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"Oculus offensus lemma totus" (latin)

this is just something totally random i came up with. turned out quite well i think.

:icongracies-stock: : photograph

[link] : eyeball

[link] : textures

*Edit= "WoW, thanks to everyone who has viewed, commented and faved
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Requested by:*Wishmaker-kc In relation to my Pirate Edition wallpaper that I made to protest Art Thieves. This was a clever idea, so here's my first ever dA Stamp.
Help spread the word about Art Thieves. Put this in your journal, make it your fav.. Let the thieves know that if we catch them in the act, They'll be forced to walk the plank.

(Please leave a comment if you use, this is for every deviant to freely post or fav.)
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"This concept illusion is to be viewed backwards. Looking at the world outside from the world you already know"

This is a collaboration between myself and :iconzodiacus: Please visit his [Gallery] to see more of his wonderful darkART work.

*Comments are always welcome :)

Thanks to the following Stock-holders:

:iconsithean-stock: (steps)

person, eyeball, field and rocks [link]

window - google searches
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2nd collaboration with my friend
When he's asked to help on a projekt, he brings a whole arsenal of elements to photomanipulation; It's always a pleasure working with him. Please visit his <Gallery> I'm sure he will appreciate it. Thanx mate! :)

I apologize to the deviants, who had commented, who had +faved and all who viewed the 1st installment of "The Spirit of Halloween." It was sadly deleted. The 1st one had a story that went along with it, if you seen the image, you remember. Needless to say, I didnt have the story saved and I dont remember the story word for word.
(what I do remember of the story is written below)

Rest assured, the 2nd installment of this collaboration is of legal stature.
Many thanks to ~ScallopedLlama for allowing me to use his wonderful (charcoal) drawing inside the picture frame. Without it, the theme would not be complete.
I have also added a couple more elements to the art piece. (If you look inside the wall, you'll start seeing things. Then the old picture look around the border.) Other than that, its pretty much the same.

Without further a'do, the Stock-holders that made this possible are:
:Female model
:Jack Skellington
:floor and wall
and :brushes
drawing inside picture-frame: > [link] (used with permission)
renderocity :background2 picture frame


Jack Skellington, King of Halloweentown. While attempting to kidnap Sandy Claws king of Christmastown, the spirit of halloween was lost. Sarah, Jack's girlfriend, told Jack that trying to change something he knows nothing about could be a bad thing. Mysteriously, the spirit of halloween was found in the hands of the wicked Witch in the Emerald City of Oz. The Wizard, sent for Dorothy to retrieve the Spirit of Halloween from the wicked Witch, and return it back to Jack Skellington, because it belongs in Halloweentown. Having never met Jack Skellington, she sets off to find Halloweentown. A journey Dorothy will never forget.

(if you commented and +faved before, please support it again.) Thank you for viewing* :)
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You like zombies? You know, those dead people walking around real slow, they never sleep and always looking for food! I know I do, yeah boy and how!! If you, like zombies, know a friend that is a zombie, have a son /or daughter that is a zombie; Show your support today!! I mean, hell, what could be worse?


*My clubs have permission to post in their galleries*
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Entered this piece into the Art Institute Online Scholarship Competition on deviantART as well as the Official website.
Applicants are required to write a 500-word-or-less essay on "How would you live your creative career" I thought I would share my essay with you deviants.

How would I live my creative career?

For many years I've loved creating art, something I honestly enjoy. The opportunity to have an art career is overwhelming.
First thing is first, the education I need for my creative career to get me started in the right direction.
I would like to live my career with confidence, so that my job will have a purpose to the challenge.
I want to be happy with my creative career, along with the confidence. Having a job that you will enjoy doing everyday, is something I've never experienced. I know that I would be happy having a creative career, because creating art makes me happy.
I want to experience the joy, the joy of completing a deadline with the confidence of knowing it's finished.
I love learning new things, and I can learn things quickly.
I know I am what a company is looking for, and with the right education, I believe they will find me.
I've came along way from starting to draw at a young age, and some years later I feel compelled to learn digital art, mostly photomanipulation.
I want to live my creative career, happy. So that I may be able to enjoy life as well.
Thats how I would live my creative career.

(204 words, oh well)

I chose this piece, really because of the title "I Control My Destiny." I feel the title stands out, just as the art itself does. I mixed alot of meanings into this piece. So no matter how bizarre it may seem, let the title be your guide.

~ [link]
~ [link]
A special thanx to those stock-holders.:hug:
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To show my appreciation to the dAcommunity and commemorate deviantART's 8th birthday for August 7th 2008. I've created these special stamps for every deviant & staff to use for years to come.

*I uploaded this early mainly because of different timezones.*

There are way too many position/ranks on deviantART for me to create each and every one. So, I narrowed some position/ranks down to save time and space.
In the list you will see symbols. Along with those symbols are your rank. Most staff gets to pick their rank, because they have more symbols.
Just find the one that fits more appropriately to your position/rank.

To find your stamp:

Here's Your Sign dAstamps Folder

I truly hope you enjoy these little stamps and wear them with dA Pride for years to come.


Edit: 05/09/09
Special thanks to ^2dazed
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Inspired by ~RecklessConformity's work [here]

~faestock: hands
[link]: other stock


To travel back in time the time traveler would approach the cylinder and carefully navigate into a region of high space-time curvature. Following a helical path around the cylinder the time traveler would spiral down into the negative time (-t) direction. Notice that the time traveler's motion only needs to be a sub-light speed and stays completely within the local future of his light cone.

By navigating a course that always moving into his local future the time traveller can follow a path at sub-light speeds that will carry him backwards into time where he can steer away from the cylinder and then exit in his own distant past.

Time travel to the future, time travel to the past� even travel to the past and return to the future. This is all possible within the laws of mathematics and physics. Within general relativity are secrets that will allow us to unlock the possibilities of interstellar travel and time travel. {by David Anderson, Ph.D.}
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Inspiration: TooL.

Ok, lets get something clear on this Mutated Eye.
First, if you know of the band TooL then you'll know what album inspired me to do this.
Second, mutation is unnatural, so dont expect this to be a normal eye.
Thirdly, think of it as an illusion. And if you are still puzzled, then I suggest picking up a TooL album.
I hope this clears up any unneccesary misinterpreted critiques.

Comments are always welcome :)

*Edit* 26/9/O6
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Here's Your Sign:

beta-tester: for =
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