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Similar Deviations

Website Layout done for Oldmusic. [link]

Original Character Art:

If you'd like a layout like this for your character please note me, I take commissions. :D <3 [link]

Character Design & Content © :iconoldmusic: L.Beeman
Character Art © :iconjessicaelwood:
Layout/Design © :iconkozinu:
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I've managed to finish up my changes to Knillow. She's the last character to be changed before I start on new ones. She doesn't have as much contrast with her fur colors, and the stripes are hardly as apparent.

I think this darker color is a bit better than her previous pink stripes. The texture is a lot more detailed and doesn't suffer as much in close up shots.

I would love any input anyone has on their preferences between this look and her old one.

Things to know
Knillow is made using the Krystal base model.
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Website Layout done for the furcadian character Taffe. [link]

If you'd like a layout like this for your character please note me, I take commissions. :D <3

Character Design © Taffe's Player
Character Art © :icongoregoat:
Layout/Design © :iconkozinu:
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Website Layout for :iconvelvetnlace:'s character Aeva.

:iconvelvetnlace: © Character Design
:iconhalothane: © Character Artwork
:iconkozinu: © Layout/Design
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The all-mighty theoretical physicist
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I love the wisp's so much~! I wanted to capture the light that moves when they do.
The colours were killed a little in the scanning though.

: Pixar Fashion Series :

[link] [link]

Will-o-Wisps copyright HISTORY, but this version copyright Pixar/Disney
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Commission for :iconprincesskit-kat:
A ball gowns or a dress similar to "The Girl on Fire",
resembles the theme "Queen of the Jungle".
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Yeah, another weird gun from me. Just tinkering with HK USP (I love USP Match..), FN Five-seveN, and Glock to create this monstrosity.
And thanks to :icondaisukekazama: for his awesome designs (see the relief grip on the slide? Yeah, it's more or less the same idea like his Kenaz [link] ...)

Tried a new company logo, since the old one was a little, uh... 'unsatisfying'? Just wanted to change it anyway...

Caliber : FN 5.7mm, in FN Five-seveN compatible magzine
Unit Length : 222mm, 255 mm (with barrel weight installed)
Unit Weight : 630 g (empty), 770 g (loaded)
Barrel Length : 5.1 inch

PX57 are the most recently developed firearm from Reinhardt Armaments. Designed to be fully complying to the NATO’s 2032 CVA (Compact Versatile Armament) admission contest, PX57 is highly reliable and durable sidearm for any combat situation.

Using anti-slip micro texture, the newest polymer formula developed by Reinhardt Institute, and anti-climate treatment, PX57 is easy to handle in any environment, whether it's freezing cold or scorching hot.

With high-penetration capability of FN 5.7x28mm rounds , added with built-in recoil reduction system, PX57 allow users to quickly neutralize armored hostile threat in close range confrontation.

PX57 is equipped with standard Picatiny rail, which allowed any small equipment to be attached, like IR/laser pointer or flashlight.
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Saga Weapons Pt 13

:new: My latest batches of death dealing weaponry :) Enjoy! WARNING!!! LONG DESCRIPTIONS!!

1.Two Handed Wu Jian- an anti-infantry weapon from Ancient China, the Two Handed Wu Jian, was sword designed to punch through thick armour and slice through a horse's flank and through chariots. In close quarter combat, it is almost useless, unless there is sufficient amount of space between the wielder and the intended target. Once must have sufficient forearm strength, to wield this beast one handedly, without injuring one's self

2.Jian-Ah, the Jian. the Straight Sword; one of Ancient China's most deadly weapons. known for its sharpness and its versatility, the Jian was favored by Scholars, Female Fighters, Eunuchs and the Elderly.

When wielded with sufficient skill and force, it can deliver over 3,000 fps when it strikes it a target, which is enough to punch through bone and muscle and damage vital organs.

Because it amplifies the amount of force applied, this is why the Jian was preferred by those who didn't have much in the way of muscle power.

3.Jian with an empty bo hi-Simply a Jian without a bo hi, or blood grove. a blood grove was implemented in Swords, to make them lighter, without compromising sword integrity. an empty bo hi essentially does the same thing as a normal bo hi, without the added durability.

the result is a sword that is remarkably lightweight and capable of quick blows and slashes, at the cost of having something that will eventually break fast due to its design. it is favored by Assassins and the fashion conscious

4.Double Edged Broadsword-In Ancient China, the Double Edged Broadsword, was a sturdy sword favored by Guards in the Emperor's Service, along with Soldiers who preferred power over speed.

It is a distant cousin of both the single edged broadsword and the jian. A clean blow from this Weapon, will cleave not only armour, but bone and muscle as well, with great ease.

5.Single Edged Broadsword(Dao)-The Dao. A staple of kungfu movies(wu xia), The Dao is a fantastic sword. lightweight, durable, sharp; it is the hallmark weapon of many fighting styles and schools of martial arts.

Masters of the Dao, are capable of wielding it, solo or tandem, and are capable of executing swift cleaving blows with this marvelous weapon.

Many of Ancient China's heroes and legends, wielded this weapon, making it the second most preferred weapon next to the Spear.

6.Pole Axe-The Pole Axe. taking the deadly edged weapon known as the Axe, and giving it an extension, allowing for the User to reach out and touch someone, in a rather deadly manner. Favored by Horseback Cavalry and various others, who like for their weapons to have some reach

7.Qiang(Spear)-The King of Weapons, the Qiang or Spear, is the one of the most versatile weapons known.

Common features of the Chinese spear are the leaf shaped blade and red horse-hair tassel lashed just below. When the spear is moving quickly, the addition of the tassel aids in blurring the vision of the opponent so that it is more difficult for them to grab the spear they are being attacked with behind the point.

The tassel also served another purpose, to stop the flow of blood from the blade getting to the wooden shaft (the blood would make it slippery or sticky when dried). The length varied from around 7 feet (2 meters) long, commonly used by infantry, increasing up to the length of 13 feet (4 meters) favoured by cavalry. The spear is typically made of wax wood, a strong but flexible wood.

It bends to absorb impact preventing breakage. The bending motion combined with the horse hair tassle makes the spear tip very hard to follow.

8.Rusted Metal Pipe-Rusted Metal Pipe. What more do you need to know? Can be found almost anywhere. Deadly in the hands of whoever knows how to use it.

Be sure you wear gloves when you swing this; no one likes getting rust on their hands, let alone tetanus.

9.Kama- Okinawan and Japanese weapons that resemble traditional farming devices similar to a sickle or scythe. It was originally a farming implement, used for reaping crops.

During the annexation of Okinawa by the Satsuma, all traditional weapons were outlawed. This led to the development of the kama and other Kobudo weapons. It is sometimes known as a 'Hand Scythe'.

The Kama is a formidable weapon against weapons such as the sword or Bo because of the curved blades - users are able to trap or block such long weapons with one Kama and attack the opponent with the second.

10.United Prefectorate Tiger Saber-The Chief Weapon of the King's Men, the Appointed Bodyguards of the Holy Emperor of both the United Prefectorate and New American Roman Empire(AKA The United Planets of New America), the Tiger Sabre combines the lightweight design and flexibility of a fencing foil, with the sturdiness and sharpness of a katana.

It looks like a very thin bladed straight bladed Japanese Sword, which is very flexible and lightweight, yet durable and sharp enough to match it, against a Katana or other masterwork sword. Despite this, its only lethal when used like a Katana, and not as it is used by the King's Men. Of course, when its used like that, it breaks, very easily.

11.Shikomizue-is a Japanese concealed sword disguised as a cane or walking stick. It was sometimes used by government officials in Japan in the Meiji period.

The name Shikomi-zue is actually the name of a type of mounting, the sword blade was placed in a cane-like mounting (tsue), to conceal the fact that it was a sword. This mounting was used almost exclusively during the Meiji period, when the carrying of swords was banned. These mountings are not to be confused with the Shirasaya mountings, which were just plain wooden mountings with no decoration.

This type of arrangement was most often used by period samurai who opposed the ban on openly carrying their swords but knew that open violation of the law often led to imprisonment and death.

12.Ninjaken/Ninja-to-the legendary sword of the Ninja. Shorter than the Katana, albeit longer than the Wakizashi and Kodachi, the Ninjaken was one of the chief weapons of the Ninja.

Contrary to misconceptions, it wasn't always made out of low quality steel, and were used over longer blades like those of the katana, because of Ninja's preference to have an advantage over their opponents in close quarter combat.

A shorter version for Kunoichi exist, which is a little shorter, but still longer than the Kodachi, called the Ko-gatana, or the Female Sword. It was designed to be used in conjunction with a Kunoichi's agile fighting style.

13.Hatchet-A Handheld Axe. Preferred Weapon of Hatchetmen, Members of an Tong Axe Gang.In close quarter combat, it has the same deadly efficiency as a broadsword, except it creates deeper, wider wounds that what would be achieved with a broadsword, due to the shape of the axehead

14.Concussion Rifle-This nasty piece of less-than-lethal technology, utilizes a high powered, low frequency output(meaning that its not gonna rupture your eardrums from the high-pitched sound it makes)sonic pulse detonator; which creates a field of high-energy sound particles, which push the air in front of them at a very high speed.

this ensuing, localized sonic boom shoots the air at its intended target at great speeds, which uproots the target and throws them backwards, the range depending on the intensity of the localized sonic boom. the higher the intensity, the further the distance.

under normal circumstances, the sonic boom will render the target unconscious after one shot. more shots will maim and kill and target, which is why more than one shot against an normal, unarmoured target is forbidden. a sensor mounted on the weapon prevents this from happening.

15.Dynamite-Its Dynamite. No further explanation is needed. You light it, and either roll or throw it. You don't and you better hope your insurance can cover it.

16.New Tellurian HEFG35 Fragmentation Grenade-Pull the Pin and throw. HEFG(High-Explosive Fragmentation Grenade) goes boom. it throws fragmented metal death in a 200 foot radius. people fall over screaming in pain, or are killed and thrown up to 40 feet away into the ground or a wall. MEGA EPIC WIN!!!

17.Stick Grenade-Repeat Description from Entry 16. Reduce Distance of Blast Radius. Same Aftereffects still Apply.

18.Wastelander Grenade Launcher-This interesting gun was devised by Wastelanders, from the remains of a Striker Streetsweeper Automatic Shotgun, utilizing ammunition derived from a MGL32 6 shot grenade launcher, loaded with MEI HellHound Rounds. Is anyone else finding this to be a bad thing? Can we say "Hell in a Can?"

19.Composition X-Legal Designation: Composition CX; Military Grade High-Yield Plastic Foam Explosives. The most powerful explosive in possession of the New Tellurian Military. Powerful enough to blow up 10 city blocks from a single charge, and can punch a hole through up to half a mile of ferrocrete. In smaller quantities, it can be used to punch through dititanium walls and doors with relative ease.

20.Concussion Pistol-The Smaller, Heavier version of the Concussion Rifle, used by PSDA to subdue rioters and crime suspects on the run

21.United Prefectorate Starburst Laser Pistol-Based on Reverse Engineered Designs of the Hyperion Laser Pistol, the Starburst, at its best, is a shoddy weapon, which only operates well under the most extreme conditions.

In non-extreme conditions, the weapon performs poorly, which is why it is not highly favored by Soldiers who prefer versatility. Nevertheless, it is favored by many Commandants and Field Offficers, who like to have something flashy to signfiy their rank and position; especially since they rarely have to discharge the damned thing. Most Field Officers would rather piss glass that fire one of these things, knowing full well, that it would explode in their hand.

The upside is that,it makes a very nice impromptu handgrenade.

22.New Tellurian Military Paratrooper BAR 2 Automatic Rifle-Descendant of the Original Browning Automatic Rifle, The BAR 2 lives up to its legacy, as a fine, powerful piece of lead-pissing death. It is one of the many fine weapons the NTM Paratrooper has at his disposal.

Standard Magazine holds up to 50 rounds, while an extended magazine will hold up to 100 rounds, and it can be equipped with a rotating drum magazine, which holds up to 300 rounds. All in All, it is a fine piece of machinery, which most Paratroopers have fond memories using it in combat.

23.New Tellurian Miltary Paratrooper M5 7.62mm Carbine-Another fantastic weapon, the M5 Carbine is the mainstay weapon of the NTM Paratrooper. It's lightweight, versatile, durable and designed to be highly customizable, the M5 Carbine is a Paratrooper's Loyal sidearm. Despite being what Soldiers call a bullet hose, its dependable and very accurate. Standard Magazine will hold up to 50 rounds and an extended magazine will hold up to 90 rounds.

24.New Tellurian Military Advanced Infantry Grimsdotter Laser Rifle -The Grimsdotter, is the workhorse of all Human Designed Laser Rifles.

Designed for rapid-fire capabilities, the Grimsdotter holds within it an advanced recoil compression chamber, eliminating recoil by 95% and allowing for it to fire off a barrage of blasts before needing to vent heat, to prevent overheating.

Depending on the battery installed, will depend on the amount of shots one can take, before needing to reload. the higher the voltage, the more shots can be used by the Grimsdotter.

All in All, the Grimsdotter is a reliable weapon; well designed, durable, sleek and easy to use and maintain, if it is highly favored and recommended by most NTM Soldiers.

and that unnumbered bottle with yellow liquid in it(its not pee!) and brown rag is a Petrol Bomb. It uses Petrol(Gasoline) along with various other flammable components, to make the British Version of a Molotov Cocktail.

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An illustration I did for Stardrift Empires, an mmo on Facebook. I've been working on this project for the past few months at Blue Frog Gaming, which has been awesomely fun and challenging.

This is a Pulse Cannon, which is the bigger brother to the laser cannon. so it delivers a bigger punch and is capable of withstanding greater damage. i went with a wavy laser as it distinguishes itself from the other cannons and kinda makes sense as it is a "pulse" cannon.


©Blue Frog Gaming
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