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I don't know who you are or why I had the sudden urge to write this. You could be anyone in the whole wide world. But for some reason, you were on my heart this morning. I haven't slept all night, and I guess staring at the ceiling makes one think about what really matters.

You're one-of-a-kind, you know that? Not factory-made, not mass-produced, not something but someone. Even if you're a twin or triplet, you're uniquely and wonderfully you. There is something about you that no one else has, and that the world would be woefully without if it were taken away. From the curve of your eyelashes to the barest hint of a smile at one corner of your mouth when you're trying not to laugh, you're a collection of little miracles all wrapped up into one special and wonderfully made package. Each of your cells custom-made, chains of DNA specifically forged and coded just for you. But you're more than science. You're tangible and intangible, physical and ethereal, radiating emotion and life from your mass and though you may not see it, you're an essential part of this world. You're not an accident, and you're here for a reason. Though it's sometimes hard to understand why things can be so hard, and you may come to question your very existence, you must never let go. Because with you gone, there'd be a black hole that'd suck everyone into a gloomy darkness, because your light would be irreplaceably extinguished. You may think you're unloved, friendless, rejected, alone, but you're never really alone. Every word and deed you speak and commit form a thread in the web of your life, and you never know how another person, invisible to you, may need that thread as a lifeline. So don't hold back; don't give up. Remember that people need you to be you and that you're not just a statistic, not just a name or a number, but a living breathing amazing person, someone who's part of something bigger than life itself. Times are tough, you may fail and fail again, but you must never stop trying. Never, ever. There are dreams waiting for you to discover, people waiting for you to come into their lives and brighten their days, and miracles waiting to happen. Just please, please, please believe. Because believing is what makes dreams come true, even if they're dreams you never knew you even had.

-M <3
Please, I want this thing to infect the Internet. I don't care if you credit me or not, I want you to copy/paste this wherever you see fit and let people know they're loved and needed.

There's just too much apathy and coldness in the world. I'd like to at least let someone know they're not alone.
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Shot one.

Shot two.

Shot three.

Shot four.

Shot five.

Shot six.

The gun drops from my hands.
Its finally over.
had a dream the other night. 6 bullets were fired. these are all the feelings i felt. creepy eh?
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Just starting the damn thing up (reeving noise)
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Edit 1: btw I won't add anything with Ming in it :icontrollfaceplz:

Just starting the damn thing up (reeving noise)


(cause I'm a views whore, get over it, these babies net me so many damn views it ain't even funny)

all of these are from rage guy and company comics


(spelling mistakes as well, I like giving people the ability to spam chats ... no, but I like spelling)

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Stage 1: youngling Essentially, the Master starts with a blank slate before him. The youngling knows little to nothing of the Force and its uses beyond instinct. It is tempting to skip this stage, but it carries a few essential stages that need to be explored if the person playing the youngling wants a good character development. Alternatively, the 'youngling' can start as somewhat older and more developed, having trained himself a bit before meeting a Master (this is more usual with Sith).

Step 1: meeting the youngling and bonding Here is a chance for the Master and the student to communicate. Make sure that the other player gets some of your char's background and personality at this stage. This is also an essential part for character development. How the Master and the student experience each other can have great effects on how they grow, together or otherwise. Here, Jedi will typically be amicable while Sith stress their tradition of eternal strife and adversity from early on.

Step 2: explaining the workings of the Force Some students may already know something about the Force. This should be explored with the master and added to the experience. Otherwise, always try to stick to the basic idea here. Don't give too much info at the same time. It's essential the student doesn't come to a full understanding yet, or learns the full ideas behind being a Jedi or Sith yet, because much will be added later through experience.

Step 3: the very basics and lots of practice This is partly based on the background and experience of the student, since some may already have some modest control over the Force. What could be done here as a first step is often opening the student to the Force with a simple meditation technique, trying to sense the area and realising what could be possible within the Force. Later on, you can move on to manipulation of objects, connection to others trough the Force, and Force-enhanced awareness. Make sure this is practiced as frequently as possible. Students shouldn't learn new Force abilities too smoothly, so make sure the student struggles some and the Master is an active guide, not only an instructor.

Step 4: applications of the basics This step often interweaves with step 3 as applications are a good practice and an opportunity for the student to learn how his newfound powers can help him. Usually, different Force powers will be taken through step 3 and then step 4 before moving on to another application of the Force. However, make sure that practice isn't entirely forgotten after you move on to something else. Be sure to frequently look back to powers already learned to increase the ease with which the student can perform them. Avoiding objects when blindfolded through Force awareness and playing catch with the Master without touching the ball physically are two examples of applications with good practice. Make sure some things are kept more like games than serious exercises (this more for Jedi than for Sith), as younglings are, well, young. Through advancing with practice, the Master then gradually helps the student develop some basic Force abilities like Force push and pull, enhanced speed and reflexes, telekinesis, speech projection etc.

Stage 2: young Padawan/Apprentice By now, the Master and the student should know each other better. Even with Sith, a sort of bond will be there, even if it is not one of friendship. With the basics of the Force studied and reasonably controlled, the Master must look toward further fields, such as combat and philosophy, as well as build on the student's abilities in the Force. Here, we also start to see developments of the student's own identity: he will develop his own style of fighting, adapt abilities in the Force that aren't taught to everyone and, perhaps most importantly, get a mind of his own.

Step 1: basic combat As the youngling becomes familiar with the basics of the Force, the next step can be made by studying the different lightsaber forms of combat and introducing them during a sparring session or observing. If the Master knows one or several forms, a demonstration can be made. Otherwise, studying instruction-holovideos is a good alternative. The Master also usually provides the student with a training saber (as well as wielding one himself for the spars), and later on a standard non-training lightsaber. Because the master and student are getting to know each other now, the master can help the student to see what fits best with his own style, and a first modest personalisation is introduced. Choice of a form fitting the player's style and the character's personality is often discussed OOC as well as in character.

Step 2: advanced Force applications As the student is now getting a taste of battle and experience needed, as well as seeing where his strengths and weaknesses lie, it is time to advance further. As the student gets to know his own form and fighting style better, it is the Master's task to show fighting is not blind trust in skills and forms. Battle goes beyond a saber blade, by additional force techniques, skills or alternative fighting styles if needed. This stage of training is also very personal, as every Jedi and Sith develops his own unique skill set. For instance, typical Sith powers introduced (but not mastered) at this stage are aggressive applications such as lightning and choking. For more battle-oriented Jedi, possibilities are neutralizing applications such as whirlwind. Outside of direct physical combat, powers such as healing and battle meditation can be applied by Jedi, and applications such as illusion can be developed by Sith. Even less battle-oriented characters have something to learn here, such as the mind trick for negotiators, cloaking for spies and perception for sentinels.

Step 3: Jedi/Sith philosophy A big opportunity for character development for the student, and to a lesser extent for the Master as well. Of course, the Code (Jedi or Sith) will be amply discussed, but other aspects should certainly be touched upon. The Master mustn't shy away from explaining his own views to the student and even directly influence the student's own views, but don't overdo it. Naturally, the discussions are also influenced by alignment. Jedi will discuss things like Form 0, duty as a Jedi and moral choices, Sith will bring up rule of 2, eternal strife and moral weakness.

Step 4: advanced combat The Master explores various modes and forms of combat with the student and guides the student in choosing and developing a fighting style for himself, more individual than adhering to the various established lightsaber forms. This will often be discussed between both players OOC as well. As a Master, be sure to advise on which styles fit the student's personality and fighting prowess, but don't make the decisions for him. Depending on how combat-aimed the players and the characters are, the time spent on this item can vary greatly. Sometimes a student will chose to combine multiple forms together, or chooses neither form at all. In these cases, knowledge about the regular forms is still asked.

Step 5: lightsaber construction By now, the character (and the player) should have an idea of where he wants to take his character. With this in mind, the lightsaber can be constructed in accordance to combat prowess and style, the character's build and his personality. Less character-oriented character will likely construct a very simple single-blade lightsaber, more combat-aimed players can experiment with a great number of other varieties in hilt, blade, crystal etc. The Master will instruct his student on what to do to obtain parts for the lightsaber as well as construct it. The student must follow his instincts in the Force to find (or make) the right crystal and collect the right parts on an excursion. This step is often underestimated in importance and overlooked in training, causing a sudent's new lightsaber to be conjured out of nowhere. It is very important that the Master actively guides his student in both gathering parts and constructing the lightsaber itself.

Stage 3: advanced Padawan/Apprentice Here, the student stops learning things by being told and shown. From now on, it all comes down to experience, either from real life situations or from artificial training courses and objectives instilled by the Master. For the Master, now is the time to test his student. He must frequently ask questions about things that should be known, present tests and discuss events. Don't hesitate to reprimand mistakes, but be constructive. For Jedi Padawans, now is the time the temptation of the Dark side is at its greatest. Companionship with the Master is very important to counter this, and the Master must be very vigilant about it.

Step 1: direct and practical application and combination of the Force, combat and philosophy Essentially the combination of frequent tests, training, questionnaires and discussions, this is the dynamic interaction between Master and student that guides the student to learn from experience through situations that are mostly safety-controlled by the Master. This is the 'true test of life' for the student. For Sith students, failure becomes potentially fatal here, more so than for Jedi Padawans.

Step 2: missions Stepping out if the comfort-zone of safety-controlled situations, Master and student will be assigned missions together. The person playing the Master must make sure to present the student with a number of various challenges that have occurred naturally in rp. However, make sure that the challenges remain doable and realistic. A pair of Jedi will not face an entire army by themselves, a Sith will not infiltrate the Jedi Temple unchecked. For Jedi, make sure the student faces the various challenges that entail the events that mark a Padawan to be ready for his trials. For Sith this is not mandatory, but still a helpful guideline for challenges. Make sure not to overlook the importance of diplomacy, philosophy and investigation in such missions, rather than only concentrating on fights.

Stage 4: Knighthood/Lordhood Even after the Padawan rises to the rank of Knight, or the Apprentice to that of Lord, the Master and student remain linked. This is more likely so for Jedi than for Sith, but in either Order a connection in the Force is inevitably established. It is not unusual for the Master to keep monitoring his student, even if that student is officially promoted.

Step 1: monitoring and advice A Master must always be available to his former student for advice or a discussion. The Master will now treat his learner as an equal, and discuss matters openly. Even so, a Master can also still instruct a former student when he has questions and, when there is reason for it, monitor his progress. For Sith, a former Apprenticeship can often evolve into a lasting rivalry, in which the Master often reprimands his former Apprentice.

Step 2: lasting companionship People who once trained together are inevitably linked through the Force, and will therefore often encounter each other. Most likely, a lasting friendship (or rivalry in case of Sith) will remain even after the Master can no longer teach his former student anything. Jedi can often uphold a partnership by going on missions together and seeking advice with each other, Sith can uphold their ideals of eternal strife by developing a rivalry in which the Master and former student repeatedly attempt to kill each other.
Edit: fixed the coding to distinguish titles from text.

A guide for Jedi and Sith Masters to train their Padawans and Apprentices, to be used in #JediOrder. Anyone is welcome to use it as an aid in training their students, in JO or elsewhere.

Many thanks to =general-greivous-luv for the idea, =Leia1987 for helping me write it, and =warui-shoujo for the constructive feedback.

Star Wars, Jedi, Sith, and all Star Wars-related vocabulary © LucasArts inc.
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IN THE ETERNAL DARKNESS the flashing of blue and red lights is the only illumination that can be seen. In the wake of the red and blue flashes the sound of lightsabers clashing can be heard and draw nearer; as do the flashes of light. Strangely enough voices can also be heard over the clashing lightsabers. “The boy belongs to me. My former apprentice.” says one of the voices. “I won’t allow you to corrupt him as you me!” says the other voice.

“MOMMY!” cried Jake. The dream had awoken the poor boy from his sleep for the third time in a month. He couldn’t understand why he was having this dream over and over, and the more he thought about it, the more it scared him. Suddenly his bedroom door slid open and his mother Rayla rushed in, wrapped the young five-year-old boy tightly in her arms and said, “Shh, its ok sweetheart, Mommy’s here.” “I-I had that dream again,” sobbed Jake, “but there were two voices too this time.” Every time Jake had the dream, more details came in which scared him further. Rayla hugged her son tighter in her arms to comfort him. She wished that she could make these nightmares go away and give her son peace, but knew there was nothing that she could do for him except comfort him whenever he had them.

      “Why do keep having these dream Mommy?” he asked as he looked up at her with tears in his eyes. Rayla looked down at Jake with and an expression on her face that was a mixture of assurance, empathy and something else that Jake didn’t notice at all. “I don’t know sweetie. But I know in my heart that one day when you become a great Jedi like you’ve always wanted, you will know why. It will become clearer in time.” After hearing his mother’s words, Jake started to feel a little better about it and managed to smile. Seeing her little boy smile put a smile on Rayla’s face as well. She then wiped the tears from his eyes and kissed him gently on his forehead. “I love you sweetie.” She told him “I love you too Mama.”

As soon as Jake went back to sleep Rayla thought, what do I do when he learns the truth?  She cared a great deal for Jake and feared for his future. She even feared the worse when he told that he wanted to be a Jedi; however, she tried her best to accept his choice and hoped for the best for him. As she lied down in her bed to get some much needed rest she quietly to herself, “May the Force be with you my son.” She then closed her eyes and fell asleep.
OK. after holding off on it for so long, I've finally started writing my Star Wars novel and want to share what I've written so far with all of you. Enjoy. ;)

Star Wars belongs to George Lucas & Disney
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Of all the battles which are sung, none are as noble, brave, and true
As the tale of this single ruinous one, that I shall try to sing for you
An enormous fight so horrific, that it is spoken of with dread
And the old ones still weep, for the many that are dead

Through lies and treachery, armies assembled on that plain
Not knowing, not even guessing, that there was nothing to gain
This battle was the fifth and last of the war being fought
A devastating conflict that by the end,  was all for naught

A mighty alliance forged from three strong and steadfast races
Dwarves, Elves, and Men, still could not resist Morgoth’s deadly maces
Try as they might, they failed, and that hallowed ground is named
Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Tears Unnumbered, for the warriors that lay maimed

The sunrise mist had not yet left the field when the battle cry was called
But it did not take long, for the Alliance to break and fall
Why, you may ask, was this so, when the union of these races was tight
I shall tell you it why it happened, because of a malevolent might

The power of Morgoth’s forces prevailed on that war-torn, blood stained earth
And like ships in a harbor, each enemy sword found a berth
Although a number of Men and Elves formed a crescent hammer
That swung forcefully into the enemies flank with a thunderous clamor

Inside the arched walls reigned evil intent, a renegade Man had poisoned minds
So that when the Elves looked for support, they realized that they were a rind
Pressed on all sides and harried by enemies, still they fought until every last one was torn
Nevermore to see the night or day, they were crushed, those fearless Firstborn

The Dwarves rushed swiftly to their aid, but they arrived all too late
For the reason that, sadly, the Eldar Children had met with an awful fate
Do not think though, that all the Men were bad, those that were loyal were stricken
At the carnage caused by their kin, and they paused because sickened

The battle raged on through the day and on to late evening
That darkened sky brought an end though, to all the thoughtless killing
And so when twilight drew nigh, rain began to fall, as if to wash away
All that had happened there from memory, although it never may

That is why I am telling you, young ones, so that you will know and discern
The battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad is a tragic tale not to be unlearned
Never let this story fade from mind, always and forever make it known
Learn by heart what I have said and tell it to your own
In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, the Nirnaeth Arnoediad or (Battle of) Unnumbered Tears was the disastrous Fifth Battle in the Wars of Beleriand. The name was taken from the Doom of Mandos: "Tears unnumbered ye shall shed...".

I wrote this in 2005, and it had been awhile since I had read the story, so I think I've gotten a few details out of order...but it worked well this way. :) The preview image is drawn by Jenny Dolfen [link] .
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Our Numb Tears

Something   deep   within   me / Is longing for relief
A   haunting   aura   around   me / Reminding me of the grief

Scratching at the core of my soul / Hope is swallowed by a black hole
Locked in the center of my heart / All that is left is the traumatized part

Laugh, smile, blink, and focus. You just need to act as normal as possible.
You cannot let this pain get the best of you. Don't do anything irresponsible.
The damage you do to yourself also effects everyone else, so don't let it become irreversible.
You're being too hard on yourself, no one is perfect in life, you're only human, you're not invincible!
Shock waves of guilt enter my system / While a deathly peace is in the distance
And aftershocks of regret strike me down / I can't show that I'm hurt when they're around

Tremors   of   anxiety / Infest my entire body
I'm   a   tragedy / Just flawed so perfectly


Bottled up rage / Bottled up love
Bottled up blame / Bottled up trust
Sometimes, in this life of ours, we have it the hardest; there is no easy path we can take.
Sometimes, in this pain of ours, we just have to pick ourselves up, and continue on our way.
Sometimes, in this soul of ours, we have to endure so much, but we will still live for another day.
Sometimes, in this broken heart of ours, we have to keep breathing for the sake of our own little faith!
Bottled up fear / Bottled up darkness
Bottled up tears / Bottled up damages

Something   deep   within   me / Is asking for forgiveness
An   enveloping   aura   surrounding   me / Leaving me painless

Accepting, and letting go of my past / I will wear the mistakes I have made
Standing up, and forgiving what has been done / Because our destinies are what we make

Breathe, settle, think, and relax, just calm down for a moment and realize that life goes on.
The clock keeps ticking even though you're standing still, while you're lost in this inner mourn.
Others have been through this, you're not alone, there are many who are suffering, not just one.
You need to keep on living, even with all of these set backs, this journey of yours is not yet done!
This is something that I've been needing / A frozen-firework sensation spreads across my face
A smile cures my broken-down expression / This guilt is no longer a part of me as it fades away

My   eyes   grow   cold / I can finally let go of my despair
My   pain   is   no   more / Washed away from our numb tears
Wake me up when this year ends
For I need a new beginning again
EDIT: changed the ending a bit.
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A year after the first installment of the Jedi Knight Star Wars game series, which was also the second in the Dark Forces cycle, came Jedi Knight's expansion, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, which continues its predecessor's storyline, although the game is a fairly flawed and only occasionally fun experience.

Gameplay is almost exactly the same as in the first Jedi Knight game, with first-person shooter mechanics, with the player's performance graded after each mission and a few stars given as a reward that the player can invest into various Jedi powers. As with before, it is possible to get stuck with low life in a mission and have to start it from scratch, and pretty much the only way to make the game playable is with cheat codes.

Control doesn't fare any better, with players that downloaded the game through Steam not having an instruction manual to make things easier, and thus needing to find out how to do things on their own. Dungeon design is also atrocious, with players easily able to get lost, and in most cases it's a lot more entertaining to use a certain cheat code to skip the levels and view the story scenes.

Story again is the high point of the expansion, contributing more to the Star Wars mythos and focusing on ex-Imperial agent Mara Jade for some time, along with Kyle Katarn, though at times it doesn't seem a good reward for suffering through the gameplay without cheating.

As with the original Jedi Knight, the voice acting and sound effects are nice, although music is pretty much nonexistent in each mission.

The graphics still look worse than in the original Dark Forces, with blocky character models, badly-textured environments, and no CG scenes present in the first Jedi Knight game.

Finally, players that wish only to experience the nice story will likely spend less than an hour with a game, although those who play without cheating are in for a much longer, less satisfying experience.

Overall, Mysteries of the Sith is for the most part a mediocre expansion, what with the gameplay largely remaining unchanged and some aspects such as the visuals actually looking a bit worse. Even hardcore Star Wars enthusiasts might have trouble enjoying the game without cheating.

The Good:
+Cheat codes can make the game enjoyable.
+Decent story.
+Good voice acting.
+Plenty lasting appeal.

The Bad:
-Can be near-impossible without cheat codes.
-Silent dungeons.
-Subpar visuals.

The Bottom Line:
Not a great expansion.

Score Breakdown:
Platform: PC
Game Mechanics: 6/10
Controls: 5/10
Story: 8/10
Music/Sound: 6/10
Graphics: 4/10
Lasting Appeal: 7/10
Difficulty: Adjustable, still hard
Playing Time: Depends on whether or not the player cheats

Overall: 6/10
My review of the Jedi Knight expansion Mysteries of the Sith.
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