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otro actiooon! hehehe me gustaa muchoo el deviantart de la que sale en la foto stan genialess! =D
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Christmas Background Free Vector






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ese action siempre lo usso lo recomiendo sta genial !! :DDD

creditos :iconheymili:
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a card for valentine's day, made by me, available to download in high resolution
print it cut it and give someone special :heart:
happy valentine's day!!
xoxo takmaj
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
my fb [link]
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Happy New Year Guys :TheClap: :TheClap: :TheClap: 

And this is my new year gift to my besties Love Love Love 

Now it's left about 2 hours here to come to New Year Heart Heart Heart 
I just got an amazing feeling after making all these 38 covers in just one day :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
Just for all my besties Hug Hug Hug I don't know if me to you is your bestie or not but to me, you are Nod Nod Nod
And I just really looooove you Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru)

Renders by :icontanyyang: :iconmeyiing: :iconnisowon: :iconphotopop-k: :iconjaslynkpoppngs: :iconsellscarol: :iconre-blue: :iconmichiru92: :iconinoue8112001: :iconjairilyagustin: :iconthisisdahlia: :icondearyyamachii: :iconsweetgirl8343: :iconhanabell1: and others

Stocks by :iconjeffvinytwilight: , Google, and Hana

Resources credit Google and deviantART 
Thanks [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star 

From left to right
In order of alphabet

Cover 1, Kara, for :iconinoue8112001: ,
Cover 2, Tiffany, for :iconkaardsm22jg: ,
Cover 3, Taeyeon, for :iconainasaffiaasz: ,
Cover 4, Jessica, for :iconshinaeah: ,
Cover 5, Kai, for :iconbelieberfansedit: ,
Cover 6, Yoona, for :iconangelchristina: ,
Cover 7, Kyuhyun, for :iconmae21smile: ,
Cover 8, D.O, for :iconseonixxedits: ,
Cover 9, Yoona, for Bolete Ek ,
Cover 10, Jessica, for :iconbonsociu009: ,

Cover 11, Baekhyun, for :iconchimb2k: ,
Cover 12, Jessica, for :iconinspiritprincess78: ,
Cover 13, Jessica, for :icondeerhansic: ,
Cover 14, Jessica, for Dianne ,
Cover 15, Chunji, for :icondinaaida: ,
Cover 16, Yoona, for :iconompink: ,
Cover 17, Suzy, for :iconsweetberrylove: ,
Cover 18, Kai, for Hana ,
Cover 19, Yuri, for Jassie ,
Cover 20, Luhan, for :iconjeanness14: ,

Cover 21, Henry, for Lola ,
Cover 22, Junhyung, for :iconpinkisheditz: ,
Cover 23, Baekhyun, for :iconlarry1042k1: ,
Cover 24, Taeyeon, for :iconchutchi54: ,
Cover 25, Hongki, for :iconphotopop-k: ,
Cover 26, Yoona, for :iconyoonasgeneration: ,
Cover 28, Sunny, for, :iconmikatarvainen: ,
Cover 29, Sunny, for :iconhwangbrittany: ,
Cover 30, Kris, for :iconkpopvirus4ever: ,

Cover 31, Baekhyun, for :iconprettygirl920: ,…
Cover 32, Taeyeon, for :icontaelynedits: ,…
Cover 33, Yuri, for :iconflamingpearlforever: ,
Cover 34, Baekhyun, for Sabrina ,
Cover 35, Yoona, for :icontrishasantillan0329: ,
Cover 36, Hyuna, for :iconrainbowfiishie: ,
Cover 37, Seohyun, for Vivian ,
Cover 38, Yuri, for Wing Yan ,

Click here for full :)

Clap Clap Clap

My arts aren't so good, in the cover of yours, you might don't like it, you might don't like the font, the background, the resources or styles. I'm sorry in advance Lonely Lonely Lonely  You can just not save it Blush Blush Blush

This is the last evening of 2013
Last sun and last moon of 2013
Have spread their shine on earth
Feel remaining, moments of last day
Scatter happiness, best of luck for 2014!

Drop your comments now :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
:+fav: too if you like it :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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:iconxmasballs01plz::iconxmasballs02plz::iconxmasballs01plz::iconxmasballs02plz::iconxmasballs01plz::iconxmasballs02plz::iconxmasballs01plz: :iconxmasballs02plz::iconxmasballs01plz::iconxmasballs02plz::iconxmasballs01plz::iconxmasballs02plz::iconxmasballs01plz:

:iconseasonsgreetplz: Seasons Greetings :iconseasonsgreetplz:

Something's in the air.
You know the confectionary heaviness that comes right on a frosted breath, sort of smells like peppermint & bayberry if it tingled the olfactory senses & it does.
The fathers remember their choral instruction on singing Rudolph & prepare their vocals for a rendition to sing to their wee ones....
Those more literary among them are practicing their long time tale of the Night Before Christmas.
Mom's scurrying about the kitchen running on secret errands.
More secrets abound and pounds of snow fall just in time to dead lock everything.
Isn't that the Oddness before Christmas?

Aiko3 @ DAZ3D
Wintressa Skin @ ArtCollab
MilCat @ DAZ3D
Tree, Christmas Carol @ DAZ3D
Presents @ ODF
Baubles @ RDNA
Poser 6, PS

All resources used were created by, gifted to, and/or purchased by me
All rights reserved JMTH

Many thanks in advance if you're adding this artwork to your :+fav:s and/or leave a comment!! -- I really appreciate your support! :cuddle:

:holly: Thanks for viewing! :iconsanta-glompplz:

:icondontuse1plz::icondontuse2plz::icondontuse3plz: IYFS-SDKZ-UX6B-YWAP

Please do not redistribute, claim, copy or edit my art. I retain all copyrights. If you want to share this artwork, please use the SHARE buttons to the right. My art is not to be used for tubes, sig tags, web pages, or otherwise altered and is not to be published elsewhere unless given written permission by me. Using and/or publishing my art without my permission is art theft!


:xmas: Won 2. place in ODF's 2005 contest 'The Oddness before Christmas'! :xmas:


:santa: Happy Holidays! :rudolph: :rudolph: :rudolph: :rudolph:

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Happy holidays everyone!! ^________________^ :heart:
i gotta stop portraying ruru as such a vixen >XD...

LOL i always bug *Sleepar for help now XD...thnx!!! BWAHAHAHA "pastel palette" <3

[Painter Classic + Photoshop 7.0]
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:star: COVER: [link]
Original by MAYU
Composed by daniwell
UST: Feli
Ichigawa Ami ACT3 beta (c) :iconmania211: / Yen

YAYY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY XDDDD only this....hope you like this cover n.nU..this is a new style o3o new new new xDDD
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my half part ot the trade with
she wanted a vegeta and bulma pic ...and i drew her..a christmas v/b pic
i draw many pics with snow...maybe cause i never see snowing..where i live T_T XD
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In honor of The King of Pop's 51st Birthday (Aug 29th), I had tediously scanned & cleaned up my copy of this piece of memorabilia -- Moonwalker: The Coloring Book (32 pages + front & back). And now, on the day that his body is finally being put to rest, I'm offering them at DeviantART as well.

Don't worry, the files are not very large. You can download the full contents here or through these resources as well:

:music: ENTIRE FILE - MegaUplaod
:music: INDIVIDUAL IMAGES - MediaFire
(w/ image preview)

:pray: My personal wish is to see these images colored by children of all ages (but especially the very young) and for Mr. Jackson to get the peace & respect that he deserves.

:star: Should you or someone you care about decide to color any of these images, I'd be delighted to see & display the results.

:star: If you are inclined to share these links or post the results, credit: =idolhands

:star: I'd also appreciate being made aware of other communities, sites, etc. that would enjoy this. Spread Michael's positive energy!

:cd: MJ icons @ my LiveJournal: [link]


:damphyr: Let us all have peace and kindness.

Stock | Line-Art | Fan Art | Burton Films | Sailor Moon | Convention Work | Pretty Boys | Hot Chicks | Original Works | Photography | Writing
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