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New computer, new version of photoshop + bachelor thesis and lack of my own resources = a practice piece that's not very special.

I know I promissed you guys something extraordinary, but be patience. I'll just have to get into the grove again ;)

Fullview: 2000x2000
Original size: 4000x4000

(1:1 ratio whaat?)
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Rushed this a bit in the end. Might take a look at it over the next week or so, to see if there's something I want to change about it.

stock from

update: Removed sunbeams, changed some lightning on one of the planets and dimmed the stars some.

UPDATE: Fixed some details that has been bothering me ever since I uploaded this one. I first had in mind doing quite a big overhaul, but I figured it be unfair to the piece, and just adjusted what really bugged me.
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A rather quick made piece by my standards. Ordinary space scene with a boring name - sorry for that :p

Wallpapers in 16:9 and 16:10 wide screen resolutions without watermarks added for download.

If you like it and use it, please comment and/or fav.

Critique appreciated :)

Edit: dAs downsizing ruins a lot of the quality - download the wallpaper pack and it'll look better.

Update: Sorry for updating so soon after submitting, but I found a couple of major flaws in the first upload. Some lightning changes made to enhance the planets, and another planet added to balance the composition somewhat more.
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I present to you the third piece of my gem series.

This was a though one. Red isn't a colour I feel very comfortable with. I actually started this before Sapphire waves - but just couldn't get around to finishing it. I feel somewhat content now, I fear I'll have an urge to change it around when I see it tomorrow though, heh.

All of the pieces of the series:

Shores of gold
Sapphire waves
Birth of a ruby
Calcentine Abyss

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A little in-between wallpaper for you. Got some other projects on the way, and a collaboration coming up.

Download for 1920x1200 resolution. I would advice downloading for viewing as well, as deviantarts compression makes a mess out of the starfield in this piece.

The original resolution is somewhere around +4000x+2000, so other resolutions can be arranged if you want to.

Comments and critique always welcomed, and gives me motivation to keep on creating :)

Edit: Sorry for the quick update, changed the texture on the gas giant and fixed some colour issues per *BlPh suggestion. Thanks mate.
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A quite quick painting, no more than 4 hours.

Pre-made planet, a bunch of pre-made fractals (did them before my computer went nuts some weeks ago), some brushing, some smudging and some cloud stock.

This resolution is the original resolution, my computer can't handle any more.

I'm still quite satisfied with the result, It's probably the last deviation I'll submit until I've had my computer fixed.

Critique and comments are always welcomed, even more so than faves - though I don't mind them either ;-)

The colors weren't dramatic enough imo, so I changed around with levels and color settings. Also changed the star scape some, added more "big" stars and changed it around a bit. The dark clouds got a tune up, as well as the colors and shadow of the planet. I hope you like the changes.
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Layers: +90
Time: Sun/supernova 6 intense hours + 3 hours on the starfield + 3 hours on some of the explosion effects = 12 hours
Software: Photoshop CS2

Asteroids by hameed

Inspired by [link] - though our executions are very different.

First deviation in a couple of months, and first space piece in ages.

Please do tell me what you think - the amount of time put in should warrant at least a little comment.

Advance critique welcomed....


Edit: Slightly updated with the nebulas. Was in the original making, but decided to leave it out. Changed my mind.
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My computer is still f*cked up, so couldn't work in the resolutions I wanted. Still think it turned out okey. First attempt at a warmer kind of space scene.

Enjoy :)

Hit download for a .rar file with the following resolutions:

*4:3 Ratio*
1600 x 1200 UXGA

Down-sizeable to these resolutions (among others)
1024 x 768 XGA
1400 x 1050 SXGA+

*16:10 Ratio*
1920 x 1200 WUXGA

Down-sizeable to these resolutions (among others)
1280 x 800 WXGA1
1440 x 900 WSXGA or WXGA+
1680 x 1050 WSXGA+

*16:9 Ratio*
1366 x 768 WXGA2

Down-sizeable to this resolutions (among others)
480 x 272 PSP

Sorry for the big file size (6mb) but that's what you get when providing so many resolutions :/

Critique always welcomed :)

If you download the wallie, I wouldn't mind a comment and/or fav ;-)


There were a lot of things in this piece I wasn't all too satisfied with. This is not a huge update, and there's still room for improvement. But taking my computers shitty state in consideration I can't do too much. At least now I don't have to get annoyed every time I look at this.

- Star scape enhanced
- Dark clouds added to the nebulae
- Sun rays blurred
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Haven't submitted anything in months, so about time.

This piece is a very personal piece. It's a gift to a friends baby daughter who's naming day is comming up this weekend. Her name is a derivate from Venus - The morning star.

Printed it out at 50x70 cm to give her. Hopefully she'll enjoy it once she gets older.

Original resolution: 5000x7000 (for large prints)
Time: A week

Download for a bit higher resulution and more details.

Some stock was used;

Girl: [link]
Fields: [link]
Mountains: [link]
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A large moon orbiting a vastly larger gas giant. The moon is big enough host a dense and misty atmosphere - and thus has perfect conditions for life to appear.

Title comes from a beautiful song by Lykke Li

This was mostly an experiment in gas giant texturing. The composition and particullarly the scale suffers some from two such large bodies close to each other, but oh well.

The gas giant was created using mostly displacement maps, some of these displacement maps was created using parts of stock textures. So thank you to NASA and `priteeboy for their resources.

Hope you like it, 1920x1200 download. If you want other resolutions send me a note and I'll see what I can do.

Comments always welcomed :)
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