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this is how i imagined how Jesse Tuck and Winnie from the story tuck everlasting would look like.. :)

I hope this doesn't bring any injustice to them :D
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App for :icongrimm-chronicles:
I hope I'll get in ; v ; && still need to work on the accessory sheet orz
- - - - - -

Name: Vincent (just call him Vince x'D)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Title: n/a
- Singing: It's through his songs how he charms people to give him things.
- Shape Shifting: It's not exactly an ability, as he can't control it completely, but he can change into a red little bird everytime someone calls his name. He can do it to himself with a mirror.
- Manipulative: Being a bird, he sings, in his human form, he speaks. He knows what kind of words to say to help people, his beloved, or himself

Country: Lakendale
Tale: Based on "The Juniper Tree" by the Grimm Brothers [link]
He is an honest boy who would do anything to protect the ones he love. He trusts people easily, but would never forget when betrayed.
Intelligent and manipulative, but also kind and caring, he represents in every way "as red as blood and as white as snow"

Some time ago there was a rich man with a beautiful good wife, and although they both loved each other, they had no children. The wife prayed day and night to the Juniper Tree in front of their house for a child as red as blood and as white as snow. Months passed, and she gave birth to a little boy, but she died soon after, and was buried under the same tree.

Her husband grieved her loss, but after some time he married again, and had a daugther born of him. The woman loved her daughter, and couldn't help but think how the first born would always be in the way. One day, she intended to kill him, chopping his head off by closing the heavy lid of a chest, but manages only to cut his right arm. The boy loses consciousness, so the woman cleans the blood and hides him in the snow under the tree. She tells her husband he had gone visiting his mother's great-uncle, which he believes.

Because of the blood loss and the cold, he had gotten terribly weak, and his sister wept for what her mother had done. The tree stirred, and where there used to be the body of the boy, now a beautiful bird arose, singing magnificently. The bird cutted off a small branch of the tree before fying away.

The Juniper tree had transformed him into a bird to save his life, but he would switch forms everytime someone called him by his full name.

Alternate: Small red bird that can sing and talk, and carry things way heavier than him.
-He made a small flute out of the branch he cutted off the tree, and always carries it with him, because it's its magic what keeps his arm in place.
-He covers the scar in his right arm with a red ribbon
-Even in his human form, he loves singing.
-He also carries a broken piece of a mirror he found in some place, so he can transform by himself

- - - - - - - - -
app done under the influence of :iconyune-d: (?) X'DD I still owe others, but there were limited spots available, so .. so ;u; *hides*
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.. by Explosions in the sky XD
yay time for music challenge! or something XD

( even If I just listened to Lights the whole time but NAAAH >w> )

weeellllll, who else adores cute loser boy x weirdo girl? -
*cough neville x luna cough*

... well I do.

ANHSKHASKHAS BYE Going to answer my messages now :3!

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These are some of my many Hetalia OCs. I APOLOGIZE NOW FOR THE CRAPPY ART. Here's their info:

~Top left~
*Alaska (Human name: Sonia B. Jones)
*Nicknames(s): Sonni, Lass
*Eyes: Dark Blue
*Hair: Woody brown
*Height: 5 ft, 2 1/2 in.
*Weight: As far as she's concerned, chubby.
*Body build: Skinny and tiny
*Friends: Ukraine, Lichtenstein, Taiwan (not historical)
*Family: Adopted by America as his little sis when Russia gave her up for money. He (Russia) was her cousin.
*Crush: She denies it, but she likes Canada.
*Greatest Fear: Being abandoned again
*Personal quotes: "Say it with me: Ku-ma-ji-ro!", "NOT THE FISH!!!"
*Most prized possession: The stuffed replica of Kumajiro that Canada gave her (Kuma runs away from Canada to visit her a lot)
*Hobbies/Pastime: Fish-watching,playing with Kumajiro, and trying to get Alfred to acknowledge Canada.
*Likes: Fish, Kumajiro, and dogsled racing.
*Dislikes: Illegal hunters/fishermen, Belarus (she scares the crud out of Alaska), and deep-fried food.
*Personality: She's quiet and shy, but desperately wants to become more reliable. She's a good listener and actually enjoys playing matchmaker with other people, but is completely oblivious of her own crush on Canada. She's also a good ballroom dancer.
*Weakness: She's terribly shy and gets nervous easily. Also, she still respects Russia and would gladly endanger herself to help him.

~Middle left~
*Kenya (Human name: Tahir [no last name yet])
*Nicknames(s): Tai, Ken
*Eyes: Forest green
*Hair: Jet black with a bit of salt & pepper starting to show
*Height: 6 ft, 6 in.
*Weight: Average
*Body build: Medium, slightly more muscular
*Friends: Australia, America, Sealand (not historical)
*Family: None
*Crush: He might be crushing on Fem!Australia, but tries to cover it up since he's friends with her brother.
*Greatest Fear: Losing all his animal friends
*Personal quotes: "CHEEEEEEEEESE!!!!" (This refers to his pet baby cheetah, Cheese)
*Most prized possession: Packs of toothpicks, he has a habit of chewing them.
*Hobbies/Pastime: Observing his native animals, playing pranks on other countries, comparing sparkle-level with Austria.
*Likes: Animals, making people laugh, and studying the animals in other countries.
*Dislikes: Illegal hunters, stuck-ups who don't laugh enough, and raw fish.
*Personality: He's a big, manly goofball who likes being one with nature. With all the problems he's faced in his life, he enjoys making others laugh. He's secretly very troubled, especially with the rapid decline in the population of several of his animals.
*Weakness: Baby animals ("HOLY CHIPMUNKS THEY'RE SO FLIPPIN' CUTE!!")

~ Bottom Left~
*Pacific Ocean (Human name: Dorisa Oceana)
*Nicknames(s): Pacie, Dori
*Eyes: Deep teal
*Hair: Soft pink
*Height: 5 ft, 3 in (when in land form)
*Weight: A bit too light.
*Body build: Skinny, but not grossly thin.
*Friends: Sweden, Germany, Norway (not historical)
*Family: The other Oceans are her siblings.
*Crush: She beats the crud out of him, but she likes Prussia.
*Greatest Fear: Acrophobia- Fear of heights.
*Personal quotes: "........." and ".......shut up."
*Most prized possession: Her ponytail holder-thing, made from real blue pearls.
*Hobbies/Pastime: Poker and other such games (well she certainly has the poker-face for it).
*Likes: Swimming freely, quiet places, reading about current human events.
*Dislikes: Illegal fishermen, Denmark (he's way too loud), fish food (America tried making her eat it as a joke once)
*Personality: She's quiet most of the time, but brutally blunt and honest when she does speak. She's a bit of a card shark (no pun intended) and enjoys playing poker with Sweden and Norway. She beats up Prussia almost as much as Hungary.
*Weakness: If one of her younger siblings asks her to do something, she can't bring herself to say no. Also,don't touch the mole. Just....don't.

~Top right~
*Yellowstone National Park (Human name: Craig Jones)
*Nicknames(s): Yellow, YNP
*Eyes: Bright velvet.
*Hair: Light orange.
*Height: 6 ft exactly
*Weight: Normal
*Body build: Average
*Friends: America, the Bad Touch Trio (not totally historical)
*Family: America is his big cousin.
*Crush: He has a HUGE crush on Lichtenstein, though Switzerland doesn't approve...
*Greatest Fear: Switzerland
*Personal quotes: "It'll be fun!" , "You can count on me!"
*Most prized possession: His old sheriff's badge (Unlike America, he's reluctant to leave the world of law-enforcement)
*Hobbies/Pastime: Catching poachers, playing with bear cubs, and eating hot dogs.
*Likes: Bears, adventuring, catching bad guys.
*Dislikes: Illegal hunters, litter-bugs, and people who think bears are evil.
*Personality: He's almost exactly like America, but he's obsessed with hot dogs and is slightly more responsible. He's also a bit of a danger magnet. He dislikes his dimples that show when he smiles "because they make me look like a little kid!".

~Bottom right, the middle is a failed attempt~
*Costa Rica (Human name: Linda [no last name yet])
*Nicknames(s): Rickie, Lin
*Eyes: Soft hazel
*Hair: Dark brown
*Height: 4 ft, 5 in
*Weight: Light as a sack of potatoes
*Body build: Tiny lil' thing!
*Friends: The Italy bros, Spain, Mexico (not historical)
*Family: Spain is like a big brother to her, same with the Italy bros.
*Crush: She greatly admires Germany, much to Romano's disdain.
*Greatest Fear: Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a car. (Let's just say Italy was involved with that fear)
*Personal quotes: "I'm so glad to see you guys!" , "What do the curls do, Fratello?" (ignorance is bliss...)
*Most prized possession: Her golden bracelets.
*Hobbies/Pastime: Visiting her "brothers", selling stuff to tourists, collecting seashells.
*Likes: Margaritas (didn't expect that, did you?), yellow rice, and tourists have a good time.
*Dislikes: Drunken parties (they tend to get out of hand), seeing people frown, and carrots.
*Personality: She's bubbly and sweet-hearted, but she hates being mistaken for a child. She likes making people smile, and wants everyone to be happy, even if it means that she has to suffer a bit. She never leaves her hair un-braided because men tend to stare at her when she does that. She doesn't understand why.
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Kyo sohma

whats making him mad this time?
could be anyhting
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Merry Christmas!!
She look at us for we don\'t forget why Christmas is Christmas it because Christ is born
base by AnimexGirlX here base [link]
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don't mind the faces. just for the lols.

Decided to sketch up a few hairstyles for future references.


the bottom of miko's braid is chopped off : ' (

Tell me if you use any of these!
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Cass, Yo-Yoji, and Max-Ernest from the Secret Series! I drew them a while back, so here's a redrawn version of them.

There are so many mistakes, my apologies... :iconcryforeverplz:

Cass, Yo-Yoji, and Max-Ernest are not my characters.
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cover: [link]

next: [link]

so, yeah, monday it is ;D (when the updates will happen)

Adam is a highly awarded actor who started a new project 'Before Juliet' starring as Mercutio. There he meets Julien - aka Romeo - and they hit it off right away. However, Adam gets the feeling that Julien wants to be more than friends and now has to find a way how to deal with this new found information...

wanna know more and get early updates, like me on fb ;) --> [link]
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my second daria pic
it took me three days to set up the
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