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Finally done. Here's the little town of Box. It's not really a box, more a tile, but for the sake of continuity we'll just call it a box.

It took me more than a year to finish it. Of course I haven't been working on it 24/7 for the past 365 days. You can clearly see from bottom to top that my style has changed. At the bottom my style zigzags it's way up into a far more realistic style. In the 1280960 town you will find many different buildings.

I might do a remake, but then again, I might not.

Enjoy! If I am to make a 1024 version, i'll probably need to resize it, making it more anti-aliased so i'm not sure what to do on that point. Anyway. IT IS DONE!

This work is not and never will be available for (commercial) use in advertising, apps, commercials, games or otherwise. Over the years I've gotten this question -a lot- and if you're looking to use this as artwork I'm sorry to have to disappoint you: The answer's always been same. No, thank you! Cheers!
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It was all done pixel by pixel, however some layers (lighting/reflections) have different opacity levels.

I hope you enjoy it, and thank you to everyone who has uploaded a tag for this wall; it has made my job a lot easier. :)

Tag Wall:

Special thanks to all those who took the time to create a tag for the wall. Below are the artists of each tag, in no particular order.




Progress Time: 1.5 months
Program: Photoshop 7
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This is to fill the big white space we have in the studio where i work.
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This is the cover I was asked to design for issue 100 of Webdesigner.

Once you have finished enjoying it's splendor pop over to my website and download the game I just made Push-Push Penguin...

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:w00t: Finally!! :boogie:

I have been working on this on/off for more than a year. I started this in jan 2004. I used several pictures of villas for color and architectural ideas. This is for PixelDam ofcourse, for the Sunny Heights neighborhood, where recently my pixelart colleague ~ryan-gfx built his Rendezvous [link]

Many thanks to all the people that helped me, such as ~ryan-gfx / *mrhaki / ~miascugh / ~celinh0 to name but a few.

The pool was a real challenge and the brickwall too. The X5 turned out great by help from others ([link])
Making the shadows was the hardest part.

I can't tell you how many hours I have worked on this. For the colors I had to let it be compressed to 256 for this composition. The individual blocks (3) will be more color managed before they appear in PixelDam

Thank you for watching and I always appreciate your opinions, comments, love and kisses, donations and support :D
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So this is it.

"living for, living with, living inside pixelart part IV" is ready

Well some may ask themselfs "why the heck is he talkin about PART IV?!?!?!"

a simple answer: it's part IV just because it is the last picture of a series - but I somehow chose to pixel it first - I just dunno why This is part of a project I do for indypendent class @ university. I hope to finish the first 3 parts soon. This series is a journey through pixelverse - everything will somehow and more or less be related to my person.

I won't explain how the other parts will look, because it will kill some surprise effects I want every viewer to have. I simply will reveal that the journey will start far away and zoom in very close to my life - which is actually what you see here.

For now I will give you a detailed description of the technical aspects of this picture

size (of the pixelart itself) : 720x907 pixels
format: png
bpp: 24 bits
objects inside picture: 158
characters in picture (including animals): 3
program used to compile: Photoshop 7
layers used: 100+
time taken: about 500 hours
---------------------------------------- ------
I would like to thank a few people for constant critique that helped to improve the work in progress picture.

Thanks to:

- Calvin

- Dash ~dashzero

- Tim

A very special thanks goes out to

- Christian ~cganderson

- Björn ~born23

- Ole ~dojoh

- my brother Marc

all I can say is that I hope you enjoy watching this picture as much as I had making it!

I also hope I will get some critique and/or comments on this picture because it took huge amounts of time, nearly exhausted me and will be part of my trimester exams.

thats it folks, hope you like it


Even if most of you liked the picture the way it was, some commented how to improve it . I did have some thoughts too and so I decided to edit some parts of the picture - I did not change any objects or deleted anything at all - I just changed shadows to fit a more realistic lighting/shadow theme. Most of it has been edited ~zoggles suggested it - another thing is that I made a translucent shadow - even for the afri cola bottle on the shelves. well I think I got everything covered, oh ... forgot one thing.... darkened the becks bottles because they got no backlight here which makes the scene more realistic - and thanks again to everybody helped to make it better - and a special thanks to ~zoggles and ~ dojoh

that's all folks!

EDIT PART II(12.10.03) made 2 minor tweaks. only 4 pixels but I think it will look better

Don't forget to have a look at Living Inside PART II
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Located in suburban Lake Sunrise, this country club is for the elites of Pixeldam.

Needless to say, this piece took me quite a while to finish. I started working on it four months ago but took long breaks in between. I first wanted to make a golf course, and I started on the club house. Soon I realized the club house already occupied two blocks so I decided to make it into a country club, where rich people are having a ball :)

There are a lot of 'easter eggs' in this scene, more than usual. The .psd file of this was around 6 mb with some 150 layers. I may make a wallpaper out of it since it already has the right size. I used this as a reference for the club house. The sidewalks around the scene are from Pixeldam.
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hi folks,

I am DONE with it ;)

after (aprox.) 300 hours of hard work - I finished Lining Inside PART II

What you see is Adenauer Allee 29 - 33 (HAMBURG) at about 01:00PM at a regular friday.

I started this picture by taking about 100 reference shots with my digicam to have some material at home that

enabled me to get into details. I tried to make it look as accurate as possible. the building right in the

middle of this picture (the one with the metal pencil) is the HTK (hamburg technical school of arts =

Hamburger Technische Kunstschule). The most of the people you see are the very individuals I study with - so

I tried to make everyone of them special and I hope I got them all right.

I allowed myself to bend reality at one point: the backyards. I have done this simply because the real

backyards behind these buildings is quite boring and though there would have been nothing interesting to

show. I hope that noone from hamburg will mind ;)

to prevent some of the "classic" pixelists here at DA from arguing about the fact that I used 2755 colors I

wanted to give you all a simple and honest answer:

I don't really see a reason to stick to 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 colors. I wanted to create the living inside

images not primarily for the web or a computer screen, but they were intended to be printed. The second point

is that I wanted them to be as realistic as possible and still with no doubt PIXELART This could only

be done with a more intense shading, and this as we all know needs more colors.

well that's all for a reason

So I hope you all enjoy wathing it as much as I enjoyed makin it!

Respect and thanks go out to:

~dojoh thanks for your support dude! you're the best!

~cganderson keep rockin dude the 300DPIs dude! thanks for all the shizzle

~bgr thanks for letting me use pixeldam style peeps and ypur supporting words through the creation


and I want to thank every single one I study with - you're all the best! stay as you are folks!

and last but not least I wanted to thank everybody that commented and :+fav:ed the first living inside! I

aprreciate all the loving support and I appologize that I can't write a individuall "thank you to everyone

that commented!

So that's all about Living Inside Part II

Comments are as always welcome and very appreciated!

don't forget to look at LIVING INSIDE PART IV

EDIT(09.22.2003): Well I had to change the category to indyart, because pixelart is not allowed for DAPrints. Besides I made a few tweaks considering the cars outlines! thanks to `wenstrom for letting me reconsider :)

EDIT PART II(09.24.2003): DAMN I am so stupid for some times :( I totally forgot to set some of my coloring layers back to visible. Thanks to `splat I realised that my houses were all grey. This happens when someone is TOO tired to think :S Well I fixed it and I hope you still like ;)

EDIT PART III(10.12.2003): Did some final tweaks that noone would have noticed ;) but i think it is better this way :D

Thanks a bunch for the DD. Kind of unexpected if you look at the date I've submitted this artwork. :D

oh and thanks for all the comments and :+fav:s I got and I am getting. please don't be mad if I don't answer directly to them, it's just that it would keep me busy quite a long time to answer them all seperately! but rest assured, they are all read and appreciated :)
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WHOA! it's finished! Finally. :D (Big Grin)

This baby took me about 30 hrs to make in Photoshop. It has over 200 layers and the real thing has a moving subway. To see that, you'll have to visit Pixeldam.

I hope you like this and I hope that it will inspire experienced and novice pixel artists to add their creativity to the Pixeldam community.
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Sorry for being so absent the couple of well.. 9 months. But I promised I'd make it up to you. How you say? Well to start, this is Rendezvous. The hotel/cafe/hangout with virtually anything you'd ever want. A tad cluttered... I know... but I just wanted to make up for the lost time.

This is for Pixeldam. yeah... It's going to go in Sunny Heights, but not just yet. I'm probably going to add onto it a little bit more before I submit the final one to Pixeldam.

The two objects that took the longest were the billboard, and the car (big surprize) I made the car from scratch, actually... no references were used (does it show) And the girl on the billboard had no references used either. That's why her face looks so messed up :P

I think it's like about 240 something colors, I really had a hard time staying on the palette. took about 4 weeks total. But I did the bulk of it in the last week. so yeah... feel free to comment, give me hard ass CC, whatever :nod:

oh CRAP! I totally forgot shadows. I'll do them tomorrow, kay? :D
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