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I have Asperger's Syndrome.

Even saying it makes me feel relief.

I'm not weird.

I'm not strange.

I'm not different.

Well, I am different.

But I'm different for a reason.

My brain is wired up differently.

My brain is square when everybody else's is round.

My brain has three layers and everybody else has eight.

I get worried when I don't know what I'm doing.

I get worried around lots of people.

I get worried if things change.

I'm bad at telling how people feel.

I'm bad at reading people's faces.

I'm bad at a lot of social things.

But I'm good at things too.

I'm good at Maths.

I'm good at Music.

I'm good at knowing right from wrong.

I was unhappy before I knew about my Asperger's.

I'm not happy now. But I am relieved.

I'm an Aspie.

And I'm sure about things that I wasn't sure about before.

I recently got diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. These are my thoughts on it.
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Spoiled Brat



Other Coraline 2’s face was flushed red with frustration as the Other Mother, or better yet known as the Beldam entered the room.

Other Coraline 2 looked the weight of a baby killer whale! Her enormous stomach stuck out like she was 6-7 months pregnant, stretching the fabric of her dark blue star sweater. Her pudgey arms were thick and round like logs; her hips were massive and her backside jiggled around as if it were stuffed to the brim with fruit jelly. In place of her eyes were two large black buttons.

The Other Mother once again looked like the slender, curvy and overall beautified version of Mel Jones only with button eyes and wearing a silk black dress with white polka-dots.

"What is it sweetie pie pumpkin?" she responded in a syrupy voice.

Other Coraline 2 sat on the floor of the other world‘s living room, looking miserably down at the empty pink box of chocolate bunnies. "It's just that…I’ve run out of chocolate bunnies.” She wiped some chocolate from her cheek. “I need more…”

“Well, honey, the thing is, I’ve kinda…run out of chocolate bunnies.”

“How come?” Other Coraline 2’s jaw dropped.

“You ate them all.”

The fat, pathetic excuse of a 11-year-old sat there on the carpet and began to cry in a whiny voice, covering her black button eyes. She then raised her head and made her button eyes shrink down to normal human eyes so the Other Mother could see her tears.

"I thought I had a mommy who loved me!" she wailed loudly.

"Oh nonsense sweetie! Mommy loves you more than anything in the world.” Other Mother kneeled down to Other Coraline 2’s level and hugged her around the stomach and petted her on the head.

Suddenly the girl’s voice turned raspy and coarse. "Oh mommy, I'm sooo hungry. Need...more food...don't think... I can last much longer like this." Other Mother watched as her daughter put on the usual ‘starved child from a third world country’ routine. Other Coraline 2 winced in starvation as she held her stomach and grunted.

"Do you want mommy to make you something to eat for breakfast?" It actually was morning after all and Other Coraline’s 1 & 3 and Caroline were still asleep.

"Oh, mommy...I guess I'll be body will just have to begin eating away at it's own flesh to carry on…that is if I don't pass out before then…gah...feeling faint.."

Other Coraline 2 held her hands to her fat head and looked as though she was going to die. Other Mother began to wonder to herself how she raised such a piggish and spoiled child. But she loved her all the same. "What is it you want for breakfast, my little whale?" she asked sweetly, pinching the girl’s tubby cheek.

"Well…“ She returned to normal position and tapped her chin with her thick index finger. “I suppose doughnuts and flapjacks with lots of maple syrup and powdered sugar would be nice."

"Alright hon-"

"Ooh, and maybe some waffles!"

"Ok, sweetie pie, it-"

"And some chocolate bars and scrambled eggs with crispy bacon!"

Other Mother stood up with a slumping posture and let out a tired ‘pffft‘. She made her way to the kitchen. "And don't forget the diet cola, mommy! I need something to wash it all down!" Other Coraline 2 called out as he sat on the couch lazily and rubbing her enormous stomach. Her mother obediently began taking down the ingredients from the fridge and cabinets. Half an hour later, there on the circular kitchen table lay a breakfast buffet big enough for a whole Ethiopian village. When she was done, Other Mother actually wiped sweat away from her forehead. Other Mother and the rest of her daughters were not going to have so much of a breakfast that morning. Due to one of her children’s gluttony, there was not much food left in the refrigerator or cabinet for anyone else to make their own breakfast. It was alright; she and the rest of her daughters were used to eating bugs the crawled across the floor.

"Piggykins! Breakfast is ready!" she called out to her already overfed child.

"Alright, mom, but can you bring it in here?! I’m too tired to get up!" Other Coraline 2 yelled with a yawn. Other Mother frowned, looking down at the food she had set up at the table with so much delicacy. Now she had to carry it across to the living room just because her little piglet was too lazy to come in to get it herself. Other  Mother gathered up the plates and took them all the way over to the obese monstrosity she still loved more than life itself.

Other Coraline 2’s mouth dropped with water pouring out from it like a facet at seeing her mother coming in with breakfast. She reached for the first plate when it was delivered to her and dove into it like a piggy in mud without even using her hands. Other Mother could have sworn she heard oinking and snorting as she stuffed her face.

The witch looked up at a framed picture on the wall that Other Coraline 2 had demanded be placed there. It was a beautifully painted picture of a pig -- Other Coraline 2’s favourite animal.

Other Mother secretly frowned at a realisation, not wanting her child to see it. She had now realised a major change in the appearance of her daughter and that did not just mean the day the girl was created. Other Mother looked from Other Coraline 2 to the picture of the pig, and from the pig picture to her fat daughter, and from her daughter to the pig again; but already it was impossible for her to say which was which.
A Coraline fanfic featuring the Other Mother and one of my OCs, one of her daughters, Other Coraline 2. Read ';Perfect Little Girl' to learn about the Beldam's daughters.
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Chapter 1: Introduction of a New Hero: Zero

Beast Boy finally realized the Terra he knew was long gone. He turned around and ran through the school doors. He began thinking of all the fun times he had with Terra. He even thought of the times when she was his enemy. Even the time when he told her she had no friends. He wish he could take it back, all of it. As he continued running towards the other Titans he notice a rocker looking boy staring at him with red sunglasses, a black shirt with a red cross design on it, and black baggy pants. Beast Boy stopped and looked at him. Beast Boy stopped and looked at him many thoughts came to his head. Was he a spy for slade or maybe a member of the recently stopped brotherhood of evil. Beast Boy began to glare but said nothing to him.

The boy then spoke. "I revived Terra" he said with a smirk. Beast Boys eyes widen and could not believe what he just heard. The boy then spoke agian,"If you wish to find out how i revived her or why she does not remember you follow me your friends can stop that monster without you and turn off your communicator for now." The boy began walking down an ally. It had to be a trap Beast Boy thought to himself. But it could be possible he did revive Terra. He decided to follow him and shut off his communicator. He followed the boy to a door way that he walked through. Beast Boy went through as well and the door shut behind him. He turned around quickly and at first thought, " I KNEW IT WAS A TRAP" he said to himself.

The lights turned on and Beast Boy saw some of the most high end computers and equipment and medical machines. They were even more advanced than what Cyborg had."Dude this stuff his high Tech." Beast Boy said. "Glad you like it, this equipment helped me revive your friend" the boy said. Beast Boy walked up to him and said,"Yaaaaaaaaaa, how did you do that and why cant she remember me?" The boy looked away from him and walked to his computer. He then spoke, " What im about to tell you is not going to be easy for you to hear and i also needed to warn you." Beast Boy raised an eyebrow in confusion. He thought to himself "Warn me about what?" The boy spoke agian," First your friend and sorry for not getting introductions out of the way my name is Zero im a super hero like yourself." Zero shook Beast Boy's hand. "Nice to meet you i suppose you know me and my friends right?" Beast Boy said to Zero. "Yes I do" Zero replied.

Zero continued to speak, "Terra as you know was completely turned to stone (Beast Boy shook his head up and down) to reverse the effect i had to completely drain her powers."
"But how?" Beast Boy asked. Zero sighed and continued," Well her powers were artifically made and were placed in her body, since they are artificial i could easily remove them. Afterwards . . . . " he stopped. " What? " Beast Boy asked. Silence was between them for a good couple of minutes until Beast Boy grabbed him by the collar. " TELL ME NOW!" He shouted right in his face. Zero looked him in the face and then continued. " She asked me to remove all memory of her encounters with the Teen Titans and Slade." Beast Boy let go and was moving backwards. " No . . ." he said softly. He then turned and punched a wall. " WHY! WE WERE HER FRIENDS JUST WHY I . . .I !?!" he screamed at the wall he punched. Zero looked down and spoke agian, " I told you it would not be easy to hear but the slade experienced which ended up betraying you scarred her for life and she did not have her powers anymore so she wanted to be a normal person." He placed his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder and said to him," I know what it is like to loose a girl you love."

Beast Boy was at a lost for words he did not want to believe any of it but it was way Zero spoke it felt like he had known him forever like he was he best friend. "What else. . . " Beast Boy said. Zero went to his computer and ejected two disks and labeled them. Zero walked up to him and handed Beast Boy both of the disks." One disk contains information on my enemy Dead Jack he has come to this city hoping to destroy it and the other contains information  on Trigon possibly returning." Beast Boy's eyes widen and shouted," TRIGON! How can he?" Zero interrupted, " Demons can come to this world in many different ways although he can not use your friend Raven as a portal anymore but there are other means. Take these straight to Robin he will figure out what to do." Beast Boy put both disks in his pocket and looked at him seriously and spoke," What are you going to do?" Zero went back over to his computer and explained his actions," Im going to continue digging i have informants for both the Scath occult and the Satanic occult that worships Dead Jack the demon Jack in the box." "Dude this sounds seriously dark" Beast Boy said. " I know" Zero replied.

Zero handed him a small black box with a big Z on it. "Whats this?" Beast Boy asked. Zero rubbed his head and explained," This is a communicator to talk to me in case of an emergancy." " Thanks man and how can i trust you?" Beast boy asked. Zero laughed and spoke," If i was your enemy i would be wiser to kill you now but im not your enemy you can feel that cant you?" "Ya i can tell your not my enemy but dude just becarefull alright this is really dark stuff your talking about." Beast Boy said. Zero shook his head. " Now go your team is waiting for you" Zero said. Beast Boy then left Zeros hideout to get back to the titans.

Zero walked back to his computer and pressed a button to reveal his Z-Nano Tech Suite. He then thought to himself, "Hes right this is completely dark and i am going to need help thank goodness I did decide to contact one of the Teen Titans." He began to put his suite on and began selecting his gadgets for a reconises mission. "Time to go" he said to himself.
First episode of my Teen Titan Series mostly focuses around the new hero known as Zero and Beast Boy.


Teen Titans, Beast Boy (c) DC Comics

Zero (c) FallenAngel888
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Amy-Chan: Hiya people! We’re back for part ....what number are we on now?”
Raven: Chapter five you demented girl....
Jinx: ha, five chapters of us doing mushy stuff....i love it!
Amy-Chan: two are cute ^^

Now onto the show! (Go traditional Teen Titans opening with added Jinx kissing Raven Scene?)

This time it was Beast boys time to track them...they had moved from the ice cream shop and down the street. He kept a close eye on them by shifting into several different animals in his tracking. A fly...a mouse... a bird anything he could to keep close. He was feeling more than a bit of jealousy right now. His years of pining after her...his jokes...trying to make her smile...asking her out on dates...and he gets brushed off for another girl...more than that, a villain girl. One that Raven herself had expressed hate for many times since their first encounter.

Jinx smiled keeping her hand around Ravens waist as they walked. Raven keeping quiet. They had finished their ice cream a little bit ago and now were walking down the streets just enjoying each others company for the moment.
While walking along Jinx looked up at a local movie house and smiled seeing one of her favorite movies being played. She grinned at Raven and pulled her along
“C’mon....they got one of my favorite movies! We have to see it...” she said happily.
Raven blinked “What movie?” she said looking up seeing the title. It said in big bold letters
Raven smiled. This happened to be one of her favorite movies as well. They both hurried inside and found their seats.
The theatre was oddly empty of all but only a few people. Two other couples and three single people just there with nothing better to do.
The movie started as they all do with scenes of the lobby and previews but soon got to the story  as Raven couldn’t help but lean slightly to the side ending up with her head on Jinx’s shoulder.
Jinx smiled at her and reached her arm around Raven’s shoulder holding her close. Raven blushed and tried to shake the arm off of her but resigned herself to the closeness of their hold and relaxed watching the movie. Part of her knew What Jinx was trying to do...but she was still unsure of what she was feeling. She closed her eyes for moment calming herself down and decided to just watch the movie, and not to think.

Outside the theatre, a green furred bloodhound sniffed the ground lightly following the scent of the criminal and the girl he had been crushing on since the Titans had formed.
He stopped and looked up at the movie theatre growling a bit before changing back into his human form. He pulled out his communicator…
‘Beast boy to Robin... I found them. Movie theatre on 71st street.” He relayed the information to their leader.
“Good work …keep us posted,” Robin’s agitated voice came through the device. Beast Boy closed his communicator and snuck into the theatre by changing into a fly to avoid the movie ticket person.

Once he made it inside he peeked around the corner looking into the theatre room. His eyes could barley make out anything through the mix of shadow and light but he finally caught the silhouette  of Jinx’s demon horn hairstyle, he glared at the back of her head then turned slightly seeing Raven leaning against her shoulder. Jinx’s arm wrapped around her. He still couldn’t believe it and his jaw dropped, eyes popping out as wide as dinner plates and he began crying profusely.

Raven watched the movie happily, even humming along with a couple of the songs. She managed to hear Jinx giggle a bit.
“Don’t I have a lot in common with Jareth?  We both tend to ensnare a pretty girl…if I was a goblin Queen I would keep you with me at all times” she giggled to a blushing Raven who couldn’t say anything out of embarrassment.

Beast boy had slumped to the floor as the movie came to a close. He let out a long sigh pulling out the communicator again “Robin…the movie is over…they will be leaving shortly” he said depressed.
Robin acknowledged the info and said that Starfire would be meeting them at the next stop. Beast boy agreed and closed his device leaving quietly as the movie watchers slowly filed out in lines. Raven and Jinx standing a little closer together then they had before. Raven as confused as ever as her inner selves warred for dominance over the situation about the Pink haired witch beside her. She did her best to shrug it off <I’m not in love…I don’t love her…I’m just…lulling her into a false sense of security…yeah…that’s it…I’ll arrest her when she wont put up a fight…please let that be the truth> she rambled in her head trying to think as Jinx smiled and leaned over planting a kiss on her cheek, enjoying the shade of crimson Raven’s face would turn every few seconds.
Raven did her best to regain her composure and shook her head lightly.
“So…where are we going now?” she asked trying to change the subject.
Jinx gave her a wide grin “There is a carnival going on for a couple days, I thought it would be fun to go tonight…play a couple games, ride a few rides…it’ll be fun” she said.
Raven sighed <fun…that’s what I’m afraid of>
shorter than my others, goes with this pic
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Mario & Sonic : Team Red and Blue

Street Fighter X Tekken: Team Nintendo 3DS Exclusives

Team Story:------------------------------

"The entire planet was curious as to what would be the provenance such a Pandora's Box that fell in the Antarctica, all kinds of press has presented the news of the phenomenon, even on a parallel reality, to be more exact, in a place called Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, the hero known from this land, saw this news on TV and got worried about what kind of power this box can offer..."
Mario: Oh, I'm thinking.... and if this falls in hand-a of bad people, like-a Bowser?!
"and so, The Red Little Plumber got out for a Journey in the "real world", however as he no longer has the socializing in this alternate reality nowadays, he calls an old rival to help him along the way, who is more accustomed to visit this dimension."
Sonic: Heh, leave this to me! but I'm not sure if this will work very well, you can really follow my steps, Mario?
"even facing the differences, Mario and Sonic go on the way to the South Pole, so they can get the box before anyone else with bad intentions do so."
Mario: I hope-a that this be the right-a thing to do!

Mario Moveset:------------------------------

Moves List:

Fire Ball (180º forward+ Punch) [same command in the air]

Mario Tornado (180º back + Punch) [same command in the air]

Super Jump Punch (forward, back and forward + Punch) [same command in the air]

Cape Attack (pressing "M. Kick" and "M. Punch" together to charge the attack)

Ground Pound (180º back + M. Kick) [only in the air]

FLUDD attack  (forward, back and forward + Kick) [and continue pressing "Kick button" until the water ends]

Super Arts:

Mario Finale (180º forward 2x + Double Punch)

Cross Art:
Mario go to running for close the opponent and start to hit him with most of your Power Ups from his games, and in the last attack he do a big uppercut (like a Shoryuken) with his hand growed, throwing the opponent to his partner.
Entrance Line:

"It's a me! Mario!"

First-Hit Line:

"What do you think-a to try a few punches of spaghetti?!"

Last-Hit Line:

"Woohoo! Mario won this time!"
Round Victory Lines:

#1: You need-a to "do the Mario", hihi!

#2: Yeah! Mario is number-a one!
Pandora Activation: This is more powerful than the Super Star!

Pandora Sacrifice: Mamma Mia.....

Taunt:  Wahoo!
Fight Victory:

"This was a amazing fight!"

Victory Texts:

Vs. Ryu: "Ooh, you're a great-a fighter-a, Paisano! I loved how you can throw this blue energy balls! I wish do that!"

Vs. Ken: "You're not a bad-a fighter! I wonder if I can combine my Super-a Jump Punch with a Fire-a Flower for do a burning uppercut like yours."

Vs. Chun-Li: "Oh, I really feel sorry for beat a lady... I hope you're not sad with me.…"

Vs. Cammy: "I don't know why some dedicated-a ladies like you are doing-a in a dangerous place like this. Please forgive me if I hurt-a you."

Vs. Guile: "You're determined, and a hero of your-a country, Was amazing fight-a you!"

Vs. Abel: "Sorry, but I can't help-a you with your memories... even if I was wearing my Doctor clothes, I couldn't know how to deal with amnesia, I just tract chill or fever."

Vs. Dhalsim: "Oh, strange, your arms are like-a rubber-a ... is like a Yoshi's tongue!".

Vs. Sagat: "You're really a king-a?, so, you know some people of royalty .... You've heard about-a Princess Peach?"

Vs. Zangief: "You are so big-a and strong-a, you really seems like a old-a rival mine from the jungle!"

Vs. Rufus: "Hey, Paisano, you talk a lot! Maybe you can eat some pasta and fill your mouth while you chewing it, what do you think?"

Vs. Poison: "I usually don't feel-a very well when I fight-a with ladies, but this time was very strange because you seems-a a man fighting!..."

Vs. Hugo: "Mamma Mia!, you are giant-a, you took a Mega Mushroom?"

Vs. Rolento: "Are you a good-a commander, if Bowser was as you to command-a his Koopa Tropas, the Mushroom Kingdom could-a have problems!"

Vs. Ibuki: "Hoho, I feel-a sorry for beat-a you, but if you go home now, maybe you still can find-a a good boyfriend-a for you! Good Luck!"

Vs. Vega: "You use a mask-a for dont hurt-a your face? Now I know why Shy Guys uses one too!"

Vs. Balrog: "Oh money is so important-a in nowadays here? in Mushroom Kingdom is not so important-a, we can find-a a coin in almost all blocks!"

Vs. M.Bison: "Villains like-a you never desists, is not? Every time when villains falls in the lava, they always survives, this makes me-a tired."

Vs. Juri: "Oh Lady, you're wild like a Pum-Pum! and-a happened with your eye? Can I help-a you?!."

Vs. Akuma: "By my mustaches! You're very strong-a, and your dark-a power scares me a lot!!"

Vs. Sakura: "What a schoolgirl is doing-a here? Hurry back-a for your home little girl, your mother-a should be worried!"

Vs. Blanka: "Oh what-a kind-a of Power Up you took for use this eletric-a powers?"

Vs. Cody: "Hey, you escaped from the prison? This is not good-a, Paisano! if you have something to pay for the law, is better you back!"

Vs. Guy: "Why this "profound sadness", Paisano? The life is like a giant-a plate of pasta!"

Vs. Dudley: "Is very good-a to meet some gentlemen in this tournament-a, to change a bit, hihi!"

Vs. Elena: "Amazing moves you have-a Lady! This is like a awesome dance!"

Vs. Kazuya: "You're the bad-a ones I've heard-a to talk,.... people like you don't know when stop-a!".

Vs. Nina: "For my Mamma! You're not a normal, lady... you need-a to be more delicate!"

Vs. Asuka: "Hey girl, calm-a down please, you're a few stressed-a! You want-a some spaghetti?"

Vs. Lili: "You thinks too much-a about-a yourself, little girl! If you love the next-a will be much happier!"

Vs. Jin: "Uh, you have problems of split-a personality, Paisano?"

Vs. Xiaoyu: "Ooh, is so beautiful see how you love someone, this a amazing feeling-a! I always remember a Princess when I see couples in love...oh Mamma Mia..."

Vs. Heihachi: "Hihi! I really want-a to get at your age with-a the same provision for continues fighting!"

Vs. Kuma: "I was thinking.... you is not a friend-a of Donkey Kong?"

Vs. Yoshimitsu: "You know, I have a brother-a that loves green! I bet he'd like to see the color of your sword-a!"

Vs. Raven: "So serious.... I wonder-a why... Hmmm"

Vs. Paul: "The most powerful of the universe? Really? Amazing! I hope that you can help-a me when I go to save the Galaxies!"

Vs. Law: "Another-a speaking of Money? Oh Mamma Mia... okay, if I find-a a good Question Block, you can get-a 10 coins inside!"

Vs. Hwoarang: "Hoh! I need-a to be more careful, you're pretty smart-a... I almost lost this!"

Vs. Steve: "Really fast-a, I have to admit, Paisano! But thankfully I trained-a boxing a little in the past!"

Vs. King: "Mamma Mia, where you got this jaguar mask-a? Is a new specie of Power Up?"

Vs. Marduk: "Why all this muscles? This can be difficult-a for you to jump-a! And that's too bad!"

Vs. Julia: "Nature is something-a that really needs to be preserved-a! I agree with-a you!"

Vs. Bob: "Hey Paisano, I see that you exaggerated in the pasta, huh?"

Vs. Ogre: "Oh, I know that in my world-a there's a lot-a of different species, but I never saw someone like you!"

Vs. Lars: "Woah! Where you found-a a Volt Shroom? please, tell me, this can be useful-a for me in this tournament-a!"

Vs. Alisa: "You're really a robot-a? I don't know if it's okay fight-a a robot-a that seems a sweet-a girl like you..."

Vs. Bryan: "Hey Paisano, calm down, if you don't be calm I'll jump-a in your head!"

Vs. Jack-X: "Mamma Mia! This robot-a is crazy!"

Vs. Christie: "Ooh, Mama... what a beautiful ravioli-a is you, Lady.... and how dance well!"

Vs. Lei: "You like to fight-a for justice, Paisano! We are equals, waha!"

Vs. MegaMan: "Hmm, you has the same name of a good old-a friend mine, but you don't looks like him, anyway."

Vs. Pac-Man: "Oh, it's-a Pac-man! Is awesome re-meet good-a friends!"

Sonic Moveset:------------------------------

Moves List:

Spin Dash (180º forward + Punch) [press the "Punch Button" for charge the attack]

Homing Attack (Back and forward +  Punch) [after the first hit, Sonic will do a acrobatics in the air, you can hit the opponent more than 3 times while he makes this move, pressing again the "Kick Button", if the target of the attack is still present on your opponent.]
[air]: (180º back + punch)

Insta Shield (180º forward + kick) [only in the air]

Quick Step (Forward 2x + Kick)

Quick Street Dance (180º back + Kick)

Sonic Wave (360º Spin + Kick)

Super Art:

The Blue Blur (back, forward and back + Triple Kick)

Cross Art:
Sonic prepares a Spin Dash and goes to hit the opponent very fast, while he are beating with his rolling attack he also pushes the opponent forward a bit. Then, after he finishes to spinning he kicks the opponent up, and runs the attack "Blast Wave" from Sonic Heroes, finishing this with a kick in the opponent's backs throwing it for your partner.

Entrance Line:

"Faster than the speed sound!"

First Hit Line:

#1: "What's up? I'm too fast for you?!"

#2: "I'm over here, your turtle! heh!"

Last-Hit Line:

#1: "Okay, this was the Sonic style!"
Round-Victory Lines:

"Don't worry about it, mate! We know who will win this!"

"Sorry, but you did something?, I didn't feel nothing!"
Pandora Activation: Now I'll show you!

Pandora Sacrifice: What....the....ugh

Taunt:  You're too slow!
Fight Victory Line:

"Way past cool!"

Victory Texts:

Vs. Ryu: "Strong and smart, but too slow yet!"

Vs. Ken: "More faster than the last, I must admit... but, not like the Hedgehog!"

Vs. Chun-Li "With this quick kicks you could be so fast like me, just need training!"

Vs. Cammy: "Wow! The fastest girl I've already seen!, if Amy was like you, she could get me!"

Vs. Guile: "Sonic Boom? Do you by chance asked permission for me to name your blow this way?"

Vs. Abel: "You don't remember who are you? You seems my old friend Chip talking!"

Vs. Dhalsim: "Ouch, stretch the body in this way must hurt a little, huh?"

Vs. Sagat: "King? pff, nobody is better than the king of speed, bro!"

Vs. Zangief: "Hey big guy, be careful with this slow steps, if you dont want to eat my dust!"

Vs. Rufus: "Man, Shut up, ...really, I dont care who is this such of Ken Masters,...I'm not him!"

Vs. Poison: "Hey....I won't fall in your traps, your faker!"

Vs. Hugo: "You know what the people bigger the guy, greater the fall"

Vs. Rolento: "Your soldiers can obey yours orders, but not this Hedgehog!"

Vs. Ibuki: "Hey, girl, nice moves! And nice speed too, if you train a lot you can do a Spin Dash!"

Vs. Vega: "What the?.... beauty? Dude, wake up! You don't have any!"

Vs. Balrog:  "Oh, just more one with a hot head.... You really seems Knuckles...*sigh*"

Vs. M.Bison: "Hey dude, don't mess with me, no super villain can stop me!"

Vs. Juri: "Phew, I thought this weird girl never would be knocked down!"

Vs. Akuma: "The Demon of Iron Fists? okay,...seems more like the Demon of slow fists!"

Vs. Sakura: "Hey girl, better you go home, this place is very dangerous for you!"

Vs. Blanka: "You have nice spin moves, dude! But you're very wild yet!"

Vs. Cody: "Dude, I saw both you yawn that it make me want to sleep! I think I'll lie down and take a nap!"

Vs. Guy: "I saw so much potential in you, is a pity that you don't was capable of follow me"

Vs. Dudley: "With all education, Sir. You're very boring..."

Vs. Elena: "Sorry girl, but I don't want to dance, these feet was made to run!"

Vs. Kazuya: "Metal Sonic can shoot lasers of eyes like you,.... I wonder if you are a robot too"

Vs. Nina: "Oh, sorry blonde, but this is not a place to amateurs!"

Vs. Jin: "Devil Gene, man? Wow... this seems like the time when I turned to Dark Super Sonic, and is not cool!"

Vs. Xiaoyu: "Hey, better you think before to try to make me a pet! I'm free!"

Vs. Asuka: "Heh, your way of thinking is very close to my, but there is only a place for a champion here!"

Vs. Lili: "You're a boring preppy girl! It is much worse than Amy!"

Vs. Heihachi: "I don't know, but people of your age, at this hour, should not be sleeping?"

Vs. Kuma: "Hey, guy, repeat with me: "I-am-a-big-slow-bear"...."

Vs. Yoshimitsu: "Whats is wrong with your face? I hit it so strong?"

Vs. Raven: "Where you learned to do the "Quick Step?""

Vs. Paul: "Strongest of the universe? My feet on your face!"

Vs. Law: "You know that money makes people bad, is not it?"

Vs. Hwoarang: "Finishes me with one strike?... sorry, I didn't see anything special...."

Vs. Steve: "One, two, three, and now you're on the ground!"

Vs. King: "What is this Jaguar's Mask? You don't like the people will looking in your eyes, dude?"

Vs. Marduk: "only brain"

Vs. Julia: "Nature always be thankful for people like you,  girl. Trust me, I know!"

Vs. Bob: "Seems that someone here ate a lot of Chili Dogs, heh!"

Vs. Ogre: "very strong...but you know... green is not the color of the winners... Blue is the lucky one!"

Vs. MegaMan: "Hey man, blue is a cool color! but you could stop with the hamburgers huh?"

Vs. Pac-Man: "Dude, smile is very good, but during all the time this can be very scaring, you know?"

Vs. Lars: "Nice hair, guy!"

Vs. Alisa: "you know, of all the robots I've ever faced, you're the only one with such beauty, I have to say!"

Vs. Bryan: "Woah cowboy, stays here on the ground and calms down...I'm not here to talk crazy people!"

Vs. Jack-X: "Nothing very different of Eggman's ones..."

Vs. Christie: "You have a good rhythm! But can follow me in my steps?"

Vs. Lei: "You have good intentions, dude, but to arrest some bad guys have to be faster."

Mario & Sonic Lines:------------------------------

Team Entrance:

Mario: (Mario jumps on the screen, spins once when he lands at ground, and make the classic "V" with him fingers) Face the power of the plumber!!

Sonic: and the speed of the Hedgehog!…(comes running from the back of screen and he brakes of the side of Mario)

Mario & Sonic together: Hope you're ready! (they make a pose of fight together)

Rival Battle Scene:------------------------------

Heihachi Mishima & Kuma

Stage: The Half Pipe

(Sonic appears first on the screen, running to the path of stage, far ahead of Mario, then he looks back to make a comment to his friend-rival plumber.)

Sonic: Hey Mario, if you can't follow me, I'll have to leave you to back!

(Mario, so, running as he can, says for Sonic, far of him)

Mario: Hmpf! Wait-a Sonic, don't be rude!

(Sonic, still running and looking back collides with something and falls on the ground)

Sonic: Ouch!

(Mario reaches close to Sonic in slow steps, and tells him)

Mario: Are you alright?, This is for-a you to learn-a to look-a ahead when you're running.

(after Sonic recover from the blow, both look forward and get surprised to see a huge bear in them front, while Kuma turns the face for the direction of the two mascots)

Mario & Sonic: WHOA!

Sonic (standing): What the...

Mario: It's a bear!

Sonic: I'm seeing! (then, walks two steps forward and says) Hey Big Guy! Get out of the our way, if you dont want to get hurt today!

Kuma (makes some gestures and growls): (What's this blue porcupine is talking?!)

Mario: Ahm, Sonic, seems that he can't talk-a...

Sonic: how this is possible? every animal can talk!...

(Heihachi, comes with the cross arms walking from the back of Kuma)

Heihachi: Humpf, what kind of strange fighters we have here? A plumber quietly and a rat! This is a joke?

Sonic: OH MAN! I'm a Hedgehog!!

Mario: Hey, old-a man! Don't judge me by my size-a, I'm-a super! I'm-a Super Mario!

Heihachi: Super? I don't see anything Super in you! And who are you calling old? You don't look too young either!

Mario: What you talking about-a?! I'm only 25!

Sonic: WHAT?!! (Shocked looking to Mario)

Heihachi: I don't care, if you are looking for pandora, you two will face us, and so your journey ends here! (makes a fight position with Kuma)

Sonic: uh... you, and the bear?

Mario (looking for Sonic): Okay, we can do this together-a, Sonic!  If we work-a like a team, we can win any battle!

Sonic: Yeah, we can do it! And we've hit on guys much bigger than these two!! Let's go!  (the M&S team, so, makes the battle position)

Victory Lines:------------------------------

Fight #1:

Mario: Wahoo! Our first-a win in this tournament! How's amazing! But we need to focus for dont lose!

Sonic: What you talking about, Mario? nobody here is too fast than me.

Mario : But we have-a to be careful, I heard that some bad-a guys entered in this search-a for Pandora too!.

Sonic: Meh, I dont care, nobody is better than the fastest thing alive!

Fight #2:

Mario: Oh Yeah! More one victory for the M&S team-a!

Sonic: What? why this team call M&S and no S&M? I am the leader of this...

Mario: We don't have a leader-a here, Sonic... we are equals. we are a team of two, anyway

Sonic: Me?, equal to you? You should be kidding...

Fight #3:

Sonic: Hey dude, what you are thinking? if don't was my speed we could lost this battle

Mario: Oh, sorry Mr. Speed. but you needed my power-a for win this fight-a too, you're not working like a team..

Sonic: What I can say? You're too slow to help me with my strikes, maybe if you were a little faster we could work better.

Mario : Don't let-a your ego inflate too much-a, friend. We need one of other, and we are in this together!

Fight #4:

Sonic: Yeah, was better.... you helped me a lot this time, I must to say...

Mario: Oh, okiedokie, no problem, I'm glad to make-a a team with you my friend

Sonic: That's right, so, ... I'm the leader, and now I'm running for searchs of this box!

Mario: Hey, Wait!, This was dirty-a game!

Fight #5: (Rival Battle)

Mario: Waha! We did it , Sonic! We finally worked perfectly!

Sonic: of course!, this was a good cooperation! We need to train more this partnership! from this team will out a lot of good moves!

Mario: aha! yes! I'm agree!. ....but look-a, seems that our journey is almost-a in the finish, the snow are falling, we are close to the South-a Pole!

Sonic: Yeah, I already can feel the cold of this place, ... we can't stop now, Pandora is close, and with our skills together we will get this box!.

Mario: Here we go!!

Fight #6: (Jin and Xiaoyu Sub-Boss)

Mario: Whoa! What kind-a of power that was coming out-a of this girl?! Is a terrible dark-a power! *glup*

Sonic: yeah, the guy with the tatoo emanated this power too, I think is the power of Pandora Box in them bodies

Mario: Well, I'll get-a happy when we finally got this box-a and lock this in a security place!.

Sonic: same here.... but, where this box?, We finally won this tournament, and have no one more for fight with us.

Mario: I'm not sure about-a this, Paisano.. I feel a bad feeling... I think we are not alone....

Fight #7: (Ogre Boss Battle)

Sonic: Phew.., this green man was the most hard to fight.... but nobody can stop the plumber...

Mario: ....and the Hedgehog-a! Hihi, we make an amazing team-a!, and I don't know who is this ugly monster-a, but I don't want to fight with him again, hehe...

Sonic: me too, heh, but don't need to worry, guy,...Look, we finally got our prize!

Mario: ooh, that's right!, we finally can see what's that Pandora Box! Let's-a go!

Team Ending Dialogue:------------------------------

(Mario and Sonic go walking in slow steps while the Pandora Box is openning and a flash of lights is comming out inside it. So they stop a bit far of the object)

Mario: ... oh right... that's it..... (looking for your front, with the box full of light)

Sonic (arranges his gloves) : Hey, what do we waiting for? let's see what's inside of it! (runs for close to the box)

Mario: Hey Sonic, Wait! (runs a bit, and jump getting close Sonic in the side of box opened)

(both look for the inside of box and after look to the sky fully shining with the lights)

Sonic: man... it's empty... there's only light...

Mario:'s a pity...but, you know... after-a all, was very nice to go an adventure with you, Paisano. (looking to Sonic)

Sonic: ....heh...I must admit, was very cool despite everything, we really did a great job, mate.

(Sonic then reaches out for Mario, and the two greet each other as brothers.)

Mario: we need-a to go out for journeys like this more often

Sonic: This will not be the last, guy. Believe me. heh. good, let's get rid of this box, before some crazy Doctor or King of Koopas think about getting this.

----text after credits---
"and after Mario and Sonic learn how to fight like a team, they throw the Pandora Box by the Warp Zone of Mushroom Kingdom, then the object falls in the -1 World, a place that few people have access. With help of Chaos Emerald, they block the the pipe of entrance and exit from this place, for that nobody can get that mysterious power."

Mario © Nintendo
Sonic © SEGA / Sonic Team
Street Fighter X Tekken © NAMCO Bandai / Capcom
Details & Designs © CyberWolfJV/TheGuy07
Hello people, this time I bring something different for you guys,..I was seeing this post: [link] of:iconhotfeet444: and I simple loved the idea. Then, with this base, I decided to do the same with my favorite characters, Mario and Sonic, as if they were playable in SFxTK ... Clearly, for a game for Xbox360, PC, PS3 or PSVita have Mario would be unworkable XD. So, why not dream a little, and expect this game to be ported to 3DS? heheh, this way, they could be characters exclusive to the console :P.

I ask apologizes for some errors in formatting and English, because as you know, I have not yet mastered the language well. but it was a way of expressing my ideas for you to see. I hope you enjoy and please comment.

(PS: sorry about the Sonic's personality, this is not the best one... I dont like very much when he behaves in this way selfish, but, anyway was a cool way to emphasize the differences between Mario and Sonic.=))
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fandom: Romantically Apocalyptic
genre: hurt/comfort, friendship, fluff
characters: mostly Engie
rating: T
status: complete
summary:As a light sleeper, Engie has plenty of time to observe and wonder over his crewmates´ sleeping habits. His observations leave him a bit grumpy, but Pilot is already working to find a solution ...

Maybe it is because he could never get enough sleep when Annet was still sending. Maybe it is because even the reality of post apocalyptic life is not as dreadful as his nightmares back then were. When Charles Snippy is asleep, he could as well be dead. The engineer is sure that even a rifle fired next to the sniper could not wake him up. Of course this is beneficial to Captain´s and Pilot´s habit of pulling pranks on Snippy. Gromov clearly remembers the day the tour guide woke up dressed in a pink rabbit costume because Captain wanted him to replace the Easter Bunny, claiming the real one had been abducted by aliens...
Captain, on the other hand, rarely sleeps. Instead, Seven has the habit of hovering over the sniper until he dozes off. Engie often hears Snippy complain about it, wondering if Captain sleeps at all. Engie always smiles at this, unseen behind his mask. Unlike Snippy, he is a light sleeper, his fearsome nature and nervousness keeping him awake, allowing insight into Seven´s sleeping habits that Snippy probably will never find out about.
When the tour guide is asleep, Seven gives up the hovering position, removes shoes, hat, mask and shroud, placing them neatly next to the worn out mattress that is Snippy´s resting place, and silently crawls beneath the blanket next to the sniper. Every morning, Seven rises silently and takes the hovering position again before Snippy wakes up.
Gromov wonders how Captain-worshipper Pilot copes with this, but he is not even sure the child-man knows. Pilot always leaves when it is getting dark. The engineer attributes this to his craziness. No sane person would sleep outside in the nuclear wasteland if he was in his right mind. But to Engies amazement, Pilot comes back alive every morning. The angsty  part of Gromov´s personality tells him to leave it at that, but the part that is a curious scientist desperately wants to know where Pilot is going at night.
Gromov barely has to step outside the unstable door to find out.
Photoshop, the huge, caterpillar-like creature with sharp teeth, blocks the way to the entrance of their so-called base completely. Curled up, it resembles a giant, breathing donut.  Right in the center of the circle the worm forms with its body, is Pilot, comfortably cuddling into his giant pet. The child-man is moved  gently every time the worm in- and exhales. Gromov watches the strange sight with fascination, until he remembers that darkness and being outside is a lethal combination.

Engie goes back inside and crawls into his sleeping bag.
Though he is wrapped into his coat and sleeping bag , he feels the cold of the concrete floor seeping into his bones. He moves uncomfortably, watching the usual evening ritual. Snippy, removing his mask and goggles, lying down without taking off his boots (The sniper always keeps his shoes on during night since he found his boots glued to the floor one morning). Seven, hovering over Snippy   until he is asleep, then moving to rest close to the sniper. Snippy, unconsciously moving closer to the warmth he does not know is provided by Captain.
Engie realizes he is the only one without a companion to warm him. Though he does not really know if it is preferable to cuddle with a pessimistic smart-ass like Snippy, the complete lunatic that Seven is, or, even more dubious, with a giant mutated worm, he is a little hurt. Maybe he still does not belong to this strange little group, having joined it so late while the others already have formed bonds and alliances. Frankly, realizing that even an obvious lunatic like Pilot rather shares warmth with a giant caterpillar than sleeping in the same room with you can be upsetting.

The next evening, Gromov unfurls his sleeping bag in a gloomy mood. He nearly jumps when someone touches his shoulder. The engineer harshly turns around, only to find Pilot crouching next to him. "Yeah?," he grumbles, his scowl invisible behind his mask.
With this words, he carefully pulls out a stuffed plush puffin from the inside pocket of his jacket, holding the prized item out for Gromov expectantly. Engie is stunned. Clumsily, he takes the puffin out of Pilot´s hands, mumbling a soft "Thank you". Pilot, satisfied with his solution, bounces out to meet Photoshop. The engineer looks at the plushie, not sure what to do. Finally, he tucks it inside his jacket, close to his chest. Strangely, he feels a lot warmer when he curls into his sleeping bag this time. It is physically impossible that sentiment  emits warmth, he muses  before drifting into sleep effortlessly, for the first time since he joined the group.
story by me
preview pic by:iconkojinkaluigigodzilla:

Ra and its characters belong to:iconalexiuss:

Ra fanfic I already published on I decided to upload it here, too, because
:iconkojinkaluigigodzilla: drew a wonderful picture that fits the story so well, and allowed me to use it as cover pic .
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Part 3: The Battle
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we promise! None of you have ever seen this before! This time, the challenger for the last duel is a kind of alien robot, from the race we all know tried to rule this planet, to steal us and slave the human race!  We caught it trying to run 'till South Pacific rainforests, so none one could virtually find it. But now, we find it, and our best trained soldier is gonna break this machine until it calls for mercy, and them give it the coup-de-grace."
It sounded familiar. I have known about giant robots from outer space trying to invade Earth, but I thought it was a fake. I was confused, at the same time excited to know everything .
"Didn't I tell they were real?" Jim spoke eager
"Okay, Jim, you rock. It's so exited! I heard they were ¨@&# big!" Dylan followed
"Yes, I hope they have brought their leader, a giant blue and red robot which changes into a fire truck!"  Jared was very excited too.
"Cool! But I'm sure the small yellow robot could be interesting too" Kevin joked at them.
But I kept even more puzzled:
"What? They do 'change'? Into vehicles…?"
"That's right." Jared answered me "It's really odd, but since I knew it, I thought it was cool. I ever believed they were 'good guys', you know, but after a bad incident in Sao Francisco, it seems they are all bad 'guys', I guess."
"Don't be so stupid, guys."Mike appeared, surprisingly without Julie "The real 'bad guys' among the robots were expelled from here by the 'good ones'. The robot they got is probably one of the non-dangerous…"
"And you believe in every lie Human Support blab-blab says. C'mon, they were…"
"Don't speak a single world, Jimmy. My father was affiliated to Autobots Human Support in Australia. I disagreed when I heard about a Cybertronian being captured."
Then, they started an useless debate. I was bored to keep listening to those guys. So I looked again at the fields, and I had a big surprise…
"Well, I brought you here. Now you're by your own. So, good luck, mister Prawl."
"Thank you."
"I hope you don't hate me for this. Now I'll be backing home. I don't wanna stay to see what's gonna happen."
That wasn't his fault at all. I perfectly understood he was making his job. But in that case, my job was to survive and set myself free. I believed I was able to win this battle. I have fought against the Decepticons, so human of any kind should not be that difficult. I shouldn't have problems with them, I guessed…
¬I saw down there a strange being. It was a tall, about 10 to 12 feet high comparing to the humans, and very, but very slim humanoid. He was almost completely black in color. He had a metallic armor partially covering its body, with some golden and grey parts I guess. The face-like part was actually very elongate and grey, like a very slanted more or less humanoid. I could see his 'closer' on the big screen, with something like a small "mouth", very small "nose", a black small helmet-like ting on the top of "head" and pointy blue "glasses" like objects. Then I couldn't figure out immediately it was a robot, because it was too different from what I imagined. It didn't look so "robotic", it even looked alive for my knowledge. It was still "attached" by chains, which three guys quickly took them off and ran just after. It moves so fluidly, so natural and realistic that I had doubts about it being a true robot:
"Hey guys, look" I shouted. "Did you guys mean 'this'?"
"Oh, know, it's a *&$% 'small' one!" Kevin shouted
"Small? So could they be bigger?" I was a bit surprised. This one was enough large for me.
"Yes, so much bigger than this! C'mon! They could get a better thing! Oh, (*&#). Look to the 'armor ting', it's like from a motorcycle one!"
Jim was still discussing with Mike:
"Well, this one is black" Jim claimed "So it must be a 'bad guy', right?"
"I'm not sure. He has no insignia, but I guess it has been removed to avoid people indentifying him. This is a pick weird."
"And a 'headache', Mike, as I have never seen one before, I can't say any *%& thing"
"Me neither. My father worked 'there', but he was instructed to keep all in absolute secrete. I just knew because he told me about, but I have never seen one of them before."
"So how can you still defend them? You don't even know them in fact…"
I felt really bad for them two. So I decided to go away and see everything closer. I expected the strange mechanical life being tried to attack or run from the guy with guns, but it was doing virtually nothing. The robot kept immobile in a strange "ready to jump" position, with the 'legs' partially folded, the 'back' slightly curved and the 'arms' partially folded. But it didn't jump, as if it was expecting the guy to make the first move.
One could say I always wait my opponent make the first move. In fact, the real reason for me to continue immobile in this pose was because I didn't know what to do. Hence I could stay waiting like this forever; it all seems the shooter was also waiting my first move. He pointed me his weapon, but I wasn't afraid. And I think he could see my lacking of fear.
"Come here, bot. It won't hurt so much if you help…"
"This is useless and non-sense."I whispered very softly.
I still couldn't understand anything. Is this s "good" or "bad" robot? Even Mike had doubts. At all, I was becoming bored while nothing happened, until the guy suddenly shoots. But faster than my eyes could get, the robot deviated and jumped really high. It was fast but so incredibly awesome at the same time. I could even hear the crowd yelling "Whoa" by the same time.
"Oh, sh&*#!" He cursed.
I could have no time left. He was trying to kill me without remorse, but I wasn't disposed to collaborate by that time. There was must be something I could do.
Then the robot took some very big sharp golden razors, something like a three blades wheel circle and through it immediately in the shooter direction. The robot missed the guy, who looked back to the blades and lost the robot of sigh for a moment.
I had to do something to distract him. I had a few seconds; trough, for me, it was enough.
"It's trying to getaway!" I heard someone exclaiming.
That robot could run really, but really fast. It ran in a great speed to the wall at the opposite side from where I was, and tried to climb. The gunman fired, but the robot moved away once more. It them tried to climb the wall again, but couldn't, 'cause as Dylan said, there was a slippery material covering the wall. But the robot didn't give up.
This wasn't in my plain. So I had to improvise.
Then the robot got another sharp razor blade disco and used like stakes on the wall. Actually those were two of them. And the each razor was so sharp that was enough to stick the wall. It was amazing, because I saw none of the former creatures with the sharpest claws could do something like this, very impressive. I could ever see people upper there running, but they had nothing to worry about, because when he jumped, he shocked against the invisible shield.
Once more, I failed. I must have known it. I must have expected they put this shield to protect the public. After all, I realized that there was no time for mistakes; additionally, I had to make a new plain.
Just like a cat, he (now I could call it "he" because, that time, somehow I felt like he was actually a person) landed on his feet. They man fired again, but this time we could see he shot grazed. It seemed it wasn't enough to make a serious damage, but I saw on the big widescreen there was some electric wires being exposed.
I got hit, but I learned how to ignore the pain and continue moving. I could have no other chance, and it all pointed he wouldn't miss the next shooting.

End of part 3
Next part: [link]
Previous: [link]
What will happen to Prowl and his "family"? Only in next part. I warn: it's strong and tense.
As you can see, I changed the fanfic into the chapter title only, to avoid confusing "March 11th" with real life events, such as the Terrorist Act in Madrid (Spain) in 2004 or the Great Tohoku Eartquake (Japan) in 2011.
It may be not clear how Roxanne and Susan have come in. The explanations was cutted, as well as many other things. The uncut version is featured here: [link]

Remember: TFA charcaters belong to Hasbro and Takara Tomy, meanwhile TPC characters belong to me.
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The penguins were spying savio, who was in the zoo since some days, he said he wasnt evil, but Skipper's paranoia thought a different thing, that day he had passed all his time sleeping, because the last night he spent it trying to make his habitat nice for the new snake that was coming from California, she had passed a lot of kilometers and was on a box so he decided to make a confortable place for her.

Savio made the place look beautiful, it was shiny, clean and he also changed his bed to give it to her, he had passed some time in the wild so he could sleep in branches, he was sleeping when he heard the door open

"Alice, are you sure we need another boa?" he heard the asistant ask

"yes, we need them to-" she got cut by the voice of the asistant

"yes, yes, I know..."

When the snake was reaveled Savio looked at her, it was a beautifull boa, the skin was green with some lines between, like this |||||||, those were black, she had a flower hanging in her head, a rose to be excact, he face was identical to Savio's, her body was almost like Savio's, but she had girly eyebrows, like Mandy, Marlene and Arlene.

The snake shook her face and hen gave a glance to all the habitat, like looking for something, she passed 3 times over Savio but she didn't pay atention to him, but what she said then surprised Savio

"I thought there was a snake here?"

"ahemm?" Savio said trying to make her pay atention to him


"I am a snake"

"no, you are an assasain, I'm looking for a snake!" those words made Savio anger a lot, he had a bad reputation in the zoo, but this was too annoying, assasain?! really?!

"excuse me madam, but I am no assasain, my days of eating without permision are over!"

"I don't believe you"

"me neither!" Savio heard a voice of a small animal: Skipper, the pengins crew and the otter crew were looking at them (otter crew: Mandy, Marlene and Arlene)

"*sight* I say the truth!" Savio shouted

"skipper I believe he says the truth" Marlene said at the penguin that was just next to him

"come one Marlene? what's the posibility that what he says is true?"

"actually the probabilities that Savio says the truth are, about... 80%!" Kowalski calculated

"that means that Savio is saying the truth Skippa'!"  said inocently Private

"aha!" Rico afirmed

"I still don't believe this..."

"the paranoia atacks again!" Mandy and Arlene pointed sarcasticly at the same time


"don't scream I am next to you!" the boa shouted

"what is your name?"

"why shoud you know?"

"because, I don't know, because we share habitat?"

"ok, my name is Silvia, Silvia te boa"

"nice to meet you"

"at leat you say meet to her!" Skipper shouted


"bad to meet you, where is my bed!"

"there, princes!"

Silvia tried to go away, the same Savio, but when they slipped, they stopped moving, and then they got sent backwards to each other, they looked down, theyr bodies were tied together

"get away from me creep!" Silvia shouted

"you get away from me!"

Meanwhile the penguins watched all, Skipper reacted inmeadeatly


"well, it's, the courtship ritual"

"so, you like me! ewwww!" Silvia shouted

"actually the female is the one who atrackt te male to her body for three days"

"so I'll have to pass three days with this girl next to me!" Savio shouted

"actually it can be more, until you two kiss you will be tied!" Skipper shouted

"way to go girl!" Savio said

"it wasn't my fault!"

"it was!"

"hmm, we better get away..." Arlene said

"Skipper can you... stay a while?" Marlene asked to the comando penguin


Marlene and Skipper stayed a while there seeing the discusion between Silvia and Savio, Marlene always was near the comando, but he never noticed, after a while Skipper said to her

"Marlene I have to make my excercises with my team"

"ah, ok"

then he went away

"why did I told him to stay?..." she thought to herself as she also went away

day 1: Savio woke up and once he opened his eyes he saw Silvia, but she was too near, he jumped and woke Silvia, who did the same thing, after some seconds, Savio and Silvia reacted

"why I have to be with you!" Savio asked

(wait for part 2 to know the rest of day 1!)
yay, my second fanfic HERE

information about Arlene and/or Mandy enter Fanpop

:headbang: more love!

skipper, kowalski, private, rico, marlene, savio copyright Tom McGrath

Arlene, Mandy, Silvia copyright me!!!
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Okay next request done! Another swimming one I'm afraid this one is for kitkittykats, I hope you enjoy!

This is my longest one yet!!

Also thank you all for the favs and the watches, I try to thank everyone in turn, but sometimes there's just too many of them! Thank you to all who are patiently waiting for their requests as well.

Shihagami signing off~

The waves lapped on your feet and you slid into the pool. You let yourself float for a while, closing your eyes and letting your (h/c) hair loose in the water. Your face warmed with the sun and you smiled. Today's gonna be another great workout, you thought to yourself.

You stayed like this for a while, simply enjoying feeling the sunlight on your body. Your rest was disturbed however, by suddenly being dunked underwater by three pairs of hands. You struggled and they raised you out of the water and on top of the three boys' heads.

You squirmed trying your best to get free, not that you weren't enjoying yourself. The boys let go of you at the same time and you dropped into their arms. They all grinned like idiots and you were giggling your head off.

Hearing the whistle signalling the start of training, you shoved them off and quickly got out of the pool. You made your way to the shower and completely doused yourself. You felt the boys follow you. Sensing him stand behind you, you looked over your shoulder and up at him (you were the smallest on the team by far). You caught his green eyes with your own and grinned at him. "Toni, could you... please..," you teased him, looking up from under your lashes and parting your lips slightly, "...tie up my hair for me?" You gave him your sweetest smile and when he nodded, blushing slightly, you gave him a hair band.

He carefully grasped all of your hair and tried to tie it together when you felt his hands let go. You turned in time to see Gilbert and Francis chuck him in the water laughing. The two turned to you and Gilbert ruffled your hair which made you scrunch up your face.

Francis took your hands in his and spinned you so that your back was facing him. He started combing his fingers through your hair expertly and quickly slipped the band over it, securing it in place. Spinning you again, he clasped you against his chest and rested his chin on your head.

"So ma chérie, another good training session today, oui?~" You nodded and was released from his grasp. You walked over to the starting block and pulled on the goggles Gil threw you. You nodded at him in gratitude and your training mood washed over you. Your expression turned blank and you concentrated hard on your breathing.

You dived in, slicing the water swiftly with your dive and swimming underwater as far and as fast as you could. When you finally found the need to breathe again you slowly paddled up, letting your ears get used to the slight pressure-change.

You arched back, breaking the water's surface and earning a loud applause from your audience AKA the rest of the swim team (being basically the BTT and the supervisor) You grinned at them: "So how many?" They cheered loudly. "4! That's a new record!" They clapped again and you mimicked little bows for them in the water.

"So boss, what're we gonna do today?" The BTT gathered round the supervisor and asked. Stretching their muscles and pulling poses they asked: "Distance?" "Endurance?" "Speed?"
"I'm afraid we've got something a bit different today. We've been asked to help a student who, due to some circumstances has never had the opportunity to learn how to swim." The boys sniggered and looked round when they heard the door open.

The boy standing in the doorway was slightly built and had pretty eyes. His brown hair was strapped down by the goggles he was wearing. Trembling slightly he walked into the room and surveyed us. "'ey, I know 'im!" Francis pointed at him and laughed," He's zaht nerd who sits reading his book all zhe time!"

The three of them broke down in giggles and boy's face soured. He pouted, "Teach, do I really have to do this with these jerks?"  "Lovino, we've been over this. If you can't swim even a little bit, I'm afraid you're going to be held back a year." Lovino paled and muttered at his feet.

You swam over to the side and looked up at him. "Don't worry. I know these jerks can be total arses, but hey that means we get to laugh at them right?" You smiled at him, trying to be nice. He blushed slightly, sitting on the ground in front of you and held out his hand. "Lovino Vargas." You took his shaking hand and squeezed and shook it. "____ ____, pleasure Lovino."

You propped your head on your hand. "So, can you swim at all? Or do you just sink?" He looked away, pouting again. "I can float," he mumbled. "Okay, then you won't mind me doing this." He looked at you in surprise and pulled on his hand so that he tumbled into the water next to you.

He jumped up and spluttered loudly. "What the hell!!"  He quickly got out and started cussing at you in Italian. You were taken aback, you wouldn't have done it if you knew he would react this badly. Antonio scruffed his hair up and Francis patted his back. "Kesesese, dude, don't get your pants in a twist! It vas just a bit of fun!"

He sighed and looked at the floor. "Just don't do that again..." he mumbled. Gilbert pretended to cock his ear. "Vhat's that? Do it again?" The three boys picked up a squirming Lovino and threw him in the pool on a count of three.

You couldn't help yourself but laugh at the disgruntled Italian as he got out of the water and sat on the side, glancing over his shoulder.

You laughed again and sat next to him. "Teach, what does he need to learn?" "Breaststroke at the very least, crawl if it's possible."

You nodded, "Okay, Lovi, we'll start with breaststroke then, alright?" He grumbled, but sighed in agreement. "Yay!" You slid back into the water and gestured that he had to come in as well. He did so gingerly and slowly but surely made his way to the shallowest end of the pool.

The BTT glared at him. "Teach, so does the chica teach him or do we?" Toni put his hand on his hip, keeping a close eye on the banter between you and Lovino.

"Well, you guys would probably just drown him, so he couldn't even dream of touching her. So I'm going to let her take care of him." They started to protest, but were cut off by the supervisor again. "As for the three of you, we'll be doing endurance butterfly kicks." They looked at each other and groaned.
Back to Lovino and you!

"Pull your stomach muscles in, erm, pull 'em up. Come on! As if there's an invisible string attached to them and it's pulling you up." You poked his stomach which made him loosen them and thus sink into the water again. "You almost had it! Come on, again!"

He wiped the hair out of his eyes. "You know you're a slave driver woman?!" You placed your hands on your hips. "As long as you can swim a length by this afternoon, I don't care what you think. And if you can't float properly, you can't do anything." You sighed, he'd said he could float, heh, yeah, right! With his feet on the ground maybe!

He growled at you and tried again. He.. did he just get it on the first try?! Yeah, yes he did! You glomped him. "Lovi, you got it! See you can do it you put your mind to it!" You smiled at him, his face tomato-red. "H-hands off woman!" You released him, still grinning at him.

"Okay, breaststroke next!"

The three exhausted boys looked over at you, not that you noticed. They pouted in unison, you looked like you were having the time of your life. Gilbert growled and Francis shared a look that spoke murder with Antonio. He cracked his knuckles, they had a plan to humiliate him....

You watched Lovi swim towards you, his head sticking out of the water. You giggled; he kinda reminded you of a tortoise. "It's okay Lovi! Take a deep breath and exhale through your nose when you put your head underwater okay?" He grunted in response and tried it. Immediately he sped up and reached your side of the pool easily.

You applauded him. "You got it!" You high-fived him and gave him a big hug. "Thank you bella." He gave you an awkward sort of grin and hugged you back, doing a little victory dance.

Suddenly he was ripped away from your arms and you stared into Gil's crimson eyes. "Say chica, you think he's ready for a race?" You looked past Gilbert to see Antonio holding Lovino in a choke-hold, arm around his neck. Lovi spluttered and you glared at the three. Francis stroked your face and Gil hugged you. "Say, ma chérie, ve don't vant you ruining zhat jolie face of yours do ve?"

You raised your eyebrow. "Hands off the merchandise, Fran, Gil." You struggled out of their hold and went over to release Lovi as well. "You okay?" He nodded, holding his neck lightly.
"So, a match?" They nodded. "You feel up to it, Lovi?" He grumbled.

"What are the stakes, you massive jerks?" Their eyes widened at the insult and Gil stroked his chin. "Vhat say ve do zhis? Whoever vins gets a hot kiss from zhe vone and only ___! Kesesesesese~"

You blushed and looked at the ground. Lovi stretched his arms and said: "Count me in," in a certain voice. "Hey, I haven't agreed to this!" But the boys merely made their way to the starting blocks. All of them apart from Lovino of course, winked at you and blew you a kiss. You sighed, but a devilish plan began brewing in your head.

The supervisor stood at the side. "Alright, on your marks, get set, go!" You squealed loudly as you pretended to fall to the ground. You wiped away a tear from the corner of your eye and squirmed in fake pain. Francis, Antonio and Gilbert immediately came to your aid, whilst Lovino just dived into the water, getting a really big head start on the others.

They surrounded you and picked you up carefully, asking if you were okay and everything. They stopped when Lovino cleared his throat loudly and got their attention. They turned to see him at the other side of the pool, swinging his legs in the water.

They shuddered, knowing what you'd done and glared at you. Then they picked you up and tossed you in the water like a sack of potatoes. "Zhat's vhat you get!" they shouted loudly, their different accents mingling. You giggled and got back out, only to be attacked by their tickling hands.

You were taken away from them and looked at the owner of the strong hands holding you. "Well hi there, Mr. Winner." You giggled again breathlessly as he flushed red. " I guess I'm your prize then, so you get to kiss me." He stooped down and kissed you on the cheek lightly.
Gilbert and Antonio glared daggers at him and Francis muttered under his breath: "Pussy."

He grinned at Francis: "Still a pussy now, Francypants?" Lovino dipped you down tango-style and your lips melted against his. You licked his bottom lip and he was about to open his mouth when you both felt your feet lift off the ground and crashed against the icy water (for the so maniest time that day).
"Get a room, you two!" Francis whined, shaking his golden locks about. You laughed with Lovino and hugged him in the water. You nuzzled his face with your own and smiled. He kissed you again, laughing like an idiot. The supervisor stared at you. Well well well, the swimmer and the geek, who'd have thought?
This one is for :iconkitkittykats:, i hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah I added some BTT, I hope you don't mind ^^
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Category: Action/Suspense/Friendship
Characters: C. Snippy/Sniper & A. Gromov/Engineer & C. Hatchenson/Pilot
Words: 7,000

"It's time for pay back, bastards."

Chapter 2: Take Back

Stan strode around the room, checking the magazine of the rifle that he had stolen from Snippy earlier.

"Hehe... it's still full," he mentioned and deftly spun it around in his hand as if weighed only half of what it actually did. "Which means there's plenty of bullets for all of you. Isn't that great?"

With agile hands he shoved the magazine back in and readied the gun to shoot.

"The boss told me to kill your captain last. So... which of you two morons wants to die first?"

Engie shifted around nervously while Pilot kept throwing quick glances over to the chair.

"You look pretty scared, fatty," Stan chuckled and stared down at the engineer. "But don't worry, I'll make it quick for you."

As the rifle was pointed at him, Alexander yelped and huddled up against the wall in fright.

"Don't do this!" Snippy exclaimed, trying to make the executioner see reason. "You took everything you wanted. Just settle for that and call it a day! You can keep the rifle... I don't care. But leave us alive!"

"Why should I?" the man laughed. "I gain no benefit from that. You're most likely going to try and get revenge on us as soon as you can. That makes you a thorn in my eye as long as you're alive."

"But..." Snippy started, searching for better reasons. "Don't you feel bad when you point a gun at a helpless victim? They don't even have a chance to fight back."

Feeling quite satisfied with this last argument, Charles hoped it would change the man's mind and prayed for a positive reaction.

"Guess what..." Stan said slowly and jabbed a finger at them. "You all had your chance, each one of you. And you blew it! I don't feel remorse when killing off idiots like you; I've done it plenty of times before. Because this is my freaking job!"

Realizing that the other was completely right strangled Snippy from the inside and he gasped. It had always been three against three, with the only kink being that his crew came in one by one and not all at once and working as a team, like the others did.

Lesson learned, Snippy realized he should have done the same to begin with and now there was a price to pay for his failure.

Pilot gave him a nudge and as the sniper looked up their eyes met and he saw the aviator nod. Snippy abruptly remembered something.

"There is nothing you can do now to save your Russian friend, so say goodbye!" Stan declared and pointed the gun back at the engineer.

"Go Pilot!!" Snippy shouted, hoping that he would see the gravity of the situation and obey.

It happened within a second that the pilot jumped forward and tackled the surprised executioner down. The impact made him pull the trigger and a bullet shot a hole into the wall next to Gromov's head. The engineer fell over and huddled up on the ground in terror.

Pilot stepped on Stan's right arm, restricting him from using his rifle, and punched him everywhere he could reach, but his efforts had little effect on the steel-like body. A strong hand suddenly grabbed him by the neck and he flailed around as he was lifted up, gasping for air. Green-tinted goggles looked at the executioner pleadingly as his feet left the ground.

"I don't know how you got free, but you'll regret this!" Stan snorted and threw him across the room where he collided with the wall.

He slid to the floor and lay unmoving.

Finding it hard to believe that the man he had set everything on had just lost the fight, Snippy stared blankly at the prone form.

"No, Pilot!! Wake up!" he yelled, a deep feeling of guilt welling inside him before turning into a spark of vengeance.

"Your ridiculous efforts were in vain, retard!" the tall man said with a laugh, slowly walking closer to give the green-eyed pilot the rest.

The sniper got hold of the knife behind him and started cutting the bonds around his feet while his foe was busy. He wouldn't just sit here doing nothing and watch his mate get killed because of him.

Stan readied the stolen rifle for his next shot but was interrupted the very next second as someone rammed into him from behind. The dull pain in Snippy's bruised ribcage returned full force as he tackled Stan but the attack was a success as they crashed to the ground together.

His original plan to get his gun back didn't quite turn out the way he had expected, as Stan was back on his feet before Snippy could even get up on his knees. Snippy didn't see the blow coming before his feet were kicked away in a single swipe, forcing him back down. Without a chance to catch himself, he viciously hit the floor and let out a pained groan as the pain in his ribs intensified, paralyzing him for a moment.

"Is that all you've got? Come on, get up!" Stan taunted, and pushed him over with his foot.

As Snippy opened his eyes again, he caught sight of the glint of a blade behind the strong legs, bringing back a surge of hope.

I guess all this effort hasn't been in vain after all, he thought with a smile.

"Take this, you ugly shoe!!"

"What-" Stan gasped and took a step aside. A vicious stab left him with a gaping wound on his right arm and the man yelped. In sudden shock and pain he accidentally dropped the rifle and ran for the door as he realized that the situation had escalated.

"Wait, I'm not done with you!" the aviator yelled with an angry glare in his green eyes, and swiftly took pursuit.

"No Pilot, stop!" Snippy groaned, but his colleague was already too far away to notice the call.

Soon the sound of their footsteps had faded into the distance and the only sound that remained was Gromov's nervous panting.

Seeing him huddled on the floor like this gave Snippy the assumption that he must be in a state of shock.

Cloth rustled as he shifted to pick up the knife that he had left there on the floor, pinching it between his boots and cutting through the rope around his wrists. Once free again, he crawled over to his colleague.

Carefully Snippy put his hand on his shoulder and felt him wince at the touch, still trembling with every breath.

Poor guy... he thought and started removing his bonds. That didn't seem to ameliorate his condition and he remained in his huddled position, not looking like he'd get up any time soon.

"Come on Alex... we need to get going," Snippy urged him and gently shook the engineer, who finally pulled himself together and sat up slowly, hugging himself.

"He almost killed me... it was only a matter of a few centimeters... I could be dead now..." he muttered shakily, not yet fully recovered from the shock of recent happenings.

Snippy was forced to make a decision. If he didn't hurry and go after Pilot now, the aviator would try to fight alone and would most likely get caught by the hostiles. There was a good chance they would do even more horrible things to him.

By no means could he let that happen, but he also couldn't leave Alexander here.
The engineer was an important part of the team now and he had to somehow convince the man to come with him and help him retrieve Pilot, as well as the possessions that had been stolen from them.

"Come on, Gromov, pull yourself together... everything is alright! The bad guy is gone now!" Snippy told him. "But if you don't get up right now and come with me, Pilot will be in big trouble! It's up to us now to-"

"But I don't want to go after them... Pilot is strong, I'm sure he can handle them alone," Engie interrupted, and resumed staring blankly into space.

"Yes, he may be good with his sword, but we don't know what will be waiting for him. If he is heading to the enemy base, there could be traps or an ambush waiting for him. I'm actually quite worried right now," the sniper spoke, concern in his tone.

Slowly the engineer stood up and brushed the dust off his pants.

"I'm more worried that we're all gonna get caught again and wind up dead. Just think about it! We shouldn't throw away the chance we have to live on. I don't know about you, but I prefer to stay alive!" he admonished the blue-eyed man.

At that, something inside Charles snapped and he couldn't hold back anymore. Viciously he pushed his palms against Engie's chest, shoving him against the wall.

"Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you!?" the sniper yelled at him. "How can you be so selfish in a situation like this? Do you know why we're still alive? I'll tell you: because Pilot saved our backsides! And now his life depends on us and all you do is sit here and sulk in a corner worrying about dying. Man the fuck up, you wimp!"

"What? Now it's suddenly all my fault? Who started using Pilot as their pawn in the first place, blackmailing him with dirty lies?" Gromov shot back, jabbing a finger at him. "You were the one who did it! You brought us into this situation! It's your fault, so it's your job to solve this problem too, you failure of a wannabe-captain!"

At this point the sniper was fair boiling with rage and wanted to say something in return, but as he realized that fighting wouldn't get them anywhere, he drowned his anger and held back, calming himself down by banishing his hateful thoughts. Suppressing them was the only thing he could do right now to calm the situation down.

With a sigh Charles picked up the rifle from the floor and walked through the arch.

"Wait, what are you doing?" the engineer asked and automatically followed him out of the room, until a hand was pushed against his chest and he looked up.

"I'm gonna go do my job," Snippy said coldly and gave him a stern gaze before he left through the door.


With a mix of frustration and despair, Gromov stood in the room all alone since Snippy had left the house, staring through the open door, lost in thought.

It was snowing outside and by now the blizzard had created a pile of soft white powder on the old, faded welcome mat in the entry area.

As he ran through their heated conversation again in his head, Snippy's words suddenly started to make much more sense to him.

Of course... there was no way on earth that Charles and Pilot could carry two huge backpacks out of there alone and fight back at the same time. After all there were four against two.

He realized now why Charles wanted him to come along. Teamwork was required for this task and he should have learned his lesson from recent events, but he'd been so blinded by fear and frustration that it was lost on him. As a part of the team, he was also part of a chain and every link had their own purpose and function to keep everything running smoothly.

But even if he decided otherwise and stayed here... would he be safe? There was no guarantee that the hostiles wouldn't come back to finish where Stan screwed up.

No matter where the sniper went, Engie knew he was the only person around who was capable of using a gun and protect him, and he would probably be safer around that guy than anywhere else in the city.

“Looks like you won this round, Charles...” he muttered quietly, and left the house.

Noticing plenty of fresh foot prints and a trail of blood drops which probably came from the man who had originally been responsible for their execution, Engie picked up the pace before the traces could be covered by the swiftly falling snow.


Wrought with frustration over his cowardly crew mate, the sniper trudged through the snow, following the traces that Stan and Pilot had left. They seem to have fought on the way before they carried on further, he thought.

“Charles, wait!” somebody called. He instantly recognized the voice and was quite surprised to hear it.

“Chaaaarleeees!” Engie yelled and the sniper heard a thud.

Finally he stopped to turn around, only to see the engineer lying face down in the snow.

Should have watched out for icy spots, he thought with a grin, and let out a sigh before walking over to him. Grasping his hand, he pulled him up and helped him into a vertically upright position.

As their eyes met, Snippy just gave him a cold stare, waiting for an explanation.

“Look Charles...” the engineer started, busying himself with brushing snow from his clothes. “I take everything back. I admit I was a little selfish when I said I didn't wanna help, but I made up my mind. You're going to need me there, aren't you? I'll come with you. But... should something happen to me, I'll blame it on you. Got that?”

“Bwah. That's so typical of you,” the sniper returned, giving him a friendly punch to the shoulder. “I promise I'll do my best to protect you with my gun and try to be a good leader for this uhm... mission.”

“You as a surrogate leader, huh... what else can go wrong? All we can do now is hope that nobody falls down a hole or breaks an arm,” Alexander said cynically.

"Don't worry... as long as I have a rifle in my hands, you should be safe around me," the marksman reassured Gromov and glanced down at the weapon in his hand. "Let's get going, shall we? Maybe we can still catch up to those thieves."

"Yeah! I want my damn stuff back," the engineer said enthusiastically.

After following the tracks for a while the two arrived at the entrance of a massive building towering in front of them.

"So this is their base? It's not small, eh," Engie noticed. "Hey look, there's a sign at the side of the road!"

"New Electronics Store – bigger assortment, smaller prices!" Snippy read.

"... Sounds really cozy for a home. Who wouldn't want to live in a house filled with junk and steel? I mean, seriously, who would?"

"They gotta have their reasons. Maybe there's more to it than that," Snippy mused, pacing towards the entrance. "Alright, let's cut the chatter while we're in there. The longer we stay unseen, the better our chances will be to get back out with our stuff," the sniper advised.

Stopping right in front of the gates, the two stared into the gloomy entrance of the building for a while before Gromov spoke up.

"You go in first," he suggested, pushing the sniper forward.

"Why me?" Snippy protested, flailing indignantly.

"You're the one with the gun, and you promised something. Remember?"

A moment of awkward silence followed.

"I guess I did..." he admitted with a sigh.

Finally he took the first step inside.

With wary eyes and Engie at his back, the marksman made his way through the entrance hallway that led into a wide, open room, the sides of it lined with huge shelves.

As they reached the center of the main floor, they noticed fragments of broken glass scattered on the floor. Apart from that and some random piles of snow, the room looked quite tidy.

"I guess these pieces fell down from above. Standing here for too long might be risky. More could come down any moment," the engineer whispered, pointing up at the ceiling.

Out of curiosity, Snippy looked up.

High above lay a great structure of a gritted, metal framework. Some of the windows still sat in their respective sockets, but the rest of the glass was down at their feet.

Snippy counted a grand total of five storeys above them and hoped for a clue on how to find the stolen goods in this massive place. As he peered along the sides of the storeys, he caught sight of a man leaning over the railing, watching them. But as soon as he was spotted, he stepped back and disappeared from sight.

Quickly the sniper pulled Engie back into the shadows and the engineer unwillingly stumbled along. After receiving an irritated look, Snippy let go of his arm and motioned Gromov to follow.

They took the stairs and ran across the first storey to the other side where the next stairs led up. Picking up the pace, the two of them finally reached the second, then third storey and suddenly made out two other people running in front of them. In an instant Snippy recognized Pilot and the muscular guy he'd been chasing. Just before Stan could reach the stairs, Pilot grabbed hold of his arm and yanked him back. The man yelped up in pain, giving Charles the assumption that his crew mate must have grabbed the man in a sore spot.

"Hold him, Pilot!" the sniper encouraged him, removing the safety catch from his rifle as he came running.

Reunited once again, the group closed in around the hostile man and Snippy pointed the gun at the man's back. He couldn't help but feel the irony in this whole situation. The tables had turned and now he was the one in power.

"Okay, listen up you two. I really hate to do this, but... we'll have to hold him hostage and see if we can achieve something by blackmailing the other thieves with threats. That could help us get our stuff back," he explained to the other two.

"Gromov, hold him by the other arm please," Snippy ordered. "We can't allow him to escape."

"And you..." he snarled at the strong, taller man, making his voice sound as malevolent as he could. "You're going to lead us to your boss. We want our stuff back."

With that he poked the man in the side with the tip of his rifle to get him moving and luckily for them, he didn't show the slightest sign of defiance.

"Yeah, give the mug back, you smelly shoe!" Pilot scolded, keeping his katana ready in the other hand in case he still dared to fight back.

Don't mess up now.., Snippy thought to himself.

All was going well so far, but while walking up the stairs to the fifth storey, he swore he could hear footsteps all across the building. At the moment the group came to halt at the top, the continuous noises assured him that they weren't just an echo.

Tired of these games the sniper finally wanted to know what's going on and leaned over the railing to see. Down in the first storey he made out a man who yet again disappeared behind a pillar right after he was spotted, just like the last one.

Slightly disappointed and confused, Charles pushed himself away from the railing and heard Stan chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Snippy inquired glumly.

"Nothing. Just the irony that you actually thought you had won when you caught me. But since the moment you set foot into this building, your miserable fate was already sealed," Stan chortled.

"What are you talking about?" Engie asked cautiously.

"The people you saw... they are part of the rest of our crew. They've been positioning themselves all over the building since you two came here. They are now waiting for a signal to take the offensive. No matter what you try, in the end you'll be dead anyway."

So his intuition was right, but Charles couldn't let the others down now. Not after he had gotten them both into this.

"Stop talking and lead me to your boss," he grumbled, trying to not blow his cover as captain.

Without further ado they moved on and were soon brought to the door of what looked like a rather big office.

Eager to retrieve the mug, Pilot pushed the door knob down and opened the door.

There they were – the crouched guy, the short one and their chubby boss – gathered around the two huge backpacks like rats above a rotten apple, sorting out the stolen belongings. Amongst the items that were scattered on the floor lay the mug with the painted red heart that was worth so much to Captain.

After noticing their unwelcome guests, the thieves rose from their fiendish position and stood in a line.

"Hand over our stuff, or your comrade will die," Snippy threatened, making a demanding gesture with his left hand while he held the gun to Stan's back.

Probably nobody but him knew that this was pure play-acting. Even in this situation, Charles' conscience couldn't reconcile killing a helpless man just like that, but he hoped that the bluff would work.

"Cosa? How are you still alive?" the boss grunted indignantly.

"Sorry boss, one of them managed to free himself before I could notice and caught me off guard," Stan explained with slight fear in his voice.

"Ma che cazzo fai? You call yourself an elite member of my army and lose a fight against three thoroughly tied up morons?!" the boss raged. "You're a disgrace to our people! I should kill you right on the spot for this..."

And with that he pulled a small pistol from his belt and pointed it at Stan. Snippy felt his heart jump and lowered his rifle slowly, backing away from the hostage. He felt confused, and what just happened disturbed him deeply. His plan was blown that easily, leaving him empty handed.

“What do we do, Charles? Your plan failed! We're totally screwed!” Engie whispered to him behind Stan's back.

Sniper remained silent and tried to get a clear head, he had to rethink things. His hostage had just been made useless and the boss threatened the man to kill him; but what would the hostage do if he could get out of this alive? Which side would he choose?

"No Boss, please, I can make up for it! Don't shoot me!" the subordinate whimpered and dropped to his knees. "I'm your best man! Remember how long I served you as a loyal minion. I always stood by your side and followed your orders!"

After a short pause, the Italian man suddenly lowered his weapon and spoke up.

"Actually... you're right. Shooting you now is completely pointless. But don't think that I changed my mind. You're no better than the scum here."

Upon that he aimed the pistol at Snippy.

"First I shall kill that annoying moron with the black and white jacket. He's been going on my nerves for far too long now."

In an instant the marksman had his rifle pointed at the chubby man and he was sure that neither one of them would hesitate to shoot this time.

"Don't even think about it," he said sternly, masterfully hiding his apprehension. It was hard to keep his composure in a moment like this.

"Give up. You're outnumbered by far," the boss advised him.

Snippy noticed the man's other two minions getting ready to attack and didn't dare be the first one to look away. One second of distraction could mean death. With gritted teeth he tried to come up with a way to get Pilot to assist him without the foe noticing.

Come on, think! What would most likely trigger Pilot? he thought frantically and discreetly glanced around the room for clues.

Of course...

"The mug is in danger and HE has it!" Snippy suddenly exclaimed, pointing at the boss and everyone fixed their gaze on him in confusion.

"What?" Ratty asked, puzzled.

Pilot, however, dashed towards them and the short man backed away in fear at the charging figure, with his fierce green eyes and katana swinging wildly.

"It's a distraction! They had planned this all along!" the boss shouted to his men and moved his gun away from his target as he saw the fighter-pilot approaching. "Hey, you! Don't get any closer or I'll-"

"Thanks Pilot," the marksman whispered at the same moment as he carefully took aim and pulled the trigger with precision.

The pistol fell to the floor with a clatter and the pudgy man screamed in pain, cursing in his mother language as he clutched his bleeding hand. The bullet had ripped an ugly hole into it.

"Gromov, get the gun," Snippy said with sudden composure and caught hold of Stan's sleeve.

The man didn't move to get up and fight, which confused him. Why didn't he fight by the other men's side? The sniper started thinking out theories. Was the man that exhausted? Was he numb from pain? Or did he really feel betrayed by his boss? There wasn't much time left for him to think as someone tackled him to the ground.

"Stan, what the heck are you doing? Get up and fight!" the man with the rough voice screeched as he pinned the sniper down, but no response was given.

"G-g-get off him!" Engie warned, shakily clasping the pistol with both hands and pointing it at the crouched man.

"Don't make demands when you don't even know how to hold a gun properly," he rasped and leaped towards the surprised engineer.

Once free again, Snippy instantly used the opportunity to get Alexander out of trouble. The pistol was ripped from Alexander's hands by his attacker. Aware of that, he handled the situation as quickly as possible with a good smack to the back of Tom's head. The man collapsed on top of Gromov, who furiously shoved him away and got up.

"Hey, where did our hostage go?" the engineer noticed all of a sudden and Snippy was just as surprised to see him gone.

He'd been there just a second ago.

On the other side of the room Pilot stood over a defeated Ratty and the once so proud boss was crouched on the floor, still clasping his arm.

But Stan's absence made Charles nervous. He was painfully aware that he could jump out of the shadows for an attack at any moment, and it was quite unsettling.

"Grab everything that's ours and put it back into the backpacks while I stand guard. We're leaving," the marksman finally ordered, holding his rifle at the ready and keeping a wary eye on the door, in case Stan should return.

Within a minute, Pilot and Gromov had stuffed the gigantic backpacks with all their stolen belongings. Pilot put high priority into the safety of the mug and therefore put it on top of all the other things to make sure it wouldn't break.

With that done, they swung the heavy packs onto their backs and Snippy motioned them towards the door. Before he could follow them, a voice had him freezing in place.

"Don't think you've won already. I still have an ace up my sleeve..." the boss said, picking up a small, golden reception bell that had been hidden under a piece of cloth until that moment. "I have a little surprise for you."

Snippy had seen bells like this one at receptions in libraries before and wondered what the man was planning to do with it.

As he patted the top of it with his hand, the bell rang loudly, more than just once. The loud clang turned into what sounded like an even signal, echoing through the whole building.

"Your surprise is waiting outside. Ecco c'é un consiglio: If I was you, I'd run like hell now," the Italian added and cackled with a rough voice.

Without further ado, Snippy turned away, leaving the madman alone and hastily searched for the others outside of the office.

As he looked about he finally spotted them, heading down the stairs. The last toll of the bell slowly faded into echoes as he ran to the stairs to reach the others, but a sudden outburst of gunfire instantly made him stop and take cover.

Down in the fourth storey, Engie and Pilot sat hiding behind a flat, arched pillar that ran vertically through all floors. On the other side Charles made out a soldier aiming his rifle at the pillar, waiting for them to come out.
Just as Pilot dared a wary look out from his cover, more bullets flew his way and hit the solid edges of the pillar. Charles watched the hostile gunner on the other side start moving into their direction and felt a pang of alarm.

Snippy decided to take advantage in being as yet unseen and focused on the man with his rifle. With a well aimed shot he took him out and watched the soldier drop down dead.

After the low thud, silence filled the air and the marksman checked his surroundings one more time for danger before he made his way down to the others.

Before he even arrived at them he saw Pilot getting up, trying to pull Engie along without success.

"Come on, chubby slug! We haven't got all day!" he pushed the engineer, yanking at his arm, but the man remained crouching on the tile floor.

"Is everything alright, Gromov?" Snippy asked in concern. "Are you hurt?"

"No..." he answered and got up, still huddling into himself. "It's just..." he started. "They have guns and they shoot at us and they are waiting and will surround us and kill us and we will all die and-" Engie stopped as his voice gave out.

He was so churned up inside that it wasn't hard to tell for Charles that he must be scared to death right now and he felt awful for making Alex go through this.

Tactics had to be changed if he wanted to escort his crew to safety without anyone getting hurt or losing their temper and messing it up for the others. They had to stay strong as a team, or things wouldn't work out.

"Everything will be fine... I'll go first and make sure the way is safe, okay?" Snippy offered. "You and Pilot just follow at my signal."

"That's a stupid plan!" Pilot shouted. "How am I supposed to kill them when I go last?"

The sniper sighed. He had expected some protest from the aviator sooner or later and this was the worst possible moment to deal with it.

"Listen, Pilot. Our enemies have got rifles. You've got a katana. It would be less wise for you to run in first, since you won't be able to take them out when they're thirty meters away from you, right?"

For that moment, Pilot just stared at him and looked down at the sword in his hand, then over at Snippy's rifle.

"You can't use a gun, Pilot, if that's what you're thinking. Remember what happened last time you stole mine? You almost ended up shooting me in the leg," Snippy reminded him, and let out a sigh.
"What about you, Gromov? Can you use a gun? That would be really helpful."

"Sorry, never got the chance to use one before. Besides, I know nothing about guns," Engie told him quickly.

"It's easy. I could teach you a few things. Basically, all you have to do is-"

"Forget it! I'm not gonna participate in a gunfight!" Engie interrupted him and turned away.

"Gee, I guess it's all up to me then," the marksman declared, not quite happy about the outcome. But he couldn't blame him. Gromov was just not the man for guns.

A few moments later, two foreign voices sounded up from below.

"You two, position yourselves here and wait for them. We'll head farther down and catch them should you not succeed. In that case, just take cover and follow when it's safe."

"Alright. See you later," the other voice said, and the sound of swift footsteps told Snippy that the group had parted.

To get a brief overview on the position of the soldiers, Charles took a look over the railing but sooner than he had expected he was spotted. The last thing he saw was a rifle being pointing into his direction from a soldier in the storey below them.

Just in time he crouched down and a second later the sound of gunfire filled the air. Bullets shattered the glass of the railing into a thousand pieces, leaving him without protection until he slid over to the others, escaping the shots by an inch.

"They're up there!" a voice from below exclaimed.

Heart racing, Snippy caught himself quickly and slowed down his breathing.

"Okay guys, keep your heads down and stay right here! Do you understand me? Don't leave. I'll handle this..." he told the others, and dashed off.

He heard the bullets crush the glass behind him as he raced across the storey, keeping his head down while heading to the next pillar.

In that moment he earnestly hoped that Pilot wouldn't do anything stupid. Though as he reached it, it was Gromov who suddenly started shouting.

"Watch out Charles, there's one coming from the stairs!"

Staying behind the pillar, Snippy glanced over at Engie who leaned forth to see him.

"Keep quiet and get back down! You're revealing your position!" he yelled back, suddenly noticing that Pilot wasn't at the pillar with the engineer anymore.

As he heard a footstep behind him he cursed himself for allowing Gromov to distract him. He hadn't gotten a chance to ready his weapon as it was kicked out of his hands. The soldier stood right above him and as Charles looked up, he stared right into the barrel of his rifle.

"Any last wishes?!" the man sneered.

A sudden movement behind the man caught Snippy's attention.

"In the name of the mug!" Pilot shouted as he leapt out of the shadows with his sword raised above his head.

The soldier turned around in surprise and failed to raise his weapon before Pilot struck him down with the katana. With a painful cry, the man dropped to the floor, a puddle of blood slowly forming below him.

Snippy wasn't sure whether to be grateful or mad at the disobedient swordsman.

"Pilot! Are you insane?!" he scolded. "I told you to stay behind!"

"What?" Pilot shot back and went to pick up his backpack again. "Be grateful, for the mighty sword just saved your organs from the hostile shoe!"

Before Snippy could argue further, Engie came running but seemed to have miscalculated the weight on his back. Failing to stop beside Snippy, he stumbled right into Pilot, accidentally knocking him over.

"Get off me, you heavy shoe!" Pilot ranted and flailed at the helpless engineer who falteringly got up to his feet to back away from the crazy man.

"It wasn't on purpose, so stop hitting me, you dangerous lunatic!" he scolded back.

"Oh dear..." the marksman said and caught himself face-palming. "We may as well expect the worst."

Until the others calmed down, Snippy decided to inspect the fallen soldier on the ground and couldn't help but notice the neat semi-automatic rifle he had dropped.

In a matter of seconds he had fixed his old sniper rifle to his back and picked up the new gun, briefly inspecting it. It seemed like a handy weapon, just right for this kind of battle.
Rummaging through the man's pockets, he also found a few full magazines.

Perfect. One can never have enough ammo, he thought and stored them all in the empty pockets of his jacket and pants.

Contentedly he reloaded his new gun and was now more than ready to go. Not nearly as ready were the other two, who were still throwing insults at each other.

"Guys!" the sniper interrupted them and they looked over to him. "Pull yourselves together! We're in big trouble already and arguing won't get us-"

A bang made him stop and the three clustered behind the flat pillar.

"The intruders are still up there in the fourth storey! One of you go get them while we guard your back," a voice said.

Snippy took a quick look from behind the pillar and spotted a soldier coming up the stairs. In a matter of seconds he ended the man's life with a few bullets to the head and the body went rolling down the stairs. After that, he pulled himself back behind the pillar again as bullets came flying his way.

"Take out their damn sniper!" an angry voice yelled. "Once he's out of the way, the rest will be cake."

Knowing that they were mainly after him now, Snippy knew he had to be extra careful. But he still had to make sure his crew mates would remain unharmed. He had to lead the group away from here somehow.

This time, he came forth and blindly peppered a row of bullets down into the third storey.

"Fire in the hole! Take cover and get down!" one of the men warned, and Snippy felt satisfied. His plan had worked well so far and this should have gotten them out of the way.

"Okay you two, stay here and don't do anything unplanned this time. Follow at my signal," Snippy whispered while he reloaded the gun.

He checked if it was safe before he took the stairs down, heading to the third storey alone.
Once there, he waved for the others to follow and they came down slowly but steadily, panting under the heavy load.

As they arrived next to him, Engie and Pilot squatted down behind the pillar in relief.

For quite a while Charles looked out for soldiers but assumed that they moved to the storeys below, so he slowly got going, staying away from the edge.

Nevertheless, the marksman kept a wary eye on the other side and his gun ready to shoot while he carefully moved towards the next pillar. Halfway there, he suddenly heard a voice and looked over the railing, checking if it came from below, but he saw nobody there.

All of a sudden, two soldiers burst from behind the two pillars on the other side and aimed their guns at him. Rows of bullets shot through the air and one of them just flew past his head, another one grazing his jacket. Facing the fact that there was no way for him to take cover now, Snippy instantly started running and fired back, hearing the glass shatter behind him. It became a reciprocal shootout.

All in all there was just one way to escape this hell and he made a conclusion: these riflemen had to die, now. No matter what it would take. Adrenaline shot through his blood and gave him new strength to run.

Another row of shots was fired at him. As he was about to shoot back, a searing pain manifested itself in his right side and his body tensed up.
Gritting his teeth, he fought through it and rose his gun to return the fire once more.

A feeling of triumph covered everything else in the moment the first hostile gunner went down. Soon after, the other one had his gun shot out of his hands and it dropping down into the depths. One last successful shot hit the soldier right in the middle of the chest and rendered him useless.

Snippy found it hard to believe he had actually made it through this still standing.

Heart still rushing, the sniper gave his fellows a sign to follow. Exhausted from the last few minutes, he sat down behind the flat pillar to catch his breath.

As the pain in his side awoke anew, he looked down at himself and pushed his jacket aside. Anxious about the extend of the damage the shot had done to him, he yanked his gloves off and slowly pulled up his shirt to take a look. The cloth was torn and stuck to the skin, so he carefully peeled it off.

There was no hole, but a horrible gash wound and lot of blood all around it. Staring at it for too long made his mind sway. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, firmly pressing his bare hand on the spot in order to stop the bleeding.

Resting his head against the wall he waited for the others to come and looked in their direction as he heard heavy footsteps approach.

"There you are, Charles!" he heard the Engineer say as he came with Pilot following. "I heard lots of gunfire and got down to take cover. But it's good you actually made it through and didn't-"

For a moment he startled and sucked in a breath as he saw the blood on the sniper's hand.

"Oh shit... did you get shot?" Gromov exclaimed, and started to panic. "This is bad... It all can't be happening! Don't die now, understood? Come on, think, Alex, think! There is a way to fix everything, and humans aren't much different to machines. You can fix this, right? Wait, I know what to do. I'll get the first aid kid from my backpack. Or was it in Pilot's? Pilot, give me your backpack for a sec-"

"Calm down Gromov, it's just a graze!" he scolded. He picked up his weapon and got up from the floor to demonstrate he was alright. "See? Everything is fine. No need to worry. Soon we'll get out of here, I promise."

After that, the engineer just stared at him silently and put his backpack back on. Even though Snippy stood slightly hunched over, he did his best to hide his pain and was glad that Gromov couldn't see through his mask at the moment. Even though it wasn't such a serious injury as a bullet impact, it still hurt like hell, but for now it was better that the others didn't know. They had other things to worry about right now.

There was no time for first aid now, so all that was left for him was to press his free hand on the wound and hope it would stop bleeding soon. Maybe he would survive a little bit longer that way.

"Come on, let's move farther down while they're still planning their next step," the sniper directed Engie and Pilot. "From now on, every second counts."
"It's time for pay back, bastards."

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