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Similar Deviations
I feel your hands in my hair.
I feel your breath on my neck.
I feel your body pressed so close to mine.
I feel your lips on my throat.
I feel your hands move to my back and your lips work their way up to mine.
I feel you and I love it.

I hear you say you love me.
I hear you whisper my name.
I hear you tell me I'm the only one for you.
I hear your breath in my ear.
I hear your soft snores as I fall asleep.
I hear you and I love it.

I see you as I run into your arms.
I see your face break through my world of darkness.
I see you fight away my fears.
I see you wipe away my tears.
I see you're in love with me.
I see you and I love it.

I taste your lips.
I taste your tongue.
I taste your throat as I kiss it.
I taste your love.
I taste your passion.
I taste you and I love it.

I smell your colone as I hold you.
I smell your shampoo as I hug you.
I smell your toothpaste as I kiss you.
I smell your excitement as you cuddle me.
I smell the smell I've been waiting so long to smell.
I smell you and I love it.

I feel you.
I hear you.
I see you.
I taste you.
I smell you.
I do all these things and I love it.

I'm finally with you.
You're finally here.
I love it.
I love you.
So much for a break in the love poems... I like this one though I find it so sweet and it's the truth if only I could hold the person that I was in love with...
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Pitter Patter, goes the rain.
Her cry, filled with pain.
Where is he?
Where did he go?
Didn't I see him? Just a minute ago?
He was here, and now he's gone.
And now a thought begins to dawn....
He's left her, he's moved on.
She loved him, he loved her too.
Or so she thought, and in her mind, a plan begins to brew.
She'll get back at him, oh yes!
She will, she'll make him pay.
She'll even kill.
He took her heart.
She took her life.
And now that man has lost his wife.
He didn't leave her, he hadn't moved on.
He was too late....and now she's gone.
Pitter Patter goes the rain.
And now his cry is filled with pain.
a tragic misunderstanding.
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Writing one last letter, saying one last good-bye,
My blood falling to the floor, as if coming from the sky.
"You told me that you love me, but we could never be,
I cannot live without you, so I'm doing this you see."
"If we cannot be together, then I don't want to live,
I've got nothing left at all, nothing left to give."
I close the envelope softly, seal it wish a kiss,
Turn to look the other way, and wait for my dismiss.
& it was her final goodbye to the world.
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her beauty,
shines as bright as a star.
glows palely in the moonlight.
burns radiant in the sunshine.

her eyes,
soft and sensual, like a mother's touch.
big and green, pretty like money.
the key to her heart, mind, and soul.
her lips,
as smooth as cocoa butter.
juicy as a ripe red apple.
longing to feel a lover's kiss.

her heart,
cold like a winter frost.
lonely like a high school geek.
cracked like a broken record.

her mind,
deep like the ocean blue.
sharp like a razorblade.
wandering like a lost soul.

her body,
petite like a china doll.
her skin a milky white.
warm to the touch, like fire.

her soul,
torn like a ripped piece of paper.
heavy, weighing her down like a sin.
free like a wild spirit.

can't you see why I love her?
this is old, but I think it's one of my best pieces.
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Sometimes it's easy,
Sometimes it's not.
Sometimes it's cold,
Sometimes it's hot.
Sometimes I smile,
Sometimes I grin.
Sometimes I lose,
Sometimes I win.
Sometimes I pout,
Sometimes I frown.
Sometimes I'm up,
Sometimes I'm down.
Sometimes I'm sweet,
Sometimes I'm nice.
Sometimes sugar,
Sometimes spice.
Sometimes I laugh,
Sometimes I cry.
And then there's those days...
I want to die.
because someone once told me I had no emotions.
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As they look upon her casket,
tears in their eyes,
wondering why she did this,
they can't seem to help but cry.

What they don't know would hurt them,
suicide was her dismiss,
but could you call it suicide?
she was dead so long before this.
a short poem i wrote after a long time of not writing.
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I'm sorry for the things I do,
sorry for the things I say.
Sorry that I talked to you,
sorry that I'm this way.

I'm sorry that I trusted you,
and sorry that I lied.
Sorry that I laughed at you,
sorry that I cried.

I'm sorry that I hated you,
I'm sorry I loved you too,
I'm sorry that you broke my heart,
and that it still belongs to you.
A poem saying sorry to true love.
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I'm trying to escape,
trying to get away,
trying to ignore what they do,
forget about what they say.

No move I ever make,
can ever be one right,
every simple thing I say,
always starts a fight.

I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
the way I'm supposed to be,
the thing is your slowly killing me,
why can't you see?

I'd really like to run away,
where someone would understand,
to someone who could see my pain,
and gently take my hand.
a not-so-great poem about getting away.
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I really cannot help it,
It says so in my heart,
I really cannot help it,
Though I didn't feel so at the start.

But now we're closer and I realize,
I'm lucky to have you,
All the things you say to me,
The sweetest things you do.

You cheer me up,
When I am down,
You make me smile,
When I frown.

You may not ever realize,
My feelings deep and true,
You may not ever notice,
I can't help loving you.

I'll never stop loving you, there's no way I could.
i secretly love you.
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Love is nothing,
Without a kiss.
Love is everything,
When you feel like this.
Love is precious,
When they mean everything to you.
Love is painful,
When they're not with you.
Love is priceless,
The true kind can't be bought.
Love is life...
When it's all you've got.


bleh...tell me how you like it...o.o;
Just some gay little poem I made up about love...bleh
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