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deviantART muro Brushes Are Now Free!

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 1:05 PM

deviantART muro, our cutting edge in-browser drawing tool, offers a variety of different brushes for use in creating digital paintings. In the past, we've offered some brushes for free, and others as part of premium brush packs. We're happy to announce that all current brushes are now available for free!

We want to make deviantART muro a powerful artistic application for you to use, and part of that is giving you the tools to create powerful, dynamic pieces of art with the application. With access to more brushes, you'll have even more opportunity to further express yourself artistically. And best of all, it continues to be a completely free experience, powered by your This builds on our initial introduction of Redraw functionality, giving you the ability to watch recordings of artistic progress and unlock and learn from artist's individual processes.

Deviations created with deviantART muro

Muro  4-My Grandpa by johnpaulthornton OctoPractice for MTV Geek by draweverywhere Sancho and Spyed by mudimba It's wonderful it's coming (Muro) by nuevemonos bettas and flowers in muro by loish Muro test by orenjikao

Thank you for your support

We greatly appreciate all deviants who supported deviantART muro in its early days by purchasing our premium brush packs.  Without that support, we wouldn't have been able to continue improving deviantART muro for the benefit of the deviantART community as a whole. As a thank you, we've awarded all previous brush pack purchasers with an exclusive "Brush Lover" Profile Page badge.  Again, thank you for your support.

Unlock your artistic talent today

deviantART muro, our cutting edge in-browser drawing tool, offers a variety of different brushes for use in creating digital paintings. In the past, we've offered some brushes for free, and others as part of premium brush packs. We're happy to announce that all current brushes are now available for free!
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Basic CSS Style Guide

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:16 AM


CSS is a style language used to define the style and formatting of web pages. It is used in conjunction with HTML.

If we think of HTML as the building blocks of the web then, essentially, CSS is the painter and decorator. Very simply, HTML defines the structure of the page and CSS defines the style.

What I'll be helping you with here is getting to grips with the basics of CSS. I'll be explaining how use CSS as well as providing a number of examples that you can use to style your own web pages and journals. All you need to do is copy/paste the code and replace the sample text with your own content. Along with the quick reference I've also written a brief glossary of terms and provided a list of useful links in case you wish to do some further reading.

A point of note is that while the information and examples I've given here apply to CSS use anywhere on the web, this guide itself is geared towards the use of CSS on deviantART. As such, and given that this has been created as a basic guide and quick reference, you may require further reading to make the most of CSS's capabilities.

As always, if you have any questions or problems just let me know.

How To

CSS is written in the following format.

selector {property:value;}

The selector selects the element to be styled, the property defines the aspect of that element to be styled and the value defines the way the element will be styled. Let's look at a complete example to see how it works.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

In this example we're saying that we want the colour (property) of all h1 (selector) elements to be dark grey (value).

You can specify a number of properties and values for the same element.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;text-transform:uppercase;}

In the above example we're saying that we want the colour of all h1 elements to be dark grey and written in uppercase letters.

Now, CSS contains the information for styling elements but it can't act on it's own. HTML elements are needed to create content for those styles to then be applied to. Let's look at an example of how this works.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}
<h1>sample text</h1>

In the CSS we're saying that the h1 header elements should be dark grey. In the HTML we're declaring the sample text as a h1 element. The CSS will read the HTML <h1> tags and colour the text in-between them dark grey.

CSS on deviantART can be used in journal and gallery skins. For journals, the HTML will be written along with your normal journal text in the editor and the CSS will be written in the journal's Edit Skin area. For galleries, the HTML will be written in the description box and the CSS will be written in the Add CSS area.


Selectors determine the element to be styled. There are a number of different selector types you can use depending on the desired outcome.

Element Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on the element name. The example below says that all paragraph text should be dark grey.

p {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p>sample text</p>

id Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on a specified id. The id should be unique and used for a single element on the page.  Id selectors are signified in CSS by a hash tag preceding the id name. The HTML element should include the text id="..." within the opening tag.

The example below says that paragraph text with the 'intro' id should be dark grey.

#intro {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p id="intro">sample text</p>

Class Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on a specified class name. Elements using the same class can be used multiple times on the page. Class selectors are signified in CSS by a full stop preceding the class name. The HTML element should include the text class="..." within the opening tag.

The example below says that any element with the 'info' class should be dark grey. In this case any <a> tag, <p> tag or any other tag including the 'info class' will be styled.

.info {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p class="info">sample text</p>

The example below says that any paragraph text with the 'info' class should be dark grey. In this case only <p> tags including the 'info' class will be affected. <a> tags, for example, containing the 'info' class will not be styled.

CSS {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p class="info">sample text</p>

You can use your own id and class names. Just remember to make sure that the class or id name you use in the HTML matches what you've written in the CSS.


The reference list below gives examples of a number of common properties that you can use to style your pages and journals. Simply replace the green text in each example with your own values. If there are limited acceptable values for a property then the options are given underneath the example. Where a numerical or hex value are required you can enter any valid value.


specifies the font to be used
font-family: arial;
times new roman, georgia, arial, etc

specifies the size of the text
font-size: 12px;
insert a value

styles text as italic or normal
font-style: italic;
normal, italic

styles text as bold or normal
font-weight: bold;
normal, bold

sets the text colour
color: #000000;
insert a hex value

inserts space between letters
letter-spacing: 2px;
insert a value

aligns text
text-align: right;
left, right, center, justify

strikes out or underlines text
text-decoration: none;
none, underline, line-through

sets text to uppercase or lowercase letters
text-transform: uppercase;
uppercase, lowercase


sets the background colour
background-color: #ffffff;
hex value, transparent

sets a background image
background-image: url(;
insert your image URL.

repeats background image / used with background-image property
background-repeat: repeat-x;
repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat

creates a border around an element
border: 1px solid #4f4f4f;
solid, dotted, dashed

creates rounded border corners / used with border property
border-radius: 5px;
insert a value


creates space around the outside of an element
margin: 10px auto 10px auto;
insert a value for each side (top-right-bottom-left)

creates space inside an element
padding: 10px auto 10px auto;
insert a value for each side (top-right-bottom-left)

floats an element left or right
float: left;
left, right

specifies the type of positioning used for an element
position: absolute;
absolute, relative

sets the width of an element
width: 50px;
insert a value

sets the height of an element
height: 50px;
insert a value

specifies what type of box to use for an element
display: none;
none, inline, block


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a style language used to define the style and formatting of web pages.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used to create web pages.

Selectors specify the element to be styled. Below we are selecting all h1 header elements to be styled.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Properties are the different aspects of style that can be defined. Below we are defining the colour of all h1 header elements.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Values define the way elements are styled. Below were are saying we want all h1 header element to be dark grey.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Tags are used to define layout and styles. Tag names are enclosed in angle brackets and usually come in pairs consisting of an opening tag and closing tag. The closing tag includes a forward slash before the tag name.
<tag> </tag>

URL (uniform resource locator) refers to the specific location of an item on the internet. It is also refered to as a web address and is used to identify and link to specific pages and content.

Hex codes are a string of six digits and letters preceeded by a hash tag used to define a certain colour.


Helpful Links

deviantART Customisation FAQ
A list of the most frequently asked questions regarding customising your deviantART account. Answers include information and instructions.

Basic HTML Formatting Guide
A quick guide to formatting content with HTML.

A comprehensive information resource covering all aspects of HTML.

Hex and RGB values
Get hex and rgb numbers for any colour

Google Fonts
A collection of Open Source fonts you can use on your pages for free.

A little while ago I wrote the Basic HTML Formatting Guide for those of you wishing to customise your deviantART accounts. This CSS guide works alongside that to introduce the basics of CSS. You can apply this knowledge to deviantART journal and gallery skins as well as using the information and examples to help with building and styling your own web pages.

I've gone over this with a fine-tooth comb but if you notice any errors please just let me know. Same goes if there's anything you think I should add or clarify. Cheers, guys.

More Resources
Basic HTML Formatting Guide
Basic CSS Style Guide
Custom Box Troublehsooting
Custom Folder Icon Tuorial
Free backgrounds, graphics and skins
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█ ♣▐ Rates in USD
    Chibi ` $10 ` 800:points: Half Body ` $15 + $10 for couples ` 1200 :points: no couples Full Body ` $20 + $15 for couples ` 1600 :points: no couples + Background ` I'll have to make more samples first ^^
    ▪flat/one color & transparent ` no charge
    ▪simple ` $5
    ▪intermediate ` $10
    ▪complex ` $15

█ ♣▐ Style Comparison
    Style 1 ` with dark cel shaded areas…… Style 2 ` less or no dark cel shaded areas…… more samples:

█ ♣▐ TOS Terms of Services
    ▪Do not resell ` you don't have the rights to that ▪Do not claim that you drew the art ` please give some respect ▪Cancellation and refunds are not allowed ` unless you have a perfectly good reason, we can talk about it ▪You may take multiple slots Will draw... `male & female from kids to adults `kemonomimi, gijinka and anthro `OCs, fanarts `shiny armors, weapons, shields `mostly anything not in my 'won't draw' sometimes I like to try drawing outside of my comfort zone. Just ask if you're unsure ^^ Won't draw... `nudes/porn `super detailed mechas `buffed men/women `that's all I could think of for now

█ ♣▐ Payment Paypal or Points only
    Full Upfront You can pay before or after I showed you the sketch of your order Half first, Half end You can pay the first half before or after I showed you the sketch, pay the other half at the end to get your order. I might not accept half-half payment orders from users that are less than 3 months old, have no avatar and little or no activities (just in case) Full at End For loyal customers only

█ ♣▐ Ordering
    ▪Please fill out the form below and send it through note. What: info about your order, chibi / half body ... Style: style 1 or 2 Reference: image please Requests: optional suggestions you have if you want to be specific with pose, expression... Payment: full payment / half-half ... ▪When I accept, I'll give you my paypal email and an estimation of when I can finish your order. ▪You may choose to pay right away or wait after I finish the sketch. ▪Feel free to suggest any changes you want with the sketch including a change of pose. ▪Minor changes/edits only for the finished coloured art so make sure to tell me if you're not satisfied with the sketch before I continue on with the lines and colour.
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*Edit (2/13/15) : I got mine to work using a different method! Please see bolded edits on the bottom!

*Edit (1/22/15) : Hey guys! I'm well aware that pirate is down at the moment (Any variation of the website that use alternate proxies are also down, and those that seem to work, such as pirate or any of the sort are false to my knowledge, so I advise you to steer clear of any alternate URLs as of this moment), and my apologies for not being able to get to your comments as I'm also trying to find a new way to find these files. I recently updated to Yosemite for other software merits but it seems that my copy of torrented Parallels Desktop 9 wasn't compatible, so I'm stuck for the time being too. I'll be sure to update this journal with alternative ways to get pen pressure as soon as possible, whether it'd be the Parallels method or some other method.

Author's Note: Hey guys! I know you are eager in getting pen pressure on mac but please don't take action until you read or at least scan over the whole thing, because I have edits on the bottom that may be better than the actual method. So basically, read the edits before downloading anything xD Thanks, and I'll see you on the other side [:

I had been looking for a way to enable pressure sensitivity on mac for a longgggggggggg time, for like 5 or 6 months. I had to have tried at least 10 different methods that never worked. I was just about to die trying, but then, on one magical day, I finally managed to get it. It might have not been the absolutely safest risk-free way, but nevertheless it's worth sharing, i hope.

*Huge disclaimer that if you don't buy the softwares below with your own money then it will be considered pirating. It's risky. 

1. Since we will be downloading torrent files from piratebay, we need a software to open these files if you don't already have one. An software that is like this is Transmission. Use the usual Install software steps, and go ahead and open it. You can also use programs like Bittorent and Utorrent, I just used transmission.

2. Install Parallels. I used Parallels 7. Go to and type in Parallels Desktop 7 (Mountain Lion Compatible). There should be only one link, click on it and click on Get this Torrent. Make sure transmission is running. Install it, you might need to enter the serial number although I didn't need to enter it. It's included. (It works with Mountain Lion X3)

*Edit (6/03/14) : Parallels 7 does not work with all versions of OS X, such as Mavericks. Parallels 9 does work, however, and that's probably the better option between 7 and 9. The one I found with the most seeders is "Parallels Desktop 9 Cracked" By GoogleWolf so just search that up and download it. I will be testing that very soon and keep you guys updated! 

*Edit (6/10/14) : Parallels 9 works flawlessly

3. Install Windows 7 as a virtual machine. I guess you could install Windows 8 but for me Windows 7 worked just as fine. Get Windows 7 here-search up Windows 7 Ultimate Fully Activated Genuine on piratebay and click on the one that says Team MJ. Again make sure Transmission is up.

*Edit (6/03/14) : One that I found that had a magical crap-ton of seeders was a Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate. Depending on if you want the 32 bit or the 64 bit, search these up: "Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (32 Bit)" and "Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (64 Bit)" on Both are by Computer-User. (For the 64 Bit one there are two links. Choose the one with the more than 1000 seeders) Will also be testing these out soon and keeping you guys updated!

*Edit (6/10/14) : Windows 7 SP1 32 Bit and 64 Bit both worked like goddamn charms.

4. The downloads will take awhile, so try to distract yourself with other activities to keep yourself busy. You could even pause your download and resume it whenever you want.

5. After they're done downloading, open Parallels and do the usual installation. (Choose "like a PC") If it prompts you for a serial, the serial should be in the TXT file included in the download. Try to find the folder in the Finder and get it from there. If it asks you to login, just close the window.

*Edit (6/09/14): If you don't like your window to look like a Windows window xD Then you could choose Like a Mac. It should not affect the way the virtual machine works, it only affects the way the virtual machine displays things. If you need extra information on this you could go here to help you decide.

6. It should prompt you to install a virtual machine. Use the dropdown menu and if you don't see Windows 7 iso or something like that, choose "Choose an image file…" And find the Windows 7 file you downloaded. Click on it and click Continue, and the virtual machine should start downloading. If you are prompted for a product key number, just uncheck the box that says "This version requires a product key" and continue.

7. After that,  the windows desktop should appear on your window, and the basic stuff after that is up to you. But for tablet pressure to work, first you have in install your software in which you use your tablet for. This tutorial is mainly for Paint Tool Sai, but it might work with other graphics softwares too. To install Paint Tool Sai, make sure you're still in your windows window, and use this link -------> If that link doesn't work try this one ---------->…

*I personally used a 4shared link, but apparently that 4shared link got taken down. I think those two links are trial versions. Here's another 4shared link that should be the full version ----->… You have to create an account, but literally it takes like a few seconds and I don't know, having the account never harmed me. 

*Edit (6/10/14) The above 4shared link works brilliantly for me. If it doesn't for you then I have another link --->…

8. Extract Paint Tool Sai and open it.(If you get an error saying something about administrative rights or whatever, close that window, right click on the paint tool sai icon and select run as administrator, and then it should work) You can now use Paint Tool Sai! I realized the reason I wasn't getting pen pressure at first was because I never installed my tablet software onto the windows virtual machine. That's the only way the program can work. So I inserted the installation disc while I was on Windows and installed it.

*Edit (6/10/14) : If you're having trouble letting the virtual machine recognize your installation disc, try opening up the Devices Tab on the top and going down to CD/DVD 1 and check whatever disk drive you have. Mine was MATSHITA as I have a Macbook pro, but it can differ from mac to mac.

9. After that, find the "Devices" tab on the top and find your tablet name in the dropdown menu. It's usually a weird combination of letters and numbers. Click on it, and there will be a glitch on your mouse; it won't move with your tablet pen. To fix this mouse glitch, go to the control panel and find your mouse settings. (I just searched it in the search bar) and on the tab "Pointer Options", check the box "Display pointer trails" and you can slide the bar to short to make it less noticeable. That should fix the glitch.

*Edit (6/10/14) : First time I did this in the Edits method, it did not glitch and the pen pressure didn't work. I'm not really sure what happened but I restarted (twice I think?) And then reconnected my tablet in the Devices menu, and then did the mouse glitch thing, and then the pen pressure seemed to be fine. I don't know if you guys also encountered this issue, it might have been an installation error on my part, but just in case. 

10. And there you have it, open up Paint Tool Sai or whatever program you use and start drawing! Sometimes when you connect your tablet while you have the program on, it won't work, but just close and open the program again and the pen pressure will be fine. Make sure you see your Dock, or whatever your tablet's opening thing is when it's connected, on your Windows window, so you can be sure that the tablet is connected to it.

I use this Windows for drawing purposes only, so I'm not very sure what to do for other programs or how to install them. Remember, this Windows is a virtual machine, so it may not have all the functions of the actual Windows 7, but you can run most Windows programs on it, I can assume >.<

~How to fix the "Not genuine" nags that show up after a week~ (Only for the first Windows 7 link. The one I posted under edits does not have this problem, so far.)

I got annoyed at the nags that always popped up whenever I opened Windows talking about some damn "Windows is not genuine" So I tried a way to stop all that.

1. Go to control panel. Search Windows Update and click on it. Click on "View update history" and uninstall update KB971033 if you have it. I didn't, but some people have to uninstall it in order for this to work.

2. Open an elevated command prompt. (Start, type Cmd in search box and click it. A black window with white words should pop up) Type in this command: slmgr -rearm (Space after after slmgr and - but not between the - and rearm)

3. Exit command prompt. Restart TWICE. YES, I SAID TWICE.

4. Now, the virtual machine should be genuine. You can now set desktop backgrounds as normal and the not genuine notices should leave you alone now. Enjoy (:

Edit: You can basically only do it a certain amount of times before you run out of rearms, so I highly recommend using the edit Windows 7 link I posted.

So now pen pressure should work on your mac, the only hassle is that you have to open up parallels every time you want to draw, but hey, the pen pressure is worth it. Also, you have to reconnect your tablet every time you want to draw (The "Devices"--> Your tablet name thing) and then your pressure sensitivity works.

Again, if something does not work or the link gets removed/outdated/whatever, leave a comment below or you could even send me a note and I will try to help you as soon as possible. 

*Keep in mind that I'm not a master of the computer. I'll try my hardest to help you on whatever you have trouble with, but sometimes I just can't help you. Hope you guys understand >.<

Happy Drawing :]

EDIT: Yes, I put up a website with non-torrent Windows 7 files earlier, but those links all required a serial number. For anyone who has a serial number, it's… but for anyone who doesn't, the only way that I know of currently to get the Windows 7 file is the torrent download. Unless of course, you get a cracked serial code or something, but I'll be honest I don't really know how to do that.....

EDIT (2/13/15) : Since I updated to Yosemite and Parallels desktop 9 is not compatible, or at least my software wasn't, I've had to download to Parallels desktop 10. Granted, pirate was down at the moment, so I had no way to get it, but as I was searching around I found a way to renew trials infinitely. Here are the steps:

1. Install Parallels 10 trial
Here is the link

2. Follow this video tutorial 
I am well aware it says parallels 9, but I tried it for parallels 10 and surprisingly, even though it's been two days, it's been working perfectly well. There's not even a trial message that pops up. It baffles me and I'm waiting for it to bite me in the ass but for the time being it works and that's why I'm sharing it. Hopefully it'll be worth it...

If you guys still want to use the old method, pirate is up again for that but I personally would recommend this method. is currently unstable and under surveillance so for the time being please proceed with caution. I highly recommend this method. I will let you guys know if it stops working at some point or anything like that.

Let me know if you guys have difficulty and again I will try my best to help. 

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ATTiTuDE Free Skin - Pink + Black

Sun Nov 24, 2013, 4:29 AM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Main body title

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.


Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

List items

  • List item name here
  • List item name here
  • List item name here


Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.


Acrylic Air Balloons - Exclusive Mixed Media by somadjinn

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Anime North 2014 Comic Market Location Map

Journal Entry: Wed May 7, 2014, 8:45 PM

♦ ♥ ♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦ ♥ ♦

:iconaka-shiro: & :iconxhiro:
Anime North
May 23-25, Toronto
Artist Alley @ E06 !!

Doing another AA map for AN this year, hope this will be helpful!

Leave a comment here with your AN table location to be added onto the map! I'll do my best to update ASAP!
Sorry for any possible mistakes, just let me know and I'll fix it!

You can right click > open image to view larger version!


B01 :iconmorwenhelyanwe: & nogood-rabblerouser
B02 :iconcomatoze: & yesoksure
B05 :iconnikufei: & mallius
B10 :iconarcanium: :iconnakagoe:
B11 :icononedayfour: :iconameru:
B14 :iconeevachu:
B15 :iconjinyjin: :icontiikay:
B16 :iconpuppyshaker:


C02 :iconkai-shii: lumitime
C09 :iconoceantann: :iconalexisneo:
C10 :iconpikatoro: & Sam
C14 :icon32channel: :iconphibonnachee:
C15 :icondannyyiu: :iconlimited-access:


D04 :iconzeekayart: & Matt Rigg
D07 :iconruri-dere: :iconr0cket-cat:
D08 :iconyolichan: :iconcocochoco:
D09 :iconjiayi: :iconkarzahnii:
D10 :iconshibird: :iconnoemas:
D11 :iconofskysociety: :iconfalsedelusion:
D13 :iconevil-usagi: :iconowl-ati:
D14 :iconmyeternalnight: :iconaikuwo:
D15 :iconsangcoon: kyuuseii
D16 :iconsydsir: :icon5ftr:


E01 :iconrintanu: :iconemi-liu:
E03 :iconrainberry: shingalas
E04 :iconkaze-hime: & Mimi
E05 makotoffe & :iconminevi:
E06 :iconaka-shiro: :iconxhiro:
E07 :iconhitsukuya: :iconminyatto:
E08 :iconakimiya: :iconpolyswirl:
E09 :icontasobi:
E10 razirune & :iconannako:
E11 skycompass & sherlocking
E14 :iconairiemi: :iconshirochya:


F05 :iconrennko: :iconaniteen9:
F09 :iconmelyui: :iconnuikou:
F10 :iconikeda:
F12 cabooose & foxery
F13 :iconsiiju: :iconlackless:
F14 :iconah-bao: :iconpurikyu:
F15 :iconkoyamori:


G04 :iconchuguri: :iconcharlomilk:
G10 :iconmichellescribbles:
G15 :iconalicenpai: :iconawys:


H01 :icononechrispy: :iconmcgooen:
H02 :iconkarin-adele: :iconrainry:
H12 :iconjuugatsuhoshi:

♦ ♥ ♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦♥♦―――――♦ ♥ ♦

Skin by SimplySilent
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How to join [ Announcement! ]

Sat Mar 17, 2012, 3:36 PM by RabuRabbit:iconraburabbit:



Congrats to skittIess for securing the most votes!  Please come discuss your character/get him approved in chat before receiving your invitation.

As mentioned previously, this will be the last potential session for a while. There will still be invites available though so if you know someone... ; ) [And there's trial versions as well ] Potential sessions may return in the future or other methods of joining may pop up so if you're interested in MAGE don't give up!

This will be the last potential session for a good while so take a chance if you're interested!

 We have a big event coming up soon after so new members will be able to dive right in! 8)

Remember to read this journal carefully, if you are missing components at the session's end, you will be dropped from voting. [though since this is voting... it's probably best to go beyond the minimal requirements ]

 If you are planning to join the next session submit your CS into the POTENTIAL SESSION folder. This is a new folder and will be cleared after every session. If you cannot submit, then note the group to have it added.

:new: For those who have been accepted but dropped off the face of the planet after getting in, if you go for months without activity your membership will be reconsidered. It's not cool to do that for the majority that voted for you. 8(


So you wanna join MAGE... well then you're gonna need to read through this entire journal ( several times if you need to. ) before you should consider attempting to join!!! Also read everything group-related you can get your cute little hands on. Better to be informed then to ask something that's stated here or somewhere else already. Otherwise it makes you come off as lazy/someone who doesn't really care about the group. :iconimadplz:

( Also this guide is good in general to read over even if certain parts don't apply to this group. )

First of all keep in mind that this is a semi-private group. Semi-private meaning it basically functions as a private rp group with members inviting their friends in with limited invitations. This doesn't mean if you don't know anyone, you have no chance of getting in however! We're (or at least RabuRabbit) is always looking to add a couple new people to the MAGE family every so often. However!!! Since we limit the amount to very very small numbers, we obviously have to have some sort of criteria to evaluate on.

Stuff to keep in mind
:bulletpink:  Are you a nice person? Can you get along well with others? We're pretty close-knit so if you have a tendency to cause problems be aware I won't hesitate to boot you even if you get in fair and square. Also RabuRabbit  is overlord so listen to her and treat prompts as word of god. :iconcutehiplz:
:bulletyellow: We're mainly looking for another person to just rp with so we do want people who will be active. I've noticed that a lot of people who try out and get in just die off when they're accepted. It may be for various reasons, but to me it sends a message that you don't actually care for the group and are moreso in it for the status of being in the group. e_e
-Therefore from now on if you get in and die off you'll get a warning...  if you're no longer interested or do not respond within a reasonable amount of time you'll get kicked from the group. It's really unfair (and rude) to the other people who tried to get in.
-You are free to try again though!
:bulletgreen: RPs (and nearly all events) take place within the chatroom(s). if you are uncomfortable with using that and just prefer headcanoning you might have some issues for this group since we often require rp logs. In fact if you're interested in joining, it's highly recommended you drop by and hang out even during non-acceptance periods. It never hurts to get to know people beforehand, ask questions, and just show your interest in the group.
:bulletblue: Despite all the beeeeeautiful art ( *doki* ) our members churn out, we are not art-based. You do not need to be of a certain level-- though you should be able to put a character sheet together. (This is the only art requirement since certain events require you to come up with designs based off your OC). That being said, there is a loooooooooot of text to read for this group. It can be a bit overwhelming at first since there's a lot to do but everyone gets used to it eventually so don't worry!

Potential RP Session

Check for specific dates. These are usually once every 2 months or so and last a week. Basically you will be giveen a chance to "try out" the group by rping/having your character integrated into MAGE. These will be considered non-canonical (aka wiped) though if you get in, you may ask individually if you may keep it canon.

This is your chance to show what an interesting character you can play! As well as allow us to get to know you better. Don't treat it as some systematic tryout... really try to be a part of the group. After all if you feel natural in the group, chances are people will vote for you.

Voting is pretty basic. After the potential session, all qualifying characters are put up in a private voting session in which members vote on who they liked interacting with. RabuRabbit does not participate in the voting so it's pointless to suck up jsyk. :iconmingplz: (Though if we can't get along there's a whole other issue (: )

To qualify:
This is the bare minimum. I would highly recommend going beyond this. I mean if you only rp with like 2 people then... your chances at securing votes... It's not really an issue of if people like your character or not, it's just they're more liekly to vote for characters they got attached to.

1. Do at least 1 front page rp.
* Members will post prompts for you to reply to.
*If your rp is not of substantial length than it won't count. No more of these "1-2 replies and you're checked off deals"
*I'll trust you to be diligent with your replies! However if a member is at fault for replying slow you won't be penalized for it.
*You are free to take on as many of these roleplays as you would like (reply to as many comments as you want) AS LONG AS YOU CAN KEEP UP. Please be considerate and don't comment on more roleplays than you can keep up with, or you'll be preventing others from chances to be voted for!
2. 1  chatroom rp
*please have the person you rped with submit a rp log. (so both they and you get credit!)
*should be of decent length so something actually happens. Before strting you should probably make sure you have time to rp.
3.  Introduction post
* A lot of us don't get to know you guys before voting/rping with you  so tell us a little bit about yourself!  
:bulletpink: Comment on this post. It'll be reposted on the voting page (that you guys don't see...LOL)
:bulletyellow: 3-5 sentences about yourself! This can be anything you want. : )
:bulletgreen: 2-5 sentences about why you want join mage, what you're interested in accomplishing here, etc.
:bulletblue: 3-5 sentences about your potential character!
*If you already did this in a previous session you can just copypasta the same post again so it returns to the top or paste the link or rewrite.... etc

[ CS creation ]

1.) Submit a character sheet to the "potentials folder".

To start your application process, you'll want to fill out the character sheet template by drawing your MAGE character on the sheet provided, following all the rules on the template and other journals (especially the Creation Guide).

Once you've done this, you can submit your completed character sheet to the Potential Mages folder in the group favorites. Being accepted into this folder does not mean the character has been checked over, and you are free to edit your character sheet at any time. Submit a character you are confident in!
:bulletblack: You may submit a WIP
:bulletblack:  You do not need a "perfect" CS so if you make mistakes... don't worry. It's mandatory for accepted members to have a private  one-on-one discussion session with RabuRabbit where your CS will be looked over and be fixed then. Also it'll be a free question session so remember to bring your questions.
:bulletblack:  You do not need to choose a mage item or abilities at this time (although you can!). All abilities will have to be approved by RabuRabbit to ensure they are not OP.
:bulletblack:  Although you can come up with a past history… I would highly prefer you keep it to yourself at the moment. All mages appear in Fyr'st with convenient memory wipe either NO memory or very brief memories due to unknown reasons (you can read the Chairman's Letters found in the journal about this). You will have to speak with me about their history because it might not fit in the universe's canon…


What type of character do you guys like? Is more likely to get in?

There's no correct answer to this since this is based off votes and everyone has different characteristics that appeal to them. An interesting character isn't limited to certain personality quirks or a certain look. Personally, I think even characters that have cliched attributes can be interesting (our group is even based off a number of cliches), it's all about how you present your character and how they interact with others.

You can always go through the gallery as well! You wouldn't want a character that's too similar to another already in the group after all...

I didn't get in... does this mean my character was bad?

Whether your character gets in or not depends on a number of factors! Maybe people just liked other characters more than yours. Maybe you just didn't get enough votes even if you were close to the top voted characters. We won't tell you why your character got in (since the variables are so scattered) but if you personally think you can do better, then do so!

If you feel like you have a good character then you're free to try again next session! Remember that there's only a few that get in every month so... it could just be due to that limiting factor rather than you not having a character suited for the group.

What is brabds?

Who knows. There's a lot of inside jokes that you'll pick up during your stay here so look forward to uncovering them!

Chat Bot?

The chatroom's main bot is labbit. It does neat things. Check here for some basic commands. We use the $note command quite often, it's really cool so check it out when you have the chance.

Is my ability okay? Too overpowered?

At the time of writing the battle system is being overhauled but...

If you think it's OP, it probably is. Keep in mind you are level 01. If this was an mmo you'd be that poor lost soul with n00b equipment (except you don't even get starting equipment here). You shouldn't have something that is on par to a level 5 mage.

Don't feel like you need a super complex/cool ability. A simple ability can be just as if not more effective than a cluttered one. (seriously, you might just end up with a headache at the end... if we have to discuss back and forth for hours/days--which has happened--you may want to rethink your abilities). Cluttering an ability runs the risk of making it OP or just several abilities in one. ( you can get additional abilities )

I don't personally do ability check until after acceptance but here are some examples of a good ability and a bad ability.

For the sake of this example I'll be simplifying how stats are integrated.

:bulletblack: Good - A powerful upward slash, followed by a downward motion. (basically 2 hits )
See see nice and simple. Easy to understand. Something like this is perfectly fine. For this each hit would be "50% power" if successful.
:bulletblack: Bad - A powerful upward slash, followed by a downward motion with a chance of stun.
It's actually not that bad but by making it more complex you'll need to get more specific. Also by adding stun chance you're making the overall ability weaker.
:bulletblack: Good - A powerful upward slash, followed by a downward motion with a 25% chance of stun with the success of the follow-up slash.
With this each slash becomes 37% since you're sacrificing your  damage ability for something else. You can only imagine how weak an attack would be with 10+ attacks.
:bulletblack: Avoid heal abilities if possible. If you really want one, then  you can discuss with me though expect it to be super nerfed in terms of efficiency. I'd be careful about treading onto buff/debuff territory as well.
:bulletblack: Try and avoid abilities that have multiple abilities in them. In the past I've allowed this due to the randomization factor but... ( of course you are free to discuss with me )
:bulletblack: Not really ability related but generated weapons are much weaker than a single solid weapon. The advantage to generated is that you don't really have to carry it around, you can just "summon" them whereas a solid weapon has to be dragged around/can be knocked away and would need to be retrieved.
:bulletblack: Uhhh don't use RabuRabbit's character(s) as an example for ability creation. Those are more suited for plot/npc purposes rather than straight up battle. if you try and make abilities that affect plot outcome you'll be diving into Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu territory..

Chat Prompts?

If you see RabuRabbit post something in chat with bold text... :iconwhoknowsplz:

Is this appropriate?

If there is any doubt in your mind... then it probably is. Better to be safe than sorry right? You can always ask me or other members.

Do I need to have access to chatroom

Everything goes on there. Be there or be square. :iconwhoknowsplz:

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Hi this is Silver-moon123, my friend, Emma has a mom who works at the Make A Wish Foundation

Raise money for Make A Wish Foundation, we're making an Artbook which artists can draw one page each.

All money will go towards Make A Wish Foundation, a successful group of warm heart people who help all kids in treatment have one wish come true. Maybe you can be one those children!


In this Artbook, you draw your dream, what you want to become and be successful as. You will draw one page, colored and write a description of why you choose this and what your wish is (some people may not realize.)
SIZE: 8.5'' X 11'' [regular sheet of paper]
ONLY 40 Artists will be chosen.



Deadline. June 29th, 2013



1st place [COVER PAGE]

$6 or equivalent points
2 Cake badges from: Freecakebadges
Free copy of the book
3 month premium membership
Pixel icon from Silver-moon123
Chibi from Silver-moon123
Full body from: AnimaMagica

2nd place

2 Cake badges from: Freecakebadges
Free copy of the book
1 month premium membership
Pixel icon from Silver-moon123
Chibi from Silver-moon123
Chibi from: AnimaMagica

3rd place

1 Cake badge from: Freecakebadges
1 month premium membership
Pixel icon from Silver-moon123
Chibi from Silver-moon123
Chibi from: AnimaMagica

Judges NEEDED!

JUDGES: :iconsilver-moon123:
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Tue Apr 23, 2013, 3:15 PM by akifei:iconakifei:



Before you proceed, please read/familiarize with my terms and agreement or at least skim through it. It's important you read, as I will not be held accountable for any mistakes you make for not reading my policy.…

PIxel Icon

Pixel Mini - PrICE N/A

RP-Ossanslegs by akifei
+Size: Approximately 100x100
+Includes: Blinking, White Outline, Transparent BG
+Custom poses (limited tho)
+Additional may be charged for complexity/objects/additional animations, etc.

Pixel Mini Order Form:

Pixel Chibi - PRICE N/A

Blood Slush Martini by akifeiFloating Cory by akifei
+Includes: Blinking, Transparent BG, optional standing base
+Custom poses
+Additional may be charged for complexity/objects/additional animations, etc.
Pixel Chibi Order Form:

Mini Pagedoll - price n/a

+Blinking, Transparent BG
+Size: 200 x 200 pixels
Mini Pagedoll Order Form:

Chibi Mini

Coding by SimplySilent
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Recruiting: shiny bookmarks - waitlisting

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 6:38 AM

+updates: 12/09/2013

as of september 7th 2013, we are Now full. Currently we have no spots open! however if you are still interested I can put some people under a wait list. If spots open up, I will go down the list and add you we have enough people in the waitlist and most of the people have already paid.

to be part of the wait list, Please email me jinshimca @ (without spaces) with title "bookmark waitlist" and inform me how many design you wish to make.
I will probably open up another bookmark run this year/ early next year so it might be a smart idea to just go ahead and prepare the images early.
For those who have confirmed spots, please don't forget to pay within given week time period. Or you will automatically forfeit your spot (unless you have talked to me otherwise) . For those who have already paid, happy drawing. Don't forget image due date is oct 9 eastern time zone (11pm).
When you email me the files, please label the image files as "yourname_0101" (for front) and "youname_0102(for back) and so on
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email or note me.

This journal entry is more for artist who are active in the Artist alley world. if you don't understand whats going on below, don't fret.

I know a bunch of you have asked me about hooking you up with these so this is your chance.

General Information:

What are these Prism/shiny bookmarks?

  • pretty much Shiny bookmarks!  
  • they are double sided (color front cymk, greyscale back)
  •  rounded edges
  •  the front side is coated with "broken glass specs" style shiny/prism coating.
  • they are printed on 300gram paper
  •  there are min 200 copies of each design (normally 250 copies)
  • the actual size of the bookmark is 7cm by 15 cm 
  • working size is 7.4cm by 15.4cm, (2mm bleed each side)
  • work with 300dpi

sample image:


Important Dates:

  • please tell me as soon as possible (since slots are limited) if you are interested in taking part of this round's bookmark printing. and tell me how many designs you plan to make. Please be realistic and don't overshoot.
  • after informing me your interest and me confirming your slots, please pay the fees within 7 days or your slot will opened up again. we are being strict on this because we do have a number of slots to fill and bailers will put us in the red.
  •  All payment must be paid by Oct 1st 2013 (doesn't matter if you reserved your slots on the 30th of september)
  • image files are due by the  9th of October 2013. 11pm Eastern Time zone (so this is your drawing due date) 
    • if you are running late, please inform me! a few hours later is manageable. but I need to know ahead of time. if you are done early, just send them over!
  • for international orders, I will be able to ship your bookmarks by around 15th of Oct.
  • estimated delivery time for north american, australian and European orders will be late Oct-early november


  • I am charging $40USD flat per bookmark design. this price includes international shipping (from Korea).
    • the price includes  various factors like (the cost of making, within country shipping, international shipping, packaging, and small charge for my services and labor of lugging heavy ass bookmarks back and forth from the post office and me dealing with a korean printing company

How to order:

  1. email me jinshimca @ gmail. com (without the spaces) with title (bookmark registration) and tell me how many designs you are interested in doing.
  2. do not send me any forms of payment until I have confirmed with you. btw I only take paypal
  3. further instructions will be given via email then :)


I am not responsible for any "issues" on the final product (i.e. Colors are too saturated, weird cropping). However I and various other artist here use this printing company multiple times and we were always happy with the results. No refund will be provided due to printing error. however as long as you follow the instructions given you shouldn't have any issues. 
  • *i.e printed images do come off a bit darker for me. also the colors you see on your screen varies between different screens to so make sure you are aware of this* 
I am not responsible lost parcels so Please make sure the address you have given me is correct and that you are able to accept your package. After Sept 30th 2013 no form of refund will be issued. Don't be too worried though. I have shipped these off a few times already and faced no problems. ;)


1) can I order 1 design and have 100 copies of design A and 100 copies of design B instead of having 200+ copies of the same design?
a) No. the way these industrial printing companies work, the minimum is 200+ copies of the same design.

2) How are you getting these made?
a) I am ordering from a korean printing company (jo-ah). I am organizing group orders of 48 designs because thats normally the number the printing companies want.

3) does my front and back design need to be the same?
a) nope. as long as you keep in mind that one side is color and one side is not, you can do whatever you want when it comes to designing.

4) are you going to open up future orders like this again?
a) I can't say 100% but I will probably hold another one early next year. I usually don't host the group order myself so this doesn't happen often.

5) I don't have there any other way for me to pay you?
a) no.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or via note/email

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