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Wooo. Haven't done a reference sheet in a while. I figure that's a contributing factor to my never finishing a project--I have no idea who the characters really are or how they look.

Name: Juniper Winston.
Age: 22.
Height: 5'8".
Fashion/Style: Neon Sign/Dressed in the Dark.
Likes: Music, having a good time, bugging uptight people.
Dislikes: Consequences, being wrong, conformity.
Personality Quirky nonconformist; comparable to, for example, that snot-nosed brat in your neighborhood who followed you around poking your shoulder all day.
Misc.: Prides herself on being as strange as possible. Will stay up all night researching a topic just so she can win an argument with you about it. She was subject to a lot of bullying throughout her school years because she was the adopted child of a gay couple. Used to be very demure and mousy. Lends a hand to her uncle (an art teacher at the local college) by acting as a model for anatomy studies. She's hard to get along with for long periods of time, but if you can manage to do it, she's a very loyal friend.


The comic can be found here: [link]
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I like this dork so much guys. You don't even know. /biased

Name: Avery Price.
Age: 19.
Height: 5'11".
Fashion/Style: Penniless Art Student/These Hipster Glasses Are For Seeing With, Okay?
Likes: Art, brand new paints, sketching, silence/peace.
Dislikes: Being interrupted, when people don't clean paintbrushes out, running out of paint, expensive art supplies.
Personality Straightforward but passive-aggressive; comparable to, for example, your attitude during Christmas when you get an ugly-ass sweater you'll never wear (not that you'll ever say so).
Misc.: His parents had high expectations for him. His father, a surgeon, expected him to follow in his footsteps. Instead, Avery became an art student. He comes from a rich family, but ever since he ignored his parents' wishes and enrolled at a nearby art college, his bank account has been cut off and he's been dumped unceremoniously onto his ass in a new city. He tends to get tangled up with assertive/douchebaggy types, but he's too passive to do anything about it, so he gets taken advantage of a lot. He's got a lot of snide remarks in his head; he'll just never say them. He gets flustered around girls.


The comic can be found here: [link]
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Oh hey, churning out one reference sheet a day. Not bad. :iconnotbadplz:

Name: Norah Williams.
Age: 20.
Height: 5'5".
Fashion/Style: Socially Awkward Nerd/I Spend Too Much Time In Comic Book Stores.
Likes: Comic books, bad 70s-80s action movies.
Dislikes: Socializing, leaving the house without good reason, being interrupted.
Personality Deadpan cynical commenter with more than a dash of obscure comic references; comparable to, for example, that weird girl in the back of the class that didn't talk to anyone.
Misc.: Works at a comic book store, conveniently enough. She managed to bully the manager into hiring her by utterly obliterating him in a test of knowledge in their desired medium. She's convinced that she'll draw a comic that will be published one day. Unfortunately, she can't draw for the life of her and is too obsessed with her delusions of grandeur to admit it. Very rarely seen in the "real world" unless heavily coerced. Her parents have given up on ever having any grandchildren. Orders a lot of weird merchandise online that nobody ever gets to see. Has a secret collection of shoujo and boy's love comics hidden somewhere that everybody knows about but doesn't dare look for. Often suffers from long bouts of depression and bitter muttering when her comics are turned down immediately by publishers.


The comic can be found here: [link]
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Name: Myles Kent.
Age: 21.
Height: 6'2".
Fashion/Style: Casual Friday All Day Every Day/One Of Us Has To Be The Normal One Here, Right?
Likes: Books, relaxing.
Dislikes: Bad movie adaptations, ignorant people, excessive work.
Personality Intelligent and relaxed; comparable to, for example, that guy you saw at that party that one time. You don't know him, but he seems pretty cool.
Misc.: Moved away from London halfway through high school. He and Kyle became friends when he transferred into his high school. Their friendship is well-balanced; that is to say, he keeps Kyle in line most of the time. Some say they have a rather... ambiguous relationship. Owns an extensive library of mystery and thriller novels. He's one of those people who are more attractive when they're upset with you than when they're smiling.


The comic can be found here: [link]
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A Death Note/Homicide Club Crossover.

Jack: Light Yagami
Hana: Misa Amane
Red: Takada Kiyomi
December (even though he's not shown, he's mentioned, so...): L

This idea came to me, so I had to draw it.

Come to think of it, why is Hana's bubble blue? Shouldn't it be pink? (Obviously I think of this after I finish the drawing).

Yeah. Homicide Club and Death Note. Imagine the fun they'd have. XD The other roles I'm questioning (the twins and Joker/Yang are currently battling for the positions of Mello/Near. Joker in leather and Yang with oversized sleeves.... but Lemon and Lime fit the personalities better... argh...)

By the way, Mitchan, for your birthday, you can request a drawing or two or three. I say this because I'm not sure what to draw you. XD So request away, Mitchan~! (This offer does not apply to people who are not Mitchan aka XThePockyNinjaX).

Death Note belongs to Ohba/Obata.
Jack, Red, and Hana belong to XThePockyNinjaX
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I just watched Baccano! OVA episode 14~16
if anyone haven't seen it, they Definately should!!!!!!!!!
if they don't know baccano!........ than you must watch it!!!!!

episode 14~16;




Clairre's just so cute!!!
at first I just thought it was a horror anime and was terrified by the shades of the Rail Tracer..... good old days XP
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Why are you so adorkable?

First Criminal Minds fanart fffffffffffftt--
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Joel 2:28 - And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions...

Acts 2:17 - And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams

I have a very close friend who believes he occasionally receives divine instruction through his dreams. I've never known him to be a dishonest man, nor a man who is easily deceived. Whereas he is a man who tries to follow in the ways of God, whereas the nature of his dreams are so radically different than anything that I have ever experienced, whereas the dreams appear so similar in content and symbolism to other dreams and visions recorded in scripture, and whereas the messages his dreams convey appear to be in harmony with other exhortations God has delivered, I firmly believe that my friend's visions do, indeed, bare unique and personal instruction from God to him.

This is a depiction of a particularly startling dream my friend related to me. He described wandering through what he could only describe as "mists of darkness" without a guide. He came upon the ruins of a once-magnificent city, with large shapes he figured must have been the remains of great and spacious buildings.

When he passed through the city he came upon a vast multitude of souls, having no faces, and all seeming to breath and undulate as a single form, like a "hive mind" he described it. Standing apart from the multitude was a single man, thin, tall, with unusually long fingers and a shimmering white shirt under his suit coat. This figure had long hair covering most of his face, except for a thin part, through which my friend could see the figure smiling a contemptuous, gloating smile.

This lone figure stretched forth his hand, as if offering to my friend to become one with the faceless ranks behind him. With a voice that was both chilling and yet somehow sweet, uttered a single phrase: "Join Us."

My friend described awaking suddenly from this dream. He believes it to be a chilling warning from The Lord regarding the seductive nature of sin.

A similar vision was recorded by the prophet Joseph Smith in the book of the Doctrine and Covenants section 76, verses 28 and 29:
"And while we were yet in the Spirit, the Lord commanded us that we should write the vision; for we beheld Satan, that old serpent, even the devil, who rebelled against God, and sought to take the kingdom of our God and his Christó
Wherefore, he maketh war with the saints of God, and encompasseth them round about."

Other similar visions can be found in Jeremiah 51:36-50; Ezekiel 32:17-26; Joel 2:2-7; Matthew 25:41-46; Revelation 18:2; 1 Nephi 8:7-8, 23, 27-28.
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For such a long time haven't drawn him...

Yeah, he is OC for my old project, and he is my very first OC too xDDD.
Also, he used to be my most favorite male OC now I got total five in my favorite, so I can't decide who I like best^^;
Still, for me, he is an important character.

Just want to draw him, that's all... Doing something old bring back a lot of memories, both good and bad xD.
Yeah, recently I've just kept thinking about my past, forgotten feelings.

I tried to use my old style of MMZX's coloring, but I guess it didn't work, so I gave up and using something like a mix style of Elsword's and something else^^;

And this is a summary about him, "Phoenix of the Sky", from the version I created a long time ago with some changes:


Name: Fawnix Sky (current name)
Gender: Male
Age: N/A (18 based on appearance)
Species: Reploid
Personality: Fawnix is a cold and silent guy. He doesn't talk much, usually wears his strict and serious look, sometimes can be harsh and aggressive. Because of this, he is usually misunderstood for unkindness and bluntness. Still, he is a thoughtful guy. He cares much for people he holds dear, though he rarely expresses his feelings. He keeps hiding thoughts and emotional pain for himself, watching people from afar silently, being ready to help when they needs without demanding any repayment, regardless of his outside fearsome and annoyed attitude toward ones he has helped. Fawnix is a type of inner and experienced person. He is also a careful and calm guy, usually considering the situation wisely before acting, being reliable when being needed. He can be seen as the best part in a team.

Model ESPIO-014S was the special and most advanced type of Reploid that had ever been created using for military spying purpose. With amazing speed and super fighting and stealthy skills, especially invisibility ability, he became famous, a formidable and respectable agent in the intelligent unit, also a secret weapon of the Government. However, his fame caused a jealousy among his comrades. With the incident of the appearance of two jewels, one with dark power and one with holy power, he was betrayed by his comrades. Barely escaping from death, he had to face the massacre of his friends whom he allied with and fight along in the conflict. At the final moment, to protect him and prevent the holy jewel fall into wrong hand, the scientist who had created him implanted the jewel into his body and put him to a long slumber in a secret underground laboratory out of the reach of the betrayers. He also erased the memory of ESPIO-014S with the hope that the Reploid would awake in a new better life without hatred he had lived on in this era.

Time passed. The memory of the dark and disorder period and the end of it was put in an unknown case, also the existence of the Reploid. A young girl named Elizabeth Miraikoe with her grandfather made a expedition stumbling on the area of the ruined laboratory and was chased by a group of Maverick. They unexpectedly found the mysterious capsule sealing ESPIO-014S. The Mavericks attacked them, and when being on the verge of death, Elizabeth activated the capsule, releasing the Reploid. He killed every of the Mavericks, but then suddenly turning to the innocents. However, right after confronting begging eyes of Elizabeth, he regained his consciousness, fearfully found out that he couldn't remember anything about himself. Elizabeth tried to calm him down, comforting him. She called him Fawnix Sky, a name she came up with after having a strange dream.

Later, Elizabeth decided to bring him to her home and welcomed him as one of her family members. Fawnix adapted to his new life, though he was still haunted by the blank in his memory and his nightmares of people and scary events he couldn't recall. Elizabeth tried her best to help him, and Fawnix felt gratitude because of that. He watched over her as his sister, though in some way he saw her as his true love. He sneaked out at night to do his secret job as a thief without the knowing of the family except Elizabeth.

One day Elizabeth stumbled upon a mysterious dark crystal and felt a strange power in it. However, Fawnix felt something wrong with the jewel, so he told Elise (his short name for Elizabeth) to hide it and keep its presence as their secret, not knowing that it would cause their tragedy. Fawnix left his home for a while to take care of his own business. When he returned, he found out that the house was ablaze. Someone, or a group to be precise, had slain everyone in the family and burned the house. He tried to seek for a survivor, and found Elizabeth being at the point of death. She told him about a mysterious man with his Maverick minions showing up and forcing the family to bring out the dark crystal. Though no one had said knowing a thing about it, the man still commanded his minions to kill everyone. Elizabeth barely escaped the massacre thanks to her mother, but was stuck in the fire. Before passing away, she told Fawnix the whereabout of the crystal, asking him to get it before the villains did. She also confessed her love with him.

Fawnix followed Elizabeth's words and got to an old museum belonged to her uncle. Here he found the crystal hiding carefully in a statue. He tried to get it out and destroy it but failed. The evilness in the crystal resisted his effort. Its power damaged him with a deep wound on his shoulder which was never healed later. At the same time, the villains showed up in the museum. Being outnumbered, Fawnix couldn't fight against them and was defeated. However, at the moment the villains was about to obtain the crystal, with the thoughts of his precious people and Elizabeth, Fawnix made a last strike and destroyed the crystal. The Mavericks got angry, swore to take his life at all cost. He was chased at that night, putting to a dead end. Before he passed out with a certainty of being captured or killed, he saw faint lights of a man and a beast standing between him and the Mavericks.

He awoke the next day and noticed that his wounds had been treated by someone. He made up his mind, started his journey to find the truth behind the Miraikoe incident and the identities of his enemies. He worked at an aerial service with a fake personality, secretly investigated the incident. Fawnix then encountered some strange customers with suspicious identities. He traced them and found a secret base, also being amazed when knowing that they were ones who had slain the Miraikoe and gone after the crystal before. He tried to attack them, but being captured and brought to Hardes Xtykx, one of the seven Elites of a mysterious order in underworld called Darkness and the mastermind behind the incident. However, Hardes was not interested in laying his hands on "an immature kid" like Fawnix, so he left him for his minions. Fawnix managed to flee but being pursued in a harsh air chase. He awoke in a white huge temple floating in the sky, where he had passed out after confronting a vivid light sweeping away his enemies. He saw a giant statue of an extraordinary double-wings bird in the middle of the temple, with a tablet carving some old runes which he was fortunate understanding a bit: "This solemn and pure place… rest in peace… the Emperor of Heaven, the sage of wisdom and the guardian of judgment…" After he read it, the statue suddenly disappeared in a flash and he heard a clear and voice asking him for a wish. Fawnix said that if he got power, he would protect what he thought was right, the justice in his belief. The voice accepted him, then introduced itself as the Spirit of Phoenix King, making a contract with Fawnix and changing him into a Holy Mega Man.

Fawnix then wandered around to avenge for his lover's death without any other purpose. He tried to find the base but somehow it seemed to have not ever existed. Fawnix later discovered about the terrible secret of mysterious dark crystals appearing around the world causing abnormalities and chaos, affecting people's minds and corrupting them, as well as its connection to Darkness. He met Clair Draver, whom he first misunderstood as one of Hardes's underlings. She befriended with him and asked him for help since they had the same purpose of unfold secrets and protect their precious people. He agreed and then worked as a vice-leader in her organization, helping her and the others a lot though at first he was stubborn working alone and refused any cooperation. In his journey, Fawnix acknowledged more complex and cruel situations, also discovered and sank into many crazy events later which were beyond his first thoughts and imagination. He learned more about what was more important than his revenge, and the terrible secret about himself, which was the punishment for his blind hatred.

- Fawnix's nickname is Nik, which is used by Clair and other members of Elysium, Clair's organization, as a friendly way. This is actually from the word "Nix" in his full name, meaning a shapeshifting water spirit/ghost in Germanic legends. This also has a relation with his other nicknames, as one of them he was known as Silver Ghost (because of his silver hair, invisibility and speed.)
- According to Elizabeth, his name Fawnix Sky came from a dream she had. In that dream, she saw a beautiful phoenix flying to the sky, then in its dazzling light, she saw a man with silver hair standing and watching her. However, somehow she wanted to change the word 'phoenix' to 'fawnix.'
- Fawnix usually referred Elizabeth as Elise, making her real name unknown to most of people.
- The holy jewel implanted in him hadn't activated its power for a long time due to a certain circumstance and Fawnix's state. It only released its strength after Fawnix's realized his true wish and purpose of protecting people he loved rather than revenge as he confronted his dark self.
- When Fawnix was damaged by the dark crystal, his invisibility was removed. Also, it affected his speed and flexibility. It gave him a huge scar on his left shoulder which he tried to hide it. It also created another personality in him based on his hatred, rage and despair.
*** That alternate ego of him was called The Sinner, which had a great lust on controlling Fawnix. It actually was born when Fawnix was injured by the dark_ Hell crystal, and grew stronger as the increase of his hatred.
- The silhouette of the man he saw before passing out was Soleil Draver, Clair's missing brother, and the beast was Seigneur, the Highest King of all divine beasts.
- Actually Fawnix was usually calm. The only thing could make him lose his control was someone mentioning the name Hardes Xtykx.
- He was seen to have a weak endurance with some spicy foods.
- His normal weapon is a gun-blade which his friend Flamme Froda had based on a model of Kjehdah's weapon, while when he megamerged, he used a twin rapiers named Cyclones, kunai named Moon Cutter and a huge fan named Zephyr. He also can use martial art as well.
- Fawnix's main element is wind.
- He seemed to have feelings to Hiver Luminair, Clair's friend and a member of Elysium, since she bore a great resemblance to Elizabeth. However, Hiver refused his feelings and made clear that she was not Elizabeth, which made Fawnix's disappointed at first.
***His partner later was Clair Draver.

Character (C) me
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Yes. XD; I am finally on that bandwagon. I haven't even gotten that far, but a freind of mine asked me to draw her her favorite Homestuck pairing, Karkat and Jade. Sorry if they don't look right, I actually haven't met them yet XD;; I just referenced some pictures! |D;;

So Karkat and Jade are copyright blah blah so on.
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