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Changing those things which need to be changed.

Photo by :iconhoukiboshi:

And it's all over! From the convention to the skit to the photoshoot, organising this group really took it out of me. I couldn't have done it without everyone involved, both those who attended the shoot:

Jubilee: :iconfataleknights:
Psylocke: :iconalita-b-angel:
Ms Marvel: :iconchibifiedkitsunes:
Jean Grey: :icongoldglorfindel:
Rogue: :iconechoing-artemis:
Mystique: :iconarlo-arleh:
Xavier: Mark
Phoenix: :iconqueencattabby:
Sentinel: :icontreminate:
Storm: :iconathira80:

Photographers: :iconhoukiboshi:, :iconpireze: & :iconbubisadrunk:

And those who only made it to the convention itself:
Emma Frost: Chantelle
Wolverine: Wasso
Nightcrawler: :iconkurai-kishi:

But it all paid off in the end! I've loved X-Men since I was about nine years old and entranced by it on Cheez TV - cosplaying Rogue (and especially being part of such an awesome group) has fulfilled a lifelong dream. <3

Thanks again to all!

Other shots from the shoot:
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Super Amazing photography and grade by :iconpireze: AHHH SO AWESOME!!!

See some of his other stuff here

Mystique costume and makeup by me

Shoot was at Middle head with our superbly gifted photographers and our awesometastic X-Men Group from Supanova 2011 :) :)

Was such a fun day but oh so hot, I was sweating all day. And some how I dont know how but I got sunburnt through the suit *confusion* STUPID SKIN D:

There was also some kind of excursion there, with heaps of boys who kept oggling us in our tight lycra lololol
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SUPER EPIC PHOTOGRATHER and grade by :iconpireze:
Check out more of his talent here (SO much awesome): [link]
Dark Phoenix made and worn by :iconqueencattabby:

Oh this was a fun shoot indeed:
- Awesomely talented photographers
- So many wonderfully attractive people in oh so tight lycra
- FAR too much sweating in the oh so tight lyrca
- A school excursion filled with rather perverted young boys... with camera's... who seemed to enjoy the oh so tight lyrca...
- The male model underwear shoot that was happening just over the hill.... yessssssss....
- Funky mist being funky

I love this shot oh so bad, :iconpireze:, you're a genius - thank you thank you! I think you captured the craziness to perfection! I'm really into the bad/sexy/crazy female characters at the moment... There will be more to come - you have been warned ^-^

Just wait till you see everyone elses pics! And and and for those who want more... A VIDEO! The most lovely :iconhoukiboshi: filmed us the day of the shoot - check out the preview here:

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"Before I worked for SHIELD, I ah - well, I made a name for myself. I have a very specific skill set. I didn't care whom I used it for, or on. I got on SHIELD's radar in a bad way."

:iconmeeelldango: @ Black Widow, Natasha Romanova
bodysuit, gloves, props wig, make up: myself

photo @ :iconshinomatrix: :camera: and thank you for the guns loan!!

(not pictured)
:iconblackcrane56: @ Hawkeye, Agent Clint Barton
:icondarcywilliam: @ Loki Laufeyson


i still can't believe i actually managed to do a BODYSUIT cosplay. i never imagined the day i would actually cosplay any comic characters BUT, despite all the rage and emotional disorder i faced when i think about this cosplay *in overall*, i am very grateful to*Blackcrane56, *darcywilliam, ~Siberias & *eightroses for all the support and motivation they have given me to 90% complete this evil thing and eventually wore it to Oz Comic Con last weekend. The weather on that saturday was forgiving enough to let us have a mini-shoot at the end of the day. Thank you MARKtograpy for shooting with us in the freezer OUTSIDE the convention :D I'm so sorry i couldn't pose very well because this costume is seriously not suitable for extreme weather.. or melbourne, in general..

so here you go, world.. prolly the first asian black widow ever 8D

i still don't know how to react to this costume oTL
all i can say is that, i'm NEVER handsewing gloves again and making my own bullet-tampons-thing from scratch /weep
then again, i'm happy with my almost AUD200 lace-front wig which was originally waist-length but has been hidden to quite a perfection thanks to this genius hair tutorial by Daven Mayeda on youtube 8D

and i kind of regret not being able to see Stan Lee in person on that day ;;;


allowed zoom to 1280px for better view of the details 8D
first ever bodysuit, failed in 14-16 hours. handsewn gloves and bullet thingys over 2-3 days. holsters made of fail and suffering. definitely remaking them for the next time i wear this costume which is.. sydney smash.. in 9 days /wrist
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Soma - :iconathira80:
Kendappa-ou - :iconclamwings:
from RG Veda.
Photo credit: :iconhoukiboshi:
Helper: - ~Miyukiko
Full shoot: [link]

Ah wow, I've had this gorgeous photo sitting on my hard drive for nearly a year now? I've been trying to tackle my backlog by going in chronologically...but with nearly 30 costumes not uploaded here, I'm giving up on that and just posting pretty things 8D

This costume was made a bit over a year ago to support *cescat and *K-chan009 in their WCS performance. I actually wasn't able to make it on the day, but it was fantastic to cosplay with the entire RG Veda group for our shoot. I was told that this character had a very Romeo & Juliet relationship with another character...and I was pretty hooked from there, and getting to cosplay Kendappa with the lovely Suri as Soma was so much fun! In between making this costume, I was powering through the manga, up until baawing over the final volume the night before our shoot.

This definitely wasn't an easy costume to make, but I'll talk about all that on another devation! This photo was actually pretty candid. I wanted to try and get something like this artwork, and grabbed Suri and Straw during the day and...ta da! Magic!

Thank-you to everyone who came and helped with the shoot~

Photography crew!
:iconfiathriel: :iconhoukiboshi: :iconhexlord: :iconshiroin:

Team Awesome Helpers
:iconastellecia: :iconharaju2girls: :iconmileyx: :iconzimiel: :iconjkale:

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Hello hello~

Last weekend I ventured up to Sydney to attend Main Animania and to support my lovely friends :iconcielroses: & :iconk-chan009: who were participating in WCS!! After a few endless nights, many long drives and a hotel muckup we arrived at the convention!! It was such an exciting event to see go down, I fully believe in my two friends and was cheering them on! They took out first place which they immensely deserved and I was extremely proud of the both of them!! Well done to everyone else who entered as well!! :D

If you haven't watched their skit go check it out here! [link]

Shortly after we shot with the spectacular :iconpireze: back stage with this amazing backdrop made by the new team Australia! All the photos are so beautiful *___* Thank you so much again!

I really enjoyed this costume because it was a break from the sewing machine; excuse my 9m squared cloak, I got to spend lots of time painting on my costume and helping out with other peoples painting which I absolutely loved doing! Many thanks as well to :iconmeeelldango: for make up advice and some product lendings~ Thank you again lovelies for asking me to join!

Carol Lido: :iconcielroses:
Isis: :iconk-chan009:
Memphis: :icondarcywilliam:
Photographer: :iconpireze:

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I guess a preview of my Nationals costume ^^; OTL

Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Character: Alice (Official Art)
Costume and props: Made by me
Photographer: :iconhoukiboshi: and :iconpet-chan: Arigatou you two~ You both are so lovely! *A*

So if you see this lost looking asian girl walking around Melbourne this weekend, just say hi lmao XD
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So this photoshoot was back in November 2011... it's only taken me 6 months to upload it XD /shot

Definitely had a blast (no pun intended) cosplaying Jubilee, she was one of my favourite X-men when I was a kid :D
Got a few awesome comments when I wore this to Sydnova last year too, I think I brought back a lot of memories for other Jubilee fans!

Mad props go to #strawtography for the epic editing of the fireworks!!! You are my hero <3

:iconbreathless-ness: Costume and editing
:iconpireze: Photography
:iconstrawtography: Fireworks special effects

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[////...SYSTEM BOOT...///]
HunterOS Generic_50.26726-08736 sun8h64m i87
Loading system parameters...
6579 cd/opt/LLL/controller/
6570 vi LLLsLWeaponsControl
6543 make
6521 make INSTALL...sanity/check
4967 .../configure o-test-firecheck.ihs
4901 vi confirm_orders_search-destroy
7834 kill.location.894721`
8372 run.sndprogram - ok1
***system online
***mechanical systems online
***weapons operational
***satellite positional parameters loaded
***Starting Primary Program Function...

Thanks to Issac :iconpireze: for the EPIC pics!
Costume was made by me! :icontreminate:

We had an entire X-Men group too for the con and for this shot! Photos are slowly being submitted, so check them all out!
As I am not a paying member of the dA community...HERE'S SOME HTML TEXT LINKS TO THOSE PICTURES LOL.

- Our X-Men group, minus Wolverine, Emma Frost & Nightcrawler who couldn't make it
- Rogue decapitating Sentinel
- Psylocke
- Dark Phoenix
- Mystique
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Photo by: ~ReekaValentyne
Cosplay by: Me <3
See her AMAZING cosplay photography here!
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