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Little Scales.
Part Two.

Scales stepped forward and willingly took on this change. He felt his memories clear; he felt his pain lift as it was replaced by the sensation of his body changing.

Scales stood, as the spirit-egg Operia watched over his slow change, from his transformation from Human to Dragon Hatchling.

"Little One. You seem at ease, even accepting of your new form even though I am forcing it upon you."

"That's because I've been feeling so much pain as a human... But it`s lifted."

"I see, Little one. So that pain is gone... Your transformation won`t cause you pain, I hope..."

"Even if it does..."

"You understand."

Scales began to feel an itch, something felt like it was crawling up his arms and legs. A Feeling of weakness spread over him, which caused him to fall to his hands and knee's.

"It has begun."

Scales clenched his fists as he noticed his skin turn a pink-like hue and harden into small plates.

"S-Scales.... Actual..." He tried to speak, but his voice cut out unexpectedly.

"They look... Pink.... That's odd. You're a male.... But... Pink....."

The scales spread quickly until he felt and heard a series of snaps and cracks as his spinal column and skeletal structure steadily shifted and changed, and as tail seem to extend out of his body.

Claws formed on his fingertips as his hands became four-toed draconian paws, spines grew from his back with small spacings between each, and a set of small, weak violet wings grew from his back.

His skull began to shift at this point, a snout steadily forming as the scales slowly spread, the colour steadily deepening to crimson-violet mix, and his eyes begin to slit and the colour of his eyes turned to a dim green.

"Scales.... Are you okay?"

Scales only reply was a barely managed low whine.

"Scales......" Operia's voice was lined with worry. Something she's never experienced.

As the changes to his body occurred, his mind began to clear, his memories fading with each passing second. Except those of his closest friends, but as his mind, instincts, and behaviour began to alter, they seemed more and more like fake memories, as if he was imagining the whole idea of once being a human. So he pushed the memories aside.

"It's nearly over, Scales..."

Operia started to change herself, but it happened in a bright flash. She became a small spirit hatchling, and began to stare at Scales as his final changes to mind occur.

"Scales... I`ll watch over you for the rest of your days. If you need me, Call for me..."

Operia faded from view as Scales was left weak.

Scales took a clumsy step forward, and he felt himself fall, but his mind couldn't comprehend for a few moments that he had just fallen and was laying by the side of a small puddle where Operia once stood.

He lay still for what felt like a long time before he fell asleep there in the bushes.

Scales would not know what happens next, nor did he care.

The sun rose, breaking the darkness of the area, although Scales did not stir to the sudden increase of light.

It was however, enough for Lyle to stir from his sleep. He stood groggily inside his tent and made his way out, covering his eyes to attempt to stop the temporary blindness.

"Ugh.... Stupid Sun...." Lyle's displeasure was unheard, although he was unaware of this.

Lyle prepared himself a small breakfast of various fruits that he brought along with him for the three day camping trip.
After Lyle finished, he noticed that Traes wasn't awake yet. He entered the tent and when he saw the sleeping bag open, he wondered where Traes had gone.

It didn't take long for Lyle to start worrying, because Traes didn't show up for another half an hour. Lyle entered  the tent and looked around for any evidence that may have told him where Traes went, but he found nothing.

Lyle felt stress and fear, so he quickly donned a pair of shoes before heading out to look for Traes, completely unaware of his friend's change.

He headed out into the surrounding forest, not realizing that it was the same path as his friend, and eventually he came to a small clearing.
His jaw dropped in shock of what he saw at this point: a small, crimson-violet-coloured lizard with wings.

Wait, Wings?! He immediately thought to himself.

It's one of those lizards that Traes likes....

Lyle stepped towards the "lizard", not realizing that it was his sleeping friend, Traes.

Beta Readers' Notes: YuseiDarkUmbreon It's fun to watch Ace writing this!
Part two of Little Scales!
I`m really enjoying this story so far. :D
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Little Scales.

Two people were out in a forest.
Traes and Lyle.They were camping there on a trip, and the younger of the two, Traes, who referred to himself as "Scales", was in his tent, asleep.
This is where the story begins.
They were camping there on a road trip, and the son, Traes, who referred to himself as "Scales", was in his tent, asleep.
This is where the story begins.

Scales was asleep soundly in his tent, over the past few days he had been feeling pain throughout his entire body.
He didn't alert anybody, not even his friend, Lyle.

A sound like a beautiful, yet drawn out wind chime could be heard throughout the camp through the night. It made everyone but Scales drift into a deep sleep, where as it woke Scales up.

Scales didn't make a sound or say anything as he sat up and grabbed a torch, stood up and exited his tent. But when he looked in the direction of the sound, he saw a bright, entrancing light. He wanted to go towards it as if attracted to the light.

He strode through the forest barefoot, feeling the cold and damp ground as he went along, trying to avoid rocks, sticks, and anything that could harm him along the way to the light.

A mound of dirt was Scales last obstacle, but it was easy for him to traverse. He simply wanted to see that light up close, so he wouldn't let himself get stuck on something so simple.

The source of light was a floating crystalline egg-shaped orb, the light it gave off was dazzling. Scales moved closer to the crystal to get a closer look at it, but his curiosity was about to get the better of him, as he reached towards the egg to touch the surface. He heard a voice in his mind, that of a female unlike anything he had heard.

"Traese... Young Traese. You have arrived."

"W-What? Who's that? How do you know my name?"

"You do not understand, Traes? Embrace the Crystal, and let yourself succumb to it`s beauty. Then You will understand."

"Why should I? How do you know my real name? W-Who`s..."

"Shall I call you by the name you chose for yourself, Traes? Scales, is it?"

Traes found himself feeling weak compared to the unkown voice. He wanted to turn and run, but his body was failing him.

"I know you're afraid, Scales... If you so choose, you may leave... "

"N-No... I`ll stay... But... What is... What... Your Name...?"

"I am Operia. A Dragon Spirit. I know who you are because you came into contact with.... Me."

"O-Operia? That sounds.... Ancient...?"

"I`m only a hatchling."

"So, You died... In you're egg?"

"Yes, Scales. "

Scales was shocked.

"Why do you want me to hug you're egg...?"

"I want you to take on the form of a Dragon Hatchling... But it will come at a cost, but you first get to choose one thing from your life to keep."

"You want me to WHAT?!"

"Take on the form of Dragon Hatchling."

"... Operia... I-I accept.... I`ll do it... And as for the thing I want to keep with me... My Memories of friends."

"Then The price of your transformation shall be your ability to speak. You can learn to speak again, but not until you've grown past the stage of Hatchling, Little one."

"I have one request.... Can you give me a name, seeing as I will no longer remember my own?"

"You already have a name. It`s Scales."

"Then I thank you, Operia. Will I ever get to speak to you again?"

"Of course... Now Embrace, Little one."

Scales stepped forward and willingly took on this change. He felt his memories clear; he felt his pain lift as it was replaced by the sensation of his body changing.
Hey Guys. I spent a while going through this.

And I have to thank my Beta Readers, :iconsunshinedragon:

and my friend, NegativeSanchez, whom's Icon refuses to appear.

I hope you all enjoy the read.
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Little Scales
Part Four.

Scales had passed out, whilst in the presence of Lyle, his old, forgotten, human friend. Lyle panicked, and tried to awake the unconscious hatchling. </u>

"Little Dragon! Wake up! Wake up!! What happened?! It wasn't me, was it?!"

A small glow appeared around Scales, in the shape of another dragon's paws. Operia was showing herself; as a full adult in form.

"Scales... It's okay. This human won`t harm you..."

"What the...?! Who are you.... WHAT are you?! I can..."

"I am Operia. A dragon's spirit. And the one who turned this little one into a Hatchling with no recollection of his past, as did I take away his ability to talk until he ages enough."

"Operia? That's a stupid name...."

"Do you disrespect the very ancient in-front of you? You deserve a punishment, you insolent piece of pale-skinned refuse."

"What are you? A thousand?"

A low growl could be heard coming from Operia, as she stood and raised her front fore-paw. It suddenly became a solid entity as she smashed it down upon Lyle, with just enough power behind it to force Lyle into the dirt.

"Argh! G-Get off me... You stupid scaly beast!"

Lyle looked up in time to see Operia had brought her paw back down on him with the same amount of force.

"That hurts... What do you want, LIZARD?!"

"Hmph. I can't believe Traes was friends with such a pathetic human."

Operia raised her paw for a final strike, this time she had intended to end Lyle's life.

"Wait! Did you say Traes?..." Lyle's voice trailed off, and Operia froze.

"Yes, I did. Why?"

"How do you know him...?"

"I thought you recognized him..."

"Recognized who?!"

"Your friend, Traes..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Scales... The little hatchling. He's your friend, Traes. He voluntarily let me turn him into a hatchling... To keep me alive... I am his guardian."

Lyle sat there for a moment before he laughed.

"You're joking! Humans can`t become dragons! No way! And dragons don't exist! I'm just seeing things!"

"You are very wrong, human, but if that is your belief, turn back and never return. You'll find your friend Traes doesn't exist anymore, nor will he ever return. He is gone, destroyed by the mind of the dragon."

"This is all just some crazy dream, so sure, I'll leave. And I won't return. Traes will be there when I wake up. I know he will!"

Lyle stormed off at this point, and Operia slowly lay down, left to watch over Scales as he pieced together his small encounter with Lyle in his mind.

Night began to creep over the small glade, and Scales continued to lay with Operia, Scales seemed content to lay in the warmth that had been given off by Operia; however weak it had been.

When the moon shone like a bright beacon in the sky above the glade, Operia slowly faded, moving her paw in a position of protection.

"Wake up soon, Little One..." Operia's voice trailed off as she faded until she had completely vanished, a small band of crystal had appeared around Scales right-fore paw during this process, and it glimmered with life in the moonlight.
Fourth Part.
TTSOT comes today.
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i play the dawn of the dragon game and i just love it and cant get spyro n cynder love out my head

also DA seem to not have many spyro n cynder art so i thoguht i start it off with this great art work of there love :D

spyro x cynder 4ever
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A Scene from Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, the third installment of the "Legend" series, the part where Cynder reassures Spyro after Ignituses (Spyros father-figure)'s death.

I had no reference whatoever after watching this scene, I drew it completely from memory. So please excuse the errors here, Spyros face seems a bit munted but I like the way Cynder came out.

I'll admit, the "Legend" Trilogy is nothing compared to the original Spyro on Ps1, (which I grew up on as a kid) but DOTD was the one most loyal to the orginal, (I loved exploring the valley and the flying is wicked)

I was really disappointed with "A New Begining" and "The Eternal Night" I thought both were rubbish, But DOTD was a huge improvement, even though I love Cynders (The Black Dragonesses) character. Shes a great addition to the series and kept it interesting through the gameplay.

The Detail I put into this made it all worth it :heart:
If you're going to fave, I would love it if you would also leave a kind comment behind, thanks :)
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Warning: Micro, Macro, Anthro soft vore full tour vore no scat totaly clean

Deeth slowly woke from unconsciousness. He feels something early chill all around him. When he opens his eyes, the first thing he notices is Mike laying somewhere across from him. All around the two is what looks like snow. But after looking up above him, the Magician spotted what looked like a giant... cherry?

Mike still asleep didn't even notice till Deeth started shacking by the shoulder
"wha,.." Mike mumbled
"Mike, get up!" Deeth exclaimed, pushing the white substance of his body.
"ok I'm UP!" Mike yelled in an annoyed ton
"Mike, do you remember us taking a nap in a giant bowl of Ice Cream recently?" Deeth asked. "what no why,...." Mike looks around then goes wide eyed seeing the world had turned giant Mike looked over at Deeth then crossed his arms
"Deeth were you messing around with the spell book again," Mike said with a crossed look "Spell book? What Spell book?!" Deeth said in a confused ton.

Before the two can argue, they can hear loud footsteps approaching from the next "room". Mike pops up and down from the vibration "what's that?" Mike asked
A massive figure steps into the kitchen. It's a giant woman with blue hair.
"um who's this person?" Mike asked as Mike watches the woman coming near.
A few of the more alarming features of the woman was that she had sea green "skin", a large snout, claws on her hands and fingers, and a tail.
Mike notices the what the woman was
"Deeth look she's a anthro,..." Mike said giving a interested look
"Yeah..." Deeth said.
the anthro dragoness stopped at the table and looked down at the two humans.
"Ah, you're awake." She said, smiling. "Hello, my little lovelies."
"Uh, hello..." Deeth replied.
Mike gives a smile as he stairs at the anthro dragoness "hi their miss my names Mike," he said in a cheerful ton
"And I'm Deeth." The Magician adds.
"Deeth and Mike, eh?" The dragoness repeated. "What cute little names. I'm Jessica."
Jessica the dragoness turns around and opens her giant fridge, pulling out a container of chocolate sauce.
"Don't you move now." She says in a seductive tone.
Mike's eyes widen "what are you,..." Jessica starts pouring the chocolate sauce allover the ice cream, but seems careful not to get any on either Deeth or Mike. She then puts the chocolate sauce away, replacing it with a can of whipped cream, which she also puts in the bowl, but not on the humans.
"Uh..." Deeth stammers.
"Almost done." The dragoness stated. She dropped a big cherry on top of the ice cream, and then picked the bowl up.
"There. You're all ready." she said giving a giggle
Mike looks up at her "um this my sound stupid,.. but are you making use ice cream,.." Mike asked with a feeling going down his back "Mike, I'm kind of thinking we're supposed to be toppings." Deeth stated.
"Yep yep!" Jessica declared. She pulled a spoon out of a drawer and sat down at the table, placing the bowl before her. "Buuuut, I always like to have a chat first before I eat."
"um um ok,...," Mike said as he got closer to Deeth "what should we do?" Mike whispered into Deeth's ear
"We'll just go along with it for now." The magician said.

The giant spoon scoops up a chunk of Ice cream nearby and enters Jessica's maw, before sliding cleanly out again. After swallowing, she looked back down.
"So, where are you two lovelies from?"
"well I kind of have a horrible childhood,... but I some how came into this world and I met Deeth," Mike said
"I'm a Magician from the Silver Phoenix Magic Academy." Deeth said.
"Ooh, that's sounds interesting!" Jessica crooned.
As the conversation went on, more and more of the Ice cream around the two humans was swallowed by the dragoness. eventually, they were almost all that was left in the bowl.
"Well lookie here..." She said.
"can we talk more please,..." Mike asked fearful of what might happen.

Mike hoped he could at least talk the dragoness to sleep, in hope they would slow the coming event Jessica lowered the spoon down to the two humans and lightly tapped them both. "Hop on." She ordered sweetly.
Mike looked at Deeth then back at the spoon "um Deeth?" Mike backed up bit but then slipped on some melted ice cream, Mike waved his arms in panic as he fell forward landing on the spoon "oh no," Mike said as he looked up at her
"please,. don't," Mike begged
Deeth, however, casually sat down on the spoon. He grabbed Mike and pulled his ear up to the magician's mouth.
"Calm down." Deeth whispered
Jessica, meanwhile, began bringing the spoon up to her face, giggling.
"My, what good little boys you are."
"um,..thanks Jessica," Mike said he sate up crossing his legs on the spoon Mike gets up Deeth "why are you so calm?" Mike asked
"I have those pills, remember?" Deeth whispered.

Jessica took time to lick the faces of the two humans, but still didn't put them in her mouth. Instead, she opened her maw wide, showing the two humans her tongue.
"Like what you see?" She slurred."
Mike turned red a little "um yes,.." Mike said looking into her mouth and looking down her throat "Yeah." Deeth commented.
Jessica giggled  "Well then, why don't you boys walk inside?"
Mike looked at Deeth then shrugged his shoulders then looked back into the maw of Jessica "why not," Mike said
Deeth and Mike step onto Jessica's tongue and walk inside. Her maw then slowly closes down over them. The dragoness then presses both humans to the top of her palate with her tongue. "Mmmmmmm." Jessica said as she tasted them
"this isn't so bad," Mike said as he enjoyed the ride
"No kidding!" Deeth agreed.
After playing with the two humans for a little while with her tongue, Jessica tilted her head back, pushed the two to the back of her throat, and swallowed them. She used a clawed hand to feel them as they slid down.
Mike and Deeth go down the slippery tonal like a slide Mike waves his arms up and yells with joy "this is like a water slide," Mike laughed
The two humans splashed into Jessica's stomach as the dragoness walked into the next room and lied down on her bed to sleep.

From inside the dragoness Mike rests his back on the stomach wall
"so what now Deeth?" Mike asked
Deeth tossed a few of the pills into the stomach acid. In the meantime, from outside Jessica rubber her belly. "You lovelies okay in there?" Jessica asked
"yes were fine," Mike called up
"That's good. I'll miss you boys." she said then yawned Mike laughs a little holding back making sure she would not hear "Deeth should we tell her,..?" Mike asked
The magician shrugs, Mike looks up to the entrees then scans the stomach around him "well if she thinks were going to die in here then we might have a chance of escape," Mike said giving a suggestion.

Jessica gets under her covers, "Time for bed. Sleep well, little boys." Jessica said giving her stomach a rub "you too!" Mike called up Mike looked back at Deeth
"well should I go on with my planes,..?" Mike asked
"Actually, I'd rather go out the natural way." Deeth answered
"um you mean like,...." Mike stopped Deeth pointed towards the entrance to the intestines. Mike gave a gulp "well that's what I thought," Mike said as he stood
"well we better go before she wakes up," Mike said as he began to walk to the entrees at the end of the stomach Deeth followed him, creating a bubble of air around his head. Mike notice this then stopped "um Deeth one for me please," Mike said
"Oh right, you're not a magician." Deeth chuckled. he put a bubble over Mike's head, and the two entered her intestines.

The two friends entered a water cavern that was surrounded by waving flesh that that slowly flexed and deflexed all around them Mike bumped into the flesh wall "wow its really different then a stomach," Mike said as he swam near the walls "Yeah." Deeth replied. "Be careful, Mike we'll probably run into globs of digested ice cream." just then Mike notices a blob of white flouted past him
"well theirs the ice cream," Mike said
Deeth led Mike deeper into the small intestine, as they swam Mike dogged a few more blobs of ice cream that flouted around them. From outside Jessica began to turn in her bed, inside it was almost like a earthquake when she shifted "damn it," Mike cursed as he felt the forces pull him back and forth "You'll get used to it. I did a long time ago." Deeth said as he swam on "well ok I guess I have to get use to being a micro," Mike said as he swam.

The two humans were about halfway through the large intestine.
"so what do we do when we get out?" Mike asked as they walked down the slimy tonal
"I guess it depends on Jessica's reaction." Deeth suggested
"you don't think she'll see us,..?" Mike asked
"She MIGHT see us. If she wakes up while we crawl out, that is." Deeth said
"I hope it doesn't come to that," Mike said in worried ton
"Well, how do YOU suggest we get out?" Deeth snapped. "Would you rather wait until she takes a shit?"
"WHAT! No I just hopping that she doesn't find us after words," Mike said backing away a little "Oh. Okay then...".

After some more time passed, the two finally arrived at the sphincter leading out of the dragoness. "alright who should go first me or you," Mike asked "You go first." Deeth said
"um,..ok," Mike begins to walk near the sphincter of flesh Mike puts his arms two sides and begins to part the flesh open "when I'm out I'll keep this open for you to claim throw," Mike said then put one leg out then took his top half out to look around. Jessica was laying on her belly, with her body covered by a thick blanket. Mike pushed a small part of the blanket up since it was on top of him "Deeth come on," Mike whispered as he opened the flesh open a little more for Deeth, Deeth proceeded to climb up and out of Jessica's sphincter. Mike used his arms and legs to spared the sphincter to keep it open as Deeth began to clime out Mike reached down and gripped Deeth's hand pulling him up and out.

Mike then looked around he saw that their was giant tail that was twelve feet away from then and noticed the dragoness's smooth skin he didn't want to look anymore because it was making Mike turn red Deeth, however, had immediately starting looking Jessica's body up and down.
"Man, she's gorgeous." He admitted.
"yes,.. yes I know very," Mike said as he was getting more red then a tomato Mike as he looked at dragoness's body again Mike tried to hide his red face in his jacket,
"damn these fetishes," Mike mumbled
Deeth rolled his eyes. "Well, I guess we need to get out of here now."
"yes please," Mike said as he began to fallow Deeth.
The two proceeded to walk down Jessica's tail. However, they started to here moaning, and the dragoness' body began to shift, Jessica began to giggle feeling the two humans crawl down her tail she then shifted her body laying on her back now then gripping a hold of her tail hugging it with Mike and Deeth on it.

The two humans were then flipped off her tail landing on her body  
"Uh-oh." Deeth stated.
Jessica begins to giggle in her sleep as she let her tail go leaving Deeth and Mike on her body she gave another giggle
"oh those boys were nice I wish I got to know them more,.." she said in tired voice then gave a yawn giving a stretch as well then placed her hand on her body
"Well isn't that interesting." The magician said. "Maybe we should let her know we're okay..."
"you sure about that?" Mike asked
"Well, it seems like she liked us." Deeth said
"well ok then," Mike said giving a small smile
Deeth walked up to Jessica's shoulder, Jessica began to flinch from the movement.
Mike moved up to her shoulder as well than tapped on her face
"hello Jessica,.." Mike called
Deeth tapped on the opposite shoulder. "Wakey wakey!" he said poking her face
"oh what's,...who?" Jessica said in tired ton
"It's us!" Deeth declared.
"and me too," Mike added in "Huh?" Jessica sat up. "You two?"
"Yepper its us," Mike said cheerfully
"What?! But I gobbled you boys up!" Mike turned red "hehe Deeth you want to explain" Mike asked giving a smile
Deeth spent a few minutes explaining about the pills, his magic, and how the two got out.
"and that's how we got out," Mike added
"Oh my..." The dragoness stammered
"why so shocked?" Mike asked
"I thought you little lovelies were gone forever." Jessica said
"well sorry to disappoint you," Mike said as he sate down on her shoulder
"huu well I see no reason of trying to eat you again,. I guess you to can leave now if you wish," Jessica said grabbing both Mike and Deeth in her hand and holding them
"well Jessica we don't have to leave," Mike said
"Not right now, at least." Deeth added. "I could use a shower." as he looked at himself
"yah me too," Mike added
Jessica blinked a few times she had never seen two humans like this before they were so calm and not even grossed out by the fact they had to go throw her body
"well ok,..the shower's down the hall," Jessica said as she lifted her hand down letting Mike and Deeth clime off  "Uh, could we maybe get a lift over there?" Deeth asked
"oh right sorry," Jessica said then lifted Deeth up then placed him on her shoulder leaving Mike in her bed room.

Jessica walked down the hall then into her bath room "well I guess I'll leave you here to wash up," Jessica said Deeth spent a few minutes using the sink as a shower to clean himself. Once he was done, he tried to hop over to a rack to get a rag to use as a towel.
back in Jessica's room she spotted Mike jumping up and down on her pillow
"kid what are you doing?" she asked walking over to her bed.
Mike stopped landing on her pillow and having a soft landing Mike looked up at her and gave a chuckle "trying to have fun, hehe," Mike laughed Jessica just shrugged her shoulders then sate down on her bed watching Mike play. Once Deeth was cleaned, he created a new set of robes around himself. He then looked for a way back to the other room, Jessica looks to the hall "hmm sounds like Deeth is done," Jessica said
Jessica lifted her hand down letting Mike clime on "ok well your turn Mike," Jessica said  as she walked to the hall way and into the bathroom Deeth waved as Jessica entered.
"hi their Deeth," Jessica said as she lifted Deeth out of the sink then put Mike in leaving him to clean himself off.
"Once both you boys are clean, let's have a little chat." Jessica said
"ok," Mike said as he jumped off her hand landing in the sink "seeya Deeth," Mike said to Deeth suspecting he was leaving, Jessica brought Deeth back to the bedroom to wait. Mike runs hot water in the sink then washes himself and his clothing in the water adding in some water from the giant bar of soap Mike had just finished up
The dragoness went back to the bathroom and brought Mike into the bedroom,
"so Jessica what is it you wanted to talk to us about?" Mike asked
"I'm wondering what I'm going to do with you boys." Jessica said
"not sure?" Mike said as he shrugged his shoulders
"Do you have any more of those pills, Deeth?"
The dragoness' eyes beamed. "In that case, I think I'll keep you two for a while."
Mike looked at Deeth "your not going to try to hurt us in anyway are you?" Mike asked "Of course not." Jessica replied, smiling.
"Though I'll probably want a snack from time to time." Jessica said giving a smile
"well,.. I don't really know what to say about that, but we have homes to get back to you know,.. I mean we're not toys you know," Mike said with soft ton
"Aww..." Jessica said in a sad ton Mike looks up at her wondering why she said that,
"I'd hate to see you go, but I wouldn't want to keep you as slaves." she said
"well we don't have to go right now,.. and we can come and visit right Deeth," Mike said then looked at Deeth "Sure." Deeth answered.
"Great!" Jessica declared. The dragoness scooped the humans up, laid back down on her bed, and dropped the two onto her chest, just above her cleavage Mike lays down on her skin feeling the warmth of her under him
"so tomorrow will you turn use back to normal then Jessica?" Mike asked
"Sure, but only one of you I'll want a morning snack." she giggled
"But until then, nighty-night, boys." Jessica said.

The dragoness pulled the blanket up over her figure, covering the two tiny humans just enough to keep them warm, "night everyone," Mike said as he curled up on Jessica's skin and blanket and fell right to sleep. "Yeah, goodnight." Deeth replied, before laying back and shutting his eyes.

                                        The End
another RP me and Deethirteen did

Mike belongs to me :icondragondude97:

Deeth belongs to :icondeethirteen:
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drawn up in photoshop cs5. Originally had rings, but dropped 'em.

9/4/2011 : Unfortunately I've lost the PSD file for this and I can not recover it. T_T
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Warning: vore, slight digestion, blood, gore, rescue

Story by haloveteran

2 years later
It was a nice summer's day, not to hot, and there was the right type of breeze to keep cool. In a meadow lay two figures, these two figures were very close though it is uncommon to see these two types of creatures together. The first figure was a large black dragon with silver curved horns, spikes and belly to match.

Her name was Sapphire and she was the caretaker of the next figure, a boy the age of 12 with dark brown eyes and brown messy hair to match. His name was Mike, Sapphire and him were closer than anyone could possibly imagine. "Sapphire, isn't it nice out today?" I said. "Yes it is very nice," she replied, "the sun feels nice on my scales," she said and then shifted position to let the sun warm her other side. "I'm going to go get a drink," I said. "Ok but don't go far ok?" "Alright!" I said and ran off to the river. It wasn't far, only a mile away. When I got there, I took a sip of water from the river. It was cold and refreshing, but my relaxation was short lived. I lifted my head from the river and saw him. He was a dragon, a little smaller then Sapphire, but a lot more ferocious. He was purple with green spikes down his back, he also had a green belly to match his spikes. To my dismay he saw me too and to make matters worse, he seemed to recognize me. "YOU!" He said in a deep angry voice. "Oh crap!" I said and turned to run, but was stopped by his tail. "I will not have you escape and get to your savior again," he said and wrapped me in his tail, also covering my mouth so I couldn't speak or yell. "For that case, I guess I should tell you my name before I eat you." This, of course, struck fear into me and I started thrashing and wiggling, but to no avail. "My name is Voltor and you are going to be my snack for today, I could easily chew you to bits." This, of course, made me panic and thrash more but again, it did nothing. "But since you have caused me so much pain, I will eat you alive so you can slowly and painfully dissolve to nothing." It was at that time, I started to cry because I knew I was going to die. "Well its been fun but I'm getting hungry," he said and with that, he threw me into his mouth. Without getting a chance to fight back, he took one big swallow and sent me down the dark slimy tunnel to my doom. Once I reached his stomach I could already feel the acid, my body started to tingle, which I knew would soon turn to pain so I started to try and harm him by punching his stomach walls. But it didn't do any harm. "Well that was a good snack," Voltor said and started to fly away then belched. "Looks like-" he stopped.

Meanwhile Sapphire was worried about him. Just then, she picked up a familiar scent. "Oh, its just that no good Voltor." Then her eyes widened in fear as she sniffed the air again. "He couldn't have," she thought but then her suspicions were completed when she also smelled Mike's scent coming from the same location. "No, no, no, no please don't let it be true," she said then darted in the scent's direction but nearly screamed in horror. For she had found Mike's scent, but there was no Mike, only Voltor, who had landed to rest. "VOLTOR!!" she yelled, which woke him up very quickly. "Oh its you, what do you want?" he asked, a small amount of annoyance in his voice. "Where is Mike?" she yelled, her eyes like daggers piercing him. But instead of fear, he just smiled, "You mean that little kid with brown hair?" he said with a smug smile on his face. "What did you do to him?!" she screamed. "Oh nothing, he's really safe in here," pointing to his stomach. "He stopped moving about five minutes ago." This sent Sapphire into a rage. "Yeah, I would say just forg…ULP!" she didn't give him a chance to finish. "Spit him out NOW!!" she screamed, fury in her eyes. He only smiled, "No," he said then spat in her face. She then took her claw and shoved it into his mouth. This surprised him, but then his surprise turned to horror when she grabbed his tongue. "P-p-p-please show mercy!" he pleaded "DID YOU SHOW MIKE MERCY!?" then she took his tongue and ripped it out of his mouth. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" he screamed in pain, then she took his jaw and broke it in two. Now not able to speak, he just cried. But it was far from over, because she placed one claw on his stomach, then dug it into his chest. Voltor, not able to even yell, flailed. It did nothing because Sapphire held him down hard. Sapphire, feeling for his stomach, found it then pulled until it completely ripped from his chest, which sent Voltor into unimaginable pain, but it was short lived because Sapphire then took his neck into her claws. "Any last words?" she mocked, knowing he couldn't speak.

He just continued to cry until she took his neck and snapped it like a twig. After Sapphire was done, her rage quickly turned to worry and sadness. She then, turned to the now dead Voltor's stomach and ripped it open to reveal a barely alive Mike who was now covered in burns due to the acid. I woke up in extreme pain, since I had gone unconscious from the lack of oxygen and severe pain, the first thing I saw was Sapphire's crying eyes. "Its ok Sapphire, I'm fine," I said even though I was in extreme pain. This made her cry even more, since he was on the brink of death and he was trying to comfort HER. Then, all of a sudden, she had an idea. "Mike," she said with sadness in her voice but with a little hope in it as well. "I have an idea," she said. "What is it?" I answer but what came out was only a whisper. "I'm going to turn you into a dragon."

To Be Countinued
once again this story is not by me its by :iconhaloveteran: give him all credit

I did not write this story but he wants me to post them on my gallery untile he larns how to submit
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Note: This is a story, with vore. If you do not like that, do not read this. It is also my first story I have submitted. Critique is welcome, but do keep in mind I am new to this.

In a dense patch of wilderness, far from any civilization, was a village. The village, though self dependent, was a decent place to live. It looked like something straight out of the middle ages; the houses were built out of common materials, such as wood and straw, and many of the people in the village were farmers. The village knew about the world outside, but kept to itself; they found life in the wilderness appealing. There was no village leader; it was a completely democratic society, where they would join together and decide in issues in a clearing to the south. It was not paradise, but it was home.

In this village lived a young man by the name of Daniel. Daniel was about age eighteen, and not particularly athletic. He was very good with politics in his village, however, and his father was looked up to as one of the wisest men in the village. Everybody came to him for advice on current matters, and Daniel, while proud of his father, was a bit jealous. He loved his father, but he only wished that he could have the same status. His father was reassuring, and told him that he would be a great man, who would take his place when the time came. Daniel knew his father was telling him what he truly believed, and this made him feel better, but he still wanted to make a difference.

One day, he told his father that he was going into the woods to take a break. He had recently helped the local blacksmith with his work, and while he enjoyed the learning experience, it tired him out.

"It won't be long, I just want to go out and relax by myself for a while," Daniel said calmly. Daniel's father looked at him, and a look of acceptance grew on his face.

"I do not mind. Just watch yourself out there. You never know what you might find, bad or good. You're a smart boy, I know, but even you can sometimes be a little hasty."

Daniel's father slowly sat down on a stool near a hearth, and started to jot something down.

"I will be home on time. Do not worry about me, I'll be fine!" Daniel said optimistically. "Besides, what's the worst that can happen? We don't have many dangerous animals in the area anyway. It's one of the reasons we chose this place, so our cattle would be safe."

"Assumptions can be dangerous, my boy," his father warned. "Though I do think you will be alright."

As Daniel stepped outside, he took a deep breath. He liked living in this village, but sometimes it did feel a tad boring. He normally would just go to the clearing and relax, but today he felt he wanted to do something different. As he looked around, he noticed a path that lead to a river nearby. Nobody really went that way anymore, as they got their water from the well in the center of town. He thought it would be a nice place to take a break, and he started down the path.

The forest was one of the most peaceful places Daniel could imagine. It was a beautiful place, filled with trees and foliage. Many different kinds of birds were singing in the trees, and Daniel could see many different kinds of wildlife as he strolled towards the river. Yet, even though the area surrounding him was tranquil, something would not let Daniel's mind be at ease. He felt a strange presence as he walked that chilled his spine. Could it be that someone, or rather, something, was watching him? He did not want to think about it too much. The last thing he wanted at the moment was to be anxious, and he tried to ignore his body's subtle warnings. But he just could not shake the feeling that something was following him, and he stopped and nervously looked around. He could not see anything, but he knew something was there. He told himself to just ignore it for now, and he kept walking.

When Daniel made it to the river, the scene looked like something from a beautiful postcard. A waterfall to his right frothed as the water made its way downstream through rapids and rocks. Tall grass lined the sides, and the calming sound of river water helped ease any tension he might have felt before. He sat down by the river and listened to the scenery around him. Maybe this won't be so bad after all, he thought. I've made it this far without any trouble. I should be fine, right?

Daniel was almost nodding off when he heard a bush shake to his right. He listened carefully, and it almost sounded like something was sliding across the ground. He stood up and faced the bush.

"Look, whoever you are, stop following me. I'm tired, and I just want to rest."

As Daniel said these words, something caught his eye. He squinted further into the shade, and that's when he saw them.

Two big yellow eyes, looking directly at him, as if the creature they belonged to was about to pounce on him.

The sight shocked Daniel, and he stumbled and fell on his back. As he looked back, he saw the creature emerge from the bushes.

It was a dragon. A very big, green one at that. It had a white plating that went from the bottom of its lower jaw to the tip of its tail, and horns on its head that slightly curved backwards. It was big, about 20 feet tall, 45 feet long and 16 feet wide, and was waving its tail back and forth. Its wings were curled on its side, and looked massive. But the most interesting part of this creature was its face. It looked at him intelligently, and he swore its mouth curled into a smirk.

"Hello, dear." It said, in a somehow relatively quiet, yet soothing feminine voice. "I was not expecting a human from the nearby village to be out around this time. I usually see you stick close to the village. Not many of you go this far out."

Daniel replied by crawling back a bit, and he swore the dragon's smile grew bigger.

"You look very scared. I don't suppose I can blame you. I am a giant compared to you, aren't I? But I guess I didn't come here with the most 'harmless' of intentions, either."

"I just wanted to relax by the riverside," Daniel said. "I did not mean you any harm. I did not know this was your territory, or anything like that."

"I am not here on either of those accounts. Rather, I came here to have a little, 'fun'. It's been a while since I've got to meet one of your kind, and I want to make it worthwhile."

The dragon grinned wider, showing its teeth. Daniel tried to push himself up, but was greeted by a claw pressing him down, gently, but firmly.

"Are you going to hurt me?" he said fearfully.

"Hurt you? That depends. I don't like giving spoilers, but I can tell you one thing right now. I'm about to have a nice snack."

Daniel could not believe what he just heard. He was going to be eaten by the dragon that held him in his grasp. The least he could hope for was that she would spare him pain. The last thing he wanted was a painful, slow death.

"You sure we can't talk about this? There are plenty of deer in the area. They're even overpopulating around this time of the year. I'm sure they'll be even more filling than I could ever be."

The dragon pulled him up, slowly. "Boy, I am not here to satisfy my hunger. I am here to have some fun. Do you think a deer could be anywhere near as entertaining as a human that can feel a full range of emotion?" Daniel struggled ever so slightly, and then looked her directly in the eyes.

"I don't want to die. I've never done anything wrong. Why can't it be someone else, who might come closer to deserving this kind of fate?"

The dragon slightly rolled her eyes after he finished talking.

"You might not understand now, but you will after I'm finished. You aren't going to change my mind. Now, let's start this, shall we?"

The dragon opened her mouth, lined with teeth and saliva. Her tongue looked like a big, pink slug, lying down in her mouth, covered in slime. He tried to wriggle, but she just pulled him closer. He could see the small, cramped quivering hole that he would be forced downward. He didn't want this. He just wanted to relax after the hard work he had done, and then go home. Why can't anything go right?, he though to himself as she slowly lowered him inside, feet first. As they entered her mouth, she closed, softly but firmly, and held him in place by his waist, still holding him slightly with her claw, like she was sliding him inside. She opened a little and pushed more of him inside, up to his neck. He could feel the warm breath from her nostrils. Finally, she let go, pulled him inside, and snapped her jaws shut.

Daniel could not believe the situation he was in. All this time, he believed he was going to grow up to be successful, to live up to his father's name, while in reality, he was going to die here, right now, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was trapped, in the very definition of the word, and all he could possibly hope was that he would pass out when he made it to her stomach. Slowly, she licked him over, like savoring a popsicle. He might want this to end, but she was going to take her time.

Finally, she stopped. It must have been a few minutes, but to Daniel it felt like he had lied there for hours. She then tilted her head up, and used her tongue to push him back into her throat. This is it, he thought. There's no turning back now. As he was pulled into her esophagus, his memories flashed by his eyes. Memories of studies he did and praise he had received, memories of his father and him spending much time together, and finally, his father telling him that he could not wait until his son took his place.

"I guess it's never going to happen now," he said quietly. He swore the dragon heard him, as she let out a little chuckle, and swallowed him whole.

It was a tight fit, but somehow he managed to fit in that cramped, muscular passage. He could not even move; he was pushed in on every side. He could not even think clearly. He just felt nothing. He was pushed further and further, until he hit a tight spot, which opened shortly. First his feet went through, then his waist, and then finally, he fell into the small chamber, which shivered as he landed. He curled up into a fetal position, and leaned against the wall of the stomach that now housed him. He was scared, deathly scared, and slightly accepting. He took a breath, and was surprised to feel air, while slightly stale, fill his lungs. Shouldn't there be little air in here?, he questioned. He felt more at ease. Maybe this wasn't the end. Maybe he would get to see the outside again after all. He did not feel any digestive acids and enzymes. Maybe she really was just there to have fun, and nothing else. Slightly more relaxed, he laid on his side, and started to rest, cradled by the warm muscle around him.

He thought about his life at home. If the dragon wasn't going to kill him, maybe they could meet again? He did not really mind this. It was wet, sure, but not putrid, and there was something strangely compelling about it. If this was her idea of "fun", he didn't mind.

Daniel woke up as he felt the world shift around him as the dragon stood up. He rolled onto his chest, and then felt the muscle around him start lurching. The stomach started to squeeze him forward, and he was pushed back into her throat. He was being pulled up. Everything would be alright after all, he assured himself. Finally, he was pushed out of her throat, and onto her tongue.

She lifted her hand up to her mouth, and lifted him out of it. Gently, she placed him on the ground, and he rolled onto his back. She was smiling at him, but not so much of the playful smile as before. This was a satisfied smile.

"See? That wasn't so bad. You had nothing to fear."

Daniel lifted himself up into a sitting position, and looked back up at her.

"I would have appreciated it if you told me about the not dying part earlier."

She gave a hearty chuckle, and cradled him with her claw.

"Then it wouldn't be as fun now, would it?"

"Maybe for you. I certainly would have been better off with the warning."

Her chuckle turned into a laugh, as she raised her head towards the sky.

"True. But it's already over and dealt with. Now, I would assume you want to go back home. It's been a few hours since we met, and you have that look on your face like someone is worried about you."

She was right. He did promise his father that he would be back shortly, and a few hours is not what one would call short.

"You're right, but there is one thing I wanted to ask. Do you want to meet each other again?"

She grinned at him, as if she had heard exactly what she wanted to hear.

"Of course I would. We can meet next week, on the same day, how does that sound?"

Daniel smiled back. "It sounds great. Now, I must get going home, or my father will be worried."

Before he could move, however, the dragon lifted a finger in front of him. "Not so fast. We haven't even introduced ourselves to each other. My name is June. And yours?"

"My name is Daniel. It was nice meeting you in this kind of... situation."

She raised her head, still keeping her gaze on him.

"It was nice meeting you as well, Daniel. I hope we can do this again." She turned away, and looked back at him. "By the way, you taste excellent, although I'm not sure if you would consider that a compliment."

"From a big dragon who defines fun as eating people to pass time, I do. I hope we can meet each other again as well."

She smiled, turned her head back, and walked away, back into the bushes from whence she came. Daniel moved himself towards the river and washed himself off. He then started on the path back to his home.

As he walked in through the door, he looked towards his father, who looked just as calm as he did when he left.

"Sorry I took so long, dad. I really hoped it would have only taken an hour or so."

His father looked at him and smiled. "It does not matter to me, son. Those kinds of things happen when you get to relax. All that matters to me is, did you get the rest you needed?"

Daniel thought for a bit, smiled, and spoke. "I did."
This is my first story I have submitted to deviantART. It is also my first vore story I have written. Many thanks to Mark (:iconmasterlevan1:), who helped me warm up to writing this when we talked.

Critique is welcome, but do be gentle, as I am new to this. I would like to know how well I did.
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Becoming a Knight

Warning: This contains soft vore.

Deep inside a castle lied a forge, where a squire was busy sharpening a dagger. He had recently been given a message; today he would be given a special task by the lord of the castle, and if he succeeded, he would be knighted. The thought of finally becoming a knight filled him with excitement. He had been training for this his whole life, and now it was finally going to pay off. His excitement was a bit much, and he chipped the dagger he was grinding. I probably won't need it today anyway, he thought. He picked up the ruined dagger, and put in a rack for future repair. As he was doing this, someone knocked on the door. He answered it promptly.

"Who is it?"

A slightly muffled voice came from behind the door. "It's a messenger. I'm here to deliver some urgent news."

The squire felt confused. He was supposed to be given the task late in the day, and then he would proceed with it the next day. It was only morning.

"Come in, then."

The door opened, and out came an energetic teenager. He stumbled onto the floor, pushed himself up, and stood straight, as if he was in boot camp.

"The lord wants to see you right now, sir."

"I thought he wanted to see me at sunset?"

"I don't know the details. I'm just a messenger. All I know is he wants to see you right now."

The squire grimaced a bit, but reassured himself. If the lord wanted to see him right now, it must be something very important, which could mean he would be in charge of something great.

"I'll be up there in a bit. Let me just put some things away."

The boy, satisfied with his answer, left the room, leaving the squire to himself. He checked the dagger again, and saw that the chip had weakened the structure of the dagger. He decided to repair it later. For now, he dressed up in his chainmail, and attached his sword to his belt. With everything ready, he set out towards the hall.

As he entered the big hall, the first thing that he noticed was how decorated it was. Silk tarps ran across the walls, and several stained glass windows lined the back of the room. Fine wooden planks made up the floor, and a large red carpet lined the way to the throne, where the lord sat. It wasn't, say, royalty-level, but it was obvious that the noble had a lot of money to spend. The second thing that caught his eye was how empty the hall was. If what the lord wanted was so important, there surely would be more people in here, wouldn't there? He pondered the thought as he moved up towards the lord. He then kneeled before the lord, and the lord started to speak.

"You have come promptly. It is nice to see a squire work so obediently. However, the task I am about to give you is an extraordinary one, and you should have your wits about you."

The squire turned his head up, and started to speak.

"What do you need me to do, my lord?"

The lord held a glass of wine in his right hand, took a sip, and laid it back down. He smiled slightly, and bent himself down while keeping eye level with the squire.

"I need you... to slay a dragon."

The squire was not sure if he had heard him say that right. A dragon? Aren't those mythological? He decided to go with it anyway.

"Yes lord."

The lord smiled, and straightened himself back into his chair.

"Given an unfathomable task, and you do not even bother to question? You will make a fine knight, indeed. But, yes, this is a real task I am giving you. Quite real, in fact."

He took another sip of his wine, and continued to talk.

"We have spotted a dragon flying around south of the castle. It appears to have a home in a cave in a mountain to the southeast. When I heard the news, I was just as skeptical myself, but we had many eye witnesses to testify, even some of my must trusted subordinates. I know it sounds silly, but believe me, there is a very good chance this is real, and it is worth investigating. If you find the dragon, kill it, and bring back some kind of evidence that you have done the deed. I will reward you not only with knighthood, but a place in the elite of my forces. I am sure you will have earned it if you succeed."

"When shall I take upon this task, my lord?"

The lord grinned, and answered his acquaintance.

"Right now."

The squire wasn't sure what to say. This was a big task he was given; how would he even accomplish it, should he actually have to face a real live dragon? And to perform it right now? He had little to no time to prepare. Faced with all of these challenges, he gave the only answer he could think of.

"Yes lord."

The lord reclined back into his throne, and pressed his fist under his chin. "Good. Now, I'm sure you know the area well, and can find the cave I spoke of. Come back to me once you are done, and I will make sure you are well rewarded. Maybe I'll even throw in a pay bonus, too, for good behavior."

With that, the squire stood up, turned around, and exited the room.

It was not a long trip, but it was a tiring one. Climbing a mountain is not easy work, and the squire found himself exhausted as he ascended the tall rocky slopes. His chainmail was already battered, and he was covered in rock dust. He was almost near a ledge, and he kept straining to reach it. He grabbed onto the side, pulled himself up, and collapsed, panting heavily from exhaustion. He took a few moments to catch his breath, then got back on his feet and proceeded up the rocky ramp that lead to the mouth of the cave. His heart was pounding as he proceeded to the entrance. He did not feel too much fear as he was climbing the mountain, but as he neared his destination, he felt as if the one thing he wanted to do was turn around and never come back to the place again. He was scared to death about what he might encounter, but he pressed himself, and continued to move. A knight must be brave, right?, he assured.

As he entered the cave, he was surprised to find it empty. He walked down the cavern, keeping his hand on the hilt of his sword as made his entrance. Maybe the dragon was gone? Maybe it didn't exist after all? Or, was it going to come back later? He neared the end of the cave, and still could not find anything. He did, however, find claw marks in the cave. Big ones, too. Even if a dragon hadn't made them, something big was definitely here, and that was still worrisome. As he scanned the claw marks on the back of the cave, he noticed that some of them were drawn in an interesting way. There was a tally board made up of scratches, and it seemed to be some kind of total. As he counted the marks, he wondered what they could be for. When he was done, he ended up with the number seventy three. He pondered for a moment, wondering what this could be. Then, he remembered.

There were exactly seventy three people that lived in the village near the castle.

This interested him, and also scared him. Someone, or, more likely, something, was counting the people in the village. But why? As he scanned some of the other markings, he found a rough sketch of the village as viewed from the cave entrance. But what really caught his eye was some writing. Interested, he decided to read it, and see what it had to say. It was dark, but he could slowly make it what it said.

'Today I found a human settlement. It appears to be near a large stone building of some sort, and has a population of approximately seventy three. I noticed some men dressed in chainmail and cloth, carrying weapons. Most likely they would attack me on sight. I will do another fly-by tomorrow, and will continue to report my findings here. I only worry if they have spotted me.'

His eyes grew wide as he took in what he had just read. Something was... studying their village? It was eerie. The writing did not come to him as sinister, yet it frightened him that something was actually observing them, and, more importantly, for what reason? He backed away from the wall, and continued to stand there, taking in everything he had just saw.

Suddenly, he heard what sounded like a loud boom behind him. He unsheathed his sword, and turned around, but it was too late. He found himself hoisted into the air by something wrapped around his legs, and his sword dropped to the floor, clunking against the ground. He was held there for a moment, until he was turned around, and found himself being held by the tail of the beast he had feared to encounter.

A huge red dragon was holding him by its tail, easily 25 feet tall. She had a pair of horns bending backwards on the top of her head, and had a white underbelly that stretched from the end of her tail all the way to her chin. She watched him for a while. She smiled, and then started to speak.

"I guess they're not very good at teaching you to be aware of your surroundings, are they?" The dragon spoke in a feminine voice.

"Y-y-you can talk?", the squire stuttered.

"I would thought you have figured that out by now, looking at my little markings on the wall. I was behind you the whole time, you know."

He gulped. She was behind him the whole time? It made him blush slightly. He tried to reach for his dagger, but only found himself grasping at the strap. It took him a while to remember that he had left it back at the forge. The dragon chuckled as she watched him.

"Forgot your sidearm, huh? You don't seem to be very prepared for a 'dragon slayer'. If that's what you are, anyhow."

The squire nodded, and the dragon let out a toothy grin.

"Not the smartest decision, now, was it? It's not very polite to try and kill guests, you know." She loosened her tail's grip on him, and held him with her claw. "I guess you'll have to be punished for that."

The squire struggled as the possibility of death developed in his mind.

"Please don't hurt me. I will leave you alone, I swear. I didn't know anything about you."

The dragon winked, and wagged a finger in front of her latest catch.

"Tsk, tsk. I won't hurt you. But I'm not about to let you go, either. I have my own special brand of punishment. Now, let's get this chainmail off of you, shall we? It doesn't go down very well."

The squire struggled harder. He didn't want to be eaten. And didn't she say she wouldn't hurt him? It confused him. She started to take off his armor, piece by piece. First his belt, then his shirt, and finally his leggings, leaving him in his underclothes. She then started to lick him, savoring the flavor of the man she held in front of her. She purred with delight, and continued to slobber the poor squire.

"I will do anything. I can leave and never come back. I can do you any favor you want. Anything! Just don't eat me!"

She acted as if she did not hear his pleading, and continued licking. Finally, she stopped, and held the miserable squire over the ground. She sniffed him, smiled, and then proceeded to open her maw and force him inside in one big bite.

The squire's senses were overloaded inside the mouth of the dragon. He felt himself being moved around by the tongue below him, and the lighting was very dim. The dragon continued to savor him inside her mouth for a little while longer. She turned him around, covering every part of his body she could in saliva. She did this for a few more minutes. Satisfied, she stopped licking the squire, and proceeded to swallow him.

The squire started to panic as the reality of the situation sank in. He desperately tried to pull himself out of the throat, but it was futile. He held his hand out, as if expecting a savior, and was pulled inside the dragon. He felt himself being pushed from all sides, and he was slowly being pulled downward. He desperately tried to stop his descent, but he was too slick with saliva to get a proper hold on anything. He frantically dragged his hands across the walls of the throat, but it was too late. He was squeezed through a small hole, and collapsed into the stomach.

He simply laid there, expecting his end. He did not want to die, but he was tired, and he could not fight back. He knew it would have no effect, anyway. He curled into a fetal position, and awaited the events to come. He shed a few tears as he lay there, in the belly of the beast. He was expecting so much more, and felt like everything in his life had been a total waste.

Twenty minutes had passed, and the squire began to straighten himself out. He didn't know why he hadn't died yet, but she did say she wouldn't hurt him. He was not sure how well he could trust those words, but he was very much alive. He decided he might as well sleep, since he had no idea how long he would be in there if she was staying true to her promise. Slowly, he turned himself over, and went out like a light.

Some time had passed before he woke up with a start as he felt the world around him begin to close in. The stomach was starting to push him towards the area he had came in from. He tried to move, but the muscles were already tightening around him. He was pushed back into the throat, and started being hacked upwards. He slowly rose upwards, until he finally came out, and landed inside the mouth. He felt her head lower, and the mouth slowly opened, dropping him softly onto the cavern floor. She looked at him, and started to speak.

"Your sentence is over. You are free to go."

He sat there for some time, then started to pull himself up. He started to walk away, but stopped.

"I... I can't go back."

The dragon tilted her head, confused at his words.

"Why not?"

The squire sighed. "I just failed my first task. On top of that, it will be obvious that I encountered you up here. I will be shunned, and everything I have tried for will all be for nothing."

She lowered her head, and looked at him from eye level, giving a smile.

"In that case... why don't you stay with me?"

The squire scratched his hair. "I don't know about that. I mean, you just ate me, after all."

She pulled her head back up. "Oh, it was all harmless fun. I could use the company, as well. It would be interesting living with a human."

"Are you sure?", the squire asked.


He sat himself back down, and stretched himself out. He had been through a lot today, and he was exhausted.

"Well, what do you want to do first, then?"

The dragon pondered for a moment,. "Let's just stay here for a bit. It probably would be wise to leave the area soon, though. I'm sure they'll be looking for you."

"You have a point," the squire agreed. "For now, I could use the rest. It's been a bit of a rough day for me." He laid down in the middle of the cavern, tired from the day's events. The dragon walked over, and coiled herself around him.

"Sweet dreams, little guy." He had already fallen asleep, and she started to doze off too. She was going to enjoy her time with this one. She would make sure of it.
Warning: This story contains dragons, vore, and fantasy. If you do not like all of those, read at your own risk.

I wrote this story today, and I felt like I did a decent job. I still think the writing could use more composure, but overall I think I did this solidly. Feel free to express your opinions in the comments below.
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