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A candle flickered amber
A solemn face illuminated,
Etched in the wrinkles
Of worry and pain.
Lawrence of Arabia
Observed a unique practice.
Whenever he extinguished a candle
He did so by squeezing
The live flame between his fingers.
When asked what was his trick
He replied, “The trick
Is not minding that it hurts.”
Poor bastard.
A thumb and a finger,
Scarred and calloused,
Closed on the flame.
Darkness, a hiss
And the acrid odor
Of burning flesh.
My trick is
I cannot feel pain.
A poem written for my creative writing class.
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Syrian rebel, fighter
For the ouster of Assad,
Yes, war can strain the soul,
But how could you let your goal
And your heart be corrupted
By your lust for victory?

Acts of cannibalism
Filmed and posted on the web
To intimidate your foes;
Yes, war strips you of yourself,
But humanity's last shred
Is something worth protecting

You would gladly accept aide
From the U.S., yet you fight
Beside al-Qaeda members.
Regarding grim history
How can a trust be formed
From such a contradiction?

Of course, an American
Who has never known combat
Cannot fully understand
What this war has done to you.
When its final days have come,
Would hope still dwell within your heart?
I know not all the rebels are committing acts of cannibalism, but I wrote this to address the extremes that some of them have gone to in the war, to play devil's advocate for the first letter.
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Barack Obama (President of the United States of America, for those of you who live in a hole under a rock) has made the decision that he wants to send military forces to Syria, but Congress must approve of the idea before it is acted upon. The military (says Obama) will not be ground troops, but rather air-force instead, because bringing ground troops into Syria would put our troops into too much danger. 

Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) says he will defend Syria if we attack, claiming he has not approved, or would ever approve the chemical bombing that has been poured down on Syria. Putin said that the bombing is most likely being done by Assad's regime, who are against the government there. To back himself up, he also stated that the Pope would never let it happen.

Eleven other countries say that they will support America if we go through with Obama's suggestion. Mr. Cameron (British) could not get Parliament to agree to help. 

What is happening in Syria is going against worldwide law. I know something must be done about the terrible chemical bombing, but I don't think more bombs is the answer! Syria and the small countries surrounding it have too much to worry about already (they are already having internal wars), they don't need another war springing up in that area.

If you would like to read more, or listen to Obama's speech about the situation, go here->…

Open for discussion.
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  I will keep you safe.

  I will keep you company.

  Do you remember all those years ago – when we first met? I remember it perfectly. I was so very close. So very, very close to my last shred of sanity snipping. And then I saw a peculiar little girl in white dress – you. Your left hand was occupied by a tattered doll. Your right was wet from wiping your tears. Your eyes began to water again, but I caught it for you that time. I still had a shred of humanity left, gnawing at my heart's strings to care for you, to pity, and to comfort. You were scared by my face, but I mustered a smile, and told you not to fear. You told me that you were lonely, that you were unloved.

  And from that point on, I never left your side.

  Do you remember all those years ago – when I saved your life? I remember it perfectly. The cursed fellow had threatened you, and I had intervened. You were bigger, but still, I needed to protect you. He chased you up the tower, calling you a monster, saying you needed to disappear. And then he drew his rapier. I had never moved faster in my life than I did grabbing that awful man by the brim of his ebony vestment. I had never acted as instinctively as I led him to the window. I had never whispered as softly as I did to you of reassuring, and to him of the pain of death. I had never been more deafened than by his scream as I cast him away.

  Take away upon your black wings, bishop, for your mistress commands it.

 Do you remember all those years ago – when you saw my face for the first time? I remember it perfectly. Soul of black I had retrieved, and offered it to the gentle flame I did. My flesh was deep and wrinkled no more. I turned to you, and you seemed shocked at my form. You were my height, and we were both exceedingly young. I could even remember a flicker of attraction…but no. I refused desire. My love for you was of parent to child, or of sibling to sister. And it was good that I refused, for you grew, oh so very fast. Soon, you towered above me, and regardless, I still guarded you with my life.

  I made a promise to you, Priscilla. I promised that I would never let you see darkness.

  Do you remember that short time ago – when the people gathered? I remember it perfectly. Ariamis gathered, and desired your pure blood. How shocked I was. How scared you were. They hurried to the theatre, where you and I often met. How ready I was. How well-hid you were. The crowd broke through, and I met them head-on. How ravenous I was. How aghast you were. Ariamis fell to my feet. How alive I was. How frightened you were. After I finished, I ran to you, and embraced you.

  I fell the entire city as the ax man does the forest. I was invincible.

  You would be safe forever.

  Do you remember that short time ago – when I found the red rock? I remember it perfectly. I had slain anyone that came near you. Everyone was a threat, as everyone was present at the theatre that fateful night. And then you began to cry, for you were lonely again. I did everything I could to comfort you. Yet you ran from me, from your sole friend, terrified. So I brought new friends. I tempted those with Lifedrain to pursue me, as their master tempted them with the very art they wielded. I brought many new friends for you to meet.

  I will do anything in my power to keep you safe, Priscilla.

  Do you remember the fall of Ariamis? I remember it perfectly. The city crumbled under the assault of the Crimson Ones. All through the onslaught, you sought me. You found me in the theatre, and I greeted you merrily. But then you turned your blade on me. Your beautiful scythe sliced the air beside my head flawlessly. I was blank. My only friend wanted me dead. I begged you to stop as I evaded cut after cut. You screamed at me, calling me a monster. You claimed I was nicer when I looked to be a monster. You called all humans monsters. And then I held my weapon to receive a blow from the elegant scythe.

  And that was perhaps the greatest mistake I ever made.

  Your immense size…It threw me an admirable distance.

  And then, you hooked your foot under my torso, and threw me off the edge with it.

  When I finally landed, tears fell from my eyes as I felt my body fade, and the fiery ring burn brighter…

  …I am back, Priscilla. I have come to fulfill my promise to you…

  …As long as it is within my power...

  …You will never see the Age of Dark…

  …My dear friend.
A short story about the Painted World of Ariamis, and it's fascinating inhabitant, Crossbreed Priscilla.

I say "fascinating" because unlike other bosses in Dark Souls, Priscilla lets you walk away without a scratch, only if you return the favor. Therefore, I made a little connection to the character and Priscilla.

*NOTE: This is in no way real Lore. Only a theory that was expanded into a writing.*
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Maniac shoots, kills and burns his 4 Augmented coworkers.

Terror striked last night at the Biofuel factory just outside of Oklahoma. Bob Survillan, a worker has committed a disgusting hate crime against four innocent augmented workers. While the poor workers were oiling their actuators, Survillan took out a pistol from his bag, and killed them. He then cut of their augmentations with a chainsaw and then emptied 2 barrels of ethanol fuel on each of them, tied them on the flag poles and set them on fire.

A big crowd swarmed because of the fire. Some of the areas purists gathered to cheer the death of the innocent workers. He was arrested an hour later at the crime scene without a fight while he was shouting insults at his dead victims. As the officers escorted him to the car the purists saluted him as a hero. "Its good to see someone is willing to fight for the purity of the race ma'am. If  man like him didn't fight the whole world is going to get filled with augmented freaks"

From the video we saw from the surveillance cameras Survillan attacked the unfortunate workers while they were in the rest room, drinking some soft drinks and oiling their actuators. Survillan entered the room and the conversations stopped. Without a word he pulled out his gun and killed all of the workers with a cold expression on his face. This expression didn't change even when he chopped them to pieces with the chainsaw.

There is a chilling change of conscience in the world. More and more people are willing to take extreme measures to express their views and more people seem to encourage this. With the technology giving more and more power to everyone, regardless of how they use it, our future looks scary. Does the world need an all powerful bogeyman spying on us, to protect us from those who would destroy us?

This was Anne Brown,North Park Press.
This is an article about the world of the game Deus Ex 3 based on a subliminal image of the trailer that says "We do not welcome augmented people here"

The article about the trial is here [link]

Everyone is free to use it and change it if you like as long as you include a link of the original at the end. But if used for commercial purposes, i would like to be asked first.
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Wake up in the morning not giving a single sh*t
got my panties and bengt, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this mansion,
Before I leave, kill Gene, cause I don't like his smoking
Cause' once I've tasted blood there's no going back
I got that telekinesis on the go, go
What'd you put in these scones, scones?
Head maids about to go, go
I'm sayin, forever more, more
Walking up to the pantry
I'm starting to get a bit, diz-zy

Don't stop, on the dot
deaths in every single spot
tonight, Imma slice
'Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock on the clock
But the killings don't stop, no

Don't stop, now their shocked
And I've only just begun
Tonight, I see dad , and you know that must be bad
I'm the son of satin, hear your fright
Slip, smack, back will crack,
Icicles are gonna, fall

Ain't got a care in world, but I got plenty of weapons
Don't got no rules in my head, but I still get game overs
And now, the clues are lining up, cause Macguffin's here under orders
I got no sense anymore, because I work with the BARRELS!!!
I'm talking about everybody getting crushed,crushed
Blood fillin up my trunk, trunk
Gonna ruin the freezer doors
Now, now, I go until I can no more
Or the police come around
Police come around, round
Po-po come a

Don't stop, make it pop
Lucius is turnin down the cross
Tonight, I'mma stab
'Til things way down on "dad"
Tick tock on the clock
But the killings don't stop, no

Don't stop, make it pop
Satin's always on the watch
Tonight, imma fight
'Til everyone's outta sight
Tick tock on the clock
But the blood shed don't stop, no

Notebook, you build me up
You tell me what, to do next
The screen, yeah it pounds
When I see them
With my hands up
I bring you down
You got that sound
It's a light bulb
Notebook, you build me up
You tell me what, to do next
The screen, yeah it pounds
When I see them
With my hands up
I bring you down
You heard that sound
It's a light bulb
With my hands up
I'll bring you down
I'll bring you down

Now, the bad assery doesn't start, till' I walk in

Don't stop, make it pop
It's my god forsaken job
Tonight, I'mma slice
'Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock on the clock
But the killings don't stop, no the killings don't stop, no
Tonight, I'mma slice
'Til we see the sunlight
Don't stop, make it pop
It's my god forsaken job
Tick tock on the clock
But the killings don't stop, no

Tick tock on the clock
But the murder don't stop, no
So I've been watching PewDiePie play "Lucius" recently and I keep hearing him sing the first two lines when Lucius gets up "wake up in the morning not giving a single sh*t" based on the tune of "Tick Tock" by Ke$ha
so I wrote a full version of the song, too bad YouTubes character limit wouldn't let me post it!
(I really hope PewDie sees this one day)
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"burn your tiaras,
bury your fairy godmother.
it's time for you to grow up now, you're
no peter pan.
forget never never land.

stars are just burning balls of gas that are
slowly running out of time- they can't
hear your wishes.

cast aside your dr. seuss books like you will
later cast aside your bibles.
after all, a fairy tale is a fairytale is a fairytale.
life will teach you that.

grace, you were born into a role
only a very strong girl can play.
see, society will hate you for being
what they don't want to believe.

surrender your throne, your castle is under siege.

stop being fascinated with the sky,
you'll never go there.
keep your feet on the ground, and steady yourself
before you help another.

your brain is more logical than your heart,
therefore take your instructions from it.
promises can be broken as easily as can be made.
do not rely on something as weak as miracles and love-
and if you only have one piece of armor,
defend your back from the people you trust the most.

and grace?
if some one ever, ever tries to tell you
you're worth it,
they're lying through their teeth."

and that is the Goddamn Truth.
and i'm trying not to care.

i'm bbbaaacccckkkk. and i wrote this poem about how a mother will never tell you the things that you really need to know to survive in this world.

how it's time to grow up now.
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“Between you and me, I have to say” Pierce turned to Tanya as they both sat on the couch “…this stinks.”

Tanya turned to him, glaring. “Even by your standards that wasn’t funny.”

“I’m feeling kind of lightheaded, you can’t really blame me for not working at maximum capacity.”

Looking away with a sigh, Tanya waved at her face, trying to push the wretched stink away. She and Pierce, a regular human and a catman, respectively, sat waiting for their dear friend Xiva to finish up in the bathroom before they went to catch a movie.
Xiva, being a g’nomek woman, was particularly infamous for her rather lengthy and eventful sessions on the toilet. As such, her friends had the foresight to arrive early so she could go ahead and use the bathroom without making them late.
Somewhat expectedly, they were now ten minutes late and the roaring flatulence continued to echo from the bathroom, the fumes seeping out from under the door and reaching every inch of the house.

It was hardly uncommon for g’nomek women to excessively use the bathroom, but Xiva seemed to stretch it. Sure, she enjoyed a good meal a bit more than most, but there had been times they feared she had fallen asleep or got lost in the toilet. Unbeknownst to her friends, there was actually quite a good reason for this.

Xiva liked to eat people, and to put it simply, digesting an entire person resulted in a good deal of poop afterwards. Not to mention that the bones remained in tact, and they had to come out as well. Had they known, they’d probably be impressed at how quickly she was able to empty them out of her bowels… that is assuming they did not panic due to the fact that she was eating people.

Amongst a great many others, there was a struggled flush from the toilet, struggling to contain the horrors unleashed into it. Unlike the others, however, this one was shortly followed by the sound of a tap being turned, and the Xiva emerging from the bathroom.

“Whew! That feels so much better! You have no idea…” the black and white cow girl patted her stomach, still bloated despite being gradually emptied over two hours on the can.

“You sure you got it all out, Xiv?” Tanya asked.

“Oh, this?” she pointed to it. “Well, that shouldn’t matter for a while. Just took care of last night’s snacking. This was just a little something I had earlier.” The ‘little something’ being her neighbours yappy dog. “Anyway, guess we’d better be going?”

Not wanting to push the matter, her friends agreed, and the trio quickly made it to Tanya’s car. Anywhere was better than Xiva’s house at the moment; Pierce and Tanya were practically intoxicated on the fresh air as theystepped out the front door.

“So…” the voracious g’nomek began as she buckled herself into the backseat, “what are we seeing again?”

“Dragon Ball Revolution,” Tanya replied. “The entire Saiyan saga adapted into an hour and thirty minutes. If the last movie was anything to go by, we should be in for a combination of constant facepalming, and uncontrollable laughter.”

“Dragon Ball…that’s the one with the guy with the spiky hair and the orange clothes right?” Xiva asked.

“That’s right.”

“With the Shadow Clones and all that?”

“…that’s less right…”

A facepalm from Pierce and a few minutes of awkward silence followed as they drove off and made their way to the cinemas. Having bought their tickets online, they had no need to line up and buy new ones, meaning with a little luck, they had only missed the adverts and a bit of the film’s intro.

“Come on guys!” Pierce led the way down the rows of theatre doors, somewhat quicker in speed thanks to his feline nature. “There has to be at least one ‘It’s Over Nine Thousand’ reference in the movie, and I don’t want to miss it!”

Xiva stopped and put a finger to her lip. “Actually guys, how about I catch up?”

Her friends stopped in their tracks and glared slightly. Was she intentionally trying to miss the film?

“I’ll admit we’re running a little late because of me. The least I can do is get you guys some snacks so you don’t have to miss any of the movie getting them yourselves.”

“Oh…well, that’s not necessary you know, we don’t-“

“Just accept the nice gesture, will ya?” Xiva laughed, before turning around and heading back towards the Candy Bar. With a shrug, her friends headed into the cinema, where they simultaneously shivered in horror upon hearing the filmmakers had included a rap song in the movie...

Arriving at the Candy Bar, Xiva looked over the choices. She hadn’t been to the movies in a while, so everything had a certain charm to it.
“Okay, I’ll haaaave…a Large Popcorn, three Choc Tops, one vanilla, one chocolate and one mint. A bag of jerky, no, make it too, one BBQ and one spicy, a large Soda, a large Coke, and a mineral water. A box of Mars Pods, a large bag of peanut M&Ms, and a couple of Snickers, just for the heck of it.”

“Will that be all ma’am?”

She paused. “...oh, right, I need to get Pierce and Tanya something too…”

After picking up a small popcorn, the g’nomek girl bundled the snacks into her arms and began to waddle back to the theatre. Surprisingly fit for someone  with such eating habits, lifting power did not help Xiva’s arms stretch around her haul, leading to a rather awkward scene of her stumbling about, holding onto the food for dear life. She considered that this may have been a poor decision, but the thought of that buttery popcorn, or those icy cold ice creams hitting her tongue let her march on regardless.
When it came to food, the female populace of Sunset City often needed little else to motivate them into unstoppable juggernauts.
Though the terminology of juggernaut seemed somewhat ill fitting, after she, and her mountain of food tumbled to the floor upon bumping into someone else (a side effect of carrying so much food at once was an inability to see directly ahead).

“Hey, watch it, will you?”

“Nooooo…” Xiva quietly cried as her plush posterior hit the floor, and she saw her supplies scatter in every direction. Her ice creams mashed against the floor, her popcorn spilled out everywhere (as did her drinks) and utter devestation was wreaked upon her intended future meal.

All that survived were the M&Ms and the Jerky. Despite their delicious nature, they did not make up for the massacre she had witnessed.

“Lady, ever think to take a few trips? Or maybe getting a friend to help? Or…was that all for you?” Xiva looked up at the one responsible for her accident. A Pegali man with dreadlocks and a Hawaiian jacket (a popular fashion trend for them at the time). He didn’t seem particularly sorry about what he had done.

“Most of it…but that’s not the point! Urrrh…okay. It’s alright. Ten second rule! No biggie!”

“It’s been twenty five seconds.”


With a sigh, she prepared to salvage what she could of the wreckage; having eaten far worse than popcorn off the floor during her voracious escapades, she wasn’t too put off by eating popcorn that had been on the floor. She picked up the burst open box of Pods, the Jerky, and the M&Ms, and prepared to start scooping the popcorn, when a boy with a broom swooped in and started cleaning them off the floor.

Ignoring the fact that she was no down to half her original feast, the fact remained that she had spent a good deal of money just now, and half of it was going to waste.

Her unintentional assailant had salted the wound further by nonchalantly waltzing away into a theatre. Xiva was not easily angered, in fact most of the time she was quite laid back, but fate had forced her into a bad, hungry mood. And it had also supplied a perfect solution, of sorts.

With the remains of her feast resting in her arms, she sped off towards the same theatre with a devilish glint in her eye.

The Pegali was about to step out of the little hallway and into the theatre, when he head what sounded like someone carefully setting don a few items, and them being tackled to the ground.

“My back! What the hell, lady?!” He turned to see it was the girl from before. “What, may I ask, is wrong with you?”

Xiva sighed, “Yeah, yeah, this is actually really immature of me, I can admit it.” She put her hand to her lower jaw and pressed hard, making an audible popping sound. “I don’t usually do this for revenge, but you really put me in a bad mood. Sorry about that.”

“What are you talking about!?” he growled, “My girlfriend’s a lawyer, if you don’t get off me right now you-are you licking my forehead?”

No, she wasn’t. She was preparing to engulf it.

After some shoving and complaining, her victim quickly realized his situation had gone from greatly irritating to deathly serious, meaning he upgraded to thrashing and screaming. Screaming in a packed movie theatre should have assured his rescue…had his head not been completely inside her mouth.

Grabbing him by the waist and lifting him up, Xiva took basically no time at all to swallow him down to the hips. She had a lot of practice with this, and he wasn’t really much of a fighter; it as like one long gulp, really. Now with his feet kicking in the air, she had a little more trouble, but nothing too serious. At most she decided to pull off his shoes and drop them in the bin as she slurped down his legs.

It was at this point, where he was now entirely inside her body, that he began to plead and attempt to bargain with his captor for freedom, but with the satisfying feeling of his legs leaving the bottom of her throat, Xiva could only focus on the sound of the roaring belch she gave off immediately after.

“BrrrrrraaaaaallllllhaaaarrrrraarrrrRRRRHP!” she put a hand over her mouth as she giggled. Looking down, she saw the tremendous, wobbling, white, black splotched orb she was so very fond of. She’d go so far as to say she at times felt incomplete without hanging off her waist. But, she was feeling pretty good right now, and that’s all that mattered.
“Heh, maybe Pierce and Tanya can have the rest of this stuff, I’m kinda stuffed as it is…”

Hoisting her belly up as well as she could, she turned herself around, and was promptly met with a blonde girl in a hat staring  with her mouth wide open.


“…Haha, hey there.”

“…” said the girl.

“…just curious, how much of that did you see?”

“…” she replied.

“…all of it?”

“…” nodded the girl.

“I see…well, I guess I have room for seconds,” Xiva smiled, shrugging…

“Saiyans can’t breathe in space!” Pierce moaned, watching as Vegeta and Nappa flew by a planet on the screen.

“Okay, look, I came here knowing very well you’d supply a bit of running commentary throughout this, but I’d like to hear at least SOME of the dialogue!”

“The dialogue will only bring you pain…” he said, referring to Raditz’s inexplicable Jamaican accent.

Tanya was seconds away from rebuffing this further when a loud sloshing sound began approaching them. It didn’t take much to realize Xiva was back.
“Hey! What did I miss?” she said in a chipper tone as the seat creaked loudly beneath her, and the sound of her groaning stomach gurgled loudly.

“Nothing worth seeing…” Pierce answered ,glaring at her stomach. Its immense size wasn’t unheard of between him or Tanya, but the question of ‘how it get like that in under ten minutes’ was quite puzzling…

“Oh good! I was worried for a second. Here, I got you guys this.” She handed them the snacks. Appreciative as they were, it was hard to stop glaring at her stomach.

“Um…did you get yourself something while you were gone?”

“Oh, just a bit of this and that. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do you know?” she patted her stomach, causing those in side to thrash around in panic. “UuUUUUUUURP!” Her friends quickly fanned away the noxious scent of her breath. They didn’t make a fuss, though, realizing the alternative was far worse.
“…Pfffft. Oh, excuse me!”
Now they could make a fuss.

It appeared her meal from earlier in the day had finally gotten to work digesting, and had brought explosive results.
Xiva sighed pleasantly, feeling nothing but the pleasure of relief. Her friends, judging from the coughing fit and leaning far away from her, were not quite as pleased.
Reaching over, pulling open the bag and reaching inside, Xiva decided to enjoy a bit of jerky while she watched the film. Her own way of compensating for missing the start.
While the gluttonous g’nomek was in a state of bliss, it was clear, if not to her, that her friends were in for a very long day…

Xiva the g'nomek (IE, Cow Girl) is a friendly girl with two very caring best friends, Pierce and Tanya. As caring as they may be, however, this does not make Xiva's overwhelming flatulence and frequent gluttony any easier to deal with...
Sometimes Xiva wonders why her friends never ask her to go to the movies anymore. Well, let's just say they didn't have the best experience, once upon a time...

Part of a Trade with the excellesh Mr. :iconleshawk: . He wanted a story featuring his OC Xiva, his first character to dabble in the realm of vore. As such, I am a pretty big fan of hers.

He gave me no instructions other than to use Xiva, so I decided to revive an idea I once had involving her going to the movies. However, that one featured her sitting in the theatre and slowly devouring everyone else as she watched the movie, so the end result is a bit different :P

Hope you enjoyed, Mr. L! And I certainly hope the fact that it didn't take four months to write doesn't take away from its quality!
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Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya was bored.  She was eleven years old, and her birthday wasn't for another month.  Malomyotismon was destroyed. After the events of a Thousand Lights, trying to keep digimon unknown to the general person had become an absurdity. What this generally meant for Kari on the plus side was that she didn't have to come up with lame brain excuses on the spot for why she cut classes or ditched after school events or didn't come home until after dark.

On the not-so-plus-side her parents now knew their baby who they had nearly lost to Pneumonia when she was five and then had been kidnapped by a vampire when she was eight had been going regularly to that other world risking her life against monsters that could bite her in two and were none to pleased.

On the slightly-brighter-side there were now a thousand others like her to pick up the slack.

What did all this combine into? It was the home stretch of summer vacation and Kari was bored! He summer homework done the first week.

Gatomon after receiving much asking, pleading, and begging Veemon had finally agreed to go on a date with the blue dragon on the condition he'd never bring up dating her again.

Taichi had against all odds managed to barely slip under the thumb of their parents who saw no reason why their children who were not even outside of high school and middle school should have to fight and protect and possible die for not for one but two worlds.  Kari hadn't been that lucky, that horrible day where Kari had almost died had scarred her mother forever more. And this revelation of the risks Kari and her brother had been taking only brought that awful time at the hospital back to the forefront. And Kari's mom had reinstalled and reinforced the protective barriers of her family.

So while Taichi and the others with their digimon were out on a camp trip to the campsite that started it all, history had repeated itself and Kari was stuck at home.  

Kari wasn't about to ADMIT she was bored of course, least her parents find extra labors that needed doing around the house.  So instead she sat her mindlessly browsing the internet, checking out various forums and rechecking the same website every three minutes. She had to be careful, she was told that was habit forming.


It flew happily through the internet, from one internet to another, barriers like the nothingness between realities was meaningless to it. It was all just a game to it. Oh it knew responsibility, it knew there were things that needed doing and had to be done and would have to be done. But for right now, it was exploring, letting it's curiosity guide it.  In the reality it was born in, it had existed in the digital world before the digimon had been created.

Even it and it's brothers and sisters were unsure of their kind's true origins, some thought maybe they had resulted 'naturally' from the digital world, what programmers of course would call a 'glitch.' Others thought maybe they had been part of another great computer project that had been abandoned.  Whatever their origin, they existed, and just as the digimon took humans they connected with and turned their emotions and creativity into power, it's kind, the digignomes, took those same elements and turned them into reality!

They tried to avoid granting wishes that were just whims or foolish outbursts, they had learned that was a bad thing that caused trouble. Children normally only had the emotion and imagination to grant them the strength they needed to bring what they wished into reality and children's wishes were many times foolish the digignomes had learned from many experiences. Still, they were able to grant the wish of many digimon and humans who wished to be joined together, and using notes from the human who first met them and communicated with them and befriended them, they had created the 'Ark' that would bring pairs together.

But this digignome of it's lot was a curious sort, wondering what wishes and dreams ever so slightly different but similar existed beyond those voids that surrounded existences and held back even the Sovereigns. Believed by many quite logically (if incorrectly) to be the final and absolute authority of the digital world.

The others warned their brother that many humans thought very big and very mean octopuses laid in wait outside the void that separated existences, but this digignome dared risk it, and behold, it found a whole new digital world and internet and real world to explore.

So many of the same digimon, yet so many where here and many where here that it didn't know before, and the rules were different, so similar and the same on the basic fundamental level, but so many of the finer points were completely different.

It began exploring the internet, which had a more direct connection to this digital world than it's native one. It was so wonderful! So much to learn! So much to see! So much to understand!

It also sensed a strange power, it was a little similar to the little boy who had wished for an imaginary friend that had come to life, but only the same in which a seal and a mongoose both had red blood.

It moved closer and closer to this power, it was unlike anything in it's own digital world, and it seemed to come form a single human, what was it? It was so bright, it had to know.

Curiosity caught up with the cat.


No one responded to her posts. None of her websites were updated. And it was painful to read the minor details that the online news reports got dead wrong about their major battles in the real world. She violently slammed her hands onto the keyboard like an angry toddler not caring if she broke it and her parents made her buy the family a new one out of her own money!

"Dangit! I wish I could make things interesting whenever I wanted!"

The computer exploded.


Oh how Captain Kari bravely sailed across the sea of tofu aboard the JSY Gatomon with her loyal crew of Taichimon who'd do her every command as they searched for the magic whistle to awaken the sleeping Miko The Cat at the base of the world to move the stars back into position so Joe's starcharts would finally be right for once. Now if only her mother stopped trying to feed her goggles and rubber flippers for breakfast in the afternoon. Then they sailed off the end of the world.

"AH!" Kari started awake, she was on the floor.

She stood up and saw the smoking wreck where the computer used to be.

"OH KAMI-SAMA!" Kari screamed glad her parents weren't home and at least trusted her enough not to run away (and had installed a small silent alarm rigged to her mother's cellphone if the front door was opened). "Let this all be just a bad dream! I AM IN SO DEEP! Izzy was right! I shouldn't have visited those websites! They were dangerous!"

Kari began running in circles almost at the horror before her thinking of her head on the chopping block.


The world skipped a beat and Kari was confused, it hadn't been said, it had barely been a word she thought, it had been a feeling, a impulse, a concept.

"I wish the computer wasn't ruined."

Kari blinked, and the computer was good as new, no, not really, it looked exactly as it had this morning, right now to that stain on the casing they had never been able to quite clean off.

"I wish for a trillion yen?"


Kari sighed, "Great. I get a wish from some mysterious genie and I use it on getting my butt saved from my parents . . . okay maybe it wasn't that big a waste."

That was when her family cat leapt onto her shoulders out of nowhere making her yelp, "Miko! There are times I wish you were a stuffed toy!"

Miko fell off her shoulders and landed on the floor, stiff, with a cartoonish smile on her face stuffed with fluff. Kari gasped! Did she just kill her cat-?! She looked around scared, only vaguely noticing Miko's bowl was gone from the kitchen.  "I WISH you were a real cat Miko!"

The cat stretched off the floor and rubbed against her leg, looking no worse for wear for being a toy a second ago.

"So . . . did I get three wishes to just change things but not make new things?" Kari wondered, she wished her shirt a different color and wished it back. She tried to wish one of her text books into instruction for trying to find out about her wishes but all she got was information that she already knew.  "Maybe I have to know what I'm wishing for to change?" Kari was curious wishing the text book back to normal. Not noticing notes she had copied from her classmates appearing and vanish from the room as she changed the textbook and changed it back to normal.

"Well I don't know if these wishes are going to last a day, a minute, or a year . . . but I should have some fun with them while I have them," Kari said to herself.

Kari then decided to do sometimes she really didn't do that often. She played a video game. It was your typical numerical RPG installment from Squaresoft with a male lead with emotional issues who had to learn to open up to the party and female members who regardless of their character development or personalities always ended up wearing something revealing and overwhelmingly impractical that wouldn't last five minutes actually going through a monster infested swamp or underground maze, Kari should know. She knew not ALL RPGs were like this, "I just wish this RPG had every gender reversed."

The game glitched, pixilated,then returned to normal operations. It took a second for the results to sink in with Kari.  The male hero was now a female tomboy with a mother who had always remained distant to her. A male secondary character with a destiny he didn't question and always found joy in the simple things the hero showed him. As for the hero, she groaned about how the secondary male character could just SMILE at her, and her heart would flutter and she'd cut down an army just to see that smile again.

Kari stared at the story text after she battled her way past randomly encountered monsters. "Geeze, these character roles sure seem weird when the double-standards are flipped."

Kari didn't bother to change the genders of the characters in the game back, and actually looked through the manual and found the names and appearances had changed right along with it. The back stories were different in order to conform to cultural standards, but the character abilities and story roles were the same. Kari smiled, the game company should thank her for wish into existence a game that could stir up some -good- controversy. Kari held her head and sighed, "Kari, you've been hanging out with Yolei -too long-."

Her parents came home, along with Tai, and Agumon and Gatomon, who no longer needed to hide or pretend to be stuffed animals.

Kari KNEW she should have told her parents about this, or at least told Tai or Gatomon, she KNEW she could trust Gatomon, and she knew that Tai would never do anything bad when he found out. But there was something exciting about keeping something secret again, about having something -special- again after Digi-Vices began being handed out like candy.

Besides changing the colors and patterns of some birds outside her apartment window and using them as general test subjects for what her wishes could do. She hoped she hadn't been given a precise number of wishes and was using them up or a precise amount of changes or something like that. But she wanted to KNOW how these wishes worked before she tried anything major.

The group went to the beach that weekend as a final farewell to Summer. She was so deep swimming in her own thoughts on the subject of her new gift that she forget her swim suit.

Kari honestly considered for a moment as a prank wishing TK into a swim suit and Davis into her bikini top and Davis into the bottom but there was no way in hades she was going to give Davis or TK a up close and personal feel up like that! Also, accidentally turning Miko into a stuffed toy had left Kari a little uneasy, was her family's cat DEAD in those few seconds before Kari wished the animal back into a living thing? Or had it been aware and a person?  Kari had found a children's book in the foreign section translated into Japanese symbols from English about a donkey who had found a magic stone that let him have any wish he made, but had panicked when he saw a lion and wished himself into a rock and wasn't able to use the pebble then. He was fully aware, but wasn't touching the pebble and wasn't able to speak as a rock. This being a children's book thankfully his parents just happened to have a picnic on said rock and wish there son was there with them and this changed him back to normal.

Kari had no intention of wishing herself or anything else into a sand castle that someone could run through and scatter, not to mention that if she did end up an unthinking object, she wouldn't be in a position to wish herself back to normal.  On the big plus side, it seemed the wishes only came true if she said them out loud. This worried Kari however if she was forced to speak some lines during a school play like 'I wish you were dead' or talked in her sleep or accidentally after a big math test muttered, 'I wish I was dead.'

She said under her breath in the changing stall, "I wish that my wishes would only come true when I mean for them to come true."

As for her swimsuit, she simply took a towel and wished that it was her swim suit. The towel instantly transformed, though the style wasn't what Kari would have expected and the texture was still a little off.  

Out on the beach, Kari was again hesitant to wish for anything with her newfound gift. When she had this kind of power, she found the hardest thing was doing anything. She shuddered to think what someone thoughtless like DAVIS would do with this power, and what someone as impulsive as Yolei would do, or someone awful like Ken had been during his time as the Digimon Kaiser had been. Yes, it was very good thing this power had come to Kari, otherwise something bad might have happened with it. But unlike a lot of people she knew, Kari was confident she could have this power without wishing herself queen of the world or wishing herself to win the lottery. She was the child of light after all, what could possibly go wrong? She quickly looked around suddenly expecting some ominous thunder in the middle of a sunny day, but there was none. She smiled at herself for falling for such an old superstition.

Kari as a test picked up a sea shell and wished that it didn't exist. Nothing happened. She wished for it to have never existed and again nothing. She wished for it to cease to exist and again nothing. 'So I can't simply wish things away?'

She thought of something amusing and wished as low as she could, "That Davis would kiss Yolei." Nothing.

'So I need to make a wish related to something changing?'

Kari remembered what the color of Yolei's swimsuit was and looked away and wish it a different color without looking and turned around to see Yolei's swimsuit was still the same color, she made the wish again WITH looking and found it did change this time.  'So I need to see what I'm changing?' Kari wondered. So much for wishing the black shadows of her nightmares away.  

While Kari could still enjoy the beach, the trauma she had suffered from her adventure near the Dark Ocean  was always behind her somewhere. The worst part of course was that while they had theorized it was a place that could bring people's more destructive impulses into reality (it was how Ken upgraded his Digivice into the first D3), Kari felt that was just everyone's desperate attempt to rationalize that horrible place somehow.

She had been kidnapped right from the real world after being plagued by hallucinations of her being dead weight during her first adventure in the digital world along side nightmares she couldn't even remember! And the destined still had no idea what 'dark undersea master' those things had been talking about. Those same things that had turned out to be ANYTHING but digimon who wanted her as their queen to lead them in a rebellion against their master.

Thinking back on it, not that awful a request . . . except they made it clear being digimon and being under the Digimon Kaiser's control was all a performance and their attitude about the whole thing was a LOT LESS FRIENDLY than Machinedramon's slaves who had dubbed her 'Queen Kari' back in the day.

'He can sense your power as well, and WILL come for you.' So far that proven to be an empty threat. So far.

'Yeah, so much for wishing away that awful place.' Some Chosen Child of Light she was.

School started, and Kari felt proud of herself for not wishing school away knowing she could accidentally undermine civilization that way unlike say Davis.

Within the first couple of days, a new student was added to the class, apparently an exchange student.

The girl wrote her name on the board.

Norn "Norun" Mikihara

In spite of her name, the girl looked rather like a foreigner, blond hair, blues eye, pale skin. Her hair was between head and shoulder length, and had two bangs on her shoulders slightly, and was rather full hair.

Kari was still at the school age where they didn't have to wear uniforms, yet. She had one more year about of individual identity before being pressed into an identical appearance like workers in China. So Kari got a chance to look at the girl's outfit.

'Norun' had on a black cloth collar and black headband with a white frill. The rest of her outfit was made of a very weird mix of what could be described as pieces of black leather and white fluffy cloth with lots of ruffles. Top it all off was a white bow on her dresses' center.

The girl politely introduced herself speaking in perfect Japanese, gave only the bare facts about herself, saying nothing about her family or her reasons for transferring and was given a seat opposite of Kari's on the other side of the class.

The digidestined naturally and quickly got to work. Izzy quickly confirmed she wasn't a digimon in disguise. Yolei found out after Norn joined the computer club that Norn didn't have a digimon or digivice. Hikari after chatting with her a few times at lunch figured she wasn't possessed by the spirits of the Dark Masters. And TK and Davis after watching her movements reported that no, she wasn't part of some secret inter-reality hypno maid harem.  The digidestine felt great relief that the exchange student was just an exchange student.

Then she walked in on the destined during one of their meetings in the computer room (and after being asked why she was there she reminded them she was also part of the computer club) and politely asked them all why she suddenly had her own fan club.  Apparently they hadn't been as stealthy as they had hoped.

Davis looked at TK, "I told you we should have gone with the mobile bushes."

Sora of course told the rest of the destine what idiots they had been for jumping to such conclusions in the first place.

Thankfully the foreign girl had taken it with overwhelmingly good humor and the destine were able to get on with their lives.

The whole false alarm with Norn had set Kari on edge, wondering if she was some genie sent to take back her power and erase her memory of ever having them or turn her into a rock and make everyone forget she had ever existed or turn her into a genie and bind her to service to others forever.

With the illusionary near death experience out of the way, Kari felt more relaxed with her power, she had wishes, and until they ran out, she was gong to use them. She again wondered about sharing this secret with someone, anyone, but again, she liked this feeling she had, she'd be the special of one. But what was the point of being special if no one KNEW you were special?  Humans were social animals after all.

But every time Kari opened her mouth, she hesitated. She had Plato's ring of invisibly in her hands. And she wasn't about to give it up just yet.

That was when they had dodge ball in gym in their new schedule as the last class of the day. As a joke they were going to have girls verses boys. Kari counted, "Hmm, with Norun we're short one girl and the boys still have us out numbered by one . . . heh, maybe I should change that, just for the match.'

She took one look at Davis and grinned. She whispered, "I wish Davis was a girl."

It happened in the blink of an eye, like all the changes.

Davis' goggles were now around her neck rather than on her head, the boy's PE uniform was gone and replaced with a girl's. Her hair became shoulder length and done in a pony tail in a flame on a blue background pattern cloth hair braid. Her arms were thinner and her figure more lithe and her face softer and she lost about an inch in height. Kari giggled at the budding breasts on her chest and tried to ignore how they were bigger than hers (though most girls' were).

"Dorika! You don't have to play this game!" Said the teacher in a loud clear voice.

Kari blinked in confusion.

"Hai." The new girl bowed and began to walk off the field.

Kari then noticed the new girl walked with a slight but obvious limp. The teacher blew the whistle.

'Why? I didn't wish for that.' Kari thought before she was hit by several dodge balls at once.

Kari was distracted the entire game and managed to keep getting slammed in the face, so she wasn't in a position to wish Davis back, and she was left too confused to try it anyway.

Norun actually covered her head and got down on her knees using Kari as a shield as the Japanese students decided 'dodged ball' apparently meant 'hit the foreigner.'

Then came the end of class, and the girls and boys went into their locker rooms to change. Though Kari had wished it, it felt VERY weird seeing Davis, or the girl who had been Davis, getting into the locker room with her and stripping. Getting a closer look, Kari could see that whatever had left 'Dorika' with a limp wasn't something brand new.

Dorika went through the act of changing like she had done so a thousand times, her fantasy of making Davis aware of things for part of her joke forgotten in the face of this mystery.  She noticed that Dorika was changing into normal clothes. She was wearing Davis' normal shoes and socks and shorts but her gloves didn't have fingers. And she was wearing a blue long sleeved blouse. She was also wearing a pendant with the crest of miracles on it.

"Hey Davis," She didn't look at her, not knowing who Kari was talking to, "Dorika." She said again.

The lass looked at her, but not with the puppy dog eyed expression Davis normally did when Kari graced him with a precious few second of her time that he treasured like the sun and the moon.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for soccer?"

The girl's face burned, "That's not funny Kari!"

The girl turned around and walked out of the girl's locker room, Kari followed as quickly as she could.

She found TK waiting for her outside.

"Hi Kari! What's with Dorika?" TK said seeing the girl still walking off, "She didn't look happy."

Kari replied without thinking, "I asked him, er, her about why she's not going to soccer practice."

TK looked at her surprised. "Geeze Kari. Look, I know Dorika has a crush on Tai, but she's -not- trying to steal your brother from you. You don't need to bring that up."

'DAVIS?! CRUSH ON TAI?' Now Kari did feel woozy, "Bring what up?"

TK looked at her concerned, "Kari are you feeling okay?" TK remembered how the Dark Ocean incident had started.

"Not really. Can you jog my memory?"

"How can you forget about -that-? You were there! It was right when we began knocking down Ken's left over control spires! Dorika was trying to impress Tai by scouting out all by herself with Veemon and she ran into an angry Tortomon! Her knee got shattered! You helped carry her to the hospital!"

Kari looked in shock, 'That wasn't how that went. Davis was supposed to be trying to impress ME by getting Veemon to evolve without Armoring up! . . . '

Kari heard a car honk and saw Dorika wave and the car stopped with Jun coming out of the passenger side and the two sisters hugged before Dorika got in, Veemon hoping into her lap.

'That was really Jun?' Kari thought, remembering how Davis and his sister were more likely to pull on each other's cheeks than hug each other! Was their new attitude because of Dorika's 'incident' or because they were both now girls?

The car drove away and Kari and TK on the other hand just hoofed it back home.

As Kari was still distracted, and TK was worried about a return to the Dark Ocean incident the two weren't looking the way they were going as much as they should have and bumped right into someone as they rounded a corner.

"HEY! PUNKS! Little brats like you should watch where you're going!" Said loudly a woman with tanned skin and white make up wearing torn shorts and a yellow tank out and dyed blond hair. The woman, actually more like a rowdy teenager violently pushed the two younger kids out of her way making Kari's face collide with a flag pole and spilling the contents of TK's backpack.

"HEY!" TK shot back.

"Oh whatever kid, learn to respect yer elders!" The old teen said smugly back.

Kari felt her nose bleeding. She had enough. "I wish you were a statue aware of everything going on around you."

Kari's nose was no longer bleeding. TK's papers and books were back where they belonged.

Kari noticed the slightly larger than life nude bronze statue of a teenage girl in a pose like a model on a landing with a prime and proper facial expression. It had clearly been there for years from the weather marks. The title was 'Lady On Stroll.'

TK walked past the statue without blinking an eye. Kari just stared as the rush left her. Had she really done it? Had she really changed a person into a thing? Was it really her who just did that?

"Kari come on! Why the sudden interest in that old statue? We've walked by it a million times before." TK asked, though more concerned than agitated.

Kari started and turned to her best friend, "Oh! Yeah! I'm just! Appreciating it for once!"

"Yeah. I guess it's easy to ignore public art, since it's just -there-."  TK replied but honestly wondering what was really bothering her.

Kari honestly did intent and consider to change the woman back, but was worried about her parents reaction if she came home with a bloody nose and didn't want to be -more- 'protected.' 'So what if it isn't digimon related? It's bound to make them treat me MORE like a glass doll! . . . Maybe after I'd have healed over form having a bloody nose, like the day after tomorrow maybe? That would be good right?'

Kari and TK parted ways and Kari entered the house with the familiar ritual started immediately of her parents looking her over carefully for any major damage or signs of sickness. Thankfully none of her dodgeball smacks had given her any visible bruises.

With the stress of the last two incident coursing through her brain, Kari endured the ritual as long as it lasted and then headed straight into the privacy of her bathroom, giving Gatomon a quick 'Hello,' before she went in.

Kari looked in the mirror. 'Not anymore. Never again. No, never was!' Kari breathed in and spoke, "I wish I had a perfectly healthy body that never got sick and wish I was an early bloomer."

Kari shuddered as she felt her insides change in sublime but profound ways. She felt her chest grow and a full fledged bra form on her chest under her clothes. Her muscle mass increased but not enough to make her look like some kind of work-out-girl.

Her clothes changed to make her new sizes. Kari breathed in, and slowly breathed out. It felt so good. So wonderful. So perfect. She savored the moment, the pleasure, the satisfaction.

Finally, Kari stepped out of the bathroom.

"Done looking at yourself brat?" Taichi said in a matter of fact tone waiting outside before pushing her aside like she was a second door before going in himself.

"Huh?" Kari blinked in not confusion, but in absolute perplexment!

"Hey Kari." Gatomon said in her normal perfectly friendly tone still sitting on the top of the couch while Kari's parents cooked dinner, "So how was school?"

"Oh, er, we had dodge ball in PE." Kari said not sure what else to say.

"You clobber them?" Gatomon said with a peachy grin that made it clear she was just being playful.

"Er, no, I was kinda distracted." Kari answered then quickly changed the subject, "Does Tai seem to be acting strange to you?"

"Naw." Gatomon shrugged, "He's being his typical jerk self."

'Typical jerk self?' Kari wondered feeling the world twirl around her.

Agumon meanwhile sitting at the other end just nodded, peacefully accepting Gatomon's choice of words for his human partner.

Kari knew she could just wish it was back to the way it was like she did with Miko, but first, she did the most logical thing she could: she fainted.

She came to on the couch, no nightmare this time to bother her, no Dark Ocean to haunt her, just sweet oblivion for however long she was out. Gatomon was staring down at her. "Hey Daredevil," Gatomon said kindly to the human, "Did you accidentally use up one of -your- nine lives?"

'Daredevil?' Kari thought confused, "No I, I think I just overtaxed myself a bit at school."

"You? overtax yourself?" Gatomon said sound a bit surprised, "Given your reserves I'm surprised you can ever hit empty!"

Kari felt her confusion wash over her again. What was going on? Oh right, she made a wish. Wait, "TAI!"

"Yeah brat? Can't ya seeing I'm eating?" Tai asked irritated.

Her parents didn't jump up and baby her, instead her mother said smiling, "Hikari you're awake! Thank goodness. I was completely caught off guard. I set your place for you."

Kari barely heard her mother, she only looked at Tai, the look he gave her, it reminded her of the look Jun gave Davis.

"What are you looking at Super-Star?" Tai said.

Her parents didn't admonish him for his choice of words, only look on sadly at their son.

"Nothing." Kari shook her head as she took her place at the table. She saw her grades on the refrigerator. She had never been stupid, but nearly all her grades were improved, in particular in PE where she had always been passing before.

"So what did Miss Perfect win today?" Tai asked not even looking at her.

"Taichi that's enough." Her mother said in a low voice.

"Fine, sorry," Tai said putting just enough effort in to make it sound like he meant it, "Sis."

Kari ate slowly. What was going on? Why would wishing to be healthy turn Tai into someone who clearly wasn't Tai?

Kari was still trying to figure it out when she went to bed, Gatomon sleeping in her arms. Kari resting saw her room now had a small collection of sports trophies in one corner of her wall. More than Tai had when he as her age. "I wish I knew what was going on." She sighed before going to sleep.

Her mother carrying her, the now healthy but still fragile five year old looked over her mama's shoulder and down at the little boy with big hair and goggles way too big for him to wear. She saw the unhappy look on his face. She said, "Sorry I couldn't kick the ball right. I understand if you don't want to play with me anymore."

Then suddenly, she heard the thoughts of a little but older boy thinking, 'She so kind, so polite to everyone, never wanting to hurt anyone. Does she hate me but not want to say it? I almost killed her. I bet she hates me.'

Kari felt a wave of shock course through her entire system, and would have woken up, but things weren't done yet.

She was on the dirt field, the one her disease had been aggravated on, where she had nearly died. Now instead she was kicking the  ball faster and harder than her big brother, who had listened to his little sister get praise instead of him from the other kids on the playground and the other teasing him for his little sister being better than her.

Then the summer camp, but this time, Kari was health and there, and saw the SKY OPEN UP and pull her in. She remembered everyone meeting strange creatures except her. She remembered Tai smiling at finally having something she didn't. She remember doing her best to hold her own weight in spite of not having a 'mon.

She remembered the battle against the Dark Masters, and Tai being tricked into attacking her out of anger of her having one-upped him again without even trying! Of her being a destined too. And Sora and Matt together (still with his own experience of having been used by Cherrymon) having to knock some sense into him.

And Tai's agitation when she was the only one of two of the destine who given the mantle to fight the battle with the Digimon Kaiser while the rest were side lined in favor of a new group. The fact that one of those new recruits worshipped the ground he walked on was a relief in a way. He treated Dorika like she was the little sister he never had (he had Hikari, so she wasn't that).

Then the incident, and he had thrown himself into helping Dorika walk again as soon as possible as both bearers of the crest of courage knew the forces seeking to ruin the digital world weren't about to take a vacation for them.

Kari was finally allowed to wake up. Gatomon was still sleeping in her arms peacefully. "What have I done?" Kari whispered to herself. But even seeing this alternate existence she had pushed into being in replacement of her own didn't compared to the real truth she had now learned. 'Tai . . . thought I hated him?' She shocked remained with her until she fell back asleep.

She had never been sick, she had never compared herself with Tai, she had not had to use her brother as a crutch, the Dark Ocean had never smelled those emotions and opened a door to pull her in. She had none of her regular nightmares that night.

She went through breakfast in the morning numb. Too busy recycling the same thought over and over in her head. 'Tai thought I hated him?' It was so alien, so unreal, many times more unreal than the Dark Ocean had been.

She walked to school with TK, no sign of Dorika, then again Kari guessed she was driven to school. She walk by Lady On Stroll, second guessing herself if she turned her back now. How would Kari's wish for a perfectly healthy body have effected THAT incident? Would the woman have bumped off of Kari instead and into a moving car?

And the images of her brother kept playing over and over. One was the harsh smart mouth who was sick of a sister who always seemed to be better than him. And the other was a young man who thought Kari had passed judgement on him for something Kari had never blamed him for in the first place! And the two pictures just circled over and over in her head.

TK was surprised Kari was taking it so slow to school this morning, normally she LOVED to run to school, which she had done a great deal of for fun with Dorika he remembered before Dorika's limp.

Kari didn't enjoy the looks she got that she knew she should be basking. She didn't jump around like a monkey testing out the full limits of her new body like she knew she should. Intead, she simply walked almost like a zombie to school where Dorika was already waiting for them and greatly them politely. Though she seemed one fraction of a micron of an iota more distant to Kari.

Kari and her two friends walked towards the building. She looked around. Boys to the right, boys to the left, and she saw her brother's face on each on. Kari looking all around the school yard and at a the building, and said in a frozen tone, "I wish everyone here was girls!" 'Just make the images of Tai stop!'

For the first time since making a wish, she actual felt the world SHUDDER a little from what she had said!

And now Kari attended an all girl's school that thankfully didn't have uniforms.

Kari breathed in deep from what she had done and looked at TK and gasped. The girl still had blond hair and blue eyes and the same complexion but that was about it. She had long blond hair that went down to the small of her back. She walked as a lady should with one foot in front of another with her hands together in front. Around her neck was a simple silver cross. She wore a white and blue dress that went to just above her knees with an opening in the side to allow for running.

"Something wrong Kari?" The girl TK asked the way she'd ask of any friend.

"No no no nothing, just thinking." She said, "TK, how's your brother?" She asked.

She still responded to the nickname saying, "Still going out with Sora and still trying to keep his band from falling apart and still acting like I'm still eight years old."

She read the symbols on TK's homework, 'Takako Takaishi.'  'Guess her parents are still divorced.'  

Norun greeted them halfway to class and walked with them having apparently forgiven the whole 'unwarranted stalker' thing.

It was very weird to see nothing but skirts everywhere she looked except for the occasion tomboy like Dorika. The general noise level had increased but the overall volume had -decreased- with the girls not shouting quite as much as the boys though talking more.

However, the real shocker didn't hit until she was at her homeroom. There was her teacher, now female, but also now barely older than them! Kari then remembered her choice of words 'girls' not 'females' not 'women' but 'girls.'  None of the girls reacted to a kid barely older than them teaching the class, the girl apparently being quite smart for her age.  She wasn't acting any more arrogant than the average teacher so Kari hoped she hadn't spread a dark spore infection to the entire school staff.

She glanced outside the class and saw a lass her age in a gray blouse and pants sweeping the floor, the janitor. This was like a page out of Peter Pan.

'Okay! This is too weird!'  "I wish everything was normal."  She said simply.

And . . . nothing?

Everyone looked at her. She blushed and felt a wave of panic inside her, was that it? Last wish?

She wished a pencil a different colored pen and back again into a pencil.  "I wish that everyone was the gender they were before I made my wish." Nothing again. 'What's going on?!'  "I wish I didn't make that wish in the first place." Nothing again! 'What is this?!'

She asked to be excused to the nurse's office and everyone looked at her somehow more weird. Oh right, here she wasn't known for getting sick on a regular basis and thus it wasn't a typical excuse. But given her sudden outburst before the young teacher let her go.

Kari didn't go the nurses' office, instead she ran through the school, seeing pictures and names on the walls that were familiar yet very different. The she ran up the stairs and onto the roof that was never locked.

"What have I done? I told myself I wouldn't hurt anyone with this. I promised that I wouldn't use anyone. I promised that I wouldn't mistreat anyone.  I crippled Davis, I turned Tai into a jackass, and now me and TK can't be . .. can't be . . ." Kari broke down crying, what did it matter? It was nothing but girls here.

"I'm sorry Hikari, I'm just so sorry. Maybe I let my curiosity get the better of me. Wouldn't be the first time."

Kari turned around and saw it was Norun.

"Norun? What, what are you doing here?"

"I saw you really needed help," The foreigner said calmly, "So I had my cellphone give me a text message that my family had a emergency that wouldn't wait so the teacher let me go."

"Had your cellphone?  How'd you do that?" Kari asked a piece of curiosity breaking through.

"Anything connected to the majority networks is connected to the digital world, and thus is connected to me. It was like flexing a finger."

"Who are you?" Kari asked after that dead give away that, this girl wasn't all she appeared to be after all!

"I am Norn "Norun" Mikihara, I am also Gennai, I am also Azulongmon, I am the digital world, I am the crests, I am Myotismon, I am Sora's clone deleted by Datamon, Yukio Oikawa, Datirimon, I am your brother Taichi, I am Chumon, BlackWargreymon, I am Gatomon," She pointed at kari, "I am also you."

Kari whispered in pure confusion, "WHAT are you? Did you give me these wishes? Please heal Davis and Tai his real self again and TK a boy again!"

"I am the digital world and everything that has ever been a part of it. I am the World Tree itself. I've been named 'King Drasil', Yggdrasil, God of the Digital World, Truth, Master of the Royal Knights. And of course," She curtsied, "Norn 'Norun' Mikihara. My Avatar has been destroyed many times, but as long as the digital world exists, or rather, as long as I exist, so shall the digital world."

"So . .  you're the digital world's supreme being?"

"No." Norun said with a slightly hostile tone, "'Supreme' implies one who is above all, I am the digital world's FOUNDATION as much as the Sovereigns are it's pillars. And to say 'being' implies a contained singular entity.  Everything that has existed or existed as data in the digital world is an aspect of me, including you Kari."

Kari pleaded putting her hands out, "Look! If this was a test for us humans or something I'm sorry! Just fix it!"

Norun shook her head, "I didn't give you this power Kari, nor did I commission it. There is more life in the digital world than just digimon Kari. There also exist forms of life from OTHER digital worlds embody human wishes the way digimon can embody human ideas. One of them came to YOUR digital world, and sensing your crest of light came to you, and hearing your original wish became ONE with you, your own Ego completely devouring his."

Kari felt her head spinning, this girl was either completely crazy, a spy, or something Kari had a very hard time wrapping her head around. She had so many questions she couldn't ask them in any logical order, "Why can't I wish everything back to normal? Why can I just wish everything back the way it was?"

"'Normal' is a totally subjective term. What IS normal? Normal is what the majority of people THINK is normal, so to everyone at this school, THIS IS normal. And you can't wish away your previous wish because you'd still have to have made the wish to wish it away in the first place, an internal paradox. Same with wishing away all you've done."

"Are you here to take away this from me?"

"No. And I can't. You and the Digignome, that's what they're called, are one and the same now, you can't be separated from it anymore than you can be separated from your own brain. And I came here originally came here because I was curious. I created this Avatar based on the form of another girl from another digital world. It's purpose was to learn and to understand the truth between the link between humans and digimon. After my Avatar in the digital world was corrupted by a demon high lord and had to be destroyed, this Avatar became in a manner of speaking my 'real' self. .  . I came here because I wanted to see what you would do with it, and to see if you'd harm or help the digital world with it.  I didn't expect you to treat it as a harmless toy."

Kari leaned against the fence that circled the roof, looking with shuddering eyes at the black and white dressed girl. "Please tell me. Why did everything keep going wrong? Why did everything backfire? Why? Is everything EXACTLY the way it's supposed to be so changing ANYTHING will always make it worse?"

"Things 'backfired' because you made a wish trying to trigger a cause without thinking of the effect."


"Even when I became a flesh and blood human in material form my essence was still that of the god of the digital world. Even though you've been granted the power of a god so to speak in a limited way you're still bound by your human flaws. If you were hungry, and wished for food, and it turned out to be food you couldn't eat was your wish fulfilled? You didn't wish to have your hunger sated, you wished for food to sat that hunger and you assumed things would -naturally- flow the way you wanted them to. A flaw among humans in the extreme."

"So things weren't going right because because I didn't think how my wishes would effect everything?"

"Not quite the point I was making but that suffices yes."

"Is there any way I can make wishes without awful things happening?"

"You made wishes before that didn't result in awful things. You simply notice the ones that went 'wrong' because you humans are wired to focus on your own suffering. You have to ask yourself. 'Why am I wishing for this. Why am I ACTUALLY wishing for?'"

The two of them were silent for several minutes until Kari spoke, "I wish Dorika was a boy. I wish TK was a boy. I wish I didn't have a perfect body and had caught Pneumonia when I was five and almost died which inspired Tai to always look out for me.  I wish Jun and Davis were the same age so Jun won't be cruel to him. I wish that . . . " Kari breathed in deep, "I wish that the girl that Davis loved was able to love him back and be with him."

She felt her body lessen, she kept the figure she had asked for, but her body was no longer that of athlete, or rather, had never been. And she felt the shadow of sickness return to her.

Kari waited, and was confused when a wave of wanting to be with Davis every moment of her life didn't come to her.

Right on cue, "Kari!"

Kari looked over to see Davis running around outside the school, male, with perfectly functional legs, looking around her.

"Davis only 'believed' he loved you Kari. Because you were his best friend. You were his ONLY friend besides Tai as his mentor before the digi-destined. The way Jun treated him he thought he didn't deserve any. His 'cool dude' attitude was his attempt to construct a persona he thought would win him friends, it was the whole reason he tried to copy your brother . . . The goggles your brother gave him are the only ones he's ever owned now." Norun whispered next to her.

Then a girl Kari wasn't sure she recognized or not came running up to Davis also huffing.

"Natsume you found her yet?"

"Sorry Davis not yet."

"Dangit where is she?" Davis asked sounding very worried.

Kari could swear she had seen that girl somewhere before. Or had she?

"That is Natsume Shikimaru. Her name was 'Nat-Chan' before your wish. Davis met her when he visited Willis. She didn't have a name when they found her, and she didn't know a thing about herself. Then she turned out to be a destructive digimon in disguise that Davis had to watch reinitialize and Davis tried futilely to find her human partner afterwards. Now she is a human being with a family. And yes, he did care for her."

Kari looked at Norun, "What about the rest of the school? The teachers? Everyone else?"

"What is normal, is normal. What is, is. This is not some 'fake' reality you can just undo with one wish. If you want to make all the teachers adults and males again, oh wait, not all of them were male before, and not all of them were the same age. I'm sorry Kari, this is something you're going to have to 'fix' one piece at a time. I am not the human world."

"I'm going to have this power forever aren't I?"


"You're not going to take me to the digital world or something are you?"

"For what purpose? This power will walk along side you forever. You are destined to carry this burden and this power forever."

Kari asked, surprisingly humble, not sure if even everything this girl said was true, "Can you please stay with me? Here in the real world? To help me? I'm scared what I could do with this . . . "

"I promise. This part of me will remain with you. And don't you have some friends who are looking for you?"

"Oh . . . right."

She shouted off the roof, not caring how rude or improper it was, "DAVIS! NAT-NATSUME! UP HERE!"

Davis and Natsume looked up and waved at their friend who waved back, looking relieved.

Kari also found out Jun was a destine now and had a Chumon for a partner digimon and had met her partner during the digimon world tour to hold down the fort in Tokyo. Chumon apparently acted like an nutty side kick to Veemon.

Norun explained (she was the digital world and thus was internet and thus had instant access to this information) that Kari's school had only been an all girl's school for short time (in fact since Kari started to attend) and was phased out of being co-ed when the senior graduated.   Norun explained Kari calmly that wishing the school was co-ed wouldn't work because that would mean all the girls would just then moves to different school or simple have OTHER boys moves in but wouldn't gender change the girls' back. Or . . . it would change people's genders, BUT it wouldn't make them the gender Kari remembered by default.

So Kari had to REMEMBER which students and teachers were boys, which of course meant she was bound to miss some. Norun told Kari to accept this as an object lesson in making sweeping wishes rather than driving herself insane in trying to completely undo it (or rather REMAKE the school she remembered).  And Norun felt it made a good lesson in humility for Kari to accept that she WASN'T as all powerful as these wishes seemed to make her.

She wished all the teachers were legal adults and had time to go to collage and require their teachers' degrees and that each would meet the love of their life and have children. It didn't make things exactly how they were. But Norun told them their children would have been born anyway, just a couple decades late.

She missed the janitor since she wasn't a teacher and was going to wish her to how Kari remembered when she overheard the janitor saying how she had a nightmare where she was an old man unmarried and alone and still doing this job rather than just doing it for her tutor payments. Kari instead wished she'd find and follow her dreams. Kari also made friends with her. Her name is Ichigo and she loves puzzle video games.

After school, (and wished a statue back into a human being) Tai was VERY confused when Kari hugged him like his life depended on it, "Big brother, I DON'T hate you. I love you more than you can know!"

~ Fin
A commission by me for lz0291. [link]

Set in digimon season two, Kari is granted non-ironic wishes, but can she think them through?

I am accepting writing commissions at this time.

Edit: These edits at the end were added via the story's original commissioner wanting some details cleared up.
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