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Here is my very first full length Flash animation, which is a parody of the Two Best Friends videos on YouTube. My best bro, Piman, wrote the story, and since I had been getting familiar with Flash, I told him that I want to animate it, and this was the results of that endeavor. It took me three weeks of almost non-stop work to finish, but I am super pleased with the outcome. 
What do you think?

Be sure to check out TheSw1tcher on YouTube:…

Here's a better look at Liam's "Nest of Moe": Liam's Moe Pile Un-Mixed by JinglesRasco
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This is my second Flash animation for my Animation Adv class. Although this is more of my second attempt at the music video. My first was May It Be from Lord of the Rings at the Ending credits of The Fellowship of the Ring. You'll never see it 'cause it is terrible and I never really finished it. I had a lot of fun with this one and I'm happy with how it turned out. Sadly I can't fix some things since I lost the orignal file.

The Song is (obviously) The Phantom of the Opera sung by Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. I don't have any other version of the song so I'm sorry to all you MC fans.

And if you liked this one, you should check out Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, [link] which is my latest one and the art looks MUCH better.
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Updated: Changed Willow's art to a newer version and it is now giant watermark free, so heads will roll if someone tries to steal it.

Fullsize art here : [link]

This is my new Monster High OC, Willow Wisp.
I chose to make her skin tone a light cream color instead of blue, like Will-o-the-wisp usually are, because there's so many blue characters already and I wanted her to be like a lit candle or paper lantern.
Oh, and that thing that looks like a camera is just a purse, in case somebody is wondering why it looks so flat xD

I had the normal bio set up for her, like the sheet, but I thought doing the profile this way was more fun and I could include little things that made it more her. :]

Willow Wisp&Declan Dracae&Ocianna Angler&Satoru belongs to :iconchamomilecatastrophe:
Heather A Vogel belongs to :iconmarzipanmassacre:, who also did the Flash elements of the profile.
Grace Reaper belongs to :iconmisskimmychaotic:
Penelope Webber belongs to :iconbearmoon:
Neeya O'Bansh belongs to :iconteaganlouise:
Audrey III belongs to :iconcelebiobsession:

edit;;Willow has open friend spots, if I okayed you adding her to your OCs profile tell me so I can fill these spots on hers.
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A dress up game inspired by Marie Antoinette the film.

Zoom in (right click) so you can attach her clothes better & see details :)

Still in progress... I'm gonna add more stuff. If you have any ideas let me know!

Updated: I changed the format completely. Some weirdness like you have to click on the category again for the item to stay on top...
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So here's my final for my beginning animation class.
I pretty much polished a short Flash assignment we had in my other digital art class that was supposed to be about a "ghoul" and turned it in as my final. This is probably one of the stupidest things I've ever accomplished. XD

So yeah, at first, I just wanted to animate this ancient comic [link] where a couple ghouls dig up a grave in hopes of a tasty treat and find it occupied by a vampire. I couldn't really figure where to go from there, so my friend in class told me to make the vampire a gangsta. you go!

Sorry it ended so abruptly, I wanted to add more, but I ran outta time. Lol, this was probably a lot harder than the result shows. But enjoy. XD
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how to unlock different jellyfishes:

for reading this, i will tell you the codes for green, blue, and pink jellyfishes!
Green: green
Blue: blue
Pink: original

Fat: you have to figure this one out, its a synonym for fat

Invisible: you have to figure this one out, its the sound something makes when it disappears

Gold: favorite this deviation (i'll send you a note with code)
nevermind about that, i'm tired of sending notes, so im just going to tell you. its 'au'

Silver: comment on this deviation (i'll send you a note with code)
same thing... 'ag'

Miniature: note me requesting this color

Black: note me requesting this color

White: note me requesting this color

McDonald's: note me requesting this color

Red-white-blue: note me requesting this color

Brown: favorite any deviation of mine besides this and send me a note saying which deviation you favorited

Ghost: comment on my deviant page with a request for the ghost color

Special: i will send you a random code if you note me saying "random"

__________: if you want a custom color made, add me to your deviantwatch and send me a note with the color(s) you want and i'll create a custom color and code for you

there are at least 30 different codes! see if you can find any!
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okay... so i was at work one day and randomly thought of this scene from spongebob squarepants. its one of my FAVOURITE scenes from that entire series, i don't know why, it just cracks me up XDDDD so the more i thought about it the more i thought it TOTALLY fit nick and ellis from L4D2. not the voices themselves obviously, but the conversation just seemed to fit them so perfectly, am i right? so i just had to do this.

so this is the project i've been working on, on again-off again, for almost 2 months now. i hope i don't disappoint anyone... you'd think a 2 month project would be a little more exciting XD its just a simple animation. there's honestly not much to it. very little movement;;; BUT it's my first animation with audio and official lip-syncing 8D yay!

but i'm very proud of the style :3 its not cartoony. i tried very hard to stay true to L4D2 and have the characters really look like them and be pretty realistic. keeping that in mind, its really hard to animate more realistic looking characters ._. cartoons are a little easier, and you can play around with the facial expressions and whatnot a lot more. but i still think they look pretty good o3o

to be honest, the pictures of nick and ellis were initially intended for something completely different. but when i tried to animate THAT... lets just say it didn't work out. so i dropped it and the picture of them just sat in my computer collecting dust for several months. then i came up with this idea. so i blew the dust off and started working on this! i'm just glad i was able to figure out something to use the picture on. i was so pleased with how they turned out it seemed a shame to let that go to waste.

now... kinda disregard the background XD the tank burger bg is okay, but the heaven and hell bgs are kinda lame XD mostly the fire. fire is hard to animate and by the time i got to that i didn't really care anymore so i sort of half-assed it. but other than that i tried pretty hard.

spongebob squarepants (c) nickelodeon [link]

L4D2, nick, ellis (c) valve

animation (c) :iconbunnystar:
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Brand new animation of my old Halo short. Added sound, dialog and a background. Also changed the ending a little. :P Took me to update it about 2 days. I might update it agian! :D

Sprite credit to Innerayg and RHCP
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Sorry guys for been so far from here, it's because this is my last year on university, and i have to dedicate all myself to it =/.
A good new it's that i'll do a photograph complex :XD:, i'm so fucking happy :la:.

Hope u like the deviation as well ;P
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Soulless Victorian Dress-Up Doll

The lovely lady you see here is Alexia Tarabotti, heroine of the novel Soulless, in bookstores October 2009! It’s a really fun paranormal/steampunk novel taking place in Victorian England, full of virile werewolves, dandified vampires, mystery, romance, gadgets, tea, hats, and parasol guns. What’s not to love?

I had a blast not only reading it, but working on the doll. Undergarments, clothing, accessories, and hair are accurate to 1873. Every dress is from the book, and without giving too much away, a few of the accessories play key roles! Read the book to find out more! Seriously! One character made me squeal out loud he was so freaky!

Click on Alexia’s hair to change the styles, and her face to change her expression.

- - - - - -
Soulless is written by Gail Carriger
Published by Orbit Books, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.
Doll by Sarah Vaughn
Play the doll on Orbitbooks!
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