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It is my second skin, there can be bugs and errors so report if do note

Separate thanks [link] for video lesson of background creation

mini Update added Data
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Minimal Typography

v1.0.7 (15 March 2014)

How to install
Extract content of zip file and open rmskin or Download rmskin directly
I wanted to upload updated version as .rmskin butunfortunetly DA doesn't allow me upload different from original upload extension

• Easy customizable, all settings of fonts and colors could be changed in VAR.txt file
• Fonts (Open Sans) Included
• Low usage of Your computer resources by Rainmeter with these skins - It's just a text

Includes: 9 skins (some with multiple variations)
1. Clock - Right aligned 12h and 24h
2. CPU meter - Shows average processor usage in %
3. Mail notifier - works only with Gmail, set username and password in VAR.txt
4. Internet speed meter - Shows speed IN / OUT in kb/s and total downloaded data in gb on hover • Separate UP /DL skins avaliable
5. Player - Now playing song name in order Artist - Title, specify name of player in VAR.txt - list of supported players:…
6. RAM usage shown in % and MB on hover
7. SWAP usage shown in % and MB on hover
8. User - User name and uptime
9. HDD - Free disk space in % and GB on hover • up to 9

Updates and changes:
Some improvements using newer features of Rainmeter (3.0+)
Added default layout
Added HDD skins (Up to 9). Shows free space in percents (and in GB on hover)
RAM and SWAP will now show percentual value (and in MB on hover)
Added separate Internet download and upload skins
Added right aligned player skin
Added 2 line player skins with left, center and right aligment
Weather will now update every 5 minutes (was every one minute)
Changed default font to Open Sans
GMail skin now shows count of new messages
Clock will now toggle between 12/24h on mouse click
Disabled Separators (easy to enable back), added separate skins with them
Deleted text time since it didn't really function so well
26.01.2013 | Included text time, thanks to jsmorley. Added 24h time skin. Fonts do not require installation anymore.
06.04.2012 | Improvement - added Weather skin, thanks to John-Boyer
20.01.2012 | Critical - fixed path to variables file
21.01.2012 | Critical - some people have problems with fonts so now these are provided separaterly to manual install, skin "user" fixed

Comments and :+fav:'s always welcome and appreciated
Help me, please donate some :points:

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Almasuite rainmeter | 2012

I use sanscons icons.
In mediaplayer I use CLRS Rainmeter by neiio and full player for amana suite by magafaka
In launchers I use ACONCAGUA RM by reb70

Wallpaper on preview :

Screenshot in action : Alma

Credits, Inspiration
:iconmagafaka: :iconneiio: :iconreb70:
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Fave this please :) and add me in your friends :p

Code inspired - [link] by :iconlukunder:
FONT of preview - [link] by :iconkiko11:
To adapt the themes to your liking edit files ".ini" and replace the variable Drive=. by the letter of your disk to view and change the icon you just rename the file. png you want to display in Drive.png.

Enjoy it :)
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Wallpaper by :iconwinnichip:
This is part of Memento project created by Pixelfuckers community
Download here [link]

Update to 1.1:
- Fixed bug with fahrenheits/celzius in weather
- Deleted not needed plugins anymore (new version of Rainmeter supports them automatically)
- Made a config tool where user can configurate everything needed
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My very first config for Rainmeter! :D When browsing trough my Message Center I came across Pricedown Conky Clock by ~Mloodszy and immediately fell in love:heart: with it. But it wasn't for Rainmeter :( So I asked permission to port it and I got permission to do so. After seeing countless .ini files to edit the other skins to my liking, I felt like I could do my own.

So here is the result :D
It features both 12H and 24H support (trough Right Click -> Variants -> Rainmeter Pricedown Clock 12H/24H).
And for the Dutch people, I also build in the dutch language, simply open the .ini file and turn it on (remove ; in front of Language variable) :)

Uploaded as .rmskin for easy install. If you still use an old version of Rainmeter go to and update, or open the file with Winrar/7zip and install it by hand.

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Attracted by the minimal clean looks of the Metro UI, I cooked up this clock and weather widget.

Not really that customizable compared to P4HUDEX but there are some options to tinker with.

Double-click on the clock area to call up the Settings panel.

Execute the rmskin file to install.

If you are using a portable Rainmeter installation, you can use SkinInstaller.exe to install the rmskin file.
SkinInstaller.exe should be at "[PortableInstallDirectory]Rainmeter".

More on adding Rainmeter skins here [link]

- Take care not to click on the Apply button continuously as it may cause the weather site to go defensive, close and restart Rainmeter if that happens.

Creation: ~iron2000
Weather icons: ~LavAna
Weather data: Yahoo Weather API

v1.21 (7 Apr 2013)
- changes in the code.

v1.20 (7 Apr 2013)
- changed weather retrival to use WOEID straight as Yahoo's translator is now paid.

v1.10 (9 Aug 2012)
- changed weather provider to Yahoo Weather
- updated to latest rmskin version, Rainmeter and up required!
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Mikaellasuite rainmeter | 2012

Mikaella CAD by ~fe9i

I use sanscons icons.

Wallpaper on preview : Flickr by :Esben Bug Jensen

Screenshot in action : Mikaella. Euphoria

Credits, Inspiration
:iconcountryvibe: :iconneiio:
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Here it is! Cause you guys liked the concept so much, i decided to finish it now. Feel free to add it to groups, comment, :+fav:...

(The "it is" and the numbers are transparent!)
concept: [link]

A port to One More Clock Widget for Android by :iconxllx::

A port to Conky by :iconblitz-bomb::

Developed and tested on this wallpaper:

Update: Forgot to delete a testing substitute.

Update2.0: - scaleable, tintable
:iconmanci5: came up with the code for the scaling some months ago. :)
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So I decided to release the rainmeter setup that I have been using for a while. I hope that everything works the way it should!

- Time and Date
- CPU and RAM stats
- Weather
- Album Art
- Music Controls

Make sure to set the Weather code and player in Wedel/Resources/ after installing the skin, otherwise you WILL get errors!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask! Also check out other interesting things at my blog [link]
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