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Entry for I Am Not For Sale [link]
Sex trafficking of teenager and women is the subject I pick.

I'm glad they extended the deadline so there are still time, you will also donate by entering~ :w00t:

Trafficking is, unbelievably, scarily organized! I found lots of story references in Polaris Project and a bit more from the Human Trafficking Project Blogspot.
But my initial reason to enter was a local newspaper clipping I had a couple of years ago and the case happened in area of my hometown is very scary to think until now.
While I'm here complaining of how slow the internet or how cold today is, someone my age might be going through perfectly different problems....the more I think, the more I treasure what I have now and every each time I complain >_>

--- Story of the picture if you are interested ---
I remembered how my uncle used to collect birds and prefer the one who can sing rather than pretty. Hearing birds sing in the morning also an experience (because I woke up late xD).
The girl based on Chinese nightingale, its a common cage-bird, very active and excellent singer but secretive and difficult to see. Undergoing the hard times, she might still be pretty but I'm not sure if she still be able to sing, for help at time she need it the most...

Title is inspired by Disney Cinderella, I like that song ^^ (and isn't Cinderella story also some kind of abuse? hahah)

It is said trafficking still around and wealthy because there are orders coming in. There are people actually ordering...oh god.
Thank you for reading my ramble :heart: I realized I'm kind of lame in these kind of things -_-

edit: Thank you ^HAL2008 for the kind feature :heart:
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I was seeing all those LOTR valentine's on tumblr and this happened... FORGIVE ME IT'S SO CORNY AHHHH
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