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Similar Deviations
photoshop - 8 frames

body is drawn on a layer

legs are made of 3 separately drawn segments that I rotated at each frame around some guides (erased afterwards)

one leg is just a copy of the other (with 4 frames delay)

if the loop stops right click on the animation and activate the loop button

this will be transformed in a sculpture
I just bought 20 old lenses from eBay especially for it

different Google SketchUp version
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And here is it another study about flash animations!

A completely 2D digital painted and photomanipulated turtle animated in false 3D, just a trick for the eyes.

Do you like it?
I know i've got still to study hard, but i think it works :D
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Google SketchUp - original solid geometry model
3D Coat - voxel smoothing
ZBrush - turntable animation



Ok, so I have to say this:
3D Coat and ZBrush are AMAZING programs but manage object/world rotation really bad.
ZBrush is OK if you release the button every time you want to change the rotation axis.
But in 3D Coat I can hardly sculpt because I always have to worry about the rotation. Sometimes you really have to twist your brain to get your model in a certain position. Of course you can use Transform but when you rotate voxels it's really bad - because just like for an image, you work with a discrete grid.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyways...

In my own programs it's a lot better... too bad I don't have time to look into CUDA and start my own voxel sculpting application.

In more technical terms the rotation in the major 3d applications (Maya, ZBrush, 3D Coat, Max(?)) is done with two angles - one in the horizontal plane (0 -> 360 degrees) and the other is the inclination to the plane (-90 -> 90 degrees).
These might be ok for working on a flat plane and create buildings like SketchUp but they are somewhat impractical for sculpting, where you would rather turn the object as if it were in zero gravity.
If you know someone at these companies please tell them to do the rotations right :lol:
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Preloader...negative...dammit! One day's work = poo!

Seriously, I love you guys. I dunno why you guys like the perverted crap I make, but I'm deeply moved by your kindnesses? Whatever. Anyways, thanks again!

Sorry if I haven't replied to you yet, but I've had an influx of messages and am currently too lazy to answer them all at once. Once again, I thank you for your patience and favorites ^.^ I hope my next comic will be out soon, thank you all again!

I love you guys, thanks viewers and watchers! ^.^
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My first -ever- attempt at a walk animation.

Haha i had fun with this XD It's only 4 keyframes so the walk
isn't as smooth as it could be but I think its ok for a first try :3

I have a soft spot for Bosley, he is such a big cutie.

Here is an amazing tutorial so you can learn yourself!

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Hello everybody :)
I made this new flash work today because it was sometimes i didn't had fun with flash and i wanted to play with the bitmapData object to make pretty effect :aww: here is the result :la: i hope you like my firework :dummy:
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I saw the dancing banana and the caramelldansen things and had total brain fratage and combined them to see what the result would be.
lets just say i had quite the pain getting this to work
forgive me this is my first video
darn it!!
i know the intro is to fast!!

Due ot the fact people are now trolling this submission i'm disabling comments permanently
Comments disabled by owner.
This is an animation I did inspired from Jim Parsons interviews. You can find the full video here [link]
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Please click on the page numbers to change the pages, and don't use the play button. The slideshow don't work like I want to have it in the moment. I try to fix it. If someone would be so nice to create a flash file with forward and back buttons (I'll send you the buttons and the images then), you would make me very happy. :D Please send me a note, if you can do this. Thank you!! :heart:

Here you can see some pages of my sketchbook from the "World without end"-project. (german titel "Die Tore der Welt"). See some of the finished pictures here: [link]

It's all original Artworks! :)

The Flash file was made by ~MarschelArts!!
Thank you so much! :tighthug:
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I decided to try a simple FBF (frame by frame) animation using
Mop and Toki. I know its not very smooth, sorry about that! I
think I need to get the hang of using FBF lol ^^"

I'm pretty sure he is swaying to some music :3

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Please do not alter/trace/steal/print/sell or use
this artwork! You do not have permission!

Artwork and Mop and Toki Kirsten Rayner 2011
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