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Free Fashion Croquis Back
You can use this Croquis/Base. No Credit necessary but it would be nice. :)
Donate by Aiciel
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Step by step record of Awake

foliage brushes by :icondierat:

Color Scheme Designer

Tutorials and reference pictures
Flying wrinkles

Lion 1

Lion 2

Lion 3

Forest 1
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i felt good about the outcome of the couples poses i did so i tried making my own poses for a reference sheet. pretty cool! :D i tried to show a few times how i 'lay out' the pose with the joints (circles) and bones (lines) and then block parts like the chest and pelvis. i hope its helpful ^^ plz link if you use any of these cuz i wanna see what you guys come up with!

pose ref. 2:
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I accept wallpaper request. If you want to... ^^

Another thing is that, today is the last day of my summer vacation and I can't believe it that tomorrow will be my first day as a third year high school student,,, I don't want to!!! No!!! But I think time seems to do that to a person, perhaps...

Hope you like it and kindly remember that the actors and actresses used are not the real cast

Thank you...

And you might also want to see the other wallpapers...
Four + Tris [link]
Beatrice "Tris" Prior [link]
Tobias "Four" Eaton
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Birth Name: Wednesday Attano Finley

Company Name: Perky Peach

Nicknames: Ness, Nessie, Loch Ness (Don't call her that unless you want claw marks on your face)

D/O/B and Location: February 15, 1994, in California 

Age: 20

Branch: Sauce ('Cause she's sauce-y! ... Get it? Saucy? Sauce...? ...)

Flavour: Peach

Appearance: Wednesday's a moderately tall but slightly chubby girl (She has the right curves on her body *wink* *wink* She just doesn't know it though uwu") with B going to C cup boobs. She usually wears pink or brown colors, mostly around the soft, pleasing to the eye kind. She also has dyed ombre hair and dark hazel eyes. She ALWAYS wears her hair tied up in any kind of styles, but her most preferred is the single side-braid. She loves wearing high heels up to 3 inches or less. Her height is 5'7" ft (170.18 cm) 

Personality:  Wednesday's a very childish girl, loves to joke around (i.e. wiping ice cream on someone's face, tickling people, etc.) She also gets flustered easily, just making her talk about her feelings makes her face redder than her hair. Wednesday gets very panicky when she faces tough choices, making her ramble about it over and over until somebody stops her. She likes being optimistic, either trying to see the bright side of things or ignoring the bad things entirely. Being the eldest of the family of two sisters, she tends to be caring for her sister when a problem from her arises. (i.e. boys, grades, dating, etc.)

Special: She already has experience in being a waitress, so much so that you'd think it was Gordon Ramsay's shouting you're hearing. (Seriously tho. She's REALLY scary when she's working.)

  • High heels
  • Cute Japanese stuff (i.e. Chibi stuff toys, Neko headbands, short pleated skirts, etc.)
  • Cooking (Plans to go to college with a cooking major when she has enough money.)
  • Her sister
  • Any guy that can pass the great wall that is her sister.
  • Skirts
  • Whipped cream
  • Picking up her sister from her school (Early job dismissal~)
  • Any kind of meal rush (The thrill excites her.)
  • Her hair down (It's too messy when it is and it "gets in the way")
  • Instant noodles (Ironically, it's her life-meal.)
  • Being called the "Loch Ness Monster" (Trust me. Just don't call her that.)
  • Horses. (She had a bad experience with them. Long story.)
  • Sore feet
  • Dropping plates (She never drops any, but she doesn't like see her co-workers do it.)
  • Equipment work

Wednesday used to live back in America until her parents decided to move to Japan after her sister was born. At age 10, her parents died of a car accident, leaving her and her sister to foster homes. Though they had enough care and are very healthy, they kept moving and moving from one foster couple to another.

When Wednesday was 16, she started distrusting any guardian that was for her or her sister, and like any rebellious teen she ignores them and tries to fend for herself. She starts working around part-time jobs (or at least try to) to have her own money to spend for herself and her sister.

Now 20, she finally got out of high school and went back to her home country, now working in the Creamery, concentrating on working for a living and for her sister's education. Her usual daily routine is work, pick up sister, sleep, then repeat. On weekends and day offs she is usually seen with her sister grocery shopping or alone taking a stroll around town.

  • Her sister's name is Tuesday.
  • Her father was half-Japanese, while her mother is a full-pledged American
  • She never had a real boyfriends. Most of the guys that go after her get scared off because of her sister.
  • The little horse phobia? It started when her sister tried to keep one as a pet. It tried chewing her hair off. The End.
  • She's an extrovert. Her sunny smile can be very contagious.

A/N :

Done. *le dies*

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I used :iconredwulfi:'s base 


Full name:  Harriet Odindaughter

Race: Hedgehog god

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthday: 6th December

Place of Birth: Asgard

Personality: Immortal, Fearless, Serious, Powerful, Sexy and Cute

Likes: Spending her time with her brothers

Height: 5"5

Weight: Unspecified

Skin: White with beige chest/arms

Eyes: Emerald Green(glow yellow in the dark)

Mother: Frigga the Hedgehog

Father: Oding the Hedgehog

Siblings: Thor(brother), Loki(brother)

Romantically involved: Shadow the Hedgehog

Friends: Ioana

Allies: None

Enemies: Frost Giants, Demons and more...

Powers: Fight:Firekinesis, Icekinesis, Fire shield, Ice shield, Fire Blast, Ice Blast, Fire Attacks, Ice Attacks, Fire Hands, Ice Hands, Fire Tornado, Ice Tornado.( she can teleport via tornadoes)

               Fun: Burning Ice Crystals,  Froze stuff, Burn stuff, Walk/Run on water

               Heal: Freezing the injury and then burning it until gets normal again.( the injury begin freeze is like begin under anesthesia)

History: She was born in the family of gods with two big brothers, Thor the god of thunder and Loki the god of mischief. At the beginning she weren't showing any signs of magical powers, but at the age of 9, she started bending fire and ice. She was very curious about Midgard, so at the age of 15 she decided to go and explore it with Odin knowledge. When she wanted to go back home the Bifrost didn't open. She thought Heimdall didn't heard her but that could not be possible, he hears and sees everything. She started looking for some signs of the Bifrost but there weren't. When she decided to explore more and entered the forest, she felt somebody watching her and when that somebody attempted to kill her, she froze him. When she looked better she realized that it was a hedgehog which has seen him somewhere else. When she thawed him they got to know each other. She was feeling a bit sorry when she heard his story about begin the ultimate life form without knowing his own life. But right in that moment she thought about Asgard, her home, maybe begin attacked and maybe that was the reason why the Bifrost didn't open. I that moment she asked Shadow if he can teleport in other universes. He said he could do it. Harriet was very happy abut that and when the teleported and reached Asgard her happiness gone. She saw her brothers fighting on the Rainbow Bridge while the Bifrost was uncontrollably destroying a realm. Shadow was confused but Harriet told him to go back to Earth. Suddenly the part of the Bridge that Thor destroyed exploded. Thor and Loki were in danger of falling but Harriet and Odin( who came out of nowhere) caught them. Loki saying that he could've save us all and Odin denying it, let himself fall in the abyss. [rest of the story coming soon]

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If you still haven't read Insurgent,, better not read this description further. So we can say that what's above you might be a teaser. But it's one of the biggest revelation in the Insurgent...

Finished reading Insurgent? Then continue reading. :)
Do you remember this part? This is the part when Tris and the others escape the grasp of Peter and got Shauna bleed to death. And Tris giving up her life after they spied on with the conversation between Jack and Max. And Tobias' real name was said to be Tobias Eaton, a powerful name enough to save all of them in a train car full of enemies (Chapter 8) and a name that let Marcus' pride down after beating him down when he was a child (Chapter 12). Tobias realized that the Tris now is someone that risk her life just for anyone, going to a battlefield without a knife or gun that made Tobias think that he give Tris too much. Because he still believes that Tris could protect herself and she is still strong.

Saoirse Ronan as Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Max Irons as Tobias "Four" Eaton

Hope you like it guys!! Maybe I won't be too much active since it will be two more weeks before classes starts again... And I'll be a junior high school student by now... T_T I am currently missing my sophomore days... :(
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Birthplace: Makati, Philippines
Residence: PSA Boy Dorms
Height: 5'0" ft. (152 cm.)
Key Family/ Relatives: Allen Salazar (twin brother)
Key Friends: Grey Spencer, Chrome Kinji
Skills: Cooking, Dancing, and self-procclaimed (But not atually good) singer
Phobias/ Fears: Dark, Zubat and it's evolutions
Bad Habits/ Vices: Sometimes stutters when he meets new people, eats with his mouth open, can be easily fooled, and he is usually naive and innocent for his age
Quirks: Uses Filipino formalities (Po, Opo, Ate, etc.), can be loyal to his most trusted friends, always straight-forward and to the point
Favourites: Balot, his beanie, and singing
Other Important Details: He gets easily scared at times, He is always late at meetings, parties, etc. , He is the eldest of the twins by only two minutes, and has yellow eyes due to a genetic trait
History: After his father deserted their mother even before Adrian and Allen were born, the family's lives have gone from bad to worse. In middle school, his old friends kept on teasing him for having only one parent. He didn't say anything, but his brother did. Even though he is the eldest, he doesn't like to offend or hurt anybody, so his brother is the one who always helps his brother out. His bond between Allen is inseparable.
Reason of Enrollment: His twin brother knew this was his dream school, so he gained up enough money for his brother to enroll. He wants to be in PSA to experience new things
Author's Note

Oh God, what did I just do to him?! XDD Anyways, hopefully I can re-re-REdo the picture, but other than that I am content with what I did =w=

EDIT Aaaaand that 's the last one ! :phew: Man, at least it's worth it! ^^... Though I think I overdid it with Adrian's tan. ^^;
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History complete

I sneezed 7 times in the last 5 min o.o

Info a WIP

Common Knowledge

Formal Name
Sun that Ends the Night
Short Name
Sun (Sunny)
She-cat | Female
2 Season Cycles + 4 Moons
Tribe of Lost Falcon | Tribe of Dark Raven

Character Concept


{ | | }


"Before the sunset..."

About 3 and a half season cycles ago, before the current time frame of this group, two kits were born to two different families in the Tribe of Lost Falcon. It was a harsh time of frozen water, and each kit-mother suffered a loss of all but one kit from their litter. One kit, a small pure white she-cat with ginger ears and tail was given the name of Fish tangled in Seaweed. The other kit, a pure black tom with white patches, was named Cloud that Holds Rain. These two were raised together, and were best friends. THey trained together as to-be cave-guards, and completed their training in the same moon. They were the closest of any two cats in a long time. Fish became heavy with kits when she was a full season cycle and two moons old. She was a but young to be a kit-mother, but no one denied she would be a good mother. The day before she kitted, Cloud went out to help defend a patrol from a fox, and his life was taken in a matter of seconds. The patrol returned with his body, to allow Fish to mourn him, but there was no time. Her labor began just before dark fell around the tribes, and thus began the longest night of her life. It took the entire night for her kits to escape from her boyd, and when day broke around the cats of her tribe, the first kit fell into the nest beside her, a small she-cat. A larger tom soon followed, and Fish fell asleep from exhaustion. When she awoke, the kits still unamed, she took a walk out of the nursery to fiinally get a chance to mourn her mate's death. While she visited his body, she could feel his spirit, and she knew what to name her kits. The two kits were given strange yet beautiful names. The strong male was named Shadow of Clouds Above, and the little she-cat was given the name Sun that Ends the Night, after the long night that had just passed.

"Destiny ahead, choices to make..."

Shadow and Sun had a normal kit life. Shadow was told he would be a cave-guard like his father and mother before him, but Sun was the odd one out. She was told that, for her small size, she was chosen to be a prey-hunter. When she was still too young to understand this, she was excited. The thought of running, chasing prey, catching food for her tribe excited her. But as she neared the age to become a to-be, she began to take note of how she would be separated from her family. Her feelings were hurt for whatever reason. It seemed that even though these things were chosen ahead of time, she felt like it was done on purpose. She didn't look like either her mother or her father from what her tibemates had said, while her brother looked like her father. She felt he was the favorite, while she was unwanted. This forced the young cat to make a drastic choice only a moon after she became a to-be. She ran away. It's not like she had much of anywhere to go, so she just ran the first time she got a chance during her training.

"Change is the way of life..."

Sun wasn't on her own for more than a day. She wandered into the territory of the Tribe of Dark Raven. A patrol of prey-hunters found her and, due to her small size, mistook her for a kit and took her back to their camp. She wasn't about to lie about where she came from, so she told the truth. Most of the truth. She told them her age, her name, her tribe, and that she had run away. She did elaborate on the truth a bit about why she had run away. She told them that her mentor abused her, and due to the many bumps and bruises she had gained due to lack of trying during her first moon, they believed her. She asked them not to take her back, that her family was all gone anyway, and she didn't feel safe there, nor did she feel she belonged. The Chief at the time agreed to allow her to remain in their tribe on a trial basis, and soon, a few moons later, she was accepted as a full member of the Tribe of Dark Raven.

"There's a thorn in the midst"

The remainder of the little she-cat's training went relatively without any major hiccups. She was given an exerienced Prey-Hunter as a mentor, Fire that Burns Wood. He was strong, well built to be a cave-guard as well. He helped her realize that being a Prey-hunter isn't such a bad thing. He showed her how just because you are assigned one role doesn't mean that you aren't important. Without the prey-hunters, the tribe would starve. Cave-guards are good at fighhting, but they can't hunt prey as well as those who are made for that. It took a few moons, but eventually Sun grew to accept ad even be proud of her role in the Tribe. She wondered if her family missed her, if they had looked for her. But she didn't feel connected to them anymore. No one tried to help her understand. This is why she wasn't worried about them. During the final moon of her training, her patrol encountered a patrol that included her mother. She freaked out and ran, and ended up getting tangled in some brambles. Fire tried to help her get out, but she was panicking, and the thorns wrapped around her front paw, digging deep into her flesh. Her patrol ignored the Tribe of Lost Falcon's patrol, instead turning to save one of their own. Her paw was freed and she was taken back to get fixed up. A moon later, she became a full blown Prey-hunter of the Tribe of Dark Raven, and her paw was healed, although she sported a few scars that would forever remind her of the dangers of panicking.

"Traverse the Land"

Sun was now a full season cycle plus two moons, and she was considered a new prey-hunter. She was able to go hunting on her own, but she was not expected to bring back too much. During the harsh Time of Frozen Water that followed, she proved her worth. She was one of the major contributers to the prey-pile. Due to the blood flowing through her veins, she was a bit more diverse than the other members of her tribe. She was braver, so she took chances more. This did result in a few more scuffles with danger, but nothing that she and the cave-guards that followed her couldn't handle. As the Time of Freed Water finally arrived, the Chief at the time had started showing her age and interest in another young cat. Swoop wasn't very social, so Sun didn't try to make friends. She had no friends of her own, she was a loner. She felt like she belonged here, but she didn't know why. Over time, she began to make a way for herself, and respect was earned because of her actions. One day, a kit-mother was crying for her kit who had managed to wander off and get lost. Sun was the first to volunteer to find him, thinking that she could do more for a lost kit than anyone, due to her habits as a kit herself. She did find him, but he was held in the clutches of a hawk. She used her muscles to leap up and grab the bird of prey. Managing to bring it slamming back to the ground, she had freed the kit, who ran and hid in the foliage around. During the rescue, Sun had broken a leg, and was unable to move as the now angry bird lashed at her with its sharp beak and talons. She suffered many wounds, and finally was taken back to camp with the little kit.

"Healing your Way..."</>

As Sun healed, she was visited by the kit-mother who offered her sincerest thanks for the safe return of her kit, Sun felt, for the first time, like she had a reason for being here. Without her, that kit may not have survived, for no other cat in the tribe would have attempted the jump off the cliff that brought the bird down like she did. Over time, she watched the cats around her become more friendly, and when the Chief passed and that tom Swoop was made Chief, she sat with the tribe, waiting to hear the name of the cat who would be deputy. She was utterly surprised when her name had been called. She hadn't shown any interest in the position, she hadn't even spoken to Swoop. Being chosen for the position was a honor, and finally, she knew she had a place in the tribe. She wouldn't let Swoop down. Her body covered with small tokens of her life, the part of her life that held no purpose, now they served to remind her that no matter how lost you are, no matter how scared. The answer always lies in the dark.

---More to come with time---





{ }

Random Facts

:bulletpurple: Sun has family in the Tribe of Lost Falcon. If you wish to be related to her, let me know! I am willing to change names and add on siblings/uncles/etc

Sexual Information

Looking for
✔ Lasting relationship
✘ Quick Fling
✘ Doesn't Know

{Orientation} Straight


{Sexual Activity}



Roleplay Sample

Roleplay Details

FORUM Non Existant
CHATS Find me there, and Sure
SKYPE Add me: Dawnstarxx Be sure to include your dA username


Art & Design by *Allizia
TFT (c) =MaeButts
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