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3 months Premium membership Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2012, 7:24 AM

Whaa... *o*
Thanks to you guys I reached yesterday my 500 watcher! :happybounce:
Because I finished most of my commissions I now have enough points for a giveaway, maybe some of you know how it goes.
Like in my last giveaway I will choose one person ( who it'll be is fluke (don't know if the word is right XD)
This is only for my watchers, if you wanna take part you have to watch me >-<
For those who already watch, you don't have to do anything! :icononiononionplz:

Thank you so much for 500 Watchers!  *give you all super big cookies from Rika*

You cannot imagine how happy I am and I will do my best to improve and give you art you will like! :hug:

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Rave party on my school bus.

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 4:23 PM

I'm not joking.
This morning on the bus, when the lights turned off everyone got out all these glow sticks and started raving.
Even without music.

Rave bus.
So majestic.


In the ceiling...
  • Listening to: Hetalia
  • Reading: HetaliaXreaders
  • Watching: Hetalia
  • Playing: Okami
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Apple Cider
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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2011, 7:48 AM

  • Please send me a note or email (abigail[at]buttercrumble[dot]com) if you are interested.
    • Try to give me as many details as possible about your order.
      • References are very useful.


        • Please pay me by Paypal @ abzieabi[at]msn[dot]com in GBPs!
          • Please don't rush me too much, i'll keep you updated with my progress.
            • I won't draw violence, blood, nudity or any sexual themes.
              • I will submit your work to DeviantART. Let me know if you'd like to place a watermark over the public version and send you a seperate version with no watermark.

                Digital Art
                • Starts at - 10/$15
                  • Add an extra character? - + 2/$4
                    • Add a background - + 2/$4

                      Let me know what style you would like!

                      One Column Journal Skins
                      • 15/$22.8
                        • You can only use custom skins if you are a premium member.

                          Please send me a note if you are interested. Check my gallery out for examples of my work.

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Moving my room

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 27, 2013, 7:32 PM
Short story: I'm gonna pick up my room and put it in my basement.

Long story: After talking to my mom, we decided that I should move into the basement of my house. We are moving all my stuff from my room right now and taking it all into the basement. Don't worry though, it's not those cold dusty kind of basements XD It actually looks like the inside of a small hotel room and stuff but it's halfway into the ground. It's got a fireplace, huge TV, couches, etc. Yeah, you get the point... XDDD

Journal made by - Rising-At-Midnight

  • Listening to: Gangnam Style
  • Reading: Animal Farm
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: Sburb
  • Eating: Ramen noodles
  • Drinking: Apple cider
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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 9:11 PM

Get in my basement.

Bring food and drinks.

I'll rent the movies.

It's party night.

In the ceiling...
  • Listening to: Hetalia
  • Reading: HetaliaXreaders
  • Watching: Hetalia
  • Playing: Okami
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Apple Cider
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The SOPA strike

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 7:51 PM

Angry face


I just thought i'd let you guys know that I decided to participate in it. Basically, all I will be doing is posting the good ol' SOPA journal with the specialized skin. The icon switch? Still debating that. >w>

Also, i'll be removing all the content on my front page. Don't worry; click on gallery and you'll still see everything i've uploaded. It just won't be as easy to access.

My youtube won't be apart of the protest sadly, because I don't know how quite to do that. And if it works, the main page for my tumblr will too. Tumblr as a whole is participating, actually. >w<

If you have any questions, ask now for I shall be dead all of tomorrow. owo

~ Spotty

:Luv: by de-Mote Heart by maftie:heart::iconspottedfire-cat::icongrinjr2::heart:Heart by maftie :Luv: by de-Mote

Emote Spin by The-Scout :heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique:heartofgold: by neek-zique Emote Spin by The-Scout

Time for random features! +w+

Art Trade with Goddess-0f-War by spectacledArtist:thumb147646444:Savior by Mouseychurosie rose by jakvzvre

Angry faceAngry face
Journal skin by TwiggyTeeluck
Image by pincel3d
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: I wanna reread The Wild Roads by Gabriel King. e3e
  • Watching: My mom cook. owo
  • Playing: Minecraft. &lt;w&lt;
  • Eating: Chicken and pizza~ +w+
  • Drinking: Nothing. e3e
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Slideshow of pain and terror. owo

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 25, 2012, 4:17 PM

Dear people who were in the horrifying and disgusting MLP livestream challenge, I am broke and can not pay you for your efforts. However, I have a cheap thingy we can do. owo

If you draw a picture of your experience in the livestream, i'll put them all together in a montage and upload it on youtube, so suggest songs and yes. ewe

By the way, the horrid stream is still going on if you want to join in on the slideshow thingy. ewe

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Watching: Scare Tactics
  • Playing: Minecraft
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  • Mood: Joy

Action Adventure STORYBOARD Online WORKSHOP by SteveAhn

Action-Adventure Storyboard Online Workshop

FEB 7th, 2015 ~ MAR 28th, 2015

Sat 10AM - 12PM (PT) @ FUZE Web Meeting 

In the past 8 years of storyboarding in the entertainment industry, working on action-adventure shows, like The Legend of Korra, TMNT, and Ben10, has been the most unique and thrilling experience of my career. I’ve learned and gained so much and they satisfied my artistic craving. I heart Action-Adventure animation genre!

I'm hosting an 8-week storyboard online workshop where I'll share basic principles and fundamentals of cinematic storyboarding and demonstrate how to apply them into an actual storyboard execution. From story beat breakdown to composition to laying out camera lenses to character acting and more, from basic technical skills to the creative process, I will share the important key knowledge of cinematic storyboarding.  And I’ll demonstrate to you, step-by-step, how I storyboard.

I know there are many others who want to learn action storyboards and to build a career based on it. But there aren't many classes that teach you this kind of storyboarding. So hoping to share this knowledge to many of you!  This workshop is for those of you who are pursuing a storyboard career in the animation industry. Those who want to strengthen basic storyboarding techniques. Those who are art students. Those who want to work in action-adventure shows. Especially those who live far away from the Hollywood animation industry and have struggled to find an opportunity to learn.

Each week, students will have an exercise based on the topic shared from the workshop, sharpen basic technical skills and tackle challenging story sequences like conversation in drama, 1-on-1 martial arts fights, chases, large-scale action montages and more. Review and critiques will follow.

Spots are limited. Sign up now at ! Once you sign up, the instructions to prepare for the workshop will be followed via download. Let's make some action-adventure storyboards!

  • You MUST be at least 18 years old to take this workshop.
  • Internet Access & Computer or Tablet required
  • * Workshop Time is in Pacific Time.  Here are some other time schedules in different time zone. - NEW YORK/TORONTO 1 PM - 3PM, SAO PAULO 4 PM - 6 PM, LONDON 7 PM - 9PM, PARIS/ROME 7 PM - 9 PM
  • ** For PAYPAL User - You may send your payment at

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Short contest! Huge prize

Tue Sep 11, 2012, 11:33 PM
durr snurr

So I wanted to give away the rest of my points that I had left from the previous contest. So Im going to make a challenging short contest this time!

- Draw the following characters under.
- They need to be in an enviroment doing something together
   (can be whatever aslong as they are not just sitting there or standing there)
- Challenge yourself on backgrounds and poses and shading.

Characters you will be drawing
You have to include them all and no one else.
You can also find more picture of them in my galleryfolder animal characters.

7 Desember by griffsnuff Rice (female)
Atom ready for takeoff by griffsnuff Atom (male)
Kupasauce by griffsnuff Kupa (male)
Sokkensauce by griffsnuff Sokken (male)
Tape pinkness by griffsnuff Tape (female)


I will judge on effort and creativity of the chosen idea. 50/50
Its all up to you what you end up making them do, and you cannot write a story to explain the picture, try to make the picture explain itself.


1st place - 3000:points:

2nd place - 1000:points:

3rd place - 200:points:


September 26th 2012


:D Have fun!

Gingerbread snuffen!

FAQ's commissionstumblrBlog
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CLOSEDDD Results here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Points/art giveaway-3 days left!!!!!!

Wow guys. After 4,669 pageviews (remember, kiribian at 5000 pgv), 625 comments, 53 deviations, almost $100 in points worth of commissions and donations, a dA jacket, a Fella plushie, and a Super Llama plushie, I finally have more than 100 watchers!!!!!! :iconhappytearsplz:

Thanks so much to each and every one of you guys, whether you have been with me from the first crappy drawing or just watched me yesterday for a free sketch. :icondignitylaughplz: It has been an amazing 10 months on Deviantart, and I feel like I improved a lot from all the tutorials and advice my fellow deviants have given me.
SO. (The moment you've all been waiting for.):icononiskiplz:

And to "celebrate" the end of summer. :iconranranruuplz:


Here are the prizes, and I will use to pick the winners, and each winner can choose what they want from all these prizes:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
Pointsss :iconpointslaplz:
:dalove:250 :points:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
Art :deviation:
:dalove:12 Fullbody color semi-realism commission, one a month for an entire year (worth 3000:points:)
:dalove:Fullbody color semi-realism commission (worth 250:points:)
:dalove:Waist up color semi-realism commission (worth 150:points:)
:dalove:Waist up color semi-realism commission
:dalove:Fullbody color Chibi commission (worth 25:points:)
:dalove:Fullbody color Chibi commission
:dalove:A blinking icon (worth 25:points:)
:dalove:A blinking icon

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
:dalove:Year long feature in a custom box
:dalove:Year long feature in my journal
:dalove:Month long feature in custom box (x12 for each month)
:dalove:Month long feature in my journal (x12 for each month)

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
More prizes!!!!! :iconla-plz:
:iconnew-plz:The amazing DragonFlyer139 is generously donating one beautiful friendship bracelet!! Something like this Rainbow bracelet by DragonFlyer139 or A different kind of braid by DragonFlyer139 will be one of the prizes!! :iconsmilieplz:

:iconamgtouchplz:That's 4 point prizes, 8 art prizes, and 26 feature prizes, 38 prizes total.


BUT. Before you guys are all like

Here's the steps if you want to take part in this huge giveaway!

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
1.) Watch me if you like my art. Don't watch me just for this giveaway. There are plenty more out there. EDIT: I guess this wasn't clear enough, but YOU MUST WATCH ME TO JOIN THIS GIVEAWAY.
2.)You must do ONE (or more) of these:
Like my Facebook page OR follow my tumblr OR comment 5 deviations of mine if you don't have a Facebook or tumblr.
3.) Add this journal to your favorites so I can get a general idea of how many people are participating.
4.) Finally, write a journal/poll about this giveaway, and comment below with the link back to your journal or poll. I will be updating everyday in this journal with a number for everyone who advertised this giveaway.
5.) Smile at this ridiculously cute gif.
Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

That's it!!


The deadline is December 31st, 2012. This gives you almost 4 months. Yay!! :)

Every 100 people that enter, I'll have a new prize :) Please donate here or commission me or buy my adoptables to have bigger point prizes!!

Again, thanks so much for everything my lovely watchers!:iconletmehugyouplz: I love you guys so much, I wish I can give all of you a big hug.


1.)xXxSakuma-KunXxX 2.)kittycat5678 3.)SilvyNeko 4.)Lady-Autobot17 5.)Firminus 6.)Flashikku 7.)Riarri 8.)CherryKokoroPromise 9.)BlackFireOpal 10.)bluediamondpikachu93 11.)Aurourastar 12.) MiniViva 13.)Tennosei-No-Hime 14.)AlexaSpears1333 15.)Glowzor 16.)RinARinI 17.)Jigoku-Yoru 18.)Neon-Fizz 19.)Silver-Rainbow-Kitty 20.)Metarex12 21.)Alyssa921 22.)AngelLoLion 23.)StrukbyLightning 24.)CoreyAMurray 25.)MyaMyaChan 26.)Firepoppy 27.)Trent-Khaos 28.)Nappah 29.)Wolvergirl 30.)AlexisDragonStorm 31.)haileysthelimit 32.)Raven-Mist 33.)hacker103 34.)cynthia-2901 35.)jojokitkat 36.)XxTwilightCryxX 37.)Kagura81 38.)bunny-lover14 39.)Jakoda 40.)Hridya 41.)Robofluff 42.)123456789williamloor 43.)LovelySurrender 44.)Flashikku 45.)seprisite 46.)ichiruki4ever 47.)Pinkiekitty 48.)XRavenheart 49.)PinkMelodii 50.)The-One-in-Flames 51.)daman23 52.)sephire25 53.)guintar 54.)SaryThornIce 55.)RekiRyu 56.)witchstone 57.)Natashalea 58.)Aqua-Melody101 59.)migbox 60.)Carlchang 61.)White-Wave-Queen 62.)Alex20877 63.)pjohootkc 64.)PrincessD95 65.)winterwolf227 66.)Serenity-Hatake 67.)Odd-Llama 68.)PeachyTwist 69.)ochanotsuki 70.)ShadowRyghas 71.)PastelLights 72.)PKMNTrainerJeff 73.)stephaniescarlet 74.)holyromanempireepic 75.)SoHeavenlyItsSinful 76.)vibby-k 77.)KillerStalkerPerson 78.)evermorefire 79.)Death-Shape 80.)DragonFlyer139 81.)James-Reed 82.)Beagon 83.)shysillystupid 84.)IgnisArdor 85.)gaysenpai 86.)MuzikMaestro 87.) SaviouRFilths 88.)NotSeenSoul 89.)Jaysephs 90.)ShadowBeastiiiePaw 91.)MagicalOtaku 92.)CreatingTheMix 93.)RAMENmanga-ka 94.)Emma-Jade 95.)ixirhell 96.)BittersweetObsession 97.)immilesprower 98.)ShadowKakkoii 99.)shelbyhorsegirl40 100.)chubbyfox44
100 entrants 9-28-12 :iconlaplz:
101.)chubbyzebra 102.)bigblackdog44 103.)xXdreamxcreateXx 104.)allyalltheway 105.)Masters92 106.)ChloeRockChick14 107.)spotsthecheetah44 108.)Taremimi 109.)SugarTofu 110.)Rocket14 111.)Bobhostern 112.)raexie 113.)iTiggy 114.)NightElf86 115.)SugarTofu 116.)SpacedOutBunny 117.)ganzato1000 118.)GloomyLovesLiv007119.)Teddywangdoodle 120.)Luffffy 121.)RedRoronoa 122.)DiversityDanceQueen 123.)Yoko-tan 124.)meloetta-shiny 125.)MixieTheChiauau 126.)Malyre 127.)AlwaysHappys 128.)TheWritingDragon 129.)Sameunagi 130.)Kuzimu1233 131.)ochako 132.)Luskish 133.)allie12341 134.)FreedomeSoul88 135.):devyndaquilgirl: 136.)Shays-Ways 137.)Neon-Fizz 138.)Syito306 139.)AdeleEevee 140.)YumeHimura 141.)Choaru 142.)mio-amane-the-sweet 143.)DreamersArcadia 144.)Loza-Muse 145.)Xavria 146.)Starija 147.)Torke159 148.)Lady-WynterFyre 149.)CookieVampWolfNinja 150.)Fire-Kitty-Wolf 151.)PandaPie29 152.)nevershoutelric 153.)PeterSFay 154.)SeaPlume 155.)slycooper11 156.)RainbowSparkleBitch 157.)KibaPandaRo 158.)valurauta 159.):devshadowfoxnip: 160.)Luskish 161.)Bri-Sama14 162.):devskittles-ana-hetalia: 163.)Otato-Otato 164.)Li-ten 165.)Celestial-Blackrose 166.)Anastasia-Ri 167.)oXz-A-n-KXo 168.)Arcaninewolfie 169.)miyako-miku 170.)songohanart 171.)waterangel17 172.)HeartANGELfied 173.)Sol-karasu 174.)Meeya-san 175.)Colorful--Melody 176.)oOFrosteehOo 177.)x-HuntersWolves-x 178.)azuriin 179.)Serenity-Fantasy 180.)CorporalCornbread 181.)i-Mel 182.)Kia-chaaan

Dragon by magicwingsforeverVanilla Twilight by magicwingsforeverFriendship by magicwingsforeverMew by magicwingsforever:thumb326295960:

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