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Used stock from:
model: mjranum-stock [link]
Textures: resurgere [link]
Fractal from : [link]
Thanks all!
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Recently I saw a notice from a fellow deviant about finding some of his photos online. Stolen from DA where he generously shares them to be used on a porn site. Obviously this is illegal, a violation of copyright law. DeviantART makes that perfectly clear in the terms and conditions when you sign up, and you are legally bound by them even if you just click "I Accept" without reading them. Small consolation to an artist who must now fight to have his work protected under the law. Another deviant, also a photographer, has a very serious discussion on his page about it. You can find that discussion here….

Why should we care about this? Well I'll give you two reasons. Any artist will never share their work if it will be stolen, so where will you go to find quality art like this for free hmm? Just as bad, the artists that do share their work are forced to watermark it in an attempt to prevent theft. Watermarks are like locks on a door, they are only there to keep honest people honest. A professional who wants to steal it can still do so, but why bother. There is so much else they can steal for free they don't bother. The watermark is a halfway decent means of protecting your rights and an effective means of making the art much less enjoyable to see. Copyright theft effects us all.

There is an alternative!

Before we get into that though, let's discuss just what a copyright is. In the case of any piece of Literature, Music, Art (of any definition), Movies, etc, etc, etc current copyright law defines the copyright of any piece created after 1976 as lasting the life of the creator plus 50 years. Registration is not important to establish the copyright, just the act of creation. If a company commissioned the piece or created it, the copyright is 100 years period. An exception is made in the case of Logos, etc which fall under Trademark law.

Fair use laws are a lot more limited than they used to be as well. At one time you could copy anything for use in a classroom no problem. Charging for copies along with using that to avoid buying textbooks put an end to those practices. Limits also had to be set on the ability to use something to parody it, etc, etc because of abuse. Even using part of a work inside a larger piece is dangerous. The only way to be completely safe is if the piece is changed in such a way as to be unrecognizable. When in doubt keep three things in mind for fair use. Did I make any profit from using it in any way form or fashion? Did my use defame or degrade the piece, the creator or subject in a way that is not easily recognizable as satire? Did I use more than 25% of the piece and did it make up more that 25% of my total work? If the answer to any of these three questions is yes, chances are you would loose a fair use case so you better have written permission.

Have I given people the idea that copyright laws are a lot stricter than they used to be? Good, because they are. Every time copyright laws have been re-written they've been strengthened and this is a long way from the days when a copyright lasted 7 years from the date of publication. Today's copyright laws don't have teeth, they have fangs!

The problem is the Internet. A digital medium with limited tracking ability and a wide open system of transmission. The solution is a web based effort to eliminate copyright theft. This free service works in a three step process. First you upload a copy of your work that is logged and securely stored, A digital "fingerprint" of this work is made, logged, stored and emailed to you providing free proof of copyright for legal purposes. Your original creation is now registered and protected and you are allowed to display the provided copyright logo to announce that fact.

It's a sad fact of life that a lot of this theft occurs simply because someone doesn't see a copyright logo and assumes it must be public domain. The truth is exactly the opposite. Unless you see a statement that the work is public domain you MUST assume it isn't, that's the law. Take advantage of this special service. After all, we all know the true meaning of the word "assume."

Given the importance of this information, I am acknowledging here that the information I've written will be public domain. It may be freely distributed, copied, quoted and used by anyone. Please get the word out there.
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Ballroom Blitz by CrowsReign Emperoir by Spiegellicht September's Melody... by KostasKappa
end of summer III by SilverWolfieShizuma Demolition-Beauty by Panzerknacker1 Entchanted Room by Zeit-Bild-PhotoArt
Dark Dancer by Spiegellicht Vanessa by ForlornTreasures Disco Hotel by ForlornTreasures
Kisska 2102 by smoke-dymok


:thumb399039776: Keeper of the Lake by Spiegellicht 90 by JuliannaRembrandt
Bored by antoanette Harbinger of Decay by MD-Arts The Fary by Panzerknacker1
Elegance by Shion-CheshireCat A Kingdom of Green II by RedTapePhoto Perfume by OlgaAthens


Girl in red by Shion-CheshireCat Convergence by OlgaAthens Glasses by JimP4nsen
Redemption - Stock by MariaAmanda The Judge by OlgaAthens Lost In This World by ChaosOfGods
Amber by Donna-Lynn Ave Maria. by thephotogrumbler Chelsey by RejeanBrandt
Dagmara Nr. 2 by Charlottenburg Waiting for... by KostasKappa Lishka by EricLG
Will He Be Arriving by Fragile-Eyes-Fiction Dreamer - 04 by shiroang Portrait 15 by sever29
Seven Devils by Erenne


IDA by fotomartinez Luda 2 by Scottworldwide Scarf... by KostasKappa
Stephanie by silkesmooth Shake, Rattle And Roll by MissSouls :thumb405096915:


Sintija by creativephotoworks The Power of Abs by Tonyr Jetta Corset 53 by cubicmicron
Karo natural by rasmus-art White Orchid by HazelanPhotography Daedra Strip Group DL by srefislimited
Lizzy - Dyptic by grodpro


Red queen by Vavalika Ms. Marvel - Carol Danvers cosplay by Kitty-Honey Golden Age of Piracy by VelaSama14
Cloudy with Chance for Storm by TheBigTog La Luz al Final by Erzenge1 Junko Enoshima-DANGAN RONPA by 0kasane0
Mercury 3 by Erzenge1 The Gatekeeper by DNomNettash Khaleesi 2 by CathleenTarawhiti
Trinity Blood - Prayer by adelhaid Indian Girl by Spiegellicht Fire Angel by Spiegellicht
Pink Fairy by Erzenge1 Atargatis by H0LL0W25 Stephanie van der Strumpf by luciekout
Elizabeth by Wan-Mei Freddy Natural by ZexenKnight00 Steampunk Fighter by Spiegellicht
KILLER IS DEAD-Scarlett by 0kasane0 The Dancing Doll (read about stock images) by Temperate-Sage Winry Rockbell Cosplay by thechickninja


Chinese Zodiac Series: Dog by killerpeach94 Horoscope Series: Gemini by killerpeach94 Horoscope Series: Libra by killerpeach94
Chinese Zodiac Series: Rat by killerpeach94 Siren Eyes by Pell-MellxX Chinese Zodiac Series: Dragon by killerpeach94
Today by NaturallyErratic Chinese Zodiac Series: Monkey by killerpeach94


Halloween look #1 - Bloody Kisses by KCMussman


AK. 03 by Flyy1 Anastasia Arteyeva 5.1 by Scottworldwide Autumnblaze by lightnoize
Ms.Lynna 2679 by smoke-dymok Silk Petals by ladiespet Thirst for Golden Light by Alan-H-Bruce
Come into my Kitchen by ickylust Light and Shadows by ickylust Marly 11 by Scottworldwide
313 by photoduality Lady in the water by Boas73 Low Altitude Aerialist by Alan-H-Bruce
Anna - old house doorway by Vincan


Soft Harness in Monochrome by srefislimited Hazard Kitty 200 by Dave-Ellis Zone 00 by umibe
Blue Latex II by aka-photography-uk Lizzy - 6972 by grodpro Libertine by DirkHooper
Sexy Stormtrooper Hekady by Hekady Wanilianna and duck by fotomartinez Danse by DirkHooper
Lizzy - 2264 by grodpro Calm Before The Storm by anastassia-bear


The Scarlet Flower by NM-art You are not alone by EstherPuche-Art Falling up by JuliannaRembrandt
Long Awaited by LavitaDistress Viserion by LuLebel Touch me baby by LuLebel
Witches Brew by LavitaDistress Care for you by ForestGirl stairs by Jett5N
Rain by Art-by-Nise The Raven by MasoumehTavakoli-Art Breeze by Art-by-Nise
Boom by Flobelebelebobele I can feel you here... by EstherPuche-Art

Digital Drawing

Pinkie Pie by Indiron Zenescope Unleashed #4 Black Diamond Exc, M. Krome by sinhalite Three Hot Ladies vic55b colors by vic55b
Study by daRoz Distorted Perception by Fraxture Dungeons and Dragons: Antheia'AnRaza by Eddy-Shinjuku
Silent Night by Amro0 Hack/Slash Meets Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders by sanjun Infinite.simal by giorgiobaroni
CM : Busty Cowgirl !! by kachima Nami and Vivi - maps 2 by CherryInTheSun Penny For Your Soul 2 - Ghost Ship Comics variant by JwichmanN
AHRI - League of Legends by Eddy-Shinjuku In Your Eyes (SPECIAL) by Amro0 Cinderella by J-Skipper
Miranda by Ange10 Mean Machine Angel female by KhezuG


Don't say a word by bohomaz13 Night without dreams by bohomaz13 Springtime by Strooitje
Please Forgive Me. by Sloppygee lost in silence by bohomaz13 Mary Jane by Rvalenzuela80
Sexy Rogue by Ed Benes by winchester01 Druuna by winchester01 Because I Can. by XRlS
The Apportioner by JEURO85 alien world outside by bohomaz13 Strawberry Kiss by bohomaz13

Do not forget to check the: RULES ->…  and  How & where to submit ->…
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October Feature!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 7, 2012, 2:05 PM
Sorry for being late with this! Your founder is very tired at the moment :P

Each month our admins picks their favorites from the gallery, and we put them in the featured folder for a month. And we had a LOT of favorites this time :D
And here they are, the September selection!

animated Flyby by manguy12345  Warehouse 001 by WannaGoToHeaven  Mk-5 Dive Helmet by eightup747  Another Life by BigA-nt  Leonardo DiCaprio Typography Commission by TheNovelArts  Set them free by alltelleringet  Binder Lines Be-Gone by BrokenTutorials  The Towers 1 by StopSignal  Somewhere, Over Miss Rainbow by Lykaios-Avery  Daenerys - Sketch and making of by Dahlieka  DragonSlayer resin figure by Michael-XIII  Tears of what is gone... by Cinsarity  Zombie Survival Skills protest poster by MattSeiz  Draw This Again-Autumn Melody by AnnaZoey  opposite by fortune-monster  :thumb327518257:  Lotus by RJShewmake  Mirror by m-eralp HQ by peaceonearth888  Taxi Terror by CrowsReign  :thumb321080542:  10ft @ 18 secs by damo10  Hunter Casper by mirukawa  Lost Horizons by zummerfish  a dichotomy of human nature by dorianriby  Video Ocean Sea of Madness Speedpaint by NitelyHallow   Apocalpyse ChildStanding alone amongst ruins of rubble
Waits a little angel with eyes expressing fear.
She wears a dress of shining so light and clear
And in her palm she holds her teddy so tight;
Whilst scarlet skies turn black to herald trouble.
Flames fly high over her raven crown without care;
Scorching grim ground beneath her feet,
But this is no angel that any army can defeat.
She'll break bullets with breath of a terrified sound
And she'll tame those who torment with her stare.
Standing alone amongst wreckage of war;
Sings a little angel with hands howling pain.
She walks in boots of mourning so brash and vain
And in her gaze she wields her hate so harsh;
Whilst grey graves turn red to blind disaster.
Explosions erupt low under her toes pale by pity;
Burning stagnant skin revealing her mystery,
But this is no angel that anarchy will have victory.
She'll crack courage with cries of a mortified sin
And she'll humble those who hurt with her ferocity.
Standing alone amongst concrete of carnage,
  Beauty Without Decay by JasonBeasley  Tis' A Magical Shroom by LivelovelifeEleni  Fishing lesson by phalalcrocorax  Disgusting Caramel by C-Conztantine  Looking for peace within by XxMondayMorningxX  L'oro in bocca - via by Sh000rty  death note by mikagandacute  D-MON (W.I.P.) by nogard00  Wild girl by Skwawesome  :: ... Somewhere in you ...:: by TitPrince  Little Girl II by thanhphucluong  An Island Of Life In A Sleeping Sea by Tistelmark  Bats sketch by ArminOzdic  Jugend Sprout by Messermacher  Oort Cloud v8- SOLD by YouniquelyChic  So Sorry I'm Even More Flawless Galaxy Shoes by poisons-sanity  Tiny Top Hat: Steam Punk Reporter by TinyTopHats  Le Carnaval des Couleurs - Old Version by Avalonne65  In The Thicket of Magic Forest by AldemButcher  She is the Light in the Darkness by cheetahspirit  Still Life by Veronnikka  Dream Path by kelch12  Autumn Leaves! (Soft Pastel) by ArtBYbeverly  Prize - Hermione Granger by astarayel  Matte Painting No. 2 (revised) by fizzoman  the way you look by Ghostestudios  Veibrink vs The Milky Way by torivarn  Under Infra Red Skies by Cluke111  Hotel Barbados 1 by Ibicusun  Breathing light! by Ullises  Night sky by AloneInDreamland  cherokee girl by AdrianLam  Tiny Top Hat: The Dragon's Claw by TinyTopHats  Transformation_2 by e-volos  Gabrielle's Realm by alexandrelobo  Metal Guitar by Jhickling  Steampunk Viking's bomber by Demimond23  Audrii muscipula by ForgottenBoneyard  Aries baby by RogerStork  Water Ant by steveRSworth   My point of no returnFind your breaking point
Your boiling point
The things that make you cry
Then push it
Take it a bit farther
when your speach is slurred
when your tears are dried
as your body becomes tremors
then push that
push it farther than ever before
when your breath stops
you know whats to come
you die
you die of heartbreak
or you lose your mind
Push that farther
then you'll know
why I cry
You'll have spent a day
in my life
R.I.P Laiken Grace Surette
   Being HumanYou could be anybody.
Everything has a right to live.
But it all is made of the beholder because it can't be made out of something else.
"People are funny toys for me.
I know how to rule them very well".
An ordinary writing for a fifteen-year-old with a spiky bracelet and black lipstick.
"I may be Another..."
"People are grey mass!"
"Vampires, werewolves, wizards, boom, boom, bobobobobooooooommmmmm..."
Being human is not in fashion now.
Of course, every thought creates a new world somewhere away.
The world has very own ideas, but we can't reveal them.
"What did I do that everyone treats me in such a way?!
I am too soft, I forgive everyone!
It's wrong!
I must be stronger than them!"
Being stronger not obligatory means being stubborn and deaf.
Changing the world doesn't mean alien invasions or that.
See it yourself and forgive.
Forgiving is so simple and so hard.
But - simply do it.
It will mean you're a human.
Not a machine made for creating its twins.
"He wanted to be alive?! He didn't
  Stargate by Jelle-LightArt  Icefire by MoonfangSkystrike  Sun God by Tinna-92  Vineyard Door by xMackyx  Rose by riksons  .:Rainbow dragon:. by KalmanHukka  'Birth of the Moon' by RHYSBLISZKO  Oil Rose by AVStattoo  autumn by GSMESS

| June Feature 2012 | July Feature 2012 | August Feature 2012 | September Feature 2012 | November Feature 2012 | December Feature 2012 |

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Minolta Self by cameraflou

Souse by ShadyBlues relax by eschultz Forest constellation 2 by wonderland1
Hell ain't hot enough for me by CrowsReign Tattoos and Violin VII by M-LewisGolden Empire by BethMitchell
Ann and Wolves by AnnetVoronaya Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth, Lamb of Columbia by kenjiko 2013 - Portraits | Katrina by elysiagriffin

Seascape,Ireland by SSquared-Photography Another day in paradise by MarvinDiehl Cape Reinga HDR by wolfblueeyes
Afternoon thunderstorms by NorthBlue Cirrus Reflections by Stuzal Lake Geneva by Thyden
Misty Morning by Mashuto Ubaye by Annabelle-Chabert

f1 by jarek78fe finding peace by augenweide Orange by CJ5
Chania by Oaken-shield sun dance by reversed-singularity Aurora by KatiaIvaArts
in questo momento by acoustic--Screamo Untitled by Lover-and-the-Wild Louise by Nowiika

Movements at the Beach (Longtime Exposure) by CarinaNeufeld 39 by Hominem-quaero Buffalo Express by TerribleTer
Best friends by T-Solnechnaya Boa constrictor by rilibko Silverback by Wallcrawler62
Blue Winter Air by Thecolorway Golden Waves by Karmas-Camera :: Ragdoll Kitten Cinder :: by AmyranthPhotography

Eclipse II by Avine Tasteful nude by kizer29 elle by SophiaKiryakova
Mona by fraisedesbois68 Albino by NateKaranlit Her Grandmother's Dress by KStyer
Rebekah by mrxthanh Viola by risha25 Defiance... by RichardBublitz

Walls of America by Inside-Montpellier Shrewsbury Abbey Altar HDR by kippa2001 Lost by Bazz-photography
Kagamine Len Cosplay by altugisler Desert Buick by RollingFishays Paris, je t'aime by jofi555
Pileated woodpecker Drumming by MichelLalonde Raincoat by NorbertKocsis Left high and dry by LordLJCornellPhotos

the dark hedges by Ben-Kelevra Requiem by Erinti Bloody Woods by Oer-Wout
.:Little Spore World:. by Manon-Blutsanguen City Reminiscence by WTek79 Fireworks by littleteardrop
Serenity by RogueFiddler The Marmolada by Night. by JamesRushforth Reds And Grays - Berlin by skarzynscy

rain by niefajna
Me by InTrepidONE
Awake my soul by PawelMatys Las Flores by BrandoRochaLopez Anastasia IX by ScreamofmyHeart-Neko
Destroy yourself by DoreiShounen

thank you again for submitting to our group !
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Welcome :dummy:
I hope everyone's doing well.  My father just got cleared to have soft foods and liquids today, so yay milkshakes, etc.
Also, uh.  Does anyone else ever have a lot of inspiration only on certain days of the month?  Or am I weird? :/
Also, if you are a watcher and I didn't feature you in the last watcher feature, would you let me know so I can add you next time? /I fail
Anyway!  Enjoy! :heart:

Haemoglobin by mashina Son of the Demon by axlsalles Harley Queen by ImaginaryRosse

The darkness inside by Ameliethe

Digital Bodypainting by m4gik Under her wing by RcGraphics The Hermit by RhysGriffiths Death 1 by Artgerm The Wind and The Sea by ChrissieCool

This Is Halloween by fensterer Mysticaa Volume3 by TheAJDeviant

Mortal Instruments by AlexandriaDior Below the Canopy by FearTheLiving27 Enchanted Land by MorriganMagie Summer rain by JAE462

Moving Forward by Sangelus The Widow by HayleyGuinevere

Dark Rain. by SerpentSermon Mortal Soul by LevanaTempest dreaming 1001 nights by Lhianne <da:thumb id="396533283"/> Wilwarin by maiarcita

Symphony of impending hell by cylonka

Twitter by Jon-Lock The Death of Evil Queen by PerlaMarina falling by peroni68 Once Upon A Nightmare by Eskoplja

Diving into Mandness by Mircalla-Tepez Guilgoulim by L-Art-chitecte

Cat-my first digital PAINTING by lihnida Gemini by XRlS Broken Heart by DamaskRose0503

faces by Doppelganger-art

After the Rain by crilleb50 Forgotten Hymn by Metal-Bender Black Unicorn by Eternal-Dream-Art My Moment Editorial by CrowsReign

Let me into heaven by smilinweapon Black Rose by noah-kh

Let's walk together on a cloud by ShyyBoyy Ethiopian woman by crammagnum21 TABLE THREE - SKATE COLLECTION 1 by MatteoCattonar <da:thumb id="396078419"/> Razormoon by 7markus7

Defying gravitation by DjAnel The gathering by cunene

209 by nitchwarmer Ina, Red Reaper of Death (regular version) by AniaMitura The Astronaut by Devin-Francisco

Wondering by night-fate four days in Berlin by bohomaz13

Ohne Dich. by Safiru Anya by Futz5 morning awaking 2 by creapicform Bloom by rodluff

Queen of... by FreakyBabe 7th Sense by hungerartist

Lost Diamond by S-BlackART SADNESS. by darkconjurer Blind Manipulation........... by pjenz

The Scarlet Hour by nina-Y

Jar Of Gears by dark-tarou The villain by Regaux parrot by MarijaMiladinovic Moon dreams by Vasylina

By the wind by ElenaDudina

Evermore by Birdsatalcatraz Survival Kit by ValentinaKallias Lady Dark by Carlos-Quevedo Viking Woman by DriPoint

Hidden in the Magic Garden by RichardGeorgeDavis

  • Mood: Love
  • Reading: Everything&#039;s Eventual
  • Watching: American Restoration
  • Drinking: Coffee
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The Showcase - Photography Feature: April

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 4:21 AM
My Blog | Gallery | Photography |My facebook page

TheFavouriteShowcase - the most beautiful favourites!
to give its members the exposure they deserve.
It's the home of photographers, digital and traditional artists. We're not just hanging your works at our gallery walls! We intend to make people see them.

Let's show some appreciation to our dear photographers :clap:


Photography from :iconthefavouriteshowcase:  

Sponsored by :iconphotographyworld:, :icondalinksystem: ; :iconannieta-kr: & :iconuae4u:

"The pursuit even of the best things should be calm and tranquil."

Tahoe North Shore II by Allen59 Chapel, Collioure, France by MichelLalonde Peruvian Sunset by papatheo Agora by Kevrekidis beach scenery by IndianRain Immensity by Philippe-Albanel Agerola vista Capri by OnePixel into the wild #02 by t3hr Genoese castle by FrancescaDelfino The Kiss of Night by Nigeno ISLAMORADA_SUNRISE_IMG_1690x1200_W by Wizardinc Sharing The Beauty by firdausmahadi Magic Island, Hawaii by manaphoto To dream about a light by JPtHart

"You are remembered for the rules you break."

Friends protrait by pernicek Mame II by Tanit-Isis Affection by Azzeria Childhood Curiousity by quasi-Virtuoso :thumb298356562: Balloons by Zeit-Bild-PhotoArt feeling 3 by ernest-art :thumb297417453: Down In Mexico II by CrowsReign maria VI by SerenaSchwinge2acc Through the Dust by Shutter125 A Doll's Pram full of Happiness by SchwarzWieEbenholZ Summer Days by My-Mona-Lisa

"Art is a harmony parallel with nature. "  

To the Batmobil by batmantoo ...Prague Morning... by erhansasmaz Road to the Light by Thameralhassan Just enough space to fit by valkeeja The monastery VI by CarlaSophia CM Mirandela by jpgmn Dark ages by Lola-Rosas-23 Twirl by Rustmouth Once Upon a Time by Marivel87 :thumb259362188: Two Worlds by gummaid City Lights: Berlin part I by sebastianwuttke

A special thanks for the kind suport to

Ailedda founder of :iconphotographyworld: - Photography World is all about photography so photographers unite!...♥

Space for breathing by erynlasgalenphotoart Golden light by dn1w3r Farmland by MaximeCourty :thumb298187878: T r a p by suphafly

TheFulkrum founder of :icondalinksystem: - Link another artists submission in your artist's comment box. It helps everyone's exposure and finds undiscovered art.

Lily Elsie by Gild-a-Lily Das Lilienhaehnchen 1 by feigenfrucht Maybe Tomorrow by ADotInTheUniverse Distant Trees by Natan-Estivallet Peacock Angels by skyzyk

:thumb295473788: :thumb296662686: :thumb296022174:  

Star Flower by uae4u Pink in green by uae4u Ramadan Kareem by uae4u

Thank you :tighthug: :heart:

  • Listening to: good music
  • Reading: The Magician - John Fowles
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D103 by miobi Fields of gold by SisterSinister Wonderland by Fantasia-Art
femaile portraits by piesong This is the Life by jfphotography :thumb325793986:
Harlem Nocturne by Fragile-Eyes-Fiction :thumb318912393:


Red II by OlgaAthens Like a Queen by lightlanaskywalker Lady in red by DoraLovey
Beloved Natasha by hirza lonely bridal #2 by nooreva sep-red by LichtReize
Couture Inq by koukei Through The Red by CrowsReign Wedding v.144 by Serrgeon


It's autumn, lol by YulchaNyan forest loving by SabrinaCichy No Directions by girltripped
Janina 1 by JaninaN Your obsession. by Heartz0mbie Sorority Life by Fragile-Eyes-Fiction
21 by talionn Endlessly by AnjaRoehrich Warrior III by foxkat


Alexandra by abclic


Boots by zlty-dodo the garter belt by gestiefeltekatze sina by linientreu
Damask by kaethor Beach Break by Piddling seductress by AlabamaBallard
Jill - 2004 by grodpro:thumb199341011:


Batman Inspired. by KikiMJ Dead Doll Make-up by PixieCold dragon fruit. by Senju-HiMe
Acidberry by NaturallyErratic


kissable by mariannaphotography Touch me.. by unisexbluess


Caravggio's Day of the Dead by isabelledk I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way. by yayacosplay from russia, with love by AlabamaBallard
Tiffany by Enigma-Fotos Angela (Spawn) Cosplay by screaM4Dolls Towards the Hell by KamuiCosplay
Cammy Street FIghter by ivettepuig CC12 - Scarlet by BlizzardTerrak Exploration by KamuiCosplay
Diablo III - Demon Hunter: On Stranger's Land by ferpsf :thumb306971348:


383 by intelkuritsa Cowgirl by deviantARTISTRY Nude study 25 by Pixelles
lu-- by matmoon L'Amante du Doge 01... by Korrigan the ice queen cometh by andre-j
:thumb144832086: Trio strikes back by vpotemkinBarnyard Beauty by Lightkast
legs by Photorotic


Rust 15 by PhotoEnki The Milky Dress by Jaroslav-AurumLight Jump_001 by MaxDrault


Asian Rollover Retouch by Lore03 Golden bay by ForestGirl Glamour Hotel by FP-Digital-Art
A Curious Catch by schia025 CYBERATONICA. ASSEMBLY by Vitaly-Sokol Milky by pete-aeiko

Digital Drawing

Sela Police Officer by Elias-Chatzoudis Winter Blues by melanneart Gwen Stacy, J. Broomall by sinhalite
Chela by Elias-Chatzoudis MARIO CREW: Cosa Nostra by Eddy-Shinjuku :thumb326454018:
Parkers Gretel Colors by ToolKitten FLARA again by Avionetca KAT by viko-br


Close your eyes by AuroraWienhold Samus Of Metroid by el-diablero Red outside (On Sale - Ask me) by IreneUbik

Hello everybody, nice to see you all enjoying this great month promoting journal contest :aww:, so,  to spice this a little, contest #7 will have a MAXIMUM of 3 images\category :| (it will be quite very hard for me to pick those 3 images >.< )... but I do wish the best of  luck to everybody, and dont forget, we are here to advance in art and get inspired and promoted :P.

PS: Any advice\idea is welcomed ! so please DO tell me what you guys think about this idea of 3 images\category ! :aww:

Take care,and have a splendid day ! :la:
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