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No School vs School day ... in gifs :D

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 10:00 AM
When you get up and open the curtains to a lovely sunny day;

No school:

School day:

Getting breakfast;

No school:

School day:

Leaving the house to seize the day;

No School:

School day:

Anyone tries to talk to you;

No school:

School day:

Hours between 9 to 5:

No School:

School day:

Someone says 'Have a nice day!':

No school:

School day:

Then, the rest of the evening;

No school:



Hope you enjoyed that :L

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
  • Mood: Humor
  • Watching: Pretty little liars
  • Playing: Back to the Future: The Game :D Good craic
  • Eating: Poptarts
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Party last friday night ... (In Gifs!)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 19, 2011, 10:48 AM
Went to a party last night, this is how it went:

At 10pm everyone was falling around the place drunk like:

People were dry-humping each other right next to me and I was like:

I got my friends camera and took pictures of everyone doing embarrassing shit like:

Trying to help my totally pissed drunk friend stand up right like:

But then being like: "Hey I'm not here to babysit you, fuck on bitch!"

Dancin and hangin out with the buddies like:

At midnight looking at all of them doing crazy shit like:

Hanging out with the sober people like:

Have shown my face for a sufficient amount of time and am gone by 12:40am, back on the computer like:

How was your friday night? :iconlastfridaynightplz:

  • Mood: Enjoying The Show
  • Listening to: I'm sexy and I know it
  • Watching: Pretty Little Liars
  • Playing: Arkham City and Skyrim :)
  • Eating: Life
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Devious Journal Entry

Fri Jan 20, 2012, 12:01 PM by BenHeine:iconbenheine:

by techgnotic
Wed Jan 18, 2011, 7:00 PM

Undoubtedly one of the most prolific, innovative, and exciting artists
exhibiting their work on deviantART has to be the amazing BenHeine.

In terms of sheer creativity and the true spirit of art as human expression that knows no bounds,
he is currently with few peers. His unique visual creations have been featured in newspapers, magazines
and other publications worldwide and over the last few years his works have begun to populate art galleries
and museums from Brussels and London to Turkey, Romania and South Korea.

Art on Fire

Belgian Multidisciplinary Visual Artist

As a photographer, fine artist and conceptualist BenHeine
has been conjured up not one but three new categories of art of
his own devising, blending together those separate disciplines.

Pencil Vs Camera

In his Pencil Vs Camera works he first takes
a photograph and then overlays a section of that photo with a photo of his own hand holding his own penciled
sketch over a portion of the original photo. The effect is an astonishing jolt that echoes pop art but is
also entirely fresh and new. An already beautiful photo is transformed with a sketched "comment" that adds a
splash of satire or whimsy. I love the thought of our everyday monotonous surroundings taking on fantastical,
joyous, and humorous qualities.

Pencil Vs Camera - 41 by BenHeinePencil Vs Camera - 12 by BenHeinePencil Vs Camera - 57 by BenHeinePencil Vs Camera - 30 by BenHeine

Digital Circlism

In his Digital Circlism
works he updates the pointillism school of art by making the "points" actual
recognizable circles with which he creates portraits of pop icons and others. The effect is as striking
as posters struck from the iconic Alberto Korda photo of Che, but suddenly re-conceived to be projected
upon the infinite cyberwall of digital space.

Jesus by BenHeine

Eminem by BenHeine- Marilyn Monroe - by BenHeineFight for Your Rights by BenHeineFlesh and Acrylic - C.Madison2 by BenHeine

Flesh and Acrylic

In his Flesh and Acrylic works he photographs
models or portions of their anatomy which he has already painted in acrylic paints. In the finished work it is
at first difficult to tell where the human figure ends and the
background "canvas" begins, both blending together into one surreal abstract vision.

I Don't Care by BenHeine

His work is powered by a fearless positivity. Rarely do such brilliant purveyors of new forms and
techniques arise so startlingly in our midst, and rarer still do they display such an abundance of joie
de vivre! He is a new talent we should all be watching. If you haven't seen his work yet, do yourself a favor and check it out right now.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of BenHeine's art is an element transcending even his magnificent
accomplishments in photography, pencil sketches and acrylic paint. His work is probably the most joyous and
embracing expression of an infinitely and indefatigably excitement over and celebration of both traditional
and new digitally technological art creation.

An Interview with BenHeine


All your innovations in art form (Pencil Vs Camera, Digital Circlism, Flesh and Acrylic) celebrate both humanity's creative artistic imagination and humanity's creative technological innovation in a way that's almost absolutely seamless. Are you not fearful of the dangers of "bad" technologies, or is your art a statement about remaining positive and always finding the "good" in human progress?


I always see the good aspects in human progress. I personally don't think there are any bad sides in technologies as long as they are used in a creative and constructive way to help artists increase their abilities. Significant innovations in graphic art are very important and do not happen so frequently. I mean having nice ideas is awesome but expressing them with totally new forms of art is even more interesting in my opinion. I don't have any specific statement concerning my art, I just take my own direction all the time, and I believe new mediums also give us the opportunity to explore unknown fantasy universes and develop a distinctive style. In the Pencil Vs Camera series for instance, I wanted to demonstrate that it's possible to combine drawing and photography in an imaginative, harmonious and eye-catching way. I just invented this technique to allow me to express more powerful messages with the tools I use the most.


Your Pencil Vs Camera creations have the effect of simultaneously "flattening" a scene into a still life sketch while at the same time seeming to almost project it in a pop 3D fashion. What sort of statement are you making about the artist's "eye" in relation to his media (camera or pencil) and his imagination? Are you asking us to escape or embrace reality with you? Or to explore the possibilities in both?


Pencil Vs Camera is all about illusion, dream, poetry, magic and simplicity. The challenge is to create a 3D-like drawing on a piece of paper; the sketch should be connected with the photographic background but it should also say a little story by itself. I always try to give symbolic meaning to my drawings so that the message goes deeper than the photo alone. The combination of drawing and photography is really a powerful way to express ideas. There are no limits because everything is possible; every single illusion can be created on the paper.

I think the fact that my hand is always visible attracts the attention of the viewer, it was not an easy decision at the beginning because the hand may look too big or may obstruct the whole composition of the picture but it also represents somehow a warm human invitation to the watcher to see and grasp the little story happening on the piece of paper, to escape and hopefully dream a bit. The photography always shows reality as it is, the paper represents a door to a parallel world, and the hand is the connection between these two worlds. Everybody knows reality more or less; it's kind of boring. Ideally, the persons viewing my pencil Vs Camera images should travel in another dimension. It can be confusing sometimes for me, because this parallel world on the paper is just a reflection of my imagination at a given moment.


Your Pencil Vs Camera technique, your whimsical, often surreal "improvements" upon an already interesting photographic capture, seem to say as much about the artist's process and imagination as they do about the subject matter. How much time elapses between taking the photo and penciling the addition?


Yes, you're right, the way Pencil Vs Camera is made is also an essential point. Because it's a new form of expression, many people want to know how it's achieved. There are several methods to get the same results. I explained them in several past interviews. The concept is super easy to understand: draw a sketch on a piece of paper, hold it in your hand and take a photo of it in a place of your choice. I usually make a rough drawing first (it takes hours or days, depending on the complexity of the subjects I want to depict), then I go to the place in which I intend to take the photos, I hold the paper in my hand, I adjust it to make sure the main lines on the paper fits with the main lines of the reality behind, then I take the photo. In some cases, I need to make corrections and improvements in post-production to make sure everything works together.


You've evolved pointillism in your works by having the "points" be recognizable rather than "invisible", thus adding a symbolic significance to your subjects, a sort of modern stained glass effect. How do you pick your subjects? Are they heroes or simply pop figures and icons?


Portraits in my Digital Circlism series are made indeed with thousands of flat circles. Each circle is made of one color, one tone, one dimension and each circle is placed one after the other on a black background. I often make a photomontage first using a bunch of references, then a digital painting and I finally apply my "digital circlist" technique. There is no automated process, it takes a lot of time, generally between 100 and 180 hours for a single portrait. I generally choose to portray top celebrities I admire, not only for their work but also for their influential charisma. In my views, Digital Circlism goes in the continuity of Andy Warhol's Pop Art portraits. And as you mentioned in your question, it is also a new take on Pointillism. I've been making all kinds of portraits since more than 15 years. I wanted to develop a very original technique. As I've been working with digital tools recently, this came quite naturally.

Lady Gaga by BenHeineElvis Presley by BenHeineJulian Assange by BenHeineBob Marley Lives by BenHeine


Your flesh and acrylic pieces provoke an ongoing debate: How far beyond the generally aesthetic into the overtly political do you intend your works to probe and provoke? Are your messages of human imagination and freedom of a general universal nature or is it ever the artist's duty to support specific causes?


My recent works do not carry any political message. This is not my intention in "Flesh and Acrylic" or in my other recent projects. It's true the photos belonging to the "Flesh and Acrylic" series are provocative in some ways, because models made of flesh and bones become plastic synthetic creatures, they become part of the abstract painting. In this project, my main intention was to give a new dimension to the life model, to make something new and to generate surprise, happiness and joy in the viewer's eyes. I wanted the result for each piece to be extremely colorful and spontaneous. As usual when I do an abstract work, I paint in a very intuitive way. The final piece is often wild with unexpected effects. Finally, I try to create an optical illusion blending different layers together, which can be a bit disturbing sometimes. But this is what I like the most!


As an artist of the current digital vanguard, what new revolutionary changes do you think we may soon be experiencing in the production, distribution and appreciation of new art in the very near future?


Hard to say, artists are full of surprise, you never know what comes next. Globally, I think there will be more and more digital creators. I'm sure there will always be galleries and museums showing artists works. Original talents will be found via the Internet and social networks, like it's happening already.


What do you tell young artists whom upon viewing your achievements also seek to create works of such technical innovation and striking beauty?


Everyday, I receive emails from young artists willing to receive the recognition they deserve. There are so many gifted people in this world. I always tell them to keep working hard, they must do their best to be inventive, to always believe in what they do, never give up and stay positive. Their moment will come soon or later. Talents are always found one day or later.

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Studying for Exams... IN GIFS :D

Sun Dec 11, 2011, 6:47 AM

I have my christmas exams this week, this is how studying has went and is going:


You're probably gonna fail because you spent the whole year like:

So you ask, "Can you tell us what's gonna be on the test" and they're like:

So you're like:

So you go home and try to study like:

You look over notes hoping that helps, but that made it worse so you're like:

So you give up, go out and have the most magical week of your life:

Then you remember the exams are tomorrow and you haven't studied:

But then on the day you stroll into the building like:

Fuck it, I'm an Under-Achiever anyway!

How does your study routine work out for you? :P

  • Mood: Humor
  • Watching: Pretty Little Liars
  • Playing: Arkham City and Skyrim and MW3
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Happy birthday Gerard

Mon Apr 9, 2012, 8:52 AM by toad1:icontoad1:
Happy 35th birthday Gerard. :la: Some birthday gems from the group gallery:

Blessed - G.W. by MfashionsHappy Birthday Gerard Way by xMisguidedxRoxHappy Birthday Gerard Way! by zsamiGerard Way by miesmudG by nezumi-zumi:thumb295065279::thumb295017630:

Also, enjoy this cute picture of Gerard, Mikey, and Ray that was taken a few days ago:…

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A teacher taught her class about bullying today, and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper, then told them to crumple it, stomp on it, and mess it up, but not to rip it apart.

Then she told them that they had to unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry.

Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it.

That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home.
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Interview with deadmau5 about Gerard

Tue Aug 21, 2012, 2:46 PM by toad1:icontoad1:
Read it and watch the video here:…

During an exclusive interview with KROQ jock Stryker, EDM superstar Deadmau5 talked about his recent collaboration with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, the song “Professional Griefers,” and how it came together organically.

“I haven’t really known him that long in the way that I’d like to say, ‘I know that guy,’” Deadmaus said regarding his relationship with the MCR singer. “I don’t 100 percent know Gerard or where his head’s at, but I like where it’s going. I kind of connected with him on the level that he’s almost in the same position I am. He’s amid a sea of emo rock bands, you know what I mean? I’m in the middle of a sea of DJs and stuff like that, so we both had that connection. I felt it was a kind of cool collab, because we could both break out of that entirely and just do this one thing that was like our forces combined.”

The collaboration was also unique in that unlike most superstar pairings, Deadmau5 and Way worked on the song together in a California recording studio as opposed to just sending digital files to each other over the internet.

“We worked at a friend of his’ studio here in L.A.,” Deadmau5 explained to Stryker. “If he did something wrong…or not wrong, but something that we could bitch about to each other to fill the day,” he elaborated about the recording process. “It was right then and there. He could just go back into the little mic room there and scream away. That’s a unique opportunity you get between two artists on that level. I like that, and I think I want to do more of that, not necessarily with him, but with other people I enjoy doing things with.”

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I know this may come as a shock to most of you (a-hem), but I was a weird kid. I was awkward. I had funny hair and bad skin. I liked creepy things. All those "mean" teachers who seemed like they hated everyone? They loved me. Meanwhile, some of the really popular teachers were calling my parents to express concern over the stories I wrote (for which I can't actually blame them. Subtlety, like pimples, takes time to master). So, yes, I got my share of bullying. Every day. Everywhere. And the sad part is? There were kids who had a rougher time of it than me, but I didn't feel like I could stand up for them without making my own situation worse.

It shouldn't be like that, but it still is. You can tell kids "It won't be like this forever" but it's impossible to see that far ahead when just getting through each day without being noticed is an impossible feat. Just when you think you've had a good day, some well-meaning Home Ec teacher gives you an award in front of the whole school for Best Improvement in Lemon Meringue, and it starts all over again.

That's why I've signed the Choose Kind pledge. We can all help to end bullying. If you're an adult, listen to kids when they talk to you. If you're a kid, be kind to your peers. Kindness will make you feel far better about yourself in the long run than teasing someone less fortunate than you now.

Anyway. Sermon over. Go sign the pledge. And don't stop at adding your name to a list. Be there for someone.

Choose Kind Pledge

P.S. Tip to other Weird Kids: your classmates probably don't have every Hitchcock movie memorized. I know, I know. I'm just saying, be patient with your peers.

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The band added some studio pictures to their "Untitled Album" on Facebook:… Nothing too revealing, though. I wonder if this will be another concept album or if they'll just tease us with studio photos.

Also, Macy Gray did a beautiful cover of Teenagers:… Great re-interpretation of the song.


Frank tweeted a photo of a song timeline: Not very informative, but good to know that they're working on new songs. (Thanks to kaymirtas for the news.)

He also posted this: I guess he's making the point that they're throwing out their old style and trying something new.


The Internet is abuzz about deadmau5's collaboration with Gerard. Originally it was unconfirmed-- deadmau5 posted a track on his Livestream and fans thought they heard Gerard's voice. Later it was confirmed that he sings guest vocals on the song “Professional Griefers.”

More info (and a link to the ripped song) here:…

Both deadmau5 and a spokesperson for MCR have confirmed that it's Gerard.

So, is it good? Haven't heard it.

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Inspiration feature (part 1)

Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2012, 2:47 PM
I’ve been collecting great photos for inspiration and at times like this I wish I had a photography group, because I found some truly amazing pictures that deserve to be featured. Well I’m not making a photography group, but I found dozens of photos that aren’t officially Killjoy-related but remind me a lot of the concept. I think a lot of these are very inspiring, so hopefully you think so too. First are two Killjoy features, then one for the desert and BL/ind / Battery City.

:bulletgreen: Note: These photos are NOT stock, so do not use them in photomanips or drawings without permission.

Also, remember that none of these are intentionally Killjoy-related, so it’s not wise to try submitting them to MCR groups or anything.

:thumb115102306:corset by kahoxworthparadise lost by Art-de-Viant
Maddy by Eman333bexe by bexe
Perfidy's Ashes by a3t3rnumwalking in the air by dorguskapaint my life by dorguska
A Forest II by ElifKarakocHide-and-seek_2 by Katarinkaslayer by nylonjuvenile
smokers season by vicious-murderchasing rainbows by bailey--elizabethDia De Los Muertos by Mastowka
Indian Summer III by LinaDomina97777967 by aleksandra88untitled by oprisco
:thumb171243070:kresy by Art-de-ViantHave You Smiled Today? by oO-Rein-Oo
Dry flowers by BasistkaI guess the whole city is on by ADOURIndia Pola Geronima by sexties
Of Ruins by girltrippedBlackBird by fabysalmeronDon't be late, baby by ADOUR
The Lawbreakers by hakanphotographyslow life by caught-cartooning116 by ayla-es
Istanbul Not Constantinople 14 by hakanphotography:thumb185244079:3309 by aleksandra88
Istanbul Not Constantinople 16 by hakanphotographynew_spring_3 by gabterra incognita by kaunau
Little Bird Lost by Vinyl-DiscoCaramel.. by jarrod343diligence.. by jenarose
Trash by Isbikta69 by stefa-zozokovichLet the music play by GospodarSamoce
fly.or.die by HealYourselfK3tch JackGrass by Royalshakeake... by sakiryildirim
sea within a sea by d-andertonFreedom Wind by sirbionBreakfast nonchalance by psychiatrique
dreadies by fieldeee365 13 by Mastowka:thumb136210514:
a third body by sara-with-a-gunBeyond Paradise by AnjaRoehrichHow by Vinyl-Disco
a.s.s.a by mojobeian:thumb167826813:All Good Things Are Wild And Free by Vinyl-Disco

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