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Though the Gods stood firm as they created their successors, so to did the swirling blackness of space.

Stolen from the God's grasp, theft unnoticed, some of the essence of the Gods themselves was snatched away and engulfed by the Eternity of Chaos.

The first being born of the Realm of Madness far through the planes of Chaos was the Primordial Aberration Mother Shub-Niggurath, The black Goat of the woods with a thousand young.

Shub-Niggurath stood as the Chaos mother and the queen of the lower demi-gods tainted by the dark magics. From her spawned fell beasts as the Dark Young and spilled fourth from her protoplasmic body the terrible beetles of chaos once again.

Second from the Chaos corrupted energies spawned an eternally powerful beast.

The Blind Idiot God Azathoth.

Azathoth grew and filled until even the Chaos plane in it's infinancy grew further to contain it's form, condensed in a sub realm for eternity.

Next came The terrifying Lurker at the Threshold, Yog-Sothoth. The gigantic mass of popping eyes and bloating bubbles that stood as the gateway to the realm of madness, seeking out humanity's demise just outside of the reach of Mankind.

From the Gate Yog-Sothoth emerged The Unspeakable King of the Yellow Sign, who's malice and cunning could only be identified as Hastur, seeping into the depths of Earth solely to corrupt it's nature.

The Crawling Chaos next emerged from the Primordial queen, it's eyes blinking and teeth gnashing as it's form twisted yet became serine as a humans. Deceptive and infinite in it's forms as it is evil was Nyrlathothep.

And cast down to Urth was their priest and Messenger, the Great Cthulhu To hoard, enslave and corrupt the people of Urth with the words of madness.

More Demi-Gods have been Mentioned, hehe, I dunno what the number count of gods is any more :O We'll see at the end.

Anywho, Shub-Niggurath is a personal favorite of mine due to her interesting personality and really because of her design, and is one of the inter-dimensional evils of the galaxy of the Cthulhu Mythos created by HP Lovecraft.

Known as the Black Goat of the Forest with a thousand young, Shub-Niggurath is an Eldritch queen of evil and chaos and as such she works similar to a queen Ant, producing the terrible creatures that plague the galaxy or go on unseen to bring mankind to it's demise.

Chaos created her (Though it IS the same Chaos that you guys are used to this Chaos is far more powerful, the Chaos you all see is just an avatar of Chaos while what created her is the full, limitless power of Chaos... In other words the darkness of space)

Shub-Niggurath has never fully come to either Urth nor Earth but has played a major roll in it's development and in the wars between the Demi-Gods. She served as the commander of the forces of evil during the battle of Chaos and Law in which she and Nyrlathothep attempted to consume the planet, and again in the future when She commanded Cthulhu to attack with his Army and sunk the city of Atlantis and the "Embryo of God" along with it (Which contains the full powers of the god of light).

She is an evil Goddess of Fertility, Sex, Pleasure, Gluttony, Jealousy, and Greed. As such she is the rival to Bastet and wishes for nothing more than to consume the cat girl and steal her powers.

She has been known through history as many other names when she deceived the people of Earth and as such she has sometimes even been confused for her rival Bastet in all of her names as well as Coatlicue, Tlazolteotl, Baal, Bes, Qetesh, Eros, and Innus.

She is known for the many creatures that spill fourth from her massive form such as Shoggoths and the Dark Young. Though I depicted her here like this her entire body (Mostly her lower half) Is actually several miles long and wide.

She's also mother of all tentacle monsters, lol, so really if you're a fan of that sort of thing, thank her, she made it possible. XD

Designing her was fun, and actually she was designed for something different first and I just recycled the design. Her personality isn't what one would expect and many times she seems to just be an angry pregnant woman full of complaints who seems... super natural but not evil. However when she wishes to complete a task her nature becomes dire and incredibly dangerous. I designed her to be kind of like a tentacle monster, and as a mother goddess I gave her a rather busty and over pregnant form.

She is a side character in my series "Slightly Above Average" and the mother of one of the main characters named Laila. So you will see her soon.

LOL, Yeah, she IS drinking alcohol. Not a good idea for someone pregnant, but she HAS been pregnant since before reality so I think maybe she deserves to cheat from time to time. XD

Also you guys damn well better like her because coloring her completely drained my brand new $6 copic marker D:<

But I still loves her. XD.
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My OC make for my friend's fiction.

a story of fiction was inspire by Greek mythology, for example The Olympians, Hercules etc.

the god and heroes were reincarnated as a human in our world -in present time.

I decide to make Hera to OC because I watch Olympus Guardian- a Korea animation last fall and I LOVE HERA SO MUCH! she's my fav for all time

and peacock, I know you know why peacock=) but I don't have any skill for drawing animal **poor me**

used - paint tool SAI
edit - Photoshop
texture - meisanmui

this is my friend's work^^ Hera on the right-top : [link]

thanks you all<3
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Arachne, the mortal weaver who surpassed the Goddess Athena in weaving. Athena, angry at this, and the tapestry that Arachne had made that depicted the God's failures, struck Arachne's loom and tapestry and destroyed them, also accidently striking Arachne's face. Arachne hung herself rather than bow down to Athena, and Athena took pity on her and turned her into an immortal spider, so that she may weave forever.

Also: [link]

Arachnia weaves and she weaves so well
She weaves a passage where the Gods will fly
Athena laughs as she casts her spell
While she watches from her loom on high

Athena, Athena
Goddess-born lady, you're a jealous one
And Arachnia knows that you were watching her
Waiting for her work to be undone
Athena, have you set the quest
Will you take the weave and will you break the weft
Or will you let this lady spin her tapestry
Of a tale untold and then set her free?

Arachni, Arachnia
The Goddess Athena's got a quest for you
And you must weave a story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and you must tell it true
So Arachnia's woven the seven moons
She's spun the silver thread upon an applewood loom
And she's told the story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and yeah she's told it true

So Athena came to earth disguised as a crone
To gaze upon the tapestry this mortal women's sewn
And in and out the fabric that stretched across the loom
The sins and the secrets of the Gods were shown

Athena, Athena
Goddess-born lady, you're an angry one
And as you spin your spell around Arachnia
To shift her shape into a weaving one
And as Arachnia sits and weaves upon her web
She casts her mind back and she remembers when
She told the story of the Gods that rule
In all their mystery and she told it true
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Somewhere over disputed waters in the East China Sea a JASDF pilot in his brand new F-35A helps maintain cordial and friendly diplomatic relations with his counterparts from across the sea.

Safe to say that PLANAF pilot (Also sporting a brand new J-31) is not gonna be too happy to report this situation back to base ;P

An idea that I had in my head for about a year now ever since the Senkaku-Diaoyu islands dispute almost went ballistic. And yes this is of course based on a particular scene from everyone favourite fighters movie. ;D TOP GUN!

"Sorry Goose, but's it's time to buzz the tower!"


Took me a little while to draw that F-35 helmet but I think it turned out allright. The J-31 pilot has however a more classic helmet design but that's cuz I was lazy enough to not dig out if there is any new helmet design made specifically for the J-31. Time will tell I suppouse.

Now I'm off to kiss this account good bye since I think the PLA's cyber hackers are gonna go to war against me xP. hehe

I hope you guys like it. :)

Seeya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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My OC Moses Blaccthrope's appearance as a Vasto Lorde-class Hollow. 

Blaccthrope was the strongest and most trusted of all King Baraggan's army, as such he was given the honor of second in command and his own extermination squad to lead: (A group of Hollows Baraggan would send to track down and annihilate those who rebelled/wouldn't obey him). 

While he was away dealing with a group of rebels he was unaware that his Lord's kingdom had been invaded by the Shinigamis Aizen, Gin and Tousen. 
By the time he returned he was shocked to discover that Baraggan had been defeated and Aizen was using his Army as slave labor to begin construction on what would eventually be known as Los Noches, on top of the very grounds which Baraggan once called his Kingdom. 

Seeing his King's wrapped up body kneeling next to his former throne (which Aizen now occupied, having begun the process of transforming Baraggan into an Arrancar) was too much for Moses to bear and he moved to attack the trio.
Underestimating him Gin casually fired his Shikai at him but the powerful Hollow had no problem deflecting such an attack with his armor. 
Impressed by his courage and strength Aizen offered him a chance to join them, to which he refused. 
Intending to "Break" him Aizen commanded Gin to test the Hollow's power, despite his strength the battle was over quickly once the Shinigami released his Bankai. 

Moses had no choice but to submit and was transformed into an Arrancar just like his King, due to his power he was made a member of Aizen's original Espada, but behind the scenes he would continue to serve only Baraggan and the two of them plotted their revenge. 

Moses's Arrancar form:
Moses Blaccthrope Sketch by Arrancarfighter
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Athena yay! She's s smart... Which indubitably means that I am not her daughter... Oh well! lol So yes, I decided to draw an owl. How did I do? I think it looks good! But I need second opinions. (Why does that look as if it's spelled wrong... is it?)
Well, ANYWAYS, please comment!
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I felt it would be fun to make a study of every Zelda character once in awhile, both canon and OC that I have drawn or will come to draw in my series and maybe shed light as to why I chose their designs.

"Your timing is flawed as always. " -Mediator Ooccoo.

Full name and other titles: Mediator Ooccoo, High Emissary of Demoko

Appearances: Twilight Princess (canon), Gerudo Wars, Time's Menagerie (non-canon)

Design Notes: I was supposed to do another study, but I'm ahead in Gerudo Wars and at long last my biggest secret was revealed. In Twilight Princess, the Oocca, these demonic little freaky chicken beings with no workable appendages, supposedly constructed these massive cities in the sky, as well as the Temple of Time. It got me thinking.... how the heck did these little beings manage to construct something so impressive? I started thinking about the Dominion Rod, an item supposedly created by the Oocca as well. It's capable of animating stone. What if that technology could animate intricate bodies of stone? What if the Oocca at one time used something like the Dominion Rod to enhance their way of life, and eventually their reliance led their bodies to become all but useless through time. Then perhaps some catastrophic event left them as nothing but how they were in Twilight Princess... little harmless chickens unable to proceed through evolution and forced to live in what little glory they had constructed? It's late, and maybe I'm just crazy. I got different plans for them obviously. But yes, as far as the design goes I based most of it off of the Dominion Rod.

Other Zelda related studies: [link]
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Or Chibi Norse God Death Parade if you will.

I drew this shortly after the Loki and Bragi one, hence the similar style.

Soooo here we have Balder, Hoder, Loki, and Heimdall. The only character designs here (not colors >.o;; ) that are solid are Loki and Heimdall, Balder's getting closer though. I had a hard time designing Balder because if you read the myths they make it very clear that he is the most gorgeous thing in existance. Dear gods... So I had to try and make him prettier than Loki.... I kept making him more cute than pretty... bah, it's hard to tell with the chibiness but he's getting there. Still cute as hell though...

Hoder kills Balder with the help of Loki, and Heimdall is the one who goes up against Loki in Ragnarok. So, yeah. Poor blind Hoder, tricked into killing his own brother. *sniff* I think I was able to persuade my friend to have Hoder be in the Ra's Tear arc with all the other Norse gods... then I remembered he was killed shortly after the mistletoe incident... well, if I can have Balder float around like a spirit having no one listen to him when he tries to be the voice of reason, I can have Hoder do the same thing... sort of... :shakefist:

(PS: If I spelt any of the names wrong, it's because I'm too lazy to actually check my sources, so meh.)
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Due to destroyed supply lines, even _those_ rations were considered tasty among Kriegers during the defense of Grabstein III.

Uncle Nurgle approves.
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