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I'm on a roll :3
I already have Peter's (which didn't turn out the way I wanted) and Edmund's (almost) done :D

Anyway, this time it's Susan and Legolas, and NO I don't ship them either, and the background is less colourful than Lucy's.

I didn't want both of them to have bows and Susan looked a little too innocent without one, so she got to keep hers :)

I'll probably post Peter's tomorrow and Edmund after that.

© Susan Pevensie belongs to C.S. Lewis
© Legolas belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien
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So it's finally done! :D
It was quite hard to know what to put in the background I tell you, and even now I'm not sure if I went the right way xP

But now I'm done with the "To the…" series and I'm going to focus on getting Peter's promo picture done.

© Peter Pevensie belongs to C.S Lewis, Walden, Disney, Fox and BBC.
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So here's Edmund picture ^^

I really had trouble finding a picture of Edmund this time, so I took a picture of him being a bit sad (I'm so evil >:3)

The background for this one took some time too since I had to erase Peter, Susan and Lucy for it, once again I'm quite evil >x3

If you want to see what it looked like before I got my hands on it, click here: (wait it's coming soon)

I'm also done with his promo picture, but I'm not quite happy with it since the background is a little blurry (or whatever you should call it) and I'm pretty sure that it will effect the way you think about the picture.
But I might upload it anyway and make a new one for him if people starts to point it out to me.

© Edmund Pevensie belongs to C.S Lewis, Walden, Disney, Fox and BBC
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You didn't think I was done, did you? ;)

If you do the first film you just have to continue, and Edmund is up first.

I always wanted one with Edmund, Merry and Pippin so this was their moment. And I wasn't sure if I would stick to the original story with Boromir's death and all (since in my two favourite storys they kept him alive), so since I couldn't make up my mind I left him out (there's no way he would have fitted anyway xP), you decided if he's alive or not.

© Edmund Pevensie belongs to C.S. Lewis
© Merry and Pippin belongs to J.R.R. Toliken
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So today the weather was awful and I was extremely bored so I decided to make this ^^

Now I am aware of the fact that it's called the Great Eastern Ocean, but that just didn't sound right when I already had written "sea" on the picture.

I might do this for the rest of Pevensies also, as soon as I get some spare time ;)

© Lucy Pevensie belongs to C.S Lewis, Walden, Disney, Fox and BBC.
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lol i got bored
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The last thing I want to do is hurt you... but it's still on the list.

Usage: You may use as a background but do not claim as your own.
Tools: Paint Shop Pro v8
Time: 20 minutes
Resources: Fonts downloaded at [link] Picture from [link] and texture from [link]

I saw this quote not too long ago, and decided I needed a background with it. I think the message here is:

Dear Fangirls,
The last thing I want to do is hurt a girl. But it's still on the list, and I will do it, if you don't stop those awful fanfictions.

(and Mintey, who is sick of seeing OC pairings)
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Here are some of the comic based cosplay plans I have planned for the remainder of 2014-2015. I do not own any of the designs or characters; I just complied them for reference. :D (Big Grin) All characters are property and DC and Marvel. 

:bulletred: Harley Quinn: Mad Love Nightie (DC) 
:bulletred: Harley Quinn: Mad Love Dental Nurse Uniform (DC)
:bulletred: Harley Quinn: Assault on Arkham (DC) 
:bulletred: Raven: Teen Titans (DC) :ramy: 
:bulletred: Death of The Endless (DC) 
:bulletred: Poison Ivy (Artgerm Design): Batman (DC) :iconartgerm: 

:bulletred: Mary Jane Watson: The Amazing Spider-Man (J-Scott Campbell Variant) :iconj-scott-campbell:
:bulletred: Black Cat: Spider-Man (Terry Dodson Variant) :iconterrydodson: 
:bulletred: Rogue: X-Men Evolution

Depending on budget and time constraints some may be added or dropped from the list.  
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Okay, this is my first base! :la: And it's a couple base too!

I would really appreciate it if you give me credit when you use this, and please link back, I would love to see the finished result! :D

It's free to use, so you don't have to ask if you want to use it.

The original picture DOES NOT BELONG TO ME! [link]

Thanks a billion to :iconnaruxanime-pixels: for her awesome tutorial! :w00t: [link]
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Work is done for the summer, and I had all day during this sad excuse of a storm (hurricane Irene oooo scary) to do some new stuff (despite having still not finished moving things from Witchywinnie)

I finally saw A Clockwork Orange, and though a little disappointed (it started out with so much promise, such a sad ending), I LOVE Alex DeLarge. He's like a cousin of the Joker and it makes me happy.

And this love called for an OC

Reverting back to his old self, at 25 Alex is back causing hell raping and beating people in their homes. When he hits the Ainsley home, he has the wife restrained and the husband on the floor, but wasn't expecting the gun to his head. 22-year-old Jodi Ainsley has a strong will to protect her family, but the two find them selves in a pickle.

Into the mind of Alex:

The large wife was tied to her lovely dinning room chair while I left the bit of a drunk husband on the floor with a broken leg and gasping for breathe from several swift kicks to the gut. I was getting ready for the old in-out with the lady, when a cold bit of metal was pushed against my head.
“I see I missed someone,” I saw the look on the woman’s face as she tried to silently tell the person behind me to leave. I assumed old mumsy was telling her baby boy to go hide while I did my business. “What say you put that down, Brother?”
“Take another step towards her and I’ll fire, you yarbless piece of rotting waste.”
Not the voice I was expecting, it was either a young lad, or the girly of the house, either way the mouth was quite dirty.
“Drop the stick.”
I did as commanded, but with a smile on my face. It had been a long time since I had this much fun. I saw a woman’s hand grab my walking stick from the corner of my eye and chuckled. A woman was giving me orders, I was quite impressed.
“Turn around,” she told me, and I did as she demanded. I looked down to see her short, voluptuous body and the head of dark red that held the same body of curves.
“Welly, welly, welly, well, what do we have here, a young miss?” I was able to sneak a glance down her powder blue blouse.
She lowered the gun she had at my gulliver and I looked into her Winter blue eyes. “You’ve done enough damage here, get out.”
“I haven’t finished. What if I should choose to give your old lady the old in-out?”
“That codpiece won’t stop a bullet.” The words shocked me as she spoke of such ultra-violent ways. “Besides, could you really now, knowing she is a mother? Imagine your mother’s face as you commit such sins.”
“Well, that’s just unfair, Love,” I fell into her trickery, Mum’s face was now sewn on the woman’s gulliver, and the thought made me sick. I looked to the girl and smiled. The quick look of shock she gave as I moved to pin her to the wall of her dinning room was thrilling. “I guess I’ll just have to look for my fun elsewhere.”
Holding her hands above her head, I went for the tie holding up her loose blouse, but I made the horrible mistake of meeting her gaze. This girl wasn’t the same as the others. “No fight, Love?”
“You’re either going to beat me, kill me, or rape me. If I fight it’ll only be worse.”
Those eyes, those frosted eyes looked to me and I felt my heart skip a beat. I don’t know what came over me, but I didn’t until her blouse, I didn’t strike her with my cane or hand. I cradled her head and held her gaze. “What if I wasn’t to do any of that?”
“Then you’d be a either a fool or a saint.”
“Why didn’t you kill me? You had the gun right there.” I touched her nose with mine and spied a pink hue to her pale cheeks. Her lip quivered and a heat radiated from my chest. The mumbles of the parents were gone as I stared at the quiver. It wasn’t fear that made that plump lip shake. Before I knew what I was doing, I had taken that quivering lip and was holding her to me. She was startled, but fell into the kiss and I released her hand to pull her curvaceous bod to mine.
Now she stands by my side, dressed in her black and white best. Covered in ruffles, lace, and roses, she is a vision in the night as we journey to achieve the feeling of ultra-violence. I no longer do the in-out with the women, I have a feisty little treat that satisfies me, but that is all if I leave her family alone, which I can do, for a in-out every night in someone else’s home, I can do whatever she pleases, and she’ll do whatever pleases me.

A bit of a Harley Quinn complex I guess, but it’s that mad love that makes the world go round.

Alex DeLarge from Clockwork Orange
base by :iconpixel-hime:
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