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Small Contest!ENDED

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 3:50 AM

Contest have ended! :la:

Results journal will be up later :3 gotta talk with Keyblade!


I love these two lots ;v; I want to see more art of them~


First place: 300:points:
Second place: 150:points:
Third place: 50:points:

What shall I draw?

You need to draw Klotter and Faix doing something together or just being cute! It can be anything :3

You need to include both to join the contest!

Better chance to win

-Creative ideas
-Following the rules
-Not using bases or lineart
-Good quality


-Do not trace
-Do not recolor/edit
-You must link the ref HERE, not note either Keyblade or I.
-You can do traditional, but we cant judge if you have a bad quality photo.
-No sexual related art.
-No gore.

They are friends!

(More can be added)


Klotter (Male)
Klotter! by Slushey

Faix (Female)


Contest Entry Folder:…


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CONTEST!! WIN 500 points!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2012, 9:21 AM

haha yes!! another contest X3
cuz I feel like it Yes'm!

wanna join? :D


1.)  To enter the contest, you have to draw or animate my fursona Laika!  With one of your characters of course! :) .
comment your link to the artwork below!

make as many entries as you want ^^

and dont forget to have fun!!

contest ends on the 15th

500 points
pixel animated icon from me c:
and a drawing from me c:

Thank you! :heart:
I'll update this with any news that needs to be told!
and while I have your attention I ask that you guys PLEASE audition for my new animated series that'l be coming out here -->… :) thanks!



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durr snurr

I will be making a Calendar including 12 of my characters and I need some help deciding which 12 are most liked :D

I will makethe months fit the seasons were I live in this style
Fall by griffsnuff

SO what I need you guys to do is just to comment under with the top 5 fave Animal characters of mine. Or you can name less, but not more.

I will count the ones with the most votes and try to include them the best I can ^^

You find all the names of those characters here… (snuffen, helkfrost and jonston has their own folders )

Gingerbread snuffen!

FAQ's commissionstumblr
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First things first
The first bunch of orders is already shipped. Hurray! Please keep in mind to place your order till Thursday (1st November) if you want to make sure to get the items reserved and fixed and safe since everything else will be sold at the Animaco convention

What you can order
Buttons, Mirrors, Magnets by trenchmaker
Mugs n Cards Galore! by trenchmaker the calendar can also be seen here Guess what.... :D by trenchmaker
Pencil Cases :3 by trenchmaker
and those:
Stalker Buttons by trenchmaker

guhh.... that's it.

Pencil cases availability:
I always update after I get a reservation for those so you see what's actually left
No whipped Cream: 6
Try to... smile: 6
Froggled: 8
Oh Fail: 6
Not so cold: 3
Bao Fireflies: SOLD OUT
Bao Smile: 7

Regarding the mugs, I have an excel- if you order something that's out I'll tell you via note.

Buttons: 1 $ / 0.75
Mirrors: 4 $/ 3
Magnets: 2$ / 1.5
Postcard-Set including pocket calendar: 7$ / 5.5 Euro
Mugs: 8.5$ / 6.5
Pencil Cases: 11$/ 8.50

Buttons: 10 for 8 Dollar
Mirrors: if you order 5 the 5th is free
Magnets: same as mirrors
Postcard-Set: none... sorry
Mugs: none, but I'll add somme gimmicks... the price is already as low as possible
Pencil Cases: none

as I said it all depends on the weight
eg 1 Mug: 340 gr
1 Postcard-Set: around 60 gr
1 Mirror: 20 gr
and so on
Flat stuff can be send via puffered envelope (eg postcard-set, buttons, mirrors)
Mugs can only be send via small package or regular package with tracking. Small pacakge can be ordered WITH tracking but that costs extra. Always check for the online price since I label it at home so safe some costs for you.

You can check all prices here for envelopes:…
and here:

I have to weigh your order and can't tell you the shipping price beforehand. Please keep in mind that I have to wrap up everything carefully and the package itself has a certain weight as well.
4 mugs (1.36 kg) + 4 postcard sets (240 gr): 1,6 kg already! Keep that in mind and don't be surprised how fast 2 kg are reached, ok?

Germany (near Berlin OR at the Animaco): picking up is possible, so direct payment works
Germany/Europe: bank transfer, Paypal
Rest of the World: Paypal

Send me a note with item, amount, your name and shipping adress and how you intent to pay (bank transfer/ paypal).
I'll send you a payment note as soon as I have the final weight and price for your delivery.

PLEASE send only an order if you CAN pay your order.

Everything that is NOT ordered till the 2nd of November will be sold at the Animaco. I can't guarantee you'll still get your desired item afterwards.

Questions? Shoot! I'll update the journal entry with a sold out list as soon as... items sell out.


Pong- I like it cold Mug
Tumble Chocolate Mug
Koshuna Coffee Mug
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Calling all Fashionistas!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 8:05 AM

So, as some of you guys may have noticed, I'm drawing my own Adventure Time comic (Pfft, who am I kidding, it's probably the only reason why you guys are even watching me), where Fionna goes to school in casual clothing. And as some of you may also know, I'm not exactly very 'creative,' or 'imaginative,' or 'good at designing,' so here I am asking you guys who are able to design to draw and whip up your own outfit ideas for Fionna, Marshall Lee, FP, Gumball, Pen or any other character who's already made an appearance in my comic if you want to, and want to get your ideas expressed :D

You can design any type of outfit. casual, formal, semi-formal, child's, business, summer, winter, etc. etc.
When you have your design all ready, you can submit them to the folder in my FC,
under 'Outfit Designs,' which I will be creating shortly.
You can submit as many as you want, and if I like your design and want to use it for my comic, I'll make sure to credit you for the design and everything :3
(Take note that when you submit your design to the folder, you are allowing me to use the design in my comic. And f i do use it, then it's just a matter of giving credit for the design to you). I still have some outfit ideas in my head for them, but I figured I might as well ask you guys for help as early as now to be on the safe side, just in case I run out a bit earlier than expected.

And I might as well squeeze in some announcements in here:

1) I won't be making an Ask Dump for LSP, TP, or any other minor characters after all. So that means my next ask dump will be for PEN,
2) I already mentioned this on my FB Page, but I probably won't be uploading any more yaoi, ecchi, or shounen-ai pics on here anymore (well, not like I was posting a lot of those anyway). Not only because most of my audience is composed of kids and minors, but also because I found out my mum is constantly checking my FB and dA page, so...yeah .__. oh mum.

And yup, that's it.

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Sun Aug 26, 2012, 2:46 AM
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8D arcade machine painting timelapse!

Fri Oct 19, 2012, 2:12 AM
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30$ (or 3000:points:) glitch commission :bulletgreen:Closed:bulletgreen:
Jam by Kawiku     34896 by Kawiku
Mootdam by Kawiku Felix by Kawiku

35$ (or 3500:points:) soft shaded commission :bulletwhite:Closed:bulletwhite:
Dream Wish by KawikuCapu by Kawiku
Puddy by Kawiku Klotter by Kawiku

Will draw:
Animal | Creature | Pokemon | Pony | Anthro | Human

More Examples of commissioned works -->…

I take PayPal (or dA points) please contact me in a note if you are interested.
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Commission features~

Sun Nov 4, 2012, 7:11 AM

Hi guys, well not my commissions are open, but some commissions of my very dear & talented friends are!
I wanted to feature them for so so long, if you want yourself to be futured next,just write a comment. ^-^
So here are the amazing artists :iconblusplz:

She's one of my dearest friends & also one of the cutest, some people asked where I did get my icons, they were a gift made by Loli. I love her Icons & art so much, she does both paypal & points don't forget to check out her journal about commission ( a list with pricec & examples can be found here (right side)… Examples of her:
Go & commission her :iconloveloveplz:

Whaa I love & admire her pixels so so so so much! They are so detalied & well made especially her icons get me in, they are so lovely!
Go & commission her *^*/  example: Commission set 11 by Mimru

Haww I want to show you much more but I cannot see who all has clodes/open now. So if you want to be futured here just leave  comment.

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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 5:06 PM

There sure are a lot of people stalking me... =w='

In the ceiling...
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