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Well, it isn't really, but they seem manage~! :dummy:

This idea came to me last minute (today)~! ^^;
How I did it:
.Printed out Fella and Super Llama at college (10/03/11) because I have no color ink in my printer.. :saddummy:
.Had no idea what to do with it (From the start of Contest to 10/13/11). :O_o:
.Didn't cut it out until Yesterday night (10/12/11). :meow:
.Came up with the idea this morning (10/13/11) . :lightbulb:
.Started on idea when I got home from class (10/13/11). :phew:
--Used small envelope, and colored it with Green and Lime Green Ultra Fine Point Sharpies to resemble an air mail envelopes design. :la:
--Printed a globe to use as "stamp" and dA's logo as seal (sticker). ;p
--Printed and Stuck dA's address as envelopes origin and it's mailed to "AROUND THE WORLD" (in Red Sharpie). :XD:
.Walked my supplies down to the nearest mailbox (which wasn't very far XDD). >3>
.Took multiple pictures (because both my camera and I are horrible with getting a good picture). :camera:
.Walked back home (still not far X3). <w<
.Chose best photo and cropped to my liking.
.Finally submitted to Contest! :dummy:
*All while talking with My Love, Ana:heart:*

I did it for the badge (and possibly the plushies) NOW GIMME MY BADGE~! :iconx3v2plz:

Photo taken by :iconflamesofzero:
Fella and Super Llama © deviantART

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My entry for the Resident Evil :Envision the Executioner contest.

Let me start off by saying this was the most challenging thing I ever had to make.

Mostly because of the time limit, I started about 1 and a half weeks ago before the deadline and employed every technique I had every learned about sculpture and painting.

I used welding for the axe which is an actual metal blade, who claimed its first casualty during production. (me, index finger while sharpening – doh).
The Axe weighs about 1.43 lbs, I took it to a meat market and had it put on the food scale. My sculpture can hold the axe using his hands without having it being attached permanently.

His body and Apron and cowl are all separate pieces. Then made a stand out of scrap metal, welding rebar and 1/2'' gauge steel rod.

The meat hooks were forged out of steel rods, by bending them using a vice and a hammer and anvil to get the right bend. Then sharpened to a point using files. Everything save for the chain was hand made by me. Progress shots can be found on my website

I first looked at the character, who is this executioner, a giant who wields an equally immense weapon. So I thought about real life people who reminded me of him, I looked at actor, Nathan Jones and Eric “butterbean” Esch, who is a big guy and can really knock people out and also sumo wrestlers who are immensely strong athletes. I studied their physiques I began to get an idea of his physical characteristic. Using the ecorché method I created the body, a hybrid of a strong man who had a lot of mass. I looked at the video game images and also the toy, I noticed that the NECA’s version of the Executioner was a bit off. The forearms were really scrawny, and I felt that if someone that needs to wield such a big weapon, his legs were too small, so I decided to create what I think is more a more adequate body type, someone with huge latissimus dorsai and trapezius for lifting and pulling and also strong calves and quads from always having dead weight around him.
So I hope you enjoyed this sculpture.

For a 360 view of the piece.


To see the apron and cowl removed


Figure measures 12 inches approx, Axe is 18 inches in total length.


Figure: Mesh, Steel Epoxy, Aluminum, Tin Foil, Super Sculpey and Sculpey III mix, Resin Epoxy (Magic Sculpt)
Axe: Steel blade, Cedar mallet, Super sculpey. Steel accents on mallet. Resin Epoxy for Handle.
Stand: Welded Rebar, Hooks made of steel. Head/arm made with Super Sculpey/Sculpey III Mix.
Chopping block: Casted concrete.
Paints: Acrylic paint.

Thank you for your time.
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My first entry, I'll do a couple more : )

please oh please vote for me~~
If you dont like this, you might like my other ones, so vote on them if you want!
Thank you <3
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For Show the Love Contest.
Download for a bigger animation.

12 frames.
100 contractions per minute.

I think it turned out quite nice, and hope you like it :)


WON! :lol:
Thank You very much for all your faves and kind words :aww:
and of course thank you judges ($trowlandson, $laurenkitsune, $reiiz, `betteo and $Heidi) for choosing this artwork! :love:
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I wanted to give it a try...uf....too, I wanted to add more things in there, but my tablet died on me, the shame.

Hope you enjoy!!!

How much time does he have?


This is my entry for the contest of "The world ends with you" held by Deviantart+Square-enix. I had a big time doing it.

Oh, and the guy is based on a real one...yeah, i found the model on the internets, if you are the model I used for this guy, thank you!


Btw, all webcomics will be updating this week. And they will continue to be updated normally, once per week. thank you all who waited these long two weeks.
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My entry for the WEWY contest^_^ Im really happy with how this came out... I love the characters I made, even if they maybe came out a bit like my other characters Sakuya and Kailen^^; perhaps they are an alternative version of them? who knows? lol... I hope its good enought to get a placing^^;
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The theme of Seven Deadly Sins has been used time and time again, but I welcomed this opportunity for us to challenge ourselves to stray from the path of the usual, and to produce something with a socially relevant message.

:bulletpurple: Sin selection:
I chose the sin of Sloth because it's one I often observe from the people around me. Laziness and indifference. I myself am even guilty of it sometimes. There are days I feel like I'm not doing enough. For one thing, I should be able to create more artwork.

Just making this entry is another step forward in my attempts to fight off indolence. Art is the weapon. I hope that people who see this will also be encouraged to think twice before saying "I'm too lazy".

:bulletpurple: The artwork:
Although this is a photomanipulation, I wanted to give the composition a visual treatment which is similar to my illustrations. I also kept the graphics relatively simple but striking, considering that it should be a style that would look suitable for a billboard.

The images are all up for interpretation of course, but I'll talk a bit about my thought process anyway. :)

I wanted to incorporate imagery inspired by Dante's Inferno as well as my interpretation of Sloth in our modern day lives.

In the Fifth Circle of Hell described in Inferno, the slothful are punished underneath the Stygian lake, gurgling and singing sorrowful songs beneath the surface.

This too for certain know, that underneath
The water dwells a multitude, whose sighs
Into these bubbles make the surface heave,
As thine eye tells thee wheresoe'er it turn."
Fix'd in the slime they say: "Sad once were we
In the sweet air made gladsome by the sun,
Carrying a foul and lazy mist within:
Now in these murky settlings are we sad."
Such dolorous strain they gurgle in their throats.
But word distinct can utter none.

This part of Dante's Inferno paints a disturbing picture of the slothful souls who are doomed to regret that they took their lives for granted. When they were alive in a world with sunshine and fresh air, they rejected the chance to warm their skin, breathe deeply, and get out there and celebrate and participate in life. Instead, they made the decision to be miserable and lazy. For that they were sentenced to an eternity of sadness suffocating in a dark and gloomy lake.

The title text I designed for the word SLOTH represents what scares me about it. It's a degenerative sin like a poison easing you into a state of living death where you feel nothing, seek to know nothing, care for nothing.

The supporting text "Sometimes the worst course of action is to do nothing" is just something I thought of while making this piece.

I included other bits of text around the image, phrases that we might catch ourselves thinking sometimes. Just to give some examples:
Hey, you could have aced that test if you just studied. "I don't care."

Are you making an effort to have good relations with your family? "I don't know. Does it matter?"

Why aren't you doing anything about issues in your community? "I'm not affected, it's not my problem."

Are you pursuing a life that truly makes you happy? "Why try? The world is only going to waste. I don't see anyone else doing it anyway."

To think of a world where everybody thinks this way honestly terrifies me.

I replaced the heads of the adult figures with a computer monitor and television screen to depict how I feel Sloth affects us specifically in our day and age. We're so addicted to our conveniences. It's gotten to a point where new developments are slowly diminishing the need for physical activity. Information and entertainment are fed to us through television screens. We can accomplish so many things sitting in front of a computer monitor. Technology and efficiency is great but like everything else, it has to be in moderation. Relying too much on these things strips us of our humanity, and hinders us from fully experiencing life.

:bulletpurple: Thoughts while working on this:
My goal for this work was to go past the usual images associated with Sloth, which usually graze the surface of the aspect of laziness as an unhealthy liking for comfort. I wanted to focus on how I feel that it's a terrible shame and a waste of precious time when people don't do everything they can to utilize their talents to contribute something to the world out of sheer indifference. I've learned that anything — whether it's that an artwork, a song, some words of wisdom or compassion, anything — has the ability to change people's lives, even if it's for one individual at a time. I don't know where I would be if the creators of the artworks and songs and novels and films that affected me had never bothered to make use of their gifts and share their work to inspire, to get a message out, to make a difference.

A worthwhile way to spend a lifetime is to do what you can to make the world a better place because you've lived in it.

:bulletpurple: Resources:
All fonts included are free for commercial use (Bebas Neue, Sertig, Steelfish)

Stock images from #StockProject :iconstockproject:

1. Skull in "SLOTH":
:pointr: [link]

2. Hands:
:pointr: [link]
3. and [link]

4. Bubbles:

5. Skeleton:

6. Children:
:pointr: [link]

7. Woman:
:pointr: [link]

8. Man:
:pointr: [link]

9. Background:
:pointr: [link]

10. Wallpaper on Monitor Mom:

Everything else was drawn by me in Photoshop.

I apologize for the walls of text! I write these things down partly so I can look back and keep track of what I was thinking as I work on a piece. This was very educational and enjoyable for me.

Thank you for looking! :)

:note: Update:
Oh wow, I won!! I'm very grateful for all your support and appreciation! Thank you so much! :thanks:
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Please full vieww~
First time entering a contest on dA...and it's because of Lightning hehe x'D

So many amazing entries;;; it's worth a try anyways haha, it was fun designing a new outfit for her *////*  (I was inspired by Lumina's design :> )
I think torn clothing makes her look more badass :'D and yes I can't draw armour so none of that here lol
I might post the bigger version of her full body later.

*Done with Paint Tool Sai & PS

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My take on the contest. Hope you guys enjoy it
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Deviant Fella and Super Llama at a creak near my place. I think they might be thinking about acting out a scene from Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid.
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