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Of all the battles which are sung, none are as noble, brave, and true
As the tale of this single ruinous one, that I shall try to sing for you
An enormous fight so horrific, that it is spoken of with dread
And the old ones still weep, for the many that are dead

Through lies and treachery, armies assembled on that plain
Not knowing, not even guessing, that there was nothing to gain
This battle was the fifth and last of the war being fought
A devastating conflict that by the end,  was all for naught

A mighty alliance forged from three strong and steadfast races
Dwarves, Elves, and Men, still could not resist Morgoth’s deadly maces
Try as they might, they failed, and that hallowed ground is named
Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Tears Unnumbered, for the warriors that lay maimed

The sunrise mist had not yet left the field when the battle cry was called
But it did not take long, for the Alliance to break and fall
Why, you may ask, was this so, when the union of these races was tight
I shall tell you it why it happened, because of a malevolent might

The power of Morgoth’s forces prevailed on that war-torn, blood stained earth
And like ships in a harbor, each enemy sword found a berth
Although a number of Men and Elves formed a crescent hammer
That swung forcefully into the enemies flank with a thunderous clamor

Inside the arched walls reigned evil intent, a renegade Man had poisoned minds
So that when the Elves looked for support, they realized that they were a rind
Pressed on all sides and harried by enemies, still they fought until every last one was torn
Nevermore to see the night or day, they were crushed, those fearless Firstborn

The Dwarves rushed swiftly to their aid, but they arrived all too late
For the reason that, sadly, the Eldar Children had met with an awful fate
Do not think though, that all the Men were bad, those that were loyal were stricken
At the carnage caused by their kin, and they paused because sickened

The battle raged on through the day and on to late evening
That darkened sky brought an end though, to all the thoughtless killing
And so when twilight drew nigh, rain began to fall, as if to wash away
All that had happened there from memory, although it never may

That is why I am telling you, young ones, so that you will know and discern
The battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad is a tragic tale not to be unlearned
Never let this story fade from mind, always and forever make it known
Learn by heart what I have said and tell it to your own
In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, the Nirnaeth Arnoediad or (Battle of) Unnumbered Tears was the disastrous Fifth Battle in the Wars of Beleriand. The name was taken from the Doom of Mandos: "Tears unnumbered ye shall shed...".

I wrote this in 2005, and it had been awhile since I had read the story, so I think I've gotten a few details out of order...but it worked well this way. :) The preview image is drawn by Jenny Dolfen [link] .
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I do not own the poem (not sure what else to call it), in attempting to find it's origins I believe it was from a Soldier's Grave inscription on Guadalcanal, 1942.
I am unsure if I have it entirely correct as there are many different versions of it on the Internet... it is purely something I put together which I thought looked nice. The picture in the background is a photo from Omaha Beach. If you were wondering... hope you enjoy... I will also post another couple of pieces like this... using various words from different things.
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First off, you need a name. I'd pick something that does NOT sound Japanese, because most of the characters in FMA do not have Japanese names. Anything European-sounding is fine. Unless you want the character to be from Xing, in which case you'd use a Chinese-sounding name.  If your character is someone who was from Xerxes, their name can be a little more creative, but I'd avoid using normal names spelled strangely.  Ex: Stefany instead of Stephanie, Kristal instead of Crystal, etc.  I'd also avoid using a name another character in the series already has.  If you're having difficulty thinking of a name, look at some baby-naming websites.

Then you pick their age. Most people make their characters 15-16 so they're close in age to Ed and Al. Unless you want to pair the character up with someone like Roy or Scar or Kimbley... in which case you'd pick an age close to theirs. Roy is 28, Scar is likely older. (I'm not sure of his actual age.) So be sure to keep other characters' ages in mind. If the character is paired with Roy, don't make them a teenager. It's very unlikely that he'd go for that. Unless it's an unrequited love, as in she has a crush on him but he doesn't like her back. Then it's fine to make her younger. (Assuming the character is a girl.) Basically, try to keep them close in age with the characters you will have them spending most of their time with.  I doubt some 23 year old would be following a couple of teenagers around (Ed and Al).

Pick a place for them to be from. Risembool, Central, Ishval, Xing. Those are the most popular ones. But remember that there are tons of other places in FMA. You can google "Map of Amestris" and a picture will probably come up with everything mapped out.  It's interesting to have characters be from countries that aren't as talked about, like Aerugo, Drachma, and Creta.  If you pick a specific origin for them, make sure their personality reflects that.  For instance, if they're from Drachma, they're probably used to cold climate and possibly a little rough around the edges.  If they're from Resembool, they're probably used to a country lifestyle and have done a lot of manual labor in their lifetime.  If they're from Central, they probably have a strong opinion one way or the other about the military, and probably live a busy, urban life.  If you want, you can make up a town, or pick one from the series.  Just know that if you make up a town, you should pick a region of the country it's in and design what kind of place it is.  For example, you could make up a town named Grull between Rush Valley and Dublith.  Considering what both of those towns are like, it's probably a pretty busy place that sees a lot of traffic from tourists traveling back and forth between towns.  There is also probably a good amount of mechanics in that area, mainly automail mechanics, because it's so close to Rush Valley.  Perhaps it's a manufacturing town where all of the tools are made before they're shipped to Rush Valley.  What's the weather like most of the year?  What kind of people live in this town?  Are there factories and/or mines?  Is there smog, traffic, etc.?

Decide if he/she has any powers. If you make them a chimera, do NOT give them animal ears or a tail. Keep in mind the other chimeras in FMA do not have those features of their animals. The closest thing is that Law, the Ox chimera, can sprout horns. But Dorochet, the dog chimera, does not have dog ears and a tail. However, he does have fangs and claws like a dog, and the personality of a dog. Martel, the snake chimera, does not have a forked tongue. But she does have the speed, agility, and flexibility of a snake.  Unless you make a character that is more like Nina, who was fused with her dog Alexander.  In which case, your character would be mostly animal with a few human qualities, such as being able to speak.  They probably wouldn't have any physical traits resembling a human, in this case, and they would look pretty much like an animal(s).  That might be a bit more limiting, however, than doing it the other way around.

If they are an Alchemist, remember they do not need to be a member of the state. Also, if they are in the military, they do not need to be a State Alchemist. Most people make their OCs State Alchemists. If you do this, try to make their power original. But make sure you are able to explain it scientifically. For example, my OC is the Starlight Alchemist. This is because she makes star-like structures in the air by transmuting the trace amounts of Helium, Hydrogen, and Carbon that are in the air. (Note that you may do something similar to this because the air we breathe is not only Oxygen. There are trace amounts of other elements in it. Note also that you want some kind of unique Alchemic ability, but it HAS to be explainable. This is because Alchemy is a science, and everything can be broken down. It's all about elements.) This is really only necessary if your character is a State Alchemist, however.  If they are a soldier who practices alchemy, or just a regular alchemist, they don't necessarily need to have any specific power/type of alchemy they use.  It might help, however, with character development, so keep it in mind.

You also need to figure out a look for them. If they are in the military, they might wear the military uniform. But they don't have to, especially if they travel a lot. Also, if they do, note that you should think of a side outfit for them because they likely do not ALWAYS wear the uniform. As for their hair/eye color, you can pretty much give them any color. However, Ishvalans should have red eyes, homunculi should have purple eyes, Xingese people have dark brown/black eyes, and people from Xerxes should have gold eyes.

As far as clothes go, it is all very situational.  I'll give a few examples, so pay attention closely.

It depends on if you're designing a guy or girl.  For a guy, I'd keep it somewhat simple.  But remember not to make it too modern.  No graphic t-shirts and jeans.  It would have to be most likely a collared shirt or a turtleneck or a tank top and slacks.  You could give them a jacket and go into a little detail with that, as long as it suits the style of the series.  But don't try to give your OC a coat like Ed's.  If you give them a coat, try to make sure it doesn't resemble anyone else's so it's original.  Also do NOT under ANY circumstances use a jacket that looks like Ed's.  The black one with the metal clamp over the collar.  If anyone else wears it, it just looks like you stole it from him and it looks unoriginal.  Be CREATIVE and design your OWN clothes.  You can look up European/American clothing styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, if you need help.

If it's for a girl, I'd say skirts, shorts, or pants.  Either leather or khaki or a dark material most likely.  If it's a skirt, you could make it pleated considering Winry owns a pleated skirt.  But try not to make it look too much like a schoolgirl outfit since they don't have them in FMA.  For a shirt, I'd say most people use a tank top and them give them a jacket for versatility.  A crop jacket would be cute and it's not often used. (As in a jacket that only goes down to the waist, not the full length of a normal jacket.) But no sweatshirts, it's too modern.  Again, don't use too much detail on the actual clothes.  But you could use alchemic symbols if you wanted to add some kind of flair.  Denim wasn't as popular back then, so it's probably not a good idea.  Leather, cotton, suede, etc. are better.

If you want them to be an alchemist, but you need them to have transmutation circles available at all times, you could give them an accessory with the circles engraved/sewn into it like gloves or bracelets or a ring.  My character draws them on her hands with a marker, so that's always an option.  Or they could use chalk to draw them on the ground.  But a lot of people find that it's better for them to have the circles available at all times to have an advantage in battle.

As far as shoes go, most FMA characters wear boots or sandals.  Wingtips, loafers, mary-janes, etc. will also work.

If you're designing a girl, don't make her outfit too revealing.  She could show a little midriff or cleavage but if you give her a midriff shirt, keep her skirt/pants long.  Again, jackets are your friend.

Other accessories a lot of FMA characters utilize are belts, bags, necklaces... but don't use anything strange and modern like fishnet.  I've yet to see a single FMA character who wears fishnet.  Pantyhose could world, if they work in an office or something, but it isn't realistic for a soldier.

If your character is from Ishval or Xing, be sure to look at the style of the clothes the people from those places wear.  Xingese people typically wear more Asian-type clothes.  Ishvalans wear more tans and dark colors, but it's more tribal-looking.  Lots of shawls and sandals and they cover most of their bodies, probably to protect them from the heat since they live in the desert.

If your OC is in the military, they'll likely wear the uniform a lot of the time.  But they should have another outfit for their civilian life.  Also, under their uniform, since it's only a jacket and pants, they need a shirt.  Roy wears white collared shirts, Riza wears dark, form-fitting t-shirts.  I think turtlenecks fit well also and tank tops.

Note also that you may give them automail, but it's wise not to give them a fake right arm and left leg like Ed. Or the opposite, a fake left arm and right leg. You could give them one missing limb or more if you wish. But try not to make it similar to another character. You could even give them a fake eye, like Archer. You can also give them any kind of automail you like. It does not need to look like Ed's. Note Ed and Paninya have different kinds of automail. Also note that Paninya has weapons built into her automail, so you may do that as well if you wish.  Don't make your automail look too much like Ed's, because Winry prides herself on her automail being special and different.  Unless you have a good excuse for having Winry make your OC's automail, then it might look similar, but still not exactly the same.  Try to avoid unnecessary automail, like fingers, toes, ears, etc.  It just seems like a reach and it's strange.

Decide if they are human, chimera, or homunculous. If it's a homunculous, note their name should be one of the seven deadly sins, which means you'll have to plan their appearance after one of the existing homunculi dies. Also note that if they are a homunculous, they'll likely wear dark clothes and have pale skin with dark hair and purple eyes. Also they need an oroborus tattoo, but try to put it in a unique place on their body, like no other homunculous has. Not on the chest, like Lust. Not on the thigh, like Envy. Not on the tongue, like Gluttony. And etc.

One thing I must say is that you should NOT under ANY circumstances make them related to any existing characters. This is a very evident Mary Sue trait. Ed and Al do not have any missing siblings that they didn't know about, and Roy does not have a million sisters. They can be friends with whoever you wish them to be friends with, but you should not make them related.

As for their history, note that they do not have to have a horribly tragic past. It does help, however, to develop their character if you are using them in a fanfiction. But you don't have to do that. They can have a home and a family, they can have a pet. They can have friends. Or they can be an orphan who travels because they have no home to go back to. Just try not to make it TOO tragic, if you give them a sad past, because that is another evident Sue trait.

It is not likely that they have performed a human transmutation and lived, because that is nearly impossible to do. That's why Ed and Al are so unique. However, it is possible. So if you REALLY want to have your character have done that, you may. Note also that if they did perform a human transmutation, they have likely seen "The Truth" and have the ability to perform Alchemy without a transmutation circle. But note that if you do that, people may consider your character a Sue because they are more powerful than other characters. If you do this, make sure this character is not more powerful than Ed and Al or Roy because that is a DEFINITE Sue trait.

If your character does use transmutation circles, you may design a unique circle for them depending on their abilities. However that does take a lot of research. For example, Roy's circle has a salamander on it. This is because in Alchemy, the salamander is a symbol of fire. Obviously, Arakawa did her research when she made this anime. It's one of the reasons I admire her so much.  But anyway, you may construct a unique circle for them or you may use one you've seen in the show. Also, they should have some sort of accessory or easy access to their circle since they may not have time to draw one if they're in a battle. My OC draws them on her hands with a marker. Other characters have bracelets or rings with their circles etched into them. Roy has his gloves. My friend's OC uses a gun with explosive bullets and she carves the circles onto the bullets so she can use Alchemy to make the gunpowder in them explode.
I recently finished watching Brotherhood, so I went in and added a few extra details that might help.

I hope this is in the right category........... but yeah. >>;

Hope this helps some of you struggling with your FMA OCs. And just OCs in general.


-Sam <33
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I don't know who you are or why I had the sudden urge to write this. You could be anyone in the whole wide world. But for some reason, you were on my heart this morning. I haven't slept all night, and I guess staring at the ceiling makes one think about what really matters.

You're one-of-a-kind, you know that? Not factory-made, not mass-produced, not something but someone. Even if you're a twin or triplet, you're uniquely and wonderfully you. There is something about you that no one else has, and that the world would be woefully without if it were taken away. From the curve of your eyelashes to the barest hint of a smile at one corner of your mouth when you're trying not to laugh, you're a collection of little miracles all wrapped up into one special and wonderfully made package. Each of your cells custom-made, chains of DNA specifically forged and coded just for you. But you're more than science. You're tangible and intangible, physical and ethereal, radiating emotion and life from your mass and though you may not see it, you're an essential part of this world. You're not an accident, and you're here for a reason. Though it's sometimes hard to understand why things can be so hard, and you may come to question your very existence, you must never let go. Because with you gone, there'd be a black hole that'd suck everyone into a gloomy darkness, because your light would be irreplaceably extinguished. You may think you're unloved, friendless, rejected, alone, but you're never really alone. Every word and deed you speak and commit form a thread in the web of your life, and you never know how another person, invisible to you, may need that thread as a lifeline. So don't hold back; don't give up. Remember that people need you to be you and that you're not just a statistic, not just a name or a number, but a living breathing amazing person, someone who's part of something bigger than life itself. Times are tough, you may fail and fail again, but you must never stop trying. Never, ever. There are dreams waiting for you to discover, people waiting for you to come into their lives and brighten their days, and miracles waiting to happen. Just please, please, please believe. Because believing is what makes dreams come true, even if they're dreams you never knew you even had.

-M <3
Please, I want this thing to infect the Internet. I don't care if you credit me or not, I want you to copy/paste this wherever you see fit and let people know they're loved and needed.

There's just too much apathy and coldness in the world. I'd like to at least let someone know they're not alone.
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Nightfall. Nighttime. Night. Darkness. Stars. Moon. Wait... moon? Moon, round and bright. Crescent shaped. Moon. Sun? No, sun is gone. No sun. Good. Sun is bad. Sun is evil. Darkness is good. Darkness is perfection.

Now we build.

Bit by bit, block by block. Darkness consumes, but no matter. Moonlight enough, more then enough. So I build-- we build. They are not far, but I am alone. Black skin. White eyes. Long arms. Long legs. Tall, too tall. Building, always building (but why?)

Sandcastles (previous night). Wooden tower (not mine). Waves of the ocean--



away get away

get away get away
get away get away--



I escaped. Water far away. Keep it away. Building again. Towers, pyramids, anything, everything. Far away, they are far away. I cannot see them. Oh well, must build, they will be fine.

Small tower, getting larger. No joy, never joy, must build. Resources, need them now. Sand easy to aquire, dirt harder...


Watched. Am I being watched?

Turning, turning, AH! Eyes! Person! Being!


It stares at me. It is watching me. I will watch it. It wants my building. It wants my things, my resources. It wants me to DIE.

Posession. MY THINGS! MINE. I will destroy it. The staring thing. Why does it watch me? Why else would it? Attack. Must attack. When it turns away... Attack. Attack. Fists. Rage, ever consuming. Tear it apart. Use its head. Yes. Place it atop the built thing. Blood. Yes. YES! It will not destroy. No.


Staring. Forever. Scared. It is scared. Eyes wide. Fast breathing. Not that far away.
Brethren. Where are they? Must find them. Later, though. First, must watch. Must destroy.

It has weapons. They glint in the moonlight Fear. Scared. I am scared. It can destroy me. Destroy my buidling. Rip me apart--



I will wait. Attack unnanounced. Destroy. Kill. Yes.

"Hello?" It speaks.

IT SPEAKS. It wants me to respond. Will not give satisfaction. No. Cannot respond. Whatever. Whatever. Eyes on pickaxe. Yes. Use to mine resources. To build. Yes! Eyes on sword. Shimering in moonlight. Moon. Overhead now. Night is ending soon. Must attack. Must kill. Protect me, protect building.

Unimpressed. Frowning. Wanted me to be weak. Wanted me to crawl away. Yes. Yes. Evil thing. Must die. Must die.

Stare. Stare. Stare. Stare.

Moving away. Yes. Perfect.

I am still.

It blinks.

It turns.


I jump.

Running. Jumping. Sand gone. Building behind me.



Golden sword out. Golden sword for defense. Claws (my claws) ripping into it. Screaming. It is screaming in pain. My ears, MY EARS! I attack harder. I rip harder. Slashed at by sword. Black blood oozing from me. Attack more. Rip. Tear. Hit. Punch Rip Hit Tear Rip AttackHitTearRip...

Screaming subsides. Blood gushing everywhere. Everywhere. Sticky mess. Like water, but less. Good.

I turn. Green thing stares. Black eyes. Fear. It explodes (can explode). Destroy everthing I create! Will not attack. Cannot attack. It hisses.
Upset? I stole its kill?
Bonecrushing fear. Fear. Fear!


"Hisssssss." Silent. Will it explode?


And it retreats. Tension ceases. Relief.

And I am alone, body bleeding, tools lying on the ground. No mouth, cannot smile, but feel good. Yes. Tools! Lifting the blue pickaxe. Joy. Unending joy. I can build faster. (Build more.) Shovels. Good. Armor too small (covered in blood). Moon glinting off the surface. What? Axe. Axe. For trees? Wood! Create better structures. Wood. Helpful.

My bag now. My tools now.

Discard the sword (claws work better). Leave the body. Cannot carry head. Leave it. Return to structure. Moon only watches. Others come, watch my progress. Pride, but not done. Never done.

Digging until morning. Mining until morning. And then we hide.



Jesus Christ on a stick, thank you my lovelies for the amazing comments, and the amazing feedback. I'm glad you like it as much as you do! I implore you (shameless self advertising) to check out my other Minecraft fanfictions. Thanks a bunch!

So in this upcoming Minecraft update, there's going to be a new mob called the Enderman <3 The second I heard how it acts, I simply HAD to write something for it. Mind you, I know very little about these thingies, so I winged most of it.

The creeper hisses as a kind of warning (since its not intent on exploding Mr. Enderman here) and I know that's not how it works in the game, but bear with me.

Minecraft does not belong to me. Neither does the Enderman.
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Our Numb Tears

Something   deep   within   me / Is longing for relief
A   haunting   aura   around   me / Reminding me of the grief

Scratching at the core of my soul / Hope is swallowed by a black hole
Locked in the center of my heart / All that is left is the traumatized part

Laugh, smile, blink, and focus. You just need to act as normal as possible.
You cannot let this pain get the best of you. Don't do anything irresponsible.
The damage you do to yourself also effects everyone else, so don't let it become irreversible.
You're being too hard on yourself, no one is perfect in life, you're only human, you're not invincible!
Shock waves of guilt enter my system / While a deathly peace is in the distance
And aftershocks of regret strike me down / I can't show that I'm hurt when they're around

Tremors   of   anxiety / Infest my entire body
I'm   a   tragedy / Just flawed so perfectly


Bottled up rage / Bottled up love
Bottled up blame / Bottled up trust
Sometimes, in this life of ours, we have it the hardest; there is no easy path we can take.
Sometimes, in this pain of ours, we just have to pick ourselves up, and continue on our way.
Sometimes, in this soul of ours, we have to endure so much, but we will still live for another day.
Sometimes, in this broken heart of ours, we have to keep breathing for the sake of our own little faith!
Bottled up fear / Bottled up darkness
Bottled up tears / Bottled up damages

Something   deep   within   me / Is asking for forgiveness
An   enveloping   aura   surrounding   me / Leaving me painless

Accepting, and letting go of my past / I will wear the mistakes I have made
Standing up, and forgiving what has been done / Because our destinies are what we make

Breathe, settle, think, and relax, just calm down for a moment and realize that life goes on.
The clock keeps ticking even though you're standing still, while you're lost in this inner mourn.
Others have been through this, you're not alone, there are many who are suffering, not just one.
You need to keep on living, even with all of these set backs, this journey of yours is not yet done!
This is something that I've been needing / A frozen-firework sensation spreads across my face
A smile cures my broken-down expression / This guilt is no longer a part of me as it fades away

My   eyes   grow   cold / I can finally let go of my despair
My   pain   is   no   more / Washed away from our numb tears
Wake me up when this year ends
For I need a new beginning again
EDIT: changed the ending a bit.
"like" my facebook poetry page if you enjoy my work.
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And much, much more --> [link]
Photo by :iconrichallen:
Permission was given.
This poem is written for my project which is titled-
"The Other Side Of The Sky"
In volume four: Seeking Serenity
Check out my galleries below if you want to read more.
Watch me if you think that you might like my work.
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**EDIT** Holy crap this got way more attention than I was expecting. The comments and support have been amazing everyone!
A few points: Credit where credit is due; this ending, as much as everyone seems to love it, was only created because the amazing team at Bioware created a universe that was so rich and full of life and detail. As much as I know a lot of fans are hurt by what they did, we need to remember that Bioware still created an incredible trilogy, one of the best ever. So hats off to them all round.
Also, this was written really fast and so the ending (specifically the last part on how you actually win using TIM's signal) isn't very fleshed out. I know there are holes, and they can actually be fixed quite easily. This isn't perfect. Also, this doesn't deal with a 'happy' ending. If there were to be one, or you were to even CONSIDER taking the fourth option, you'd need to be damn ready. I'm talking ALL war assets etc to even have a chance. And the ending does not suggest that the Reapers are completely defeated at Earth, merely that portion of there fleet, thus buying time to recover the research from TIMs base. Also doesn't address an epilogue.
But again, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy, and if you are really passionate about it, let Bioware know. Crazier things have happened...**

**SECOND EDIT** I just want to say that I don't think Bioware should change their endings. If you guys haven't heard or seen the 'Indoctrination' theory, I suggest you look it up. Essentially the idea is that once Harbringer zaps you while running for the Conduit, from that point on, it's all a dream/indoctrination. It's really cool, and if it had been properly revealed, would have been amazing. People are theorizing that additional details will be revealed soon. If it's true, I don't think it was a good plan by Bioware, but an awesome idea nonetheless. And yes, this piece below was written with some fanservice in mind.

Ok, so first off, let me say that I liked what Bioware TRIED to do with the ending, I just think it was handled soul-crushingly poorly. SO, I decided while I was bored this morning at breakfast I wanted to try rewriting it to flesh it out some/ try and make sense of it/ give it one other add-on. I know alot of people demand a happy ending, and I don't need that. I'm fine with sad, it made me sad. I just want it to make more sense.

Alot of the dialogue is from the game as I wanted to fit into what already exists. It's rough, but let me know what you think... sorry about the length.

This begins just after Shepard has taken the heaven-elevator...

Child: Why are you here?

Shepard: *groggily* Wh-where am I?

Child: The Citadel. It is my home.

Shepard: Who are you?

Child: I am the Catalyst.

Shepard: I thought the Citadel was the Catalyst?

Child: No. The Citadel is simply a tool. One that has been reclaimed.

Shepard: I need to stop the Reapers. Do you know how to do that?

Child: The Reapers are mine. I control them. They are my solution.

Shepard: Solution? To what?

Child: Chaos. You bring it on yourselves. The created will always rebel against their creators. So it was with us. So will it be with you. But we found a way to stop that from happening. A way to restore order for the next cycle.

Shepard: By wiping out organic life? I don't understand...

Child: No. We harvest ADVANCED civilizations. Preserve them from their own mistakes.  Leaving the younger ones alone. Just as we left your people alive the last time we were here.

Shepard: But you killed the rest...

Child: We helped them ascend. Preserved them in Reaper form. Saved them from their own creations.

Shepard: What creations? What are you talking about?

Child: The synthetic. The new child that is born of organics. The child that destroys everything.

Shepard: What?

Child: We were like you once. We flourished and spread throughout the galaxy. We unlocked the secrets of the universe. We could bend the very fabric of nature and time, leap the galaxy in a single stride, but even that was not enough. We searched for purpose, a reason for our existence....
Shepard: You were organics?

Child: We were children of the stars. Searching for where we fit into the pattern of the cosmos. And when we discovered the truth, it destroyed us.

Shepard: What truth?

Child: Organic life has no purpose. We are an accident.

Shepard: An accident...

Child: We were a simple pattern. Basic chemistry combining into unusual chaotic forms. When we mastered the galaxy we found there was nothing else remaining. We were lords over a domain that had no need for us.

Shepard: That... but, why kill us? I don't understand! You found the edge and now you're punishing us for it?!

Child: No. We are saving you. Our children, our synthetic creations, did not suffer our qualms. They did not need to find purpose, they were created by us. We had given purpose to them. And that gave them the power to choose to rebel.

Shepard: You were beaten by your machines?

Child: You have seen the pattern yourself. The Geth. Your Rogue AI's. Even now, the pattern is repeating. As it did with us. As it always does. The war threatened to destroy everything. Our own weapons could wipe out suns, harness the dark energy of the universe that bound it together. We could have destroyed the galaxy.... we nearly did.

Shepard: The relay network....

Child: Our weapons. We realized that if the synthetics defeated us, they would not stop. All life, however simple, however small, would be destroyed. Eventually they would spread to other galaxies. They were infinite, could last indefinitely. And then the great accident, the great miracle of life, would be doomed.

Shepard: But you found a way to stop them! We're still here! Just tell me how!

Child: We became them.

Shepard: What?

Child: We could not defeat the synthetics. Not as we were, frail, mortal... flawed. So we evolved. Preserved ourselves as those you know as Reapers. We ascended.
We became the synthesis of life and machine. And we destroyed our children.

Shepard: But why all THIS?

Child: Our time was over. We knew we had reached the crucible of our existence. But we will not allow those who followed in our footsteps to repeat our mistakes. You will create your own destroyers, if you are allowed, and doom ALL life again. We do not give you that chance.

Shepard: But you're not saving us! You're dooming us!

Child: No. We are preserving you.  You use our technology, spread through the galaxy using the Mass Relays, never learning the secrets for yourselves. Thus we confine you to this galaxy, so that we may preserve you. We divide you, cripple you from within. Turn your own forms against you. Contain your mistakes. Then, we allow you to ascend to become one of us, and thus, safeguard the next cycle.

Shepard: We don't WANT to be preserved! We want to keep our own form.

Child: You cannot.

Shepard: The defining characteristic of organic life is that we make our own choices. Take that away, and we become no better than the machines you claim to protect us from. We can choose not to repeat the pattern.

Child: You have already repeated it. The geth are only the first step. And even now, they have risen to a state of being that will allow them to destroy you, should they choose.

Shepard: They are standing beside us. We still have a choice.

Child: Yes. You have more choice than you deserve. The fact that you are standing here proves that. Despite all our plans, you have found a way around them. There is no certainty that another cycle will not do the same. The solution is....flawed. And then there is the Crucible. It has changed things. Created new possibilities.

Shepard: I don't understand. What does it do? How does it work?

Child: We could rewrite the stars in our time. The Catalyst was our greatest achievement, a machine that could alter mass and rearrange matter at will. The Crucible focus's that. Takes what it is given and allows the Citadel to spread it. But I cannot control it so I cannot make that happen.

Shepard: Make what happen?

Child: What you came here to do. You can destroy us, if you like. Wipe out all synthetic life in the galaxy, including the Geth. Even you are partly synthetic. It will give them time to find a new solution....But your children WILL repeat the chaos.

Shepard: But the Reapers will be destroyed?

Child: Yes. You may also use it to control the Reapers.

Shepard: So, the Illusive man was right...

Child: Yes, but he could not control us, for we already controlled him. The catalyst will let you merge with them. But it will destroy you, consume you utterly.

Shepard: But the Reapers WILL obey me?

Child: Yes.... We will do as you will. But without us, the pattern will reappear. And you will eventually choose for us to begin the cycle again, this time perfected. There is however, a third option.

Shepard: Which is?

Child: Synthesis. You are partly synthetic. Merge with the Catalyst and you can change all life in the galaxy to become as you are. As we are. Synthetic and Organic. The entire galaxy will ascend.

Shepard: The...whole Galaxy? That's impossible.

Child: Is it? You have seen it already. It is how we are able to combat you, fusing your forms with synthetic matter to create new DNA. You call them 'husks'.

Shepard: But...the whole galaxy....

Child: Everything in the universe is energy. Matter, mass, even time is nothing more than that. The Relays and Catalyst are simply tools that control that energy. Life will be preserved. The growth will be stopped. And there will be peace.

Shepard: Why are you telling me this?

Child: You have done what no other organic has. You have proven that our solution can be overcome. We underestimated you before, thought of you as a mere inconvenience. But you are more than that. You have given us a new...perspective...Variables that we cannot forsee.

Shepard: The perspective that organics don't like being murdered? Something tells me you haven't been paying attention...

Child: We have eradicated eons of life. You have done what none of them could. We do not confess that lightly. Whichever you choose, once the energy from the Catalyst is unleashed, it will destroy the mass relays.

Shepard: But if we lose the relays... We'll have nothing. Whole civilizations will fall!

Child: That is a possibility.

Shepard: But... I don't... I can't....

Child: The paths are open, Shepard. You must choose.

*Shepard looks down at her bleeding side, then up at the raging battle above her head. We see ships of all sizes being shot down, Reapers crumbling under crushing fusillades  of fire. You can now choose to go down one of the three paths. OR... you can wait...*

Shepard: I... can't make this choice...

Child: It is the choice you asked for. It is salvation.

Shepard: No matter what, it damns us! Without the relays we will lose everything!

Child: Perhaps.

*We see the battle raging on Earth, squad members we have saved, armies we have recruited, all fighting desperately against overwhelming odds. Shepard, looks to the Catalyst.*

Child: You have no other way Shepard. Your followers trust in you. Make your decision.

Shepard: They didn't trust me to destroy us! You can stop this! You can choose to call them off! Just leave!

Child: No. If you will not choose a new solution, the cycle will continue. We will simply... reassess, for the future.

Shepard: It doesn't have to be that way! You can still give us a chance!

Child: We cannot. Your followers trust you to save them. You cannot. Not as you wish. This fight is in vain. We are giving you a chance. One that is more than you deserve.

Shepard: I won't play God...

Child: Your friends are dying Shepard. *The boy turns into the Virmire casualty* I know you'll do whatever it takes to get us through this, skipper.

Shepard: Go to hell...

Child: *turns into Anderson* Come on child. This is what you're here for! This is how we win! We can't fight them conventionally, you know that!

Shepard: FUCK you! I won't! I've beaten your kind already!

*We see the battle raging above them, the massed fleets being obliterated on both sides*

Child: *morphs into Hackett* We threw everything we had at Sovereign, and that was just one Reaper.... We just can't stand up against them. Not even together.

Shepard: No! We've broken the pattern! We've allied with the Geth! We've unified our species! It doesn't have to happen again!

Child: *turning into LI* You know we can't do this. We can't come this far just to throw it away! We're dying out here!

*Shepard can now choose one of the three options OR gamble everything...*

Child: *Illusive Man* Don't throw away everything over your ideals! This is the only solution!

Shepard: *turning to the child* Oh my god... you're scared... aren't you?

Child: No.

*a Reaper above them is destroyed under a feirce volley of massed ships*

Shepard: Yes.... you are... You should have rolled over us by now.... But you didn't...

Child: We have been merely delayed. If we must, we will destroy you all. We have offered you salvation.

Shepard: No.... you offered me a way to stop the fighting. You've never faced something like this before... The Illusive Man knew how to beat you, knew he could disrupt your armies... that's why you attacked him. Indoctrinated him. He came up with another option, he just didn't know it. He he thought he'd found control.... but he really found out how to turn that into Chaos.

Child: *aloof* We held the power to rewrite the stars. We are perfected. We cannot be defeated. Choose.

Shepard: Bullshit. You're not perfected. You're MACHINES. Machines that sit on the edge of the galaxy, lurking where we can't find you when you're vulnerable. Vigil said it himself. That's why you USE us! Turn our own people into your armies! You can't beat us on your own!

Child: We are the salvation of all life. We have swept away all before us.  We will do so again.

Shepard: By blindsiding your targets through the Citadel! By coercing us into a trap with the relays! You've always picked off your opponents independently! You used the same tactic with the Collectors! You've never had to stand and fight the combined might of a galaxy united!

Child: Your arrogance will only lead to your destruction. Choose.

Shepard: No. We killed Sovereign. We killed the Reaper at the collector base. We killed them on Rannoch, on Tuchanka, and down there! We stopped you from using the Alpha relay, and you're spread thin. The Illusive Man found out how to control your armies, disrupt your signal. That's why you attacked him, you were scared. We can beat you.

Child: Paltry victories.

Shepard: Maybe. But the combined might of the galaxy is holding you back. The Krogan and Turians on Palaven, the Quarians and GETH on Rannoch. And we'll do it, here, on Earth.

Child: We have given you fair solutions Shepard. Options to fix the system.

SHepard: No you've given me YOUR options. We've shown you we can win, and you're looking for a way out, a way to cripple us because you can't do it the way you used to. You failed at playing God and now you want me to wipe out your mistakes! Well I won't. I choose what we've ALWAYS chosen. I choose to take our damn chances.

Child:  You would risk the eventual destruction of all life? Risk the future to the likes of the Geth? The Krogan? More like them will follow. Do you trust them?

Shepard: They put their trust in me to unify them. I trust them to finish the job.

Child: We thought you were different Shepard. We thought you would understand.
Shepard: Happy to disappoint.

*The child transforms into Harbringer*

Harbringer: So be it. Shepard. *then disappears*

*Shepard collapses*

Shepard: Admiral? Hackett? Anyone...

*we see the crews of multiple ships, the soldiers and charcaters fighting below all in the midst of hectic combat hearing Shepard's broadcast. What happens next is dependent on whether or not you have enough war assets/readiness to actually break the reapers here. If you don't the Reapers win, no questions asked, and the cycle remains unbroken.*

Shepard:... I don't know if you can hear me. But the Crucible is not an option... it won't save us... It won't bring us victory. I know a lot of our friends have died for this chance. But this isn't the end. We can beat them. You can beat them. They've always won by dividing us, turning each other against ourselves. But no longer. You CAN beat them. The ships next to you, the soldiers fighting by your side, can beat them. They aren't invulnerable. We beat them at Rannoch. We beat them at the Citadel. You can BEAT THEM NOW. You can break the back of the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known, because you, together, are the single greatest force this Galaxy has ever seen. Give them hell.

*The battle that follows is the epic conclusion, as Shepard watches, broken and bleeding, as everything he has put into this unified force throws itself at the Reapers. This is where all those decisions come to fruition. We want to see those War Assets fighting. The Destiny Ascension obliterating a Reaper with it's main gun before being swarmed over by Destroyers, the Geth armada pulling along side to save her. The Salarian STG calling in a biotic artillery strike on cluster of Reaper troops. Wrex and Garrus, on the front sharing a  stern moment in cover, before nodding to each other, brothers in arms, before charging over the barricade. Back to back, they face down hordes of husks, Wrex shouting defiantly, "You think you can take our future!? You think YOU CAN TAKE MY CHILDREN?!"
We want to see the Quarian flotilla scrambling, all guns blazing, trying desperately to form a battleline, as one of the admirals quietly turns to their crew, signalling his ship all ahead full. "For the homeworld. Keela..." their words cut off as the live-ship rams a Reaper, exploding spectacularly and damaging two others. We want to see the Normandy frantically weaving through the wreckage, Joker and EDI yelling warnings to one another as the fleets explode around them. We want Tali leading a charge of Geth Primes against a Cannibal gun line. Rachni drones swarming over a Reaper Destroyer by the thousands, pulling it apart from the inside. We want to see Grunt wrestle a brute to the ground and unload his shotgun into his head.

Happy or sad, we just want to see those decisions play out. We want to see that what we did mattered. And as the battle unfolds, you are left with the Choice. Do you think you have enough? As Shepard bleeds out, watching all he/she loved go up in flames, do you take the risk? Provided you have enough manpower, can you break the back of the Reaper fleet, though at horrendous cost? Once the battle is over, and the truth of what the Illusive Man discovered is revealed, the remaining survivors get the word out that there is a way to disrupt the Reaper signal, scatter the Reaper armies. Or something*
*Front page!? THANKS GUYS!! :D*

60,000 views in exactly 48 hours. Unreal. I'm flabbergasted and humbled by the response, again, thanks.

A quick note: I think the 'Indoctrination' theory is probably the best one out there. And I think it's a really friggin' cool idea as to why the ending is the way it is, even if I think it should have been tied up alot better. This was created for kicks as a 'this is the alternative the fans seem to want' piece. I don't think it's particularly good/clever, but I'm thrilled so many of you are enjoying it.

A quick revision of the dreaded ME3 Endings, which crippled what was otherwise a phenomenal game and trilogy.
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Do you love me?
Or do you not?
you told me once, but i forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true, so I can say that I love you.
Of all the guys I've ever met, you're the one, I won't forget.
And if I die before you do, I go to heaven and wait for you.

From the moment I saw you i knew this was true
So damn beautiful my eyes fixated on you.
I wanted to hug you, hold you so tight,
I wanted to tell you this feels so right.
Now i have a voice, my feelings out loud,
A smile on my face so happy and proud.
A girl with a dream and a dream come true,
A girl who has found the one, the one is you!

When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you,
When I first met you i was afraid to kiss you,
When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you,
and now that i love you i am afraid to loose you.

Love is like a river, or maybe a deep blue sea.
Love flows on forever, always and endlessly.
Love is something special, something you can't touch or see.
Love is amazing, this thing I feel for you and you for me.

I'm not afraid of death,
I'm not afraid of dying.
I'm not afraid of heartbreak
and I'm not afraid of crying.
The only thing I fear of ever really comming true,
is living this fearless life without you.

You're the first thing i think of each morning when i rise.
You're the last thing i think of each night when i close my eyes.
You're in each thought, i have and every breath i take.
My feelings are growing stronger with every move i make.
I want to prove i love you, but thats the hardest part.
If i tell you a secret, could it lead to a new start?
I have made up some love poems that maybe you can relate to with the person you like <3
some of these poems realate to the person i like ?
so read them tell me what you think!
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A good enemy is better than a best friend
A good enemy can't betray
A good enemy won't go away
A good enemy will be there at the end

A best friend will fail
A best friend tells you what to think
A best fiend pushes you to the brink
A best friend will bail

A good enemy pushes you forward
A good enemy tests your steel
A good enemy makes you real
A good enemy seeks no reward

A best friend makes demands
A best friend always judges
A best fiend holds grudges
A best friend won't withstand

With an enemy you know they hate you
With a friend you are not sure
To an enemy you can be true
When they run you through
It won't be from behind
A friend won't just let it end
Tell you they never liked you
Every story you tell they bend
Every wound you mend
They inflict two more

With enemies like these  who needs friends
I finally got a new picture I liked. This one is by :iconnunoramos0:. Here is a link to the note that says I can use it. [link]
I hope you all like it!!
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Just starting the damn thing up (reeving noise)
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Edit 1: btw I won't add anything with Ming in it :icontrollfaceplz:

Just starting the damn thing up (reeving noise)


(cause I'm a views whore, get over it, these babies net me so many damn views it ain't even funny)

all of these are from rage guy and company comics


(spelling mistakes as well, I like giving people the ability to spam chats ... no, but I like spelling)

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