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My OC make for my friend's fiction.

a story of fiction was inspire by Greek mythology, for example The Olympians, Hercules etc.

the god and heroes were reincarnated as a human in our world -in present time.

I decide to make Hera to OC because I watch Olympus Guardian- a Korea animation last fall and I LOVE HERA SO MUCH! she's my fav for all time

and peacock, I know you know why peacock=) but I don't have any skill for drawing animal **poor me**

used - paint tool SAI
edit - Photoshop
texture - meisanmui

this is my friend's work^^ Hera on the right-top : [link]

thanks you all<3
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B'wana, character , my first commission. Can anyone tell me where he came from?
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Somewhere over disputed waters in the East China Sea a JASDF pilot in his brand new F-35A helps maintain cordial and friendly diplomatic relations with his counterparts from across the sea.

Safe to say that PLANAF pilot (Also sporting a brand new J-31) is not gonna be too happy to report this situation back to base ;P

An idea that I had in my head for about a year now ever since the Senkaku-Diaoyu islands dispute almost went ballistic. And yes this is of course based on a particular scene from everyone favourite fighters movie. ;D TOP GUN!

"Sorry Goose, but's it's time to buzz the tower!"


Took me a little while to draw that F-35 helmet but I think it turned out allright. The J-31 pilot has however a more classic helmet design but that's cuz I was lazy enough to not dig out if there is any new helmet design made specifically for the J-31. Time will tell I suppouse.

Now I'm off to kiss this account good bye since I think the PLA's cyber hackers are gonna go to war against me xP. hehe

I hope you guys like it. :)

Seeya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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Arachne, the mortal weaver who surpassed the Goddess Athena in weaving. Athena, angry at this, and the tapestry that Arachne had made that depicted the God's failures, struck Arachne's loom and tapestry and destroyed them, also accidently striking Arachne's face. Arachne hung herself rather than bow down to Athena, and Athena took pity on her and turned her into an immortal spider, so that she may weave forever.

Also: [link]

Arachnia weaves and she weaves so well
She weaves a passage where the Gods will fly
Athena laughs as she casts her spell
While she watches from her loom on high

Athena, Athena
Goddess-born lady, you're a jealous one
And Arachnia knows that you were watching her
Waiting for her work to be undone
Athena, have you set the quest
Will you take the weave and will you break the weft
Or will you let this lady spin her tapestry
Of a tale untold and then set her free?

Arachni, Arachnia
The Goddess Athena's got a quest for you
And you must weave a story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and you must tell it true
So Arachnia's woven the seven moons
She's spun the silver thread upon an applewood loom
And she's told the story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and yeah she's told it true

So Athena came to earth disguised as a crone
To gaze upon the tapestry this mortal women's sewn
And in and out the fabric that stretched across the loom
The sins and the secrets of the Gods were shown

Athena, Athena
Goddess-born lady, you're an angry one
And as you spin your spell around Arachnia
To shift her shape into a weaving one
And as Arachnia sits and weaves upon her web
She casts her mind back and she remembers when
She told the story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and she told it true
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Another member of Holy Order except it's a biological experiment.

Name: G
Codename: Blood Forger
Age: ???
Type: Demon
Personality: Silent
Weapon: Blood
Likes: Red
Dislikes: Salt and Electricity
- Agile
- Unlimited blood
- Regenerates
- Recieve damage= More power
- Can transform blood into deadly weapons
- Core
- Salt
- Electricity
Cut/Stab- That's right folks, it LITERALLY cut/stab itself. It will cut/stab anywhere such as neck, head, torso, and other parts except it's chest.
Blood Weapon- Once it cut/stab itself, it can create variety of weapons such as sword, axe, scythe, spear, and others. But it depends on how much blood it's releasing.
Blood Needles- A stab to the hand can allow it to shoot out blood needles. Careful, they're REALLY sharp.
Blood Rise- Enough blood such as puddles can allow it to turn bloody floors into bloody spikes.
Blood Shield- G gets covered in its own blood which can protect momentarily. G can also turn its blood shield into spikes as well.
G's Death- If a opponent only concentrates on destroying G's body EXCEPT the core. A huge flood of blood will come bursting out of it. Hope you got a wetsuit.
Blood Burst- A stab in G's eyes allow it to shoot blood beams. Careful, the impact on blood burst is devastating.
Spike Ball- G's core (Original Form) will be coated in blood thanks to G's Death can allow the eye to turn into a spike ball.
Eye of G- A strange skill that allows the core to use glare, causing its opponent paralyze in short period of time. Don't know how... maybe stare deep into your soul I guess?
Blood Offering- Again, thanks to G's Death, the eye can summon its form to attack its opponents.
Blood Tentacles- It can turn blood into squid-like tentacles to latch on its opponent to break its bones.
G's Resurrection- If the opponent takes too long on killing the core, G will go back to its corpse and revive. Which gives a huge advantage to G since the area will be covered in blood.
G is a biological experiment from the Elemental Laboratory. It works for Holy Order but doesn't have any command. G possesses amazing powers that can control blood thanks to the core. G is more of a replica of Nobitsu since G has some of the demon's blood. Even though they share the same blood, there powers are far different. Nobitsu has a unique skill that Holy Orders are dying to get but capturing him is not that easy. G is more of a guardian but more professional rank like Prince Leo. G's job is usually watch over the prisoners or do missions.

G (c) ~Gold-Paladin
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My OC Moses Blaccthrope's appearance as a Vasto Lorde-class Hollow. 

Blaccthrope was the strongest and most trusted of all King Baraggan's army, as such he was given the honor of second in command and his own extermination squad to lead: (A group of Hollows Baraggan would send to track down and annihilate those who rebelled/wouldn't obey him). 

While he was away dealing with a group of rebels he was unaware that his Lord's kingdom had been invaded by the Shinigamis Aizen, Gin and Tousen. 
By the time he returned he was shocked to discover that Baraggan had been defeated and Aizen was using his Army as slave labor to begin construction on what would eventually be known as Los Noches, on top of the very grounds which Baraggan once called his Kingdom. 

Seeing his King's wrapped up body kneeling next to his former throne (which Aizen now occupied, having begun the process of transforming Baraggan into an Arrancar) was too much for Moses to bear and he moved to attack the trio.
Underestimating him Gin casually fired his Shikai at him but the powerful Hollow had no problem deflecting such an attack with his armor. 
Impressed by his courage and strength Aizen offered him a chance to join them, to which he refused. 
Intending to "Break" him Aizen commanded Gin to test the Hollow's power, despite his strength the battle was over quickly once the Shinigami released his Bankai. 

Moses had no choice but to submit and was transformed into an Arrancar just like his King, due to his power he was made a member of Aizen's original Espada, but behind the scenes he would continue to serve only Baraggan and the two of them plotted their revenge. 

Moses's Arrancar form:
Moses Blaccthrope Sketch by Arrancarfighter
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I felt it would be fun to make a study of every Zelda character once in awhile, both canon and OC that I have drawn or will come to draw in my series and maybe shed light as to why I chose their designs.

"Your timing is flawed as always. " -Mediator Ooccoo.

Full name and other titles: Mediator Ooccoo, High Emissary of Demoko

Appearances: Twilight Princess (canon), Gerudo Wars, Time's Menagerie (non-canon)

Design Notes: I was supposed to do another study, but I'm ahead in Gerudo Wars and at long last my biggest secret was revealed. In Twilight Princess, the Oocca, these demonic little freaky chicken beings with no workable appendages, supposedly constructed these massive cities in the sky, as well as the Temple of Time. It got me thinking.... how the heck did these little beings manage to construct something so impressive? I started thinking about the Dominion Rod, an item supposedly created by the Oocca as well. It's capable of animating stone. What if that technology could animate intricate bodies of stone? What if the Oocca at one time used something like the Dominion Rod to enhance their way of life, and eventually their reliance led their bodies to become all but useless through time. Then perhaps some catastrophic event left them as nothing but how they were in Twilight Princess... little harmless chickens unable to proceed through evolution and forced to live in what little glory they had constructed? It's late, and maybe I'm just crazy. I got different plans for them obviously. But yes, as far as the design goes I based most of it off of the Dominion Rod.

Other Zelda related studies: [link]
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Have you ever asked yourself, where did Krieg's scientists get all those cloning vats?..
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Weee hice una experimento de luces , sombras, plumones al agua y...y... ciencia! y kedo eso ._. habra sido fail? o no? comenten !

Sobre kien es el chico rodeado de gatos con una cruz enorme en una mano y un rayo en la otra es (kryztiano, Blood y demases no me molesten por lo ke dibuje >.<) un personaje de hetalia , heracles/grecia, personaje con el ke me siento bastante identificada xD (seh duermo hasta tarde si ninguna orden imperial/trabajo me lo impide y ke) ademas, como dato aparte, la primera mitologia de la ke aprendi fue la griega .

Hmm, sobre el dibujo , me inspire en la pelicula "el ladron del rayo" , asi ke de ahi se me ocurrio dibujar a este jovencillo con el rayo de zeus !! ahh~ y la cruz esa no es invento mio, de verdad la lleva! llama Athos por un monte donde hay muchos templos y no recuerdo mas xD! (mas info aplicar wikipedia ke todo lo sabe) a los gatos preferi dibujarlos como sombras de ojos fluorecentes (fluorecencia ke no se nota u.u..) y el ambiente es..una ruinas.

mm~ eso seria y...y... ah si ! avisos!

para shokuin: maņana escaneo el encarguillo tuyo , eske ahora no tuve tiempo de escanear mas >.< lo sientooo
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