing in the middle of nowhere for so long. And since these people were hunting Aberrations, it meant sustenance for her. In exchange for the occasional Aberration she was allowed to take as prey, she assisted what was left of the crew in hunting down their targets.
Three years later, the rest of the crew was killed by an Aberration that even Eren was unable to take down. From there, she followed after the Stormrunner; a ship that had come to the same area.
She had seen the captain somewhere else before, and she couldn't rest until she knew exactly. She also learned that on board was a jackal Xeeok, Kane, who, for some reason, was the center of attention of many Aberrations; giving her yet another reason to stay around.
After she proved that she meant the crew of the Stormrunner no harm, she was allowed to travel with them. She protected them from Aberrations, and was able to consume her fill of ethereal demons. Until she was strong enough to return to her family, she had found her place.

Apparent to most people who see her fight; she is actually really, really good at wrestling and melee.

Eren Grim, Aberration and all of its contents © me
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"Shhh! Someone is watching us!"
"Who? Where?"
"I don't know..."

I sat on this picture for hours! x_x
Gladly :iconroukara: helped a lot by drawing the fur structure as I did not want to mess this picture up with it.
Go and watch her!

Somehow I dislike the trees... but I love how the foxes turned out. :heart:

I really hope you like it, too!

artwork (c) myself
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Trade with :icontim-berwolf: who asked me to do a native American female fox. I wanted to put a little story to this, the vixen trades her fur with a raven for feathers which she will use for decorating herself and the raven will use the fur for making a nest.

Really bad photo
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Monica: What's the matter, Emmy? *she said after noticing Emmy going silent and smiling, there was a tiny tear in her eye*
Emmy: is just... no one outside my family ever gave me a gift before... *hugging Monica* Thank you
Monica: with someone as beautiful as you, I'm surprised...
Emmy: there's a lot about our "advanced" society and my race...
Monica: no need to tell me... we are gonna change that with our works ^^

Emmy simply smiled and looked again at the shirt... 2 sizes too small perhaps... but to her it was the most amazing gift she ever got.

Art Notes: More angles and pratice, drawing breasts from different points of view can be tricky. I had to redo this piece due to proportions and other parts of it out of place. I'm relearning a few of my old drawing techniques, some I abandoned when I started drawing better... it gave me nice results, I really liked the jump in quality here.
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Art trade with :iconmewnatan:, drawing her oc Pay in anthro form.

Weirdest background I ever made before .________.;;

Anyways hope you will like it Mewnatan ^^

Pay belongs to :iconmewnatan:

Picture made by me :iconetriuzjt:
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