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I think it would be really awesome to have this kind of submission feature for our comics, doujins, magazines or books previews and editorial submissions as well. This way, people can see all pages in one submission instead of wasting time looking for all pages around big galleries or making artists writing and editing links each time they updates a page or a chapter :) Also, I think that some similar system for literature submissions, fics, etc would be awesome for writers and readers as well.

I hope you like this suggestion, I personally think it would be really useful for both sides: artists and art appreciators ^o^

EDIT: OMG *__________* I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! A DD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKU VERY VERY VERY MUCH *litttle-princess for suggesting this submission and `wdwparksgal for featuring it as a Daily Deviation!!!!!!! You both have helped to spread this idea a lil bit more and TOTALLY MADE MY DAY, MY NIGHT, MY WEEK, etc! :hug:


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