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"El desastre nos había dejado aislados en nuestra propia casa.
Y era necesario buscar en los almacenes, las ferreterías, las farmacias,
lo necesario para semanas, quizá meses y meses..."

Fan art de "El Eternauta" el famoso personaje de Oesterheld y Solano López.

Para los amigos legionarios.
No soy muy amigo de las competencias pero si me siento muy amigo de este personaje, no pude evitar de hacerle yo también, como ustedes, un homenaje.
Pero no es una copia exacta del personaje, si no mas bien mi versión un poco más modernizada. Espero que no moleste. Saludos.
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Hope my watchers fill forgive me spamming with my photos! >..<

= = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = =

Me as Cybersix.
-with her Adrian glasses-

CYBERSIX -> [link]

= = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = =

Probably not many of my watchers me will recognise her and the show.

Well... i loved it in the past and still do.

Sadly i know only the animated version,
and very few first chapters of the comic.

Did not manipulate anything in the photo, other than resizing it and adding my signature.
I probably could play with the colors a little to make it look better, yet, it's one of the rare occasions when i'm happy with a photo of myself so decided to leave it like that o..o

= = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = =
Details & Explanation:

ok, it's not a proper cosplay.
clothes are just quickly picked from my closet.

Wig used is the one i use for Yuuri, restylised a little.

In general i want to make a cybersix cosplay yet i know that now i shouldn't. I need to loose some weight first, really, me in her clothes wouldn't be a pleasant view ;-; But i thought about making her as Adrian first maybe.

Some time ago, by accident i found an auction with these glasses and just had to buy them. They so remind me Adrian's glasses... *-* And today i got them! :> So i just had to make some photos... "XD

And i know, i barely finished one cosplay while i already have a few in plans/making for long time already. It's just... that i have a talent.... to complicate my life, i don't like to talk publicly about my problems -esp. becuase i'm myself the reason for them- so i will just say that that right now i really need to focus on something else, yet in the end, i end up having done neither what i should or wanted to so... i will focus more on everything i want [cosplay, my lego figures, drawing] when i will finally end what i should be doing >..< i just thought i should explain myself a little here *sigh*

= = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = =
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Original Artifice stories and characters by Alex Woolfson. Original Artifice character art by Winona Nelson. © 2011 Alex Woolfson. All Rights Reserved. [link]
Artwork (c) to ~TheGallopingStallion


There’s a sorrow, a pain, a longing within the elegance of the moon that reveals the single wing upon the backs of man. I desire to be by your side, to hold onto the embrace the stars have offered us in this time. The bound hands are the lives you have taken and the blood that has spread upon it’s palms. The bound feet are the shadows of the paths walked upon and the delicate gestures presented in the received fondness. Come with me, my other half, and create the vibrant angel with our wings within the passions of the night’s time.

So, a bit of fan service for all those Artifice fans out there. I originally just had the line art of this, out of pure boredom really. It was only supposed to be Jeff but then Deacon ended up being in there as well. XP
Anyways, for all you yaoi fans out there, I would so recommend this comic. It's has a good story to it, which I like, and it's the same old shit I always seem to find and thus never finish reading 'cause of it's insane predictability. But yeah...
This picture is totally out of the blue, and doesn't really have anything to do with the story itself...except that the two have the hots of each other, of course.....Once it was also drawn out and such, I colored in a background with colored pencil and then edited the whole thing on the computer. Overall, I loves it. C:
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His expression here just says "^_^" to me. As well it should be, he is the very model of a scientist Salarian!
Superb character, insightful and funny.

Bioware owns Mass Effect, Mordin owns you.
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so i was just doing my nails...

and in the end made a fanart :P

on my nails... XD

These are Deacon and Jeff from Artifice ^-^

I know they aren't good, but well...
for me they are cute and i love them anyway XD

I actualy got this idea some time ago but wasn't sure if i should try or not... XDD Decided while doing my nails today :heart:

I know Jeff looks a little... blonde here.
But i simply do not have any brown nail polish.
I was using what i have ^_^"""
and only a black nail polish have this thin decorative brush thing... o..o

Also that "A" nail was done slighly different than it should. "XD

I mean i should just paint it black and then try to write "A" in green right? XD
Well, my only green nailpolish is too transparent to do it.
On black it's not much visible... So i made i the other way around. First painted it green, then outlined it with black and painted the rest... x_x

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Original Artifice stories and characters by Alex Woolfson.
Original Artifice character art by Winona Nelson.
© 2011 Alex Woolfson. All Rights Reserved.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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EDIT: new photos.

Still not good but it's rainy today so even if it's middle of the day, it's still too dark for good photos ""XD


Sorry for crappy photos.

Maybe i will post better ones later...
10 PM means a not good light for photos ^-^"

You thought i forgot about my Molly cosplay?

Well... a little, but not completly, there is no deadline for it, i just work on it when i feel like doing it. xP

Anyway, this is my first plushie-like thing ever o.o""

I know it has many mistakes but i stil like it! ;-;

And yes, i noticed i made it in playing state... '"XD

I almost forgot, technical details:

- Light pink, pink, white and black felt used.

- To make the shape more... player like, i used one big piece of sponge to stuff it.

Oban Star Racers (c) Savin Yeatman-Eiffel
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What did I ever do to you
that you should treat me this way?
I'm nearly human look at me
I'm almost a human being...

(Almost human by Voltaire)

There's a vid about Todd with this song and now whenever i hear it i think about wraith ^^"

Edit 19.03.2011:

edit1: Ok, i decided to fix it a little xD
not sure if it looks better or worse [one friend said better, other that worse XD] Changes mostly with the eye and lips.

edit2: Ok, i really need to stop torturing him -_- small changes.

Now honestly about the pic:

It started... as a doodle.
Not doing what i should and not in a mood to do anything else, i just started to doodle, it started to be a wraith... random wraith, and near the end he started to cry.

Maybe i will give him name, story, and other details, maybe not. It will all depend on my mood. But i already started to like him ^-^

And i know that the eye is a little too big.
I just decided to leave it this way.

Tablet, gimp and a couple of hours.
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Edit: To anyone who has never played Mass Effect, this probably makes very little sense. So watch this [link]

Coloring takes a lot longer than I expected... and I'm actually not all that happy with it. I'm not sure if I will continue to color these silly little comics in the future.

Every time I get to the this scene in Mass Effect 2, I just wish I could skip it. I don't like being yelled at. It seems yelling back or punching him isn't an option.

Mass Effect is awesome. I own nothing.

Props to troodon80 for reference models. His pictures made it a LOT easier to get the armors looking right. To be fair, I did take some artistic licence with the armors, and by that, I mean I simplified them mostly because I'm a bit lazy.

Also, Jack is wearing a shirt. Her nipple-tape necklace thing she has in game is stupid. I'm sorry, it just is.

Drawn in my sketchybook. Re-drawn with my Bamboo tablet in Manga Studio. Colored and edited in Photoshop.

Edit: In case anyone cares, I sketch ideas very simply at first, often going through several draft versions before I finally scan one sketch that becomes the basis for the final, inked version. This is how ideas evolve.

First draft -

Second draft -

Line-art -

For more of my Mass Effect work, go here - [link]
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I think it is self-explanatory.. no?

Very-very quick sketch, ( aprox. 2 hours.. yes this is quick for me) just to get it out of my system.. the bg.. there is no bg, the white thing is a wall, or something like that.. nevermind..
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