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Cree par: Thomas Szabo et Hйlиne Giraud
Produit par: Phillipe Delarue
Direction artistique: Hйlиne Giraud
Musique: Hervй Lavandier
Realise par: Thomas Szabo

"love story"

Scenario: Thomas Szabo
Storyboard: Thomas Szabo
en collaboration avec: Nicolas Gallet

Une production (c)MMVI FUTURIKON

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So, I finally got some animation practice in. XD 'Bout time. I think my last attempt at lipsync was a year ago.

This was my first time using Digicel Flipbook, and I think I prefer it to Flash with anything that I don't intend to clean/color. Dialogue's from Professional Sweetheart, 1933, with a thanks to for providing the wav file.

Also, please don't comment about the animation being "smooth." It's smooth because it has 12 drawings per second, that's all there is to it. ^______^
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Something I animated for Tomska back in October~

Right, lets see if this dA film thing works
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**This edition of Scalawags for DA's Film Gallery Premiere**

We had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside a handful of talented graduating music majors from USC the past winter, and as a result Scalawags now has its own beautiful score composed by David Stanton. This makes Scalawags a completely original piece, ready for film festivals!


From concept to completion this project took us 11 weeks to produce. We spent four weeks in pre-production and five weeks animating and compositing. One week at the end to enjoy our pizza and watch the movie. :ahoy:
. . .And maybe do some post audio work.

***Please visit our journal for more information regarding the production, and learn what software and techniques were used in the creation of this film.***

YouTube: >link

Coming soon to newgrounds. . .


-Scalawags Team

people who worked on it and have deviantart accounts!
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Here it is, Space Face on Deviant Art. Sorry for the delay!
Enjoy! I'll be working on the next short now that the holidays are over. :)

, Paul

Opening Theme:
Theme song: [link]

Part 1:
written/produced by: [link]
co-animated by: [link]
music by: [link]
sound by: [link]
additional backgrounds by: [link]
orchestra intro by: [link]

Part 2:
written/produced by: [link]
animated by: [link]
music by: [link]
sound by: [link]
backgrounds by: [link]
additional colouring by: [link]

Tim Hautekiet (Edd): [link]
Matt Hargreaves (Matt): [link]
Jamie Spicer Lewis (Commander Bai): [link]
Eddie Bowley (The Pilot): [link]
Jonathan Gran (The Sun Chaser): [link]
Jack and Dean (The Complimentary Aliens): [link]

Special thanks to Pearl 'iamprikle' Zhang for helping me with the final video editing.

A special thanks to the Eddsworld: Legacy donators who made the continuation of this show possible!
All profits from Eddsworld will go to charity. Buy t-shirts and hoodies here! [link]
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My senior film from SCAD, finished back in November 07.

I don't know much of what to say about this. It's taken over 400 hours of work, over the course of three school quarters and a summer. It's the largest artistic endeavor I've ever undertaken.

Animated, cleaned, and colored completely with Flash. I did all the animation, layout, most of the cleanup, and some of the coloring. My friend Spot helped with cleanup, and my sister =fyuvix helped with cleanup and more than half the coloring.

... Hope you like it.

~Animation & Direction: Me
~Sound Design & Music: Brenden R.
~Additional Cleanup/Coloring: =fyuvix, Spot G.
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This is my little student animation film. We had to do the whole thing from top to bottom. Produced, directed, written, animated, coloured, entirely all by me. Animation was completely done with traditional paper and pencil, and was coloured and edited digitally on Toonboom Harmony. I don't have an exact drawing count yet, but I'd say around 600...

The nice music playing in the first part and during the end credits is from Lee Maddeford.

Voice for Herman by ~Dwelleth
Voices for the crabs by ~TortueTruc, ~bybi and ~claphand


Alors le voici, mon petit film étudiant d'animation (que je suis vraiment tanné de voir).
Réalisé entièrement par moi, du scénario au montage (excepté musique et voix).
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Hur hur, it's been a little while since I've done any animation. I am ashamed. ._. So, this was supposed to be a revamp of a quick dog run that I'd animated for Portfolio class, but I wound up totally changing the run to something sillier, playful, and not exactly canine.

The run's on a loop, and it loops about four times within the 10 seconds. At some point, I plan on adding to this animation, and make him change pace, or jump, or something to break the loop.

So yeah, maybe I'll use this submission as a chance to try out that new Critique feature dA's got put up. :3 Been a while since I've had some serious anim critique, anyway.

Animated completely in Adobe Flash.
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Collab with *KajikoKylance:iconkajikokylance:~!

Youtube version: [link]

ˇˇˇˇˇHere you have the whole picture!!!! ^w^/

Kajiko and I have made a parody of this Ending using our Pokémon Adventure forum characters, ALL THEM!!! And all the characters have with them their starter pokémon!! I made the pokémon and the Premiere work while she made the human characters and part of the backgroud *^*

The characters, from left to right, his/her starter and the owner in the forum:

Lina Ryűsaki (c) + Chikorita *Lina17Inverse
Kajiko Bethner (c) + Flaaffy *KajikoKylance
Yvi Hibiki (c) + Growlithe *Cachomon
Mitsui Hibiki (c) + Deerling *Cachomon
Dag (c) + Shiny Zorua *KajikoKylance
Ada Gamansu (c) + Poochyena *Foxymon
Will (c) + Absol *KajikoKylance
Ureshi (c) + Politoed (+Spiritomb) *KajikoKylance
Kajiko Kylance (c) + Buizel *KajikoKylance
Ronnie Odair (c) + Purrloin ~DeiAkMa
Michael Locks (c) + Beldum (Tank) ~Trencalos
Kirin (c) + Riolu *Cachomon
Eon Dalmau (c) + Bulbasaur ~Eonkun
Tony Stark + Porygon-Z (Jarvis) *KajikoKylance
Steve Rogers + Braviary ~DeiAkMa
Tyrano (c) + Mandibuzz *Cachomon

Art (c) :iconcachomon: & :iconkajikokylance:

I hope you like it *A*/~! :iconawwwplz:

Programs used: SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Time Spent: mmm 3-4 days more or less (but in hours, maybe 2 days as much)
Tony Stark & Steve Rogers belong to MARVEL, all other OCs belong to their owners
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Here's my senior project that I've been working on and the reason why I haven't been uploading any work all quarter. Enjoy! =D
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