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UPDATE (JULY 2014): Somicro gets new Mixcloud, Steam, VK, Etsy and Hangouts icons. Additionally, icons for Youtube, Spotify and Google+ have been updated.

UPDATE (MAY 2013):
Somicro gets new, GitHub, Messenger (generic), StackOverflow, Yelp, Indiegogo, Foursquare and Kickstarter icons.

UPDATE (OCTOBER 2012): Somicro gets new DeviantART, email, Soundcloud and Orkut icons.

UPDATE (JUNE 2012): Somicro gets a new Pinterest icon and has its Twitter icon updated with the new colors and logo.

UPDATE (APRIL 2012): Somicro gets a new Instagram icon and has its Stumbleupon icon updated with the new colors and logo of the site.

Somicro is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported. You are free to share, use and modify this work for personal or commercial purposes. You do not have to credit us in your work or on your site but a linkback to, or this DeviantART page is always appreciated. This icon pack may not be redistributed or sold for profit.

Somicro contains 45 icons covering most of the popular social networks out there. In the pack come 2 sets; one with a border and one without, in total 90 icons. It’s aim is to be used on the web, hence the small icon size. This set was created by Tina Mailhot-Roberge.

Hit the download button to start using this pack and don't forget to visit my portfolio for more art at

Somacro is out, 45 Social Media Icons in 500x500px 300 DPI
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Splash Social Media Icons is a set of 48 social media icons. Inspired by look of brush strokes on the canvas.

These icons are suitable for every background - alpha ON + High DPI!

On DeviantART you can download only sample of set for non-commercial use. Only 10 icons in 64x64.

You can full set on graphicriver: [link]

In full package
- 4 icon sizes (32px, 64px, 128px and 256px) x 40 icons = 160 icons!
- PSD file based on 256px icons - you can easily create an new icon or change the color of existing icons background

Icons for following social media included:
appstore, bebo, behance, blogger, designmoo, deviantart, digg, dribbble, evernote, facebook, fav, flickr, forrst, foursquare, google+, google+ [V2], gowalla, grooveshark, icq, issuu, lastfm, linkedin, love, mail, maps, metacafe, mixcloud, myspace, netvibes, orkut, picasa, posterous, qik, reddit, rss, skype, soundcloud, stumbleuppon, technorati, threadless, thumblr, twitter, viddler, vimeo, wordpress, yahoo, youtube and zerply.

New icons upon request!
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Glass Social Icons

Package includes icons for:
facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, pinterest, dribbble, deviantart, foursquare, vimeo, flickr, youtube and fav.

Comments or faves are appreciated!

P.S.: Check out also my other Icons Sets on GraphicRiver: [link] ; )
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Modern Web Social Icons

Set of 98 social web icons inspired by HTML 5 logo. Icons are easy to edit and customize – ideal for your website.

Now Modern Web Social icons are available on the Graphic River! You can buy them for the commercial use + PSD is included! [link]

Package on deviantART contains only 64px icons and CANNOT be used in commercial projects!

Package includes icons for:
aim, aol, appstore, appstore [V2], bebo, behance, blogger, creattica, crunchbase, delicious, designfloat, designmoo, designmoo [V2], deviantart, deviantart [V2], digart, diigo, digg, dopplr, dribbble, ember, esl, evernote, facebook, fav, flickr, forrst, fotolog, foursquare, foursquare [V2], github, google+, google+ [V2 dark], google+ [V2 light], google+ [V3], google+ [V4], gowalla, graphicriver, grooveshark, hyves, icq, issuu, itunes, jabber, lastfm, like, linkedin, love, mail, mail [V2], map, meetup, metacafe, mixcloud, mixx, mobileme, mobileme [V2], msn, myspace, netlog, netvibes, newsvine, orkut, picasa, posterous, psn, psn [V2], qik, reddit, rss, skype, slashdot, soundcloud, steam, stumbleuppon, tagged, talk, techcrunch, technorati, threadless, thumblr, twitter, twitter [V2], viadeo, viddler, vimeo, vimeo [V2], virb, web, weheartit, weheartit [V2], wordpress, xing, yahoo, yelp, youtube and zerply.

All free icons (see preview) are included into DA archive.

If you need some others icons just leave me comment and I include them in the next release!

Comments or faves are appreciated! ; )
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Set of 90 simple Social Media Icons.
Set includes: AI, PSD, CSH files

Hope you find it useful!
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Free set of 14 Social Media Badges especially for designers which I've made for of latest projects.

Icons included:
Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LastFM, Tumblr, DeviantART, Dribbble, Forrst, Behance, Gowalla, Google+ [V2], FourSquare, Designmoo and Designfloat.

All icons are 64x64 and 150DPI.
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A personal take on the Metro look for Office Suite: Using rounded corners and forms rather than the squared, sharp corners.
In three different coloring styles: Solid backgrounds, Outlined backgrounds, and the core suite as freeforms
PNGs are in both 512 sq pixels and 128 sq pixels.
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Our second social media icons pack.
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We think that there are a few of free token icons for social networks on the web. That’s why we decided to design 60 most popular social media mono icons. 32×32 px in PNG format. You can customize the colors based on your needs. They are free to use but we still need your comments and shares to keep it up!
Free for personal and commercial usages

:heart: BUY US A BEAR !
Purchase some of our awesome products, starting from $1.


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A social icon set containing 25 popular social media icons in PSD vector and PNG of 64x64 pixels.

List Of Icons:
1. Bebo
2. Blogger
3. Deviantart
4. Digg
5. Dribbble
6. Facebook
7. Flickr
8. Forrst
9. Github
10. Google +
11. Lastfm
12. Linkedin
13. MySpace
14. Orkut
15. Picasa
16. Rss
17. Share This
18. Skype
19. Stumble Upon
20. Tumblr
21. Twitter
22. Vimeo
23. Wordpress
24. Yahoo
25. Youtube
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