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this is how i imagined how Jesse Tuck and Winnie from the story tuck everlasting would look like.. :)

I hope this doesn't bring any injustice to them :D
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Ugh...this should be BETTER!


But anyway, Joyeux Noël and Merry Christmas!

This was just something I scribbled when I listening to the Allies sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

And I'm aware of the fact that Kumajiro looks more like a teddy bear than anything...I should stop trying to draw in Himaruya's style.

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Art skillz belong to me!

Here's America too!

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Asked by ~askTSI

IT'S A TOGA and a tunic.
Don't hate on ancient style.

((...I remember I watched this show a long time ago when I was about 8, and someone was making fun of a guy for wearing a toga by calling it a dress. And he said, "It's a TOGA!" [when actually it was the tunic part but whateve] I wish I knew where it was from...;; ))
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Those twins were created by my friend Nemuri:iconnmrbk:.
They are so cute.:heart::heart::heart:

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Kyo sohma

whats making him mad this time?
could be anyhting
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App for :icongrimm-chronicles:
I hope I'll get in ; v ; && still need to work on the accessory sheet orz
- - - - - -

Name: Vincent (just call him Vince x'D)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Title: n/a
- Singing: It's through his songs how he charms people to give him things.
- Shape Shifting: It's not exactly an ability, as he can't control it completely, but he can change into a red little bird everytime someone calls his name. He can do it to himself with a mirror.
- Manipulative: Being a bird, he sings, in his human form, he speaks. He knows what kind of words to say to help people, his beloved, or himself

Country: Lakendale
Tale: Based on "The Juniper Tree" by the Grimm Brothers [link]
He is an honest boy who would do anything to protect the ones he love. He trusts people easily, but would never forget when betrayed.
Intelligent and manipulative, but also kind and caring, he represents in every way "as red as blood and as white as snow"

Some time ago there was a rich man with a beautiful good wife, and although they both loved each other, they had no children. The wife prayed day and night to the Juniper Tree in front of their house for a child as red as blood and as white as snow. Months passed, and she gave birth to a little boy, but she died soon after, and was buried under the same tree.

Her husband grieved her loss, but after some time he married again, and had a daugther born of him. The woman loved her daughter, and couldn't help but think how the first born would always be in the way. One day, she intended to kill him, chopping his head off by closing the heavy lid of a chest, but manages only to cut his right arm. The boy loses consciousness, so the woman cleans the blood and hides him in the snow under the tree. She tells her husband he had gone visiting his mother's great-uncle, which he believes.

Because of the blood loss and the cold, he had gotten terribly weak, and his sister wept for what her mother had done. The tree stirred, and where there used to be the body of the boy, now a beautiful bird arose, singing magnificently. The bird cutted off a small branch of the tree before fying away.

The Juniper tree had transformed him into a bird to save his life, but he would switch forms everytime someone called him by his full name.

Alternate: Small red bird that can sing and talk, and carry things way heavier than him.
-He made a small flute out of the branch he cutted off the tree, and always carries it with him, because it's its magic what keeps his arm in place.
-He covers the scar in his right arm with a red ribbon
-Even in his human form, he loves singing.
-He also carries a broken piece of a mirror he found in some place, so he can transform by himself

- - - - - - - - -
app done under the influence of :iconyune-d: (?) X'DD I still owe others, but there were limited spots available, so .. so ;u; *hides*
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Hey look its not a azn char anymore/slapped (but its a crossdressing man..... all seme but in a girl's costume... whatever.)

still colored like crap.... even tho i spent 4 days >_> (each time about 1hr 1/2 tops cuz i was so friggin unsure about the colors....)

for :icongrimm-chronicles: this will definitly be the RP last group cuz unfortunately they just keep giving me worst and worst impressions...



Vanya Volkov

Red Riding the Black Wolf Hunter (so long >_>)

Male fail trap



198cm/6’5 (w/ heels: 6'6 around 201cm)

๑Date of Birth:
10.31 (this is the scorpion right laskjdflas)

Luxaniev (based on Russia)

Black Wolf Hunter (rather common, but hard job of the country)

Agility: He’s really good at dodging, since his job is really dangerous and wolfs are agile and fast creatures. Any hunter would die without this basic ability, but Vanya seems to be better than anyone at it.

Sharp senses: Again another skill the hunting is needed for. He needs to watch out for the most tiny noise smell or sight or any suspicious matter around him. He sleeps well but he can wake up at any tiny noise.

Singing: Surprisingly, although he has a very cold and non-welcoming face, he sings very well and his voice even attracts animals. He learnt it from his mother, who was a very good singer and contributed to the family’s income with her singing job. In Luxaniev, a good voice is considered to be very sacred. They believe singing could bring luck, and make everything go right. They also enjoy singing for normal entertainment, so they’d pay a good amount to go listen to a higher-class singer.

Element control: fire and ice. This is listed as 4th because Vanya still can’t control these elements well enough. He can only do small tricks. So when he goes on a hunting spree he just uses his swords. At very extreme situations he’ll let the spirit who occupies the swords and who gave the element control power to him to come out and help him in order to get out. But most of the times Vanya can manage pretty well. What he does sometimes is that he concentrates the fire on the long blade sword and ice on the short blade one. So he’d have 2 long-blades and it’s more effective in attacks.

๑Original Story:
Little Red Riding Hood [link]

Cold: He seems cold because of his expression-less face. He is also pretty cold to strangers, but once people got to know him a bit……. He becomes annoying/slapped

Annoying: For the people who didn’t know him long, but that he trusts them to a certain point, they’ll know the annoying side of him. He enjoys picking on them, and says the stuff that hurt them. But he’s well aware that he should avoid any real wound in other people’s heart. So you’d just hear him say to a girl “You need to lose weight” or to a guy “You short-thingy”(……). He’s not the kind to attack on the inside, since he knows very well how much it hurts when these scars gets touched.

Rude: If he's talking to people he find annoying then be prepared to get "insulted". By insulted is pretty much twisting a bit the words and call people names.... orz

Carefree: Vanya is not the kind of person that cares much, unless it’s people who are really close to him and have his full confidence. Pretty much all the time he just ignores whatever could happen to people who annoys him. But his sense of justice is still there. He’ll help people in need, and will say at the end “Be careful next time this is so much trouble pfffft”. I guess it’s how he hides himself.

Childish: Surprisingly again, he acts like a kid sometimes. He’d remember some people playing pranks on him and he’d give them one back. Kinda mischievous, and it might even seem scary. He gets provoked often but doesn’t care much. But if he meets a valuable opponent his fighting spirit will rise up and make him do stupid things. Although it doesn’t happen that often, he can keep cool 90% of the time :iconcoolplz:/shot

Fragile: He lost his parents when he was 11, so he learned to be strong by himself. But deep down he craved for a warm family. The hunter’s family that he’s currently protecting treats him as a real son, but Vanya never could actually let himself blend in. He’d been living on hate and vengeance, but sometimes, he just gets really tired…. As if nothing have an end.

Vanya’s parents were ordinary people. The father was a hunter and the mother was keeping the house. They anticipated for a girl since they already had a boy. Then Vanya was born and they were kinda disappointed. Never the less they still loved him very much, but they raised him up as a girl. The mother even started to learn how to sing, since it was something proper to the women in the country. Surprisingly she had a very good voice, and even got a job with good income to feed the family. She taught it to her “daughter” and, he didn’t disappoint her at all. The parents started to dress him up as a girl too. He had long hair and wore a cozy white cape so he can camouflage, because of the white snow they have for 8 months per year. His big brother treated him like a little sister too, he protects him from bullies and fulfilled his duty as a sister-brother-con good brother /shot

Until one day, after Vanya crossed the forest’s path and arrived at his grand-mother’s house. He went in and saw 2 black wolfs. Since in Luxaniev black wolfs had the reputation to harm humans, he started screaming (like a true girl/shot) and the hunter who lives next door and passed right by the house, heard Vanya and came in with his rifle. He shot one black wolf dead, and the other one escaped. To prevent further attack the hunter moved grandma to his house, and Vanya hurried back to his home to tell the parents. When he arriveed inside the house, he discovered that the wolf that had escaped earlier, followed his scent and went to his house to get revenge. Vanya was scared and run to the basement, and the wolf followed, walking on its hind legs. In the basement, Vanya accidentally fell into a hole and when he landed inside, his hands touched a sword. He was extremely scared, and angry that he couldn’t do anything. The wolf came into the basement, all relaxed-looking while casually chewing on a piece of meat the family had stored. The wolf smirked; Vanya couldn’t control his emotions anymore and jumped out with the sword. At that very instant the spirit that lives inside the sword took over his body, released his angers and he slaughtered the beast. It took a while to get back to his senses. He wondered back to the living room and saw his parents and brother, lay down in blood. His mother was preparing a new white coat for him, but it got drenched in blood, and turned red…

Ever since that day, he had a sudden character change. He became very closed up and doesn’t even talk to anyone other than some simple words to his grandma. The hunter’s family took him and his grandma in, but he doesn’t really say much other than a simple “thank you”. He remained like that until one day, he somehow wondered back to his old home, and saw the sword again. He touched it, and a spirit suddenly came up. Apparently the sword was something his father has acquired a long time before. His father had a hidden job: A prophet. He had seen a day like this would come, so he had entrusted his son to the spirit. Vanya had the potential to become a good hunter, and his father believed in him. The spirit had also the power to control fire and ice, and in exchange of the 2 swords and this element control, the price was the man’s life. The spirit was very saddened by his death, since the man treated him well, unlike the previous owners. So he swore that he would take care of Vanya. Although it had been months since Vanya was closed up in the hunter’s home, the spirit waited patiently for him. When he finally saw the boy he told him everything. Vanya was obviously shocked, but couldn’t help to think that it might just as well be his true destiny. To continue his father’s prophecy and to take on revenge against the black wolfs. But the prophecy wasn’t complete. It stopped at the part when Vanya’s 18 birthday, while he was suppose to be the person who’s gonna stop the black wolf’s control over the country. He was confused but at the same time, made the decision that he’ll go on this path. To protect the hunter’s family and his grandma, to take on the path of revenge, and to stop the Black wolfs. He went back to the hunter and told him everything, and asked him to train him. The hunter agreed and he started to make Vanya the hunter he is suppose to be: Perfect and strong.

After many years of training, Vanya grew up to be a very tall and strong young man. The day of his 18th birthday arrived and he went to take the test for the black wolfs hunter. He passed everything with a perfect score and obtained his title without any effort.

The wolfs in Luxaniev are divided into 2 kinds: The white ones, who are calm and human’s friends, and the black ones, who harm other living creatures just for the fun of it. Luxaniev possesses a big rock, that allows the impossible, possible. The wolfs, at a very long time ago, had discovered it. Ever since they could speak and think like the humans. Some were more influenced by the effect and ruled the others. The humans soon discovered this fact, and were afraid that those animals are going to use it against them. The white wolf’s leader stated that this rock should be divided for common good, and the black’s side were against it. The wolves had a war, the black ones won, and took over the rock’s area. The white ones had to retreat back to the Snow Mountains where they can hide better. As the time goes, the black wolfs had more and more power. They controlled almost everything in Luxaniev and were the head criminals for a lot of horrific crimes. Some humans, greedy yet scared, paired up with the wolfs and began to do dirty business with them. Others, paired up in secret with the white wolfs to get the rock back in the right hands, so they can be free from the black wolf’s domination. This created the Black Wolf Hunters. It’s organized by humans and intelligent White wolfs to recruit the best hunters from Luxaniev. No matter woman or man, as long as they have the physical shape and skills, they can be a hunter. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the black wolfs completely, and to find the hiding spot of the rock, since it appears that the black wolves’ current leader often change its position to avoid getting it stolen.
It’s for this purpose that Vanya went into the hunter’s group. He swore he’s going to destroy these wolfs who had smashed his calm life and his happy family.

Now, at only 22 years old, he has the reputation of the “Red Riding” as a wolf hunter. He was the best of every hunter out there, and could bring the most wolves’ carcass back for the money they sell for the fur and meat. He had everything he needed to take on his revenge: the information, the skills, and the money. He can even buy some information from the humans allied to the black wolfs. Yet the more he advances, the more mysterious the positioning of the rock is. The wolves had the power and the brain, but those humans had all the ideas. They are as intelligent as the foxes, as tales would say. Every time Vanya unlocks a new clue, a new one appears and drives him onto another path. Could there be a complot? That rock’s real purpose is just simply to gain the power to control the black market? Vanya doesn’t know. But he needs to continue, since, it is his destiny.

Kai, a white wolf who had been friend with Vanya ever since they were very young. He’s the one of the smartest of the white wolves and he gladly became Vanya’s helper. He has a bit of magic, coming from the tattoo on his head. He can create a shield that can block either magic spells or real materials. He can manage to transform into a human for a very short period of time, but he can’t speak very well. Even so, he can convey his thoughts to Vanya with no problem. He's bigger than normal wolfs and he can even get bigger and Vanya can lay down on his back with no problem.

personality: Really nice compared to Vanya. sometimes he doesn't even know what he's doing but he never space out during a fight. Might be considered a bit stupid in terms of personality but has the book smarts and is also very good in battle.

๑Add. Info.:
๑ He doesn’t really care how people call him, as long he understands that it’s him who is being called. Although he does seem to have a slight twitch on the face when he heard some people call him “Yaya”

๑ Cooking level= fish/meat on fire with a tiny bottle containing a mix of salt and different spices. AKA. basic survival skills and dont give him the kitchen cuz he's gonna burn it for sure.

๑ Likes flowers, not because he’s girly, but more like it gives him a feeling of comfort. He tends to hide this fact from the others =7=;;

๑ Heavy-never drunk drinker....... how and why? ask his parents *cough*

๑ Looks like a girl from afar, especially with his big coat. But when he gets closer he’d just scare every guy away with his scary face and his height.

๑ He wore a red cloak at all time even thought he can’t camouflage in all this snow. It was to commemorate, in his way, his parents’ death, and the coat that his mother never could’ve finished, all soaked in her own blood.

๑ He hadn't cut his hair ever since that day, so it's almost reaching his ankle.

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.. by Explosions in the sky XD
yay time for music challenge! or something XD

( even If I just listened to Lights the whole time but NAAAH >w> )

weeellllll, who else adores cute loser boy x weirdo girl? °-°
*cough neville x luna cough*

... well I do.

ANHSKHASKHAS BYE Going to answer my messages now :3!

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Because one fanart wasn't enough, obviously.
Anyways Shara & Kasey from the book Bad girls don't die. No, they aren't twins.

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this is like, my first OC.

Yes, this is my first OC.
Well, I guess I'll post her ref and crap now.

Name: Alyssa. No last name.
Age: Fourteen.
Species: Avian-human. Her DNA was grafted with 2% Avian DNA.
Personality: Alyssa is really protective - not to say she's clingy, just protective - and is easily worried. Alyssa always has something to say, but sometimes she can get a little annoying. She's really nice, I guess, but at first she can come off as a completely different person.

Uuuh, I feel thats all thats needed for now. I'll post a full ref later. If you need any other details - idk for what reason - just ask.

Alyssa (c) Me. No touch.
you too, malik. 8C
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