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This is my new project.
It isn't finished yet : (
Could U give me some hints.
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This is my first VisualStyle based on nothing but shitty M$ Luna.msstyle ....and I'm really really happy with the outcome :D
hope you like it too!!

it comes in 3 flavors blue, green and black each with a light and dark window version so there's 6 substyles

fonts used are haxrcorp, calibri and helvetia condensed, please install before using

you can mod and port and release as much as you want w/o permission ....just give credits in someway if you do ;)

thanx goes to aakio for helping with the rounded list/comboboxes, and to my GF for testing it and enduring me :D
also thx to the betatesters who didnt report anything ;)


Wow DD :D .....thx a lot!!

I fixed a small bug in the green light shell style, there was a gray line deviding the controlpanel and the specialgroup dial that wasn't supposed to be there, also for the light versions I switched to black windowtext cause the firefox statusbar wouldn't otherwise show any text in it at all

If you are bugged by the black text in the firefox statusbar when using the light themes you can add this code to your userchrome.css

#bookmark-window statusbar {
color: #AAAAAA;

for the blue version use color: #AAAAB9
and for teh green AAB9AA

that way the text in the firefox statusbar will have the same color as in explorer

you can easily find out what and where the userchrome.css is by using this site ;)
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I hope you like it! In this version I change Neruropol X free font to Calibri font. And then , using new shellstyle update. I removed pink color style. It is only two blue style.

In this package
==Visual Style and it's shellstyle

Thank you
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This is a section of a 180 degree panorama of the Monte Carlo Harbor.

Yes, I know, I have a thing about harbor's.... must be my Navy past. Anyway, taken while on vacation last year, original panorama is stitched from 15 photo's. A few problems with this picture (translucent bird in the sky, tracks on the water without boats, etc...), but it looks good as a wallpaper
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Small update on it before i'll leave for ten days :)

* added vertical taskbar support
* added full start menu support
* fixed few bugs

Dont forget to check out concept art of my next style: [link]
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FlumXP is a theme that I started working on before SlanXP 2.0. And now it's finished. It's not very original, but it should be functional. :)

I've noticed that in some screenshots the captionbuttons (close - min - max) is set to the smallest availble option! The captionbuttons are supposed to look like they do in the preview image. If they don't do that, PLEASE reply with any info on your XP setup. What language you use, what kind of font options you use, which uxtheme patcher you used etc.

Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!


FOOBAR config in the new screenshot isn't finished yet.

More substyles (color options) may be added later.

Known issues:
- None at the moment. :)

UPDATE 5: (16/4 - 2007)
- Captionbar height changed to 18. This fixes the "top resize" problem. This also moves the captionbuttons a bit closer.
- Scrollbuttons edge color made a bit darker. (Against the rules. It should have the same color as the 3dshadow, but they can be hard to see if you have an extremely bright monitor.) :p
- LargeFonts setting uses Tahoma 8 as an option. ExtraLargeFont uses Tahoma 10 as an option.
- TaskBand positioning fix.
- Blank shellstyle included.

UPDATE 4: (15/4 - 2007)
- Somehow the msstyle file didn't get updated yesterday. Download the theme again!

UPDATE 3: (14/4 - 2007)
- Message box borders fixed.
- GradientActiveCaption etc changed to blue.
- Font size 2 now uses Tahoma 8 instead of 9.
- Scrollbar changes. Size set to 15 and ThumbGripper image removed.
- Other minor fixes.

UPDATE 2: (13/4 - 2007)
- Group button fixed.
- Scrollshaft made a bit darker.
- Other minor fixes.
- Wallpaper included.

UPDATE: (A fast one ;) )
- Captionbar sysbutton and text fixed.
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I'm introducing: Cube. Hope that you enjoy them.

Shapeshifter Theme for OS X Tiger.

No permission is granted for releasing mods or ports. Please contact me if you wish to release a mod or port.

All rights Reserved - Copyright 2007.
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Again, Hi to all.

I've decided to upload this version of the theme. It is almost finished to the point that I can use it normally. The shell is not done because I just don't know how :(.

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Windows Vista Classic toolbar.

Based in part on the works of Nemesis777, Vista Build 5365 v1.2 --> [link] Go check out his wonderful Vista ST themes!

Please post a comment!

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After hundreds of vista themes hitting this site i decided to update my Graphite theme !!
For those who want something different !!

Graphite is a full size Grey to Black style that looks great on any desktop !!
(I dont like compact styles so please no requests)

Ive tweaked many many things, have a look !!

Hope you like it !!!

Regards, midispider.
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