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I DON'T EVEN KNOW GUYS. Took a pic, added the fancy wallpaper to replace the bg (and yes I am actually wearing that monocle FOR REALZ). You will have already seen this if you follow me on tumblr.
Don't know if I should make it my ID or not.

P.S. it is HARD to wear a monocle. I had to scrunch up my eyes and it kept falling out anyway lol
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Extreme sports are the Mutts Nutts right??!! If you agree then add this site as your friend and support this club!!
Original picture by
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And it's like dat, and dats the way it is.

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Gli occhi sono lo specchio dell'anima.
Lasciali guardare.
E sarà tutto un mondo a parte!

nuovo ID per la Tick! :love:
L'avevo già messa su flickr ma non mi convinceva molto.
Poi i commenti sono stati tanti e...simpatici!
e quindi ho deciso di postarla anche qui! :aww:

*evviva il cavalletto puzzo!*

model: me
edited with Photoshop CS2

Featured here=> [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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Pic about Chibi Bulma hugging Vegeta. Looks like Bulma had shrienk herself! O.o;;
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This is the most honest photo of my I think I've ever made. No earrings that atract attention, not hiding behind my hair, barely make-up (oke a litlle bit of eyepencel). It's really about me, therefor I feel kind of scared to upload it. I'm really insecure, so I don't like showing the real me :meow: So this photo is about letting go of my insecurities and just being me :D
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Plot-Hare actually but details, details...

Thackery be stealin my legal pad that has all my plots on it. ^^

Also the Hare seems to be remarkably flexible...thankfully comics are about pushing the limits of that sort of thing eh? :D
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A little photomanipulation, quite an old one >:) Used as mine ID in various forums.
Remember the poster for Ridley Scott's 'Hannibal'? Well, let's call this one a fan-art, shall we? ;)

By the way... Sure could use some delicious liver served with a glass of fine Chianti... :D
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This extension was inspired by my absolute frustration at having to find that bookmarklet to autojoin channels everytime I opened dAmn.
So, this extension adds support to firefox allowing users to set channels which are automatically joined when dAmn is opened.

Current Version: 0.4.0

This is still in the sandbox, if you do not have an account or do not wish to create one, you can save this to the desktop and then install it by dragging it into the firefox window.
When a new version is avaliable you should notice a blue download arrow next to the throbber, this indicates that extension updates are avaliable, clicking should get firefox to automatically update the extension, aswell as any other that are avaliable.
If not you can always check back here.

This extension works with all versions of Firefox 2 and should work with Firefox 3

To install click here
Firefox will prompt you wether you want to install this extension and after 4 seconds the Install button should become avaliable.

In Firefox, if you right click on any dAmn Chat page you should see two extra options.
    dAmn Auto Join Options will open the options dialog.
    About dAmn Auto Join will show some info about dAmn Auto Join.

New Status Bar Icon
    Left Click opens dAmn in a new tab.
    Right Click enables and disables dAj.
    Control Click opens preferences.

The Enabled Option: This turns dAmn Auto Join on and off.
The Prompt Option: If this is turned on, upon opening a chat window you will be asked if you want to join channels. This is particularly useful if you only want to pop into a specific channel rather than all those added to your list.
The Add/Remove Channels Section: Use this to add and remove channels from the list. You can see what channels are currently added by looking in the textbox beneath this section.

Bug Reports & Suggestions:
If you find any bugs, or have any bright ideas on how to improve this extension, either Note Me or leave a comment on this page.

:pointr: Fixed firefox 3 support and moved to [link] for 'secure updates'.

:pointr: Added support for sorting the channels in a custom order, either via drag-n-drop, or by the use of alt-up, alt-down on a selected channel.
:pointr: Tidied up other crap.

:pointr: Added support for Firefox 2.

:pointr: Clicking the status icon now opens a new tab which goes to the first chatroom in your dAj list, not #devart.

:pointr: Added status bar icon.
:pointr: Fixed a javascript error.

:pointr: Made the support for Firefox 1.0.x actually work. :)

:pointr: Added support for Firefox 1.0.x.
:pointr: Fixed small anoyance factor things.

:pointr: Revamped the way that the user specifies Channels.
:pointr: Added 'Save & Close' Support.
:pointr: Added a 'Changes Saved' Notification.

:pointr: Fixed the tab thing, auto join will now work regardless of what tab is selected.
:pointr: Fixed bug in the Options dialog.

:pointr: Consolidated javascript into a single file, increasing speed and decreasing size.
:pointr: Made style locations RFC compliant.
:pointr: Fixed css URI problem.

:pointr: Fixed problems with the about dialog.
:pointr: Added extension update support.

:pointr: Updated help on settings.
:pointr: Added prompt to join support.
:pointr: Updated stylesheets to fix css bugs.
:pointr: Added 'thanks to' section in about.

:pointr: Added help on settings.

Known Bugs:
:pointr: Mac OS X doesnt display the style parts of the dialogs properly.

- Thanks to ~Easel for making the stylish blue logo/text thing.
- More thanks however must go to Mook and Goodwill in #Firefox on [link] for helping port this back to Firefox 1.0.x
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