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This is just a basic overview. It just kinda gets you started.
I will be doing other Tutorials. This is just the first part.
I will be also doing Using effects, prop placement, Ragdoll Posing, Face Posing, and Finger Posing. And I will do a Photoshop tutorial on how to make your screenshots even better. But that will be after all the other tuts.
If I think of any others or if you think of any others, I will do those too.
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I really Tron-ified my Android Gingerbread G2 yesterday. And I wanted to share my explorations and experience with you through a simple walk-through/review and preview of different apps/themes/skins. Click through here [link] to visit my website, and go directly to the TRON: Legacy Android Skins & Themes Review

Please note, there are CLU aka yellow/orange skins & themes, but most require similar launchers. Click through to learn more.
The attached deviation is basically me showing a few screen shots and mushing together graphics to make the site and the tutorial deviation look nice;)
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Made with
my own photography
(Except the mountain are from ).

Stocks by me
Space Nebula Pack Stock
Leaves PNG Stock 2
Moon Package Stock
Beautiful Sky Stock

Premium content for contests prizes

let me know if you have problems for downloading.

  • Informations - Size

1 Premade (2.000 x 2.845 Pixels )

  • Please respect the rules
My Stock RulesPlease respect all rules, is very important if you want to use.
all copyrights are my, my stock are not public domain, all rules must be respected.
all my stocks are created with my own resources.example:

my old stocks are created with stocks of other people, when I use stock of others, you will find a direct link to the stock in the description.example:

More stocks here , Free stocks here and premium here

Bullet; White You should:Bullet; White


Bullet; Green Credit ME and put the link to this stock in the description of your work.

Bullet; Green If you use my stock, send me a link (via note or comment on the stock used).

Bullet; Green You don't need my permission to submit your work as a print.

Bullet; Green Ok for commercial work.

Bullet; Green You can post
your work on other sites, but put credit.

Bullet; Red Be creative, do not just change the colors

Bullet; Red Don't use in any pornographic or racial way.

Bullet; Red Don´t make premade backgrounds, tubes or brushes with my stock.

Bullet; Red You are not allowed to re-post my stock on any other site.

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

More stocks here and premium here.
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New skin for Juri Han. Blood VFX are included.

Video link:…
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I am quite satisfied with this one. Took about 4 hours or so.

I call it Bamboo People o.o , they exist.

This is what the picture was before [link]

Also the house was from here: [link]
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Hi-quality Star Wars vector emblems set
Ai, Eps, PDF - files in archive

• Star Wars Galactic Empire vector emblem
• Star Wars Rebel Alliance vector emblem
• Star Wars New Republic vector emblem
• Star Wars Mandalorian Crusaders vector emblem
• Star Wars Neo-Crusader vector emblem
• Star Wars Mandalorians vector emblem
• Star Wars Mandalorian Mercs vector emblem
• Star Wars Death Star Training Academy vector emblem
• Star Wars Clone Trooper vector emblem
• Star Wars Jedi Order vector emblem
• Star Wars New Jedi Order vector emblem

More vectors >>
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I thought this would be quick and easy to do but it actually ended up taking forever. But at least I now have all of this useful info in one place to refer back to. And so do you. Most of it may be review, but maybe you'll learn something new. If you find any of this information useful I would to have you browse my actual art and see if you'd like to watch or at least fav this and leave a comment.

If the text is too small and tough to read, here is a link to the text. [link]
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How to Draw and paint Knight Metal Armor digital illustration. For video process with explaination and more detail here: [link]

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:bulletred: CREDIT
:bulletred: LINK BACK
:bulletred: INFORM ME!


All I know for sure is I'm trying,
I will always stand my ground

Anybody who pays attention will know that Within Temptation are one of my favourite bands.. EVER. I never got the corset right first time so was never happy with the result, so, here with super thank yous to John and Lee, is some fresh stock just for you :) Needless to say my costume isn't exactly like Sharons, but I am much more pleased with how my new corset looks, though sewing it by hand was a bitch! (It crapped it down the first time we attempted this.. then it was extremely sunny the next time, needless to say we are ever at the mercy of the weather)
Check out the vid for Stand My Ground here - [link] :)

:icondreamers-of-avalon: More EXCLUSIVE FREE stock available at #Dreamers-of-Avalon Check it out!!


Location: UK
Photographer: ~ReapingFields
Model: `Elandria
Costume: Made by `Elandria

Download for full size :)

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Baby red panda from the Binghamton Zoo in Binghamton, NY. 

Feel free to use as a reference or as stock for photo-manipulations. Non-commercial use only.

Provide proper credit if used.

Also please consider supporting The Wolf Mountain Nature Center's wolf pup fund (where I am a volunteer) through this wolf action stock pack.  See details here:
Wolf Stock: Premium Charity Action Pack by HOTNStock
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