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Enemies of the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman) from when he served in World War II.

Top Row, L-R:

The Green Skull:
Amalgamation of: Red Skull + Lex Luthor
Real Name: Alexander Schmidt
Biography: Born in 1930s Germany, Alexander Schmidt and his younger sister Lena watched their mother’s suicide. Their cruel father Lionel abused them and drove Alexander to succeed, no matter what the cost. Lionel also killed himself years later, and the siblings ended up working in a hotel. The hotel’s most esteemed guest, Germany’s ruler Adolf Hitler, saw the cruelty that lied in the heart of the bellhop Alexander and offered to take him under his wing. Adolf taught Alexander the Nazi ideology of genetic superiority, which the young man embraced wholeheartedly. Becoming his most trusted agent in the SS, Alexander aided the Nazi party in persecuting Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and all others they saw to be inferior and needed to be killed. Lena was infuriated by her brother’s madness and escaped Germany, dying years later. But Alexander didn’t care; he only sought the perfect world. His cruelty grew too much and he secretly began planning to overthrow Hitler once the Earth belonged to the Nazis. Placed in charge of a secret Nazi lab, Alexander oversaw research on several alien discoveries, including a radioactive meteorite and a young humanoid alien; Alexander began mentoring the young alien, who later became Baron Zod (Baron Strucker + General Zod), leader of their proposed terrorist group HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100). The lab was raided by the Super-Soldier, a superhuman controlled by the American military, who had just entered into a war with Germany and its allies. The green radioactive rock, which was named Kreetonite, began killing Super-Soldier, but it was scattered in a following American bombing raid. Determined to eliminate the Super-Soldier, Alexander faked his death and returned as the Green Skull, wearing a skull-shaped mask carved from a chunk of Kreetonite. Super-Soldier’s match being met the Allied forces made him into the leader of a superhero team called the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron), which facilitated the need for the Nazis to create and employ more superhumans. In the end, the Nazis were vanquished and the Super-Soldier and Green Skull ended up seemingly killing each other. It was later revealed that Super-Soldier was frozen in the North Pole for 7 decades before being revived. As for the Green Skull, his grandson, Alexander “Lex” Schmidt III became an American businessman. He claims to want to undo the tragedies caused by his Nazi grandfather, but Super-Soldier, now the leader of the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), knows the truth…
Powers: Though he has no true superhuman abilities, the Green Skull is a highly trained Nazi soldier, skilled enough to serve directly under Adolf Hitler himself. He’s extremely intelligent in many fields and insanely sadistic, whose presence strikes terror into all who witness him. He commands many Nazi soldiers, both metahuman and normal, and plenty of resources and weaponry, all in the name of achieving the perfect global society. His main weapon against his archnemesis Super-Soldier is a skull-shaped mask carved from a huge chunk of Kreetonite, which emits a radiation wavelength capable of immediately weakening and harming him. Against other enemies, he uses a Kreetonite-laced poison dust that shrivels and mutates the corpse so that its head looks like a green skull, leaving his mark upon the crime scene for all to fear.

Master Nazi:
Amalgamation of: Master Man + Captain Nazi
Real Name: Albrecht Lohmer
Biography: A Nazi community hidden in the city of New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis) experimented on German immigrants and Americans of German descent to create powerful agents to sabotage the US’s forces, should they ever interfere with their plans. Weak, sickly Albrecht Lohmer was chosen to receive a steroid regiment at developed his strength and athletic prowess over many months to a year. When the USA entered into WWII, the secret Nazi team sent Lohmer, now called Master Nazi, to kidnap British prime minister Winston Churchill, while he was visiting Washington DC. Churchill’s protector, the Human Lantern (Human Torch [Hammond] + Green Lantern [Scott]), defeated Master Nazi and arrested the Nazi saboteurs, but Lohmer escaped to Nazi Germany. Under the command of the Green Skull, Master Nazi battled the Human Lantern again, this time with the hero as one of Super-Soldier’s All-Star Invaders. After Nazi Germany’s fall, Master Nazi subjected himself to cryogenic preservation to avoid capture. He unfroze later and ended up killing the grandfather of Rick Freeman, who later became the hero Captain Genesis (Genis-Vell/Rick Jones + Captain Marvel, Jr.), an ally of Master Nazi’s new enemy, the mighty Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell + Billy Batson)!
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes/senses/aim; combat skills.

Blood Panzer:
Amalgamation of: Baron Blood + Red Panzer
Real Name: Justin Faltsworth
Biography: The allure of Adolf Hitler’s charisma reach over to many people in Europe and America, creating secret Nazi societies with the goal of sabotaging countries capable of waging war against Germany. One such man to fall prey to this madman’s charm was one Justin Faltsworth, the brother of Sir Brian Faltsworth, also known as the heroic defender of the United Kingdom, the Union Knight (Union Jack + Silent Knight). Jealous of his older brother being given the abilities of a legacy of magic heroes, which dated back to Arthurian times, Justin accepted being experimented on by Nazi scientists with Vampire DNA. The experiment only worked on Justin, as it killed all the others, and he joined the ranks of the Nazi’s meta-talented agents, under the leadership of the Green Skull. Using his half-vampire skills and a laser-blasting arm cannon, the Blood Panzer, as Justin was called, battled his brother the Union Knight and his All-Star Invader teammates. He escaped justice after the Nazis’ fall, but was beheaded in modern times by Hex Blade (Blade + Jonah Hex), a long-lived half-vampire from the days of the Wild West.
Powers: Super strength/speed/stamina/durability/agility/reflexes; blood-drinking fangs; flight; laser cannon on arm; longevity.

General Crule:
Amalgamation of: Crule + General Zhal
Biography: There is a great irony central to the plight of the metamutants (mutants + metahumans), humans born with beyond-human abilities. While today the metamutants are greatly feared and hated as ‘genetic imperfections’, in the 1940s, many were well accepted by the Nazi Party of Germany, a group known today as the most evil force in human history. Metahumans born as Aryans, meaning they possess the other biological qualities of normal humans accepted by Hitler and his Nazi followers, were allowed to live and were even inscribed into their armies; metamutants that are also Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, or anything else were persecuted and then slaughtered. The Nazis saw the Metamutants as the next step to the Aryan people’s destiny of genetic superiority over Earth. The name of Metamutant Nazi soldier known as General Crule was one spoken in hushed tones, much like the Green Skull. With purple skin and great strength, General Crule was the director of a Nazi extermination camp, killing off their supposed enemies for the fun of it. When the All-Star Invaders attempted to liberate the camp, Crule’s powers and effective strategizing was able to divide and conquer the team. Crule’s defeat came from unexpected assistance from the time-displaced X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), and he escaped with only his life. A rather long lived life, as he revealed his longevity when he attacked the X-Patrol in modern times, which lead to his death.
Powers: Longevity; superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/healing/senses; cruel and efficient leader and warrior; uses a bladed emblem on the end of his long ponytail.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Baron Zongul I:
Amalgamation of: Baron Zemo I + Mongul I
Real Name: Zongul, 12th Baron of Hebstam IV
Biography: Baron Zongul, ruler of the planet Hebstam IV, forced his people to construct a gigantic traveling space station/battleship called Warminus (Dominus + War World), which they would use to subjugate innocent aliens races and planets and force their strongest into gladiator combat for their amusement. His next target would be the planet Earth, but when Warminus began its orbit around this seemingly primitive planet, he saw that it was already in the throes of a massive war. Baron Zongul offered his alliance to the human Adolf Hitler, the leader of one of the 2 warring factions, offering a share of his advanced technology when they are victorious (except he secretly planned to kill Hitler and take over Earth once the war ended). The Nazis and Zongul’s soldiers battled the Super-Soldier and his allies and the hero ended up destroying Warminus, the explosion sending Zongul into the void of space. Decades later, a heavily scarred Zongul, hiding his scars beneath a mask, returned to Earth, assuming his enemy died of old age. He was shocked to learn that Super-Soldier hadn’t aged a day, and was now leading a new team of superhumans. The Justice Avengers defeated Zongul once more, and the rebuilt Warminus escaped without him. The demonic sorcerer Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron) tried to tempt Zongul with greater power in exchange for his soul, but the proud alien refused. Neromammu then killed him with a swarm of flesh-eating bugs. Zongul’s son, Zongul II (Zemo II + Mongul II) now rules Hebstam IV and wears a mask in his father’s honor, determined to decimate the Justice Avengers.
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses; combat skills; command of a destructive space station called Warminus, which utilizes a massive laser array and legions of killer robots.

Amalgamation of: Ameridroid + Massacre
Real Name: Virago Dekker
Biography: Virago Dekker is a Kreetonian, one of few who survived their planet’s destruction by the hands of Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac). He’s a wandering warrior who agreed to serve Baron Zongul I after being bested by him in the ring. When Zongul’s forces allied with the Nazis to invade Earth, they decided to defeat the Super-Soldier by replacing him with a traitorous duplicate. Experiments showed that Dekker could gain similar powers to the Super-Soldier when exposed to Earth’s yellow sun, but too much yellow sunlight would drive him insane. Cybernetic implants allowed him to maintain his level of yellow radiation indefinitely, and he was given a similar costume and shield. The Super-Soldier escaped Warminus and exposed his duplicate for what he was; damage to Dekker’s cybernetics mutated his body with excess sunlight, changing him into a more monstrous form. Frozen in the waft of the hero’s freeze breath, “Amerikiller”, as the war correspondents called him, was hauled into the freezing void of space by Super-Soldier. Zongul was defeated soon after that.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability; laser vision and super breath; use of a near-unbreakable shield; flight; mutated into an 8-foot-tall beast.

Baron Blitz:
Amalgamation of: Baron Blitzschlag + Baron Blitzkrieg
Real Name: Werner Von Reiter
Biography: An aging Prussian scientist working for the Nazis, Werner Von Reiter was favored by Hitler himself. When the Super-Soldier busted into his lab, he was heavily injured in an explosion; surgeon used his experimental skinsuit tech to revive Von Reiter, and also give him superpowers with the technology bonded to his dermis. Now the Nazi superhuman Baron Blitz, Von Reiter battled the All-Star Invaders until his powers began to fade; after the fall of Hitler, Baron Blitz vanished.
Powers: Superhuman intelligence; enhanced strength/stamina/durability; electricity generation and manipulation; flight on electric fields.

Amalgamation of: U-Man + Fisherman
Alias: Mr. Merrano
Biography: His true name known not outside of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, the Atlantean called Mr. Merrano sought to be more powerful, so he allied himself with the Nazis in exchange for Atlantis’ conquest. Using weapons and a costume supplied by Hitler’s men, the one called U-Fish led a battalion of Nazi submarines to attack Atlantis. Prince Namorin led the resistance and defeated the Nazis, but U-Fish escaped. Now going by the alias Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman), Namorin and his fellow All-Star Invaders battled U-Fish and the Nazis until they were defeated. U-Fish was brought back to Atlantis for a trial, was found guilty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He would later escape, ditch the Nazi insignia, and battle the Aquariner numerous times after.
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; enhanced strength/agility/reflexes/senses/stamina/durability; use of a titanium rod that ejects razor-sharp metal wire attached to a hook.
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The Origin of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League):
Geneticist Dr. Patrick Richards, astronomer Prof. Susan Hoshi, Susan's step-brother and engineer Ronnie Storm, physicist Martin Parrish (Max Parrish + Martin Stein), and space-shuttle pilot Ben Parr were hired by foreign aeronautics tycoon Vandal Von Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage) to study the effects of a nearby cosmic anomaly on board Vandal’s private space station, the Cynthia. The cosmic anomaly went haywire soon after the crew’s arrival and it bathed the station in cosmic rays, mutating the members on board. The crew made it back to Earth in an escape pod, but it was too late to avoid their genetic transformations; Patrick’s flesh became super-stretchy, Susan discovered that she can control light, Ronnie fused with Dr. Parrish and became a living bonfire of radiation, and Ben's flesh became magnetized metal. The crew soon discovered that Vandal had actually sent them to discover the exact coordinates of the anomaly, so that he may harness the energies as a weapon. The four used their new powers to defeat Doom and his army of robots, and send him back to Latvaznia (Latveria + Kaznia) with his tail between his legs.
The team decided then and there to use their new powers to fight crime and thwart villains like Doom.
They tried to join the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), but were rebuffed, since the JA was not accepting new members at the time. Founding member Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman) decided to make the four an auxiliary team and gave them access to his secondary base at the top of the Baxter Building in New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis) for them to use as their headquarters.
And thus beings the Justice Four.

Justice Four Members:

Mr. Plastic:
Amalgamation of: Mr. Fantastic + Plastic Man
Real Name: Prof. Patrick Richards
Biography: Growing up in an Irish-American crime family, Patrick Richards decided at a young age that he didn’t want to fall into the same pit of corruption and disease that the three generations before him now dwell. Patrick focused all of his energy on science, graduating from Harvard at age 18. At age 25, he was hired by Vandal Von Doom to lead a research crew to study a cosmic anomaly. Waves of radiation struck the space station, and the resulting turbulence spilled several vials of acid on Prof. Richards; the combination of cosmic rays and chemicals mutated Patrick’s body, giving him, stretching and shapeshifting powers.
Patrick soon became “Mr. Plastic”, leader of the Justice Four.
Patrick and his teammate Susan fell in love, married, and had two children, Lucas and May.
Powers: Genius in the fields of genetics, biology, and computer sciences. His ultra-pliable flesh allows him to mold himself into any shape he can think of a stretch up to 5 miles before feeling pain. The applications of his stretching powers range from transforming into a jet-plane to shortening the space between his cerebral synapses, accelerating his though process a hundred-fold. Immunity to telepathy. Can alter his muscular and facial structures (and morph his voice box) for disguising himself as other people. Can change size. Invulnerable to blades and small arms fire. He used his altered molecular structure to create the Justice Four’s uniforms, which can adapt to the wearers’ powers (can morph with Mr. Plastic’s body, turn invisible with Dr. Invisible, and not be burned by Torchstorm’s flame form).

Dr. Invisible:
Amalgamation of: Invisible Woman + Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
Real Name: Dr. Susan Hoshi-Richards
Biography: A lot of people of Japanese heritage did not survive the incarceration of Japanese-American in response to the Pearl Harbor attacks; two of the survivors were 12-year-old Susan Hoshi and her mother Mary. Soon, her widow mother married Dr. Franklin Storm, and his son Ronnie became Susan’s stepbrother. The loss of her father and other members of her family during the period of Japanese prosecution made Susan bitter and hostile towards Ronnie.
Eventually Susan graduated with a doctorate from college, and became the supervising astronomer at an observatory. Dr. Hoshi was hired by Von Doom Aeronautics to study the anomaly; when the anomaly spewed out several waves of radiation at the space station, some of the rays were focused through the telescope Susan was using and mutated her.
When Susan's new light-manipulation powers fully developed, she joined the rest of the mutated crew in the Justice Four, taking the codename “Dr. Invisible.”
Her time as a superhero eventulally mellowed Susan out, and she fell in love with Patrick Richards, married him, and had two children with him.
Powers: Genius in the field of astronomy and mathematics. Light manipulation, which allows her to turn herself and others in range invisible, create and control hard-light constructs and shields, shoot burning energy bolts from her hands, blind enemies, fly on light waves, absorb light to create darkness, and create holograms.

Amalgamation of: Human Torch + Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)
Real Name: Ronald “Ronnie” Storm
Biography: Ronnie Storm's mother died when he was young, and his father, Dr. Franklin Storm, later married Mary Hoshi. Ronnie was frequently abused by his older step-sister, Susan. After graduating college with a major in engineering, Ronnie and Susan were hired by Von Doom Aeronautics to study the space anomaly. A “lightning bolt” of cosmic radiation passed through both Ronnie and nuclear physicist Martin Parrish, fusing Parrish's mind with Ronnie's.
Ronnie gained the powers of nuclear radiation and joined his step-sister and crew members in the Justice Four, as “Torchstorm.”
Later, the cosmic powers that be removed the Martin Parrish personality from Ronnie's body, deeming that Parrish was the one they intended to be the “Fire Elemental”; without Parrish, Ronnie lost his powers and became deathly ill. Ronnie's Torchstorm replacement Frankie Rusch (Frankie Raye + Jason Rusch) agreed to become Galactiac's (Galactus + Brainiac) new Herald in exchange for healing Ronnie and restoring his powers.
When the J4 temporarily disbanded, Torchstorm started working for Power Control Inc. (Damage Control + Power Company), a construction company that employs superhuman laborers.
Powers: Expert engineer. Genius in the field of physics when fused with Dr. Parrish. Can generate an intense amount of fiery plasma from his skin without burning himself. Can fly in his “flame aura” and shoot fireballs at his enemies. Can will his flame aura to not engulf any part of his body, so he can safely carry people from danger by flight. Can absorb fire and mentally control it (to a slight limit). Can survive up to 24 hours without oxygen. Can see in thermal vision. Can survive in sub-zero temperatures. Can emit energy that rearranges matter (down to the molecular level) according to his will; can change a liquid into a solid, transmute lead into gold, heal damaged tissue, turn intangible, ect. The transmutations last until Torchstorm is either out of range or he loses focus.

Amalgamation of: The Thing + Bulletman
Real Name: Colonel Benjamin “Ben” Barr
Biography: Ben Barr was the son of a Jewish police officer who was killed in the line of duty. As a teenager, Ben joined the Air Force, shooting down Vietcong flyboys in the Vietnam Conflict. Ben later joined NASA and served in the first lunar landing. Ben was later hired by Von Doom Aeronautics to pilot the spacecraft carrying the reseach team to Von Doom's private space station. While onboard the station, the cosmic rays caused Ben to lose his balance and topple into a vat of liquid metal; exposure to the cosmic rays and liquid metal mutated Ben, making develop an organic metal hide.
Prof. Richards promises Ben that he will cure his condition, and in the meantime, Ben decided to join Richard's new superhero team, the Justice Four, as “Bullething.”
Powers: Expert airplane and spaceship pilot. Expert hand-to-hand fighter. Organic-metal flesh grants James super strength, super durability, super stamina, enhanced senses (except touch), enhanced reflexes and jumping ability, enhanced lung capacity, and an increase in his original height. The cosmic storm also increased his intelligence, though it’s nowhere near the levels of Prof. Richards and other geniuses of that caliber. Can manipulate the magnetism of his metal flesh to levitate and fly, deflect projectiles, stick to metallic surfaces, and draw in metal objects in a telekinetic fashion.

Supporting Characters:

Luke Richards:
Amalgamation of: Franklin Richards + Luke O'Brien
Real Name: Lucas “Luke” Richards
Biography: Luke Richards is the young son of Patrick and Susan Richards. He is also an Omega-Level Metamutant (mutant + metahuman) whose powers began developing when he was just a baby. When he was born, he mental powers prematurely activated, tearing a hole in the space-time conntinuum, and leaving the city to be attacked by the Annhilation Five (Annhilation Wave + Fatal Five) a team of alien criminals from the future. Mr. Plastic, Torchstorm, and Bullething were able to defeat the A5 with help from the Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super-Heroes). Luke’s began to show more control over his powers as he aged, and he even developed his father’s stretching powers. Luke made friends with the young superhero team Relative Power (Power Pack + Relative Heroes) and joined the team as “Mindbender” (Tattletale + Offspring). When most of Earth’s heroes were killed in the battle with the near-unstoppable Imperislaught (Onslaught + Imperiex), Luke used his powers to bring the dead heroes back to life on another planet.
Powers: Stretching and shapeshifting powers, similar to his father's (though he's able to change color, unlike his father). Advanced mental powers at allow him to: read minds, communicate telepathically, amplify the super powers of others, and alter reality to varying degrees.

May Richards:
Amalgamation of: Valeria Richards + Imako Hoshi
Real Name: Imako “May” Richards
Biography: Imako, or May, is the daughter of Patrick and Susan Richards, and younger sister of Luke Richards. She is named after her great-grandmother on her mother’s side of the family. Susan found out that she was pregnant with May shortly before the arrival of Imperislaught. Since she is still just a child, it’s unknown when she’ll develop her own powers and whether they’ll match or even surpass her big brother’s or parents’.
But she has been able to finish a Rubik’s Cube by 12 months of age…
Powers: Intelligence quite advanced for someone her age.

Amalgamation of: HERBIE + L-Ron
Real Name: Humanoid Experimental Robot and B-type Observation Node
Biography: When the Justice Four needed the aide of Galactiac to take down a supervillain called the Oversphinx (Sphinx + Overmaster), they contacted the alien scientist Manga Xar (Master Xar + Manga Khan) to help them develop a way to find Galactiac's Power Cosmic. The experiments resulted in an intelligent robot they named HERBON, a rather chipper and friendly personality who aided the heroes in finding Galactiac. After the Oversphinx was defeated, the J4 decided to buy HERBON from Manga Xar in exchange for some of Mr. Plastic's technology. HERBON is now the main operating system for the J4's headquarters and the nanny of Mr. Plastic's and Dr. Invisible's children.
Powers: Intelligence; a robotic body that's more durable than normal humans; technopathy; built-in tools and weapons; flight on rocket boosters.

Amalgamation of: Lyja the Laserfist + Firehawk
Real Name: Lyjarane
Biography: In an attempt to dismantle Earth’s superhero defenses, the Skrultian Empire (Skrulls + Martians) used the collected DNA samples of the Justice Four to create an army of Ultra-Skrultians (Super-Skrull + Ultra the Multi-Alien). One of their agents, Lyjarane, was given the powers of Torchstorm and sent to attack the Justice Four. When her initial assault failed, Lyjarane pretended to be a human named Lorraine Green, who was mutated into a fire-blasting superhuman by Crucimak (Crucible + Tokamak) and Multiform (Lifeform + Multiplex), agents of A.H.E.M. (AIM + HIVE). The Justice Four defeated the pair (who retained innocence about human experimentations), and Ronnie and Lorainne fell in love.
Lyjarane eventually revealed to Ronnie that she was the Skrultian that attacked the Four months ago, and she also told them of an upcoming Skrultian invasion.
The Justice Four, with Lyjarane’s help, turned back the invaders, but she was slain by the invasion’s commander, Paibok Ro (Paibok + Kanjar Ro).
Lyjarane was later resurrected by Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid), ruler of the New Eternals of Apoktan (Eternals/Titan + New Gods/Apokilips), as part of an invasion force.
Powers: Skrultian powers of shapeshifting. Radiation blasts and transmutation blasts. Force-field generation. Self density manipulation. Resistance to the skrultian weakness of fire. Generation of wings made from fire. Trained in Skrultian military tactics and combat. Knowledge of Earth cultures and languages.

Alicia Ching:
Amalgamation of: Alicia Masters + I Ching
Biography: Alicia Ching is the descendant of an ancient order of Tibetan monks, who are now gone after their monastery was destroyed by Dr. Sand (Quicksand + Dr. Cyber). Young Alicia was blinded in a car accident that killed her father; her mother later remarried to Philip Lord, future liaison between the American government and the Justice Avengers. Alicia inherited a scroll of the monks from her father, which she used to help Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman) reclaim the secrets and treasures of the monastery from Dr. Sand. She later befriended and fell in love with Ben Barr, the monstrous Bullething of the Justice Four, and helped him and his teammates fight her stepfather, who had become the super-villain Puppet Lord (Puppet Master + Maxwell Lord).
Powers: Though blind, her other senses are amplified, though not as great as the senses of Dr. Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite). Master sculptress and martial artist.

Amalgamation of: She-Thing + Bulletgirl
Real Name: Sharon Kent
Biography: Sharon Kent was an accountant for the superhuman sports organization UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation); Sharon secretly wished to be a super-athlete for the UCWF, so she hired Dr. Hannibal Jackson, the evil scientist known as Everypower (Power Broker + Everyman), to bestow her with super-strength, durability, and stamina. As “Ms. Sheerforce” (Ms. Marvel + Windshear), Sharon battled Bullething, who was going through a separation with Alicia, and the two fell in love while knocking heads with the Demolition Crew (Wrecking Crew + Demolition Team). While battling Dr. Diablo (Diablo + Dr. Alchemy), Ms. Sheerforce spontaneously mutated into a female version of Bullething. Freaked out by this sudden transformation, Sharon broke Dr. Diablo’s spine and went on a rampage throughout the city, blaming Ben for the change. She eventually learned that Everypower used stolen samples of Bullething’s DNA to mutate Sharon. After mopping the floor with Everypower, despite him giving himself shapeshifting powers during the battle, Sharon reconciled with Ben. She changed her codename to She-Bullet and served as a replacement member of the Justice Four until her powers wore off on their own. She is currently re-employed at UCWF. In an alternate reality, it was shown that Ben and Sharon were married and had a son named Jacob, who inherited his father’s powers and took on his mother’s first codename as “Mr. Sheerforce.”
Powers: When she was She-Bullet, she possessed the same powers as Bullething, although relatively less powerful. Master of wrestling martial arts.

Willie Winks:
Amalgamation of: Willie Lumpkin + Woozy Winks
Biography: William Winks is a long-time friend of Patrick Richards, and a mailman who delivers to the Justice Four's headquarters.

Silver Pariah:
Amalgamation of: Silver Surfer + Pariah
Real Name: Norrin Mossa
Biography: Norrin Mossa was a great scientist from the planet Zenn-Kell, but he always dreamed of a life of adventure. When the mighty Galactiac came to destroy the planet, Norrin struck a deal with the titan; he agreed to be Galactiac’s new Herald, in exchange for Zenn-Kell’s protection. Galactiac agreed and bestowed a small fraction of the Power Cosmic unto Norrin, transforming him into the Silver Pariah.
Norrin was forced to lead Galactiac to hundreds of inhabited planets, and to watch in horror as he collected every cultures’ information and consume the planet afterwards. When Galactiac and the Silver Pariah finally came to Earth, Dr. Invisible convinced Norrin to turn against Galactiac. Silver Pariah led the Four onto Galactiac’s spaceship and gave them the Gamma Nullifier (Ultimate Nullifier + Gamma Gong), an alien device that uses vibrational energy to break down any substance at the molecular level. After charging up the Nullifier with Torchstorm’s energy, Mr. Plastic blasted off Galactiac’s hand, threatening to destroy him if he didn’t leave Earth and ever return. Galactiac left Earth, but not before using the Power Cosmic to prevent Norrin from ever leaving Earth. Silver Pariah eventually broke this curse, and set off on a crusade to destroy Galactiac, especially after he destroyed Zenn-Kell with his new herald, Typhoon-Walker (Air-Walker + Typhoon).
When he was stuck on Earth, Norrin served as a member of the Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society).
Powers: Brilliant scientist. Channels the Power Cosmic through his board-like craft. Possesses great strength and durability. Longevity. Can fly faster than the speed of light on his board. Energy blasts from hands. Matter manipulation (for healing and intangibility). Teleportation.

The Observer:
Amalgamation of: The Watcher + The Monitor
Real Name: Dax Uatu
Biography: 13 billion years ago, the New Amalgam Multiverse was created due to the cosmic tampering Krona Saal (Garthan Saal + Krona), an alien scientist who attempted to witness the beginning of his universe. Another result of the scientist’s machinations was the birth of a race of immortal and nigh-omnipotent beings that spanned the breadth of the multiverse. These beings came together as the Observers, who dedicated their existence to chronicling the history of their universes with absolutely NO interfering. One of the Obersvers, Dax Uatu, who was in charge of observing Space Sector 2814 of Universe A-1 (the main New Amalgam Universe), grew an unwarranted affection to the people of Earth, whom he observed from their Moon, and thus he broke his pledge of non-interference several times to aide the Justice Four and other heroes in battling space-born threats, starting with the planet-eating robot Galactiac.
Powers: Like all members of the Observers, he possesses vast, mighty, and indefinable powers and access to incomprehensible technologies.
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Based on the serialized web novel "Worm" by wildbow. 

On May 12th 1982, an ocean liner crossing from Plymouth to Boston came across an unusual sight: a statuesque bearded man with golden skin and golden hair levitating above the ocean. His touch cured cancer. The sight of him inspired optimism and hope. He would go on to dedicate every moment of every day to silently helping people around the world, never resting. He would only ever speak one word, one time, in the decades to come. That would be his name: Scion. He was the first of many superpowered individuals – or "parahumans" – to appear all across the Earth. 

In 1986, there were fifty parahumans worldwide.

By 2008, there were over six hundred and fifty thousand.

A few humans would gain their powers as unwilling subjects in diabolical experiments, awakening as amnesiacs in monstrous bodies. Others somehow inherited such talents from their superpowered relatives, in some cases in spite of being adopted. The majority of the parahumans, however, gain their power from trigger events. "Basically," as one young man colorfully summed up the phenomenon, "for your powers to manifest, you’re going to have to have something really shitty happen to you."

This naturally results in quite a few supervillains, often with mental health issues. Mass killings are disturbingly commonplace ITTL. Cults, hate groups, even random drug dealers are much more powerful and influential. Property damage from parahuman brawls means building codes worldwide are much more rigorous than our own. In North America, parahumans who violate the "three strikes" rule are sent to the Birdcage, a prison from which there is no escape and no parole. There are no guards inside the Birdcage, only prisoners and the worlds they have made.

All those villainous parahumans are mere small fries compared to the likes of Behemoth, Simurgh, and Leviathan -- collectively known as the Endbringers. 

One attack by one Endbringer reduced Japan to third world status. Another attack literally destroyed Newfoundland. The failure to stop both these events led to a new degree of coordination between parahumans. With warning times of their approach in the mere minutes on average, heroes and villains will set aside their squabbles to team up against an Endbringer attack. In a good fight, only a quarter of the parahumans will die before the Endbringer is either driven off or held off for long enough for Scion to show up (and to singlehandedly drive it off). 

Killing an Endbringer so far seems an impossible dream. Nukes, rail guns, "rods from god", and all manner of Tinker-derived super-science weapons fail to do much more than light surface damage. Only the hardiest of parahumans, or those with powers and abilities of unusual nature, can go toe-to-toe with an Endbringer and really do decent damage to it. 

Cities and regions too damaged by Endbringer attacks to be repaired/repopulated in a cost-effective manner are "condemned". Surviving residents are evacuated and compensated for their loss of property with cash from an international relief fund, if at a fraction of their property's original worth, and resettled elsewhere. Local governments are dissolved. Some countries establish military rule over condemned areas to keep people out. Others merely throw up fences around condemned urban zones and wash their hands of such places.

This Earth's wheels started coming off its wagon in the late 1990s, as its golden age of superheroes gave way to escalating horrors. The debut of Siberian, the first parahuman to really merit the label 'supervillain' rather than mere 'villain'. The rise of the nightmarish gang of psychopaths known as the Slaughterhouse Nine. Kyushu depopulated and destroyed, its remaining land mass gutted by tidal waves that coated the whole island in salt water, trash, and rubble. The rest of Japan stricken with earthquakes and meltdowns in the aftermath. The near-annhilation of Switzerland as its people were brainwashed en masse into Manchurian Candidates who swept across Europe in a coordinated wave of terror, with mass shootings by grandfathers and dirty bomb attacks by eleven year olds. Once it was realized that the affected were incurable, NATO moved from 'capture if possible' to 'encircle their cities and villages and shell them'. 

And always, every three to four months, another Enderbringer attack. Some places, like Madrid, would recover from their passing. Otherwise would slip into terminal death spirals like Japan, Switzerland, Newfoundland, and more...

Analysis by precognitive forecasters and tinker-devised supercomputers estimate a global societal collapse by 2035. In the optimistic scenarios, anyway.

That said, there are some bright points of light.

Genocide is rather harder to pull off given that sort of thing is perfect at inspiring trigger events in unrealized parahumans, and, as North Korea's government learned, a certain minimum of care needs to be taken with one's civilian population lest they start building death rays out of stone knives and bearskins. Contact with a parallel Earth akin to OTL, mostly limited to data transmission out of mutual fears of invasion, is spurring technological growth as humanity's collective brainpower has essentially doubled. While tinker-derived tech is typically impossible to mass produce, it also illuminates valuable avenues of research. Parahumans who, increasingly, avoid the hero/villain dynamic as 'rogues' are turning their powers to artistic works and commercial labor. 

Conflicts that would be familiar to us have been settled or avoided ITTL. The "War on Terror" is merely a bizarre Orwellian phrase from that parallel Earth I mentioned. The European Union is a far tighter entity, facing monstrous supervillains within and Endbringers without, and has been forced to reorganize in the face of the United States narrowing its focus to North America. Mexico's civilian government is triumphing over cartel violence in a way that our own would envy. America and Canada have opened their borders to tens of millions of now-homeless East Asians. The US, faced with a seemingly endless battle against real existential threats that can strike without warning, has developed a deep reservoir of calmness about such matters. Its newly minted stuff upper lip pleases the mother country. 

Art, in all its forms, is pretty damn good. The global transfer of refugees, on a scale that dwarfs any other era in recorded history, has produced revolutions in everything from food to literature to fashion as disparate cultures interweave in ways never before seen.

Ordinary people across the world still get up, share breakfast with their family, and then go to work/school. Young people fall in love. Babies are brought into the world with hope for the future. When duty calls, hero and villain alike will cast aside their differences to hold the line for the sake of the masses, and for every one of them a hundred or more first responders follows. 

It's a world where the valleys are deeper but the mountains are steeper. The buildings aren't just built with thicker bases to survive damage, they have taller and wider glass windows to soak in the view. This sunset may be the last one we ever see, but damn if it isn't sublime.
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A.H.E.M. (A.I.M. + H.I.V.E.): The Advanced Hierarchy of Extermination Mechanics (A.H.E.M.) was originally a splinter group of the terrorist organization HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100) before going solo. They have multiple headquarters across the planet, including a now-abandoned one on Krakoa the Living Dinosaur Island (Krakoa the Living Island + Dinosaur Island). Former agents include Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke), his ex-wife Neena Kane (Domino + Adeline Kane), and the former Teen Avenger Terracoal (Young Avengers/Charcoal + Teen Titans/Terra).


B.L.O.O.D. (Bionic Logistical Organism Of Destruction):
Amalgamation Of: MODOK + Brother Blood
Real Name: Sebastian Tarleton
Aliases: Biological Logistical Ordinance Of Destruction, Bionic Living Ordinance Of Death.
Biography: The monstrous leader of AHEM, Sebastian Tarleton was originally the eighth subject of AHEM’s Project BLOOD, in which they attempted to create a super intelligent creature capable of predicting their enemies’ movements. Sebastian survived the procedure, but he head and limbs became so enlarged he needed a specially-designed hoverchair to move. Sebastian, now called BLOOD, soon proved himself too powerful and crafty for AHEM to control, and he soon became the leader in a spectacular coup. When BLOOD took over AHEM, they became a regular enemy of several solo superheroes and hero teams, such as the Teen Avengers and the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), as well as government agencies such as Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X).
Powers: Telepathy/mind control, telekinesis, force fields, energy blasts, levitation, super intelligence. Hoverchair uses built-in weapons.

Middle, L-R:

Amalgamation Of: Super-Adaptoid + Amazo
Biography: The mighty android Amazing-Adaptoid was created by AHEM, who used a tiny fragment of the Cosmo-Eater (Cosmic Cube + Sun Eater), an ancient alien super weapon that will be used in the 30th Century by the evil Annihilation Five (Annihilation Wave + Fatal Five) against the heroic Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super-Heroes). The AA has the ability to temporarily copy the abilities of any superhuman within range. AHEM used the AA first against the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) where it permanently downloaded the powers of Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman), Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman), Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman), Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II), and Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern II). AA retreated from the battle after it believed it fulfilled its masters’ orders: to kill the Super-Soldier. The Amazing-Adaptoid returned to face the JA, still attempting to complete its programming by killing Super-Soldier, but it was defeated because it also absorbed the hero's weakness to Kreetonite, a radioactive ore. When Super-Soldier temporarily died at the hands of Doompocalypse (Apocalypse + Doomsday), the AA finally shut itself down, believing its mission completed.
Powers: Super Intelligence. The ability to temporarily copy the powers of any superhuman beings in range, including magic powers, weapons, armor, and costume pieces. The only powers he permanently has are Super-Soldier’s unbreakable shield and strength, Iron Bat’s martial art skills and hand repulsars, Thunder Woman’s enchanted flail and flight, Silverflash’s super speed, and Green Giant’s energy manipulation powers (generated by a facsimile of a Green Force Ring [Nova Force + Power Ring]).

Amalgamation Of: Dethlok + Lady Vic
Real Name: Elaine Manning
Biography: British aristocrat and mercenary Elaine Manning was critically injured in the line of duty, and she was rebuilt with cybernetic parts by the scientists of AHEM. Elaine, as Deathvic, prominently serves AHEM, but also moonlights as an assassin working for crimelord Nuke-Buster (Nuke + Blockbuster II), frequently fighting the Teen Avenger Warwing (War Machine + Nightwing). With AHEM, Deathvic battled the magical hero Hell Slayer (Devil-Slayer + John Constantine) until he paralyzed her; after being taken into custody by Task Force S, she was kidnapped by a villain who tried to sell her as a weapon on the black market, a plot foiled by Dr. Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite). Deathvic has not been seen since.
Powers: Cybernetic implants grant superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina. Expert tracker. Accelerated healing. Expert in several martial arts and weapon styles. Can telepathically interface with computers.

Amalgamation Of: Nitro + Icicle II
Real Name: Cameron Hunter
Biography: Cameron Hunter’s father was a cryogenics expert working for AHEM. His exposure to reverse-fusion energies altered his genetics, which his son inherited. Cameron’s metamutant powers (Mutant + metahuman) allow him to explode and reform at will, leaving behind a landscape of frozen tundra in the blast’s wake. As an agent of AHEM, Ictro battled frequently Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell + Billy Batson). In a battle between him and the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), Ictro caused an explosion large enough to freeze most of Stamford, Connecticut. While casualties were minimum in the main Amalgam universe, in an alternate one, the death rate was around 600, causing the American government to force all heroes to reveal their identities to the government, sparking a “superhero civil war.” After he reformed in the mainstream universe, Ictro joined the evil Offending Society (Offenders + Injustice Society).
Powers: Can self-explode with the force of 1000 lbs. and a radius of 50 feet. Can later reform anywhere in ground zero from his scattered molecules. His explosions generate reverse-fusion energy, which encases everything within range in a sheet of ice. Cameron has recently learned to explode parts of his body with less force, allowing him to freeze specific targets with shotgun-like blasts.

Bottom, L-R:

Flame Void:
Amalgamation Of: Void + Red Volcano
Biography: During World War II, the Nazis stole plans to an android soldier from American scientist Nick O'Teim (Turner D. Century + T.O. Morrow). They improved upon it greatly with occult knowledge and sent their creation upon the world. The 'Flame Void' battled Red Sentry (Sentry + Red Tornado), O'Teim's android creation fused with an Air spirit. The Flame Void was destroyed, but the plans to the android were acquired by the HUNDRA after the fall of the Nazis. HUNDRA's splinter group AHEM created a new Flame Void, but it was soon destroyed by the Red Sentry and the other Elementals.
Powers: Super strength/speed/durability/stamina/intelligence; flight; the ability to open 'white holes', dimensional pockets that expel energy at high rates; energy manipulation; shape-shifting.

Amalgamation Of: Crucible + Tokamak
Real Name: Dr. Henry Morlak
Biography: Dr. Henry Morlak, aka Crucimak, is a powerful and brilliant scientist working for AHEM. He and his creation Multiform first ran afoul of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League) when Lorraine Green convinced them that she was mutated into an energy-blasting monster by Crucimak (it was later revealed that Lorraine was really a Skrultian spy [Skrull + Martian] named Laserhawk [Lyja the Laserfist + Firehawk]). Crucimak, and therefore AHEM, has been enemies with the Justice Four ever since, especially Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm), who used his matter-manipulation powers to ruin Crucimak’s battle suit. In the 30th Century, Crucimak’s technology is used to create Adam Cosmic (Adam Warlock + Cosmic Boy), leader of the Legion of the Galaxy.
Powers: Super intelligence. Battlesuit provides: Super strength/stamina/durability, energy manipulation, flight.

Amalgamation Of: Lifeform + Multiplex
Real Name: Prof. Danton Pufrock
Biography: Danton Furfock was a nuclear physicist who was jealous of Dr. Martin Parrish (Max Parrish + Martin Stein). Pufrock was engulfed in a wave of nuclear radiation during a meltdown and he ended up catatonic, dying of radiation. AHEM’s super scientist Crucimak turned Pufrock into Multiform, a behemoth with self-duplication powers. Multiform and Crucimak both share an animosity towards Torchstorm, since Multiform was able to sense Parrish’s mind inside Torchstorm (before the powers that be separated them and changed Parrish into the true Fire Elemental).
Powers: Super strength/stamina/durability; advanced healing factor; two extra arms; self-duplication (clones are smaller in size and are less strong than the original).

Amalgamation Of: Doomsday Man + Mageddon
Biography: Armangeddon was originally a super-weapon responsible for the utter destruction of the Old Eternals (leading to the genesis of the New Eternals [Eternal + New Gods]). The last surviving Old Eternal hid the super weapon on Earth, claiming a prophecy of a race of warriors capable of finally destroying it. When AHEM and its lead scientist, Kronivo (Dr. Kronton + Professor Ivo), found the weapon on an island in the Pacific Ocean, they reverse engineered it and turned it into a gigantic android called Armangeddon, a portmanteau of “Man” and “Armageddon”. AHEM used its powers of planet-wide rage acceleration to pit every nation on Earth against each other in World War III; their goal was to reclaim the planet after the apocalyptic war. The Silver Pariah (Silver Surfer + Pariah) and Carol Marvel (Ms. Marvel + Mary Marvel) confronted AHEM, but were defeated by Armangeddon, who later went haywire and attacked AHEM, going on a rampage. With no military to aid them, the Justice Avengers, Teen Avengers, and Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society) banded together to destroy the robot. While the angel Numriel (Numinus + Zauriel) stopped WWIII with his enchantments, Beast Man of the X-Patrol (Beast + Animal Man) used a special piece of technology to tap into the Earth’s morphogenetic field, creating an army of temporarily empowered humans. Armangeddon was weakened enough for JA member Sacrifice (Jack of Hearts + Aztek) to finally shut it down, but at the cost of his own life. In the aftermath, AHEM was able to recover from this disastrous setback, and the Silver Pariah disposed of the monstrosity’s husk by opening a hole in the Earth’s crust, hurling the beast into the planet’s molten core.
Powers: Super strength/stamina/durability; teleportation; energy blasts; mental powers capable of escalating the aggression levels of every creature on a planet to extreme heights.
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Mortal Foes of Thunder Woman: (Thor + Wonder Woman)

Top Row, L-R:

Amalgamation Of: Man-Beast + Cheetah
Real Name: Barbara Carpenter
Biography: Decades ago, in England, a scientist named Herbert McIntyre had perfected a device capable of accelerating the process of evolution. After creating several humanoid animals, McIntyre was chastised for creating human-animal abominations, so he eventually left Earth for a new world, becoming the villain known as the Evolutionary Triumph (High Evolutionary + Triumph). Meanwhile, his humanoid animals were driven from London and made their way to the base of a mountain in Eastern Europe, where a cult that worshiped the dark god Urtzkartaga once roosted, to make their new home. Years later, tourists accidentally stumbled upon the beast-men's home and alerted the nation's military to them. The soldiers slaughtered them, but the tourists found an infant amongst the ruins, a female capable of passing off as human, and they adopted her. In the USA, Barbara Carpenter grew up to be an archaeologist, but she accidentally discovered her powers when she was attacked. That night, the dark god Urtzkartaga revealed her true parentage to her, man-beasts that once worshiped him, and that they performed a ritual sacrifice to make her human. The spell was wearing off, so now Barbara's cat-human form was revealing itself. If she wants to live the rest of her life in the human world, she will follow Urtzkartaga's commands. Those commands include taking revenge on the immortal warrior who stripped him of his power and bannished him to the abyss... Thorana the Thunder Woman! As Havoc, Barbara battled the Thunder Woman, but lost every time. Urtzkartaga would later strip Havoc of her powers, though not her cat-like appearance, and give them to one Sebastian Carracus (Esteban Carracus + Sebastian Ballestros) to kill Thunder Woman; Barbara then killed Sebastian and regained her powers and Urtzkartaga's favor.
Powers: Superhuman speed/strength/stamina/reflexes/agility/senses; fangs and claws; can sense multiple ranges of light; limited telekinetic powers (bestowed by Urtzkartaga).

Amalgamation Of: Absorbing Man + Cyborgirl
Real Name: Charles Creel
Biography: Charles Creel was a former boxer who turned to leg breaking for a street gang. When a new drug was introduced that gave normal people random superpowers (really a magic potion created by Cerki [Loki + Circe] to create an army to destroy her sister Thunder Woman), Creel's gang became the main trafficker for the drug. Thunder Woman managed to help the police defeat the gang and create a cure for the drug and the powers. Creel escaped from prison, using his ball-and-chain shackle as a weapon, and retreat back to their last hiding place for the drug. He took too much of the drug in a bid to destroy Thunder Woman, and the side-effects destroyed his body. Scientists implanted him with a cybernetic system that can help him replicate his remaining healthy cells and reconstruct his body, but the remnants of the drug mess up the system and made him into a half-man, half-machine. Charles decided to use his new powers, including the ability to change his flesh and machine parts into whatever material he touches, to become a gang leader in his own right. As the Absorborg, Charles became a recurring nemesis of Thunder Woman, and also started dating a fellow supervillainess, Enorma.
Powers: Above-average strength/stamina/durability; his flesh and machine parts can duplicate the properties of any material he touches (wood, stone, crystal, ect.); his ball-and-chain weapon can also change properties, since he was in contact with it when he drank to much of Cerki's potion; he can duplicate the metal of his weapon, but not the metal of his cyborg parts.

Amalgamation Of: Titania + Giganta
Real Name: Dr. Mary Zeul
Biography: Mary Zeul was a doctor and researcher who suffered from a cancer that made her frail and sickly while it slowly killed her. She had no idea that her colleague Diana Blake was really the heroic Thunder Woman when she was brutally injured trying to save the city. Lying comatose, Thorana was experimented on by Zeul and her colleague Zara Rosenberg to find a way to harness the heroine's mystical nature and cure Mary. Thorana woke up and broke free from the torturous experiments, and she ended up causing an accident that transferred Mary's brain patterns into a female gorilla. Mary and Zara disappeared until the event known as the Secret Wars of Infinite Earths (Secret Wars + Crisis on Infinite Earths); the evil Vandal Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage) used his technology to change Mary and Zara into superhumans in exchange for serving him. Zara Rosenberg was changed into the energy-blasting Crimsona (Volcana + Zara of the Crimson Flame), while Mary's ape body was evolved into a healthy and strong human with size-changing abilities; as the villainess Enorma, Mary battled Thunder Woman during the event, and now harbors a resentment towards her. Now a solo villainess and enemy of Thunder Woman, Enorma was the girlfriend of Charles “Absorborg” Creel, another enemy of Thunder Woman. They broke up when she caught him flirting with the heroine She-Nova (She-Hulk + Jade), and Mary decided to get back at him by dating Eric Choi (Eric O'Grady + Ryan Choi), the second hero to take up the name and shrinking powers of Atom-Ant (Ant-Man + The Atom).
Powers: Able to grow up to fifty stories in height and thus gain superhuman strength/stamina/durability in proportion to that current size; highly-intelligent doctor.

Dr. Radioactive:
Amalgamation Of: Radioactive Man + Doctor Poison
Real Name: Dr. Chen Maru
Biography: A nuclear physicist from the People’s Republic of China, Chen Maru developed a mind-altering energy array to use for the Communist state’s invasion of India. The army was defeated and the weapon destroyed by Thunder Woman, and Chen was imprisoned for his war crimes. After escaping, he altered his physiology with atomic radiation, turning him into Dr. Radioactive, a living nuclear stockpile. Dr. Radioactive has been a recurring enemy of Thunder Woman. After being captured, tried, and imprisoned, he gets the chance for a presidential pardon by serving in the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), a government-controlled team of supervillains who take on the most dangerous missions to save the world. When Paul Osborn (Norman Osborn + Paul Westfield) was dethroned as director of Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X), Dr. Radioactive left Thunder Squad and went back to China; he was arrested for further crimes and achieved amnesty in exchange for service in China's govt-controlled super-team, the Great Force (People's Defense Force + The Great Ten).
Powers: Body is constantly radioactive, giving his flesh a green glow and allows him to fire blasts of heat, light, and atomic energy (which induces nausea and radiation poisoning). He needs to wear a black skin-suit to keep his powers in check. Expert in the fields of radiation, energy, and nuclear physics.

Silver Gargoyle:
Amalgamation Of: Grey Gargoyle + Silver Swan
Real Name: Vanessa Duval
Biography: Vanessa Duval was a teenage girl from Paris, France who looked up to the heroine Thunder Woman. However, when her father and best friend were killed in a disaster that Thunder Woma couldn't prevent, Vanessa became engulfed in rage and swore to steal her immortality and kill her. The sorcerer known as Amorko the Enchanter (Amora the Enchantress + Dr. Psycho) gave Vanesssa a magic potion that gave her powers, but only to secretly manipulate her so that he can have Thorana for himself. Given metal skin, bat-like wings, amazing strength, and the ability to turn others into metal statues, Vanessa Duval became the Silver Gargoyle. Silver Gargoyle traveled to the American city under Thunder Woman's protection, and manages to turn a large number of people into metal statues to lure out the heroine. Thorana was turned to metal, as well, but Vanessa was unable to lift her Enchanted Flail (Mjolnir + Lasso of Truth); the Enchanted Flail was dropped to the ground, and the magic shockwave turned Thorana back to normal. Thunder Woman and Silver Gargoyle battled again, and the heroine unleashed an energy blast that fused Vanessa's metal arms together, disabling her ability to turn others to metal. The villainess' victims were changed back after an hour, and Vanessa was hauled off to jail, swearing revenge on Thunder Woman.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina; organic metal flesh; wings for flight; can transform organic beings into immobile metal statues through touch, which turn back after an hour (later gains the ability to change victims into mobile minions under her verbal control).

Bottom Row, L-R:

Amalgamation Of: Locus + Angle Man
Real Name: Angelo Piper
Biography: Angelo Piper was a scientist who used his invention, which allows him to teleport great distances, manipulate his personal gravity, and phase through walls. Paired with the energy being known as the Reignworks (Reignfire + Fireworks Man), Anglocus became a master criminal who clashed with the heroic Thunder Woman. Thunder Woman thought that his invention was permanently destroyed when she smashed it with her Enchanted Flail, but prolonged exposure to the device gave Anglocus the same powers, internalized within his body. He teamed up with Havoc to destroy Thunder Woman, but he turned on the villainess when he was smitten by Donna Tarane, the first heroine to be Thunder Woman's sidekick Thunder Girl (Thor Girl + Wonder Girl).
Powers: Teleportation of himself and other over long distances; manipulation of gravity to levitate and adhere to walls and ceilings; intangibility.

Doctor Sand:
Amalgamation Of: Quicksand + Doctor Cyber
Real Name: “Cylvia”
Biography: A Vietnamese nuclear engineer named Cylvia was attacked at her work by a thug working for a Chinese gang whom her family owed money to. The thug burned her face with burning embers and she stumbled into an experiment that changed her body into a hivemind of robotic nanograins. The panic and pained woman used her powers to cause a nuclear meltdown, but Thunder Woman used the magics of her Enchanted Flail to teleport the facility to another dimension before it exploded, saving the other people. Cylvia's mind was twisted, and she now believes that Thunder Woman caused her transformation. She mastered her new body and powers and became the evil Doctor Sand. She and other evil geniuses banded together to steal Thunder Woman's cells and genetically engineer an army of god-like beings, but they failed.
Powers: High intelligence; shape-shifting; enhanced strength/stamina/durability; energy absorption and expulsion; duplication.

Amalgamation Of: Malekith the Accursed + Psycho-Pirate
Real Name: Malcolm Hayden
Biography: The Mask of Ancient Winters (Cask of Ancient Winters + Medusa Masks) is an ancient weapon forged by the Dark Elves, the now-deceased enemies of Thunder Woman's immortal race, the Amazardians (Asgardians + Amazons). King Hippodin (Odin + Hippolyta), ruler of the Amazardians and father of Thorana, placed the Mask beyond their hidden island nation and trusted a mortal family to keep it out of the hands of evil. But evil struck pretty close to home for this family. In modern times, Malcolm Hayden killed his abusive father to find the location of the Mask of Ancient Winters, using it's powers for his own selfish gain. As the evil Psycurse, Hayden initially used the Mask to drain the emotions of others to fuel elemental magic, but then he discovered that he could reverse it and drain natural energy from around him to mentally manipulate others. When the news came to him that the Mask was being used for evil, King Hippodin sent the Warriors Three, composed of the Amazardians Sodral (Fandral + Sofia), Volsana (Volstagg + Orana), and Philigun (Hogun + Philippus), to use iron weapons to counteract the magic of the Mask. Thunder Woman, who was exiled from her home of Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscira) for wanting to protect the other nations of Earth, caught the battle between her friends and Psycurse, and she bound the head of her Enchanted Flail in iron to damage the mask and end the villain's reign of terror. Hayden would later break out of jail and strike a deal with the evil Queen Curse (Kurse + Queen Clea): she would repair the Mask of Ancient Winters and he would help her take over Themsgard. Queen Curse killed Malcolm when it was certain that she was in control, but Thunder Woman returned to her world to dethrone her. However, Psycurse returned from apparent death to harness the negative energies during a massive battle between the heroes of Earth and the evil Black Dragon (Dragon of the Moon + Black Adam), but Black Dragon shoved his Mask through his face, killing Malcolm for reals this time.
Powers: The magics of the Mask of Ancient Winters allows Malcolm Hayden to drain the emotional energy of others to control the environment and weather and he can also drain environmental energies to mentally control others.

Amalgamation Of: Arsenal + Egg Fu
Real Name: Systematic Enemy Elimination Droid
Biography: The Systematic Enemy Elimination Droid was originally built during the late 1930s for the American War effort during WWII. Using an alien device (revealed to be from the planet Apoktan [Titan + Apokolips]), a cadre of scientists created SEED in the event that the US's genetic engineering program failed or was sabotaged beyond repair. Scientist Howard Wayne (Howard Stark + Thomas Wayne) advised on both, and the SEED project was shut down when the genetics program produced the hero called the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman), who helped the Allies defeat the Axis before disappearing. During a crisis in the city of San Gateway (San Francisco + Gateway City), the commotion caused SEED to activate for the first time and attack the populace, mistaking them for invading Axis forces. Thunder Woman defeated the mad machine, but it had vanished. While it was gone, the Apoktanian components of its being were activated, making SEED highly intelligent and loyal to the alien dictator of Apoktan, Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid). It later joins a group of evil scientists called the Intelligence Squad (Intelligencia + Science Squad).
Powers: Super intelligence/strength/stamina/durability; hidden tools and weapondry; clawed tentacle to manipulate objects that his bigger hands cannot; left eye is equipped with various scanners and laser cannon.

Paula Abbott:
Amalgamation Of: Black Abbot + Paula Von Gunther
Alias: The Black Baroness
Biography: Also called the Black Baroness, Paula Abbott was a cultist whose expertise in dark magics lead to her joining the Nazis research teams as they looked into magic as a weapon during WWII. She was defeated and captured by Super Soldier, and the allied forces had her executed; Paula's soul left her body minutes before her execution, and she traveled the abyss for years, gaining darker knowledge of magic, before returning turn our plain and reconstituting her body. She started a new sect of black magicians and began mentally manipulating crime gangs. This attracted the attention of Thunder Woman, who defeated her, but not before she could finally complete her goal: summon to Earth the demon known as the Fire Angel (Surter + Dark Angel)!
Powers: Magic powers; astral projection; telepathy; telekinesis; mind control; energy blasts.
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The enemies of the superheroic Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman) after he was revived after 70 or so years of cryogenic preservation.

Top Row, Left to Right:

The Green Skull:
Amalgamation of: Red Skull + Lex Luthor
Real Name: Alexander Schmidt
Alias: Lex Schmidt III
Biography: The right hand of Nazi Germany’s ruler Adolf Hitler, Alexander Schmidt became the Green Skull to help generate and lead a group of super-powered Nazi agents in order to destroy the Allied forces’ superheroes, especially the Green Skull’s American nemesis, the Super-Soldier. In the last days of World War II, the Skull’s last-ditch army of uber-warriors were killed when they rejected the alien DNA they were injected with. He tried to escape in a rocket ship, which flew over the Arctic Circle. Super-Soldier gave chase with his flight powers, and he cut the fuel line with a toss of his shield; the gas ignited when it hit the rocket’s exhaust, causing an explosion. While Super-Soldier was frozen in the waters below, the Green Skull survived and went into hiding. He learned later that with the radioactive Kreetonite ore that made up his skull mask, while it immediately harms Super-Soldier, prolonged exposure can cause cancer in normal human bodies. He had himself frozen in a cryogenic pod, ordering his minions to have himself unfrozen when they can transfer his brainwaves into a new body. HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100) gained this technology years later, placing his mind, memories and personality into a healthy body cloned from his DNA. While Baron Zod (Baron Strucker + General Zod), the Green Skull’s protégé, continues to run HUNDRA, Alexander Schmidt has taken on the identity of his own grandson, Alexander “Lex” Schmidt III. As Lex, he is now the President and CEO of the technological R&D company LexCorp, claiming to wish to undo the horrors that his grandfather and the other Nazis caused. It was only until the invasion of the demon Starro-Gorath (Shuma-Gorath + Starro), which facilitated the return of Super-Soldier after recovering from 70 years of being frozen, that Lex began to hurry his conspiracy towards world domination. Super-Soldier and some of his allies, such as the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), know that Lex is really the Green Skull, but they usually have no evidence to prove it. He once became the President of the United States, but when it became known that he had prior knowledge of an incoming meteor, which was destroyed by Super-Soldier, he was impeached. By killing his other-dimensional counterpart Albert Luthor (Albert Malik + Alexander Luthor Jr.) and blaming him for this, Lex Schmidt was brought back into the public’s good graces. The Green Skull reborn has many super-powered minions to serve him from Megaskel (Crossbones + Atomic Skull) and his Skeleton Brigade (Skeleton Crew + Aryan Brigade), to the Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super Villains), a villain team he founded with the immortal dictator Vandal Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage) and alien supervillain Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid).
Powers: Though he has no true superhuman abilities, the Green Skull is a highly trained warrior, extremely intelligent in many fields and insanely sadistic, whose presence strikes terror into all who witness him. He commands many minions, both metahuman and normal, and plenty of resources and weaponry, all in the name of achieving the perfect global society under his rule. His main weapon against his archnemesis Super-Soldier is a skull-shaped mask carved from a huge chunk of Kreetonite and lined internally with lead, which emits a radiation wavelength capable of immediately weakening and harming him. He currently employs a black-and-purple battlesuit that grants him strength, flight, and Kreetonite radiation blasts.

Lena Schmidt:
Amalgamation of: Sinthea Schmidt + Lena Luthor
Biography: Lena Schmidt, named after her deceased aunt by her father’s original body, is the daughter of Lex Schmidt and Deidra Del Portenza. After losing her army of super-powered women, the immortal woman also called Contessa Superia was crucially injured by the Justice Avengers. She seemingly disappeared, but was taken in by the Green Skull’s minions. The Green Skull offered her a deal: he would her restore army and technology, if she would bear his child. Deidra hated all men, but she saw no choice in the matter. She was artificially inseminated and, 9 months later, Lex Schmidt’s daughter was born. Deidra was unconscious during her caesarian-section and when she recovered, he restored her army and resources. A virus was implanted by Green Skull into the superweapon he helped her design, ensuring that she would fail at what he sought to succeed at: world domination. The Justice Avengers defeated Contessa Superia once more, and she was sent to prison. In his civilian identity, Lex was able to pass off Lena as his own, claiming her to be the result of a one-night stand. Months later, the gigantic alien robot called Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) had returned to Earth to consume it, and it took the efforts of most of Earth’s heroes to destroy him. It turns out that Galactiac had composed a failsafe in his absence, a minute cloud of nanotech spores that infected living creatures with his mind. Lex’s infant daughter became the center of this hive-mind as Galactiac accelerated her growth. With Lena’s adult body and the bodies of other infected humans, Galactiac reconstructed his original body in a secret area. The Skeleton Brigade rescued Lena from Galactiac’s control and the alien titan left the planet, planning on returning later. With the body of an adult and the mind of a child, Lena quickly absorbed her father’s twisted teachings and honed her body into a deadly weapon.
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/reflexes/aim; mastery of weapons and martial arts; clever manipulator and strategist; possible immortality.

Contessa Superia:
Amalgamation of: Superia + Contessa Del Portenza
Real Name: Deidra Del Portenza
Biography: Many centuries ago, an irradiated alien capsule entered Earth’s atmosphere on a collision course. Burining up in the atmosphere, the capsule was split in two; one part landed in Ancient Egypt, which gave a warrior and his lover the power of reincarnation (they eventually were reborn as the heroes Wingspan [Hank Pym + Hawkman] and Wasp Girl [Janet Van Dyne + Hawkgirl]), and the other part landed in the Roman Empire. A slave train of captured women were exposed to the radiation and they gained amazing strength and immortality. They escaped Rome and formed their own secret society; what we called the Amazonian Empire, a staple of Greco-Roman Myth, they called the Femturions (Femizons + Centurions). The Femturions existed for centuries, living seclusively in the rainforests of South America, waiting for the perfect time to strike and conquer the world of man. The leader of the Femturions is the Contessa Superia, also known by the human name Deidra Del Portenza, and their greatest warrior is Lyra Aelius, the Thundurion (Thundra + Alpha Centurion). The Femturions had amassed advanced technology from their years of existence, and had finally concocted a fast-spreading plague that only affect men. All the men in major cities across the planet were infected and the virus was spreading, but Super-Soldier, due to his genetically-altered biology, wasn’t immediately harmed by it. He worked quickly, tracing the source of the plague to the Femturions’ fortess in Brazil. Contessa Superia and the Femturions were defeated but the Contessa disappeared after being critically injured. While Super-Soldier and his allies created the vaccine for the man-killing virus, the Green Skull gave her back her technology and Femturion army in exchange for bearing his child. Contessa Superia struck against Super-Soldier back months after agreeing to the Green Skull’s terms, but the Justice Avengers defeated the Femturions once more. Thundurion then turned her back against Contessa Superia, and transferred the coordinants of their latest HQ to Super-Soldier. In reality, the Green Skull was the first to receive these coordinants, and launched a cruise missile at the fortress; many were killed, but Contessa Superia’s body wasn’t found…
Powers: Immortality (reduced aging); advanced strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/intelligence; access to advanced technology; command over many powerful, immortal warrior women; technology hidden in clothes grant energy blasts.

Amalgamation of: Protocide + Bizarro
Biography: When the American government learned of Super-Soldier’s return, they tried to get him to return to serving in their interests, but he remained with the Justice Avengers, deciding that modern day America would fare better with him operating privately. They then returned to their efforts in Project: Weapon C (Weapon X + Project Cadmus), an operation that is trying to create new super-soldiers through cloning, cyborg implantations, and genetic engineering. The previous Projects, Weapon A and Weapon B, failed to clone Super-Soldier using a strand of his chemically-enhanced DNA taken from Project: Rebirth, which turned Clark Rogers into Super-Soldier during WWII. Weapon C succeeded when they introduced chemical compound called “Protogen Zeta-R-Omega” (Pro-Z-R-O), but their victory was short-lived. The Green Skull, who helped fund the Project as Lex Schmidt, took control of the clone, implanting him with false memories as “Kent McIntyre”. This new Super-Soldier helped protect New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), but his genetic makeup and mind began to deteriorate before encountering the real Super-Soldier. The clone went on a rampage, but he believed that he was helping people with the destruction he caused. Green Skull’s men took him back to his lab to inject him with more Pro-Z-R-O to stabilize him, but he destroyed the lab and vanished in the fire. The burning plasma mixed with the chemicals altered his costume’s colors, and he reattached the logo upside-down when it was torn. Using the sharply-shaped shield he was given, Prozarro, as he now calls himself (named for the chemical he remembers seeing), is out to prove that he is the real Super-Soldier, often being manipulated by the Green Skull, AHEM (AIM + HIVE), and other villains.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses. Absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into his powers. Freeze vision. X-Ray hearing. Enhanced lung capacity. Flaming breath. Flight. Use of an almost-unbreakable shield; he can throw this shield with great strength, little accuracy, and a chaotic bounce pattern. Immunity to Kreetonite.

Dredmund the Banshee:
Amalgamation of: Dredmund the Druid + Silver Banshee
Real Name: Siobhan Dredmund
Biography: Centuries ago, on an island off the coast of Maine, an ancient Gaelic cult had been taken over by Siobhan Dredmund, the daughter of the cult’s leader who couldn’t become leader by right due to her being a woman. Using her powers, Dredmund hypnotized many people, but soldiers attacked the island and stopped her. To escape death, she used one last spell to travel into the future. In the modern times, Dredmund traveled to New Metropolis to find an ancient spellbook that would allow her to control her cult’s power once more. Her willingness to kill all those who stood between her and the museum that held the book drew the attention of Super-Soldier. Despite being weak against magic, Super-Soldier still defeated the witch, whom the papers called Dredmund the Banshee, and she escaped. HUNDRA stole the spellbook from the museum later, and offered it to Dredmund, but only if she killed General Jake Furock (Nick Fury + Frank Rock), director of Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X). The General was trapped on the cult’s island, which had become a magical maze full of death traps, but Super-Soldier freed him and defeated Dredmund the Banshee. When Lex Schmidt, as President, announced that the Kreetonite meteor that was heading for Earth made Super-Soldier dangerous, she was one of the many supervillains who sought to collect a $1 Million bounty on his head; she was shot out of the sky by the Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman).
Powers: Sonic scream allows for deadly energy blasts, teleportation, and hypnotism; super strength/stamina/durability; high intelligence in the fields of magic and alchemy.

Amalgamation of: Taskmaster + Bloodsport
Real Name: Anthony Dubois
Biography: Originally believed to be a metamutant (mutant + metahuman), a human born with superpowers, Anthony DuBois was a soldier who was experimented on during the Vietnam Conflict, gaining superhuman abilities in the process. Fighting in Vietnam with the ability to perfectly copy the fighting styles of anyone he sees, but an unfortunate side effect is causing memory loss. His sister, whom he forgot about, was an agent of Task Force S who recruited him into the defense organization, but when she was killed after his memories returned, he went insane from grief and became a criminal mercenary. As a mercenary called Bloodmaster, DuBois was hired by the Green Skull to train his evil minions and the security forces of his business. He also was brought into conflict with Super-Soldier, fighting him with a gun that fires Kreetonite bullets; the battle also wounded several civilian bystanders, so Green Skull had to shut down his weapons system to avoid further collateral damage. Bloodmaster was defeated, but returned as a hired gun for many super-criminals.
Powers: Above-human strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes; the ability to copy the fighting styles of any being he witnesses (such as martial arts styles, swordsmanship, and aim with firearms and throwing weapons); uses a system that teleports to him any weapon he needs from a secret warehouse.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Amalgamation of: Blue Streak + Conduit
Real Name: Don Braverman
Biography: Don Braverman was originally a friend of Super-Soldier’s civilian identity of Clark Rogers, a reporter for the Planet Bugle newspaper (Daily Bugle + Daily Planet). But, in his private life, he was a member of a terrorist cell that implanted him in the CIA as a double agent. In Paris, France, Don sabotaged his CIA team to prevent them from stopping a nuclear bomb from going off; however, Super-Soldier and the Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Jordan]) appeared to contain the radioactive blast, accidentally exposing Braverman to the energies. While he was recovering in a research hospital, Don was outed as the double agent and was arrested; the terrorists he worked for sprung him from their custody and fixed him with a suit that suppresses his radiation poisoning. The suit was equipped with a device that allows him to generate any wavelength of radiation, including the radiation of Kreetonite, Super-Soldier’s weakness. He took this opportunity to try to eliminate Super-Soldier, taking on the alias Pipeline. As Pipeline, Don battled the Super-Soldier numerous times, but when he learned of his true identity from Shadowclaw (Silverclaw + Shadowdragon), he began a campaign of fear against his friends. Shadowclaw regretted her actions and aided Clark in faking his friends’ deaths. Pipeline was later killed by the vigilante known as The Problem (The Scourge + The Question).
Powers: Battlesuit enhances his strength/stamina/durability; retractable wheels in boots allow him to move at 125 MPH; radiation blasts from hands; accelerated healing; skilled soldier.

Amalgamation of: Armadillo + Blackrock
Real Name: Lucia Rodriguez
Biography: Lucia Rodriguez, a crook and drug-dealer, was apprehended by Super-Soldier and sent to a women’s prison. A short time before she was up for parole, she was attacked by another prisoner and had to kill her in self-defense. For this, she was sentenced to 1 more year behind bars. When she finally got out, she had learned that her husband had fallen ill and they had no more money for treatment. A scientist named Dr. Malus Silverstone (Karl Malus + Peter Silverstone) agreed to cure her husband but Lucia told him that they had no more money and had no way to pay him. Silverstone told Lucia that she could pay for her husband’s treatment by working for him. Lucia agreed and he infused her with a liquid nanotech system that coated her body with a black/orange metal that conforms to her mind. As Blackarmor, Lucia used these new powers of hers to commit crimes for Silverstone, which brought her into conflict with Super-Soldier and the Justice Avengers. Malus Silverstone and the Green Skull teamed up to defeat Super-Soldier in Alaska, near his Fortress of Justice, but Blackarmor was trapped in a chamber lined with lead, preventing the armor from absorbing the ambient electromagnetic energy it needs to work. With Silverstone in prison, Lucia’s husband was cured of his malady and she was stripped of the armor; however, a small piece of the armor remains in her brain, using the organ’s bioelectric energy to enhance her strength. With this strength without the armor, Lucia joined the superhuman sports organization UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation).
Powers: Manipulation of the nanotech armor for superhuman strength/stamina/durability, claws on hands and feet, mass expansion, invulnerability, flight, and electromagnetic energy blasts.

Amalgamation of: Batroc + Vartox
Biography: From the planet Valance in the Sombrero Galaxy hails the one called Varroc. A powerful psychic who mastered one of his planet’s formidable martial arts style, Varroc used his skills to defend his planet from invaders as a soldier in the planet-wide army. After his service, the woman he loved was murdered by a criminal while he was trying to escape Valance after stealing an important invention. He left his planet to pursue the criminal, which led Varroc to the planet Earth. Learning of Earth’s superhuman population, he assembled a brigade of empowered criminals to help him, promising to pay them handsomely for their service. This allegiance of super-criminals was brought to the attention of Super-Soldier, who didn’t know of the alien’s true mission. Once the hero learned of the truth, he helped Varroc bring the alien criminal to justice; the members of his brigade then betrayed them, causing Super-Soldier and Varroc to team up to defeat them. Varroc returned to Valance, where he became a mercenary, coming into conflict with Super-Soldier a few more times.
Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, superhuman strength/speed/agility/reflexes/stamina, mastery of an alien martial art, skills as a trained soldier.

Amalgamation of: Asylum II + Puzzler II
Real Name: Valerie Gallante
Biography: Valerie Gallante was a drug-addicted youth who admired the Super-Soldier; when she finally overdosed, a sentient version of energy called the Darkforce pierced its way into our dimension through Valerie and took control over her body. Revived, Valerie now uses her powers and symbiotic relationship with the Darkforce to commit crimes as Asyler (the alias decided between Valerie and the Darkforce). She was first hired by the criminal organization called the Intermaggia (Maggia + Intergang) to assassinate reporter Clark Rogers, who was close to publishing a hard-hitting expose on the organization that would ruin them. However, she didn’t know that Clark was really Super-Soldier, and that by cutting off her golden face-plate from the rest of her body, her ability to split up and reassemble was neutralized. The Darkforce within her was actually biding its time, and found the perfect opportunity to strike by kidnapping other superhumans that can access Darkforce energies. The Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders) defeated Asyler and imprisoned her in the Darkforce’s dimension.
Powers: With a body composed of living Darkforce energy, Asyler can split her body into a barrage of sharpened pieces and control them at will. She can fly, slip into small spaces, fling the pieces as sharp projectiles, and spin at a high-enough frequency to generate total darkness.

Amalgamation of: Machinesmith + Toyman
Real Name: Winslow Saxon
Biography: Winslow Saxon was born in Britain and raised in Tennessee. Fascinated by the world of superheroes and villains, he and his toy company begin a line of action figures based on the most well known heroes and villains of today. His company was bought out by LexCorp, which ousted Winslow as CEO and stole his technological designs. Furious, he developed a mental break and started designing AI-controlled robot toys and weapons designed to look like toys. He sent one robotic action figure to kidnap Lex Schmidt’s infant daughter and hold her hostage. The police and Super-Soldier were involved in a hostage situation with the villain, now calling himself Toysmith, which ended when an assassin, hired by Lex Schmidt’s evil identity Green Skull shot him in the head with a sniper rifle. Winslow survived but barely recovered from his brain damage. Using weaponized toys and endangering children to get what he wants continues to be his MO as he continues his criminal career; he once held a hospital’s maternity ward hostage, but that only brought about the wrath of the hospital’s legal aide, who is secretly the hero Dr. Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite). Toysmith was believed to have been killed, but came back as a brain inside a robotic shell; this machine killed Randy Grant, the son of Joseph Grant (Joseph Robertson + Cat Grant). Winslow turned up alive, revealing that he built the robotic version of himself that killed Joseph’s son. It was later revealed that Toysmith built a another robot, who became Pogo (Grassshopper + Hiro Okamura), a member of the Great Lakes Justice Avengers (Great Lakes Avengers + Justice League).
Powers: A brilliant machinist, programmer, and electrician, but his twisted personality revolves around making deadly weapons and killer robots that resemble children’s toys. He later evolved his skills to design intelligent robots that convincingly resemble human beings.

Comet I:
Amalgamation of: Moonstone I + Killer Frost I
Real Name: Crystal Bloch
Biography: Crystal Bloch was a research scientist for HUNDRA, and her team was investigating the area of the Arctic Circle where they believed that the Super-Soldier was frozen for 70 years. In the guise of a government research team, the scientists found a mysterious crystal that emanated an unusual energy. She remained in communication with her boyfriend Dr. Martin Parrish (Max Parrish + Martin Stein), but he broke up with her due to the strain of their long-distance relationship. Despondent, Crystal seized the crystal they discovered and took control of its energies, gaining energy and ice powers. She decimated the camp and traveled back to New Metropolis to force him to take her back. This ended with a clash with the hero Super-Soldier, the genesis of her codename Comet, and Crystal being sent to prison; Martin Parrish would later fuse with Ronnie Storm in a bath of cosmic radiation, turning them into the hero Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm) of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League). After a few more bouts with Super-Soldier and other members of the superhero community, it was revealed that the crystal that Comet gains her powers from is driving her insane. Locked up in the Arkroft Institute for Mental Illness (Ravencroft + Arkham Asylum), she was treated by Dr. Louise Sofen (Karla Sofen + Louise Lincoln), the student of criminal psychologist Dr. Faustrange (Dr. Faustus + Prof. Hugo Strange). Louise pretended to be Crystal’s friend in order to find the crystal that grants her superpowers, becoming the second Comet.
Powers: Gravity manipulation, intense cold projection, flight, light projection, and super strength/durability/stamina.

Amalgamation of: Porcupine + Parasite
Real Name: Rudy Gentry
Biography: When he first started out as Paraspine, Rudy Gentry accidentally gained his powers while working on an experiment for the R&D corporation RoxTAR (Roxxon + STAR Labs). His research in genetic engineering would have been sold to the US Military, but he believed that he wouldn’t see a penny for all of his effort. When the military came to collect his research, he destroyed his notes and tried to escape with the only sample of the mutagenic serum, which spilled all over him when he accidentally crashed his car. The serum mutated his body into growing grotesque spines all over his body and Rudy was hospitalized. Stuck in a skin-suit designed to control his powers, Rudy discovered that anyone stuck with the spines can be drained of their life energy, memories, and abilities and fed directly to him. The military tried to turn him into a weapon, but he escaped and took on the name Paraspine. As Paraspine, Rudy used his powers to become rich through robbery and came into conflict with Super-Soldier and other members of the Justice Avengers. He frequently goes in and out of prison, with the prison’s doctors trying to make him human again.
Powers: Paraspine can launch his needles at sources of energy and drain those energies to feed himself, even at long distances. He can then convert those energies in to strength or funnel them through needle projectiles, resulting in electrified needles, super-heated needles, and other effects. If he drains the energy from a living being, he can absorb their memories and abilities, such as Super-Soldier’s flight and laser vision powers.

Baroness Zongal:
Amalgamation of: Baroness Heike Zemo + Mongal
Biography: Baroness Zongal of the planet Hebstam IV, is a female alien with beyond-human strength and durability. She is also the sister and wife of the planet’s ruler, Zongul II, the 13th Baron of Hebstam IV (Baron Zemo II + Mongul II), but she was cloned from Zongul I’s (Baron Zemo I + Mongul I) DNA instead conceived and birthed naturally. When Zongul II was imprisoned on Earth after the battle against Imperislaught (Onslaught + Imperiex), Zongal took control of the throne and Hebstam IV’s greatest weapon Warminus II (Dominus + Warworld); on a mission for the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), Zongul II was launched into space in a chunk of ice, where he was recovered by Warminus II. When he recovered, he learned that Zongal lost control of their planet to the Shinagarian Empire (Shi’Ar + Thanagar), so he had her killed. However, Zongal turned up alive on the home planet of the heroine Black Mamba (Diamondback + Maxima).
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/reflexes/fighting skill/intellect/senses; command of a destructive space station called Warminus II, which utilizes a massive laser array and legions of killer robots.
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Squadron Maximum (name: Squadron Supreme + Maximums):
Squadron Maximum is a superhero team from Amalgam-2, another universe in the New Amalgam Multiverse. The Squadron Maximum first battled the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) when both teams were tracking down the supervillain team known as Institute Extreme (Institute of Evil + Extremists) [Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super Villains)] and both teams thought the other team was working for the Institute. The JA and the SM eventually came to their senses and teamed up to defeat the Institute. While each member of the Squadron is analogous to a member of the mainstream universe’s Justice Avengers and other heroes, the Squadron Maximum also has alternate-universe counterparts of their own; “The Champion Squad” exists on a post-apocalyptic Earth, while the “Militia Supreme” rules their Earth with an iron fist in order to end all super-crime.

Members, Left to Right:

Glowtesque, Sonic Boom, Silver Moon, Planeteer, American Frag, Satellite, Yardstick (behind Satellite), Lady Windshear, Hornet Lady, Golden Bow, Coastwise, and Chernobyrd.

American Frag:
Amalgamation of: Hyperion + Americommando
Counterpart of: Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman)
Real Name: Mark Thompson
Biography: In Amalgam-2; the New Eternals (Eternals + New Gods) were completely wiped out in a civil war between their planets New Uranus and Apoktan (Uranus & Titan + New Genesis & Apokolips); the last surviving New Eternal was rocketed from New Uranus and landed on Earth. The child was adopted by a Texan couple and given the name “Mark Thompson.” Young Mark kept his powers a secret until America joined World War II. That’s when Mark designed his own patriotic costume and became “American Frag.” The U.S. Government employed him for several missions across the theaters of war, and even gave him an unbreakable shield for him to use. After the war, American Frag was faced with an unholy alliance of super villains called the Institute Extreme; in order to defeat them, American Frag formed the Squadron Maximum, initially consisting of himself, the armor-wearing Satellite, warrior woman Lady Windshear, the ultra-nimble Sonic Boom, and the mighty Glowtesque.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/reflexes/senses; advanced regeneration; the ability to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum; laser projection from eyes; flight; use of an unbreakable shield.

Amalgamation of: Nighthawk + Tin Man
Counterpart of: Iron-Bat (Iron Man + Batman)
Real Name: Timothy ‘Tim’ Richmond
Biography: Timothy Richmond is a wealthy politically-minded businessman who inherited his father’s fortune after he died of a heart attack. Ready and willing to fight crime and supervillains, Tim built himself a robotic suit of armor, powered by his own bio-kinetic energy, and became the Satellite. He soon joined American Frag’s superhero team, the Squadron Maximum.
Powers: Wears a robotic suit of armor that grants him super strength/durability/reflexes, flight, various weapons and tools, and remote computer interfacing. Tim has a high intelligence, and extensive combat training.

Lady Windshear:
Amalgamation of: Power Princess + Wandjina
Counterpart of: Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman)
Real Name: Zardjina
Biography: Zardjina is the princess of the Utopians, a race of technologically- and physiologically-advanced humanoids living secretly in the deserts of Australia for thousands of years. When the Utopians discovered that the humans of the outside world have harnessed nuclear energy as a weapon, they left the Earth for a new home in massive starships. Zardjina remained behind as Earth’s ambassador for the Utopians, hoping to convince them to abandon atomic warfare. Before their departure, Utopian scientists gave her an unbreakable shield and weather-controlling axe in order to defend herself. As Lady Windshear, Zardjina joined the Squadron Maximum, believing her noble actions can convince Earth to discard their nuclear weapons for good; Zardjina also developed a romance with the leader of the Squad, American Frag.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes; longevity; combat experience; her translucent shield is unbreakable and allows her to fly, and her battle axe allows her to manipulate the weather.

Amalgamation of: Dr. Spectrum + Monster
Counterpart of: Green Giant (The Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal Jordan])
Real Name: Rebecca “Becky” Ledger/Krister
Biography: Astronaut Rebecca Ledger was on a routine spacewalk when her ship was struck by a small piece of crystal careening through the void; the ship crashed back to Earth, in the desert, killing all of the crew members but Becky. Becky, in her death throes, seized the crystal, which revived her, but changed her into a beast with great strength and energy powers. The creature rampaged through a nearby city until he was subdued and transformed back into Becky by American Frag, Satellite, and Lady Windshear. While recovering, she learned that the crystal had not only bonded with her, it was alive! The crystal telepathically communicated with her, explaining that it was once Krister, a skrultian (Skrull + Martian) who had tried to overthrow the Skrultian Emperor and was sentenced to exist forever in a crystal form. Becky accepted her new entwinement with the being, agreeing to help Krister regain his original form. Becky and Krister joined the Squadron Maximum under the collective name “Glowtesque.”
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses; advanced regeneration; energy generation and manipulation (flight, energy blasts, energy shields, intangibility).

Sonic Boom:
Amalgamation of: Whizzer + Captain Speed
Counterpart of: Silverflash (Quicksilver + The Flash [Barry Allen])
Real Name: Stanley B. Christos
Biography: Stanley Christos gained his speedster abilities when he inhaled a chemical mist of alien origins. Fighting crime in Athens, Georgia, he was originally known as “Jack Blur”, but later changed it to “Sonic Boom” when he joined the Squadron Maximum.
Powers: Superhuman speed/agility/reflexes, can glide over short distances.

Silver Moon:
Amalgamation of: Moonglow/Arcanna Jones + Silver Sorceress
Counterpart of: Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna)
Real Name: Laura Jones
Biography: Laura Jones is the apprentice of Melissa Nielsen, the Squadron’s first Silver Moon. When Melissa sacrificed herself to destroy a magical threat, Laura took on the mantel “Silver Moon” for herself. It is later revealed that Laura’s father is none other than The Doctor (Dr. Decibel + Dr. Diehard), a member of the Institute Extreme.
Powers: Magical abilities for flight, illusion projection, matter manipulation, energy bolts, extra-sensory perception, and trans-dimensional travel. Received hand-to-hand combat training from Lady Windshear.

Amalgamation of: Skymax + Robot
Counterpart of: Martian Vision (Vision + Martian Manhunter)
Biography: When the Skrultian Empire discovered that the crystal that had once been a traitor had given a lowly human extraordinary powers, they sent an agent of their cyborg “Techno-Corps” to retrieve the crystal, wanting to use its power to destroy their enemies. When this unnamed skrultian cyborg crash-landed on Earth, its primary objective had been disabled in the crash. The living machine was taken in by the Squadron. Taking the name “Planeteer,” he defied his rebooted programming and defended Glowtesque from the Skrultian invaders seeking the crystal.
Powers: Super strength/durability/stamina, organic-metal flesh, flight, energy projection, shapeshifting, telepathy.

Amalgamation of: Tom Thumb + Skyscraper
Counterpart of: Smasher Man (Giant Man [Bill Foster] + Atom-Smasher)
Real Name: Harvey Thomason
Biography: Harvey Thomason is a dwarf with a high scientific acumen making up for his diminutive stature. His brilliant inventions caught the eye of Satellite, who enlisted him in the Squadron Maximum. Harvey fell in love with his teammate Jaime Lewis, aka Hornet Lady, and invented the size-shifting ‘powersuit’ to give himself the dimensions of a normal man to impress her. He later discovered that he could become much larger or smaller with the powersuit, officially fighting evil alongside the other Squadron members as “Yardstick.”
When Harvey was slain in battle with a supervillain, American Frag and other Squadron members decided to use one of Harvey’s inventions, the “Behavior Modification Machine”, to force criminals they capture to end their criminal ways. Satellite was disgusted by this blatant misuse of their power and left the Squadron. As Squadron Maximum slowly lost their moral compasses, Satellite formed the Absolvers (Redeemers + Justifiers) [Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders)], a team of young heroes, to combat the oppressive uprising of the Squadron. Satellite and American Frag eventually came to blows, but the Absolver Chernobyrd poisoned Frag with radion, a radioactive alien ore that’s deadly to New Eternals. While Mark was incapacitated, Tim explained to him that Harvey told him that he was diagnosed with cancer, and that his dying wish was to die fighting for justice. Mark, wishing to not further taint his friend’s memory, had the Squadron reverse the effects of the BMM on the villains and destroy the machine.
Powers: Super intelligence. Powersuit allows Harvey to change his size, from less than an inch to 30 stories in height. Super strength and durability when grown. “Absorption panels” on chest plate constantly absorb ambient energy (electrical, kinetic, solar, ect.) to maintain his stamina when heightened; when small, the panels become laser cannons for Harvey to use offensively.

Hornet Lady:
Amalgamation of: Lady Lark/Skylark + Hornet
Counterpart of: Wasp Girl (The Wasp [Janet Van Dyne] + Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders])
Real Name: Jamie Lewis
Biography: Jamie Lewis was a singer until she was captured by The Doctor, among others, and was subjected to a number of painful surgeries that gave her powers. The Doctor intended to create an army of cyborg “Xen-Men” to conquer the United States, but he was defeated by the newly-formed Squadron Maximum. The Doctor escaped after he set his hideout to self-destruct, and Jamie was the only Xen-Man to survive the explosion. She joined the Squadron under the name “Hornet Lady” in order to get revenge against The Doctor (this has caused some tension between her and her teammate Silver Moon, who is the daughter of The Doctor). Jamie started a relationship with Golden Bow, another Squadron member, but when he started cheating on her, she left him and started going out with Yardstick.
Powers: Cybernetic implants grant Hornet Lady wings for flight, sonic energy blasts from hands, the ability to shrink to 1-inch tall, and organic-metal armor.

Golden Bow:
Amalgamation of: Golden Archer + Bow-Man
Counterpart of: Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow)
Real Name: Wyatt Manson
Biography: A womanizing hero from the United Kingdom, Golden Bow was originally the “beau” (pun intended) of his Squadron Maximum teammate Hornet Lady. He took advantage of her trust, however, and she ended up dumping him for fellow Squadron member Yardstick. Wyatt tried to beg Jamie for her forgiveness, but she couldn’t reconcile with him. Distraught, he took a walk while still in his costume, and was captured by the Institute Extreme. The villains tortured him into revealing the Squadron’s secret headquarters, and they captured the heroes and used Yardstick’s Behavior Modification Machine to enslave their minds. Golden Bow managed to escape captivity and fight off the mind-controlled heroes by himself, but in the end they shook off the effects of the machine and turned against the Institute. Squadron Maximum, soon after, voted on expelling Wyatt from their ranks.
When the Squadron started taking control of Earth, Golden Bow joined Satellite’s Absolvers in order to redeem himself.
Powers: Expert archer with superhuman accuracy and a variety of “trick arrows”, each armed with a different effect, such as “exploding,” “electrified,” “tear gas,” and “grappling.”

Amalgamation of: Amphibian + Barracuda
Counterpart of: Aquariner (Namor the Sub-Mariner + Aquaman)
Real Name: Barton Kingsley
Biography: A metamutant (mutant + metahuman) with fish-like abilities, Barton Kingsley was recruited by American Frag to go undercover and infiltrate the Institute Extreme. During a battle between the Squadron and the Institute, Kingsley appeared as the maritime meanace “Coastwise”, helping the Institute drive off the Squadron (only Frag knew that Coastwise was really a mole). After months of undercover work, Kingsley discovered and reported the Institute’s master plan: holding the United States for ransom with weapons of mass destruction called “Nth Bombs.” But before Kingsley could relay the coordinates of the Institute’s new HQ, the villains had an unexpected guest: the reality-hopping supervillain known as Scarlet Monarch (Scarlet Centurion + Monarch) had come to Amalgam-2 to recruit the Institute into his army. Master Havok (Master Menace + Lord Havok) [Vandal Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage)] politely refused (with laser cannons) and Scarlet Monarch sent his minions after them. The Squadron took advantage of the ensuing chaos and disabled the Nth bombs, but Coastwise was killed.
Powers: Underwater survival; superfast swimming; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses; minor shapeshifting abilities; wields a trident.

Amalgamation of: Nuke + Blue Jay
Counterpart of: Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm)
Real Name: Albert Abrams
Biography: Albert Abrams gained his powers from exposure to nuclear radiation. He was recruited by Satellite into the Absolvers for his ability to control radion energy, which can harm American Frag. During the battle the Absolvers and the Squadron Maximum, Chernobyrd damaged Glowtesque’s energy crystal, which sent him two years into the future for two seconds, where he caught a glimpse of American Frag as the evil ruler of Earth. Even though the Squadron was defeated and they relinquished control of Earth, Chernobyrd joined the team in order to keep this future from coming to pass, willing to kill Frag if necessary.
Powers: Generation of energy wings for flight, energy blasts, super strength/durability/stamina. The ability to manipulate the radiation of different elements. Wears a radiation-suit, designed by Satellite, to keep his powers in check.
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The All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron):
The All-Star Invaders is a team of superheroes from WWII, serving in the war effort on multiple fronts to turn back the superhuman agents of the evil Axis Forces. They disbanded after the Allied forces won the war and their leader Super-Soldier disappeared.

Top Row, Left to Right:

Amalgamation of: Captain America + Superman
Real Name: Clark Rogers
Biography: Many decades ago, two alien empires were locked in a deadly war: the Kreetonians (Kree + Kryptonians) and the Skrultains (Skrulls + Martians). The treacherous Skrultains discovered the planet-consuming machine known as Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) and led him to the Kreetonians’ home planet of Halaton (Hala + Krypton). The techno-titan proceeded to absorb the planet’s data and convert its mass into energy for him to consume. Unable to repel Galactiac, Jor-Nan (Ronan + Jor-El), a loyal servant of the Kreetonian government, and his wife Lara-Venn (Ra-Venn + Lara Lor-Van) launched their newborn son in a small capsule to a planet they believed to be safe… Earth. But, as Halaton imploded, the capsule couldn’t escape the vacuum wave in time, and the shock killed the baby. The capsule containing the alien corpse eventually crash-landed on Earth, in Roswell, New Mexico, in the year 1938 AD. Human scientists working for their government studied the alien corpse’s biology, revealing that Kreetonians become more powerful when absorbing the solar energies of a yellow sun. When World War II happened, the American scientists started experimenting with the alien genetics to enhance human warriors to stop the opposing forces. When their Super-Soldier Serum was finally perfected, the head scientist Emil Erksine (Abraham Erksine + Emil Hamilton) found the first man they would turn into a perfect Super-Soldier. Clark Rogers, an art student from Overville, Kansas (Overland Park + Smallville), tried to enlist for duty when WWII broke out, but was rejected for being too physically weak and scrawny. Prof. Erksine believed in Clark’s strong moral compass, and recruited him into Project: Rebirth. Clark was injected with the Serum at the same time being bombarded with concentrated solar energy. The procedure was a success, and the scrawny Clark was transformed into a powerful and muscular superhuman. Unfortunately, Nazi assassins killed Professor Erksine, the only one with the formula for the Serum, and without them, the US couldn’t create more super-soldiers. Clark took on the responsibility of being the only Super-Soldier, and trained for a year to control his new-found abilities, such as super-strength, flight, and laser vision. When the Super-Soldier was ready to be introduced to the frontlines of the war, he was given a special costume to hide his identity and inspire the American ways of truth and justice in his fellow soldiers. Clark was also given a special, indestructible shield created by Dr. Howard Wayne (Howard Stark + Thomas Wayne). The Super-Soldier fought alongside Allied troops during the war, fighting against Axis-controlled superhumans, most notable the Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor), who uses a radioactive alien ore to weaken Clark. When Clark almost died at the hands of the Skull in one mission, the Allied forces sought out other superhumans to aide in the war effort, leading to the advent of the All-Star Invaders. During the final mission of the ASI, they infiltrated a Nazi stronghold to prevent them from launching a nuclear missile at the US. After the mission was completed, Clark chased after the Green Skull, making his escape in a rocket ship. As the ship passed over the North Pole, Soldier used his laser vision to dismantle the engines, killing the Skull in a fiery explosion! The shockwave of the blast knocked out Clark, and he went hurdling into the freezing waters below. The Allied forces eventually won the war, and the ASI disbanded. Super-Soldier was frozen in the arctic waters for 70 years, and when he was revived, he became the leader of a new hero team, the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/aim. Absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into his powers. Laser vision. X-Ray vision. Enhanced lung capacity. Freezing breath. Flight. Use of an unbreakable shield made from an alloy of the special metals Vibranium and Adamantium; he can throw this shield with great strength and accuracy. Super-Soldier is also an above-excellent strategist and leader.

The Whiz:
Amalgamation of: Whizzer + The Flash I
Real Name: Bob Garrick
Biography: Bob Garrick was originally a zoological chemist when a lightning storm struck a row of chemicals and animal blood samples in his lab, causing a fire; Bob accidentally inhaled the vapors, and the chemical compounds mutated his body. After recovering, Bob found that he could now move at super-human speeds. Donning a blue spandex costume and his father’s WWI helmet, redesigned to resemble the helm of Mercury, Roman God of Speed, Bob Garrick became a crime fighter; his superhero codename became The Whiz, because of the ‘whizzing’ noise he makes when moving at high speeds. When WWII broke out, the US government assembled a team of beyond-human heroes to serve in the Allied Forces, called the All-Star Invaders. After the War, Bob returned to the states and married his long-time girlfriend, who was aware of his identity of the Whiz. When they tried to have children, his wife died during childbirth and their son was born deformed; Bob turned his son over to the American government, which also knew his heroic identity, to protect him. Years later, The Whiz came out of retirement to help the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) defeat a major villain, sacrificing his life in the process. He died believing the JA member Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II) was his son, cured of his mutation.
Powers: The Whiz has the ability to run, move, and perform at speeds unattainable for normal humans unaided by outside means. This is because his altered genetics make him capable of accessing the Speed Force, an inter-dimensional source of energy connected all moving bodies in the multiverse; future speedsters have greater control over the Speed Force and can outrun the Whiz, such as Silverflash and Speed Kid (Speed + Kid Flash).

Human Lantern:
Amalgamation of: Human Torch (Jim Hammond) + Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Real Name: Alan Hammond
Biography: Eons ago, the Elder Guardians (Elders of the Universe + Guardians of the Universe), an ancient race of powerful aliens, amassed all of the magic in the universe into one object to be rid of it, allowing science to prevail and create an intergalactic police force (now the Green Nova Corps [Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps]). The meteor brimming with magic wandered the cosmos for centuries, and it eventually crashed into the planet Earth. It was uncovered in the late 1930s by a Prof. Phineas Horton, who discovered a mineral-based lifeform within the radioactive rock. His team brought the rock back to his lab, where he tried to create a synthetic lifeform. An accident in the lab would affect Horton’s genes, making his two grandchildren capable of surviving the energy accidents that changed them into the heroes Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal]) and She-Nova (She-Hulk + Jade); a janitor who survived the accident had a daughter, who developed energy powers and became Novastorm (Nova [Raye] + Firestorm [Rusch]). In the end, the experiment was a success and the techno-organic humanoid became sentient! Learning the ways of humanity at a high rate, the android developed his own personality and took the human name Alan Hammond. Alan’s synthetic flesh was exposed to the magical radiation in its previous form, so he unexpectedly developed the ability to generate and control a green fire. He became the superhero Human Lantern and served in the All-Star Invaders during WWII. Alan, being a robot, doesn’t age like everyone else, so he’s still an active hero today. Soviet Union scientists attempted to recreate Alan’s magical tech, resulting in a cyborg agent with shadow powers instead of flames. This superhuman, Omega Black (Omega Red + Obsidian), regards the Human Lantern as a sort of father.
Powers: As a synthetic organism, Human Lantern has reduced aging and enhanced strength/speed/agility/stamina/senses/reflexes/durability. He has the ability to generate a green flame and control it to fly and change it into whatever tool or weapon he needs. The only weakness of the green flame is the inability to affect wood, as the flame is also a sort of living entity.

Amalgamation of: Sub-Mariner + Aquaman
Real Name: Namorin Marius
Alias: Mac McCurry
Biography: On the planet Earth exists a technologically- and genetically-advanced species of humankind, who have exiled themselves from the eyes of the surface world thousands of years ago. They are “Homo mermanus”, and their kingdom is the underwater utopia known as “Atlantis”. Decades ago, Fenlanna (Fen + Atlanna), the princess of Atlantis, was saved from a shark attack by a human sea captain named Leonard McCurry. Grateful to her savior, Fenlanna laid with him. When she returned to Atlantis, she realized she was pregnant, due to her people’s natural powers of empathy. She concealed her pregnancy for as long as she could, and she gave up the child when he was born. Fenlanna returned to the surface and found Leonard’s home in an American shore town. Leonard agreed to raise their son, and he named him Mac McCurry. For the first decade of his life, Mac had a healthy relationship with his father, but it soon enough came time for him to ask for the truth about his mother. Leonard told Mac about that night, and that he’s half-Atlantean, which explains his unusual talents and appearance. Mac decided to leave America and return to the sea, hoping to find his true home. For months Mac traveled beneath the waves, developing his strength and telepathic connection to all sea life. He soon found Atlantis in the Pacific Ocean, where Fenlanna Marius now rules as Queen. Reconnecting with his family, Mac took on the true Atlantean name his mother wanted him to have: Namorin. Prince Namorin studied his people’s ways, from history to technology to weapon arts, preparing himself to be the heir to the throne. He also developed a rival to his cousin Orrah (Byrrah + Orm), who was the heir to the throne before Namorin became known. When the Second World War broke out on the surface world, the Atlanteans remained neutral to the conflict… until a fleet of Nazi submarines attacked the city, led by a traitorous Atlantean codenamed U-Fish (U-Man + Fisherman). Namorin and the soldiers in his command fended off the invasion, and the fight between Namorin and U-Fish went to the surface, gaining the attention of US naval fleets. When the Allied forces started assembling a superhuman strike team called the All-Star Invaders, they invited Namorin to join the ranks. Minding the possibility of another Nazi invasion of Atlantis, Namorin agreed, and took the codename “Aquariner”. 70 years after the war, the ageless Namorin, now King of Atlantis, discovered Super-Soldier’s frozen body in the Arctic and had his scientists revive him. Aquariner is now a member of the Justice Avengers.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; draws strength from moisture; the ability to telepathically communicate with marine animals; master of Atlantean combat arts and weapons, most notably the trident. As King of Atlantis, Namorin has diplomatic immunity and he holds dominion over his kingdom’s armed forces and weapon systems.

Max Spitfire:
Amalgamation of: Spitfire + Max Mercury
Real Name: Maxine Faltsworth
Biography: In the late 1800s, a woman known by Maxine, as identified by the gilded necklace given to her by her fiancé, was traveling through the untamed western territories of the United States when her caravan was attacked. She and the others woke from the attack in a cave, where vampires were feeding on their captives! Maxine tried to free the prisoners, from both the caravan attack and from local Native American tribes, but the vampires caught them. One was about to convert Maxine into a vampire when the blood-suckers were attacked by the Rough Night (Nightstalkers + Rough Bunch), a team of vampire hunters led by the half-vampire Hex Blade (Blade + Jonah Hex). The vampires were killed, but Maxine was infected, though not enough to immediately change her into one of them. The native shamans freed from the vampires quickly performed a magic ritual to cure the vampirism, but the conflux of vampiric power and magic caused her to disappear! Maxine was whisked throughout time and space, bouncing off the interdimensional Speed Force, until it finally calmed down. Due to this incident, Maxine was reverted back into the body and mind of an infant, and she reappeared in England in the 1910s. The knight Sir Brian Faltsworth and his brother Justin found the abandoned baby, marked only by the ‘Maxine’ necklace around her body, and took her home. Brian raised Maxine as his daughter, and as a teenager, she discovered that she could now move at superhuman speeds. When World War II happened, Sir Brian took on his family’s legacy as the heroic Union Knight, while Maxine crafted her own costume and started calling herself “Max Spitfire”. Both served in the All-Star Invaders, while Brian’s brother Justin instead joined the Nazis as the half-vampiric Blood Panzer (Baron Blood + Red Panzer). When Max Spitfire confronted Blood Panzer, it was revealed to her that not only was he her uncle, that she also has vampiric blood in her veins. Rage triggered Maxine’s vampiric powers, and she exiled herself in order to figure this out for herself, half-convinced that Blood Panzer did something to her…
Powers: Superhuman speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses; anger triggers her vampiric powers, such as strength, fangs for blood-sucking, and flight; either way, she also possesses longevity, and is still alive to this day.

Union Knight:
Amalgamation of: Union Jack [Lord Montgomery] + Silent Knight
Real Name: Sir Brian Faltsworth
Biography: In the legends of King Arthur and Medieval Britain, a Knight of the Round Table was given a magic sword, magic shield, and magic set of armor by the wizard Grot. By sacrificing his ability to speak, the knight was given great power by the weapons to defend his lands. The weapons were passed down from the knights to their squires, with one of the last being Sir Kent Faltsworth, a WWI veteran and a previous reincarnation of who is now the science-based hero Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman). Sir Kent’s squire was his first-born son Sir Brian, so he became the new bearer of the magic weapons. When World War II broke out, he took on the superhero codename Union Knight when using the armor. Jealous of his older brother, Justin Faltsworth became the Nazi super-agent Blood Panzer. Sir Brian is also the adoptive father of his daughter Maxine, who, using super-speed powers, served as Max Spitfire when they both joined the superheroic All-Star Invaders. Sir Brian passed on his legacy to his squire before dying, and the current Union Knight is Joseph Sheldrake (Joseph Chapman [Union Jack III] + Cyril Sheldrake [Knight]).
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/agility/stamina/reflexes; a magic sword, shield, and armor that enhances his abilities when he remains silent; expert at horsemanship, jousting, swordsmanship, chivalry, and hawking.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

American Agent:
Amalgamation of: USAgent + Mr. America
Real Name: Harold “Tex” Walker
Biography: Tex Walker was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, and was raised by his parents with his older brother Bob, who was later killed serving in World War I as a transport driver. Though he was set up to inherit his family’s oil fortunes, Tex instead enlisted in the military at the cusp of America’s entrance into World War II. Believing to be killed in combat, Tex escaped from a Nazi prison camp through a disguise. He then adopted the disguise as the “American Agent”, supplementing his skills as a soldier with light-yet-durable armor and unusual skills with a bullwhip. When he returned to America, he learned of a Nazi plot to bomb the Capitol Building in DC; his attempt to stop the plot led to a confrontation with Clark Rogers, who recently gained his powers as the Super-Soldiers. The men mistook each other for Nazi agents and battled; the fight ended in a draw when they realized who the real enemy was and they stopped the bombing together. American Agent, now with a more recognizably American costume, joined the All-Star Invaders later on in the war, serving on the homefront to stop more Nazi saboteurs on American soil. Near the end of the war, Tex went undercover as a Nazi agent to dismantle the Gestapo. Near the end of the War, after Super-Soldier’s disappearance, American Agent seeming died trying to save a young girl during the bombing of Dresden, but his remains were never found.
Powers: Above-average strength/speed/agility/stamina/reflexes; fighting and espionage skills; light armor and helmet to protect body; use of a bullwhip as main weapon.

Amalgamation of: Blazing Skull + Firebrand II
Real Name: Danette Todd
Biography: Danette Todd was a war correspondent who followed the All-Star Invaders into a Nazi lab. A prototype time-travel device backfired and she was sent into the future with nazi Per Werner. While one group of superpowered future-inhabitants remade the injured Per into a cyborg called Dega-Brain (Brain Drain + Per Degaton), another group took in Danette to heal her. With her as their avatar, these future-people would prevent the ruling class, which created Dega-Brain, from conquering the past with the Nazi cyborg. Their technology gave Danette Todd powers of her own, and she became the heroine Fireskull! Using her flame powers to decimate the Nazi forces alongside the ASI, she also struck fear into the villains hearts with the ability to appear was a skeleton with a flaming skull! Fireskull was crucial in defeating Dega-Brain, leaving him to be executed by the Nazi super-agent Green Skull. After the war and the disbandment of the ASI, Danette continued to fight crime in the states as the Fireskull. She was killed in the line of duty, and her powers were passed onto her half-brother Rod Scully (Jim Scully + Rod Reilly), who became the second Fireskull! The others who became Fireskull since then are Richard Sanchez and then Andre Valiant.
Powers: Flame generation from body (projectile blasts and flight), immunity to heat and flame, enhanced strength and healing; can turn almost all of herself invisible, appearing as a walking skeleton.

Mr. Crimson:
Amalgamation of: Crimson Commando + Mr. Scarlet
Real Name: Frank Butler
Biography: District Attorney Frank Butler was sick of the criminal element of Gothton, MS (Boston + Gotham City) getting away with their crimes, so he trained his body to physical perfection and donned a costume, becoming the vigilante called Mr. Crimson. Along with his partners Super Yank (Super Sabre + Commando Yank) and Stone-Man (Stonewall + Minute Man), Mr. Crimson stalked the criminal underworld of Gothton during the Golden Age of Justice. Mr. Crimson served in the All-Star Invaders, fighting Axis soldiers in the European theater of war while Stone-Man and Super Yank kept the peace. However, when he returned to Gothton after the war only to find his partners murdered by a ruthless gangster. Frank Butler sacrificed his life to kill the criminal mastermind. After that, the crime rates spiked until the first, modern-day appearance of the mighty Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman). Today, the current bearer of the mantle of Mr. Crimson is Pinkerton Warkworth (Shelley Warkworth + Pinkerton “Pinky” Butler), Frank’s adopted African-American son.
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/stamina//durability/senses/reflexes; keen investigator and martial artist; various tools and weapons in his costume.

Phantom Hawk:
Amalgamation of: Phantom Eagle II + Blackhawk
Real Name: Janos Kaufman
Alias: Bart Malone
Biography: Janos Kaufman is an American of German-Polish descent, who joined the airforce as a young adult. At the beginning of World War II, he had learned of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland and Janos sought to do something about it; he and other fighter pilots who thought as he does stole their planes from their hangar and flew to Europe to take on the Luftwaffe, the Nazis’ airforce. They won against the Nazis in the first battle, but the war was far from over, so they landed their damaged planes on an uncharted island to make repairs, which they made their headquarters. The multicultural pilots adapted the identity of the Phantom Hawks, arming their planes with better weapons and frightening decals and arming themselves with weapons in case they had to land and fight Nazi foot soldiers. Janos, as the leader, took the name “Phantom Hawk”. They are considered outlaws by the US government, but Super-Soldier covertly invited them to join the All-Star Invaders in an unofficial capacity. During the final mission of the ASI, Janos and top Nazi pilot Hermann Von Teppel (Hermann Von Reitberger + Wolfgang Von Teppel) killed each other in a dog fight.
Powers: Trained soldier; marksman; close-quarters combatant; leader and strategist; expert pilot.

Kid Mapleleaf:
Amalgamation of: Major Mapleleaf + Star-Spangled Kid
Real Name: Louis Pemberton
Biography: Louis Pemberton, a young man from Canada, met up with a hero who bore the power of the Star Cross lineage (Star Brand + Starman); Star Cross allowed Louis to study his unique powers, allowing him to build a belt-mounted device that generates the same effects. Seeking to defend Canada and the United States with his new abilities, Louis donned a patriotic costume based on the Canadian Mounties’ uniforms and dubbed himself Kid Mapleleaf. Inexperienced, Louis was nearly killed on his first mission but was saved by a Canadian soldier named Roger Dugan. Dugan aided Kid Mapleleaf in their further adventures, earning membership into the All-Star Invaders. Today, Louis Pemberton is survived by his two sons after he was killed by a mysterious assailant with a cyanide touch. Roger Dugan lost his legs in the War but developed a battle suit called STOX (Box + STRIPE); his step-daughter Kayla Whitmore (Kayla Ballentine + Courtney “Stargirl” Whitmore) is the new bearer of the Star Cross.
Powers: Belt device enhances the wearer’s strength/speed/stamina/durability/agility/reflexes, and grants flight and energy blast powers.

Silver Spider:
Amalgamation of: Silver Scorpion + Tarantula
Real Name: Elizabeth Law
Biography: Elizabeth Law, the secretary of a private detective, was inspired to become a costumed crime-fighter after stopping a robbery at a Halloween costume party. Using her keen intellect, she developed several concealable tools, studied martial arts, and trained her body, and soon she was ready to adopt the alias of the Silver Spider. She battled Nazis double agents, stopped a virus from being weaponized, and exposed a notorious conman posing as a mystic. Her talents as a female heroine were recognized by the American government, who recruited her into the All-Star Invaders. In modern day, the elderly Elizabeth, suffering from early Alzheimer’s, was seemingly killed when a crime lord bombed her apartment building in Loshaven, CA (Los Angeles + Bludhaven), but her body was never found…
Powers: Above-average intellect/strength/stamina/speed/reflexes/agility; durable padding beneath uniform; adhesive pads on palms and knees that allow her to scale walls; use of various tools, such as an adhesive-firing gun that snares criminals and allows her to swing from point to point.

Father Thunder & Timebolt:
Amalgamation of: Father Time and Akhenaten + Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt
Real Names: Johnny Scott & Akhenyz
Biography: In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh Akhenyz attempted to take control of a mysterious meteor that fell from the sky, which gave off energy that endowed a priest and a priestess with great strength and the power of reincarnation (the future Wingspan and Wasp Girl [Janet Van Dyne + Hawkgirl]). The two fought back and defeated the pharaoh, and put him to death. In the afterlife, Akhenyz begged for his soul to Anubis, God-Judge of the Dead. Anubis granted him a second chance, and turned him into a powerful genie. Since then, every hundred years or so, someone born on the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month is granted control over the mighty genie Akhenyz, the Timebolt. Centuries later, in the 1930s, a man named Johnny Scott, who was born on that date, learned that his policeman father was framed for murder. Seeking to find the true killer, Johnny accidentally says the magic word “So Cul” in conversation, summoning the time-bending genie bound to him. With their combined talents, Johnny and Akhenyz exposed the true murderer and saved Johnny’s father from death row. They decided to use their talents as the superheroes Father Thunder and Timebolt. They joined the All-Star Invaders, but Father Thunder was killed during the final battle; his death sent Akhenyz back to limbo until a new host could be found. The current host of Timebolt is an Indian woman known as Rina Thunder (Timeslip + Jakeem Thunder), a member of the international hero team Global Flight (Alpha Flight + Global Guardians).
Powers: Can summon Timebolt by saying the phrase "So Cul." Timebolt can fly, phase through solid matter, manipulate time and allow Johnny to travel through time.
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Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad):
A division of Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X), the Thunder Squad consists of incarcerated meta-talented criminals who volunteer for 5-year service in exchange for a Presidential Pardon. This team is directed by Amanda Gyrich, and is led on the field first by the alien dictator Baron Zongul II, and then the mad genius Paul Osborn.

Amanda Gyrich:
Amalgamation of: Henry Peter Gyrich + Amanda Waller
Biography: When Amanda Gyrich first appeared, she was a member of the Bureau of Preternatural Procedures (CSA + DEO), which observes the activities of all known superhumans, good and evil. She was soon commissioned by the President himself to direct the newest iteration of Task Force S's Thunder Squad. After the events of the Identity Invasion (Secret Invasion/Avengers Disassembled + Identity Crisis), her position is usurped by Paul Osborn.
Abilities: No superhuman powers, but she’s an expert leader, tactician, and diplomat, with a genius-level intelligence. Her headstrong personality may have made her some enemies within Task Force S itself, but it’s perfect for dealing with her criminal subordinates in Thunder Squad.

Baron Zongul II:
Amalgamation of: Baron Helmut Zemo + Mongul II
Real Name: Zongul II, 13th Baron of Hebstam IV
Biography: Zongul II, the latest member of the ruling barony of the planet Hebstam IV, is a major enemy of the Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman). When his father, Zongul I, 12th Baron of Hebstam IV (Heinrich Zemo + Mongul I), was killed by the demonic sorcerer Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron), Zongul II took control of the planet and their ultimate weapon, Warminus (Dominus + Warworld). After Warminus was destroyed by the psychic juggernaut Imperislaught (Onslaught + Imperiex), Zongul Jr. came to Earth to rally the heroes and villains of Earth against the titan. Though the meta-talented forces of Earth were successful in destroying Imperislaught, the heroes turned against the villains and Zongul, among hundreds of other villains, were imprisoned. Zongul and the villains imprisoned on Tryker’s Island (Ryker’s Island + Stryker’s Island) were given a second chance and joined the newest version of Thunder Squad. As the field leader of Thunder Squad, Zongul led the T-Squad against Ictro (Nitro + Icicle), an agent of AHEM (AIM + HIVE); Zongul tried to bear-hug Ictro to death, but the stress on Ictro’s body caused him to explode in a blast of reverse-fusion energy that coated most of Stamford, Connecticut in ice. Zongul II was apparently killed in the blast, so he was post-humorously relieved of duty; in actuality he was launched into space, frozen in a block of ice. The frozen villain was soon picked up by Warminus II, piloted by his sister/wife Baroness Zongal (Baroness Heike Zemo + Mongal). While Zongul was stuck on Earth, the Zongul barony was banished from its home planet, and Hebstam IV joined the Shinagarian Empire (Shi’ar + Thanagar) in order to be protected from Warminus by the Omega Guard (Imperial Guard + Omega Men). In order to gain more power, Zongul forced himself to join the Riot Corps (Riot Squad + Sinestro Corps), where he gained the powerful yellow force ring (Nova Force + Power Ring).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/durability/stamina; master of both armed and unarmed combat; commands Warminus I/II; when he gained a yellow force ring, Zongul gained the ability to manipulate yellow energies to create solid-light constructs, fly, and survive in space and underwater. Zongul, like his father, is a nasty bastard, but his cruelty is rivaled only by Amanda Gyrich’s stubbornness.

Paul Osborn:
Amalgamation of: Norman Osborn + Paul Westfield
Biography: Paul Osborn was a high-ranking chairman of Project: Weapon C (Weapon X + Project: Cadmus), a government organization dedicated to creating a new breed of government-controlled superhumans. Paul was raised in an abusive household as a child, but grew up to be a brilliant scientists and government agent; his twisted and cruel personality was exposed as time went on. When the heroic Super-Soldier, the first super-agent created by the US government, was killed by the alien Doompocalypse (Apocalypse + Doomsday), PWC scientists took fresh samples of his blood to experiment on; when a small arachnoid creature created with Super-Soldier’s DNA and spider DNA escaped, it injected its genetic material into a human, giving teenager Connor Parker spider-like powers. Connor became the superhero Spider Boy, and his heroic exploits attracted the attention of Paul Osborn, who correctly assumed that the escaped spider experiment gave the hero his powers. A small division of Weapon C security officers and scientists, led by Dr. Dabney Stromm (Mendel Stromm + Dabney Donovan) were reorganized to focus on the study and capture of the Webbed Wonder. During a crisis that united Spider Boy and the resurrected Super-Soldier against deformed clones of themselves, created by Dr. Stromm, Paul ordered a missile to be launched at the battlefield; the heroes survived, but the mutant monsters were all killed. Furious at the deaths of his creations, Dabney Stromm killed Paul Osborn. However, Paul survived and became a commanding officer of the Thunder Squad. At the end of the Identity Invasion, Paul Osborn killed Veralfec (Veranke + Malefec), queen of the invading Skrultians (Skrulls + Martians), and became the new director of Task Force S; former crime baroness Victoria Dent (Victoria Hand + Harvey “Two-Face” Dent) would serve as his aide-de-camp. However this would all prove to be part of a plan for world domination concocted by Paul’s new allies, the Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super-Villains).
Powers: Beyond-human intelligence and cunning. During the Crisis Reign (Dark Reign + Final Crisis), Paul Osborn will employ a heavy armor to protect him and a weapon-packed glider system that allows him to fly.

Amalgamation of: Bullseye + Deadshot
Real Name: Lester Lawton
Biography: A sociopath since childhood, Lester Lawton’s first kill was when he pitching for a minor league baseball game, and he threw the ball through the sternum of his father, who was umpiring the game. Ever since then, Lester has been a paid assassin, going by the codename “Deadeye.” When he first traveled to New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), he was hired by the crime lord known as the Bosspin (Kingpin + Boss Moxie) to assassinate the superhero Doctor Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite II). Deadeye ended up killing Elektra Wu-San (Elektra + Lady Shiva), a martial artist who sought revenge against Dr. Dare, and then Deadeye was hospitalized by Dr. Dare in retaliation. While in the hospital, Deadeye was recruited into the Thunder Squad by Amanda Gyrich. Deadeye appeared to be killed during a mission with the squad, but he survived. He soon joined a band of mercenaries called the Secret Syndicate (Sinister Syndicate + Secret Six), doing battle with the Seven Soldiers for Hire (Heroes for Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory).
Powers: Master assassin with cybernetic implants that greatly enhance his aim/agility/speed/reflexes/senses/stamina (given to him by Bosspin). Wields several firearms, including wrist-mounted silenced pistols, and is capable of turning any small object into a deadly projectile weapon.

Amalgamation of: The Lizard + Chemo
Real Name: Dr. Curt Norton
Biography: Dr. Curt Norton was a bio-engineer experimenting on genetic material from reptiles. The plastic containers he was storing waste byproducts from failed experiments were broken and spilled on Curt; Curt lapsed into a coma, and the chemicals, along with the plastic, reptile DNA and Curt’s DNA amalgamated into a reptile-shaped plastic monster. The creature, later dubbed “Toxicarus” by the newspaper Planet Bugle (Daily Bugle + Daily Planet), was defeated when Spider Boy managed to wake Curt from his vegetative state. Now, when ever Dr. Norton loses consciousness, Toxicarus regenerates from the last place it was destroyed, and continues to feed on the fluids of living beings. Though Toxicarus is considered a villain, Dr. Norton’s good influence occasionally got it to help some heroes, such as joining the Thunder Squad to battle Imperislaught, or helping the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol) defeat the Metal Marauders (Marauders + Metal Men), a team of metamutant-hunting cyborgs created by Dr. Trakmus (Bolivar Trask + Will Magnus).
Powers: Super strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Tail has a crushing power of 200 lbs. Can grow from 7 feet to 20 stories in height. Shoots acid from his mouth to a range of 100 ft. Telepathic control of reptiles.

Amalgamation of: Beetle/Mach-IV + Shrapnel
Real Name: Mark Jenkins
Biography: Mark Jenkins is an engineering genius who used to work for AHEM. He created a battle suit called the Self-sufficient Human-piloted Ammunition-Regenerating Powersuit (SHARP), but instead of giving it to AHEM, he burned the blueprints and kept the suit to go into business for himself. As SHARP, Mark battled both Spider Boy and the X-Patrol. After ending up in jail for the umpteenth time, Mark was recruited into the Thunder Squad to battle Imperislaught, and he used Task Force S’s resources to give SHARP its fourth upgrade.
Powers: The SHARP battle armor gives Mark superhuman strength and durability and the ability to fly. SHARP’s main weapons are dual cannons that fire razor-sharp projectiles at a high rate. The armor also contains a miniature smelting facility, allowing him to take small pieces of metal and convert them into more ammunition for his cannons.

Amalgamation of: Avalanche + Plasmus
Real Name: Otto Petrakis
Biography: Otto Petrakis, a Greek immigrant, was a coal miner who was trapped inside a collaped underground shaft for nearly a week. The stress of the isolation and threat of death traggered Otto’s latent metamutant gene, making him turn his flesh into a pink protoplasm that he has total control over. The crazed miner escaped the death trap in his plasma form, and he went on a rampage on the surface world. After being frozen by X-Patrol member Rhinovirus (Iceman + Fever), Otto was rushed to the hospital but the ambulance was intercepted by the Brotherhood (...of Mutants + ...of Evil), who took Otto’s frozen form to their hidden headquarters. With his sanity restored, Otto joined the Brotherhood as “Avalus.” His first supervillain act as Avalus was to help the Brotherhood assassinate President Graydon Ross (Grardon Creed + Pete Ross); the villains were successful, but some of them were captured late. Avalus was then invited by government agent Amanda Gyrich (Henry Gyrich + Amanda Waller) to join the Thunder Squad .
Powers: Transformation of normal flesh into a blob of acidic protoplasma that he has total control over; he can solidify his ooze body to generate high-frequency vibrations; super strength/durability/stamina.

Dr. Boomerang:
Amalgamation of: Boomerang + Captain Boomerang
Real Name: Frederick Harkness
Biography: Fred Harkness was born in Australia, but moved to America at a young age. He lived in a life of poverty until he discovered his skill in making boomerangs and using them as weapons. He would later be hired as a performer and boomerang promoter by a toy company; he was ridiculed by the audience, and his resentment caused Harkness to begin using his boomerangs for crime. Using weaponized boomerangs, Dr. Boomerang’s first crime was attempting to steal an experimental missile from a US military base, but he was defeated by the speedster superhero Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II). Fred was sent to jail, but managed to escape with a tiny boomerang disguised as one of his teeth. Since then, Dr. Boomerang has been a recurring enemy of Silverflash. The last time he was sent to jail, Fred joined the Thunder Squad in exchange for a pardon of his crimes.
Powers: Above-average aim and combat experience. The ability to create various “trick boomerangs”, each with a different effect.

Amalgamation of: Charcoal + Terra
Real Name: Charlene Markov
Biography: Charlene Markov and her older brother Flint, heirs to the throne of Symkovia (Symkaria + Markovia), were experimented on by the evil scientist Ultra-Zola (Armin Zola + Ultra-Humanite) into gaining Earth-based super powers; while Flint went insane and became the criminal Sand-Force (Sandman + Geo-Force), Charlene tried to use her powers to fight crime as Terracoal, a member of the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans ). When the control of her powers came into question, Terra turned to the super-assassin Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke) for training. This led to her betraying the Teen Avengers to Deathpool and his employers at AHEM. Terracoal was arrested, but was soon made a member of the Thunder Squad. Terracoal soon died while battling the superhuman dictator Black Dragon (Dragon of the Moon + Black Adam).
Powers: Transformation into any form of minerals and stone (sand, dirt, rock, crystal, lava, ect.)

Bronze Wolf:
Amalgamation of: White Wolf + Bronze Tiger
Real Name: Benjamin Hunter
Biography: Ben Hunter’s single mother was killed when he was a child, but he was soon adopted by Jiwe T’Challa, king of the African nation of Wakesi (Wakanda + Zambesi), who was visiting Ben’s hometown of New Metropolis. Soon, though, Ben’s foster sister Mari, the future heroine Black Vixen (Black Panther + Vixen), was born, and Ben became the ‘other child’. To prove himself to his family, he turned to martial arts, training alongside Richard Shang (Shang-Chi + Richard Dragon). When the dojo’s master, Fu Manchu, revealed himself as member of the villainous League of the Hand (The Hand + League of Assassins), he also revealed that he was secretly brainwashing Ben into becoming the bestial Bronze Wolf. Iron Bat and Richard Shang defeated the League of the Hand, and Ben was brought back to his senses. He returned to Wakesi when Mari became the ruler and the Black Vixen, and Ben became the captain of the Wakesian secret police. As the heroic Bronze Wolf, Ben also volunteered for duty in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: One of the best 10 martial artists on Earth. Olympic-level strength/speed/stamina/agility/senses. Expert at stealth. The gloves in his costume are equipped with claws.

Methyl II:
Amalgamation of: Venom III (Mac Gargan) + Match
Real Name: Dennis Gargan
Biography: Dennis Gargan was originally Squorp (Scorpion + Skorpio), a villain wearing a scorpion-style battlesuit. Sometime after the Imperislaught War, Squorp and several other villains were sent by the Secret Society of Evil to raid a chemical plant; Squorp’s suit was destroyed in a battle with the New Justice Avengers, who were really the evil Revenge Syndicate of America (Dark Avengers + Crime Syndicate), a team of extradimensional villains posing as heroes. Sometime after that, Eddie Olsen (Eddie Brock + Jimmy Olsen), the villain Methyl, lost his symbiote, the source of his powers, after a major battle against his nemesis Spider Boy, and the symbiote was captured by gangsters. Paul Osborn, after becoming director of Thunder Squad, bought the symbiote in an auction and fused it with Dennis, recruiting him as the new Methyl.
Powers: “Tactile Telekinesis”, which allows them to move fast, lift heavy objects, and stick to any surface; the ability to shoot durable, razor-sharp organic webbing from their wrists; enhanced stamina/durability/agility/reflexes/senses; immunity to being detected by Spider Boy’s precognition; degenerative saliva.

Amalgamation of: Jolt + Bolt
Real Name: Helen Bolantski
Biography: When Helen Bolantski developed her metamutant powers, her home was destroyed and her parents were killed by metamutant-hunting robots called Harvesters (Sentinels + Scissor-Men). Vengeful, she donned a costume and became the villainess “Volt.” She battled the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) several times before being sent to prison. In prison, she was recruited into the Thunder Squad. She seemingly died on her first mission, but returned as living energy, returning to her human form only after her injuries fully healed.
Powers: Electrical blasts; absorption of electricity to convert into strength and speed; teleportation. Self-healing via transformation into living energy.

Amalgamation of: Atlas + The Atom (Adam Cray)
Real Name: Erik Cray
Biography: View is a mercenary with the ability to change size, and has battled various heroes while working for major villains. He soon joined the Thunder Squad after Paul Osborn became the director, but it’s soon revealed that Erik was actually sent by the hero Atom Ant I (Scott Lang + Ray Palmer) to investigate Paul and his connections to the Secret Society of Evil.
Powers: The ability to change size, from shrinking to half an inch tall to a maximum of 60 feet in height. Strength and stamina relative to his height.

Amalgamation of: Songbird + Enchantress
Real Name: Melissa “Missy” Moon
Biography: When Dinah Morse, the heroine Black Bird (Mockingbird + Black Canary II), was an athlete in the UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation), she had a standing rivalry with “Screaming” Missy Moon. She couldn’t stand up to Dinah’s sonic screams attacks, so Missy sought the aging villain Wizardicus (Dr. Demonicus + Wizard), the scientist who mutated baby Dinah to have sonic scream powers. For a small fortune, Wizardicus gave Moon even more powerful sonic powers, and she attacked Black Bird outside of the ring. Dinah was about to be killed when she was rescued by her future beau, the super-archer Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow). “Screaming” Missy has been an enemy of Hawk Arrow and Black Bird ever since. When she was recruited into the Thunder Squad, she changed her nickname to “Songstress.”
Powers: Sonic screams for flight, hypnotism, energy constructs, teleportation, energy blasts, and incineration.

Amalgamation of: Swordsman + Javelin
Real Name: Jacques Linthrope
Biography: Militia is a mercenary and enemy of the avenging archer Hawk Arrow. He was originally Jacques Linthrope, a circus performer who was fired from stealing the profits of a big show. After becoming Militia, he was first hired by a crime lord to assassinate industrialist Oliver Barton. Oliver was forced to reveal his identity of Hawk Arrow in order to battle and defeat Militia, and he gave later Jacques amnesia with a poison-gas arrow. Militia appeared to turn over a new leaf when he joined the Justice Avengers, but Super-Soldier discovered that he was really working for the League of the Hand. The LoH’s scheme was thwarted and Militia was sent to prison, where he signed up for service in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/agility/stamina. Wields a sword and telescopic throwing spears.

Amalgamation of: Joystick + Slipknot
Real Name: Janice Weiss
Biography: Powerline was sent by AHEM to battle the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League), but (you guessed it!) she was defeated and sent to prison, where she signed up for service in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: Olympic-level speed/agility/reflexes/stamina. Powerline’s main weapon (which she invented) is a 10-ft long segmented cord that generates a super-hot electrical arc between each section; this weapon allows her to cut through almost any substance.

Amalgamation of: Man-Killer + Plastique
Real Name: Bette San Horne
Biography: Bette San Horne was a French-Canadian professional skier who was crippled in a race against a male competitor, who pushed her off the ski trail and into a ravine. This led to Bette developing a hatred of all men. While recovering in a hospital, Bette was recruited by a group of pro-feminist extremists who gave her a powered exoskeleton and a position in their group. Bette later held the Planet Bugle hostage, threatening to blow up the building and killing all male hostages inside if the State of New York didn’t elect a female Governor. The first hero to arrive on the scene was Dark Atom (Darkhawk + Captain Atom), a living collective of radiation inside a robotic body; he was able to destroy Bette’s exoskeleton and disable the bombs before they exploded. While she was in prison, Bette was visited regularly by Dark Atom, who developed feelings for her when they first met, even though he knew that they were enemies. Bette reconciled her feeling towards men, and she and Dark Atom were soon married after she was released. Unfortunately, since Dark Atom was still technically 16 years old, his Justice Avenger teammates arrested Bette for statutory rape. Once again full of rage, Man-Blaster joined the Thunder Squad in exchange for a Presidential pardon; Task Force S scientists were able to genetically alter her physiology, curing her need for the exoskeleton and granting her super strength and energy blasts.
Powers: Originally wore an exoskeleton that gave mobility to her crippled body and granted her great strength; she also used explosive devices in her schemes. After joining the Thunder Squad, scientists cured her handicap and gave her superhuman strength/stamina/durability and energy projection attacks.

Amalgamation of: Penance + Brainiac 8
Real Name: Indy Baldwin
Alias: Cyansphere (Speedball + Indigo)
Biography: Indy Baldwin was a young intern for a government laboratory when she was bombarded by an unknown energy in a lab accident. This activates her latent metagene, which was corrupted by the energies, turning her into a hideous and powerful techno-organic being. Indy went on a mindless rampage until she was “deactivated” by the Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders). RoxTAR Inc. (Roxxon + Star Labs) manages to fix Indy’s deformed appearance while retaining her powers, and she joins the Outer-Warriors as “Cyansphere”, named for her ability to generate blue force fields. Things were working out great for Indy until the battle between the combined forces of the Outer-Warriors and the Thunder Squad against Ictro. The reverse-fusion explosion “rebooted” Cyansphere, resurrecting her original mutated appearance. It was revealed that she wasn’t a metamutant, but that her powers derived from a nanotech virus deposited on Earth by Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac). The Outer-Warriors battled this new creature, which fused herself with the only 7 others on Earth affected by the nano-virus. The Outer-Warriors managed to destroy it, but her remains were confiscated by Task Force S.
When Paul Osborn became director of the Thunder Squad, he rebuilt Indy’s body while keeping her mind alive inside a computer system. She was completely penitent over her actions, and she served as “Penetrate” in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: Superhuman strength and durability, flight, energy blasts out of right-arm cannon. Her techno-organic parts cause her great pain, but pain is the only thing that can activate her powers after her transformation; the spikes on her face can act as conduits for electrical attacks and the domes on her body and organic armor generate storm-like vertexes of energy. She is also super intelligent and able to mentally control computer systems.

Amalgamation of: Speed Demon + Zoom
Real Name: James Zolomon
Biography: James Zolomon, a friend of Peter Allen and FBI profiler, was attacked by the villain Red Grodd (Red Ghost + Gorilla Grodd) while leading a mass prison breakout. The criminals were defeated by Peter’s superhero identity, Silverflash, but were too late to prevent James from losing the use of his right leg. James knew of Peter’s heroic alter ego, so he beseeched him to use a time-travel device confiscated by the Justice Avengers from Krangos (Kang the Conqueror + Cronos) to go back in time and warn past Silverflash about Red Grodd, in order to prevent his attack. Peter refused to let a normal person use such advanced technology, but that didn’t stop James from sneaking into the Justice Avengers’ headquarters the next night and activating the device. The building’s security drones attacked James and struck the device while it was still working, causing an accident that ripped space-time an new arsehole! Out of the fluctuation stepped a cosmic conqueror known as Nebulon Man (Nebulon + Nebula Man). In exchange for helping Nebulon Man conquer Earth, James was cured of his lameness and granted him great speed. James battled Silverflash while the rest of the Justice Avengers battled Nebulon Man. Silverflash used his speed powers to reactivate the time machine, generating a vortex that sucked Nebulon Man back to his own time period, though he took James with him.
Stuck for ten years in the future, James’ newfound resentfulness of Peter festered as he developed his new powers of speed. After figuring out how to generate a new wormhole into the past, James developed a costume and took the alias “Supercharger” before traveling back in time… to one month after the battle with Nebulon Man! Silverflash and Supercharger have been enemies ever since. While in prison, Supercharger was enlisted into the Thunder Squad, but was ejected after he was caught stealing money by Songstress.
Powers: Superhuman speed, stamina, and reflexes. He can generate cyclones by running in circles or rotating his arms at great speeds, run along and up walls and run across water. Supercharger’s superhumanly fast thought processes and reflexes enable the character to perceive his surroundings while moving at high speeds, pick up objects and execute complex acrobatic maneuvers.

Dr. Radioactive:
Amalgamation of: Radioactive Man + Dr. Poison
Real Name: Dr. Chen Maru
Biography: A nuclear physicist from the People’s Republic of China, Chen Maru developed a mind-altering energy array to use for the Communist state’s invasion of India. The army was defeated and the weapon destroyed by Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman), and Chen was imprisoned for his war crimes. After escaping, he altered his physiology with atomic radiation, turning him into Dr. Radioactive, a living nuclear stockpile. Dr. Radioactive has been a recurring enemy of Thunder Woman. He later joins the Thunder Squad after Paul Osborn became director.
When Osborn was disposed of, Dr. Radioactive left Thunder Squad and went back to China; he was arrested for further crimes and achieved amnesty in exchange for service in China's govt-controlled super-team, the Great Force (People's Defense Force + The Great Ten).
Powers: Body is constantly radioactive, giving his flesh a green glow and allows him to fire blasts of heat, light, and atomic energy (which induces nausea and radiation poisoning). He needs to wear a black skin-suit to keep his powers in check. Expert in the fields of radiation, energy, and nuclear physics.

Comet II:
Amalgamation of: Moonstone II + Killer Frost II
Real Name: Dr. Louise Sofen
Biography: Louise Sofen was originally the aide of psychoanalyst Hugo Fenhoff, the villainous psychiatrist known as Faustrange (Dr. Faustus + Hugo Strange). Dr. Sofen was hired by the good doctors of the Arkroft Institute to examine Crystal Bloch (Lloyd Bloch + Crystal Frost), a mentally-unstable super-villainess nicknamed Comet, who wielded an alien stone that gave her energy and ice powers. A clever manipulator, Louise became “friends” with Crystal, and she convinced her to reveal the location of her power stone. Louise stole the stone and became the new Comet, an enemy of the superhero Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]). Comet became a member of Thunder Squad during Baron Zongul’s reign as field leader.
Powers: Gravity manipulation, intense cold projection, flight, light projection, and super strength/durability/stamina.

Black Ivy:
Amalgamation of: Blackheath (Plantman) + Poison Ivy
Real Name: Dr. Pamela Smithers
Alias: Plantwoman
Biography: Pamela Smithers was a poor orphan girl from the streets of London, England, who studied botany under Professor Mark Woodrue, now the evil Botanist (Brother Nature + Floronic Man). She soon enough earned a PHD in ecology, and invented a device that allowed her to communicate with plant life. Prof. Woodrue tried to steal the invention for himself, but an electrical storm caused it to explode, washing Pamela in strange energies. The injured woman escaped into the woods and collapsed, fusing with the surrounding vegetation. She discovered she could control plant life, and Pamela dedicated her life to protecting the natural world… by destroying human society. She started calling herself Plantwoman, and became a major enemy of the hero Iron Bat, whose technological aptitude and use of powered armor makes him a foil for Pamela and her obsession with nature. She also served in the all-villain government strike team Thunder Squad, where she changed her name to Black Ivy, but soon escaped their custody to join the Secret Society of Evil.
Powers: The ability to mentally manipulate plants; can absorb nutrients, water, and sun light to regain her strength; can generate toxins and mind-controlling pheromones from her body; can create humanoid plant creatures that she mentally controls.
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