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"Uuuuugh, I hate Phys Ed!" whined that Ino girl. "My hair gets all messed up and-"

"Okay, I'm sorry, but can you maybe shut the fuck up?" I growled. "Look out, the ball's coming our way and you've just been gossiping the whole time with Cotton Candy Girl over here."

"My hair's not that bright," the pink-haired girl said, grabbing a lock of her hair. "And my name is Sakura."

"Get it, get it, get it!" I growled again. The ball flew right by her. I turned and ran as fast as I could for it. I finally grabbed it and tossed it back to the pitcher (or "roller" as we called it - after all, we were playing kickball). I jogged back to my spot and sighed angrily, "Pay attention once in a while, yeah?"

"Geez, sorry." Ino flipped her wispy hair and rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, I like PE. Sports are fun," Sakura commented.

"Oh god, why must I have something in common with you?" I blurted out. She gave me an odd look but seemed to ignore the statement other than that, and kept her eye on the ball for the rest of the time.

At one point Ino actually gained the will to run for the ball when it came her way. She threw it to Sakura, who was in between her and I. Sakura turned to me and threw it with considerable force. Before I knew it, I was doubled over in pain. For a minute I had forgotten what happened until people came running up to me and saying things like, "Oh, shit!" and "He got hit right in the jizz!"

Even though I didn't think I had ever heard it referred to as a "jizz" before, I realized what they were talking about.

"I'm so sorry! I'm really sorry! Are you okay!?" Sakura asked continuously, the closest to me of the whole group. "I-I wasn't aiming for that, I promise!"

"Oi, give him some space, guys." A voice called through the gym. A black-haired kid shoved through the crowd. He was your common punk/rocker/scene kid with intense eyeliner (much like myself) and... black lipstick. I had never seen a guy wearing lipstick before, but it could have been worse. As a matter of fact, everything he wore was black, from his fingernails, to his pants, to his eyes. Although I knew I had never seen him before in my life, he seemed oddly familiar.

"Th-thanks," I said, taking his - surprisingly soft - hand and pulling myself off the floor. I tried to hold back the pain that was no doubt showing on my face. "Do I know you?"

"Dunno if anyone here knows me," he said. Bored tone, yet his eyes were smiling. "I'm an exchange student. Just got here yesterday, actually."

Now everyone was staring at him.

"What's your name?" Ino asked, obviously dazzled by this fresh meat.

"Toshio Amegaku." So-called Toshio refused to keep his eyes off my face for more than a few seconds at a time. In a way, it creeped me out, so I decided to say loudly, "Hey, doesn't the dress bell ring soon?"

"Toshio-kun, why aren't you dressed out?" Ino inquired.

"I just got here yesterday, I don't have my clothes yet."

Sure enough, the bell rang. Everyone made their way to the locker rooms. Once inside, I yelped when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the showers. I freed myself and saw that it was Toshio again. He flipped his spiky jet-black hair and said with a grin, "Like it?"

"Like... what?" I asked with a cock of my eyebrow. He looked around and, seeing that no one else was looking, grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled. It was a wig. And under the wig was Sasori's hair.

"My disguise!" he said, changing back to his regular light tone instead of the bored one. I laughed.

"You look horrible without the wig right now. Are you really planning on running around school like that?"

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Yes, why not? This way we can still see each other, all day every day. You'll just have to get used to black lipstick kisses." He puckered his lips and I rolled my eyes. "Unless you don't want a 'new boyfriend' so you don't look like a manwhore."

"I'd prefer option two, please. Now let me go get these nasty clothes off."

"Sounds fun, I'll help."

"Oh, knock it off!"

He snickered and I took my leave.
nother short filler chapter. decided Sori needed a way to be closer to his Dei-chan~ :flirty:

oh Toshio, you can help me get these clothes off~~~~
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"Almost there," I encouraged myself on my way to school. I thought back to make sure that I had finished all my homework. Yup, I had completed it all, although I need some help on a few math problems.
As I walked I looked up at the sky. For some reason the sky seemed really bleak. It was dark, like in horror films. Something didn't feel quite right. As I looked at the clouds, droplets of rain landed on my face.
"Great" I muttered sarcastically. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail so that I could put on my hood. Normally I liked the rain, just not when I was walking to and from school.
Approaching the school, I noticed how empty it looked. Normally there were kids gathered at the front of the school by this time. Maybe they had all gone and found shelter inside their classrooms, but I still felt a little uneasy.
I stopped. For a moment I felt nauseous. I squeezed my eyes shut and fell to my knees. After a few seconds the nausea went away and I was able to stand up again.
My eyes widened in shock. I was no longer at the front of the school, but instead I found myself inside my classroom. My classmates were scattered throughout the classroom. Some of them were collapsed on the floor and others were slumped in their seats at their desks.
An alarm was going off throughout the entire school. I didn't understand what was going on. What had happened to all my classmates? Where was the teacher? Did I need to call 911? Burning questions, all, but first I needed to find a teacher.
In that moment the door swung open and I instinctively dove behind the nearest desk. Leaving me with a very painful rug burn. I peaked around the desk and watched as a figure entered the room. It was hard to tell in the dark room, but the figure standing in the doorway looked like my homeroom teacher.
Feeling a bit brave I stood up. A flashlight blinded me. I started to panic that maybe standing up wasn't one of my brightest ideas.
"Amanda is that you?" the person asked suspiciously. I could tell from her voice that it was definitely my homeroom teacher. I nodded. My teacher sighed, relieved.
"What's going on here?" I asked. My teacher explained to me that a few years ago a disease went around the school. They learned that it was an airborne disease. When a student got sick with it they would pass out during class and unless someone woke them up within the next 5 minutes, then they would never wake up. Now it somehow was showing up again.
I asked her if there was still a chance to save them. She told me there was so I asked her what I had to do to help. She smiled at me and told me that the answer to that was simple.
"You just place your hand on their shoulder and tell them to wake up." She explained. She walked up to a student that was sprawled out on the floor and demonstrated for me. Sure enough the student woke up.
Encouraged, I went to other students and followed the teacher's example. I continued to revive my fellow classmates, but I also noticed that every time I woke someone I felt weaker. I woke up as many students as could.
Eventually I was too weak to stand any longer. I sat down in a nearby desk and laid my head on the desk. I figured that I had caught the airborne disease that I had just cured my classmates of. I worried that no one would notice me and that by the time someone did that it would be too late to save me.
Drowsiness made my eyelids heavy and I tried to fight back, but I knew it was useless. My eyes closed and I gave in to the darkness. I felt like I was falling into a void.
It didn't last long. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and I was filled with hope. I tried to call out, but still didn't have any strength to do so. I heard a voice call my name and it felt like a weight was being lifted off of me. I wanted to know who was calling me.
I opened my eyes and sat up slowly. I was awake and alive, but still a little weak. I looked to my rescuer to see who it was. When I saw him I felt nostalgic. I felt like I knew him, but I also knew that I had never seen him before in my life.
"Thank you" I said with a drowsy smile. He smiled back. I didn't understand what was going on, but I decided to go along with it. He took my hand and together we left the bleak room.
I wrote this for my creative writing class.
this is a dream i had back in 8th grade and i remember it because its one of the most vivid dreams i have ever had, although it hardly makes any sense, especially at the end.
my dreams are always so over-dramatic. haha
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He finally stopped his sobbing. He shut the closet door and went to sit on his bed.

"Thanks," he said, still sniffling.

"Uh-huh. As long as you don't do that to me."

He had apparently taken this sentence seriously, so he looked at me wide-eyed and said, "Never!"

"I was kidding!" I laughed. I sat next to him. "So, does your Granny know about them?"

"Yeah. She found out not that long after I made them. She apparently saw me sitting in front of the closet, staring at them." He laughed a little. "Must have been creepy since they look so real."

"I guess I'll have to burst Hidan's bubble and tell him that I'm not leaving you." I said.

"So, he hinted to you about them?"

"Yeah. I think he was trying to get me to break up with you so he could be the guy that I come crying to. God, what a retard."

Sasori did his cute giggle and said, "Well, I can see why he would want you so badly. You're certainly the best person I've ever met."

"Ha! Do you use that line on your Granny when you want more wood?"

"Hey, I was serious. And... only sometimes..."

"You're horrible. I love you." I snickered and leaned my head on his shoulder; He turned red and replied, "Love you, too."


"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you."

"I know, Hidan, and... thanks. I've got to say, it's probably the nicest thing you've ever done." I smiled weakly; Why was it so easy to talk to him when I knew how much of an ass he could be?

It was the day after I had seen the puppets, right before school. I had seen Hidan walking through the doors and told Sasori to wait for me at his locker. It was another nice thing about him. He wasn't overprotective, even around Hidan. I figured he was ready to attack at any minute, though. We were standing right by the front doors inside the building, people walking in all around us. No one payed attention to us, though. They had classes to get to.

"Seems like it was a waste anyhow," Hidan sighed. "I wish you wouldn't hang around him so much. You never know what could happen."

"You sound like my mother. C'mon, he's not a bad guy. Okay, so he had one slip-up, but he was five. People can change." I shrugged. He sighed again and shook his head.

"They can, but that doesn't mean they will."

"Alright, that's enough, Hidan. Look, I'll chat with you in Geometry. That's the only class that Sasori's not in. You can come sit next to me in the back. I always fall asleep there." I felt bad with him always having to stay so far away from me, even though I knew he liked me. I'd just have to tell him that we could only be friends, nothing more.


"What's up?" Sasori asked when I reached my locker.

"I just told him the truth." I yanked open the metal door and pulled out a few books, then closed it. "He's still a little up tight. I told him I'd talk to him later."

"So you're gonna get all buddy-buddy with him now?"

"Not really, I just felt bad for him. It wasn't the wrong move, was it?"

He shrugged. "Did it feel like a bad move?"

"No, it's just that I don't want to get his hopes up. You know how people like him can be. I hope he doesn't try anything stupid, though."

"Kick him in the stomach or break his nose."

"You're violent."

"Only when I have to be!" He turned away and I followed him to class.
kind of a short page... :hmm:

poor Hidan XDD
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Litost</u> (Czech) n. A state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery.

Kicking. Screaming. Struggling.

They were pulling him. Their grips were too tight. He couldn't break free. He was more scared than he ever had been in his life, for he knew who they were. They were taking him away from everything he knew and loved. If he succumbed, he would never see his family or his friends again. He'd never get his life back.

He was trying to run, but they had his arms and they were too strong. Angry, frightened, confused tears ran down his cheeks. He was sweating like he had never sweat before.

They had his parents, too. They weren't taking his parents away - only he was leaving - but they were holding his parents back to prevent them from trying to follow him. They held their arms just as they were holding his: Tightly and impossible to break free.

He knew why they had him, of course. He knew all too well. After all, he had lived with the reason all his life. He had been able to evade them and keep a low profile, but now they had found him and caught him, and there was no escape. Despite this knowledge, he struggled.


He woke up to find himself laying on something cold and hard. He tried to move, but couldn't. Restraints - straps - were keeping him tied tight to whatever he was on. As everything came into focus, he realized where he was. Some sort of strange, eerie hospital. He was on a freezing steel cart, being wheeled quickly down the halls. He tried to talk, but his speech was slurred from whatever they had injected him with earlier. It had been some kind of sedative, he was sure of it.

He was pushed into a room that much resembled the ER of a hospital. Everything was coming back to him now. Only moments ago he had been fighting for his life, and been pulled from everything he knew. He didn't know what was coming next, but he knew it couldn't be good.

The people that had been pushing the cart, dressed in white coats, started talking quickly and in a hushed tone. One of them realized he was awake. They quickly picked up another syringe and stuck it into his arm. He felt the sting only for a minute before fading into darkness.
A new fic I thought about.

I'm sorry to say that it's nothing that anyone suggested. :( Maybe next time.

And I bet you know who it is, again.
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I stopped at my old locker in the empty hallway - well, empty aside for a making out couple - and put in the combination even though I knew it probably wasn't going to be mine this year. Something about being here made me feel comfortable... until I remembered the incident with me accidentally showing Hidan affection that I didn't have for him. I slammed it shut and jumped at what I saw.

I couldn't say anything, even if I tried. All I could do was stare.

"Glad to see you're surprised. You thought I was gone, didn't you?"

"Y-You...!" I pointed my finger at him. He grinned at me in a dark way. "What are you doing here!?"

Sasori chuckled and leaned against the locker he stood next to, saying, "This reminds me of the time that you appeared behind my locker door." He looked around the hallway for a minute as if it had been years since he had seen it. "Anyway... I'm here for you."

My heart stopped. Here for you could only mean two things. One, he came back because he missed me as much as I had missed him... or two, he planned to make me into his next work of art. I continued staring bug-eyed.

He moved a little, and I almost backed away until I realized he was giving me a hug. One of our old-timey cuddles. He gripped onto my shirt as he embraced me, as if I would slip through his fingers like sand. He whispered into my shoulder.

"You told them my secret. The one thing that turned my life into a living hell."

I gasped; It sounded exactly as it had in my nightmares, the ones that made me talk in my sleep. I shook my head and said, "I didn't know what else to do..."

"I know. I don't blame you. But... it was so horrible. They think I've lost my marbles. And what's worse, I missed you so bad I couldn't help but get away." He laughed. "I'm not going to explain how..."

"There's a lot of things you don't like to explain," I pointed out, and he finally let go of me and put his hands on his hips. "Like why you're here. Coming to school was a bad idea."

"You make me sound like a retard. I'm not staying, I just came to visit. But I'm not going back to that place, either. I'm just gonna hide at home." He said this as if it weren't that big of a deal. Despite this, I smiled. It was good to know I could see him again, even if he wouldn't be next to me in school. I was about to say something when the bell rang.

"I have to go," I said, and walked quickly away. I looked over my shoulder after a minute to see him still standing there and staring at me.


"Hey, Deidara!" I felt a hand slap down on my shoulder as I walked out of the gym. I whirled around at the unfamiliar voice to see a girl with maroon eyes and brown hair pulled back into two buns. I recognized her as one of the underclassmen. It also struck me that she had been the girl I had grinned at that one day in the cafeteria to test Sasori's theory of "all you have to do is smile at them to make them blush."

"That thing was all over the news," she said, and I instantly knew what she was talking to me about. "I'm really sorry. I used to see you sit with him at lunch every day." She was turning redder with every sentence. "I-I'm Tenten, by the way. You... smiled at me in the cafeteria."

"Yeah, let's put it this way. Thanks for your concern, I don't have any interest in you, I only grinned at you because I wanted to see what your reaction would be."

Her blush deepened and she stammered, "I-I know you don't... 'cause you went out with him for the longest time. I just wanted to t-tell you that I was sorry for your loss."

At least she knew that the smile meant nothing. I sighed and said, "Thanks. But things are looking up a bit, so I'm good, y'know?"

"I'm glad." She gave me a worried glance and then walked off. That was one thing I hated about being in school; Whenever something goes wrong, everyone either makes fun of you for it or tries to make you feel better. I can't decide which one I hate more. I brushed off my shoulder as if it had germs or dust on it and started down the hallway again, receiving lots of curious glances... and some glares. Apparently people did want to blame me for it.


I sighed. Would they ever shut up?

"Well, I think it's kind of romantic. Don't you?"

"Yeah... It has a Romeo and Juliet feel to it. Deidara, were you happy when you saw what Sasori did?" She flipped her platinum blonde hair and looked at me with sparkling blue eyes as if she were trying to flirt with me. Next to her, that pink-haired and teal-eyed girl was smiling as well, yet not in a flirtatious way. It still annoyed me, though.

"I wouldn't say happy..." I replied with a roll of my eyes. "More like surprised. But I don't feel like talking about it."

"That's so cute!" the blonde said.

"Ino, stop. He's getting annoyed. And anyway, the teacher is here."

I was thankful for that. They had been chatting for five minutes straight about the whole Hidan incident and had all the while been oblivious to my aggravation.
Edit: Finally finished! Sorry for so many updates... ^^;

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The incredibly tall, strikingly handsome, blonde-haired man inhaled sharply on his cigarette, before expelling the smoke in a weary sigh as he watched the sunset fade and the sky overrun with a rainbow of dark, sensual colours.

Duff McKagan stared over at the large, luxurious hotel where the party was still continuing, and felt a lump rise in his throat. Swallowing it painfully, he unscrewed the top off the bottle of Smirnoff Black vodka and took a large gulp, attempting to numb the pain of his broken heart.

How much of a dirty liar he was, giving that speech to all the half-drunk guests on how he wished Slash and Perla "all the best for the future" and "good luck" and all that crap. He smiled bitterly as the vodka began to kick in, and he pulled up the sleeve of his smart black tuxedo, revealing new, old and fresh scars snaking their way round his wrist, and continuing all the way up to his shoulders. He thought of the lunacy of it all, and laughed humorlessly. He, Duff McKagan, cheerful alcoholic and womaniser extraordinaire, cuts himself! How ridiculous!

"Duffy...?" a voice behind him asked. "What're you doing out here?"

Duff pulled his sleeve down quickly, and spun round casually. "Slash." he acknowledged, refusing to meet Slash's intense, hazel eyes, instead focusing on the gold band around Slash's slender finger. How Duff hated it, a sign of fucking ownership! "Needed some air..."

"Duff...are you okay?" Slash studied Duff carefully, eyes full of worry, while tugging on one of his jet-black curls like he always did when he was anxious about something.

"Didn't you hear me? I said I needed some air! I'm fucking FINE!" Duff snapped vehemently.

Slash recoiled. "Oh...sorry. Do you want to come in for a while then? It's getting cold out here..."

"No, actually, I don't." Duff lifted the vodka bottle to his lips and finished it in a few swallows. "I happen to like" he trailed off as he felt the alcohol overwhelm his senses, and he clutched at Slash to stop himself falling over.

Slash caught hold of Duff's arm, and deftly scooped him up. "Right, you're coming in, you're really not..." Slash stopped when Duff whimpered for no apparent reason, and pulled his arm away, forcing his sleeve up and in turn revealing a few painful-looking slashes on his wrist.

Slash gasped in horror, and caught hold of Duff's wrist and pushed the sleeve up further, exposing all the ugly red marks all round his arm. ""

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, poor old Duffy's a cutter, let's haul him off to therapy and encourage him to talk about his problems now, why don't we?" Duff pulled away from Slash in anger, staggering slightly as he tried to stand on his own. "Let's diagnose him "fucked up" and give him pills to make him fly to boot, huh?" his voice rose in pitch. "Well, y'know what, Slash? You're right, I'm not o-fucking kay, and do you want to know why?"

"Duff..." Slash attempted to speak. "I..."

"It's you! It's all your fucking fault! Duff shrieked, tears of pain and anger running down his cheeks. "You're the reason I'm not okay, and I hate you for it! You don't even care or notice that I've loved you for so long! Well, no more! I-"

Slash silenced Duff by seizing him round his skinny waist, and fiercely pushed his mouth of Duff's once he's heard Duff's confession, his instincts taking over.

Duff's hatred morphed to lust in seconds, and soon the pair were fighting for dominance, locked in a tight embrace and kissing each other hungrily.

They broke apart sweating and gasping a few minutes later, and Slash began quickly unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his slim, tanned body, and began frantically undoing Duff's too, running his hands up Duff's thin, pale body all the while.

Duff shivered with anticipation under Slash's touch. Reluctantly, he caught told of Slash's wrists. "Stop're married...married men don't fuck their best friends on their wedding day..."

"Marriage?" Slash spat the word out as though it were a curse. He twisted free of Duff's grip and resumed undressing Duff. "I married the wrong fucking person, that's what I did..." He pulled his wedding ring off his finger and hurled it as far as he could into the inky darkness.

Duff stared deep into Slash's eyes, and could see his own emerald jewels reflected back in them. "You mean..."

"I'll give you a clue. "His name starts with Duff," Slash kissed Duff hard on the mouth. "And ends," he pulled off Duff's belt in one fluid movement. "With McKagan. I never got to tell you how much I truly loved you...I was afraid you might think I was a faggy freak..." Slash turned away from Duff shamefully.

Duff sat up slightly and went for Slash's neck and began licking, sucking, and nipping greedily, lapping up Slash's taste. "Well, you don't need to worry about that anymore, do you?" he whispered seductively in Slash's ear.

A moan escaped Slash, and both men were suddenly overwhelmed with desire. "Let's go somewhere a little more...private, shall we?" Slash asked, attempting to get up and motioning for Duff to do the same.

Duff smiled. "Oh yess..." he took Slash's hand, and the pair ran off topless into the dark, giggling coyly at the night of passion and the life of carefree happiness that lay ahead of them.


From the window of the hotel, a semi-sober Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, Slash and Duff's respective best friends, watched the entire scenario unfold open-mouthed in shock. When the couple outside disappeared into the night, Axl and Izzy stared at each other with the same expression for a few seconds, before dissolving into helpless, drunken laughter.

"Oh shit..." Axl wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. "I can't wait to see Perla's face when she hears about this..."
Well, this was something I came up with early one morning while stressing about my read while listening to the Absolution album by Muse ^^

Thsi is my first Slash/Duff story, and it has nothing to do with any of my other stories, so it's just a oneoff...
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It's a dream to hear those words
Flowing so easily from your lips
Once you told me this was an impossibility
But look at you now
Look at us


Watch the starlight
Coming in at the fading of twilight
Let's dance to our heartbeat synced melody
The beauty of this child-like romance
But with the intensity of adults lifetime

                                                                   Izzy's POV

Treader loved the park. He could run around free as long as he wanted. Smiling Izzy put his attention back to the book but had to fight to keep his eyes open. As he lost it he curled himself together to a ball and started to dream....normally he dreamed just shit but this time.....

~opening his eyes he noticed the warm wind and the relaxing sound of the open sea. He liked it veery much and just wanted to turn on his back as.......someone giggles.Then something like a red flash. Tilting his head, Izzy nearly purred as he felt the soft touch from Axl on his neck. It had to be him because no one else touched him like that. 'You know Izzy you look sweet so sleepy like that' Izzy turned now the whole head and looked directly in Axl's green eyes. The redhead giggled again. ' What? Speechless now?' Izzy couldn't talk just stare. Smiling Axl layed his head on the guitarists chest. The redhead purred now. 'I love you Jeff' Izzy just held him close and relaxed. He didn't want to wake up and softly whispered, I love you too. There a giggle again. ~

Izzy struggled. He wanted to stay in this dream. But the woman shook him again so he had to open his eyes. Concern was in her eyes. ' Everything alright Sir? Your dog jumped and barked around you and you didn't wake up.' Izzy still a bit sleepy slowly nod and rubbed his eyes. There was no doubt. He still loved Axl.
Part 2 of my Holidays story =D

This time just Izzy's POV

Izzy Stradlin and Axl Rose are (c) of themselves
I don't own them
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A Day Out In London - Part 1/3

"Right then." Slash stood in the doorway leading into the bunk area of the Guns N' Roses tour bus, hands on his slim hips and his top hat askew over his flyaway jet curls. "We're in London, there's a whlole day ahead of us, and it's sunny. Any ideas as to what we should do today?" he looked expectantly at the tree pairs of bunks where the other four members of Guns N' Roses plus their now missing manager lay.

Axl Rose lifted his head from a top bunk, and rubbed his sleepy dark eyes. "Ohh, jee-sus..." he moaned. "What time is it?" he ran his hands through his tangled, shoulder length hair.

"Around nine-ish..." Slash answered, watching Axl affectionately. "He's so cute when he's just up..." he thought to himself.

"Any particular reason why you decided to wake up up at the crack of dawn?" Izzy Stradlin asked, clumsily climbing down from the bunk he shared with Duff McKagan and sitting on the end of Duff's bed, reaching for the hairbrush buried under the lyric sheets and magazines to brush his soft raven hair.

Duff grunted, and attempted to kick Izzy off the bed. "Piss off, Iz, I'm trying to sleep..." he mumbled through a curtain of straggly blonde hair.

Slash whipped the duvet off Duff's bed before he had a chance to object. "Up, you lazy shit!" he laughed, hazel eyes glittering maliciously.

"Fuck, Slash!" Duff jumped up, sapphire eyes ablaze. "Right, I'm up now, happy?!"

"No..."came Steven Adler's voice from the bottom bunk in the corner. "It's our day off, Slash, why do we have to do something?" he questioned.

"Oh, can we go to Hamley's, the giant toy shop?" Axl asked, big dark eyes gazing beseechingly at Slash, his oversized Mickey Mouse t-shirt and  messy hair contributing to his look of innocence.

Slash felt his kneew weaken, and he had to use all his self-control not to jump on Axl. "Well...okay...just as long as we don't spend too much..."

"Yay!" Axl jumped on him. "Thank you Slash!" he wrapped his arms around Slash's neck and breathed in his sensual, exotic musk. "He smells so sexy, just like he looks!" he though secretly.

Slash felt himself getting turned on just inhaling Axl's sweet, chocolatey scent. "He's so beautiful and innocent..." How he wanted him, the long, silky auburn hair, the dark eyes like polished glass, the slender, muscled body...

"In that case, can we go to the Budweiser factory? It's my new favourite beer, and I wanna see how it's possible to make such awesomeness..." Duff trailed off, watching Axl and Slash lying on the floor.

Axl let go of Slash and jumped up. "Budweiser,? as in the advert with the frogs?"

"The very same."

"Oh, yeah! And I wanted to go to Harrods..." Izzy added. "Apparently it has the largest liquor section in Europe!" his turquoise eyes sparkled greedily.

"Then, I want to be touristy, and visit the London Eye!" Steven announced as he rolled out from his bunk, blonde curls sticking up in all directions and naked except for a paire of fire-engine red boxers.

Slash grinned. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get ready to go, fuckers!"

"I bags first in the shower!" Axl yelled, bolting for the bathroom and slamming the door shut.

Izzy laughed, stood up, and whispered in Slash's ear. "He acts so childish and innocent, don't you just want to take advantage of him?"

Slash's tanned skin flushed a deep red. "What are you implying, Iz? You know I don't swing that way!" he hissed back at Izzy.

"Really?" Izzy raised an eyebrow. "Axl swings both ways, you know..."

"Wha-? How do you-?" Slashwas speechless.

"He's my best ever friend, of course I'm gonna know about something like that..." Izzy shook his head in exasperation.

"Oh, yeah...wait, why are you telling me this?"

Izzy looked up, and the pair locked eyes. "Just thought you'd like to know..." he broke the stare, turned, and left Slash standing alone in the bunk area with just his thoughts for company.

To be continued, peoples...
I love's an ideal place for fun and romance! ^^
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Play Time's Over

“Lance?” Toad asked tentatively.

“What, Toad?”  Lance answered from the thing the Brotherhood called a couch.

“Can you help me with something?”

“Depends. It doesn't involve looking under your bed again, does it?”

The last time Lance had looked under Toad's bed, he had been looking for a bar of soap for Toad's monthly bath. Lance had quickly decided that if the soap had found its way under there, it hadn't survived very long. No, it did not matter that the soap was not a living thing, and therefore could not technically die. It had not survived.

“No, it involves something else.” Toad said, scuffing his toe on the floor.

Lance thought for a minute. He was incredibly bored right now. He had read this magazine at least ten times before, and counting the dead flies in the corner could only keep one occupied for so long.

“Yeah, okay.” He said with a shrug. Well, as much as one could shrug while lying on their back.

“Cool.” Toad answered. “This way, yo.” He said as he hopped down the hall.

Lance followed, wondering if what Toad had in mind would put a dent in his boredom for  at least a few minutes. Maybe it was a plan to get a prank in on the X-geeks. Nope, Toad was going for the back door, and to do anything to the X's would require the use of his Jeep, which was in the front.

It then occurred to Lance that he still had no idea what the heck Toad had wanted him for.

“Hey, Toad,” Lance said as Toad was opening the back door.

“Yeah?” Toad responded.

“What exactly did you want me for?”

“Well... it... I mean...” Toad stuttered. “I'll show you, okay?”

Lance walked a ways into the yard, and when Toad stopped and said “This is it, yo,” he was at a loss for words.

It... was a squirrel. A dead squirrel. Lance was confused. Surely they weren't so strapped for food that they had to resort to roasting backyard wildlife. Not yet, anyway.

“Toad... this is a squirrel.” Lance stated, unsure if this is what he had wanted help with.

“Yeah.” Toad replied nonchalantly.

“A dead squirrel.” Lance said, still unsure of what Toad was getting at.

This time Toad's reply was more on the sad side.


“Why are we looking at a dead squirrel?”

“Well, thing is, this is, you know, the first squirrel that I saw when I came here. I know because there's a white spot on the tail.”

Lance looked a little closer. Sure enough, there was a white spot on the squirrel's tail.

“Okay, yeah, go on.” Lance said, his interest decidedly perked.

“Well, I came out here a lot at first, and I would always see this little guy running around, and one day I brought some peanuts, and he just zipped right up and took one. From then on he was sort of an unofficial pet. I even let him in my room once.”

Lance turned to look at Toad at that. A couple of months ago, Toad had just started hopping around his room like he was possessed, and when the other boys asked him about it, he had denied anything had been going on. He wondered if the two incidents were connected. His wondering was soon cut off, as Toad had started up his narrative again.

“Well, today I came out here, and I just found him like this. I was hoping you could help me... you know... bury him.”

Although Lance was not known for being sympathetic toward other people, it would have been rather difficult for him to say no to Toad at this point. He sighed.

“We're going to need a shoe box.” He stated resolutely.

*One and a half hours later*

“What does it take to find a shoe box around here?!” Lance said, thoroughly annoyed.

The two boys had been looking hard for an appropriate box, but so far their search had had no success. Somehow they had finished their search in the kitchen, where Toad had suggested that they use a cereal box, but Lance had pointed out that it still had cereal in it.

“I don't know, yo. None of us have had a new pair of shoes in ages.” Toad replied, somewhat discouraged.

It was true. Lately Lance had resorted to using duct tape to keep his shoes from coming apart at the seams, and even that was starting to wear down.

The boys sat in silence for a time, attempting to think of a solution.

“Maybe we could bury him without a box...?” Lance suggested.

The look on Toad's face quickly put an end to that suggestion.

“Okay, fine! We'll find a box!” Lance hastily repented, hands in front of his body.

Lance sighed as he mentally took stock of the house, searching for something that could be used for a rodent coffin. About halfway down the list he remembered that Freddy had gotten a cold about two weeks ago. Man, had that been ugly. But Lance was pretty sure they still had some of the tissues left over, and they had stowed the box in one of the closets.

“What about a tissue box?” Lance posed to Toad.

Toad looked up from his own musings, considering this new option.

“I guess that would work, as long as we take off the plastic on the top and widen the whole a little bit, so we don't have to stuff him in.” Toad answered. “Can we cover the top with some newspaper or something?”

“Sure. You go get the tissues, I'll look for newspaper.” Lance said, getting up off the floor.

And so the search continued. It didn't take long for the necessary items to be located and modified accordingly. Soon the two boys were back in the yard, standing over the deceased mammal. This was when a new problem arose.

“You pick him up.”

“No, you pick him up.”

“It's your squirrel.”

“So, you should be the one to pick him up.”

“...You're taller.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I don't know, yo, I just don't wanna pick him up.”

“Well, neither do I,” Lance said irritably. “Look, this is getting us nowhere. I'll go inside and get an old towel. I'll pick him up with it if you wrap him in it.”

Toad considered this notion. Finding it to be fair, he nodded. “Deal.”

Lance went inside, and chose the rattiest, oldest, most threadbare towel in the whole house. It had the faded design of some type of flower on it, so he figured it wouldn't be missed.

After making the journey back to his amphibian-esque friend, he picked the squirrel up, making sure to not actually touch it. He then handed the pack to Toad. He watched as the teen wrapped the squirrel in the old towel, a certain amount of sadness in his eyes. When he completed his task, he looked at his handiwork, and Lance could have sworn he saw the boys lower lip trembling.

“You okay, buddy?” Lance asked.

“Y-yeah, yo. Just, p-put him in the box for me.” Toad blubbered, obviously close to tears.

Lance, feeling pity for his friend, did as he was asked. After taping the newspaper over the top of the box, he held it in front of him.

“Now all that's left is to dig a whole. Do we have a shovel?” Lance asked.

“Think I saw one in Freddy's room, yo.” Toad replied, having calmed down a little.

Lance quickly decided that he didn't want to know why Freddy had a shovel in his room.

*15 minutes later*

It had taken three minutes to get the shovel, seven minutes find a place to dig, and five minutes to get the whole dug. Now all that was left was to put the squirrel in and fill in the whole. Or so Lance thought.

After Toad placed in the box, Lance started to fill in the whole, but Toad interrupted.

“Wait, yo!” Toad exclaimed.

“What?” Lance replied, his patience wearing thin.

“You gotta say something first.”

“You want me to say a service for him?” Lance asked disbelievingly.

“Well, yeah! I mean, that's what they do at real funerals, I think.”

“Well, it was your squirrel, why don't you say something? I don't know anything about him, Freddy's taking a nap, and do you really want Pietro to say something?” Lance retorted.

“...Good point.” Toad conceded. “Okay, here goes.”

Toad took a deep breath, and started in on his speech.

“Snicker was a good squirrel, always jumping in and out of trees, burying nuts, avoiding traffic, and wooing lady squirrels. But he did more than that. Snicker was my friend. He would listen to what I had to say, chase after peanuts I had flicked for him, and performing acrobatic tricks for his and my amusement. I named him Snicker because he always seemed to have something to laugh about. He was a happy, active creature, and could never be said to have stayed in the same place for very long. I will always remember that Snicker was a free soul, and was not ever meant to be tamed. I hope he has found a better place, and that he will continue to be happy, wherever he is.” Upon concluding his speech, Toad tossed the first handful of dirt into the whole.

Lance was... definitely surprised. Not only had he finally learned Snicker's name, Toad managed a very heartwarming speech, and he got through the whole thing without ever saying 'yo,' not even once.

“Well... I guess that's that.” Lance said after a pause. He then proceeded to fill in the rest of the whole.

“Hang on a second, yo. I just gotta do one more thing.” Toad said, hopping off at the end of his sentence.

He came back quickly, holding a stone in his hand. With a certain amount of ceremony, Toad set the rock at the head of the makeshift grave.

“Bye, Snicker. I'll miss you buddy.”
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