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Little Scales.
Part Two.

Scales stepped forward and willingly took on this change. He felt his memories clear; he felt his pain lift as it was replaced by the sensation of his body changing.

Scales stood, as the spirit-egg Operia watched over his slow change, from his transformation from Human to Dragon Hatchling.

"Little One. You seem at ease, even accepting of your new form even though I am forcing it upon you."

"That's because I've been feeling so much pain as a human... But it`s lifted."

"I see, Little one. So that pain is gone... Your transformation won`t cause you pain, I hope..."

"Even if it does..."

"You understand."

Scales began to feel an itch, something felt like it was crawling up his arms and legs. A Feeling of weakness spread over him, which caused him to fall to his hands and knee's.

"It has begun."

Scales clenched his fists as he noticed his skin turn a pink-like hue and harden into small plates.

"S-Scales.... Actual..." He tried to speak, but his voice cut out unexpectedly.

"They look... Pink.... That's odd. You're a male.... But... Pink....."

The scales spread quickly until he felt and heard a series of snaps and cracks as his spinal column and skeletal structure steadily shifted and changed, and as tail seem to extend out of his body.

Claws formed on his fingertips as his hands became four-toed draconian paws, spines grew from his back with small spacings between each, and a set of small, weak violet wings grew from his back.

His skull began to shift at this point, a snout steadily forming as the scales slowly spread, the colour steadily deepening to crimson-violet mix, and his eyes begin to slit and the colour of his eyes turned to a dim green.

"Scales.... Are you okay?"

Scales only reply was a barely managed low whine.

"Scales......" Operia's voice was lined with worry. Something she's never experienced.

As the changes to his body occurred, his mind began to clear, his memories fading with each passing second. Except those of his closest friends, but as his mind, instincts, and behaviour began to alter, they seemed more and more like fake memories, as if he was imagining the whole idea of once being a human. So he pushed the memories aside.

"It's nearly over, Scales..."

Operia started to change herself, but it happened in a bright flash. She became a small spirit hatchling, and began to stare at Scales as his final changes to mind occur.

"Scales... I`ll watch over you for the rest of your days. If you need me, Call for me..."

Operia faded from view as Scales was left weak.

Scales took a clumsy step forward, and he felt himself fall, but his mind couldn't comprehend for a few moments that he had just fallen and was laying by the side of a small puddle where Operia once stood.

He lay still for what felt like a long time before he fell asleep there in the bushes.

Scales would not know what happens next, nor did he care.

The sun rose, breaking the darkness of the area, although Scales did not stir to the sudden increase of light.

It was however, enough for Lyle to stir from his sleep. He stood groggily inside his tent and made his way out, covering his eyes to attempt to stop the temporary blindness.

"Ugh.... Stupid Sun...." Lyle's displeasure was unheard, although he was unaware of this.

Lyle prepared himself a small breakfast of various fruits that he brought along with him for the three day camping trip.
After Lyle finished, he noticed that Traes wasn't awake yet. He entered the tent and when he saw the sleeping bag open, he wondered where Traes had gone.

It didn't take long for Lyle to start worrying, because Traes didn't show up for another half an hour. Lyle entered  the tent and looked around for any evidence that may have told him where Traes went, but he found nothing.

Lyle felt stress and fear, so he quickly donned a pair of shoes before heading out to look for Traes, completely unaware of his friend's change.

He headed out into the surrounding forest, not realizing that it was the same path as his friend, and eventually he came to a small clearing.
His jaw dropped in shock of what he saw at this point: a small, crimson-violet-coloured lizard with wings.

Wait, Wings?! He immediately thought to himself.

It's one of those lizards that Traes likes....

Lyle stepped towards the "lizard", not realizing that it was his sleeping friend, Traes.

Beta Readers' Notes: YuseiDarkUmbreon It's fun to watch Ace writing this!
Part two of Little Scales!
I`m really enjoying this story so far. :D
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Little Scales.

Two people were out in a forest.
Traes and Lyle.They were camping there on a trip, and the younger of the two, Traes, who referred to himself as "Scales", was in his tent, asleep.
This is where the story begins.
They were camping there on a road trip, and the son, Traes, who referred to himself as "Scales", was in his tent, asleep.
This is where the story begins.

Scales was asleep soundly in his tent, over the past few days he had been feeling pain throughout his entire body.
He didn't alert anybody, not even his friend, Lyle.

A sound like a beautiful, yet drawn out wind chime could be heard throughout the camp through the night. It made everyone but Scales drift into a deep sleep, where as it woke Scales up.

Scales didn't make a sound or say anything as he sat up and grabbed a torch, stood up and exited his tent. But when he looked in the direction of the sound, he saw a bright, entrancing light. He wanted to go towards it as if attracted to the light.

He strode through the forest barefoot, feeling the cold and damp ground as he went along, trying to avoid rocks, sticks, and anything that could harm him along the way to the light.

A mound of dirt was Scales last obstacle, but it was easy for him to traverse. He simply wanted to see that light up close, so he wouldn't let himself get stuck on something so simple.

The source of light was a floating crystalline egg-shaped orb, the light it gave off was dazzling. Scales moved closer to the crystal to get a closer look at it, but his curiosity was about to get the better of him, as he reached towards the egg to touch the surface. He heard a voice in his mind, that of a female unlike anything he had heard.

"Traese... Young Traese. You have arrived."

"W-What? Who's that? How do you know my name?"

"You do not understand, Traes? Embrace the Crystal, and let yourself succumb to it`s beauty. Then You will understand."

"Why should I? How do you know my real name? W-Who`s..."

"Shall I call you by the name you chose for yourself, Traes? Scales, is it?"

Traes found himself feeling weak compared to the unkown voice. He wanted to turn and run, but his body was failing him.

"I know you're afraid, Scales... If you so choose, you may leave... "

"N-No... I`ll stay... But... What is... What... Your Name...?"

"I am Operia. A Dragon Spirit. I know who you are because you came into contact with.... Me."

"O-Operia? That sounds.... Ancient...?"

"I`m only a hatchling."

"So, You died... In you're egg?"

"Yes, Scales. "

Scales was shocked.

"Why do you want me to hug you're egg...?"

"I want you to take on the form of a Dragon Hatchling... But it will come at a cost, but you first get to choose one thing from your life to keep."

"You want me to WHAT?!"

"Take on the form of Dragon Hatchling."

"... Operia... I-I accept.... I`ll do it... And as for the thing I want to keep with me... My Memories of friends."

"Then The price of your transformation shall be your ability to speak. You can learn to speak again, but not until you've grown past the stage of Hatchling, Little one."

"I have one request.... Can you give me a name, seeing as I will no longer remember my own?"

"You already have a name. It`s Scales."

"Then I thank you, Operia. Will I ever get to speak to you again?"

"Of course... Now Embrace, Little one."

Scales stepped forward and willingly took on this change. He felt his memories clear; he felt his pain lift as it was replaced by the sensation of his body changing.
Hey Guys. I spent a while going through this.

And I have to thank my Beta Readers, :iconsunshinedragon:

and my friend, NegativeSanchez, whom's Icon refuses to appear.

I hope you all enjoy the read.
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Little Scales
Part Four.

Scales had passed out, whilst in the presence of Lyle, his old, forgotten, human friend. Lyle panicked, and tried to awake the unconscious hatchling. </u>

"Little Dragon! Wake up! Wake up!! What happened?! It wasn't me, was it?!"

A small glow appeared around Scales, in the shape of another dragon's paws. Operia was showing herself; as a full adult in form.

"Scales... It's okay. This human won`t harm you..."

"What the...?! Who are you.... WHAT are you?! I can..."

"I am Operia. A dragon's spirit. And the one who turned this little one into a Hatchling with no recollection of his past, as did I take away his ability to talk until he ages enough."

"Operia? That's a stupid name...."

"Do you disrespect the very ancient in-front of you? You deserve a punishment, you insolent piece of pale-skinned refuse."

"What are you? A thousand?"

A low growl could be heard coming from Operia, as she stood and raised her front fore-paw. It suddenly became a solid entity as she smashed it down upon Lyle, with just enough power behind it to force Lyle into the dirt.

"Argh! G-Get off me... You stupid scaly beast!"

Lyle looked up in time to see Operia had brought her paw back down on him with the same amount of force.

"That hurts... What do you want, LIZARD?!"

"Hmph. I can't believe Traes was friends with such a pathetic human."

Operia raised her paw for a final strike, this time she had intended to end Lyle's life.

"Wait! Did you say Traes?..." Lyle's voice trailed off, and Operia froze.

"Yes, I did. Why?"

"How do you know him...?"

"I thought you recognized him..."

"Recognized who?!"

"Your friend, Traes..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Scales... The little hatchling. He's your friend, Traes. He voluntarily let me turn him into a hatchling... To keep me alive... I am his guardian."

Lyle sat there for a moment before he laughed.

"You're joking! Humans can`t become dragons! No way! And dragons don't exist! I'm just seeing things!"

"You are very wrong, human, but if that is your belief, turn back and never return. You'll find your friend Traes doesn't exist anymore, nor will he ever return. He is gone, destroyed by the mind of the dragon."

"This is all just some crazy dream, so sure, I'll leave. And I won't return. Traes will be there when I wake up. I know he will!"

Lyle stormed off at this point, and Operia slowly lay down, left to watch over Scales as he pieced together his small encounter with Lyle in his mind.

Night began to creep over the small glade, and Scales continued to lay with Operia, Scales seemed content to lay in the warmth that had been given off by Operia; however weak it had been.

When the moon shone like a bright beacon in the sky above the glade, Operia slowly faded, moving her paw in a position of protection.

"Wake up soon, Little One..." Operia's voice trailed off as she faded until she had completely vanished, a small band of crystal had appeared around Scales right-fore paw during this process, and it glimmered with life in the moonlight.
Fourth Part.
TTSOT comes today.
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i play the dawn of the dragon game and i just love it and cant get spyro n cynder love out my head

also DA seem to not have many spyro n cynder art so i thoguht i start it off with this great art work of there love :D

spyro x cynder 4ever
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Don't worry the Heros are on the way = D

spyro cynder (c)serria
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A Scene from Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, the third installment of the "Legend" series, the part where Cynder reassures Spyro after Ignituses (Spyros father-figure)'s death.

I had no reference whatoever after watching this scene, I drew it completely from memory. So please excuse the errors here, Spyros face seems a bit munted but I like the way Cynder came out.

I'll admit, the "Legend" Trilogy is nothing compared to the original Spyro on Ps1, (which I grew up on as a kid) but DOTD was the one most loyal to the orginal, (I loved exploring the valley and the flying is wicked)

I was really disappointed with "A New Begining" and "The Eternal Night" I thought both were rubbish, But DOTD was a huge improvement, even though I love Cynders (The Black Dragonesses) character. Shes a great addition to the series and kept it interesting through the gameplay.

The Detail I put into this made it all worth it :heart:
If you're going to fave, I would love it if you would also leave a kind comment behind, thanks :)
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Was playing around in Daz Studio while trying to figure out some technological hurdles for other images, and was inspired by the M4 Warp Master set to create a wizard. This is the first time I've used M4 for anything, and I think it turned out reasonably well.

Assembled and rendered in Daz Studio. Postwork, including fixing poke-through and level adjusting, done in Paint Shop Pro. Fire created using the Photoshop/PSP plug-in Panopticum Fire 3, and then postworked slightly.

Others in the series:
* Hydromancer
* Geomancer
* Aeromancer
* Biomancer
* Psychomancer
* Phantomancer
* Chronomancer
* Logomancer
* Chaomancer
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Little Scales
Part V
The Moonlit Glade.

Scales was still unconscious, as the night settled over the glade. Operia had faded, but as she did, a small "band" of crystal had formed around the ankle of Scales' right fore-paw.

The Glade was bathed in a subtle moonlight, the sounds of the late-night forest filled the air, whilst Scales lay curled up in the dirt.

"Wake up little one..."

A silent whimper left Scales as he slowly rose, a chill was in the air, a light fog limited Scales currently short vision.

"Good boy, Scales. Now go deeper into the forest. You'll be much, much safer there..."

The forest floor was cold and damp, and as Scales got to his feet, he moved his paws slightly. He didn't like the cold.

"You`ll be safer there, in the deeper Glades."

Scales started taking little, clumsy steps, heading in the direction he thought was the "Deeper Glades".

"Turn around. It's the other direction."

He slowly turned, trying not to slip and fall. Scales stepped on a rock, then proceeded to yelp, but he continued.

"What was that...? Are you hurt?"

Scales only response was a small, weakened whine.

A few moments passed until Scales finally arrived at the "Deeper Glades".

There was a quiet whine, a little growl, and the sound of a stick getting stepped on and broken nearby. Scales instantly froze in place, too scared to turn back and see what caused the noise

Scales felt something small press against his side, and it quietly whined.
He looked down, and smiled at the small, green scaled-purple eyed hatchling he saw, which looked back at him. She was much smaller than Scales, just a little under half his size.

"Is someone else there?..."

A small, but playful, growl came from the smaller hatchling. Scales replied with a chirp-like sound and stood with his claws against hers. Their tails swayed back and forth until Scales made the first move and attempted to pounce her.

The little hatchling stepped out of the way and climbed onto Scales' back when he landed.

The smaller, more agile hatchling bit into Scales back lightly, and in play causing him to yelp in surprise.

He shook himself, as he attempted to get the little one off, but she had gotten a grip onto his scales.

Scales proceeded to give dragon-smile, and allowed the other to stay on his back.


Scales blinked and cheeped a "Hello" to the other, who replied by making a similar sound.

"Wait... Another Dragon hatchling? But I thought...."

The sound of a loud crash boomed in the sky. Scales and the friendly hatchling both froze, scared.

"Thunder! Isn't it such a... Wait, you're scared... Scales, find someplace to lay. It`s going to rain soon."

Scales didn't know what Rain was, so when he felt something cold and wet hit his back, he ran for the cover of a tree. The little hatchling had covered her head with her wings.

Another thunder clap, and a torrential down fall began.

As the rain fell, the sound of an obviously loud THUMP happened just a bit behind Scales, followed by another, and another, and another.

"Scales! Those are footsteps; Big footsteps!"

The hatchling laying on Scales back chirped slightly, and Scales turned his head to face her. The next thing he saw was a purple tongue licking his face.

Scales didn't know to be embarrassed, but he went as red as he thought possible.

"... Did you just get licked?"

Scales blinked when the hatchling stopped, too surprised to really notice anything.

But reality came back to him when he realized there was someone else there.

The obvious mother to the little hatchling, who was now being held by the tail, hanging from her maw.

Scales stared up in surprise, He felt so tiny!

<End of Chap. 5!>
<<Author Note: Sorry for the long wait, guys!>>
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This is for :iconspyrocynderforever85:
She asked me if I can draw Spyro and Cynder like Kiara and Kovu from The Lion King 2 after the song "Love will find a way" looking into water. Hope you know the scene :)

Made with Photoshop CS3

Spyro Insomniac
Cynder Sierra and other guys
Reference from the Lion King 2
drawing by me
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Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wouldn't be posting anything too soon, but I was kinda bored working on the BG for my alternative commissions so I quickly drew this. Nothing special, just wanted something to do relax myself, and man, was this ever relaxing! But yeah, quick drawing that only took me an hour, which is kinda surprising. :D :XD: Haha, I so failed at the perspective of Spyro's damn horns! Gosh!

To understand the point of this drawing, I suggest listening to this [link] while looking at it...You'll understand everything then...:D

Now, back to my commissions!! Haha, and YES, I had ANOTHER snowday! :XD: School's going to suck tomorrow!

EDIT Apparently people thing that Spyro's over water...and that his reflection is incorrect. While it would be incorrect IF it was water, that's not the case here. Look at the title and try again! LOL I wasn't clear, but I was curious to see if anyone would catch the concept! :] Haha, no one has yet though, so I'm giving you a hit. *cough*lookatthetitle*cough* HAHAA! :D :D :D
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