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Free Fashion Croquis Back
You can use this Croquis/Base. No Credit necessary but it would be nice. :)

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  • Croquis are free to use as long as you don't use them for monetary gain which includes virtual currencies.  If I don't get a dime from them neither should you. It's only fair.
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Free Fashion Croquis 03
You can use this Croquis/Base. No Credit necessary but it would be nice. :)

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  • Croquis are free to use as long as you don't use them for monetary gain which includes virtual currencies.  If I don't get a dime from them neither should you. It's only fair.
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Again, another special thanks to our great leader Juicy-sama, for editing in the Latias while I cannot, as I presently lack a computer.

• "Armageddon" - Tyranitar female.
• "Terrablade" - Sandslash female.
• "A la Flambe" - Chandelure male.
• "Zetsubou" - Scizor male.
• "Leviathan" - Gyarados female.
• "Antares" - Latias.

[OTHERS (may replace team at times)]
• "Jutsu" - Ninjask male.
• "Quasar" - Starmie.

Name: Maple Nakamoto

Age: 15 years.

Gender: Female.

Birthdate: December 13.

Birthplace: White City. She occasionally visits there to train and challenge powerful trainers. (For those who do not recall, White City is where Pokemon Stadium 2 is set.)

Residence: Maple is somewhat of a drifter. As such, she utilizes a Secret Base storage to transfer her large belongings, such as game systems, television, and a jumbo Giratina plush, as long as a PC is available. She currently resides within the Academy.

Height: 4'7 (~140 cm)

Weight: 72 lbs (~32.5 kg)

Key Family/Relatives: Her mother works as a weather-detection software developer at the Devon Corporation, but is rather distant from Maple. Her father was a trainer, but was gravely injured by Team Rocket operatives, who had invaded the Gym Leader Castle as he was in a friendly spar against Chuck and his Pokemon. She considers her Pokémon as family, and though she trains them to be killing machines, she treats them as equals, and has formed strong, mutual bonds with each one. Each of her Pokemon gladly serves her, and Maple does the same for them.
Maple also had a sister, Rin, who mysteriously went missing when Maple was very young. Only after word arrived of her death was it discovered that she had been working as an agent for the International Police Force.

Key Friends:
Besides her Pokemon, she's made several at the Academy:
• Garnet Yamasaki - Met rather early on after joining the swim team. Garnet seems to be far superior in this subject.
• Oktavius Frick - Rather close friends. The two act almost like brothers, but perhaps not quite as close.
• Elizabeth Frick - Same as Oktavius. Another bro, pretty much. Along with her
• Pink Wolfgang - One of Maple's roomates. A rather strange girl into unusual things, and a frighteningly sharp trainer - Maple claims that she is the most difficult opponent she knows. She is also a good friend, and has helped make boring nights in the dorm more interesting.
...not quite like that.
...well, maybe to a degree.
• Sachiko Kadenokouji - Maple's other roomate. She is the daughter of the head of a massively successful company, or something, and as such is very rich. She has trained her Pokemon strong, but her battle strategy needs work. She appeared overly arrogant at first, though the two girls became allies when they decided to prank Neil O'Connel. However, another timid side of her has been recently made apparent.
• Filiona Silucival - A pretty skilled trainer whose personality and brave actions have speedily caught Maple's interest.
• Leonavia - Maple regularly squeezes nearly to death due to cute.
• Anson Feros - Respects for his conviction and fighting skill. She finds that his brains don't nearly match his brawn when it comes to Pokemon.
• Sayuri Hoshigaki - The Headmistress's daughter, and a very strong trainer. One of the few students capable of rivalling Maple tactically, and probably smarter than Maple in most things that aren't Pokemon.
• Mackenzie Smith - One-sided, really. Maple often stalks her. Perhaps some fooly-coolying at times.

Skills: Maple is a great trainer, and uses a team that doesn't rely on one tactic or core, but consists of Pokémon with unique roles which cover each others' counters. She is also excellent at video games, and seems to be a die-hard Nintendo fan. Maple can fight surprisingly well, and does so by throwing massive punches and attacking relentlessly. She is also proficient at throwing moves, but due to her weight has trouble with larger opponents. Granted most people are a lot larger. Though she's not all that inherently strong, she can break the mental barriers upon her body in dire scenarios.

Phobias/Fears: Critical hits.

• She acts and talks in a rather boyish manner. She doesn't often relate to most other girls, doesn't care much for most "feminine" or "girly" things, and refuses to compete in some "girls' divisions". She has her girly moments once in a while, but don't count on her being anything but a tomboy usually.

• She takes pride in her flat chest, and will take every chance to flaunt this.

• Though she does hold her Pokémon in balls, she usually has a few of them out when not in a battle, unless she feels there will be an encounter and her team would need to keep up their strength. Otherwise, they either follow her around, hang out in her dorm while she's away, or are let loose into the courtyard to play and exercise.

• However, she usually keeps Jutsu with her, who perches on her shoulder or nearby objects. She didn't actually decide this; Jutsu did, as he's extremely protective of Maple. At a moment's notice, anyone who poses a threat will have Jutsu's claws at their throat, as he can fly faster than the eye can see. However, as Maple has become better able to fend for herself, Jutsu can take a break quite often.

• Maple has always seemed to have oddly cat-like mannerisms. For instance (if you're a strange enough person to do this), petting her or giving her a belly rub will often cause her to lie down and become relaxed. Certain cat toys also may get her attention. If she gets highly enraged, she may even revert to beastlike behavior, and begin to attack visciously while utilizing a quadrupedal stance. All this behaviour is likely due to her close relationship with a Meowth her family owned in her childhood, named Smitty.

• Smitty was actually given away at around when Maple was age 7. Her parents, needless to say, were concerned with how... wierd she was becoming, though her father wasn't too thrilled about having to do so.

• She's not very hygenic. She often picks her nose and ears in class and everywhere else, without any signs of embarrasment.

• Maple is typically cocky and arrogant. However, this may nullify when around friends - for instance, she's often personable enough to total strangers on a trip to the mall with some of her peeps. She also shows respect to those she considers equal.

• Her team tends to have a lot of pressure put on it, as it has several common weaknesses that most people just happen to attack with. All of her Pokémon's sets come with a risk, arguably except for Zetsubou, who plows through whatever doesn't counter him, and is then able to kill even the things that do.

• Maple is also quick to anger, and rather rude when it comes to voicing her opinion on something. Especially when it comes to people "acting cheesy."

• Has no ear for music. She cannot play it, nor sing it, and doesn't willingly listen to much besides highly-intense dubstep. She cannot dance either, though to everyone's dismay will still try to. She can play DDR well, but this doesn't translate to the dance floor.

• Pokémon: Sandslash, Tyranitar, Giratina.
• Colour: Red.
• Food: The "Bacon Buffalo Tauros Triple", which seems to be a type of cheeseburger.
• Drink: Vanilla-flavored milk, hot sauce.
• Music: Videogame OSTs.
• Video Game: Super Smash Bros: Gentleman's Challenge, modded of course.
• Move: Baton Pass, Stone Edge, Earthquake.
• Word: "Frack".
• Battle Theme: Gunbuster March.
• Finishing Move: Draco Meteor.
• Pokemon Stat: Physical defense.
• Starter Pokemon: Swampert.
• Ability: Sand Rush.
• Clothing: Leotards.
• Elemental Type: Ground.
• Competitive Tier: OU.

Additional Information:

• Zetsubou used to belong to Maple's father, but went under her command immediately after his original trainer was taken out of commission.

• Maple is highly adventurous, and seems to always be willing to do something she hasn't yet or go where she's not yet been, and she usually likes to drag unfortunate souls along for the ride. This aspect of her has proved rather dangerous, as she has occasionally jumped right into battle with huge numbers of foes haphazardly, and come out with bad injuries.

• In order to get from place to place quickly, Maple sometimes uses Justu as a sort of "jetpack". Due to Maple being unable to take supersonic speeds, Jutsu usually flies her at about 150 mph. However, with a Speed stat of 371, and his Speed Boost ability, he can hit ludicrous velocities. He can outrun jets, bullets, and perhaps nuclear explosions.

• As unlikely as it seems, Maple and Armageddon regularly spar with each other. This has been something they've done since Maple was young, and Geddy was just a baby. Even though Armageddon is much more powerful, Maple is a strong enough fighter to hold her own against the Tyranitar. However, in these duels, Armageddon uses no elemental battle moves, but regular hand-to-hand combat, because she'd quite honestly obliterate Maple if she was really making an effort.

• Sandslash has always been one of her favorite Pokémon, but she never got down to using one competitively until she was able to acquire a Dream World variant, which Terrablade is, and possesses the hidden ability Sand Rush. As she is more durable than the more often-used Excadrill, Terrablade often catches enemy teams off-guard, and can often more easily set up a sweep.

• Antares, Maple's Latias, is capable of shapeshifting into a human form. It is an illusion, but it is tangible as if it were Antares' real shape. However the hell that works, Maple takes advantage of this ability and stuffs her in a maid uniform whenever she can.
Here, have a link.…

• It was very recently that Maple caught that Latias of hers; the Academy had held a tournament as a prelude to the Opening Ceremony, from which she won a Master Ball. She had heard of sightings of the Eon Pokemon, both of them, and made haste to the Hoenn region. By her luck, she was able to reach their location... and suddenly heard a large BANG, followed by a peculiar scream that lasted only a fractional second. She ran into view of the scene, only to find that a group of criminals had got there first, injuring and incapacitating other trainers that came for the same reason as Maple. The main event had already happened, though; a Latios was trying to protect his sister, and was able to continue to resist capture before lethal force was used - a railgun used by one of the criminals. So that explained the bang. The sister Latias was trying to avenge her brother, but was quickly overpowered by their Ice-types.
Long story short, Armageddon doesn't take that shit lying down.
Long story shorter, gg.

• She always keeps her dorm quite messy. She also has her own beanbag chair and Nintendo 64 to play (keep in mind this is 2070; yeah, she's old-school) and hangs pictures of random things. She has a single shelf between her and any roomates, if she gets any, and three levels of it are already taken by figurines, games, candy, and a TV and the consoles. There is a refrigerator full of Mountain Dew and leftover Pancham Express food, and some consumables will often spill. Her bed is tidy, but only because Maple usually falls asleep by passing out on the beanbag chair while playing video games. There are several candy wrappers, ripped pantyhose, game cartridges, and broken pokeballs all over the ground. Maple seems to leave her shoes in random places and sometimes loses them. Her Pokémon also help to crowd the room, which Maple is fine with, really, but they can often cause messes, and Armageddon tends to fall asleep right in the middle of the floor and become an obstacle for anyone else in the room. There is a single fan next to the beanbag, and there are two windows, usually kept open to let out the stench and allow her to leap out from. Also, there is some strange green fluid oozing from the wall in a certain place, which Maple mostly covered with a framed picture of a happy moose. She occasionally has Trubbish infestations, though her Pokemon can usually clean them out... oh yeah, and she shares this with two other people. At least the flooring itself is nice, and the room is spacy.

• Maple seems to have a great fondness for pantyhose and thighhighs, as she wears them all the time, even while swimming, and while sleeping. She feels indecent when her legs are bare, of all things.

• Her Chandelure, A la Flambe, is fully capable of human speech. Unfortunately, he is also a troll and overall jerkass, and is really only nice in any way to Maple. Well, she and Oktavius, anyhow. Many of the other students know Flambe as well, whether as a troll or the most brutal Fire Blast they ever tried to tank.

• Also, A la Flambe is zubatsh** crazy. He also has no problem with eating and burning souls, but even so, he at least usually goes for those who are already dying, or about to. Usually.

• Whenever she wilfully goes to bed, she usually bugs the nearest person to stroke her like some kitten first to help her sleep.

• As odd and flashy as her outfit is, her main point with it is to try and secure a "special" look for herself, in the same way most Gym Leaders do. That, and she has a preference for bunnysuits.

Maple was born and raised, in her earlier years, in White City, a sort of "battle frontier" where many tournaments, and even Pokemon Leagues, are held. She had an older sister, Rin, but she left them while Maple was only three years old. Her father was a competitive trainer, and a highly proficient one at that, and was the biggest influence on Maple. He'd often be out for weeks at a time, though only intending to be for a few days. He gave Maple her first Pokemon, as an egg, for her 7th birthday (as she was still coping with having Smitty taken). It soon hatched into a Larvitar, which Maple affectionately named... well, Armageddon, and though she wasn't old enough to go out and train her, she'd often play around with her, and even began to spar with Armageddon when her parents weren't watching. Though Mr. Nakamoto was a decent enough father, being loving and caring, and preventing bad influences on his daughter, his wife was often torn up from his apparent obsession with Pokemon. He'd often be gone for weeks or even months at a time training, though he always promised to be no longer than a few days. The last straw, a year later, seemed to be when Mrs. Nakamoto found Armageddon pinning Maple in a fight, a cut on her daughter's face from the match. She tried to take Armageddon away, but her father objected, saying it was healthy, necessary training and nothing more. As he separated the two young ones, and Maple ran to fetch a treat for Armageddon's victory, Mrs. Nakamoto began yelling at him, telling him that she was tired of everything being about Pokemon, to the point that he didn't care if his own daughter was beaten up by one, and then started to bring up the subject of Maple's older sister, who had apparently died three years ago. As Mr. Nakamoto began to raise his voice in retort, Maple left the room with Geddy, and hid in her room for a while.

After this incident, Mrs. Nakamoto had left the two by themselves, not intending to come back soon. Maple and her father began to travel more, to toughen her and not dwell on what had happened, as her father had a gut feeling that his wife would return someday. However, one fateful day back in White City, Team Rocket mounted an assault upon the Gym Leader Castle, and were wreaking havoc with more powerful Pokemon than they usually had been using recently. Nakamoto was in the middle of a friendly match with Chuck, within the castle, as this happened. The attackers, two Executives and some Grunts, stormed into the Castle, though they did not state what they were looking for. Chuck and Mr. Nakamoto, as well as an anonymous challenger, came to meet the intruders atop the walls before they got far. A brutal, unregulated battle broke out between the two sides. During the fight, a Houndoom belonging to one of the Executives was able to knock out Zetsubou, who was under Nakamoto's command, allowing for the others' Muk to get through the opponent Pokemon and attach itself to Nakamoto himself. Immediately, Chuck told the challenger to hold the others off, as his Seaking Hydro Pumped the Muk off, but the vitrolic monster had damaged Nakamoto's body with itscontact, destroying much of his skin and tearing other bits off, including and entire leg. Luckily, Team Rocket was repelled after a long fight, and the Executives retreated from the area in a hot air balloon. But Nakamoto was then hospitalized, and wouldn't be able to participate in outdoor activities for a long time. He therefore convinced Maple to carry on without him for now, and start on a journey of her own.

Maple later grew to be a powerful trainer, taking on gyms and challenges for herself, and raised several Pokemon on her way up. Starting her real journey with Zetsubou and the young Armageddon, she annihilated many opponents, and eventually took up a dwelling for herself in the Underground below Pastoria City. Later, she heard of a special tournament, not relevant to any of the Pokemon Leagues, as it seemed, and decided to attend. When she arrived, she found very powerful trainers that wiped her out with teams of well-trained pokemon (this happened to be the same one Leonavia had attended, in Sinnoh; at least she beat her). After this, she decided to build better teams and learn more about Pokemon in order to make an unstoppable team, though she already knew more about the mechanics of battling than many others. She and her team have been developing quickly in a matter of a couple years, and Maple soon decided to enroll at the Pokespe Academy, to further better herself, and her Pokemon.

So far, she's met some neat people, and some... background characters. Her win of the recent tournament, compounded with being the owner of a Latias has really jump-started her reputation, but she openly admits to knowing students every bit as skilled as she is, and though she gets a big head at times, she'll give credit where due.
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Birthplace: Makati, Philippines
Residence: PSA Boy Dorms
Height: 5'0" ft. (152 cm.)
Key Family/ Relatives: Allen Salazar (twin brother)
Key Friends: Grey Spencer, Chrome Kinji
Skills: Cooking, Dancing, and self-procclaimed (But not atually good) singer
Phobias/ Fears: Dark, Zubat and it's evolutions
Bad Habits/ Vices: Sometimes stutters when he meets new people, eats with his mouth open, can be easily fooled, and he is usually naive and innocent for his age
Quirks: Uses Filipino formalities (Po, Opo, Ate, etc.), can be loyal to his most trusted friends, always straight-forward and to the point
Favourites: Balot, his beanie, and singing
Other Important Details: He gets easily scared at times, He is always late at meetings, parties, etc. , He is the eldest of the twins by only two minutes, and has yellow eyes due to a genetic trait
History: After his father deserted their mother even before Adrian and Allen were born, the family's lives have gone from bad to worse. In middle school, his old friends kept on teasing him for having only one parent. He didn't say anything, but his brother did. Even though he is the eldest, he doesn't like to offend or hurt anybody, so his brother is the one who always helps his brother out. His bond between Allen is inseparable.
Reason of Enrollment: His twin brother knew this was his dream school, so he gained up enough money for his brother to enroll. He wants to be in PSA to experience new things
Author's Note

Oh God, what did I just do to him?! XDD Anyways, hopefully I can re-re-REdo the picture, but other than that I am content with what I did =w=

EDIT Aaaaand that 's the last one ! :phew: Man, at least it's worth it! ^^... Though I think I overdid it with Adrian's tan. ^^;
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House M.D. font by ~Cosmomouse

Submitted by ~Cosmomouse

You can't fave, or download from here at House MD club!! :below: :below: :below: :below:
You must comment, fave and download at original dev here!!! --> [link]

Finally, the long awaited House MD Font! this is every house digital artist's dream and has been brought to you today by the letter C! I used this wonderful font to make our devID, so give it love!

*note* capitol letters make the box letters, and the number one (1) makes the M.D.

Have fun!!!

Submitted by ~psplayer06
Comments disabled by owner.
Free Fashion Croquis 06

You can use this Croquis/Base. No Credit necessary but it would be nice. :)

PayPal bullet by emocxDonate


  • Croquis are free to use as long as you don't use them for monetary gain which includes virtual currencies.  If I don't get a dime from them neither should you. It's only fair.
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This has been cross-posted on my main account, Karijn.

This is not my main form of inspiration, but it's a lot of fun and helps a lot when I'm stuck and I don't know what to draw anymore.

The nice thing is that you never get the same three things for one colour, they always change. Well, not always, but you'll see that even if one or two remain the same, the one that changes can produce a totally different design.

Adoptables Journals Series:
Adoptables, Basics for Adopters
Adoptables, Basics for Adoptables Artists
Adoptables Tutorial
Adoptables, Writing an Artist's Description
Adoptables, Customs
Adoptables, Design Tutorial
Adoptables, Buying Adoptables
Adoptables, Pricing
Adoptables, Auctions
Adoptables, Original Species Confusion
Adoptables, I sold one, now what?
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Crappy Water Tutorial...for Paint Shop Pro (9)...Hope it helps someone...xD
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Hey guys =D

Yeah, I did my first Tutorial^^
It is about Layers, because so many Beginners are asking the same questions about them.
This Tutorial is about how to use graphic programs, not about how to draw!
I hope it will be helpful -if not, tell me why, because I want to know how I can do better next time :la:

If you have questions about digital drawing ask me, and I'll try to explain in the next Tutorial (yes, I'll do more of them, if you want me to^^)
What should be the topic of my next Tutorial? Tell me what you think! ^.^

Download-Information: The zip-file includes the images I used for this and a html document. You can open it with Firefox. Don't delete the images! You need them because the html will not work without them!
Why is it a html document? Because this way you can scroll and use the index.

As promised in the Tutorial, here you can find the proof that you can do awesome work on only a few layers:
(For a Link to the video just read the description)

Curious about the Tomb Raider drawing I used for this? You can find the finished picture here:
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