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Here's a beginner's tutorial explaining how to shoot decent photos of your handmade crafts if you don't have any professional training or equipment.

If you don't have Photoshop, there are many other free options. Thanks to ~GatzBcn for suggesting Picmonkey. It's an online photo editing tool that is free and easy to use :)

I hope you find the tutorial helpful!

You can commission a custom sketchbook like the one in the tutorial through my Etsy shop (link below!)

:star: My Etsy Shop:… :star:
:facebook: My Facebook page:… :facebook:
:bulletblue: Tumblr sketch blog: :bulletblue:
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A remake of my older tutorial - because I just dont draw that way anymore!
Hope you all find this useful. If you want to see the finished drawing before reading everything, it's at the end.

The reference photo is by :iconblair-w: and can be found here [link]
The skin texture brushes are by :iconnathies-stock: and can be found here [link]


:omg: !Daily Deviation! :faint:
I think I squealed a bit when I saw this! :aww:
Thank you so much to the people who featured and suggested this - and also for all the lovely comments left here.

I'm so glad this is helpful :heart:
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This should be applicable to both painters and photographers and all other visual artists with occasional tips for one or the other in particular.

Always love questions, comments and criticism!

UPDATE: I was always skeptical of the rule of thirds/golden ratio, but in this post James Gurney explains a bit about why, and how the eye actually moves. The main thing I neglected to mention in this tutorial is that the eye is scanning for information. All of these compositional things are ways to make the right information more obvious to find at the right times.

UPDATE 2: Wow, thanks so much for the DD! I didn't realise what a big difference it can make. You guys are what inspire me to make tutorials, so if there's anything else you found a little mysterious about art, don't hesitate to suggest it!


Feng Zhu's FZDSchool tutorials on YouTube

"In this place..." ConceptArt thread

Bill Tiller's How to Draw Monkeys the Lucas Arts Way

Feng Zhu videos
- Make subject bigger
- Atmospheric perspective

Great tutorials on composition:
- Matt Laskowski's Perspective & Composition
- Johannes Vloothuis's Landscape Composition Rules

I'm taking tutorial suggestions here: [link]

Follow me on Twitter, where I post tips, useful links and cool art-related things I stumble across:
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How do you flood a city? Here's your answer :D
You use Photoshop of course :giggle:
:pointr: Original deviation: Flooded

This is an advanced Photoshop tutorial, if you have problems with the stuff in it, I suggest going through my other tutorials - especially the Layer Masks Explained tutorial should come in handy.

I hope you'll find this useful - especially those who asked for it. :heart:

I'm looking forward to your feedback - as always, feedback makes me keep writing tuts :love:

If you use this tut, note me and I'll add you to my Flood It Collection!

M O R Et u t o r i a l s

:dalove: More Tutorials

R E L A T E D p e r s o n a l . a r t

:dalove: More art at my art account

R E L A T E D u s a g e

:pointr: Flood It Collection
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November 23, 2012

Another tutorial! :boogie: This time is on how to change the color of an image.

I forgot to add in the tutorial itself, to get the rainbow effect, you just select a rainbow gradient, set it to linear, and drag it across the flower. It conforms to the transparency lock just like the solid color does.

I'm sure there're already tutorials like this out there, I just discovered this method on my own a few months back. It might not be original, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. :)

EDIT 12/29/12: OMG I got a DD! :squee: I was wondering why I had 250+ feedback messages this morning when my average is around 30! :XD: It'll take me awhile but I promise I'll give thank-yous and llamas for everybody! :hug: Thanks so much to ^PirateLotus-Stock for featuring it! :iconsquishhugplz: :heart:
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How to draw a realistic eye with Adobe Photoshop

You can download the pdf file
or you can look at the video here :

Thank you very much for all your nice comments and the DD :)

NEW VERSION : The first part is here: [link]
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Here is the color pencil tutorial I've promised. c: I hope it's helpful! <3

Finished drawing: [link]

Thank you for the Daily Deviation!!!!! I'm still speechless and can't believe it!!! I wanna thank =jane-beata for suggesting it and ^Elandria for featuring it!!! :huggle: :love:
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I made this cause I have been asked how I make my planets. If you find this helpful please fav it so others can see it, recomending it to others helps also :P

The planet looks kinda bad but that is because I made it inside of an hour. If you spend more time on yours it will look better. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me :)

I am making a series of addon tutorials for this. The first one that I have made is for the clouds.

Clouds: [link]
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Please Download for full view!

Alas, the long awaited fur tutorial is finished! It only took 5ever but I finally got it done. :faint: I don't really consider myself an expert on this subject but quite a few people have asked me to do this so I guess I must be doing something right! xD

I was originally going do a stylization tutorial next but I scrapped the idea cuz there's just waaay too much stuff I hafta go over for that one. ^^' So if I was to do a stylization tutorial I would probably break it off into different subjects haha

I decided to add a little twist to this and added how to stylize fur, cuz I wanna encourage people to find their own unique styles while understanding the basics of course. 8) I hope my poor writing skills make sense to you guys.

I'm not a really confident tutorial maker so if you see that I've said/did something wrong, something doesn't make sense to you, or if you have questions please let me know! C: I'm probably not going to make any more tutorials unless I get multiple requests on a specific subject people would like to see. ^^;

If you're interested in other tutorials by me, I also have another tutorial on shading but its kinda outdated since I've resorted to grayscale shading recently.

IN OTHER NEWS, I got a haircut today. :B

EDIT: sasfgdsh omg oh wow thanks for the DD guise!! ;w;

Other places to find me:  
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:bulletred: Title: Tutorial Actionscript 2.0
:bulletred: Done by: Jum
:bulletred: Tools: Adobe Flash CS 3

Suddenly felt like telling my classmates how to use a few useful commands in flash, just so I can keep them off my backs :P just kidding.

well, i certainly hope this mini tutorial can realli be of some help. it's my first tutorial... hahaha.

i know maybe i placed it in the wrong category, but i placed it here for a reason...

:bulletblack: Jum :iconjumjum17:
:bulletblack: Music by Fredgy @ NewGrounds
:bulletblack: C&C welcomed and appreciated

PS: Please let me know if there are some mistakes/bugs in the tutorial. I would really appreciate it =)
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