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This is my first tutorial, I hope it makes sense and is somewhat helpful (if it is, I'd love to see the results, hint hint :)).
Also, although Digimon is not mine, my Awesomon here is, so please don't steal him, it's mean and I'll cry (make up your own Awesomon, you'll like him/her better, trust me).

Inspired by comments on :iconthehylex:'s lovely how to draw a Digimon tutorial [link] and :icondw-championship:
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WARNING: Huge file

My first tutorial.

I've had a number of people ask me how I made my Digimon look the way they do, at least on the computer.

Drawing a Digimon....well that's an entirely different story.

By the way, I use Photoshop 7, so if you have anything higher than that, then I think it may be different for you.

Hopefully this will help x3

Chaobarymon full image here [link]

Chaobarymon :iconthehylex:

Digimon Bandai
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:iconthedigitalwar: :iconthedigitalwar: :iconthedigitalwar:

:iconmajor-may: requested a tutorial about the grid and skin peel effects after I posted Crocutamon's Season 3 Digivolution. I didn't see any particular reason to say no, especially since it sounds like a lot of other people have also had the idea to make one, but for whatever reason just haven't had the time or motivation to do it. Maybe some of these tricks will help and we'll see some more awesome digivolutions!

I hope it's all clear, but feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to elaborate :) And if you use the tutorial, kindly just credit me and show me your own digivolutions, 'cause I put a lot of work into figuring out this process and I'd love to see what you do!

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Awesome Pieces Made Using This Tutorial:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

[link] by *Yaushie
[link] by ~AnGeL7717
[link] by ~Bleu-Fox

Digimon & Digivolution process Bandai
Crocutamon, Boudamon, and Emily ~VelkynKarma

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Finally got around to finishing the character with the BlackGatomon partner :3 Her Mega will be done soon, just needs coloring.

She got her first name from "Morgan le Fay", of course ;P

Name: Morgan Larson or Moriko Kurosawa
Age: Variable
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8" (shorter if younger than ~15)
Nationality: British or Japanese
Personality: Morgan is shy, quiet, and very much a bookworm. However, if you show interest in her hobbies, she becomes a bit excited, and will gladly strike up conversation with you. She doesn't like confrontation, and has trouble with the violent nature of Digimon.
She has a strong interest in Wicca and the occult. She knows a few simple 'spells', and loves researching it, but doesn't consider it her religion.
Morgan can play the piano moderately well, but is shy about performing.
She loves making shakes/smoothies for dessert, and has a soft spot for reptiles. She doesn't like hot weather, or loud/obnoxious people.
Suggested Digivice Colors: Purple, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Silver
SnowBotamon > Nyaromon > BlackGatomon > Witchmon > LadyDevimon > Malkimon
Visual Evolution Line
Pictures in that line (aside from the Mega) are from DMA
- BlackGatomon is a "runt" and is at Rookie level. As the Virus version doesn't generally have a holy ring, I couldn't use the lack of one as an excuse for her to be demoted.
- Her partner has a very playful personality, and is a little bit sadistic. But just a bit. She likes to tease her teammates and enjoys fighting. Though she's often exasperated at her partner for one reason or another, she becomes extremely angry if anyone else has a go at her.

Resume: Digimon Memento

This character is available for your personal Digimon projects, provided that credit to me is given, and you show me what you did with her!

Morgan, Malkimon, Art Me, *xuza
All other Digimon Bandai, Toei
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For those of you who saw the DigiSoul PS7 Brush Set, I decided to sit down and make a tutorial on how to use it. This tutorial was made as simple as possible, but also done with the knowledge that you kinda already know how to use Photoshop and know most of the basics. So I can't really answer any questions if they're about "how to open this and that". ^^;

Hopefully this will come in handy for anyone that's not sure what they want to do with the Brush Set! Have at it, and start clogging dA with DATS wanna-bes. :D

Just a word of warning, though: THIS FILE IS HUGE!!! It's well over 4,000 pixels in height at almost 700KB, even in a compressed JPEG file. Dial-up users, you have been warned.
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Commissions Info

Commission for :iconookami2000: |3 Finally finished! Sorry it took like... forever. (obviously he gets full, separated pictures, they're just composited for the sake of dA).

It's the cast of his story "Digimon: Release!" :3 Where Digimon live side-by-side with humans, but through the meddling of an evil Digimon, the elemental seals that keep the baddies from crossing over are turned into Digimon themselves. They're kinda small on this resized pic but each of the Digimon is stamped with their elemental seal (except Vulpmon who has it on his back).

From left to right:
Name- Floemon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Ice Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Deep Savers, Virus Busters

Name- Faemon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Data
Type- Nature Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Jungle Trooper, Nature's Spirit

Name- Aquatimon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Water Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Deep Savers, Virus Buster

Name- Arimon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Electric Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Virus Buster, Wind Guardian

Name- Ursamon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Light Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Virus Buster, Nature's Spirit

Name- Freymon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Virus
Type- Dark Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Nightmare Soldier, Nature's Spirit

Name- Vulpmon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Fire Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Nature's Spirit, Virus Buster

Name- Aspmon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Virus
Type- Wind Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Wind Guardian

Name- Pangomon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Metal Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Metal Empire, Nature's Spirit

Name- Terramon
Level- Rookie
Attribute- Vaccine
Type- Earth Seal Digimon
Family(s)- Nature's Spirit, Virus Buster

Pangomon is actually mine :D So she wasn't included in the commission since I'd have to draw her profile image anyway. I've never worked with a metal type before, so she's gonna be an adventure when it comes time to work on her evolutions...

Art, Pangomon Me, *xuza (I omitted Pango credit in the picture becauuuse the watermark would be too long then.)
Other Digimon
Freymon, Ursamon = ~Ookami2000
Floemon = ~sabisaotome
Arimon = ~copycatloki
Aquatimon = ~redchikitty
Faemon/Terramon = ~Tenma-Tenshi
Aspmon = ~MothCat
Vulpmon = ~lilwashu02
Ursamon = ~LuxVeritasMortis
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