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Oh Shadowrun...

Every attempt to color this ended in failure. Going to have to leave it as-is.

Incidentally this is the first time I've drawn a motorcycle. I'm not good at it but it was kind of fun. This was a nice change of pace.
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Model: :iconzerojinx: me

Photograph by: Laura Jones

Recently cut my hair into a mohawk and wanted to use this chance to make some cool post apoc photos. They turned out pretty well so I decided to let people use them as stock!

These turned out very Shadowrun looking :)

Stock Rules
You have permission to use this photo stock on deviant art as you wish and are allowed to sell prints of such work. Be sure to post a link on the stock so I can see what you have done!

For commercial use, please contact me via my website Aradani Studios . I am not very good at keeping up with notes here, so please use the website.

Also, please give credit for the stock wherever you post it. A link to Aradani Studios is very appreciated.
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I didn't draw that character, she is a commission that was realized by Cyr from Arkanlords Studio.

Her name is Davia and she was one of the character at the last Role Playing Game campaign I ever played years ago (Yes I played pen and paper RPGs). I'd really like to see all of the main player's characters ending up in pictures.
Oh and yes, she's kind of flat. Ultra sexy attributes were never her domain, unless you consider sniper rifles and computers as ultra sexy attribute... and no, the fact that you can download porn on a computer doesn't make it sexy...

We were a group of friends, and these nights of RPGs were good opportunities for us to see each others regulary and allowed us to keep contact for years.
Alas our Game Master who was first and all a very good friend never had a chance to finish that adventure. He who was a force of nature and someone I would have expected to bury many of us was in reality very ill, and died far too young at the age of 33.
It was hard for all of us. Between the aftershock and the fact that we were now all living our own life, working or building our families, we started drifting away from each others. That marked the end of an era.

... but hey, you know what ? Let's revive that period at least once. For the sake of old time and in memory of those who are no longer here with us !

So what was the setting in which that character evolved ?

The setting was a mad fusion between two different RPGs that I think very few people ever tried to combine :
- The first is the well known Shadowrun that puts the player into the not so far future (past the middle of the 21st century) in a world not only filled with crazy technologies, powerful corporations, a matrice, and an underground world full of mercenaries ready to do the dirty job, but also where magical abilities and magical creatures from the past awakened at the beginning of the century. To put it simply, Shadowrun is a remix between Blade Runner, the Matrix and Dungeon & Dragons.
- The second is a french RPG (it's important, cause I'm pretty sure that being french is the minimum level of madness required to even come up with the following concept in the first place :p) called Nephilim that revolves around elemental entities of the ancient times, who reincarnate themselves into humans, and the organizations that interact with them in the shadows (usually inspired by real life), be there allies or enemies, like the Templars or the Rosicrucians.

Then you shake all of that and you throw the players in the resulting chaos... I mean adventure, as a group of orphans who discover at the anniversary of their orphanage closure that the place has been burned to ashes and that apparently someone intend to make them all end in the same way. That was the adventure we played as the "heroes" (translate by "guys who have no clues about WTF is happening"), trying to survive (I emphasize "trying"), discovering the real past of our characters and ultimately trying to derail the plans of eons old entities who intended to destroy the world and whose only problem was to actually manage to be the first to do it (cause there sure were a lot of people trying to make it go boom at the same time...)
I mean seriously, what happened to the good old time when bad guys were just trying to steal huge amounts of money, were kidnapping people or selling forbidden weapons. In that campaign, if you didn't try to at least annihilate Earth you barely qualified as an underling...

That was chaotic, we were the suckiest heroes ever, it would have required multiple teams of scientist working 24h/24 for weeks in order to even get a glimpse of what was happening in the scenario, our GM was a sadist, but damn that was fun ! And that was priceless.

So what about Davia ?

That character entered the campaign later as a replacement, so her background is kind of special.

Davia was a little Russian girl whose family did really bad things to very very bad people. One day said people decided to come to their house in order to explain their point of view to her family and it alas ended in a terrible accident that involved lot of bullets into lot of bodies.
As they approached from the place she was hiding, a man, more shadow than flesh, appeared before her and asked her if she wanted to live. If she so desired to survived, a simple drop of her blood on a set of blank sheets of paper would be enough for her wish to become reality. And so, the frightened Davia, who was still a very young and naive child, accepted the deal.
The man disappeared as, at the same time and miraculously, the rapid intervention of local police forces allowed her to escape before being shot. She was then retrieved by the authorities and placed in a local Russian care center where she could have lived a miserable life. But that was without counting on a very ambitious military officer who was looking for test subjects for his own pet project.

As the year 2050 was approaching, the balance of power between the old political countries and the Corporations was clearly in favor of these last ones. In such a world, mercenaries could be a very valuable asset and could lead to far more opportunities of money than staying in regular military forces. That man intended to use the resources at his disposal in order to create a unit of heavily modified soldiers, full of technological implants and enhancements, and to brainwash them into serving him above anyone else. With such a unit and once they would be fully trained, he could find a way to break free from his official position and flee with his improved soldiers.
Davia, codenamed "Novacat", having no longer any relative, was thus taken away without anybody asking questions and trained for years into becoming one of these loyal soldiers. She was a hacking specialist before anything, and quite an efficient sniper when required to support her team.

But one day, as years had passed and the project was close to completion, something went terribly wrong. In order to improve his team to an even superior level, and thanks to some information he should never have been able to get in the first place, their commanding officer made them attack and pillage a storage facility of very high tech hardware and software hidden in the tundra. Little did he know that the place was in fact under the supervision of the Synarchy, a century old secret organization that had under its care some of the most advanced technology currently known to man. While some of the soldiers were remodeled with the new pieces, the Synarch counterattack came, in a brutal and highly effective way, vanquishing what was supposed to be one of the most elite team of supersoldiers like if they were nothing more than untrained anarchists.
And so Davia, despite being one of the first one to be upgraded with the new equipment, should have died a second time as she was unable to contain the might of their opponents... but as she was looking at her blood slowly pouring from her wounded body, waiting for a last strike to put an end to her suffering, the shadows around her started to twist and take the shape of a man.

"My, my, little girl. I'm quite happy to see that you're healthy. The opposite would not have been acceptable as, you see, we had a deal... and it's time for you to respect your side of the bargain !"
As he said that, he waved the same sheets of paper Davia signed so long ago... no longer were they blank, but instead blackened by quite an impressive amount of words.
"Here we go my dear, there are a bunch of losers... I mean quite competent people who are looking for a replacement as one of them was sane enough... I mean dirty enough to shift his allegiance. And guess who is the lucky number ?"
Before losing consciousness, she saw strings of shadow crawling around her, then as they entirely surrounded her she felt herself slowly drowning into the darkness.
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Steampunk set made with Sophie. [link]
Upon request for more steampunk stock, here it is!
I hope you will like it!

I'd appreciate a :+fav: if you like it enough to download. :hug:

:pointl: :pointr:
:bulletgreen: Download of full size.
:bulletred: Don't forget this stock is for free, so please respect the stock rules and our work.
:pointl: :pointr:

:star: If you want to help my stock continue to grow you can donate my Paypal costume donation fund... :star:
Read more here: [link]
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Hi folks! It’s stock images time again.
No flying man this time, but a mean soldier.
Great for present time and scifi settings - or simply for pose reference (the poses shown are correct, I assure you, I have worn and used stuff like this for a long time). ;)

Originally, this shoot was for my Battlefield 3 wallpaper (… ,… , and… ) and my Flashpoint wallpaper (….

Be sure to have a look at the stock rules (and heed them, please ;) ) I really want to know what you make of this - even if it is Call of Duty fan art. :D


There is now a second soldier stock series with a female model. Go take a look here:
Female Stock Soldier 01 - Posing by Freeport
For a more scifi version, go visit NestiArts :
Stock Soldier 01 08340 by NestiArts

The complete session:
Stock Soldier 01 – Posing
Stock Soldier 02 – Posing
Stock Soldier 03 – Posing
Stock Soldier 04 – Posing
Stock Soldier 05 – Posing
Stock Soldier 06 – Posing
Stock Soldier 07 – Aiming
Stock Soldier 08 – Aiming
Stock Soldier 09 – Aiming
Stock Soldier 10 – Aiming
Stock Soldier 11 – Mask and Shotgun
Stock Soldier 12 – Mask and Shotgun
Stock Soldier 13 – Cap and SMG
Stock Soldier 14 – Cap and SMG
Stock Soldier 15 – Cap and SMG
Stock Soldier 16 – without Helmet
Stock Soldier 17 – without Helmet

Model: Me
Photographer: Me, too
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More 'trying to get away from comfort zone' stuff - this time, a facial expression I've never even thought of drawing before.

This isn't anyone in particular - I saw a the reference in a magazine, thought it was cute and so used it as the basis. I added the sci fi stuff in about halfway through as a bit of an after thought (inspired by Shadowrun - I envision her as a Decker / Net Runner (okay, so that's Cyber Punk and they don't have elves in Cyber Punk... but nevermind!) of some kind, hence the wires), but that was simply me experimenting.

2B, 4B, 6B and 8B pencil on Bristol Board.

Please full view
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This is the 78th image in our Urban Gothic stock series

Model: Patricia

Photographer: Rachel

Please see our journal for rules of usage

All tasteful comments welcome.
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Shadowrun character named Sparrow.
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Photographer: Glendale
Model: myself

:pointl: :pointr:
Download for full size.
Don't forget to read the stock rules, credit and fav!
And most important, have fun!
:pointl: :pointr:

If you want to help my stock continue to grow you can donate towards
my Paypal costume donation fund using this paypal link: Donate

:iconallison712: :iconthierry59: :iconbenety: :iconazieser:
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