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work in progress,not finished yet.

cel art,color, and arrangements by :iconinvernizzi:

lineart,tank design,background,planning and layout by :iconbordon:

tank progress2 by bordon
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Did this pic because I said I'd do an Armored Core-style sniper mech for :iconaxonn5:'s Birthday. Sorry for the simple background.

I'm fairly pleased with the way if turned out. :dummy:

No real basis from the actual series; I just used the concept of a cored mech with interchangeable parts (which look like all the mechs I draw anyway) and tinkered around a bit. It's left and right arms are different parts, to clarify.

Its armaments include:

High-explosive assault harpoon, reinforced shotgun, jammer, tactical knife, internal components (grenades, mines, flares and ECM), and of course the high-capacity and rapid-fire sniper rifle.
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>>> Transmission start: Something different, something familiar... aye, still a bot.

Here's a little something I did for the cats from the infamous Colony Drop blog. I was invited by them to do a piece for their second anime zine and here's what I came up with. I like that they have been actually talking about, and supporting, a lot of older classic anime most of the current fandom seems to have forgotten or ignore. Frankly, the creatively bolder visual bravura that those classic works had are what inspired older guys like me to produce this kind of work as well. While there're still certainly good shows or films, here and there, much of the more modern anime utterly lacks the fearless creativity and boldness the classic films and show from the 80s and 90s had. I found Colony Drop producing an actual printed zine, in this time of web and digital, appealing to me so the piece is very much my homage to those old 80s underground dojin (hell I did contribute to some in the 90s for Studio Revolution). I'm old... so I suppose it follows.

DOWNLOAD for a higher resolution image.

You can get the zine here: [link]

Colony Drop blog: [link]

I've been very busy on a lot of damn cool stuff. Stay tuned... >>>
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I totally forgot about this one. Originally done for a mechatalk art contest that I hosted and lost miserably, lol.

It is an upgraded Aries created for Gundam Wing: The Sword. Here is the profile:

ESDF-07AMS2 Aries II "Sky Scorcher"
Role: Aerial Weapons Platform Support Mobile Suit
Features: Enhanced communications antenna, flight/hover mode
Fixed Armaments: 80mm chest vulcan x2, planet defenser x8
Options: 200mm Anti-armor Gatling Cannon "Falsetto", GR-240, missile pod, scatter bomb, grenade, Chain rifle
Designers: ESUN R&D

Outperformed by the Taurus and eclipsed in number by Leos wearing flight packs, the OZ-07AMS Aries soon fell out of favor. In response to new conflicts the Earth Sphere Defense Force repurposed the Aries as a flight capable heavy weapons platform that could support ground units from low altitude. Critics doubted the use of such an expensive and high performance unit, but the A2 soon proved its worth and won favor among ESDF ground troops the world over.

The A2 "Sky Scorcher" uses a similar fuselage to the original Aries but carries a much larger onboard reactor to power all of its functions. To support the large reactor, the size of the mobile suit had to be increased, and the A2 stands much taller than the original, and has a head height close to that of the Tallgeese. The onboard reactor provides power to the A2's large weapons and heat to its thermonuclear jets. All 8 of the A2's jets are increased in size and thrust power, and the MS can maintain flight indefinitely so long as the reactor is functioning. The large thrust power allows the A2 to carry large weapons and heavy payloads and use all of them with high stability. The A2 is much faster than the original Aries, but has low acceleration when fully loaded due to high weight.

The A2's weapons are designed to attack armored ground units and fortifications. It can provide a strong offensive against troops and mobile armors but often requires air support due to low mobility against airborne units. A communications antenna increases the A2's contact range and facilitates communication with allied ground units who can call for the A2 to provide support and take out targets.

Special notes:

200mm Anti-Armor Gatling Cannon "Falsetto": The Falsetto is a weapon specifically designed along with the A2. It has an electric rotary motor powered through the mobile suit's hand plug, and has a variable rate of fire ranging from 2100 to 7000 rounds per minute. The gun has 7 rotating barrels and is air-cooled. It is loaded with a mix of High Incendiary Piercing rounds and High Incendiary Explosive rounds that obliterate ground troops and armored units. The strafing runs performed with this weapon are absolutely devastating. The ammo drum the A2 carries has a 2100 round capacity and can be mounted to either side of the gun so the weapon is ambidextrous.

GR-240: The GR-240 is an automatic grenade launcher hand carried by the A2. It is fed by a belt and box mounted on the wing behind the wielding arm. Each grenade has a blast radius large enough to take out a number of grounded mobile suits. With a fire rate of 240 rounds per minute, the GR-240 is the stuff of nightmares for enemy units. The gun is ambidextrous and can be fired with either hand.

Planet defensers: Because of its heavy weapons and low mobility, the A2 is outfitted with a set of 8 planet defensers to protect it from returning fire while it attacks from fixed hovering positions. The defensers can protect the A2 from ground troops below and also from anti-air units, but the shield can be overwhelmed if the pilot is not cautious. Even with this defense, A2 pilots often prefer to work in teams or to have airborne escorts.

Here are alternate colors and a size comparison:

Original Aries design by Hajime Katoki.
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For convenience and my own purposes. Same drawings as in the individual pictures just scaled around a bit and grouped together.
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Another conceptual design/model sheet for the Theos animation project. This fella is actually not some hulking mecha someone rides in it's a bio-mechanical entity closer to a cyborg in some ways but still something quite different. Itís the same race of creature that the little mech in the IO Diner piece is from. These guys are combat machine for a future not really Germany nation called Germane. Clearly I had fun with some WWII aesthetics and cammo patterns but unlike the Sfikas these guys are cell shaded with heavy weathering which is the direction all future designs for this project will head. The hats have a locking snap which can unlock if combat is imminent as the hats are only for formal dress and rank. You can't go around fighting with a hat in your mechanical eye, no? Much of these designs will probably get tweaked even further once we're ready to pitch this show, there's plenty of time as we're in the middle of working on another show project for an ad company in Arizona.

Inked pencils CG colored in Photoshop 7.0
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CRG-360F GiLRAM Fortress
Related Link :
• Clean Slate WIP ► [link]
• Line ► [link]

Rate = 93
Story = Red Guardian
Class = Heavy Artilerie
Overall height = 17.2
Base weight = 68200
Full weight = 104200
Armaments =
• CMCLG-G36 Main Massive Condensed Positron Gun
• CMRG-G36 Optional Mini Rail Gun
• CHCS-G36B Secondary Beam Gun
• CBS-R1 Melee Beam sword
• CRWS-G36 Dispersing Neutron Cannon
• CAM-G36 Chaff
• CDMP-G36 Missile Pod
• CAB-G36 Pulse Interceptor
• CDVC-G36 Attached 75mm Vulcan Cannon
• CDMG-60 Atached 30mm machine guns
• CHCS-G36S Heavy Coated Carrier Shield

Line : 0.5 Standard BGel pen + 0.3 Pilot hi-tech
Softwares : Easy Paint Tool SAI
Hardwares: Mouse DX
time : forgot, but arround 3-4 hours i guess


Armored Unit produced by Chezernoff Heavy Industries. Used by certain military officer and the rebel of the Republic.
A modified series of GiLRAM III for long range attack with more firepower and heaviest defense of all GiLRAM series. Its armor were coated with the material used for the light shield used by G-100. Due to its weight, it cannot move as agile as the previous series, its has the slowest movement speed of all the series.
The Positron Gun of this series can destroy everything on its way, the energy can reach longer than 100,000 range. The positron gun consume a massive energy, to cover it, the G-310F was equiped with an energy reserve system on its back.
The pulse interceptor was attached to repel any incoming intermediate energy attack. Chezernoff was also attached a rear weapon system to anticipate its vulnerability from back attack [due to the weight, this system scatter out a neutron energy to jamm enemy system and do a significant damage.
The lastest version of shield for G-360F can withstand any attack, from a simple projectile to high particle attack. Upon impact with any energy attack, its shield battery activated to back up shield durability against it. It also can carry additional ammo for its projectile weapons.
G-360F is a perfect option for Long range combat, the production cost is also very high, makes the price even higher, thats why this kind of GiLRAM are few can be found in the battlefield. Only experienced or ace pilots are allowed to ride it.


done with the BG at last :D
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I just decided to color the individual units from the last pic to get a better grasp of how I want them to look (both for me and for anyone else applicable.) Even though it's an extremely simple coloring job, it really makes a difference, at least to me. But then is me we're talkin' about. :D

Original lineart here: [link]

Thre biggest inspirations are Armored Core (of's like, my favorite mech-anything EVER), Break Blade, which I haven't read in a loooong time, and Front Mission, because it's my other favorite mech series. lol

This is just a pic of all three mecha in Hiro's Special Cavalry unit, the Wolves.

The mecha are piloted (left to right) by Eric Nichols, Hiro Xianlong, and Kana Miyake. They are all highly customized, with the most highly modified unit being Hiro's. Hiro's and Kana's are both based off of cavalry frames, highly agile and reinforced for emphasis on melee tactics. Eric's is a modified heavy infantry frame with a right arm specially built for sniping.

Members of the Wolves must be superior in every area of combat, including missile tactics. Even so, each member specializes in one type of combat, save for Hiro, who is well versed in all. Though each person's style of combat differs slightly, and regardless of differences in make and model of mecha, the Wolves units are all classified as cavalry.

The Federation charges the mechanized cavalry with three tasks in combat, listed as follows:

1. If acting as vanguard, to break enemy lines and build morale among friendly forces.

2. If acting as reinforcements, to distract and inhibit enemy movement while friendly forces retreat, or to change the tide of battle by covering lost ground, rebuilding battle lines, and reinvigorating troops.

3. In all situations, to relentlessly pursue enemy units and so increase enemy tension.

Hiro made the purpose of the Wolves clear by providing a rule of his own: Obtain victory in any engagement by disturbing the enemy's mind and overwhelming them by employing exceptional close combat.

The reasoning for this is simple: If one is able to make gains in battle with close-quarters weaponry while fighting against enemies with both conventional and advanced weaponry, the enemy will lose morale and succumb to one or more of the four sicknesses: fear, surprise, confusion and doubt.

Here we see Hiro equipped with a handgun modified to fire PL (particle liberation) rounds and a custom field sword that only he can use, due to it's blade being comprised of alloy 467-D, which is an extremely dense, exceptionally strong metal, developed by Hiro with the assistance of his friend James in the R&D division.

Kana almost exclusively uses customized heavy piles, which double as light shields. The blades have a core made from the same alloy in Hiro's sword, enhancing their durability and power greatly beyond the norm. Due to the extra weight, their drive system was also heavily reinforced and powered up, linked to the unit's core respiratory system directly, allowing for instantaneous blade deliverance. The shield tips and spikes on knuckle guards hold enemy in place while pile deploys.

Eric is the only member to focus on long-range combat. His custom sniper rifle fires both PL rounds (9 per magazine, one in the chamber) and normal rounds (24 round clips.) Normal rounds used in standard semi-auto, auto, and three shot burst modes. He has a special chaff deployment device mounted to the left back side of his craft, to both balance the weight of the heavy right arm and for assault drop functionality.

All three units possess extensive Broad Spectrum countermeasures (for blackout tactics) and superior defensive and offensive capabilities. Each unit is adjusted specifically for its respective pilot, but all are tuned to the utmost responsive sensitivity. Additionally, all units in the wolves have auto-targeting disabled, as a rule. Auto targeting is sometimes unreliable depending on core signatures in friendly and enemy units, and it always targets a unit's core by default.
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This is Eric's (2nd in command) unit.

A modified heavy infantry unit, customized exclusively for sniping. Right arm and shoulder are reinforced and heavily upgraded to allow for extremely high sensitivity (precision).

Technically heavy infantry, but as a part of the Wolves unit it is classified as special cavalry.

Outfitted with extensive Broad spectrum countermeasures HS-62 on right shoulder, WS-3/40 on left, a custom sniper rifle capable of normal (semi and full-auto) and PL rounds (semi-auto).
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Im learning how to use GIMP(the free photoshop) this is my first coloring in it.
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