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If you want to use the header for the features and the border of the images you should put this code into your journal:

<div class="feature">
<span>Feature Header</span> <---- The header -->
:thumb1232932::thumb2342342::thumb238432: <--- --The images -->
< /div> <-- No space between the < and the / .. just made a because the description made this disappear -->

Furthermore the border of the images just work in latest browser version (CSS 3)

hope you like it and if there some questions just ask!
and if you want me to make more journals like this .. tell me :D
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Just another simple journal, really struggling for inspiration for a really complex one, but I'll get it sooner or later. :P
Took quite a while to get this coded properly but I'm pretty pleased with the results. I have only check the compatibility with Firefox and IE, so if anyone could let me know if it works in the other browsers I would I really appreciate it.

At first this was going to be as complex as my last when it came to the coding but I got so many people asking for help I thought I better keep it simple this time so I have. There are only 4 things that need or can be added.

:heart: Live Version : [link]

:star: Left aligned header
<div class="leftheader">YOUR TEXT HERE</div>

:star: Right aligned header
<div class="rightheader">YOUR TEXT HERE</div>

:star: Text box under the header
<div class="textbox">YOUR TEXT HERE</div>

:star: Text box on it's own
<div class="sepbox">YOUR TEXT HERE</div>

There, see, didn't I say simple or what? But again if you want any help at all just give me a note and I'd be happy to help.

All links at the top should change automatically when you install the skin (fingers crossed) but if they don't feel free to change them. And the same goes for the dev icon in the top left hand corner, that should automatically change to yours.

Hope you guys like, and enjoy.

I give *CSS-Babes and =journalskins full permission to place this in their gallery.
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:pointr: Deviant Statistics :pointl:
This script adds some additional statistics to the standard statistics drop-down box.

:pointr: Prerequisite :pointl:
To install this script you need Mozilla Firefox and Greasemonkey
First install this two things and then click on the following installation link.

:pointr: Installation :pointl:
The script adds some statistics about the Deviant. - Similar to the Gallery Stats, but without this long loading time :)

:pointr: Troubleshooting :pointl:
If the script tells you it cannot fetch private statistics make sure you checked the "Accept thir-party cookies" in your Firefox Preferences => Privacy => Cookies. Or add an exception for "" on the right side of the preference window!

:pointr: Version History :pointl:
2010-07-22 : v7.1
FIX: dA changed something on their statistics-page, which causes the script to stop working.

2010-05-21 : v7.0
UPDATE: Version number is now v7 (=dA layout version)
FIX: Script is working again. (dA did some layout updates, I had to follow)

2009-12-09 : v3.4
Finally I managed to find some time to update the script, sorry for the long waiting time.
FIX: Script is working again. (dA did some layout updates, I had to follow)

2009-04-04 : v3.3
FIX: The category link was broken.
CHANGE: Gallery and category links now point to the artists gallery and not the dAs gallery.
CHANGE: Now displaying forum posts again.

2009-03-29 : v3.2
Rewrote the script.
Displays more information then ever before.

2009-02-07 : v3.1
FIX: dA changed the statistics backend again. Script is working again.

2009-01-23 : v3.0
Because of the new userpage layout the whole script has been rewritten. Currently it only works if the statistics are public, the private view is not supported!!!

2008-12-18 : v2.8
UPDATE: Script can display statistics on new userpages.
I removed the optionspage, because it is useless on the new pagelayout and 2 lines (top size, top resolution) becase they are needless in my opinion, what do you think?

2008-11-11 : v2.7
UPDATE: dA changed something in the site structur (as you can read here: [link]) so the script didn't work.

2008-10-31 : v2.6
BUGFIX: If a user had a deviation with "forbidden" in the title, the script didn't fetch the statistics

2008-05-19 : v2.5
And now a final 3rd update during 1 day!
UPDATE: Added a new tab: Averages, with some new features

2008-05-19 : v2.4
Sorry for 2 updates during 1 day, but there where a problem with the gallery statistics parser.
BUGFIX: "repaired" the gallery statistics parser, i.e. commented one function out

2008-05-19 : v2.3
BUGFIX: dA changed the statistics backend, the script has been modified to work with the new one correctly. Also removed 2 bugs: At banned user sides the script wouldn't load any statistics. And it displays now a correct error if no statistics can be fetched.

2008-01-28 : v2.2
UPDATE: New server for the script.

2008-01-07 : v2.1
BUGFIX: Displays 'none' instead of 'und,efi,ned' and 'NaN' if a Deviant has no Deviations uploaded

2007-12-31 : v2.0
Completely rewrote the script
Merged the 2 old versions to 1 new version
You now can switch the border and background on/off
Added a "Gallery Stats" like statistic
Added a updater. If there will be a newer version you'll be notified (similar to the dAm notifier)

2007-10-07 : .vX.1.1
Added the comma separation to all numbers in the Info Box

2007-09-28 : .vX.1.0
Friends and Watchers are in 1 line
Comments received and given are in 1 line
Display count of Most Faved, Most Commented, Most Viewed Deviation
Using native classes for links
Special THANKS to `BoffinbraiN for helping me

2007-09-22 : .vX
Release .v1 and .v2

:pointr: License :pointl:
This script is licensed under the

:pointr: If you find a bug, please note me :pointl:
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A handy little vb script that notifies you when new points offers are available on the Llama Trade page [link]


When you start this script the wscript.exe process will run in the background so if you need to kill the script just use task manager and kill this process. When new points are available, a new Internet Explorer window will automatically open and will take you to the Llama Trade page basically just to save you the hassle of having to continuously monitor the page for new points offers. The script will continue to run quietly in the background if no points offers are detected and will only open an Internet Explorer window if a new points offer becomes available. By default it checks every minute.


- Internet Explorer
- A session logged into dA

Important Notes:

- This script does not automatically submit llamas to new points offers, doing that is up to you. The intent of this script is just to make you aware when new points offers are available.

- Before running the script it might be a good idea to log in to your deviantART account through Internet Explorer, that way when the Internet Explorer window pops up you can click on the 'Give A Llama Badge' button without having to log in first. Alternatively if you have a session open in another browser you can go to the Llama Trade page manually after being notified.

- This script, as far as I know, can only work using the Internet Explorer browser due to the fact that it's coded in vb. So no, it probably can't be changed to launch FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc, instead as much as i'd like it to open in anything other than Internet Explorer!

- There's the possibility that this script may crash if you loose your internet connection temporarily or if deviantART returns an error page instead of the Llama Trade page which it can from time to time. If that happens, the solution is to just restart the script.
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a feature which I think might be handy to be implemented in the dA groups pages.

The "Add event" option should only be available for the group administrators.
Also the date with the darker background is the current date, the one with the light highlight are dates with an upcoming event.
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What is Better DD's?

Better DD's is a userscript to make the thumbs on the daily deviations page BIG (like, 280px big, or nearly double their original size)

Awesome. How do I install it?

Make sure you have greasemonkey installed if you are using firefox, and if you're using Chrome, Safari or (I'm fairly sure) Opera, You're all ready to install it.

When you've done that, click on This link to go to the userscripts page. From there, click the pretty green INSTALL button.

After that, go to the DD's page and wait a short while and suddenly the thumbs will GROW!

Any last words?

This script is very much still in beta, and I'll continue to work on it to improve a few different things, but it's good enough now to be used. If you find any bugs though, please give me feedback so I can improve it :D

To anyone else who makes userscripts: I'll release my image scraping code when I'm happy that it won't rape load times too much on more thumb heavy pages, or work in the background more neatly. Get excited :D
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This is my 3rd DA anniversary present for you guys!

:pointr: It matches my Spring Journal CSS. You can grab it here: [link]

I made this gallery shortly after I finished the journal. Obviously I couldn't have finished it without `ginkgografix's helpful tutorials. So, thank you!

:pointr: You can see a live preview of this gallery CSS here: [link]

I included .psd files for the header, so you can edit it (just replace the link under the h2 class) and the gallery icons I used to have (Actually I still have them, check my gallery).

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. And tell me if you use it so I can feature you here. ;)

Enjoy! :smooch:

People using it:
:bulletgreen: !honor-to-serve:bulletblue: =Skye-Bird:bulletgreen: =HayaMika:bulletblue: *keropanda:bulletgreen: =Toxicated-kisame52:bulletblue: =NaiveCRIMSON :bulletgreen: *Thunderflight :bulletblue: *iLove2Dancex3 :bulletgreen: =Emrose88 :bulletblue: *MeganMesi :bulletgreen: =Tophthetomboy :bulletblue: *LadyFoxySky

:megaphone: Important! Please read!
I have updated the css because there were some problems with the thumb bg pic padding. You have to download the file again if you're already using it, or change the whole .folderview-art span class to this:

.folderview-art span {
background: url('http ://' );
background-repeat: no-repeat;
height: 200px;
padding-top: 12px;

Remove the space between http and ://

Thank you for your patience :D I know it took long :P
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Behind the Scenes of deviantART related contest template. After the contest is done i might submit this as a free template - in a modified version of course :aww:

Contest news article: [link]
Contest journal: [link]

Splatter brushes [link] by ~tydockter
Grunge brushes [link] by ~yana-stock
Fella by deviantART Shop, photo taken by me

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Pink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiieSupport Me!Pink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiieMore Buttons!Pink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiieMore FTU ResourcesPink Cross Bullet by UndeadZombiie
!!!Free To Use!!!
Credit is not necessary but is hugely appreciated
Please do not edit/reupload anything without asking me first.

<a href="paste your skype url here"><img src=""></a>
<a href="paste your instagram url here"><img src=""></a>
<a href="paste your deviantart url here"><img src=""></a>
<a href="paste your GASR forum url here"><img src=""></a> 

Disclaimer : These icons are not my creation, I merely pixelated them to make them useable for DA.
The Original GASR Forum Icon ©EnjoyBoredom

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I am sorry this is not a direct install Journal CSS. It requires some knowledge on how to use it.

Download the .rar package and extract the content to find the "RiFLX Journal CSS.doc" inside it. It contains all the information on how to use this journal.

You can use the free software like winrar (here [link]) to extract the contents.

I'll upload the embeddable code for the progress-bar as a separate deviation so that you can use it any journal you want! Cool huh? :D


If you have any trouble or find any bug:bug: in this journal CSS then please inform me.

I take commissions for custom journal CSS. If you are interested to commission me, you are always welcome! :hug:

Also if you feel kind enough to avail my free resources then you can donate me points:points: so that I can hold contests for my fellow deviants.
Copyright 2011 somrat.
No derivatives and modification is entertained for this CSS.

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