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Эта работы бала нарисована в соавторстве с прекрасной  Jay_Count.
Я нарисовала ЧБ основание и фигуры России и Турции, а Джей дала им цвет, детализацию и замечательный пейзаж. :З

This is another work with wonderful
One of the Russo-Turkish war.
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Contest Entry for "Family Rivalry" for Hetalia group. This picture represents Japan's victory over China in the First Sino-Japanese War in which they fought over control of Korea. There was also some fighting in Taiwon...Japan became more modernized and it's navy easily wiped out China's.
This picture does not represent any opinions I have of different countries...It's just a representation of a historical fact :)
Done in pastels
Also I do not own any Hetalia Characters...though i wish i did.... :D

Third!! ;p
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Another member of Holy Order except it's a biological experiment.

Name: G
Codename: Blood Forger
Age: ???
Type: Demon
Personality: Silent
Weapon: Blood
Likes: Red
Dislikes: Salt and Electricity
- Agile
- Unlimited blood
- Regenerates
- Recieve damage= More power
- Can transform blood into deadly weapons
- Core
- Salt
- Electricity
Cut/Stab- That's right folks, it LITERALLY cut/stab itself. It will cut/stab anywhere such as neck, head, torso, and other parts except it's chest.
Blood Weapon- Once it cut/stab itself, it can create variety of weapons such as sword, axe, scythe, spear, and others. But it depends on how much blood it's releasing.
Blood Needles- A stab to the hand can allow it to shoot out blood needles. Careful, they're REALLY sharp.
Blood Rise- Enough blood such as puddles can allow it to turn bloody floors into bloody spikes.
Blood Shield- G gets covered in its own blood which can protect momentarily. G can also turn its blood shield into spikes as well.
G's Death- If a opponent only concentrates on destroying G's body EXCEPT the core. A huge flood of blood will come bursting out of it. Hope you got a wetsuit.
Blood Burst- A stab in G's eyes allow it to shoot blood beams. Careful, the impact on blood burst is devastating.
Spike Ball- G's core (Original Form) will be coated in blood thanks to G's Death can allow the eye to turn into a spike ball.
Eye of G- A strange skill that allows the core to use glare, causing its opponent paralyze in short period of time. Don't know how... maybe stare deep into your soul I guess?
Blood Offering- Again, thanks to G's Death, the eye can summon its form to attack its opponents.
Blood Tentacles- It can turn blood into squid-like tentacles to latch on its opponent to break its bones.
G's Resurrection- If the opponent takes too long on killing the core, G will go back to its corpse and revive. Which gives a huge advantage to G since the area will be covered in blood.
G is a biological experiment from the Elemental Laboratory. It works for Holy Order but doesn't have any command. G possesses amazing powers that can control blood thanks to the core. G is more of a replica of Nobitsu since G has some of the demon's blood. Even though they share the same blood, there powers are far different. Nobitsu has a unique skill that Holy Orders are dying to get but capturing him is not that easy. G is more of a guardian but more professional rank like Prince Leo. G's job is usually watch over the prisoners or do missions.

G (c) ~Gold-Paladin
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I really need too upload more stuff on here. Behold my OTP :iconmegustaplz:

Ok if you do not like this ship that's fine I don't care but please don't say anything bad about it. Makes you look immature and disrespectful just sayin' 8|  Longer version:
Diplomatic relations between both countries were established in 1890. Due to its good relations with Russia, Mexico has often purchased military equipment from Russia. Mexico was the first country in the Americas to establish relations with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And from the start , relations were based on the sovereign equality of States, respect for independence and sovereignty , and non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Their relationship is is over 120 years old. :iconpapmingplz:
Contacts between the countries began to settle in the late eighteenth - early nineteenth century. In March 1806 he arrived in the Mexican province of Baja California the Russian ship " Yunona " ; Nikolay Rezanov whose captain was one of the most prominent men of the Russian Empire . Nikolay Rezanov was a Russian diplomat and statesman who promoted the Russian colonization of Alaska and California. It was also the first Russian ambassador to Japan ( 1804 ) and supported Russia 's first attempt to circumnavigate the world . Furthermore, Rezanov was one of the founders of the great Company RusoАmericana , which supplied food and furs to the population of Russian colonies in America. Рrecisamente activities of this Company laid the foundation for both economic and diplomatic relations between our two countries. Alexander I , Emperor of Russia at the time, wrote in " Instructions for the First Russian Circumnavigation ": " Being in America I did not leave without comments aspects and customs of the indigenous population , art , religion, traditions , rules and manners "
In 1812 the Russian-American Company established in the territory of the Russian fortress California - Fort Ross - who became the northernmost Russian fortification in North America. Thus, the foundation for the establishment of official relations were settled . The first discussions on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Mexico began in the 20s of the XIX century in the city of London, Great Britain , but were unsuccessful. Later, in the 80s of the century the second round of talks was held . The December 11, 1890 the Russian Baron Roman Rosen, appointed by the Emperor Alexander III Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Minister of the Russian Empire with the Government of the United Mexican States, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States signed the document Ignacio Mariscal corresponding . Years later , Roman Rosen wrote in his memoirs about the ceremony of delivery of credentials to the President of Mexico , Porfirio Diaz : "I've had the honor of presenting credentials to many monarchs and heads of state, but nowhere else this event was accompanied by a carefully organized so as impressive as in Mexico "ceremony . In the early twentieth century Mexico and Russia signed the first bilateral agreement on trade and navigation. But this document was never implemented due to two stormy events of the time which proved to be the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and the Russian Revolution of 1917.
" Mexico and Russia walked very different paths that converge to live seemed both shocking social upheavals of the early twentieth century. During the twenties , both in Mexico and in the USSR , the conquest of the nation and its outward deployment began. Despite the disparity in the history of Mexico and Russia , the relations between our countries were based on principles of foreign policy ... When the legitimacy of the Mexican and Russian revolutions was recognized by European and American powers, diplomatic relations between our countries became feasible. " ( Luciano Joublanc , Ambassador of Mexico in Russia from 1999 to 2007 . Interervención at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation , at the conference " Russia and Mexico "). In the early twentieth century Mexico 's consulates in the Russian cities of St. Petersburg , Moscow, Riga and Helsingfors , and Russian consulates in the cities of Mexico , Veracruz , Monterrey and Guadalajara opened. In 1924 Mexico was the first country in the Americas to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. And from the start , relations were based on the sovereign equality of States, respect for independence and sovereignty , and non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Both sides , Russia and Mexico , came to this date not spontaneously, but prepared with a series of historical events. What united them ? First, a number of common features of the October Revolution of 1917 and the Mexican Revolution of 1910 , mainly anti-imperialism and anti-militarism . The first Russian ambassador to Mexico was Stanislav Petskovskiy who fully personified the first generation of Soviet diplomats . He was a member of the Communist Party of the USSR , active militant of the revolutionary movement , participated in the Civil War in Russia and Deputy Commissioner of the Communist International .
Stanislav Petskovskiy worked in Mexico for two years. His chief merit was the general establishment of relations between the two countries , attracting the sympathies of Mexican society towards the Soviet Union, the development of scientific and cultural cooperation between our countries. During this period Mexico was visited by the famous Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovskiy , who later wrote his " Verses on America" ​​and the book " My Discovery of America." "The spirit of uniqueness and hospitality related I with Mexico , " - Mayakovskiy confessed in his book. In 1926 the first female ambassador in world history , Alexandra Kollontai , was appointed Ambassador and Trade Representative of the Soviet Union in Mexico . In 1944 Alexandra Kollontai was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle , which is the highest honor that is bestowed on foreigners in the United States of Mexico. In the early 30s the relations between our countries were formally discontinued , but in 1942 was restored completely. As Ambassador to the Soviet Union in Mexico was named Konstantin Umanskiy , outstanding Soviet diplomat of that era. Arriving in Mexico , the new Ambassador then gave a press conference dedicated to the struggle of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany , the heroism of the Soviet people and the need for the opening of the so called second front. Another important steps undertaken Konstantin Umanskiy was to establish contacts with the broader Mexican society circles . At the time of World War II relations between our countries were further strengthened . Mexico was the only Latin American country that officially condemned the aggression of fascist Germany against the USSR. In late 1944 , thanks to the efforts of the Soviet Ambassador , relations between our countries continued to expand in times of war. Many decades have passed since that time , but the memory of Ambassador Umanskiy still alive in Mexico . The Excelsior newspaper wrote "With Konstantin Umanskiy a new era in our country's diplomatic activities opened. Many foreign diplomats worked in Mexico , but those who were here at that time need to recognize that they lived in the diplomatic world Umanskiy era . " Relations between our countries are especially intensified since 1968 because of legal and conventional consolidated basis . During this period our cooperation in the field of foreign policy , economy, science , culture and sport was developed. On May 30 of that year, during the official visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico , Antonio Carrillo Flores, to the Soviet Union for the first time in the history of relations between our countries was signed "The agreement on cultural cooperation and science between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of Mexico . " In 1973 the President of Mexico , Luis Echeverria Alvarez , visited the USSR , which was the first official visit by a Latin American president to the Soviet Union. During the visit to the USSR President José López Portillo in the year 1978 further to the Tlatelolco Treaty , which prohibited the proliferation and stockpiling of nuclear weapons in Latin America Protocol was signed. This firm was a recognition of Mexico as a promoter of peace and international security.

Sunflowers: Although it was commonly accepted that the sunflower was first domesticated in what is now the Southeastern US, roughly 5000 years ago, there is evidence that it was first domesticated in Mexico around 2600 BC. These crops were found in Tabasco, Mexico at the San Andre's dig site. Many indigenous American peoples used the sunflower as the symbol of their solar deity, including the Aztecs and the Otomi of Mexico. In 1510 early Spanish explorers encountered the sunflower in the Americas and carried its seeds back to Europe. Of the four plants known to have been domesticated in what is now the eastern continental United States and to have become important agricultural commodities, the sunflower is currently the most economically important.
During the 18th century, the use of sunflower oil became very popular in Russia, particularly with members of the Russian Orthodox Church, because sunflower oil was one of the few oils that was allowed during Lent, according to some fasting traditions. Sunflower in Nahuatl(Aztec language) Chimalacotl or Chimalxochitl
Among the Zuni people, the fresh or dried root is chewed by the medicine man before sucking venom from a snakebite and applying a poultice to the wound. This compound poultice of the root is applied with much ceremony to rattlesnake bites. Blossoms are also used ceremonially for anthropic worship.
The Aztecs worshipped the plant, their high priests wearing ceremonial sunflower headdresses while marching their fellow sun-worshippers towards their temples of the sun heck they even made images of sunflowers made out of gold. The sunflower and the sun…they’re eternally linked together, bridging the gap between earth and sky on one long, tight yoke…but not in the way most people believe. There is a long, long tradition of planting sunflowers and suns in murals, paintings, architecture, furniture, pottery and graphic design.

Mexico/Alejandra Guadalupe Rosales (c):iconspirit-okami:
Russia/Ivan Braginski (c)Himaruya
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This is the Redux of this: [link]

With the new Afro Samurai Resurrection out, I thought well since everyone loves the original I'd go and revamp it; since with the original I feel it has alot of glaring flaws and it was only my 3rd ever digital painting.

So heres the updated version, bout 5 hours.

Jedi Mind Tricks
Coca Cola
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OMG I am so proud of this piece!
I have finally found a style through my long hiatus of not doing artwork!
This was originally a piece I made on a huge poster papers and put it on my bedroom wall, but then I decided to take a picture and colour it on photoshop and man does it look pretty okay :D :iconyayrussiaplz:

***EDIT: I'm sorry if the title is slightly offensive to anybody, I had no idea about the things that were happening in Russia currently and I am very sorry to hear it. I wish for the best over there! xoxo
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Hey Guys, I randomly did this picture at 4:46 A.M in the morning after being inspired by :iconfrontsideair:'s Kenpachi Fried Chicken commisson. Also I feel it's kinda fitting considering almost a billion chickens per year are killed to make KFC buckets (according to people doing all the bitching and whining)...tbh they make Light look like a pansy ^^
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After watching The Avengers, I thought I thought it was brilliant and I decided to come up with my own team using some of my OCS plus some characters from Films and TV

The Mohearts

A band of misfits who work together to fight evil and go on many adventures, before everyone met they lived their normal lives in their own individual worlds but after seeing how much evil there is in other worlds besides his own, the Creator recruited some of the finest individuals in the multiverse for both their skills and spirit.


1. Name: The Creator / Mr C…
Team title: Leader/Founder
Backstory: While normally a lone wolf, when he saw the amount of evil in the other dimensions, he used his "Spark Energy" to travel between worlds and recruit the best of the best for a special team. Once the team was assembled, he became their appointed leader.

2. Name: Song (Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness)
Team title: Infiltrator / Second lieutenant
Backstory: A former thief and parasol dancer. A few months after she became the leader of the Ladies of the Shade, The Creator found her and recruited for her experiences in thievery and for the fact that she once saved his life when he was younger. Because of this deed, the Creator feels the need to treat her with the deepest respect and thus made her his second lieutenant due to her skills as a leader.

3. Name: Surf bot…
Team title: Second in Command / Transport
Backstory: Once a lonely traveller made from pure Sparkanium, but after being attacked from a military organisation, the Creator recruited him for his speed and agility. Due to the close friendship they formed, the Creator also appointed him his second in command.

4. Name: Inferno the Shadow Dealer…
Team title: Magic Expert / Negotiator
Backstory: Before he met the Creator, Inferno spent his days in his swamp in Texas. However after he once again defeated the creature known as the Slayer, the Creator recruited him into the team as he was an expert in magic and deal making.

5. Name: Da-Z…
Team title: Cyber Intelligence / Head Scientist
Backstory: Once the most powerful Artificial Intelligence ever designed by scientists. However when she gained her new robotic body and decided to travel, the Creator found her and offered her a place on his team in order to gain new knowledge. Now she is the teams go-to-girl for information and experimental research.

6. Name: Sparky…
Team title: Messenger
Backstory: One of the Creator's first recruits. While he may not be the most powerful fighter, he is one of the Creator's oldest friends and acts as a messenger for the team to send warnings and messenges between recruits and to provide the Creator an extra charge should he need it.

7. Name: Charmer…
Team title: Secondary Messenger / Scientist
Backstory: One of the Creator's first recruits. Like Sparky she isn't the most powerful fighter, however she makes up for it with her speed and kindness and acts as a secondary messenger for the team to send warnings and messenges between recruits and to provide the Creator with a supercharge should he need it. She also acts as Da-Z's personal assistant due to her amazing skills while possing mechanical objects.

8. Name: Clover the CatBot…
Team title: Team Mascot / Spy
Backstory: The Creator's personal pet. After escaping the lab where she was created and spending a week on the streets, she was eventually discovered by the Creator hiding in a cardboard box, taking pity on the poor cat, the Creator took her in after which she ultimately began to grow close to the strange werewolf and gladly became his new pet and friend. While she isn't a fighter or a strategist, she acts as moral support for the team whenever they are feeling down about something and always knows exactly what kind words to say.

9. Name: Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
Team title: Brawler / Stealth Attacker
Backstory: The most powerful of the group. After capturing him at Camp Crystal Lake, the Creator performed certain experiments on him, altered his mind using a device known as the M3 and gave him enhanced strength and a boosted healing factor using a mixture of Venom he stole from the DC universe, blood of the assassin Deadpool and the juice of a Lilly-Fruit tree… he grew in his personal garden. After that Jason became the group’s main source of raw power and a trusted friend to everyone within it.

10. Name: Ashley the Ghost…
Team title: Medic
Backstory:After an attempted exorcism from one of the many places she tried to make her new home, Ashley sought refuge in an old abandoned warehouse. However the Creator found her and offered her a place on his team in exchange for her healing abilities. Now she remains on the team because she feels that it the team was more of a family than she ever had when she was alive.

11. Name: Lyra Heartstrings (My Little Pony: Friendship is magic)
Team title: Weapon's expert / Secondary Medic
Backstory: Once a simple unicorn living in Ponyville, but when the Creator came to her world to find recruits she jumped at the chance and volunteered to join after hearing there would be a chance to meet humans during the team’s travels. While hesitant at first, Lyra was quite persuasive and eventually the Creator gave into her plea and thus she became the team’s expert in weaponry due to her knowledge on all human subjects, whilst also using her exceptional skills in certain magic spells to become a secondary medic.

12. Name: Alpha Bat…
Team title: BatBot Commander
Backstory: Since he was one of the many masters the BatBots were closely fond of, when the Creator came took control of Alpha Bat, they gladly became his personal army with Alpha Bat taking the lead. As such they usually perform small tasks such as assistance to the other team members, however they can also became a deadly fighting force whenever the team requires any backup.

13. Name: Jack O' Lantern…
Team title: Chaos Expert
Backstory: After hearing about the legend of Jack O' Lantern the Creator realised that his magical skills would be of great benefit to the team, so using a large chunk of chocolate as bait, the Creator managed to capture him and due to this, Jack was forced to grant him one wish. Being experienced with a few methods of magic himself, the Creator wished that Jack would serve the team and not be of any trouble to any member. Jack reluctantly agrees, but does still get to have his fun with any enemy he fights due to the Creator's soft spot for a little humour.However as an extra precaution, the Creator also recruited his older sister Belladonna to be his care taker and the team’s Legal expert.

14. Name: Belladonna: Attorney at Law…
Team title: Defence Attorney / Legal expert
Backstory: Once a small town Defence Attorney living in a small town in England, however upon discovering that she uses unique detective skills and her magic to gather relevant evidence and investigate every crime scene, the Creator instantly recruited her as his legal expert. As such her assignments usually include the study of certain laws of every world the team travels to and to make sure that they don’t break any laws unintentionally whilst there. She also acts as Jack O’ Lanterns personal caretaker due to being his older sister, thus knowing how to keep him in order.

15. Name: Kenny the Cameraman…
Team title: Surveillance Expert
Backstory: Due to his incredible skills in film making and documentation, the Creator instantly recruited as soon as he discovered him. As one of the teams key members, he mainly uses his built in camera manufacturing facility in his chest in order to build mini robots such as Fly-Cams that operate as security cameras and microphones, thus he can observe any area and inform the team of any unexpected developments that may occur during any mission.

I own no copyright to any of the TV/film related characters.
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Phase: Beta Concept.
Medium: Pencil & blue line.
Chronostamp: Circa early 2000s

A flight element of two FB-57D Strike Hammers (VF-899 War Horses), based on the airship battle carrier Sarnera (CVFA-42) in a high energy burn on the deck roaring between the twin islands of the Yalsol Republic's southern coastline. This mission required them to fly a nape of the earth infiltration profile in order to deliver their direct strike munitions, with maximum shock, onto inland enemy positions somewhere in the Northern Mountains.
This shot was captured by an inbound Marine Corp AV-28B Super Peregrine squadron that had just successfully engaged and destroyed enemy coastal ground defenses in that area of operations. The Hammers were cutting across the Peregine's previous flight path.

Inspired by the Cold War era FB-111 Ardvarks of the USAF these Steel Hammers are advanced versions of the fighter bomber concept.
The rooster tails of water being thrown up by the energy wash is dramatized but just looks too cool to not have in there.

My focus for this illo was speed. When I was very young I had received several books about trains. One in particular had several pics of Japanese bullet trains or shinkansen. The picture that still stands out in my mind was a lateral shot that nearly captured a clear shot of the engine but the forest behind it was completely burred. That was the effect I wanted to capture here.
Contrasting the sharp images of the fighter bombers against the unclear blurred images of the water and passing islands hopefully makes the main focus (the aircraft) stand out.

Design Aspects:
These Steel Hammers have 4 supercruise tier 2, afterburning engines. You can't see it in this shot but in addition to the two on top of the wings there are two underneath as well. Unlike their fighter attack cousins the slightly larger fighter bombers were never intended to dogfight. Thus they were given much more speed to egress out of a potential air to air engagement and equipped with the latest in stealth, electronic & digital counter measures, as well as direct attack digital weapon systems (IE digital warfare in the form of hacking, viruses, etc to disable or destroy an enemy).

FB-111 Ardvark, GR-1 Tornado, and MIG-27

Blurring speed effects.
Eventually I'd like to apply this effect to the rooster tails and the aft end of the tactical aircraft to attempt to give more of the impression of speed. I think the effect has the potential to be applied to dogfight banking shots to communicate the heavy G forces and hopefully make people feel like they've been slammed into their seats and must hang on or be thrown off. Concussion shots could benefit from this effect as well to make people feel like they've just been hammered by a heavy shockwave from an explosion.
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Phase: Concept Sketch
Medium: 2H Graphite, Purple & Monochrome Inks
Chronostamp: 20 July 2013

This ATD3A6 Iron Crab II is the tracked variant of the orginal ATD3E4 Iron Crab.
This unfortunate crew was hit while at battle speed of 60 mph. She took two direct hits, a HEAT round which obliterated her left track and an APFSDS that passed completely through the turret. After action reports stated that the tank hunter simply disintegrated as she tripped over her own wrecked tracks and flipped over. Finally she came to an inverted rest in a roadside ditch.

Designer Notes:
This is part kinetic special effects study and part armor destruction physics study. There are several details that the concept study is missing such as the disintegration of the left track and the effects on the speeding hull which probably should be bouncing around. The explosion of the turret is missing some smoke and fire effects.
The Iron Crab II's ATDA6 designation is fictional. Modern military designations might look something like M30A6 or M134A6. I've been theorizing if military forces would or would not distinguish between mecha (robotic) and mech (armored fighting vehicles) weapon systems. My conclusion is that some would and some would not as they would include both weapon systems under the AFV banner. For those that would distinguish between the two they may very well change the variant designation from A (M1A3 Abrams for example) to E for Enhanced or M for Mecha. Some nations might opt for a distinction by incorporating M (Mecha) into the acronym description mechanics. So if you had an Infantry Fighting Vehicle with both a mech and mecha variant, their descriptions may look something like IFV (mech) and IFM (mecha).

I love thinking about these kind of details and mechanics heh =^^=

Mech: Traditional Army term for any fighting or logistics vehicles.
ATD: Armored Tank Destroyer
HEAT: High Explosive Anti Tank
APFSDS: Armored Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot
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