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Preloader...negative...dammit! One day's work = poo!

Seriously, I love you guys. I dunno why you guys like the perverted crap I make, but I'm deeply moved by your kindnesses? Whatever. Anyways, thanks again!

Sorry if I haven't replied to you yet, but I've had an influx of messages and am currently too lazy to answer them all at once. Once again, I thank you for your patience and favorites ^.^ I hope my next comic will be out soon, thank you all again!

I love you guys, thanks viewers and watchers! ^.^
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Hello everybody :)
I made this new flash work today because it was sometimes i didn't had fun with flash and i wanted to play with the bitmapData object to make pretty effect :aww: here is the result :la: i hope you like my firework :dummy:
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This is an animation I did inspired from Jim Parsons interviews. You can find the full video here [link]
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The version currently on DA is a silent version and is NOT THE REAL VERSION. Due to song copyright restrictions I may not host the actual song on DA without Yoko Kanno's written consent. So I encourage you to read the description for further information

:bulletblue: It is my request and I encourage you all to still favorite and comment on it here and treat it as if it was still hosted here, because I LOVE getting all the feedback (I never go on New Grounds so any comments on there will probably go overlooked):bulletblue:

Anyway, on to the normal stuff:


-- Meaning: At first when I was making this it was just for the soul purpose of animating something singing, but after a little while I began to develop a story to the character. Basically, she is a little fox that dreams of flying, and then something happens. In the end, she gets what she wants though. So, it is sad and happy at the same time? :o
(Also, please quit comparing this to the Kiwi student film. I made this before I ever saw or heard of that short but I know they have a very vague similarity, thank you)

There is a message in this, simple as it is. I will let you guys decide what it is.

-- Song:It's from the album "Genesis of Aquarion."
I will not post a link to where the song can be downloaded but rather encourage you to support the greatness that is Yoko Kanno and buy her music. If you search for her name or album titles on Ebay or AnimeNation you will find her great music. Believe me, it's worth it. Here is one helpful link to where more of her music can be found
The Lyrics, as many have disputed, DO NOT TRANSLATE INTO ANY EXISTING LANGUAGE. The song is a made up language which is characteristic of Yoko Kanno. She does that a lot (check out the whole soundtrack to Escaflowne). As far as I can tell, it is just a bunch of languages mixed together, so naturally, there is no direct English translation of the song so please don't ask me. However, in the CD booklet japanese lyrics are written for the song. It is my understanding that those are simply the thoughts and made up lyrics behind the song and the actual audio of the song is not an existing language (once again, Yoko Kanno does this a lot. I have several sound tracks where all the sung songs are jibberish yet they still have a japanese lyric written out in the booklet). So thanks for the heads up, turns out there is a meaning behind the song.

-- Program Used: Macromedia Flash 8

-- Official Art:


-- Fan Art: (please see this journal for prefferances: [link] )

HOLY FRIKIN CRAP... fan art of "Fox Wings" and her cartoon by some great artists :heart: Freakin adorable:

Fly Again
Soaring With the Stars
I Have My Wings
I Wish I Could Fly
So This is Heaven
Cloud Walker (WIP)
Bounds Broken
Singing Out
Winged Kitsune
Fallen Angel
Loosing the Dream
Touch the Sky
She Flies
And the Skies Answered
Little Fox's Dream
Please Just Let Me Dream
Heaven Spare Your Wings
Looking to the Sky
Poem: Fox Wings
Kitsune no Tsubasa Negai
Poem: Bittersweet
Fox Wings
Give Me Wings
So many!
If Only...
Wish of a Fox
Reach For It
Foxwings Sculpture
I Will Wait
A Beautiful Fate
Poem: If Only To Fly
Make My Own Dreams Come True XD!
Wishes Come True
Falling From Wishes
Look Up
If I Only Could Fly
If I Only Had Wings
To The Light
Oblivion is Falling Down
Come Fly With Me
Crashing Down
Clear Skies
Not Gone Just Yet
Fox Flies
Represent, yo
This one is just frikin cute. XD
Watch it fall
They're Waiting
Stop Snowing
To Fly
Losing the Dream
You Need Wings to Fly
If only to rise
Catching a Feather
Gained Wings
Freedom of Flight
What's Next?
It Can Happen
I Can Fly Now
Finally Free
Why Is It?
A Simple Thing
Floatin on Feather
In The End
She Flies
If Only...
Dreams I Left Behind
On A Cloud
She Has Her Wings
Just Floating

@x@ Thank you so much you guys.
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And here is it another study about flash animations!

A completely 2D digital painted and photomanipulated turtle animated in false 3D, just a trick for the eyes.

Do you like it?
I know i've got still to study hard, but i think it works :D
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I saw the dancing banana and the caramelldansen things and had total brain fratage and combined them to see what the result would be.
lets just say i had quite the pain getting this to work
forgive me this is my first video
darn it!!
i know the intro is to fast!!

Due ot the fact people are now trolling this submission i'm disabling comments permanently
Comments disabled by owner.
Based on an article by A. K. Dewdney ("Sharks and Fish on the Planet Wa-Tor"), this is a simple ecology simulation.

In this simulation, fish swim and reproduce while sharks swim, reproduce, and eat the fish.

About the parameters...

Breed Time: How old a fish or shark needs to be before it will reproduce. (On Wa-Tor, fish and sharks all reproduce by parthenogenesis, like amoebae.)

Starve: How long a shark can go without eating before it will starve to death.

Initial Population: The total number of each species with which to start the simulation.

World Size: The world wraps around so that, when a fish or shark swims off an edge, they come back on the opposing edge. The world can be anywhere from 2x2 to 20x15.

What parameters will provide a self-sustaining eco-system in which the sharks never hunt the fish to extinction but never starve to extinction themselves?

The original program Dewdney described in the article, back in the mid-1980's, used a simple text display in a grid with 0 . and * to indicate sharks, water, and fish.

Update: The simulation has been updated to remove the upper limit on world size. Very large worlds may cause the simulation to slow down but think about experimenting with the effect using larger worlds or long, thin worlds.
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Google SketchUp - original solid geometry model
3D Coat - voxel smoothing
ZBrush - turntable animation



Ok, so I have to say this:
3D Coat and ZBrush are AMAZING programs but manage object/world rotation really bad.
ZBrush is OK if you release the button every time you want to change the rotation axis.
But in 3D Coat I can hardly sculpt because I always have to worry about the rotation. Sometimes you really have to twist your brain to get your model in a certain position. Of course you can use Transform but when you rotate voxels it's really bad - because just like for an image, you work with a discrete grid.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyways...

In my own programs it's a lot better... too bad I don't have time to look into CUDA and start my own voxel sculpting application.

In more technical terms the rotation in the major 3d applications (Maya, ZBrush, 3D Coat, Max(?)) is done with two angles - one in the horizontal plane (0 -> 360 degrees) and the other is the inclination to the plane (-90 -> 90 degrees).
These might be ok for working on a flat plane and create buildings like SketchUp but they are somewhat impractical for sculpting, where you would rather turn the object as if it were in zero gravity.
If you know someone at these companies please tell them to do the rotations right :lol:
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photoshop - 8 frames

body is drawn on a layer

legs are made of 3 separately drawn segments that I rotated at each frame around some guides (erased afterwards)

one leg is just a copy of the other (with 4 frames delay)

if the loop stops right click on the animation and activate the loop button

this will be transformed in a sculpture
I just bought 20 old lenses from eBay especially for it

different Google SketchUp version
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D: Celia.
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