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2013 is gone and 2014 is here - DDs I Suggested!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 2:18 PM

I love deviantART! Happy New Year to Everyone! I love deviantART!

:rose: I hope you are enjoying your holidays!! :party:

This was a wonderful DA year for me! :happybounce: I love DeviantART more and more and I know this emotion is going to grow up every day! :heart:

Last year I wrote a Journal sharing the 60 DDs I suggested during 2012! Now I'm very happy to share with you the new 98 ones!
I'm so happy when Deviants are surprised! Like this, yeh XD --> :wow:

I also would like to thank the Community Volunteers who have always been kind to me!

First of all :iconpullingcandy:!!!! :heart: :heart: Thank you, thank you, really!! Always! :huggle:

:icontalty::iconrockstarvanity::iconmaytel: :iconcakecrumbs: and :iconanoya: !!!

Unlikely there is also a CV who replies to me in a very unprofessional way... :cry: In addition to this, I receive from this person the same specific comment (YES, specific!!) on almost EVERY Deviation I suggest... there are other aspects of this person I think
 a CV souldn't have, but it doesn't matter!
The majority of you are great and I love 
the support all of you give to the Community!!

Again, THANK YOU! ^^

 :dalove: *...January...* :dalove:


Sailor Moon - Princess Meteor (Kakyuu) 10 by Ank-samaSylvanas by pagawanamannapoli among vezuvio by uurthegreatBounty Sighted by robkashikoiChii: Chobits by Cheza-FlowerMaria and prince nordich by yukigodblessMidna Helmet Complete by meanlilkittyAir Elemental: Aura by CristaliaARTYou May Kiss the Bride by KyofuuTwilight Zone Moments by SalemburnGiant Lugia Plush by SareiiPirates of the Caribbean: You Walk Like A Girl by behindinfinity

 :dalove: *...February...* :dalove:

  June May by NadiaSKX1999 by Kazuki-FuchouinEnchantress of the White by Faytful13In Power by xXAnemonaXxYuko. Whire ver. by MrsGnobOpera: official Cha-no-yu'12 photo. Milian back by ElenaLeetahQueen Amidala, Starwars by Cosmic-EmpressSword Art Online, Heathcliff Armor by EminenceRainrebirth by JuleeMClark

 :dalove: *...March...* :dalove:

CCS - Sakura - Fairy's Realm by KonCookiePlacid by IvanAndreevichPrintshop stories by JanneOEye of the Witch IV by MariusartEmerald light by kil1kMortis demands your souls by Reki-KonranThe Night Is Near by KostassoidDream of the Red Chamber III. Sin of adoration. by LenoreScarecrow

:dalove: *...April...* :dalove:

  Tomoyo Hime - TSUBASA RESEVOIR CHRONICLE by epi-cornerdiablo 3 wizard cosplay by SakuraFlammeField Commander II by writerisCoppernia city by JJasso

:dalove: *...May...* :dalove:

 Lady Woohee by SeranaideThe Outcast by arachnid15[cosplay] Hecarim by riskbreakerBamboo Dreams by dsniderPanic by BenHeineWar from Darksiders. by Shoko-CosplayYear goes by by WindyLifeYami Yugi wig by TatliflyThe Old Portsmouth by AntonioGouveiaSABER 03 by yui930marsh by AGflowerTryndamere cosplay by PortgasDAceXx

:dalove: *...June...* :dalove:

  Inusitus IV by Glenn-CrouchThe Red Death by FraSoldiersThe Hanging Bridge at Dusk by raysheaf<da:thumb id="254117121"/>This is how it ends by hateom

:dalove: *...July...* :dalove: 

RG Veda by ycysusanTrinity Blood. Death by MarionetteTheatre

:dalove: *...August...* :dalove:

Poison Apple by shanna-jonesWe've always been together by LennethXVIITrinity Blood by adelhaidFirebending by greengreencatWindrunner by KiiraeMary Poppins and....crazy Bert XD by LadyGiselle

:dalove: *...September...* :dalove:

 Trinity Blood - Esther Blanchett by AgnessBlanvradicaCarcassonne: Bastille Day 2013 by NightcitylightsDavy Jones Costume by Nocte-AngelusBlack Rock Shooter Insane by Elektra86

:dalove: *...October...* :dalove: 

Dusty Memories by irenegrNew violin for sale by deviantviolinsSometimes fetters is better than freedom #2 by alexgonzaoCross the border by MalinavTe Hoho Sunrise by chrisginObscure by NogiSan<da:thumb id="404343161"/>Remake of a shouchikubai kanzashi by CovenEyeFor the Horde!! by Imriel87Pag34 - Loumyx2 by Sapo85waiting by nurtanriovenDark Forest by Elena-NeriumOleanderSam Gideon by DANQUISHOrigami Bouquet by PikkochanCarolin for Style-ology magazine by Michelle-Fennelsunlight again by StefanBeutlerX 1999: Princess Hinoto 1 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai

:dalove: *...November...* :dalove:

Winter storm ii by cprmayPrincess Zelda by CelestialExploringNo-one tells me where to go by ver1saScissors Crown - Red Queen? by NemoZoeFreddy`s new Nightmare by Kim-sanThe delicate sound of water by XavierJamonet...dresden III... by roblfc1892: D E E P - S L O W : by wildmushrooms

:dalove: *...Dicember...* :dalove:

Reflecting Infinity by bordaDarkHeresy2ndEdCoverKollros by guterrezEnoshima Junko figure stand version by Inushioroam by NikytaGaiaAlmost there by WinPicsWay up high by steinlilandA Photograph for The Skybridge by hootalexDaria 073 by MichalTokarczukRed Sea by eyesweb1Inside a floating ice by porbitalRomantic Arabesqued Watch by francescadaniAli3 by Grooveinjector

Walking llama If you want to see the Deviations I suggest last year, click here! -->…

:squee: !!Have a great... New Year!! :squee:

by harleshinn

349th feature - Photography

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 15, 2014, 9:03 AM

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Please visit the list of Maltese Devianst & Clubs


Have you ever wondered if any of your pictures have been ripped and utilised on other websites? If yes then you should sign up for TinEye


Would you be so kind as to visit srawberry-lillas blog?


:points: are more then welcome :)


On the 2nd October 2009 Sortvind posted a news item which I would like to bring to your attention ........ How to make your uploads Stronger


:iconmaltese-deviants:  :iconart-malta:  :iconmaltesedeviants:



The Hunter by painting-with-light  Spiral by painting-with-light  Pale by painting-with-light  Golden by painting-with-light



I have decided to dedicate my 349th Journal Feature to Photography


The icy mirror by berg77  :thumb434241649:  Touch by philippaopao  Over the emptyness by fb101  Scoliid Wasp (Campsomeriella Thoracica) by AlHabshi  Camouflage by MarinaCoric  Dubai Marina BW by vinayan  Something a bit more edgy by Daniel-West  HEAVEN AIN'T CLOSE IN A PLACE LIKE THIS by sandrawiklander  Crystal Showers by DrewHopper  Daria 8039 by MichalTokarczuk  Old Ford by steverankin  Erkanmatik 2014  02 by ErkanKalenderli  :thumb434232368:  Relax by artofdan70  Touch of Pink by musicismylife10027  black hole sun by arbebuk  Marina by apalkin  Little Princess by Ksuksa-Raykova  14.2.2014: Still Proud by Suensyan  Together by ArtImaginer  Colours of love II by chazzi  Love Bite by pullingcandy  Satellite In My Eyes by catch---22  2014-11 Peregrinus by W0LLE  Urban Glow by Draken413o  Happy Valentine's Day by tinaheart  February 9th by FramedByNature  Burned down by AljoschaThielen  Folktale by Srebrnica  Vanitas NEW Gula (gluttony) 03 by MarkScheider  train by MIhrAhrI  St Ana Monastry by mariustipa  Sometimes less is more... by ansdesign  What Pax Left Behind by aleksivic  Over the Minch to Uist by DamianKane  Fading Light by timbodon  Ominous by sara-sekhmet  Color riot by annawsw  Lite as a Feather by CanadianRy  :thumb434255646:  Under The Influence by MissSouls  Day 45 by Z-Nous  Sirna by MeganCoffey  Self-Communication Breakdown I by Epytafe  evening mood by baineann  portrait by alba-spb  Denim by pixielovesyou  Hidden Mist by frantices  Color fitting by plumita1


This weeks recent art feature from random deviants:


Ocean star dragon - stone painting by AlviaAlcedo  Moths and Aliens -on sale- by PixieCold  old chub by Apofiss  Not Alone by DestinyBlue  Lovers by MyLifeThroughTheLens  Tree Trimmers by Razuri-chan

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AH: Film and Animation Feature

Sun Feb 17, 2013, 2:50 AM
Featuring some amazing Film & Animation for #ArtHistoryProject
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Best of May 2013

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 2:10 AM

Here are some of the best pictures I found in May, 2013. They do not appear in my Square-features, that's why I do a monthly feature for all those great artists on deviantART who submitted no-square pictures.


Hylobius abietis by Yeden
Man with the Hat _II by BasistkaHamburg 2 by MatthiasHaltenhof
Golfe de Porto by mibreit
Arcs of Awe by hikesterle moribond. by indiae
Flying eagle owl by AlesGola
Oks by eugene-kukulkacat puppy by Partridge-PetPics
Through Mirkwood by m-eralp
Sweetness by MyLifeThroughTheLensCurious Cheetah Cub by MorkelErasmus
Masa Sara by Cwithe
Drevdagssjon by DaXXeUp by JaimeIbarra
Going home by PawelMatys
The Last Gentle Lights by LG77Alfie by Pixel-Spotlight
Foggy Sunset by MindShelves
TOGETHER by wiwionartReflections by BokehLight
Night Forest by Eredel
against the light by Partridge-PetPics
Perpetua by brandtcampbell
Miss Mary by EmmatyanUntitle-113 by LOREINOFA
Emilie by czoky
Twisted Sunset by Nate-ZemanErbalunga by julie-rc
Sunset from the Puy de la Tache by MaximeCourty
Colony by Dee-Toil by MartaSyrko
Freckle by PavelLepeshev
fly high 2.0 by TimorSaidArc by ArtOfFragility
Cezallier #1 by Al-Baum
*** by oprisco158.Ready to Go by Bulinko
Carolafelsen in Winter by TobiasRichter
Kolob Terrace by michael-dalbertiOlos at Dusk by MatiasSieppi
Love is blue by MartinAmm
Dandelion and snail by Arkus83Revolve by IMustBeDead
Evarcha falcata by Nitrok
Splash by BogdanBoevDernier Rempart by xavierrey
Little Life for Little Ant by felixheru
Wrzosy by Justine1985Delightful Dream by markborbely
Anemone nemorosa 2011 I by Aphantopus
Burning Passion by Kara-aEnter a New World by magic-spelldust
Scenic Scandinavia - Part 1 by Stridsberg
Ice by Nellekesatiated. by Senju-HiMe
moonblossoms II by CarolineZenker
Lost in Elysium III by bwlightIn shoes. by nskayerz
Medvedi skala by TobiasRichter
Blue Stripes by EinsilbigStump by IvanAndreevich
broken dreams by BranislavFabijanic
Golden Light by cwaddella 280 cross by MichalTokarczuk
Treesome iv by Regadenzia
Watching You Watching Me by alexgphotoReminiscence by Aphantopus
Interdiction de plonger... by ChristineAmat
Desert Wonderland by VerticalDubaiThe Elusive One by MorkelErasmus
Just Married by PhotoYoung
Springscape by Oer-WoutWhere the sun sleeps by berg77
A new day above by Arafinwearcamenel
Reine Panorama by cwaddellHylobius abietis - the large pine weevi by Yeden
D235 by miobi
Kristy by cbynPraia da Ursa by TobiasRichter
Midnight Sonata by RezzanATAKOL
Weight of life by VJagevSasha - Space Native I by TashKouri
Cold Infinity by PavelLepeshev
Striving Sun by SvenMuellerSmile by luciekout
Gecko by melvynyeo
Gospel by A2MatosThe Gift by michaelanderson
Moni by byebyeanna
If I Could Be Where You Are by NellekeWhere Do You Go To Disappear? by tvurk
Giants gathering by Bojkovski
-Leaving the jail at dawn- by Janek-SedlarCoyoteLand by ColinHSillerud
Focal Point by erezmarom
Jule Domingos by Hart-Worxspirit by Hart-Worx
Image From A Stolen Time by Ardak
Emergence by davidrichterphotorelease the demons lost inside of us by TheSameLie
White Rose by HappyKootieFemme Noir 2 by KieraCampbell
Green vs Purple by WTek79Flynns Rocks by simonebyrneSpikes And Drops by Nitrok
Misty Forest by Stridsberg1350 - Neverend by boxx2genetica
dizziness by PatiMakowska
Ocean Veil by michael-dalberti
:thumb370083861:Autumn Dreams by RobinHalioua
Ulyana and sunset by RavenaJuliartFrozen in Time by Mashuto
Anywhere Is by Nelleke.:Coccinella septempunctata:. by efeline
Jumper by regayip
prestidigitateur by ezorenier
Celestial Patterns by DrewHopperHawai'i by jaelise
SNOW FLAKE by simsalabima
Spring Evening by TobiasRichterRomantic Mallard by thrumyeye
Through shadows and mist by m-eralp
Please, please, pleeeeeeease by Rozowynos
Instant of Light by MaximeCourtygruccione by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Evening Walk by hateomDay And Night by WojciechDziadosz
Lights Out by jaelisedefying gravity by Serend1pity
over there.. by arbebukfog by Day--Dream
:thumb368793167:New York - Manhattan B. by DarkSaiF
Mining Bee by snomandaAbove the pink clouds by RezzanATAKOL
Snowy Red II by WNPhotographySina by unfrozenduck
Spring breeze by DarkVenusPersephonaeTreesome i by Regadenzia
Shadow Land by Nelleke
Landungsbruecken by mar1anm
Lilac May by CloverSpyFCurious by astra888
Transalpina - Torocko - ROMANIA by kissadam-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar
Blaaaaargh!!!! by NIENTEeNESSUNOThe Forest Of Dean by Nelleke
Invisible Future by markborbelyKokubo Sosho Battle by werol
Paradise Awaits by DrewHopper
Shanghai - Huangpu River by xMEGALOPOLISx*** by oprisco
Inside out by Weissglut
Graceful Curves by tvurk

Thank you for these beautiful artworks.

Do you have any suggestions for pictures which should be featured next time? Send me a link or a thumb in a note. :aww:

:iconbreathtaking-photos: :iconfragility-in-nature: :iconcompelling-photos: :iconthemagictouch: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconsoftness-art:

Big photography feature
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Tue Aug 6, 2013, 3:48 AM

Featuring inked men

'body art in the dark' by i-kandi

Tribal by mushiunchi   photoshoot Dennie with tribal 10 by pavalo

--- by leocavallini

Tattoo pioeuvre 10. by BenoitPaille

Diem by CPJPhoto

Jeff Machete by laracroft   Urban tattoo I by deadANGELsoul

Trust Your Instincts by LinaDomina

Bam 070 by MichalTokarczuk

tattoo by bethdu

121 by Shace

Miles I by GARETHHH    Tattoo pioeuvre 17. by BenoitPaille

CM project_kiril_6 by Rimka

Collection of tattooed men.
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losing in reveries

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2012, 5:06 AM

ein kleines Liebeslied by CorwinvonKuhwede Chained Slave by Alt-Images Flavia - 4 by shadowimagephoto
Concrete Hole And Rope by JC-Stark-Arts Cris 033 by MichalTokarczuk Roped Bliss by boykitten
Fetish by warhammerphoto Study in trichophilia by radharc-dorcha C0nundra's toes by PerryGallagher

On the Rocks by TonyD3 :thumb49581855: My Soul to Keep by Solus-Photography
Siren by abclic From Nothing To Nowhere by Kostassoid Reclining nude by mikebp
:thumb265560000: Rhus - Notch Tree by silverystars wintersunrise by alfred-georg

The Fish by NataliaDrepina ELEMENTS by Gesell kill the dancer by george-mihes
Liza 6 by DavidBenoliel on hook by warhammerphoto balls by PerSe
elegy of emptiness V.3 by shamanski Ko'Ra by cruz-art Lela Not not Knowing by NadIksodas

The New Skin by BaddogLtd Girl N9 by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS 84 by Zefirina
nude by ErotikArtLD :thumb284144648: In The Hot Seat by Alt-Images
Cold Night by ritarocha a blue sunday morning, 2011 by EylemOlas The Sheltering Sky by kevissimo

:thumb146451103: no title 86 by ABrito Monika15 by Cartien
black beach 06 by photoplace Veil Nude by Zedul Epsilon by Anna-model
a silent moment by andreapun Dreamer's Perspective by harald-muehlhoff ''Athena's on the Qui Vive'' by erwintirta

contrasts by alfred-georg :thumb291734366: Arachnid by mickwag
Duong Quoc Dinh by duongquocdinh natural born symmetry by MichaelPe neznakomka by genepulse
Between Earth and Sky by dwingephotography girl whith pearl earring by Anna-model Bink by LoGill

MASTERS by Gesell Private Universe by ton3 chameleon by andre-j
Web of light.. by vejitatoja White prission by Lurphoto :thumb118957537:
Elya 2 by svarh Untitled 354 by JohnPeri :thumb195543988:

Cocooned Captive by Alt-Images sleeping by cenevols Hold me by MrsHyde
Angels and Vampires by koukei The Steps by vahid-naziri Cloudbusting 2a by bigskystudio
A show in Prague by ericbb Audrey-22 by adrian272727 The bull by kosmobil

56336 by aleksandra88 :thumb271163728: Prepared by vvolfmann
A Mermaid's Melody by my-bohemian-spirit Xsandra X by Vienna-Calling Apocalypse Barbie by Epinephrin
Tell me your secret by Orzz AREA 59 by subart59 square cambree by josemanchado

Away from sea by MrsHyde some dance to forget by sweetcherrypye :thumb281255228:
permutation by belko Amandine A by abclic  kuzmenkova by Mastowka
Relaxing Nude by andreasoverland  
2 by ValeriaAlmond

thank you for your wonderful works

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
  • Listening to: chillout and club music
  • Reading: sometimes in the night...
  • Watching: late movies
  • Playing: with my little son
  • Eating: good stuff
  • Drinking: milkcoffee
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gentle touching

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 7, 2012, 3:41 AM
Surreal by FleurDelacour IRO by Gesell cll04 by jarrod343
cll01 by jarrod343 :thumb52898701: cll002 by jarrod343

fly-fly by dpavlov Ms.... by jarrod343 v sebya by Santina

French film by NataliaCiobanu autumn angel by belovaan be together by cha-feily
Dead End Kid by BaddogLtd The Scream by mirabiliaimages leave a scar by illdispose
Between Darkness and Wonder by SebastienTabuteaud Future Sight by Bierka the terrible decay of living by sarahannloreth

Someone Like You by JacquelineBarkla ... by belovaan :thumb148675541:
A night to forget by Julie-de-Waroquier :thumb177557078: In between by Julie-de-Waroquier
lilllly by danyasuprime Red bow by AnitaAnti Headless by elara-dark

Alice's Flamingo by SachaKalis Heart project - Fragile by DianaGrigore sheung wan by Fersy
brisk by davespertine citylights by Fersy Flash of Inspiration by msaph
A Beautiful Book by Aeternum-Art Mosque II by IsacGoulart Everything- by popoks

Railroad to Nowhere by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS :thumb284112357: nothing 56 by RedupReda
Do not turn around. by fiixx Refresh ! by mcDarius Wait... Hope... by andokadesbois
Dual by Jbuth Autumn in a head by GRAFIKfoto .: keep me warm :. by GokhanKaraag

Cache cache ... by julie-rc Grand Mosque by ashamandour NY by dell640
Wood by meemo Crush the Canals by JeRoenMurre .hallucination. by GoncaloBorgesDias
87 by t-ufan Cold and Calm by PancolartJorge Hands by bingbing51

Noche by SachaKalis Ribbon Web by nitr0gene er.wachen II by silent-order
assente by d-anderton Hesitation by gndrfck le parfum by FleurDelacour
Night falls by Annie-Bertram :thumb251728348: :thumb280657755:

miss 039 by MichalTokarczuk Early Winter by girltripped Casual Sex by IMustBeDead
Heart of the city by gnohz Moscow: Military Tattoo 2010 by Nightcitylights Evening Prague by tomsumartin
Hong Kong Through the city by romainjl 150 by harmonist 477 by muratakan

Post Process Challenge 07 by JonnyGoodboy progress by b-rooks Cinematic parking lot HDR by kayintveen
Cadillac 62 by arite Under the bridge by GeorgeGoodnight A Million Miles by lukastruss
Red Arches by Matthias-Haker Beelitz Heilstaetten Boot by jaehneARTS D E M O L I T I O N by Analil

Island Ferry by Salemik Paradise by thebestfeeling Balancing the HDR by Kounelli1
Chitwan by nikosalpha City of Jasmine by ashamandour Berlin - Reichstag Building - Detail by pingallery
F l o w e r by Orzz ...Chiesa di Sant'Anastasia... by erhansasmaz Chantico by Eman333
Courbes by Annabelle-Chabert Golden Baskets by taffmeister Ten by FForns

thank you for all your wonderful works

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The street photographer – a schizophrenic, scientific serial killer?

Two things made me think of this connection – a documentary which covered the various types of killers: those who kill from afar (by bombs or by shooting with a hunting rifle) the closer kill, such as a pistol shot, and the close up killer who enjoy watching the victims face as he thrusts the knife in.

The best street shooters are the latter, they want to smell the perfume and see the facial expression before they shoot.

One of the many symptoms of schizophrenia is being captivated by details. Some drugs mimic this, hence the stereotype of the spaced out hippy contemplating a flower.

This is also a characteristic of the street photographer. We can be confronted by a mass of hundreds of people on a city street but we notice the small, unusual things – those two are about to kiss, that homeless person is wearing an expensive watch, that tattoo mimics the dress pattern.

But being able to see these things and then capture them is another thing.

An understanding of geometry, perspective, the rules of composition (and when to break them) is needed.

Then the often hugely complex operation of a modern camera, it seems you need a degree to work them! I've had my Nikon DSLR for over a year and am only coming to grips with all the functions, and it's not a 'top of the line' model. Life was simpler with my old Nikon F2 film camera!

A certain degree of fearless is also needed. If I had a dollar for every shot I missed due to not being able to put the camera up to my eye and shoot I would be rich. But the memory of these missed shots (the one that got away is always the best and biggest, same as fishing!) drives me to just shoot regardless of my fears. Also I've learned to not think too much. If there is the possibility of a good shot then just shoot!! The scene will evaporate in a fraction of a second, never to return.

But all that is still not enough.

Something, indefinable to me, needs to be present in the best. The "eye" is how best I could describe it or the "smell" of the streets.

An example, which doesn't include a photo but describes the concept: I was walking down a street in Asia many years ago. I saw an old woman beggar sitting on a piece of cardboard with a rusty can in her hand. I looked at her, she looked directly at me and I saw my mother's eyes! In that moment time froze and I had a deep appreciation of her situation and the realisation that it could easily be me there.

Of course, as well as the bleak scenes, there are the many joyful ones that celebrate our life on this crazy planet we call home. I prefer those nowadays.

Street photography is like a kind of meditation on life. Our senses are so finely concentrated on seeking out "the shot" that we forget about our mortgages, disappointments and the unfairness of the world.

I feel the same when I'm fishing, the two activities have similarities.

So why do we shoot street? We would all have different reasons - for some it's for ego, acceptance, to show their view of the world, a drive to create, to communicate.  For me it's like a meditation, as above, for fun and also when I pass I want my children and my children's children to be able to look at my photos and know that I was more than just a father or grandfather, that they can see my world through my eyes.

Why do you shoot street?

When you're in the right place at the right time and all the planets align you get a photo like this, still my favourite from dA:

Name of Image

What's your favourite?
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LADIES OF WAR (Amazon inside)

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2012, 6:47 AM
  • Listening to: ELUVEITIE
  • Reading: Michel Onfray - Traité d\'Athéologie
  • Watching: Photos
  • Playing: Piano
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: café FORT
Here some powerful ladies in D.A - Go to their pages and love them ! Visual- text- visual- text - ad lib.




Restez ZenJe ne suis pas sur Terre pour donner des cours de solfège aux oiseaux


Moonwalk by Daturanoire


Tanka in winterWinter covers all with grey
light succumbs to dark
during this wintry season
In my deserted bed-room
a candle goes down slowly






Somnolence II. by mistress-macabre



transparente... by Liliframboise


Not DanaeGold, foolish and false,
pathetically transparent.
the locks are now changed.
Humility is
the key, so you can't come in.
You failed to dazzle,
bewitch and enchant
me. I am not impressed by
your shimmer and shine.




Le Briseur de coeursLe briseur de coeurs
Je suis le briseur de coeurs
Fidèle apôtre du dieu des malheurs
Profitant de votre lassitude
Je vous ramène dans la solitude
Profanant sans pitié
Les sanctuaires de vos amours scellées
Brûlant les autels du bonheur
Je suis le briseur de coeurs.
Je suis le briseur de coeurs
Vous envoûtant de mots charmeurs
Amplifiant vos inquiétudes
J'efface toutes vos certitudes
Fondant au creux de mon feu damné
L'or et l'amour de vos alliances échangées
Devenant de votre joie le fossoyeur
Je suis le briseur de coeurs.


You know you want me by DameOdessa


relapsethis, I think,
is the way that empires
there are sometimes
Vesuvius, Alexandria—
but I will not go out
in such an explosive fashion
this time.
my second death
is preceded by decline,
slow and inglorious;
erosion working its
weary charm
upon my architecture.
the difference is this:
disaster is unprecedented.
it is a noble sort of way to fall,
at the hands of that which
you could not control.
but I am allowing myself
to crumble to dust.
the forces of entropy
have not strengthened:
I have simply stopped cobbling myself
back together.
someday, archaeologists
will discover my ruins
and sigh.




Dans tes yeux miroirsDans tes yeux miroirs
Dans tes yeux-miroirs les nuages déjà
Portent les premiers signes de la nuit ;
Les trains de l'autre côté de la vitre,
Avec leur traînée d'argent et de feu
Sont comme des étoiles filantes.
Ah ! Pouvoir encore un peu,
Accrocher des rayons d'autres jours ;
Tout n'a pas été dit.
Il suffirait d'un presque rien,
Juste un peu de temps…
Le temps qui n'est rien qu'illusion.
L'obscurité  connaît son triomphe
Sur nos prières, misérables autels d'égoïsme.
Déjà le jour n'est plus qu'un souvenir.
Dans tes yeux-miroirs, encore ajouter
Quelques rires et quelques fleurs
Pour un tableau du bonheur
Qui s'estompe soudain.
Au fond des tes prunelles argentines,
Ton regard, d'hier, porte nos amours
Plus loin que l'horizon menteur.
Un sourire mystérieux naît tout à coup,
ne s'abusant pas de nos espoirs superflus.
Toi, tu sais déjà la paix qui t'attend.


Through My Eyes 5 by emptymemories321



..: Waiting for the rain :.. by Mademoiselle-P


Le voici by tairfeu





Le contre maitre by Nahuask


la place de la bastillerencontre-moi ici, cette nuit
quand nous nous sommes echappés
(pas juste moi, mais toi aussi)
quand nous sommes libres
rencontre-moi ici, en été
après que nous ayons mûri
je veux t'amener maintenant
oui, croît-moi!
mais nous ne sommes pas encore libres
rencontre-moi ici, quand tout est silencieux
si toutes les secondes sont les possibilités
alors, pourquoi je ne dois pas les prendre?
un jour, toi aussi
tu vas les prendre aussi
rencontre-moi ici, quand le temps est venu
nous allons aller d'une prison à une autre prison
ici, je vais t'attendre
nous allons jouer ensemble comme ce que
j'éspère que nous jouaions quand tu étais petit
nous allons incarcérer des prisonniers politiques
et nous allons nous demander si nous sommes devenus libres pour cette sorte de vie


Tricky beauty by LionSouL97



Midnight Light by Annabelle-Chabert


RIMERCa sent le temps qui passe
Ca sent le temps qui court
Ca sent le sang qui
Adossé à l'ennui
Alité au lecteur
Ca s'envole
Le temps qui s'arrête
Arimé à l'amer
Toujours à rimer absent
A rimer amer


Enduring breath by mehrmeer


Haiku 39 Smoke From Palm by Amanda-Graham




the deep blackMostly I am comforted by
the deep black.
Coming back was
waking in the middle of a cheap
carnival at night.
Bells and whistles and flashing lights,
tons of people and nothing making sense
or holding still.
I longed for the silence.
My brain handed me little hallucinations,
like hors d'oeuvres,
pumped full of stimulant and throwing up
ash and Bacardi
and the machines going off
whenever my heartbeat dropped
and they came to shoot me
back up again.
The only thing I'm afraid of is not dying.
I can live and I can die.
But not-dying,
never again.


Mirdautas Vras by blackresurrection


Les Errances du silenceJe suis glacée. En dedans. J'émiette les songes. Que tu hantes. Tu t'éloignes. Et j'ai froid. Mais quoi qu'il arrive j'te garderai incrusté dans mes entrailles, même lorsque tu les dévores. Calvaire épileptique. Ton absence. Nausée. Ta Présence. Nausées. Les sciures du gel. Tu continueras à enfoncer les cendres du possible au fond d'ma gorge. Et des cendres glaciales. Droguée au silence. La quête du néant. Plume de granit.
Le bruit du chaos qui se fracasse sur les nuées. Brouhaha. Je me cache sous les sourires et m'invente un corps dans la fumée, être fantomatique aux reflets de glace, mais lorsqu'ils s'effritent, lorsqu'ils se retirent, lorsqu'IL se retire, je me retrouve seule face à mes réflexions. Lorsque la mise à nue s'expose. Lorsque l'espoir se consume. Une fois de plus. Lorsque plus rien ne fait lien. Tout se délite. Et la logique s'effondre. Et la solitude grince. Le plafo


Nihilum Aeternus by Morphine-Cloud






Face au miroirMais qui est donc cette personne dont ils parlent tous ?
Qui est cet homme dont les infirmières murmurent le nom à l'angle du couloir ?
Qui est donc cet être cruel qui fait pleurer la dame venant si souvent me voir ?
Qui est-il avec son patronyme extravagant ?
Ce doit-être un allemand…
Et toi, sais-tu qui c'est ?
La glace ne répond pas.
Mais qui est-ce, cet Alzheimer ?


Horses Lovers O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos


Sublime, invraisemblable surgi de la foule,
Tes courbes insondables aimantaient mon regard
Me montrant du passé tout un fort qui s'écroule
En plongeant dans mon cœur la lame d'un poignard
Lentement. Mon regard a glissé sur ta joue
Et caressé, exquise, une lèvre assassine,
Merveilleuse œuvre d'art, délire d'un dieu fou,
Essence d'une esquisse aux traits qui me fascinent,
Pernicieuse. Mes mots suffoquent et coagulent
Rubis sanglants qui me trahissent, impuissants,
Formant fétides, infâmes, d'écœurantes bulles
Qui crèvent dans ma gorge tranchée, m'asphyxiant
D'évidence. Un rire strident de démence
Explose monstrueux en un feu d'artifice
Abjuration muette d'un cœur en partance
Pour des regrets sans fins, d'impensables supplices
En silence. Je n'ai rien dit et suis passée :
Sous tes grands yeux, les miens baissés, je suis partie.
Erreur. Pas de nom, pas d'adresse, j'erre blessée


La Vague by Tilia-Tierra


Liquid LoveI stare at the ocean's
and I yearn for her touch
I dream of her slathering me
in wet kisses
drowning me in green-blue
tickling me with mutant fishies
dragging me to the depths of
her bosom
but i'm stuck here, behind the
metal and upholstery
of a corrupt world


Distant shelters5 by EbruSidar


LilithKi-sikil-lil-la-ke est ton nom...
Opprobre des Limbes, rejetée par ton Père
On te dit première épouse, vierge maudite
N'es-tu pas plutôt femme libre mais amère ?
Souillée et déçue, te reconnais-tu, Lilith ?
Toi, la prostituée sacrée des temps anciens,
Bras armé de la Déesse, dame des airs,
Ton nom fut traîné dans la fange délétère
D'un culte qui n'était ici que pérégrin.
Reine des succubes, séductrice damnée
Qui corrompt les hommes puis dévore leur cœur
Partout ton nom est synonyme de terreur
Pourtant qui détient ces preuves pour t'accuser ?
Ô Spectre de la nuit aboyant ton malheur
Je voudrais t'apaiser, faire cesser tes pleurs.
Toi qui aux Cieux goûta à la Félicité,
Privée d'amour, comment pourrais-tu en donner ?
La passion d'un archange te fut bien acquise
Mais Samaël ne peut voir ces larmes cruelles
Cette sensualité


Dragon Sketch by inspectork1412


La coupe du vainqueur          
Je saurai être douce, mais aussi pas trop sage,
Effrontée ou câline, j'en ferai mon langage,
Je choisirai les mots qui toucheront ton cœur
Et je te ferai boire à la coupe du vainqueur.
                      © Deedrane 2010


Captive Souls by Aisii


VolsC'est une lune, c'est un monde.
C'est une terre qui paraît ronde.
Lieu humide et désolé
Comme de couleurs volé.
La mer est un plateau de glace
Qui reflête un soleil orange.
Ô désespoir ... ô-range ?
Je devrais laisser au poête sa place.


The queen of time and space by Annie-Bertram



5744 by aleksandra88


-- le rivalsi, de rage, tu plantes cette graine
d'hiver dans une poignée de sang:
l'an d'après verra pousse de haine;
arbre de guerre fleurira au printemps.


Cat And Mice by Koshka-Black


MoonslaughterThe moon does the dead man’s float
Tonight. Muscles atrophied, a gaping
Goldfish dunked in silver, hanging
Limp in a cold blue sky
My throat slit, my mouth dry:
My words glug out, lethargic,
Like a cow’s milked udder
In night’s potbelly
You turn on split film reels
With ticker-tape motion
In star-strewn sewers, glean
Spools of breastfed poetry
To wean the breastfed moon.




XXV. Forgotten Liberty.
Forgotten Liberty
Ne vois-tu pas le mal infect
qui s'écrit dans la liberté
l'occlusion seule est le squelette
que portent nos amours ratées
Ne vois-tu pas la tyrannie
comme un espoir de mots en fuites
et l'illusoire comme un pays
qui n'a pas plus d'ombres interdites
Ne vois-tu pas ce que tu perds
en étant le seul à blâmer
et cette vie comme un désert
que tu te perds à condamner
Il te faudrait sentir la peur
sentir son joug près de ta tempe
sentir ce dernier fossoyeur
venant te foutre sa trempe
Ne vois-tu pas ce que tu perds
en éludant la tyrannie
qui sera toujours dans nos chairs
et dont nous sommes le pays
Ne vois-tu pas la liberté
qui n'est que de la tyrannie
et le plaisir à continuer
de n'être qu'un astre maudit
Ne vois-tu pas la perfection
dans les plus fins tressaillements
et la Beauté dans l'illusion
de notre propre internement
Ne vois-tu pas comment sublimes
nous sommes oppressés par le Mal


There are too many of us by CarpeSav


White OwlThe white owl opens up her eyes,
sways her vision to the skies;
seeking out a creature's cry,
through the woods' nocturnal sigh.
In the darkness crickets sing,
far beneath the owl's white wing.
Dew drops to the leaves still cling,
sparkling with a lucent sheen.
Senses alert, she prepares for flight,
hearing creatures near their plight,
she spreads her wings into the night
silent as moonlight, and as white.

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