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Fan Art DD Summary - March 2012

Sat Mar 31, 2012, 6:36 PM

Hello and welcome to the third Fan Art DD round up of 2012!  These are the Fan Art Daily Deviations featured during this month by TheCreativeJenn, ChewedKandi and yours truly. Enjoy!

TheCreativeJenn's picks


Leaving Burmecia by CarolinReich

Leaving Burmecia by CarolinReich

From the high skies of eternal rain to the details of the arch nemesis and his silver dragon, the artist sprouts great emotion, atmosphere, and watercolor techniques all in one deviation.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Leaving Burmecia by *Sinless!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn)

Chinese Doll Orianna Lunar Revel by CLK-Design

Chinese Doll Orianna Lunar Revel by CLK-Design

Superior in elegance, lively energy, and of course a well-crafted skin for the Chinese Doll Orianna Lunar Revel by *CLK-Design! I can't stress how beautifully the artist's own hands crafted this.
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Gwendolyn12)

Final fantasy XIII-2 Caius Ballad by FeliceMelancholie

Final fantasy XIII-2 Caius Ballad by FeliceMelancholie

The dark exterior of this recently-added Final Fantasy character combined with the anime realism and chromatic styles of this artist makes the deviation all the more outstanding. I encourage you to check out more of her progressive gallery! Final fantasy XIII-2 Caius Ballad by *FeliceMelancholie
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Arichy)

Demon Hunter by YngvarAsplund

Demon Hunter by YngvarAsplund

YngvarAsplund amazes us once again with a marvelous piece full of rage and energy! The graceful flow of the clothing and their body language as well as the fading colours increase the depth of field, making this an outstanding fan art no one should miss!
Demon Hunter by *Broken-Orange
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by rydi1689)

Super Mario Bros. 3 by JoeOiii

Super Mario Bros. 3 by JoeOiii

The suggester says that this deviation not only has a great concept, but is very vibrant in color. I couldn't agree more, this artwork successfully flourishes with life!
Super Mario Bros. 3 by ~JoeyDangerous
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by iingo)

No Smoke Without Fire by MagdalenaKapinos

No Smoke Without Fire by MagdalenaKapinos

The suggester says, "This piece shows that even fan art of very popular series can be a beautiful piece of art itself even for people who don't know the series. Wonderful colors and details."
No Smoke Without Fire by ~gdak
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Otai)

Another Power Girl by portohle

Another Power Girl by portohle

Sexy, vibrant, and bold in composition!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Another Power Girl by *portohle!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Astralseed)

Spartan MKII-0X vs. Elite Flight Custom by bflynn22

Spartan MKII-0X vs. Elite Flight Custom by bflynn22

The suggester says, "Very detailed design for the foreground and background. The motion, the color scheme and lighting makes this picture a really dynamic composition."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Spartan MKII-0X vs. Elite Flight Custom by ~bflynn22!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Kaoyux)

Vivi Final Render by John-Lozano

Vivi Final Render by John-Lozano

A render such as this would be a great foundation towards a remake of Final Fantasy IX - major props to the creative 3D artist John-Lozano that constructed this with his own hands!! Vivi Final Render by ~John-Lozano
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by LaurenKitsune)


Bayonetta Full Color by GiaMenzi

The suggester says, "Dang! It looks like she's about to come out of the picture and kill me!"

Anyone who has taken the time to try this game may very well understand after viewing the extraordinary artwork of Bayonetta Full Color by ~GiaMenzi!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by RTNightmare)

Meryl Stryfe by solidgrafi

Meryl Stryfe by solidgrafi

The suggester says, "This is just gorgeous."

Viewing the Trigun character Meryl Stryfe by ~solidgrafi, every fiber of my being can't help but agree. Be sure to view his gallery for more eye-popping work!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Demoncherry)

Pretty Cunning - Jayne Cobb by hever

Pretty Cunning - Jayne Cobb by hever

Pretty Cunning - Jayne Cobb by *hever showcases a blooming rarity of fanart creation. It gives me great pleasure to feature her talent for the eyes of Firefly fans, enthusiasts, and simply fan art lovers that fathom uniqueness.
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn)

Tomb Raider 2012 Lara Croft - Acrylic Painting by CurlyWurly808

Tomb Raider 2012 Lara Croft - Acrylic Painting by CurlyWurly808

The suggester says, "A lot of passion, patience and effort was put into it, and the result is excellent."

Tomb Raider 2012 Lara Croft - Acrylic Painting by ~CurlyWurly808
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Hanafae)

InuYasha and Kagome by Marizano

InuYasha and Kagome by Marizano

The artist not only mixed their outstanding talent in this piece, but the emotions between the two which are also beautifully ultilized.

Ladies and Gentlemen, InuYasha and Kagome by *Marizano!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Imperius-Rex)

Sample page - DJ - P R I N C E by Ero-Pinku

Sample page - DJ - P R I N C E by Ero-Pinku

The sounds of the text, the textures of the atmosphere, and the detailed illustrations!! All that and more in a progressing comic for the Kuroshitsuji series.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sample page - DJ - P R I N C E by *Ero-Pinku!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by LeBlanc-plz)

Raiden Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance by Froitz

Raiden Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance by Froitz

The amount of technique, passion, and time put in this deviation makes ~Froitz's Raiden Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance to die for!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Why-did-Kenji-die)

The Girl On Fire by Jandruff

The Girl on Fire by Jandruff

The blaze from Katniss' eyes to her surroundings is amazing, and the concept inspired by the book is nothing less!

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Girl On Fire by ~Jandruff!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Minato-Kushina)

Arthuria by manusia-no-31

Arthuria by manusia-no-31

The complex craftsmanship in this artwork of Saber from Fate/Zero makes this more than a unique fan art creation, but a masterpiece.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Arthuria by ~manusia-no-31!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by 01309)

12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty by harbek

12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty by harbek

*harbek's attention to detail for her 12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty fanart is extravagant! Be sure to check out the rest of her gallery!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by LadyWithoutAName)

Hwoarang, Tekken. by Klodia007

Hwoarang, Tekken. by Klodia007

(also suggested by ^Astralseed)

Outstanding composition, movement, and action of the surroundings - it makes you feel like you're a part of the game! Ladies and Gentlemen, Hwoarang, Tekken. by ~Klodia007!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Exillior)

Pandaren by SiaKim

Pandaren by SiaKim

(also suggested by ^Astralseed)

~Siakim's Pandaren is skillfully done, beautifully detailed, and frankly just enjoyable to look at.
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by wreckling)

Aries Mu - Saint Seiya by Dahlieka

Aries Mu - Saint Seiya by Dahlieka

Dynamic in style, rich in emotion, and gorgeous in appearance to say the least.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Aries Mu - Saint Seiya by *Dahlieka!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by SophieBrigitteXD)

Iroh in Wonderland by jesterry

Iroh in Wonderland by jesterry

=jesterry displays not only an energetic perspective on her "Avatar Meets Alice in Wonderland" concept, but the mediums very much speak life on their own!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Iroh in Wonderland.
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn)

TES: Shivering Isles by coupleofkooks

TES: Shivering Isles by coupleofkooks

The Daedric Prince of Madness in all his glory! TES: Shivering Isles by =coupleofkooks is such an amazing sight as well as the rest of the artist's gallery. Check it out!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Trisste-stocks)

LoL: Lunar Revel Contest by Lulluria

LoL: Lunar Revel Contest by Lulluria

LoL: Lunar Revel Contest by ~O-mie is a winner! The colors and the various personalities make this fan art a brilliant flow.
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by MOSHI-MOSHI-IA-DESU)

Do the soccer by furupati

Do the soccer by furupati

(Also suggested by `Gwendolyn12 and =white-frosty-luv)

Do the soccer by ~furupati is more than just a beginning to the growth to this artist's gallery - the divinity of this fan art just cannot be contained!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Damaged927)

Finale: Reunion.
"I have to make a phone call to the gym!" Roy yelled as his voice was drowned by the helicopter departing nearby.
Roy and Mae had just arrived in Sootopolis city. The wealthy young man had to arrange a private flight for them to travel in the city as it was impossible to reach the isolated island by other means of transportation besides water related ones.
The blustering wind played roughly with Mae's dark shoulder length hair which was thrown into a messy, yet presentable bun. It caused her to drop her purse as she quickly tried to hold her hair in place. She had spent a great amount of time making sure it looked nice for her meeting with Nero and didn't want even a strand out of its' place.
"Okay! Let's go inside!" she cried out. He waved his hand in the air dismissing what she had said. She rolled her large black eyes and dragged her belongings inside the building.  A tall, lean male in a dark suit stopped her in her tracks and offered to assist with her the luggage.

Finale: Reunion. by MzzAzn

Finale: Reunion. by ^MzzAzn tells a beautiful tale of her and another's original characters facing the trials of friendship, betrayal, and love within the Pokémon world. Definitely a good read!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Zelvii)

Fall of Renais by daLomacchi

Fall of Renais by daLomacchi

The suggester says, "Really nice watercolour work with great composition and a dramatic scene."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall of Renais by ~daLomacchi!
(Featured by TheCreativeJenn, Suggested by Lyricanna)


ChewedKandi's picks

Rare Birds by ArandaDill

Rare Birds by ArandaDill

Rare Birds by =ArandaDill 
(Featured by ChewedKandi, suggested by RTNightmare)

Sharon Needles Channeling Maleficent by dezignjk

Sharon Needles Channeling Maleficent by dezignjk

Combining Disney magic with fierce drag: Sharon Needles Channeling Maleficent by ~dezignjk 

(Featured by ChewedKandi)

Moriarty. Andrew Scott by Olga-Tereshenko

Moriarty. Andrew Scott by Olga-Tereshenko

A chilling stare from a criminal mastermind rendered in beautiful strokes. Moriarty. Andrew Scott by ~Olga-Orlando 

alexandrasalas's picks

TEGAKI: Curious Village by Katsuhiro-Miamura

TEGAKI: Curious Village by Katsuhiro-Miamura

TEGAKI: Curious Village by ~Katsuhiro-Miamura 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Que-ink)

Darkwing Duck by oritey

Darkwing Duck by oritey

Darkwing Duck by ~oritey 

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

Prototype 2 by Diam0nt

Prototype 2 by Diam0nt

Prototype 2 by ~Diam0nt 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by infinessence)

Haggar the witch by JoshBurns

Haggar the witch by JoshBurns

Haggar the witch by ~JoshBurns 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by mukuro-sama)


Chrono Trigger: Dragon Tank by EiffelArt

Chrono Trigger: Dragon Tank by *EiffelArt 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Rosella-of-Daventry)

Curse you Guybrush Threepwood by neomonki

Curse you Guybrush Threepwood by neomonki

Curse you Guybrush Threepwood by ~neomonki Also suggested by ~Meronine

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by erisama)

Fall Gotham City by mullerpereira

Fall Gotham City by mullerpereira

Fall Gotham City by ~mullerpereira 

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

o domina candida scientiae, valere iubeo. by xfreischutz

o domina candida scientiae, valere iubeo. by xfreischutz

o domina candida scientiae, valere iubeo. by ~xfreischutz
The suggester says: "The artist has done such a lovely job capturing the emotions and elements of Portal with an Art Nouveau style. Her coloring and technical skills are top-notch and her humanized design for Glados is nothing short of gorgeous. Even the typography is lovely!" 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Jiayi)

The puppetmaster - P4 by never-knows

The puppetmaster - P4 by never-knows

The puppetmaster - P4 by =never-knows 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Zupaipai)

Fight for the prince by s05146

Fight for the prince by s05146

Fight for the prince by ~s05146 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by rioIu)

Imprisoned by liga-marta

Imprisoned by liga-marta

Imprisoned by ~liga-marta 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by ashesto)

.Meteor Shower. by akimaro

.Meteor Shower. by akimaro

.Meteor Shower. by *akimaro is a lovely tribute to the adorable characters from `Thiefoworld's Children of the World webcomic. Each one of them display a lot of personality and the beautiful composed image makes you want to read the story! 

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

Ganondorf by d-torres

Ganondorf by d-torres

Ganondorf's expression sends shivers down my spine. What a fantastic portrait! Fan Art by ~Toguza 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Sarky-Sparky)

forever waiting by linxz2010

forever waiting by linxz2010

forever waiting by ~linxz2010 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Pheotive)

Princess Mononoke by Yaphleen

Princess Mononoke by Yaphleen

Princess Mononoke by ~Yaphleen 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Astralseed)

Skyrim - Alduin by HughEbdy

Skyrim - Alduin by HughEbdy

Skyrim - Alduin by ~hughebdy 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by CarmanMM-Dirda)

Imaginary Galaxy War by 3rdclover

Imaginary Galaxy War by 3rdclover

Imaginary Galaxy War by ~3rdclover is a hilarious crossover you wouldn't want to miss. 

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

Avada Kedavra by mr-potato

Avada Kedavra by mr-potato

Avada Kedavra by ~mr-potato is bound to send chills down your spine. 

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

Samus of Arc by StewartMortimer

Samus of Arc by StewartMortimer

Samus of Arc by ~StewartMortimer 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by CaptainIcy)

Fairytale by vaniamarita

Fairytale by vaniamarita

Fairytale by ~vaniamarita is a whimsical and heartwarming scene. 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Hirukio)

Little prince by Fabera

Little prince by Fabera

Little prince by ~Fabera 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by Minato-Kushina)

In the Truffulair by EmbracedByDvorovoi

In the Truffulair by EmbracedByDvorovoi

In the Truffulair by =FluffyZeliboba

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

TFP Cybertron golden age by GoddessMechanic

TFP Cybertron golden age by GoddessMechanic

TFP Cybertron golden age by *GoddessMechanic 

(Featured by alexandrasalas)

MLP- St. Patrick's Day by NickSwift

MLP- St. Patrick's Day by NickSwift

MLP- St. Patrick's Day by ~brokenlynx has a unique and whimsical cartoony style that will make you smile. 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by MOSHI-MOSHI-IA-DESU)


the sound of violin by oyo-yoh

the sound of violin by ~oyo-yoh 

(Featured by alexandrasalas, suggested by tooosh)

Thank you very much for looking! :love:

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Quirky Horoscope Contest Winners

Mon Aug 20, 2012, 1:27 PM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:
Before I go on to announce the winners, I want to thank Astralseed, Hardrockangel, alexandrasalas and Aeirmid for being the most efficient judges ever :la:

The winners for this contest are divided into categories: most creative over all, funniest, best design and best written horoscope.  Each winner will receive: a dA sticker pack, a choice of Fella or Llama plush and 3 month premium membership.

And without further adieu :la:

Most creative: Quirky Scorpio Horoscope by jesterry
Quirky Scorpio Horoscope by jesterry

Funniest: Virgo Horoscope by LineBirgitte
Virgo Horoscope by LineBirgitte

Best Design: Scorpio by Si3art
Scorpio by Si3art

Best Written: Daily Horoscope of Aries on 7th August by 20Tourniquet02
Daily Horoscope of Aries on 7th August by 20Tourniquet02

I will be noting all winners about their prizes momentarily :la:

Thanks to everyone who participated :hug:

12th birthday quirky horoscope contest winners =)
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My husband and I (Ravenswd) recently ran a contest to help introduce our Relativity Universe to the dA community.  It was hosted on my mirz-alt account and was a spin on the old "draw our OC" contest.  However, the difference was that the piece had to incorporate either the characters or the Relativity universe in general.  For a contest featuring a rather unknown set of characters, we were very happy with the turnout.

The judging for the contest was done on three factors:  Creativity/originality, incorporation of the Relativity universe, and general art.  We really did go back and forth on judging several of the pieces.  But, after all the tallying up was done, we came up with our winners.  

Note that we were so impressed by all the entries that all non-winners will receive 50 points as a thank-you for entering. Details on the contest and the prize list can be found here --->…

Now, without further ado.  The winners...

Le Artist by Mirz123 VISUAL ART CATEGORY

1st Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles First Place by jesterry

It's all relative by jesterry

This piece floored us.  How so many different characters were tied-in, independently, really impressed.  It was clear the contestant had read up on all the characters and had created some clear ideas and storylines in her head.  The fact all of the characters are (mostly) out-of-costume was a fun twist. The use of color is amazing, too.  Typically in superhero stories, dark and grungy palettes are utilized.  The choice of rainbow colors and lighting works surprisingly well.

2nd Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles Second Place by SparklyDest:

Dark Flame Bumbler by SparklyDest

Honestly, there was only 1-2 points difference between first and second place. We adored the originality of the piece.  The idea of a knitted Dark Flame doll was just inspired.  But what cinched it for us was the accompanying "story" in the artist notes.  The idea of a small girl making this doll and dreaming of being the Dark Flame was really the type of thing we were hoping for in this contest.  Not to mention the doll itself is simply amazing.

3rd Place Emote Trophy-Animtd by mirzjiles Third Place by Know-Kname

Relativity by Know-Kname

We viewed this piece as the "movie version" of the characters. As if Hollywood had approached the team about making a film of their exploits.  We admired how the artist took the existing designs and adapted them.  The characters are very recognizable, albeit different.  They are also much better looking--which is exactly what Hollywood would do!  Nice work.

4th Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles Fourth Place (tie) by dragondoodle and bluefootednewt

Honestly we were split right down the middle on this one, so we decided to award both the prize. Each will get a one-month sub + other related prizes.

The Dark Flame Fan by dragondoodle

It's the little details that makes this piece.  The band-aids on the girl, the reprimanding look in Dark Flames eyes, the buildings in the background beyond. It was nice how the artist cleverly incorporated one of her OCs into the pic.

The Shooter by bluefootednewt

Originality is what really struck us on this one, as well as the medium used.  It was so very different than anything else, going with a retro look--which suits the noir superheroes of years past.  Done entirely in ballpoint pen really impressed.

5th Place Emote Trophy-Animtd by mirzjiles Honorable Mention by luvedragon

This was such a clever idea and well done.  It really looks like something a 6 year old would do.  Our own kids got a big kick out of it.


Typewriter Emote - Extended by Mirz123 LITERATURE CATEGORY

We had a benchmark of 10 entries in order to award 1-2-3 in the literature category. Since there were only 4 official literature entries, we are only awarding 1st place.

1st Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles The winner is Shadowed-Serenity

Sara UnpreparedThere was once a girl named Sara,
She hated being shot by a camera--
Or for that matter, a gun, which was just as bad.
Going around defenseless, however, was sad.
Speaking of sadness, it was a pity
That she happened to reside in Gale City.
The poor corrupted place, you see,
Was home to crime, terror, and poverty.
Far too many were just-enough desperate
That instead of going home, they'd get arrested
For a chance to shower, shave, and eat
Well protected from the crime upon the street.
Some did try to help as best they knew,
But alone against so many, what can one person do?
Now Sara was special, she was one of the elite.
She'd joined a group of people quick upon their feet.
Together they would go and fight and try to clean the grime
Left by all the thugs who'd yet to do their time.
Not all the citizens sought the jail as a haven to stay
but rather created the havoc, day and night, night and day.
Sara was a hero, in many many ways,
Not only how she fought at night,But how she spent her d

We really loved that this was a poetry piece done in traditional rhyme fashion.  The story was a bit unconventional, which was intriguing.  The fact that a secondary, non-superhero character is the one that saves the day really impressed--and hits at the core of what Relativity is about: ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  

5th Place Emote Trophy-Animtd by mirzjiles Honorable Mention:

Our daughter, RandomyPurple entered the contest, even though she knew she was disqualified from winning.  She wrote her story in secret and we did not know any of the details until we read it.  We were so floored by it, that we are giving it an honorable mention.

Relativity Contest EntryThe murder. I remember it so well. How I stayed in the corner. How scared I was... But The Black Torrent... He came... I was hiding. But he came. He pulled me out of the corner and said it was alright. I didn't say anything. I hid my face. Tears streaming down.
The police came soon after. The Black Torrent handed me to them. He said to make sure they took good care of me. I never saw him in person again after that.
They took me to the police station. I was asked so many questions. I never said a word though. I stayed quiet with my head down. They thought I was traumatized.
I was put into an orphanage soon after. I had no relatives alive. My parents were killed that night. I never spoke or looked at anyone in the orphanage. Everyone soon started believing I was either deaf or mute. But I didn't care. Nobody talked to me and I liked it that way.
After that I kept a small book. I wrote about being a superhero like The Black Torrent in it. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Everyda

The story tied in the past and present history of the Black Torrent, which was a clever idea. The writing, while a bit choppy in part (she explains why in the Notes), was well-done.  However, the twist at the end really sealed it for us.  Great job.

Honorable Mentions will receive 100 points.

Bonus Winner's Poll: Vote for your favorite of the winning entries in this poll --->… .  The winner will receive a bonus 100 points!



We loved the other entries so much, we are going to feature them below along with some of our thoughts and likes about each piece.  

Note that the remaining entries will now go into a special People's Choice poll for a chance to win a consolation 1-month sub prize.  To vote in the runner-up round, click here --->… .

Relativity Contest Entry by happy-gurl by happy-gurl

Considering it's one of my artforms, I had really hoped we would get a digital doll entry.  I am a total sucker for mirror pieces and this is well done.  A lovely palette and exceptional pixelling skills.  This one really came close to placing point-wise.

Be careful next time by jesterry by jesterry

It was a hard pick between this one and the other piece the artist submitted.  This one the colors totally stole the show.  Again, the use of a rainbow of colors was inspired.  The story tie-in was awesome too.  Who doesn't love a dramatic romance!

:thumb263317364: by OnionBlaze

I love that the artist chose the Grey Tornado, a recently introduced character.  The traditional dark skyline broken up by the sole costumed figure is done with a nice twist.  

To The Rescue by Shadowed-Serenity by Shadowed-Serenity

I actually expected more entries showing Dark Flame rescuing a child, since that seems to be a very popular theme among our fans.  I was really impressed by the quality and the medium used. The colors are great...and those boots are to die for.

Babs in Anthro Cat form by VegetasLittleSister by VegetasLittleSister

It was fun to see one of our character created in anthro form--something no other artist had don.  The choice of the character Babs was fun and I think it turned out very nicely.

I can't waitI stare at the gray walls, reading for what must be the millionth time the graffiti plastered all over it. My hands clench into fists. This place is a living nightmare, but that's probably deliberate, what with it being jail and all. The picture of Overcast and Black Torrent is right behind me, looking down mockingly at me.
With a whirl, I spin around and punch Torrent's image in the face.  My hands are already bruised, but I keep pounding, plotting what to do to them when I get out. They can't keep me in here forever, there's no proof I killed anyone, Just that I robbed a corner shop and damaged the security cameras. And it must have been a few months since they locked me up here, but it's hard to tell.
If only the picture on the wall was more than a picture, if only I had them in here for me to beat to a pulp. I picture the way they would look if I got my hands on them. Blood dripping down their faces, staining their costumes, tears squeezing themselves from their eyes, try
by Mossstar77

The only entry that featured the POV of a bad guy (I thought there might be more).  Reading the obsessive brooding of the criminal was fun.  I could definitely see this guy getting out of prison and wrecking havoc upon our heroes in the future.

Paging Or Calling Dr. Long Bow����������������������������������Paging Or Calling Dr. Long Bow
� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �By Charlie Pasters
����� � � � � � � � � � � � � {See Also "Charles E. Lawston's Out Of Places, Out Of Times � � � (Part 2)" And "All For The Like Of Friendship."} � � � �
� � � � � �In this known Alternate Relativity Parallel Earth and Universe, known as Charles Lawston=Regular,not A Superhero(CRN
by chazzlez

A fun, typical superhero story.  Definitely a set-up for things to come, I think.  What impressed the most was the creation of supervillians who use frisbees and yo-yos as weapons.

All For The Like Of Friendship�������������������������������All For The Like Of Friendship����
� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �By Charlie Pasters
� � � � � � {See Also "Paging Or Calling Dr. Long Bow And Charles E. Lawston's Out Of Places, Out Of Times, Part 2."}
� � � � � �
� � � While still being invisible, unknown, and unbeknownst, to the people below him: While still flying around and staying stationary to the One Fighting Battle below him, Adam Fields/The Magician, suddenly see
by chazzlez

Another seeming set-up for things to come. The characters sound like they will be interesting when developed down the line.


If you love it fave it by Ravenswd ---> so that others can find these great artists.
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The Known and Unknown Feature [3]

Thu May 31, 2012, 8:07 PM
This collection is one that I hope you all will enjoy, I know I really did! 

Also, I just finished the last episode of House M.D. Likely one of my favorite shows... So sad to see it end. 
Also, a must see: One of the most gorgeous videos I have seen. 

Have a great week!

P.S. Steph1254, Pickley and JamminJo Just saying.

P.P.S. shows this centered, but it isn't staying centered... So my apologies for the crappy alignment. 

Paris from the Eiffel Tower by BenHeine
Lupin Delight by chrisginsleeping by Keischa-Assili
Beaming At Burgess by CainPascoe
Team dArt Show Down - Theme 1 - Change (part 4) by jesterryThree Raven Brothers by jankolas
Big Buddha by MacRebisz
Face to face by RichardConstantinoffWetland walker by BogdanBoev
The Summer Turvys by chrisntheboat
Camouflage by SasoSiSweet Nectar. by ZEUS1001
Holi by zosogis
Ghosts of Bare Island by FireflyPhotosAustDall sheep ram by softflower
TDKR banner - V1 by AndrewSS7

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Big Feature !

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 20, 2013, 11:31 AM
Bonjour à tous et à toutes. Cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas fait de feature. Manque de temps, beaucoup de fatigue, de travail ... Je vais me rattraper, j'ai aimé énormément d'oeuvres sur Deviantart, et je compte bien vous en faire profiter! Alors pardonnez moi mon absence, et régalez vous avec toutes ces merveilles !!


Hello everyone. For a long time I had not made ​​feature. Lack of time, a lot of fatigue, work ... I'll catch me, I liked a lot of works on Deviantart, and I intend to share it with you!
So forgive me my absence, and treat you with all these wonders!


>>>JOIN US<<<

And follow us on Facebook :…

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.:. N E W E S T    -     W O R K  .:.

Iced Beauty by Kryseis-Art  Nobody by Kryseis-Art  Your Memory by Kryseis-Art  Evolution by Kryseis-Art  Fragile Doll by Kryseis-Art  Sweet Princess by Kryseis-Art  La dame des ombres by Kryseis-Art  La Comtesse by Kryseis-Art  Melancolie by Kryseis-Art  Sweet Dreams by Kryseis-Art

.:. P H O T O M A N I P U L A T I O N S .:.

My first heartbeat by cunene  Reality glitch by igreeny  Love II by Skategirl  Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Creamydigital  no fear by dihaze  Outcast 2013 by ilona-veresk  Coronach 2013 by ilona-veresk  Automaton by cunene  Reine des Neiges by MaliciaRoseNoire  My body is a cage by dihaze

No One Must Know... by DarkDevil16  Away from me by sara-hel  Queen of zombies by MarkOoMarben  SLEEPING BEAUTY by gogomelone  Self-Deception by xetobyte  Elegy of Decay by BigBad-Red  :thumb362498862:  TIME TO GO AWAY by MirellaSantana  Agony by TheDarkRayne  The Goddess of Spring by Wesley-Souza

Mary Was Terribly Nice by nina-Y  Dark girl by xnhan00  Bath by kidy-kat  Queen Of Darkness by EnchantedWhispersArt  Fille d Hermes by Le-Meridian  The Baleful Allegiance by 3mmI  Reminiscent by MirellaSantana  Sinner by blaithiel  Mourning by JeRoenMurre  Red roses by Fleurine-Retore  

Red like Blood by Ksenija-Strange  Latrodectus mactans by Amok-Studio  Forgotten Picture III by MirellaSantana  Eternal flame by Creamydigital  Baba Jaga by Alcove  Riding the Waves Of Life by vismaya  Cobalt in my Veins by octobre-rouge  Everything That Was Before by pelleron  Nightmare by Lhianne  L'odore Mortis by gogomelone

Wake Me Up From This Nightmare by ColourRiot  The Doll by Juli-SnowWhite  Dark Water by VampireDarlla  Demon Queen by Wesley-Souza  The Stand by neverdying  R e u l  G h o r m by Corvinerium  The Scarlet Flower by NM-art  A white and dark lair by LuneBleu  Learn to be lonely by FantasyMaker  :thumb354217858:

Enigma by LeslieAnnODell  auch wenn mein herz stets brennt by AnjaMillen  Cease Fire by TitusBoy25  :thumb354033642:  Pariah by J-u-d-a-s  Memories of suffering by neverdying  The world behind.... by Philaeria  JANE.. by m-gosia  :thumb352956017:  Only an Echo by Adipose620

Pilgrim by sasha-fantom  Lost In Thought by Shorra  Hour of black snake by AmandineVanRay  Untitled by streetX222  mirror by dihaze  Creature of the night by blaithiel  Coal Into Diamonds by AbbeyMarie  Deep Water by Nikulina-Helena  

.:. P A I N T I N G S      &     D R A W I N G S .:.

:thumb366379352:  Commission : Kain x Camille - Gmo-Project by M-aelis  Spirit of life by Trefle-Rouge  :thumb366273131:  New ID by inSOLense  :thumb365581277:    Snow White by PapaNinja  Moire by Coliandre  The Fairy by RozennIlliano

Speed - Doll Collection :: Future ? by M-aelis  Rosalind and Robert Lutece by DarrenGeers  +1000 likes reward ! by Orpheelin  Antheia by teralilac  Dark Moon by fdasuarez  mermaidaidaid by andrahilde  Ms Pain by Artgerm  Succubus - 02 by aditya777  wahnsinn by Kyrie0201  Bedroom by kamezis  

Dark Queen Guinevere by Cryptcrawler  COMMISSION : Kyara x Nyreen Alria by M-aelis  Set them free by AquaSixio  ++ COMMISION ++ Jean-Luc St Laurence by alexzappa  Demona by el-grimlock  Illuminated by NanFe  :thumb363250837:  Assassins Creed 3 - Temptation by KejaBlank  mulberry by erebun  Heartless by melaniedelon  

Emperor by ellrano  Spider Queen by stealthmaria  HAPPY_EASTER! by donmalo  Apparently by fdasuarez  All Tomorrow Parties by Zephyrhant  :Commission_AmberJensen: by RezwanaDimech  BEAST by bewareitbites  :thumb360714426:  Miss Gaga by ChelseaHantken  This Dream by Zolaida

Human war bellona by XiaoBotong  Softness by argaelie  Battle Elf sketch by dinmoney  Back Cover by MrBlackCap    Let Them Eat by Tyson-McAdoo  A Monstrous Distance by jmlan  :thumb358365850:  Lady Goldfish Dress by webang111  Forest by jmlan

Elephant traveler / My pink elephant by ImaginateArtwork  little mermaid by Chaotic-Muffin  Mermaid by hoooook  ++ COMMISSION ++ HAYDEN by alexzappa  Immersed by SteveDelamare  Pffffff, goddess maybe by DavidRapozaArt  play some music by koffinkandy  Querida Muerta inspired by Eirikiss    alis volat propriis by proxi-mity

'Cheshire' by CMYKyles  Vampire portrait by Grandfailure  What I Though vs. What I Said by R-becca  CONSTANTINE by alexzappa  Atonement- Print by JenniferHealy  Rococo Ballerina- Print by JenniferHealy  CUTE VAMPY by LORENA-CARVALHO  slough by satiiiva  :thumb353704141:  Queen Of Hearts by CarolineVos

:Secretsanta_Acaciathorn: by RezwanaDimech

.:. P H O T O G R A P H Y .:.

FD2 by Grooveinjector  Taste of blood by Grooveinjector  Kristina by warhammerphoto  5280 by LilifIlane  _Reverie. by Bloddroppe  Red Vampire by Elisanth  Magic Love II by idaniphotography  Wonderland by AnitaAnti  Natalia and her nightmares. by laura-makabresku  The lost Lord by Annie-Bertram

Blue Blood by la-esmeralda  Wonderland by AnitaAnti  Clown De Melancholy by Hocspy  Maree by AlexandraSophie  :thumb363527549:  Max.Tan SS 2011 by zemotion  Violet Poison by Nadixe  :thumb362524727:  Dress ivory, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomantica  Ghosts Of Utopia by MariannaInsomnia

:thumb361762785:  Semidarkness by NataliaDrepina  Elven Themed Costume Portrait by DustinPanzino  Aerial by ONE-Photographie  These dreams fly on fragile wings by sophiaazhou  wanna eat cake? by ModelMissDragonfly  :thumb180330563:  Mystery, silence entities_2 by Dipsiwow  Self-destructive by mexicanpedo  Dirty Window by Amanda-Diaz

Hibernal mirror by NataliaDrepina  Camellia S VIII by ShockAllArt  892 - dream by SlevinAaron  eclipse by Avine  Katha III by november-storm  the glamourous diva by gestiefeltekatze  Valentine by lieveheersbeestje  -Abandoned remembrance- by Janek-Sedlar  Lucky Love. by LuizaLazar  Sister Of Charity by MariannaInsomnia

Dreams by carolowa  Dress Mariposa,Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomantica  Snow White by PARANOIRmissalaura

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Welcome, folks!  Covering up my depressing journal :)

Red planet by mastadeath Red Clan Sweeper by benedickbana

Sound of silence by Grall19

Declaration Of Dependance - Kaydara by Aleeth Our Hell by Zephyrhant :thumb355494170:

Rooted by Silberblatt

Trypophilia by LenoreScarecrow Liquid Gold by Amanda-Diaz Into the wild by ElephantWendigo

Winter rains by Esveeka

:bigthumb355555566: Demon Queen by Mscheveous

The Green Man by kimsol For Me?! by NickHerbert Silent Night by Lady-Yunaleska

Taste Of LAVENDER by puppet-soul

Pray for the Witch King by Emperors-Revenge Tender by CristaliaART Blue Blood by MADmoiselleMeli

tara shakti mantra.. by devils-horizon The New Jungle by DarkDevil16

tomb raider reborn by Txusjfuentes by Txusjfuentes

:thumb355815101: Tree of Light by LiliaOsipova should i by iNeedChemicalX

The Guardian III by MirellaSantana Story of the rains... by freaky208

A Faded Future by astrangeallure Anthomedusae by Lhianne Death of an Angel by dreamswoman

infirmity by m-gosia

Noble war by WiseKumagoro :thumb336827956: Romeo and Juliet by j-witless

Lara Croft - Survival by JoeyJulian

NOT PARTY by notmystyle Tomb Raider Reborn by Enigmasystem My Fragile Soul by TheDreamBelow

Clarity by SymmetryBox

Joker Girl by andrebdois Dom: Making Contact by ValCarpenter Remember your heart by Yewrezz

Stardust by ChristabelleLAmort Paradise by Daystar-Art

La derrota by Lattapiat :thumb351189117: spirit in the dark by nachtpixler

Duel...! by Reza-Afshar-Art

...where you can find gourami. by Ali-zarina Fern flower. by Kondratij Typhlosis by imorawetz

Love Hurts by NicksPencil

Remember... by shiny-shadows-Art

Islands by alicexz Looking deeper through the telescope by iNeedChemicalX Cupid by samueltd

worte by AnjaMillen Banshee by diphylla

:thumb356164939: Firefly by ElXi-Ameyn + Sahara + by OmarRodriguezV

The Walking Dead by sologfx
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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 1, 2012, 6:03 PM

Midnight of March the 1st, 2013! The contest is over!
Thank you everybody for taking part!
I never expected so many marvelous entries, this warms my heart so much! Winners will be declared soon, in the meanwhile a HUGE, enormous hug to all the participants for their gorgeous artworks and kindness!:heart:

:star:EDIT5:about the deadlinesince I was asked by several people, even if  it's midnight here, you can have some extra hours. I will wait fr those people to submit their entries, but if this will take more than 24h I am really sorry but you have to be considered out of time. If you're working on your entry too, please let me know, I will wait. If everyone finishes before tomorrow's midnight, the contest close once the last picture is submitted.

:star:EDIT4:about the deadlineI was asked to add an extension, so I did a poll this morning to see the other participants'advice.
The conclusion is the following: no extension.
I can exceptionally add up to 24h but just if this could make the difference for somebody. If that's your case please contact me by note. If nobody contacts me, the deadline remains unchanged.

:star:EDIT3:-4 days to the end!!! : ) Just a little reminder. Also, I'm working hard to finish the sketchbook (at least the english version) in time for the end of the contest. Pics are done, I am just composing them and the texts. More updates about it soon ; )

:star:EDIT2: Since I suppose it wasn't so clear, the deadline is set for February, the 28th. Entries should be uploaded before midnight; I am not picky about timezones, but in the morning of March the 1st the contest will be officially close.

:star:EDIT1:On request of Eniell I added some basic infos about the characters'relationships and age in the character sheet's comment. Also, some questions I was asked:

Q: Can I make more than one entry?
A: As many as you want : ) but you cannot win twice.

Q: Are crossovers allowed?
A: As long as I know the characters you're crossovering with. I think I couldn't fully appreciate the idea behind a crossover with characters I know nothing about, this would penalize your work.

Q: What kind of artwork is allowed?
A: Just any visual artwork is fine. Traditional medias, digital medias, collages, photos...i just cannot accept written artworks, because that would imply a better knowledge of characters and story. I suppose I gave too few infos to make this, and I want to save most of them for the sketchbook, so I am not providing them for this contest.

Q: Has TwoBlades a specific weapon?
A: Normally during the story he uses this--> sword, using the sheath as a second weapon. He kinda adapted using it, but you can also draw him with a couple of random twin swords, which would be the natural choice for his way of fighting.

It had to start in summer, it delayed in autumn, but finally!!! I managed to gather everything I needed to organize a MINI-CONTEST!
I have all the sketches ready, only scans and 5\8 comics pages left! so I definitely think it's time to make a related promotional contest!

Urrr...JadeEyes? o_ò

JadeEyes is the title and also the name of the main character of a graphic novel project I am developing.
It's an adventure set in a fantasy world inspired to ancient and early imperial China.
A sketchbook of presentation with some sample comics pages is planned to  be printed (on my expenses) after Xmas holidays at latest; currently you can find more infos by browsing my gallery and tumbrl or reading this character sheet for the main 4:

So what about this "CHA-llenge"?

Cha is the Chinese word for Tea. Yes, you know, the hot drink! X)
To enter the contest, you are supposed to produce a visual artwork featuring one (or more!) of JadeEyes characters of your choice on the theme "tea".
Please this is important, remember the tea! XD
This could sound obvious, but please let me know via note if you have made an entry!

I read until here, this means I am interested. Tell me about prizeeees! :heart:

Of course, prizes!

:star:1st PRIZE:
:bulletgreen:an up to 2 characters picture with BG drawn by myself;
:bulletgreen:a traditional A5 picture;
:bulletgreen:a JadeEyes sketchbook;
:bulletgreen:a tea flower (something like this… , flavour to be discussed with winner).

:star:2nd PRIZE:
:bulletgreen:an up to 2 characters picture with BG drawn by myself;
:bulletgreen:a JadeEyes sketchbook;
:bulletgreen:a tea flower.

:star:3rd PRIZE:
:bulletgreen:a traditional A5 picture;
:bulletgreen:a JadeEyes sketchbook.

--->:new: since I had more than 10 entries, I am adding some prizes. Anyways, I am waiting until the end to tell which and how many, in any case they will consist of pictures and deviantart points or subscriptions. :)

When is the deadline?

This contest starts on October 2012 and ends at the beginning of February 2013 : )

Judges will be my firends IRL and me; prizes will be shipped on my expenses of course. : )

Thanks for your attention, for any question please ask below!


You're late for the Chinese tea !! by kamomillouCHAllenge Entry for raka-raka by rinlenluvr088Peace and quiet by Eniell:thumb332343009:
Steeping Tea by gpprDrink your tea by aspiringauthor20CHA-llenge by Split-HeartCha. by johnplaystubaJadeEyes' reverie by Sarafinah
:thumb338934791:Luminalore's Entry by raka-rakaJade Tea by SerenaVerdeArtLily, tea and romance by PendaluneJadeEyes The Tea Flower - Contest Entry by Eniell
Jade Eyes by OrpheelinJadeEyes by MaevachanCha-llenge entry : JadeEyes having tea by NefermeritasetSCARLET LILY by utenaxchanCHA-llenge Entry - Tea with the Matchmaker by livemylex
CHAllenge - Scarlet Tea by FalldewConcours. CHA. Power of tea by JulieCampanCranes's tea by PendaluneJade,What do you see in a cup of tea? by LadyDeddelitCHA-llenge! by Maga-Link
Dream: Tea from the dragon sleeve by Luciana-LuWould you like some tea? by EltorasJadeEyes by narilysCHA-llenge contest : ScarletLily by OceanLordTea for Two by Tevokkia
The Perils of Daydreaming by GuoBiaRed Tea by NephylaJade Eyes by FarArdenLily Flower Tea by fee-absinthe:thumb357067629:
My favorite time of the day by niji707 ScarletLily by AmaltherenTea with Scarlet by shisleyaPi Lo Chun by RakiahTeaCharm by HallowGazer

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Last feature of the year :3

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 19, 2012, 5:21 AM
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  • Reading: The Last Gospel - D. Gibbins
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My group:

My mascots:
Sacha says... by DameOdessaFripouille by DameOdessaPoupou by DameOdessa

Merry Christmas to all of you

:huggle: I wish you all a Merry Christmas, may these days be full of happiness, joy, love and success :heart:
I'm praying for the felicity of all my friends here, for their good luck. I wish to all of you the best life can offer and I hope the upcoming year will bless you...
Thanks to all of you for what you gave me, your support during 2012 was priceless, your kindness means the world, thank you for making my life happier year after year :blowkiss:

Featured artists! Show them some love! :heart:

Dragle by waynecampbell-artThe Victor by waynecampbell-art:thumb332554945:
COMMISSION : Callie by zimra-artMYTHO vol. 1 cover by zimra-artCOMMISSION: Aecha by zimra-art
Wizard of water by ArisT0teBreak time by ArisT0teBanzai by ArisT0te
Where are we Headed ? by Kaltenbrunner:thumb335822672:The Light by Kaltenbrunner
.HBD Wanilmith. by WhimsicalMemories.We Are Beautiful. by WhimsicalMemories.Kitty Parade ID. by WhimsicalMemories
Flower by jano233Coachella 2012 by jano233Flower 2 by jano233
Un Noel by Lulabella-chanLynn Withley by Lulabella-chanTania Cartier by Lulabella-chan
Misstigri cabaret 7 by LunnagothDragon - element air by LunnagothMisstigri Nuages by Lunnagoth
KAIJU: GOJIRA by BongzBerryThe Adventure Of Rizzo And Tyzenn, Page 10 by BongzBerryTill Next Time, Red.. by BongzBerry
:thumb329864841:Mortifero Azphel by Rem-JerichoThrough the blizzard by Rem-Jericho
Sukie 33 by wolverine041269Dinosaur by wolverine041269Dog - Boxer by wolverine041269

Some of my recent :+fav:s I want to share with you

Dragon babies by michellescribblesgo fish! you are freeeeeeeee! by KibbitzerChild Rapunzel by MoonchildinTheSkyLil dragon by DaffupandaMario-Goku by JuanCharlesnew cartoon style illustration by eydiiLynce by panom.:Lil' Mytho fanart:. by MarmottegarouLittle troll, lover of flowers by Vilenchik

Vraska by QuirkiliciousThe Courtship by SYoshikoJivra by Wrecklusehua mulan by saravamiLegendary Hunter 2 by 3dbabesThe Emperor Protects by NicholasKayCome what may by Getsuart:thumb341824092:- Meno - Luna Cee - by ooneithooFFFFFFFFFF... by JanPI-RCharles Lindbergh by The-Morlock:) by Kyrie0201Be my Queen by Erumi-nOphelia by SayuriMVRomeired or blue by SchastnySergeyAnything You Wish! by ILLanthan:thumb336506994:juu - Bamboo Grove by SenZzo-artForest Spirit by FilipeHattorirumpelstiltskin by MilulyaRumpelstiltskin by LevelanixThe Accursed Shadow by SirTieflingWarrior by SenRyujiSurprise, bitch ! by Vyrhelle-VyrLAnubis by MyFuckingGodCommission: Heaven by StefanoMarinettiSeal Team 6-6-6 by nitegrafixWizard by digital-fantasyOcella-Kyria by sithlordsimsOC: Nua'el the Male Oracle by Jenova87Beauty And The Beast by Hannah-AlexanderFox Shaman by artoftasEncounter by EalaineBlue Dragon From Water by misi006Mermaid by TamilyTamSiren by Gloomy007Luthien et Celegorm by ZephyrhantBeren and Luthien by HeylenneSerpent Queen by sparrow-chanScarlet by Si3artDiana: Praying to the Moon by AydiahFarewell by Tatsu87Wind in the moonlight by anzaisachieHope-maker by LohiAxelRajastian Water Worker by EmanuelMardsjoPaladin vs Death Knight by melaniemaierMrs - Waffle by Mrs-WaffleAlice in Wonderland by VirginieSivetonSunrise by KharnethThe red one by Sa-chan1603I wish I was the Moon. by pajaaaNecromancer by ElephantWendigo

ROD_SCAVES by Wen-JRMing Dynasty by goldfishkangEnd of the sea by xiaoxinartThe Coming Darkness by noahbradleyDesert City | Digital Matte Painting by JadrienC12.12.12 (By Ilya Tyljakov) by RaZuMincThe Way to Downtown (In the Year 2154) by KlausPillonTHE MOTHERSHIP by mrNepaReactors by JamesLedgerConceptsKoal Cave by ValaSedai

Robert Carlyle/Rumpelstiltskin by vegetanivel2carmilla v.0.1 by AlexPascenkoHere comes Winter by CaptainBerryRuler of the Skies by denismayerjrRumpelstiltskin OUAT by HEXEnART:Com: Amethyste by LinelanaJust us by FeohriaThe Wanderer by moyanRumpelstiltskin by UnripeHamadryadComm: Fealisen and Fanaa by shisleyaThe Compess by firestarter1988Blue Winter by AnnMarieBoneAstrid the Weaver Color by AnassetePANDE_Wip_Fallen Angel by DaswhoxNaufrageuse by sombrefelineMad is angry when I play with her hair. by Lady-OolongAt night... washing by didizukaSavior by NanoMortis

Music Is Me by DeniseGarbisForge Ahead by Phatpuppyart-StudiosSpecimen n1 by Fleurine-RetoreOpen Workshop by rOEN911Rumpelstiltskin by SangelusEternal Fire by MorriganArtWild Orchid by Lvxion

Gate7_Hana by Dan-Gyokuei:thumb342919922:Forsaken by la-esmeraldaA Pair of Skeletons by FjordLuv:thumb342615170:IF STONES COULD SPEAK - 1245 A.D. by gingado:thumb342496923:today by bailey--elizabeth:thumb342618296:Of Fairies by NellekeRumpelstiltskin by EveningarwenIn search of the ancient gods by lombregriseLady Ravenous by andreaxeGranado Espada 1 by Kiirae

:hug:Thanks for the fav stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx:huggle:
Thank you deeply for your constant support, all your love and kindness!

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The main cast of Grey is... Vol4 and me wishes you the best in the next 12 months.

keep a smile on and keep creating everyone <3
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Because why not :dummy:
Enjoy! :heart:

Around we go by secrets-of-the-pen Claudia by tubyx Left Eye. by duchess94

Hayley Williams by Williaaaaaam

 Pile of hay in Berezaika by AldemButcher Surviving the Streets (Coffee Painting) by aeonsiege

  ALICE COOPER( Love the dead revisited) by JALpix BAD BLOOD by Kagoe Heroes by Panicatthedisco7

Janis is Radical by Ospreyghost13 KARA - Hara Goo by nahnahnivek

Umbrellas by NImportant Suits 3x02 - I want you to want me by Syllirium Blondie by Sarahharas07

Thank You (39) by Hews-HacK

Sebastian by Glass-Owl The Story Come True by Tannany work by Gopye

Thanks Chicken!!! by Yizard

Pavo by KitJoYuki Serenade Banshee by SolanaDeLuja Spatter by escume Montenegro by Verehin

Sky City 2 by artofJLP

Woman Portrait 4 by ignacio197

succour by 6l33 Untitled by MolotovGTM Catwoman and Parachute Cats by lora-zombie <da:thumb id="389644161"/>

Requiem For The Fallen by StarsColdNight

Day12 by tanyabosyk Calm by weroni Lights above the Arby's (episode 25) by iisjah Arranged Marriage by dreamlandcody

Infinite by Iraville Dominance War V God by anastasiyacemetery

5u by THE-LM7

gold fish by Lovepeace-S Geisha... by CharadaBrasileiro Tinuviel by Mickytroisd Remembrance by XRlS yang aura by Apofiss

Church Cemetery In Buchholz, Mecklenburg- Germany by BarbaraPommerenke Madonna and Child after Batoni Pompeo by AlexndraMirica

BBC sherlock by Painirl Seal (old book page) by Olvium Waiting for Victory Boogie Woogie by trixxx They by ZawArt

Pretty as a Flower by wolf-minori Breeze by Briscott

SWEET POOL - NO FOREVER by Tokkitogepi 1-2 by Tokkitogepi Golden Red by Binnus Painting practice 2b by freefallcrash Kris Kidd by AlinaUrsova

Are You Lonesome by kiavashjp

Heaven on his back by shilohs Portrait by VirginieCarquin Somewhat a serious name... Lost Pass... by Fenris31 Menguante by Maaot

Don't be afraid, monsters by MartaNael

Shye by Zephyrhant Portrait of K.O. by VirginieCarquin Jonas by elgama <da:thumb id="386904481"/> I Just Love To Be a Witch! by EnysGuerrero

untitled by graemeb

White Glasses by Cindy-R Mixed media portrait of my mother by AtomiccircuS Phantom by jUnity Olivia Wilde 2013 by JoannaMoory

Let Me Save You by Saimain Angel by Yeraa

Alex Day by Hannah-the-duck Oliver Sykes by LeeXo Meteor by BrandonStricker Selfportret by getoart

sky whale by spowys
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