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The Simpsons fan art
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Hey, lookit that! More model sheets!

As much as I love Carl Barks, as much as he set the standard and the bar, as much as his work is the definitive style -- I'm tired of everybody always blindly aping him. :(

There's a million and one Barks purists out there, but once in a while someone comes along with something that's so refreshing that it just made your day. For me, that style was not Don Rosa, but instead, italian Disney master Giorgio Cavazzano. His work is so... "alive" is the only way I even know how to put it! I cannot stress how much I love his work as his style grew! You can see lots of examples from then to now here: [link]

Anyway, I'm certainly no Cavazanno by a country mile, but I certainly wanted to try and incorporate bits of pieces of my favorite styles in my own take on Donald - Barks, Rosa, Van Horn, Cavazzano...even bits of Strobl here and there, included.

I'm one of those rare guys who is more of a Mouse fan than a Duck one (Gottfredson all the way, baby), but I like to hope that I did Donald some justice here. I really want to draw and write Disney comics. You've no idea. >__>
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The great George Dawg Geef ! Pippo ! Dingo ! Quenotte ! Piloche ! Achille Nigaudot ! The nice catastrophe !
He might not be the sharpest of the bunch, but damn if he isn't a fantastic character! I guess it's time to celebrate the character that proved geniuses like Carl Barks and Walt Disney wrong OR as Leon LeWacky put it, the ultimate incarnation of Voltaire's Candide !

For those who don't know, a Goofy prototype first appeared in Mickey's Revue (1932) by Wilfred Jackson.Dippy Dawg, as the prototype was named by Disney artists, was a member of the audience. He constantly irritated his fellow spectators by noisily crunching peanuts and laughing loudly, until two of those fellow spectators knocked him out with their mallets (and then did the same exact laugh as he did). That laugh was provided by Vance DeBarr "Pinto" Colvig, who'd also voice Grumpy and the Practical Pig.
This early draft was an old man-dog with a white beard, a puffy tail and no trousers. The big break came when animator Art Babbitt took "Dippy Dawg" and transformed him into the refined and perfected Goofy we all know , writing a long essay about the character's conditions (if you wanna read them , ). This is the model that will be used in the Gottfredson comics strips where his influence would grow over time , surpassing the presence of previous Mickey's sidekicks like Horace Horsecollar until he became the great Mouse's best friend. But that is for another day...
In 1939, Pinto Colvig had a fallout with Walt Disney and left the studio, leaving Goofy without a voice.
The How to... cartoons of the 1940s, as a result,had little dialogue but a narrator (often John McLeish) was used. In those cartoons, Goofy would demonstrate how to do everything , with varying success. Later, starting with How to Play Baseball (1942), Goofy starred in a series of cartoons where every single character IS Goofy ! This would make Goofy evolve into a clumsy Everyman figure.
Colvig returned to Disney in 1944 and resumed voicing Goofy. Most of Goofy's cartoons here are directed by Jack Kinney, a top contender for Disney's greatest animation director, but undoubtedly The Man of the Goof ! (His brother , Dick Kinney would also create Fethry Duck ! How Stupendous is that !)
The 1950s Kinney Goofy (which is ALSO the version used in Goof Troop ) is a guy going through the tribulations of everyday life in his own special. Walt Disney himself came up with this idea, thinking it would put personality back into the character which he felt was lost when Goofy was merely a crowd of extras (ironically , I'd take a Goofy over a lot of the Disney "classics" people praise so much...). Interestingly, Goofy is never referred to as "Goofy" during this period but as George Geef (Yep, I ruined your childhood ! That was his full name , MWAHAHAHAHAAA !).
It is curious to note that Goofy is the one that got the good end of the stick in animation, despite being a rather gregarious character.
Think about it :
- Mickey really has tough luck when it comes to animation (because of that BS about being the mascott and all that!)
and would get his TRUE personality thanks to comics.
- Donald , while indeed getting all his personality traits from the 40's cartoons, will unfortunately has his animated career butchered in the 50's due to the vermins (thankfully the comics and later animated work kept an intact Donald.).

But Goofy ? Undeterred in both mediums and despite Disney's threat to shut down the Goofy unit ! So is his power !

I guess we should start the Top 20 ! Ahhh-yuck !

20) FATHER'S LION (Kinney 1952)

Goofy takes his son on a camping excursion while boasting about all the great "adventures" he's been on. However when a real mountain lion comes, hilarity ensues . Especially when you notice how strong Goofy REALLy IS ! ...

19) GOOFY AND WILBUR (Huemer 1939)

By the mid to late 1930s, Goofy and Donald were major supporting players with Mickey but he still didn't get his own cartoon until 1939. This was his first time as a main protagonist !
It begins with Goofy rowing his boat onto a lake. Then, his pet grasshopper, Wilbur, jumps out of the boat and tries to instigate the fish to chase him so that Goofy nets the fish. This works great UNTIL the wrong move!
This is also the short where Goofy shows the full range of emotions from happiness to sadness .

18) NO SMOKING (Kinney 1951)

The best Anti-smoking P.S.A is usually the funniest !

17) HOW TO BE A SAILOR (Kinney 1944)

Learn of man's relationship with the sea through history, sailing and how one missile is to be handled in the navy !

16) HOW TO SLEEP (Kinney 1953)

You will defeat insomnia... WITH SCIENCE !

15) COLD WAR (Kinney 1951)

"A cold is nothing to be sneezed at" !

14) MAN'S BEST FRIEND (Kinney 1952)

Goofy buys a pet dog (called Bowser... somebody call Mario !) and has trouble training it... do you really need MORE ?! GOOFY TRAINS A DOG ! XD

13) DOUBLE DRIBBLE (Hannah 1946) / NO SAIL (Hannah 1945)

- The most ferocious Basket-ball competition you'll ever see.

- Donald and Goofy are stranded in the middle of the sea , and the contrast between them is just a riot ! You have the optimistic and nonchalant straight-man to Donald frustrated,frightened cantankerous sad clown .

12) VICTORY VEHICLES (Kinney 1943)

During the wartime shortages in gas and tires, a number of bizarre forms of transportation are demonstrated. UNTIL Goofy discovers THE solution : The Pogo Stick ! OF COURSE !

11) CALIFORNY'ER BUSTER (Kinney 1945)

The conquest of the far-west, as told by Goofy ! Also, Big-Chief Rain-In-The-Face REALLY needs to find a new moniker for practical reasons and the native-americans invented the harp and are better spies than Solid Snake .

10) FOR WHOM THE BULLS TOIL (Kinney 1953)

How to become Matador and QUICKLY !

9) TEACHERS ARE PEOPLE (Kinney 1952)

Many educators should watch this film. It may prepare them for the future ! And brother do I mean IT !

8) FATHERS ARE PEOPLE (Kinney 1951)

To any future father here: THINK IT THROUGH ! The bottle might help at night ...

7) FOUL HUNTING (Hannah 1947)

Goofy shows you everything you should not during a duck hunt (aside from bringing the dog from Duck Hunt with you...).

6) TWO WEEKS VACATION (Kinney 1952)

After several long days at work, Goofy finally takes a much needed vacation. However, his trip never quite gets off the ground mainly fact ,it is basically the trip through Hell !

5) MOTOR MANIA ( Kinney 1942)

Because driver rhymes with MONSTER !

4) GET RICH QUICK (Kinney 1951)

Gambling and its dangers on the everyday man ...

3) A KNIGHT FOR A DAY ( Hannah 1946)

As Sir Cumference battles Sir Loinsteak for the British Empire championship at Canterbury Castle, the chance finally comes for lowly squire Cedric to become the eponymous knight ....

2) HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE (Kinney 1952)

This is easily the darkest Goofy short in the humor department (he's even reading a Mickey Mouse comics ! He is indeed a man of taste !). This is actually a lively spoof of detective films and the nonsense with which they are filled. Goofy plays Johnny Eyeball while Pete appears as Muldoon the cop (Pete playing a cop ?! That's a first !).

HONORABLE MENTIONS : Baggage Buster (1941), How To Fish (1942), El Gaucho Goofy (1943), African Diary (1945), Tomorrow We Diet (1951), Hello Aloha (1952), Father's Weekend (1953),,,

1) TWO-GUN GOOFY (Kinney 1952)

THE best Goofy short of them all ! He is mostly oblivious to the danger that comes in the form of Pegleg Pete . The story is standard , but who cares ! It is an avalanche of slapstick , sight gags and puns (some of which are fine dark humor !) and there isn't a single break ! Outstanding performances by Pinto Colvig and Billy Bletcher and Jack Kinney's crew on this one !

Well that is what I have to say about Goofy's classics . Though he will make a triumphant return in animation and get one of the greatest and most underrated Disney flicks ever made, proving how polyvalent he really is ! But We will get to that another day ...
And to properly salute ;
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I thought it would be funny to see a mix of these two great characters! :)
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"I have to put you in the game, Plucky!" And with that I mkade an other Photoshop art of Buster, Babs and Plucky in a TRON parody pic, "TOON".
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Compare this Model Sheet to the current model sheet linked here and you'll see (what I think) was a VAST improvement in character design. Heck, even the newer Donald sheet looks better.

I'm putting this up mostly for archival purposes, but the models of all the characters are, IMHO wildly off and drawn in a much more stylized version of my old Chip and Walter/Time Trouble style than anything that resembles current Disney. Either way, my (then editor, now good friend David Gerstien) coached me on the proper models of the characters and I feel that's much more representative of what I can do with Mickey.
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Part 2 of a series of model sheets I did for some Ducktales tryouts.

Launchpad has a design so unlike any other duck character that it almost borders on oddball. But that's what I like about him. Plus, it makes sense given that he was initially created to be as far away from Donald design wise as possible. (This is in opposition to Fenton Crackshell, who was a sort of "replacement Donald" outside of his Gizmosuit.

Launchpad is fun and I really love drawing him. You gotta watch his proportions (and I think he works better when paired with the DW characters), but when it comes to Ducktales I'm one of those that does believe he has a valid place in the Barks Scrooge universe. You just have to make sure that he's not played as a Donald clone, and he's a pretty fun character. :)
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Well guy and girls , being a bit busy (and also worried about what to write and what not write ), I may take some time to properly put my files (and my ideas in order ). Well you (if you read) know that the top 20s will continue for animation directors , comics writers and what not (the reason I tossed away the older stuff from the featured section is to leave space for the improved versions. With better inking and colors ...). But I will also address the best of the spin-offs because , seriously I could never fathom how people bash Great stuff like Duck Dodgers or Tiny Toons and then praise some of the blandest products the retina could witness (the things I think of would actually shock you ! So, no mention here.)....

With that said I wanted to ask you : What would you want to see the gentleman above parody or satirize ? Because as I said , Daffy is the ultimate parodist and cartoon actor . He's funny all on his own. He can be the straight man or the punchline guy and has enough acting range as a character that he can fit in just about any story and STILL be hilarious.
Now if WB had a fucking clue (and judging by now, they barely have one...) They'd be allowing their best satirists to use their characters in spoofs and parodies of classic literature or movies [CarrotBlanca being a good example of that . I mean come on , Disney did that (in comics that BEG to be animated ...) , think of what those pieces would be with the violent and black humor of the Looney Tunes ! But I will discuss this once we will get to 'Il Professore' himself .... ]. Thus people, I am open to all suggestions and anything Daffy can spoof , I will draw !
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"Oh, my gosh! I'm not myself. That crazy gizmo really worked."

"God bless Minnie, God bless Pluto, God bless everyone! Amen!"

"I thought these folks were forgotten! I'd never forget YOU, BIG BAD PETE!"

" No no! I won't sell him to you I tell you, he's my pal!"

"I think that guy REALLY MEANT to bump me off ..."

" Boy-oh-boy ! A MYSTERY ! And the chief sounded pretty worried too ! Hot Dog ! "

" NO ! The game has yet to begin ! {punch} SO , am I badass enough ? "

"Yeah , yeah , but if you want to keep believing you were right about the 'weirdness magnet' thing ... DRIVE !"

Well , the genuine Mickey inspired by the works of Gottfredson and Scarpa. If you have missed this [link] , read it to get what I am getting at !
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Part two of the old Mickey Model sheets that I did when Gemstone still had the license to do Disney Comics. Part 1 can be found here.

Again, the characters adhere much more to my own OLD design sensibilities with my own stuff, than that of the classic comics. The newer model sheets of Mickey are what I consider to be much better.

I do like this one however, because it gave me an excuse to draw Mickey's extended cast of characters, which was fun at least. :)

SIDENOTE: To this day I'm not sure where I got Gloomy being related to Goofy. I guess that in my head it made sense much like Gomer and Goober Pyle? Gawd I really want to write and draw Mouse comics. @__@
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