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     Deep in sleep Ember dreamed of a flame in a meadow. Ember was standing in the field of flowers as the flame approached. The small clump of fire came closer to Ember, not leaving burnt flowers nor a trail of fire, and as it came Ember began to feel a happiness she has never felt before. Soon it formed into a young red dragon, about equal to the age of Ember. "Hi Ember," It said.
     "Hello, I've been waiting for you." Ember replied. But just as soon as it came it started walking away. "Wait, where are you going?" Ember said questioning its action.
     "Away." It said.
     "You just got here!" Ember cried out.
     "No, I never came." It said, now in the voice of Spyro.
     To that Ember woke. Here pillow was lightly wet with tears. 'What time is it' Ember thought. Rubbing her eyes and looking at her clock which read 11:37 so she thought, 'I should probably get up'. And that she did. She went to the lake and bathed, came back, put on her heart necklace, ate breakfast, and sprayed on a little 'special occasion' perfume, then left.
     Though bothered by her dream Ember was able to smile seeing Flame, having one hand behind his back, not to far from her house. "Hello Flame!" Ember said approaching him.
     "Uh, hi Ember." Flame said nervously. Just after doing so he pulled his hand out from behind his back. In it was a bouquet of flowers. Some had red petals and pink centers while the others had pink petals with red centers.
     "Those flowers look beautiful!" Ember said, taking them from Flame's hand.
     "So you ready to go?" Flame asked.
     "Yep." Ember said in her usual happy tone. So off they went through the forest towards the park.
     'Soon we'll be at the park.' Ember thought, just before Flame randomly stopped walking.
     Before Ember was able to ask him what was wrong, Flame asked, "Do you smell that?" And sure enough she could, the distinct smell of a fire. So they started running towards the park, following the path and smell.
     Just as the reached the park a burning tree starts to fall down towards Ember. "Ember!" Flame yells, tackling her to the ground, and just barely making it himself. "Are you ok?" Flame asked.
     "Thanks to you I am." Ember said looking deeply into Flame's eyes. To break the moment another burning tree fell near Ember and Flame making them wince.
     "Come on!" Flame said. "We have to put out this fire!"
     "How?" Ember asked, looking around for something to help. "Since we can breath fire maybe we can inhale it to." Flame said, with a small certainty.
     Flying to some nearby trees Ember and Flame worked together to put the fire out. Ember and Flame came down right next to each other but as Ember touched the ground she started to wobble. Just as she fell Flame caught her.
     "Are you alright Ember?" Flame asked looking at her in his arms.
     "I just need some sleep." Ember said, trying to remain conscious.
     Setting her down, and walking to a picnic blanket nearby Flame said, "This was meant for our picnic but here." Wrapping her up in it. "Thanks Flame." Ember said. Just before Ember closed her eyes she saw the burnt flowers that she dropped when the burning tree almost hit her, fall to the ground. And flying away was a large red dragon.
Sorry it took so long but here it is! Ember's story, part 4: Flames of a date

Please leave comments to tell me what you think and where any spelling or grammer problems are at. Thanks!

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
This is purely fan-made.
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     In the early morning of Dragon Village the pink dragoness Ember was curled up on the cold ground when a slight gust blew, catching a few leaves and taking them off, letting them scatter, with one of them landing on Ember. "Uh," Ember said in a yawn, while brushing the leaf from herself. 'What am I doing out here' Ember thought to herself while looking around. 'Oh, yeah. I must have fallen asleep after talking to... dang! Spyro's suposed to be fighting Nasty Gnorc today, and then he'll be traveling to the other realms... I hope he didn't leave yet, this could be my last chance to see him in awhile!' So off Ember went, running as fast as she could to Spyro's house.
     Reaching Spyro's house she knocked on the door several times... no answer. "Well maybe he just left." Ember said to herself. 'Maybe I can catch him before he the fight or before he reaches the teleporter.' Ember thought running to Nasty Gnorc's cave.
     'Now right over this hill should be Nasty's cave.' Ember thought going up the semi small hill. 'Wait is that.....' "Flame?" "Hey Flame is that you?" Ember called out with on paw waving, the other three running.
     "Ember?" Flame said, watching Ember run clumbsily with her paw in the air.
     Stoping infront of Flame Ember asks, "Have you seen Spyro?"
     "Uh, yeah. He was in the cave with me and we were going to get Nasty Gnorc but then he said he wanted to do it." Flame said trying to cover up the fact that he was captured.
     "Did he leave to go to the teleporter yet?" Ember asked, almost certain it was to late.
     "Yeah he just left a minute ago." Flame said in response. "Not like I care but why do you want to see him?"  
     "Because he's the coolest and most handsome dragon, and he'll be gone for proabably a long time." Ember said running off to the area where she believed the teleporter was at.  "Thanks and bye Flame!" Ember called out already pretty far from him.
     "Pffh." Flame puffed while making a small bit a fire from his mouth. "I'm the coolest and most handsome  dragon." Flame said to himself, a little jealous that Ember thinks Spyro is so.
     Not an hour since she woke and already her third time running. Finally she came to the opening she wanted to come to. 'I thought it was here...' Ember thought disapointed, but looking around anyway. Catching here eye she spoted a weird machine and, "Spyro!" Ember called out seeing him postioned with his back to her and standing on the pad of the teleporter.
     "Ember?" Spyro said turning around to see Ember off in the distance. Just as doing so Spyro was teleported to a far off distant land.
     "Spyro?" Ember called, running to the machine.
     "Oh dear." The professor said appearing in a hologram, while startiling Ember having her jump back.
     "Oh hi professor." Ember said getting back to were she was standing.
     "Sorry about that." The professor said, both for scaring her and teleporting Spyro. "He was ready to be teleported and then you showed up."
     "I understand." "Where did he go?" "Can you take me there?" Ember asked.
     "He went to the Coastal Remains, but it's far to dangerous!" "Red himself might be there!" The professor said, shaking.
     "But if Red is there then he might hurt Spyro!" Ember cried out, worried for him. "I know he's strong, but can he defeat Red at his current state?"
     "Lets just hope Red isn't there." The professor said trying to calm her without success.
     After a bit of talking Ember was finally convincied to stay, even though the only way to reach the Coastal Remains was with the help of the professor.
     "Did you catch Spyro before he left?" Flame said, emeraging from behind them.  
     "No I just missed him." Ember said with a disapointed tone. With that professor disapeared.
     "That stinks." Flame said being slightly empathetic.
     "So what brought you here Flame?" "Thought you didn't care about Spyro." Ember said in a taunting tone.
     "I don't......" Flame said stuburnly. "I came here to ask if you... wanted to go on date with me." Flame said while blushing slightly.
     "Oh... ah, sure." Ember said blushing herself and regretting her earlier comment about Spyro being the coolest. "Well where and when do you want to go?"
     "How about the park, but I have to go home and I stayed up all night so... is tommorrow good?"
     "Uh sure... I guess."  Ember replied a little scared and surprised with Flame's change of heart.  
     "Well see you tommorrow Ember!" Flame said running of towards his house before Ember could say bye.
     'Well tommorrow will deifaintly be intresting.' Ember thought to herself while imagining all the diffrent ways that this date could go wrong, as Flame was imagining how many ways there were to make it perfect. 'A date with Flame, who would of guessed?'
Ha! Part three: Departure! Enjoy. And please tell me of any any errors you see throughout the story! Thanks!

Sorry for it once again not being long, but it took 2 and half hours to make, maybe ten minutes to type, and it needed to be ended there so :P (It serousily did take 2 hours and thirty minutes.....) I was stuck at a few of the wordings and I didn't know how to start it. so yeah.... Enjoy, or else!

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
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     Weeks have gone by without Spyro returning home. During that time Ember and Flame have been growing closer and closer through countless dates. But all that was soon to change.
     A scarred and wounded dragon emerged from the teleporter, as though randomly. Falling limp, almost dead, the dragon fell unconscious, after only a few steps in the safety of the Dragon Village.
     "Oh dear." The professor said, emerging on the teleporter pad. 'I didn't think that he was that badly injured.' The professor thought.
     Hearing the teleporter a nearby Ember came running. "Spyro..." Ember gasped, seeing the unconscious body lying on the ground. Looking to the professor she asks, "What's happened to Spyro?!"
     "There was a battle with red and Spyro seems to be badly injured." The professor said in response. "You must hurry and help me bring Spyro to the hospital." He said, walking towards Spyro.
     In room 21A Spyro laid in the hospital's white gown, white sheets over him, white bandages on his body in several places, and white walls surrounding him. Ember was at the side of his bed, back to the door, sitting in a chair, while thinking about how it was a bad idea for Spyro to go.
     Then the blurry-eyed Spyro awoke looking around, surprised to find himself in a building. As his gaze fell left he found the ever-caring Ember smiling, spilling tears of joy from her eyes.
     "I thought you were going to die." Ember cried out.
     "I had to come back." Spyro said, trying to lean up, as the pain forced him back down. "You didn't think that I'd leave you alone did you?"
     As Spyro said that Ember remembered that he didn't know about her and Flame hooking up.
     "Well I'm just glad that your ok." Ember said, crying one final tear that seemed to stay on her cheek forever. Noticing it Spyro leaned up and lightly licked it off her cheek. Blushing madly, all Ember could say was, "Spyro..." in a whisper. Staring deep into Spyro's eyes Ember leaned in closer as Spyro did the same, ignoring the pain.
     The door creaked open as a wide-eyed Flame stood in the doorway, seeing Ember and Spyro locked mouth to mouth. "Ember..." Flame whispered, tears forming in his own eyes.
     Ember turned quickly around to see Flame stammering back. "Flame...?" Ember said, in an ashamed and surprised way. To unbearable for Flame he fled the hospital, tears falling.
     "Wait, you guys aren't...Ember?" Spyro said confused.
     "I'm sorry Spyro, I have to do." Ember said, getting up.
     "Wait Ember!" Spyro said as Ember was gone, out the door, chasing after Flame.
Chapter 5: Betrayal! Thought I wasn't gonna make it huh? Well hear it is! They seem to be getting better and better to me. What do you guys think? Plz comment and tell me of any spelling or grammer errors.

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
This is a purely fan-made story. This story can not be copied, edited, or used in any way, legaly, without my permission.
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     It was the day after Spyro left for Crocovile Swamp. Ember, still near the entrance to the swamp, was worrying about Spyro when all of a sudden he emerged from the cave that connected Cocovile Swamp to Dragon Village. Quickly Ember ran over to Spyro's side. "I was worried sick about you!" Ember exclaimed. "You easily could have been hurt!"
     "Well I'm fine." Spyro replied. "There is no need to be worried about me; I've done this kind of this many times before." Spyro said, trying to comfort her, if possible.
     "I know" Ember said, still worried for him. "But if you have a chance to be hurt, and then I might never see you again."
     "I'll be fine." "Besides, who else would save the world?" Spyro said, still trying to get her to understand.
     "If you die, or are captured, I'd miss you and the world would still be in trouble!" "You can't go and leave me!" Ember said in a raised voice, that wasn't at all like her normal tone.
     "Ember," Spyro said, now annoyed by Ember's persistence, "I have to do this!"
     "Spyro, If you like me, then stay." "You can't go!" Ember yelled, desperate to keep Spyro from going.
     "I never liked you; we were nothing more then friends!" Spyro yelled, now angered.
     "Spyro....." Ember said in a sad, but in a much quieter voice.
     "I have to go now." Spyro said with an urgency to get going.
     "Spyro... Spyro, don't leave me!" Ember said just as Spyro leapt into the air, off to Dragonfly Falls. Ember was left watching as Spyro flew away, as she was crushed, and now, lonely.
Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me

Based upon the near beagining of a Hero's Tail.
Please tell me what you think, and yes I know it's short.

Chapter 1: Short lived joy
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    A few days after Ember had met Soria, Ember saw her again in town. Ember was out grocery shopping, trying to decide which fruit to buy from a fruit stand, when she saw Soria. 'Hm, is that Soria?' she thought; and so she walked up to her, not realizing who she was with. "Hi Soria, how..." She started to say until she spotted, "Flame?"
    "Ember... Hey, been awhile." Flame said, awkwardly.
    "Yeah it has been." Ember said, trying to remember how many years it's been.
    "Wait, you two know each other?" Soria asked, looking from one to the other, confused.
    "We were childhood friends... and we dated for a bit." Flame said, slightly blushing.
    "After we broke up I moved here."
    "To find Spyro?" Flame said, with a smirk.
    "Spyro..." Life seemed to freeze as pictures of Spyro came back to her. Times of them playing, of him leaving, of her waiting, of them kissing, of the last time they saw each other. Ember shook her head, ridding herself of those memories. "No, I came to Spiritgrowth to start a new life. There was nothing left for me back at the village."
    Flame wished he could ask if he or Spyro was the last thing keeping her there or if she missed him, but he decided not to.
    "So what brought you here?" Ember asked, while Soria just stood back and listened.
    "I came here to get a job. Then I met Soria here." Flame said, holding out his paw towards Soria, as though pointing.
    "Sorry Ember, but we should get going now." Soria said, taking Flame's paw and walking away.
    "Bye then." Ember said, closing her eyes, taking it all in. When she opened them, she found Flame and Soria walking, tails wrapped together. With that, she let out a sigh, think of how Flame and her have never wrapped their tails together.
Return of Flame! And he's dating or married to Soria? What does Ember feel? Has she missed him or Spyro? Either? Hehehe, i like this one. Oh yeah, and 2 ch.'s in 5 days. new record! (i think..)

I've changed the part's into ch.'s. At first a thought they were to short to be chapters, but parts are typically longer and contain ch.'s so I changed it. I'm still have grammer isues with speech though.....

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me

Story is a fan fic, no realtion to the actual Spyro storyline, and this story is (c) by me. If you didn't know (c) = copyright!
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     Ember was laying on her bed, doing nothing, like she has been doing since her and Flame's breakup, when there was a knock at her door.
     'Is that Flame?' She thought, while running down the stairs and opening the door, surprised and disappointed to find only Spyro.
     "Hi Ember." Spyro said, casually as ever.
     "Oh, hi Spyro." Ember replied, not hiding her disappointment from her voice.
     "Were you expecting someone else?" Asked Spyro, knowing all to well her answer.
     "Well it would have been nice to see Flame on the other side of the door, but anyways..." Ember said, perking up, "It seems they let you out of the hospital early..."
     "I'm sorry Ember." Spyro said, looking down.
     "What for?"
     "I saw what happened, that you and Flame broke up." Spyro explained, looking at Ember again.
     "It wasn't your fault," Ember said now being the one to look down, crying without noticing, "If he can't accept that I like you then it's better that we broke up."
     With Spyro's paw he lifted Ember's chin so she would face him, leaning in for a kiss, but Ember turned away.
     "You need to leave." Ember said, in a very serous voice, just now realizing she's been crying.
     And so he did. Without closing the door behind him, Spyro left Ember's house, clenching a fist and holding back tears of his own.
Um short one, Spyro leans in for a kiss, and rejected! Oh to bad Spyro... Does Ember still like Spyro? Will Ember get back together with Flame? And will I ever get the tuna sandwich I ordered. Possibly find out next time on Regan Ball D!!!!! (Bad refrence to Dragon Ball Z.... Hehe baldy)

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me

Plz tell me if there are any errors, i like it to be as error free as impossible. As you can tell when i wrote this comment i was in a very weird mood. Good day you ppl.
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    In time Spyro left Dragon Village, maybe to save another realm, or perhaps to find a land with more dragonesses his age. Regardless, it left Ember with only Flame, which she couldn't date or even talk to since their break up. With no one left for her to talk to, Ember left, going to the nearby city of Spiritgrowth. There she found a job as a florist's assistant and became accustomed to the city, which was much larger then Dragon Village. She found plenty of boyfriends, though none really worked out well.
    One day Ember was out looking for blue roses when she came to a tan, white, and silver dragoness, about Ember's age, standing near some fast-growing, blue roses. Stopped immediately by the flowers, Ember stared, watching a couple dozen roses bloom to full growth in a garden. After the flowers grew the dragoness stood up and turned around to see Ember standing there.
    "Oh, hi; can I help you?" the dragoness said, as Ember still stared.
    "Um, well I was wondering if I could have some blue roses, they are quite hard to find around here," Ember replied, snapping to her senses.
    "Sure thing, just one minute," The dragoness said, kneeling and putting her hands over some grass, as it started to glow and change shape, turning into blue roses.
    "Wow that's amazing!" Ember said, picking the flowers. "How did you do that?
    "I've been able to do that since I was a kin, it's my form of an element," she replied, slightly blushing.
    "That pretty cool, well thanks, I have to go."
    "Bye then."
    "What's your name?"
    "Hm? It's Soria, and yours?" She asks, already back working.
    "Nice to meet you Ember but I have to go," Soria said, looking very satisfied at her work.
    "'k then, bye," Ember said, walking away with her blue roses in hand; though soon she found herself looking back towards Soria's gardens, with Soria nowhere in sight. "Where'd she go?" Ember asked herself. However she soon found out as she looked forward again, for off a distance she found Soria inspecting flowers, a distance to far to of walked in that time.
Ok first no, I didn't plan to use Soria in this story, but when I made her job be a florist's assistant, and i wrote blue roses (possibly my fav flower... ), i decided to chose Soria to be in it, it just flowed, so why not? And yeah. An introduction to Soria and the new life of Ember in Spiritgrowth. How did Soria get over there that fast? Hehehe....

If you see any spelling errors, tell me, I'd like to no, same goes with grammer. :)

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
Spiritgrowth I don't care about....
blue roses (c) by god
FAN FIC! Fake, made by me.... yadda yadda yadda....

yadda (c) by creator :)
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    She knew what she had to do. Not a night of sleep could be achieved until then, last night proved that much. So gathering what strength she could muster, Ember found her way into Soria's gardens. She knew only one way to meet up with Flame, and that was through Soria.
    And so she came upon Soria... and Flame, sharing a kiss. Nothing longer then a peck, but envy still boiled inside Ember. Yet right after it broke Flame turned, Ember hiding to avoid Flame's path of sight. Flame walked past Ember, not noticing her hiding and continued, while Ember emerged from behind him and approached Flame, almost innocently.
    "Hi again Flame!" Ember said, with her most innocent voice.
    "Oh, hey there Ember, where'd you come from?" Flame asked, even though there was only one way to come from, high grounds and a lake surrounded the majority of the garden.
    "That way," Ember said, pointing to basically nowhere. "So where are you off to?"
    "Well I'm about to go home, then go to work. If I'm here any later then I'll be late."
    "Then may I come along with you?" Ember asked, just longing to talk to Flame.
    "Sure I guess," Flame said, shrugging, sort of wanting to talk to Ember anyway.
    So off Ember and Flame left, off to Flame's house, all the while talking. The house turned out to be rather large, and made of stone, a sure sign of wealth. And the inside turned out to be just as impressive as the outside, it was well cleaned, surprising for a mate-less male dragon, of course Ember's thoughts drifted to Soria and she shuttered, maybe he wasn't mate-less.
    Flame got what he needed, a pickax and a hard helmet with a light, via a glowing crystal. Gathering up his stuff, Flame turned to Ember, "The mine's entrance is right next to my house, so you better get going."
    Ember understood and left, noticing a portrait of herself, Spyro, and Flame on the wall, originating from their childhood. That alone gave her a smile and allowed her a night's rest, though her thoughts were still in turmoil.
Ok the tenth chapter of my story is done! It's been a bit since my last one, I was craving to write something, and something diffrent to, so this chapter is based upon an almost poetic form of discribing how Ember feels, and how she needs to get Flame back, regardless of how it breaks Soria. Also it goes into how Flame and Soria might be closer then what Ember thought, which Ember fears. I'm liking this one, but of course it's a short as ever..... I'm not good at expanding my writing, I'll try to do so next time. Whatever, I'm still happy each time a finish one. This thing took up a paper, when I was writing it, front and back, so I thought it'd be longer...

Disclaimer thing:
Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
This is a fan fic, I do not own the Spyro charachters, and I am not associated with Seirra in any way, shape or form.
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   Sunlight hit Ember's eyes and she awoke. She sat up, not remembering what happened yesterday until she got a shot of pain across her body. She fell back down as she remembered yesterday's events. 'Curse those fiendish apes,' Ember thought, surprised she thought that aggressively. She also remembered about being fired, and was sad, despite being freed from her jerk of a boss. She figured she should look for a new job today, but as she tried to get up again, another wave of pain struck her. She quickly changed her mind and fell back asleep to let her wounds continue to heal.
    Over the next few days she searched all around town for a job that would pay her good enough. After awhile she even came to Soria to help her, who swiftly denied her too. She found many jobs that would actually hire her, but all gave a significantly low pay. After searching the entire city, she finally settled on a job as a smelter.
    It gave low pay, medium hours, and horrible conditions. She sweated constantly, being exposed to the hot burning coal that she kept alight, and reeked of the smoke that surrounded her, burned her eyes, and dried her throat. This was the best she could find, the other jobs were still even worse or just  not worth the time and pay.
    After her second day at work she was heading home, tired. In her eyes were tears and the remains of the smoke that blackened her body, along with her burns. On the way home she came across Flame, and he didn't have Soria with him.
    Flame started, "Hey Ember!" and then noticing her ash and smoke streaked body, "what happened? Working in a mine now?"
    She stood, emotional and broken by her second day at work. Her eyes filled with tears, this time not because they stung. She was able to respond in a quiet voice, "I was fired from my previous job and now I work as a smelter."
    Flame was shocked as he spat out his reply, with such sympathy, "Oh that's horrible Ember! It must be hard work!"
    "I-it is... my eyes and skin still burn. I barely get paid for my work too! I won't be able to pay for my house at this rate." and she broke into tears, and Flame took her into his arms. They held each other close until Ember calmed down a bit. "I can't go back there Flame." She said, wiping her tears away.
    "Maybe you could get used to it?" Flame suggested, breaking their hug.
    "No! I can't go back there, ever!" Ember said, despise and resentment in her voice.
    "Ok well... maybe you could find a new job?" Flame suggested, as an alternative.
    "I already looked at what jobs were available, but I guess I could try them out, see if I like them better." Ember said, almost hopeful.
    "Well then I guess I'll see you around Ember." Flame said, and with slight hesitation, they hugged goodbye.

    Ember countlessly tried out for jobs over the next few days. She kept Flame up to date on her job search, which was merely which jobs she was able to get hired for, and how bad they were. After about a week since she started her job search, she had no money left and her house was taken from her. She came back to Flame for help and they sat together in the refurnished living room, from after she burned the room in the fight with the thief.
    She told Flame of her new situation, and how she had near to no hope. "I'm out of a job, and have no home!" She cried, obviously, and rightfully, distressed.
    Flame sat quiet for a moment and decided, "I cannot let you leave her homeless. Ember, you can stay her with me, if you wish." unable to leave his good friend under such conditions.
    Ember slowly looked up from starring down at her paws. "You'd let me live her? I can't even pay you for food or rent." Ember said, understanding Flame's hospitality, but wondering if it was appropriate for her to take it.
    "I have enough money to easily comfort two people. It wouldn't be a burden at all if you stayed." Flame replied, glad his wealth could be able to help someone else.
    Ember thought about it for a moment, "I guess I don't have much of a choice do I? Very well then, I'll move in with you." She smiled after saying that, as did Flame.
    "Glad to hear that. I guess we should go get your stuff then. That is, if you need help?" Flame asked, in a lighter mood himself.
    "Thanks, but I don't have all that much. The majority of what I had came with the house." Ember said, remembering where she put her possessions.
    "Ok then, I'll be here when you get back."
    With that, Ember left, and flew to the place where she hid her belongings. Kept in baskets, she was able to carry them in one trip, with only a little difficulty, as she came back to Flame's house.
    She thanked Flame again when she got back and went to her new room. As she entered it, she thought how it would just be temporary; she would get a good job soon and have her own house. Then though, she would have no one to share that home with. Before now she lived alone since she moved to Spiritgrowth. Here she has Flame, the dragon she still likes, and he still has her. 'Maybe this won't be temporary.' She thought to herself, as she imagined how life would be together for the two of them.
Poor Ember! She must be going through so much. Luckly she has such a good friend like Flame.

Spyro (c) by Seirra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal (yeah, I found the actual copyrighter)
Soria and story (c) by me
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    As she expected, the flight was as short as it always was. Ember came upon the large wooden house that appeared in a small clearing from its surrounding forest. From a dive with fast and powerful wing beats, Ember descended and landed. Walking up and knocking on the door, Ember waited... after some time the door opened and out came Grenwell, the potter.
    Grenwell is a short, grey, and old Aardvark. He was good at his profession, but it took a good amount of time for him to complete his tasks.
    He led Ember inside his house and pointed to the vases, he wasn't much of a talker. As Ember figured, there were a lot. After paying the potter, Ember headed out, with multiple vases in her arms.
    The path back to the flower shop went like this: first she follows a trail through the forest, which leads up over a small set of mountains, to fall down into a marshland, opening into a prairie, and leading back into town. Each trip would take a few hours by walking, and only about 20 minutes by flying.
    She started through the forest, whistling a tune to pass the time. The overhead covering was heavy and made the forest dark, but by now she was used to it. About three fourths into the forest she heard a rustling sound. It surprised her simply because it was a big forest, Ember figured there wouldn't be anything large in it and she hasn't seen anything before. She stopped and looked into the shaded trees to try and find the animal. Up in a small tree she saw the silhouette of a monkey. It wasn't doing much of anything, just laying around. It turned and looked at her as she looked at it, then it ran off. Ember sighed. "There goes the most interesting thing on this trip," Ember said to herself, then continued.
    Nothing was interesting even as she approached the mountains and started up them. Nothing was different when she reached the top. Nothing was different as she... but there was something different as she looked down. She saw a trail of blood down a path on the mountain. 'Maybe there are large animals in this place,' Ember thought, but then another thought came to her. 'What if someone is injured and stranded out here.' She couldn't risk that possibility, so she ran down the mountainside, vases in hand, as she constantly though the worst or what she thought was the worst. It was nothing compared to what she saw as she came down to the trial. Drag marks and two tiny footprints were shown in the ground around the blood, which led into a cave in the mountain wall. In that cave stood a dozen set of eyes whose bodies ran at her, and screeched a blood curling sound, that matched the apes' demonic bodies ever so perfectly.
Ember's story part 15. The plot is taking longer then I thought it would, but hey, anything for a good story right?
I ment to write this earlier but my escuse for this chapter is that I was stuck at many times like, how she would meet the apes and what the potter would be. Ok, so maybe an Aardvark isnt the most exicting random animal, but it's diffrent and fits my character. Btw is Grenwell an actual name??? I like the way this is going, needs some action doesn't it? To bad it's not an actiony story, but my next one wil be. :P

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria, Grenwell, Rose, and Story(c) by me.
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