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Contest Entry for "Family Rivalry" for Hetalia group. This picture represents Japan's victory over China in the First Sino-Japanese War in which they fought over control of Korea. There was also some fighting in Taiwon...Japan became more modernized and it's navy easily wiped out China's.
This picture does not represent any opinions I have of different countries...It's just a representation of a historical fact :)
Done in pastels
Also I do not own any Hetalia Characters...though i wish i did.... :D

Third!! ;p
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Эта работы бала нарисована в соавторстве с прекрасной  Jay_Count.
Я нарисовала ЧБ основание и фигуры России и Турции, а Джей дала им цвет, детализацию и замечательный пейзаж. :З

This is another work with wonderful
One of the Russo-Turkish war.
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I ended making three different versions;
one is very simple, without all the color variations,
and the other has a soft brown, almost sepia, color scheme

Out of the three, I like this one the most since it has the most color :'P

More shitty fanart for my favorite Youtuber since 1995!
Ohgod, no one here is going to even get that reference...

There will be more, so you guys can go ahead and just ignore my stuff for a while lD

Alchestbreach, everyone (:
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i try to draw dora nicov chibi version.. i think it wasn't good but hope you like it .-.
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In before the end of the world arrives :XD:

Here's Captain Maximilian Schneider of the 407th Arm. Bataillon, 50th Arm. Brigade, 3rd Arm. Division of the Deutsches Heer (German Army). He's posing proudly near by his KMW Leopard 2A7 MBT. He's also holding an H&K MP7.

Not much else to say. It's a fairly simple picture but I work on the detail pretty extensively. Took me a while to finish it on paper.

There a few parts of the drawing that I'm not quite pleased with. For starters, the hands turned out ugly again :( Which made coloring them a drag, Although I did manage to make a good coloring of the hands that sort of fixes the uglyness. I still have to practice more in that area, both drawing and coloring. Another part that didn't went so good is the position and size of the legs. Kinda like they're too short although the perspective angle and proportion sizes continue to lead me to the same outcome.

But after coloring the picture, those mistakes don't seem to brake the drawing as much as it used to color-less. So I'm happy.
I'm overall very happy with this project because the coloring process went perfectly. Textures, shadows, light effects, they're all fitting good.

This was the first time I have drawn a Leopard 2A7 but since I had experience already drawing the older L2A6s, it wasn't much of a problem. Actually the shape of that new turret armor makes it easier to draw than the L2A6. A key difference between the L2A7 and the L2A6 aside from the hull and turret armor is the presence of a FLW 200 remotely controlled weapon station with a H&K GMG automatic grenade launcher instead of a manually controlled Rheinmetall MG3 machine gun. Although the FLW 200 can have an MG3 installed instead of an H&K GMG.

I hope everything looks accurate. Beret, Headset, Glasses, Uniform, Ballistic Vest, Gun, Tank. I took all those details into account. :)

I hope you guys like it. This is the last german-army related project I'll be doing for a while. ;)

I will get to all your comments ASAP.

I'll see'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:

(And a Happy new Year 2012! Looking forward to the end of the world :D -Kidding-)
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For :iconkamenoko-university: 
Second character before I apply for Isao onii-chan

Name: Shimizu, Nozomi (清水 望)
Her name is written with the kanji for "hope" and "desire" and can also be read as "Beautiful sea" while her surname, Shimizu, can be read as "Kiyomizu" and means "pure water".

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5.67ft (173cm)
Date of birth: 7th August 1993
Degree: Medicine (Oncology)
Year: First


Persistent and optimist she believes she is suited to practice medicine  despite her rude and self-centered personality. With a strong sense of responsibility, Nozomi never leaves anything half done and does whatever it takes to accomplish and get what she wants or desires. Doesn't care who destroys or hurts in her way as long as she is happy. The only person she cares about is her mother with whom she is caring and affectionate.

Nozomi often gets in trouble due her bluntly honesty big mouth and her flirty and cocky personality. Smart (ass) and elitist, she tends to judge people by their appearances or intellectual level, but hates when people does it to her. Quick-tempered, Nozomi is ready to pull a fight on whoever pushes down all her buttons, although she needs to restrain herself at work and in class.

Daughter of a business man and a housewife who used to be a nurse, Nozomi had a normal and happy childhood until at the age of seven. Around that time her father ran away leaving behind him numerous affairs and several debts. She never knew anymore about him and started living alone with her mother who got back to work to support her. Nozomi loves her mother dearly and despite all the hardships, she never felt alone and is grateful for all the efforts her mother had done for her.

Since her mother couldn't afford a better house in the city center, they both lived in the city outskirts on a dangerous neighborhood at night. Neither of them lived a luxurious life, and most of the time they struggled to pay bills, but they overcame those times together as a strong family. When Nozomi was able to work she starter helping her mother with the payments doing small part time jobs. The difficult circumstances they lived in helped Nozomi to acquire a tough and rude behavior.

At school kids used to mock her because her house low income, the absence of her father and her worn out clothes. At the beginning, as a kid, Nozomi felt bad about it believing herself much more less than the rest of her classmates with better things than her. In the naïvety of a kid, Nozomi talked about the issue with her mother, who with broken heart gave her valuable advice and support. At the end she toughened up and fought back, earning the respect of her classmates and finally making some friends.

Years passed and with the help of her grandparents she was able to go to high school. There, with her straight forward and easy going personality Nozomi was quick making some friends in her class and excel with test marks, it was around that time when she decided (with the advice of some teachers) that she could study medicine.

During her junior high years, Nozomi felt in love with her math teacher and somehow they began dating. At first she idolized him for how smart and mature he was, feeling that standing next to him she achieved an equal level in both aspects, but after a year he announced in the school he was going to get married with his fiancé. That event left Nozomi heartbroken for a long time. Despite the love confessions Nozomi got from some guys, she always refused them for various reasons, but mostly because she didn't want to experience a similar situation or just wanted to focus on her studies.

Facing some misogynistic comments about her choice to be alone (often related to her sexuality) or her body, they started to assure Nozomi that men just seek one thing; plus the men her mother began dating after her father departure confirmed it. Once more that men couldn't be trusted and began her revenge on them using the guys she dated for her own profit.

At the age of 16 she started doing some enjo kosai. Growing disgusted by men it was a hard choice for her but soon got used to it, thinking that issues like sex or romantic relationships where only for dreamy fools. Once she got old enough, Nozomi enrolled in a hostess club (upon the disapproval of her mother) to earn more money for her upcoming college fees and bills. There she started working as a waitress and with time began her work as an actual hostess, meeting the three men who later on would pay anything she wanted.

Savoring the pleasant taste of dominance over what she despised the most, Nozomi succeeded on applying for college being accepted in Kamenoko's medicine degree and got enough money to pay of it and provide her mother with a luxury life that Nozomi believed her mother deserved.

Club: Track club during high school, actually none.
Occupation: Two week nights and saturday nights works in a hostess club.
Past work experience: Convini shop assistant, cashier and other small jobs.

Likes: Karate, pole dance as a sport, leather and disco pants, America, ice tea, sweet and sour pork, EDM, money, supermarket coupons.
Dislikes: Misogyny and sexism in general, slut shame, being looked down, girls that act shy and innocent for their own gain, green tea, cats.

- Voice: Dita von Teese (starts at 0:40)
- Katare black belt 3rd dan.
- Owns a hedgehog named Henry.
- Allergic to cats.
- Likes to get supermarket discount points and gets crazy over food sales.
- Materialist. Values the things she can have more the intangibles ones.
- Kind of misandry, she still likes to flirt with guys just for the feeling of having their sanity in her hands.
- Haves three sugar daddies who buy her expensive stuff and from whom she can get whatever she wants.
- Not very romantic. Not by due her life experiences, she had never been a romantic person.
- Talk shit get hit.
- Deathly afraid of drowning.
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Sure! Let's pla....

Is that a hand grenade?!

Helga loves them hand grenades. And also to throw them at people she doesn't like. =P

Damn the asshole who let a box full of them near her (Hint: It's Mr. "you know who" ;P ).

Not much to say about this. I'm overall happy with the way it turned out. Well, except the arms and the hands. I still got to practice more in those areas.

Flecktarn pattern was made as usual with my own brushes which you can download from here: [link]

I still got one more Bundeswehr-related project and then I'm off to do non-BW stuff, I promise. ;)

I hope you like it.

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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Drawing Vanellope and Penny because why not ? those two are freaking adorable ! :iconasdfghbeeplz:

write later, please enjoy and leave comment ~ >u<

Mr.Peabody & Sherman (c) Dreamworks.
Vanellope Von Schweetz (c) Disney.
Drawing (c) :iconfnfindoart:
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Due to destroyed supply lines, even _those_ rations were considered tasty among Kriegers during the defense of Grabstein III.

Uncle Nurgle approves.
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