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...a minimalistic style.

- font --> corbel
- shellstyle

UPDATE : added folder with startpanel icons
greetings tivar
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FlumXP is a theme that I started working on before SlanXP 2.0. And now it's finished. It's not very original, but it should be functional. :)

I've noticed that in some screenshots the captionbuttons (close - min - max) is set to the smallest availble option! The captionbuttons are supposed to look like they do in the preview image. If they don't do that, PLEASE reply with any info on your XP setup. What language you use, what kind of font options you use, which uxtheme patcher you used etc.

Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!


FOOBAR config in the new screenshot isn't finished yet.

More substyles (color options) may be added later.

Known issues:
- None at the moment. :)

UPDATE 5: (16/4 - 2007)
- Captionbar height changed to 18. This fixes the "top resize" problem. This also moves the captionbuttons a bit closer.
- Scrollbuttons edge color made a bit darker. (Against the rules. It should have the same color as the 3dshadow, but they can be hard to see if you have an extremely bright monitor.) :p
- LargeFonts setting uses Tahoma 8 as an option. ExtraLargeFont uses Tahoma 10 as an option.
- TaskBand positioning fix.
- Blank shellstyle included.

UPDATE 4: (15/4 - 2007)
- Somehow the msstyle file didn't get updated yesterday. Download the theme again!

UPDATE 3: (14/4 - 2007)
- Message box borders fixed.
- GradientActiveCaption etc changed to blue.
- Font size 2 now uses Tahoma 8 instead of 9.
- Scrollbar changes. Size set to 15 and ThumbGripper image removed.
- Other minor fixes.

UPDATE 2: (13/4 - 2007)
- Group button fixed.
- Scrollshaft made a bit darker.
- Other minor fixes.
- Wallpaper included.

UPDATE: (A fast one ;) )
- Captionbar sysbutton and text fixed.
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"Slick" is a custom window for Trillian Astra.

I made a custom skin for Trillian to match my desktop and I decided to share it since I don't see many skins around anyway.

All of the necessary information is in the included readme text file.

This will work with Trillian Astra, but I'm not sure about the new beta.

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This is a collab wallpaper between the talented and beautiful ~laurel and myself. These are really meant for widescreen (it looks better in that res if you ask me). Not much more to say really. Hope you enjoy. More collabs to come.....

more widescreen sizes and regular screen sizes available at my site: Kriegsnet
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My latest msstyle is called Saxon...

The Desktop is called Solitude 2 ([link]).


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I'm introducing: Cube. Hope that you enjoy them.

Shapeshifter Theme for OS X Tiger.

No permission is granted for releasing mods or ports. Please contact me if you wish to release a mod or port.

All rights Reserved - Copyright 2007.
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2 substyles: Salt and Wasabi
Styler Toolbar Skins
ObjectDock Backgrounds
BUUF icons
And lots of cool... THINGS! i think... :P

For a very fitting Background go to: [link]

1.8 (not released):
Complete code and color tweaking, readying for the visual updates of peppered.2

Changed Startbutton
Changed Starmenu
Added Thin Startpanel
Fixed Shellstyles (again)
Added BUUF iconset by =mattahan
Added and Changed Main Font to: Calibri

Changed Startmenu
Changed Startbuttons
Fixed Shellstyles
Fixed Colors

Made Styler TB
Changed buttons and released
lots of minor tweaks

0.5 (unreleased):
Initial build and tested in beta, big thanks to ~helpman and ~xXPeDr0Xx for giving great feedback!

Part of the Tingle Family by :iconthreed-:
Original Tingle Mod by ~rissol
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"But it was different out upon the rose-tinted waters of the central lake. It boiled and heaved with strange life...."
more @ 3rd illusion : [link]
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Der neue Audi R8 - Jetzt auch in 1440*900 -

Konvertiert durch - xdragon16 aus 1600*1200 -

Der Audi R8 ist ein Mittelmotor-Sportwagen von Audi, der im September 2006 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt wurde.

Das Fahrzeug wird im Audi-Werk Neckarsulm produziert. Es basiert auf der Studie Le Mans quattro, die 2003 auf der IAA vorgestellt wurde. Zur Gewichtseinsparung besteht die Karosserie des Wagens vollständig aus Aluminium.

Zum Marktstart ist der R8 nur mit dem aus dem Audi RS4 bekannten V8-Motor erhältlich. Dieser leistet 309 kW (420 PS) und 430 Nm Drehmoment. Damit erreicht der R8 eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 301 km/h. Der Kraftstoffverbrauch soll bei etwa 13,6 Litern pro 100 km liegen. Optional ist das sequenzielle Schaltgetriebe R-tronic erhältlich.

Eine tägliche Produktion von 15 Fahrzeugen ist geplant. Als Grundpreis für das Fahrzeug gibt Audi 104.400 Euro an.
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Hot on the heels of PSP Wally, here's a minimalistic Ipod shuffle wallpaper. Same method as the PSP one, just less colours (and time needed) to do an all white piece of equipment.
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