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Another fanart....=D

Yes I know I'm not original and that this is probably the most cliche version of ed but I couldn't help it ^^;
I'm on spring brake right now and I'm feeling the need to draw more fanart-it's just so fun and easy to do!
Anyway I was looking forward to April Fool's but.... they just couldn't come with something other than :icontrollfaceplz: poping all over the page now could they!?
I wish I was here for last year's avatar chance =|...

Done in photoshop
ps I used a reference [just google it and you'll find it ;)]

Art by me
Full metal alchemist [Edward Elric] (c.) Hiromu Arakawa
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My little tribute to Ao no Exorcist~ :dance:
I love it-the story, the characters and of course the art so I decided to do a little fanart of Rin and Kuro~ I hope I didn't ruin them completely ^^
Rin's tail is awesome and I fugured I should put it there too (it looks so fluffy I want to huggle it XD /shot) but I guess he could use it to balance too.=D
Excuse the fail background-that's supposed to be a beach :iconotlplz:

Hope you like it anyway!

Done in photoshop.

Art by me
Rin Okumura, Kuro (c.) Kazue Kato
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Ok this is my part of the big birthday card that :iconthe-da-ranger-group: is making~
I wanted to include as many of Vic's roles as possible and I hope I didn't fail miserably and you csn tell them apart ^^;
I usually don't watch dubbed versions because they're harder to find and usually the charas' voices don't fit them. But one time I found a dubbed version of DN Angel's opening song and I loved it more than the original. So I made some google XD research and found it was no other than Vic Magnogna who did it. And so I searched for more of his roles.. =D

Anyway hope you like it =D

Done in photoshop~

Art by me
ok this'll be long...
Ikkaku Madarame; Dark Mousy; Zero Kiryuu; Yoshimori Sumimura; Fai D Flowright; Edward Elric; Ichiru Kiryuu; Tamaki Suoh; Spirit "Deatyh Scythe" Albarn; Nagato; Obito Uchiha belong to their respectful owners
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Something to releave some stress from my exams =_=
And yes it's Articuno :la:-a loooong time ago there were those tree legendary bird pokemon, remember? XD So yeah...I felt they were forgotten and came up with this =D He was my favorite though I was more into fire pokemon when I was younger ^^

Oh those glowy thingies in the bg are the Northern Lights ^^;

Done in SAI (brush tool FTW)

Art by me
Pokemon (c.) Nintendo
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I think I'm going mad with all this school work and projects and stuff TAT
Soo a little fan art just for the fun of it :la:
I drew the trio from Reborn (Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto)just hanging aroud doing nothing (I so want to be like them right now=()

Lets say Yama told a joke like usual and Tsuna laughed at it and then Gokudera got all man how he doesn't get any attention from his tenth =D

Excuse the mistakes this was kinda rushed to relive stress ^^;

ps I want those icecreams

textures[link] [link]
art by me
Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamamoto (c.) KHR
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One does not simply move along without reading the artist comments U_U SO READ THEM!!!

This is :iconmiinatheninja:'s OC Daisuke Saroma and he is a GUY-just likes crossdreesing. And HIS nickname is Daiko. So please no bashing U_U
Love rawinf the lolita dress =D Though it doesn't look like I imagined ^^; Still I hope you enjoy!

Done in SAI

Art by me
Daisuke Saroma (c.) =MiinaTheNinja
Texture form pixiv
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My part of an art trade with the awesome :iconxxangelbitexx: This is also an entry for her contest [link]
The characters are Alyx Daye and Holden McCallister~
I know there are lots of mistakes and that the background is lame but meh~ I'm too lazy to fix them XD /shot

Hope you like it!

Done in photoshop~

Art by me
Characters (c.) =xXangelbiteXx and her friend
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Application for :iconthebigworldaroundus: COME AND JOIN!!
My first character~ :iconakuma-laplz:
Beware of wall of text :iconheplz:

EDIT: more info ^^

:bulletorange: Name: Rylee (read the same as Riley)
:bulletorange:Job: Postal Service (haha~ with kamichama leader :iconheplz:)

:bulletorange: Gender: Female

:bulletorange:Age: 19

:bulletorange: Habits:
Never slacks-always finds something to do.
Twirls hair when waiting (which she hates).
Keeps everything tidy and in order.

:bulletorange: Like/Dislikes:
+her brother –the only person she really trust and be relaxed with the only one who has seen her cry (will never say that-is a tsun U_U)
+the sky
+doing things with her hands-like crafts/painting/etc
+Being with people
-not doing her job properly

:bulletorange: FAVORITE FOOD : Anything salty, can’t handle spicy food. Loves spaghetti.

Is a kind person by heart and can’t leave anyone if he needs help…BUT you wouldn’t know that from first sight! She thinks that no job will get done if she doesn’t push people around, that they’d slack off so she can be bossy. She isn’t hard on just the others-the person she’s the strictest with is herself. She has been known to pass out from exhaustion. So don’t judge her from your first encounter~

*hard worker and has built up a lot of stamina
* crafts

:bulletorange:Past(the same for both siblings):
Kyle and Rylee have been brought up in a loving family and never had anything missing from their lives…until the day their father was killed by a wild bear and their mom fell into deep depression and was like a dead person most of the time. This happened when Rylee was 7 and Kyle was 8. Ever since then they’ve been living mostly on their own and are capable of caring for themselves. Rylee would look up at her brother like at a parent and the two became really close. People were blaming the bear for the ‘tragedy’ but Kyle had always loved animals and didn’t accept that-he thus became an animal tamer as to prevent any more accidents. Rylee wanted to help him and became a member of the postal service which more or less supported all of the villagers.

:bulletorange: Additional Info:
VOICE: Kinda like Nano's [link]
QUOTE: "You better not slack off at work! *glare*"
*Is scared from thunder-even now she hugs a pillow or her bro when there are thunderstorms…but finds lightning beautiful at the same time.
*Has a pet turtle like most people from the postal service. Its name is Oliver and it has been tamed by her brother. She had had it since the age of 5.
*Little bag for essentials-never goes out without it.
*Those blond strands are dyed (the same as her brother's)
*Got the bobby pins for her and her brother one year after their dad passed.
*Wears finger-less gloves
*Is a year younger that Kyle.

Finally done! I wanted this done before school started taking too much of my time :iconimdeadplz: I like how the chibi and 'pissed off' (default) came out :iconehesmileplz:
If you want to RP : comments and Notes (if not in the chatroom)

EDIT: Kyle is [link]

Done in SAI

All (c.) me
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This is Luke's twin sister, Alaula (Luke is this guy [link])
My one and only female OC (for now) that I have never actually drawn properly TTwTT. I'm such and awful person XD
Here she's around 13-14 years old (16 is when she died), still had her hair kinda short but eventually grew it out. When she was young she was really tomboy-ish, had her hair just like Luke's and wanted to play all day but her parents forced her to behave more like a lady as she grew older. Well Alaula did as they wanted only in public-when she was alone or with Luke she gets in all kind of trouble XD In that line of though Luke is more rational.
Oh and yes that creepy scarf did belong to her, Luke just made it into a mask with a 'smile' :iconhurrplz:

Why is life so busy lately!?:iconotlplz: I don't have time to draw at all! All the teachers give us f*cking project which we have to do with people we don't like and then test that are impossible to solve =_= Are you kiddin' me!?!?
/shot for the rant

Done in SAI

art and character (c.) me
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My second drawing in the 'khr basketball' series (if I could call it that XD) Gokudera---> [link]
It's the cutest Vongola boss-Tsuna!!! =D And of course an orange theme to fit his flame...derp.
Sorry about the hands TAT
:icontinkeru: has her birthday today! So this is also for her =)

Done in SAI and Photoshop

Art by me
Tsunayoshi Sawada from Khr! (c.) Akira Amano
Ps. Yamamoto's next~
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