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Evil Dead TV series starring Bruce Campbell and directed/produced by Sam Raimi?


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Hadron Collider: New Color Discovered

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:56 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

A funny thing happened at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland.

The world’s most powerful particle accelerator was engineered to prove or disprove the existence of the Higgs boson – the so-called “God particle” that could unlock the secrets of several major conundrums of modern physics. But along the way, whilst smashing atoms together in their collider, the scientists have come up with something else. A new color.

But wait a minute, you say.

Color has to do with spectrums of light interacting with our eyes. For a “new color” to exist, a new spectrum of light would have to exist, which makes no sense. Unless … your eyes are glued to the split second of impacting sub-atomic particles smashing into each other in the Hadron Collider. That’s when the unique light spectrum briefly exists and the new color can be seen. The sight of the new color has sent observing scientists into spastic fits followed by weeks-long comatose states. But upon waking the scientists describe the experience as “euphoric” and “epiphanous” and pleasurable beyond any sensation in their former lives. A noticeable increase in the affected scientists’ intellectual output led to their being given I.Q. tests. Their test scores came out substantially higher than tests administered over years before.

When asked to describe the new color, the scientists cannot place it any section of the standard light-color spectrum, nor find descriptive words for it. They have given their new color a name. It is Bjork, named after the idiosyncratic Icelandic singer. None of the scientists know how the name was adopted, some swearing the color told them it’s name. The international supervisory board of the Collider must now make a decision as to the importance of the “new color” discovery, and how much of its resources should be shifted to adequately research the phenomenon.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you want to see the new color, even though there are health risks – as well as substantial personality alteration involved?
  2. Do you think there will be an effort to profit from “Bjork?” even though its existence is a fleeting thing of the moment, not unlike the actual singer herself.
  3. Might this new color that opens the perceptions of the mind’s inner eye have some mystical or religious significance? Is a new color that heightens IQ like the Tree of Knowledge from which Eve plucked that apple? In looking for the God Particle, did we find the Satan Particle?

A funny thing happened at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. The world’s most powerful particle accelerator was engineered to prove or disprove the existence of the Higgs boson – the so-called “God particle” that could unlock the secrets of several major conundrums of modern physics. But along the way, whilst smashing atoms together in their collider, the scientists have come up with something else. A new color.

Author: RWSlavin
Curator: ellenherbert
Designer: seoul-child

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I'm seeing so many of these things, so I took the liberty to be original and make a Naruto one cause I'm bored like that =P -Konan

Pick the month you were born :
•January : Became Kage with
•February : Mortal enemies with
•March : Got my headband stolen by
•April : Was murdered by
•May : I ran shirtless with
•June : Got defeated by
•July : Got kissed by
•August : Got body stolen by
•September : Assasinated
•October : Got handcuffed to
•November : Became gods with
•December : Slept with

Pick the date you were born on :
•1 : The Hokage
•2 : Naruto
•3 : Orochimaru
•4 : Jashin
•5 : My Sensei
•6 : A memeber from Sound Four
•7 : Some redhead
•8 : A Sannin
•9 : An Akatsuki member
•10 : A chakra blade
•11 : A Bijuu
•12 : A Jinjuriki
•13 : A ramen addict
•14 : The pervy sage
•15 : An Uchiha
•16 : An Ame Orphan
•17 : The Mizukage
•18 : A Leaf ninja
•19 : A messanger bird
•20 : A medical ninja
•21 : The Feudal Lord
•22 : A reanimated corpse
•23 : My Sempai
•24 : A Narutard
•25 : A Genin
•26 : Gaara
•27 : A monk
•28 : A ramen noodle
•29 : A fangirl/fanboy
•30 : A paper bomb
•31 : Ba-Chan

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing now :
•White : Becuse I'm just that badass
•Black : Because I failed my Chunin Exams
•Pink : Because my family was killed in the war
•Red : Because Naruto told me to
•Brown : Because I'm bored
•Polka dots : Because I'm emo like Sasuke
•Purple : Because I got sent on an S Rank mission
•Gray : Because I haven't been assigned on a mission in a year
•Green : Because my comerades hate me
•Orange : Because my life goal is to kill my brother
•Turquoise : Because I have a ramen noodle in my nose
•Blue : Because the Kazekage demands it
•Yellow : Because a ninja looked at me wrong
•Gold : Because I just became Jonin
•Tan : Because my sensei loves me
•Stripes : Because Tobi is a good boy
•Other : And I don't even know how it happened
•Shirtless :'s a long story

Like, I got "Mortal enemies with Jashin because I'm just that badass."
And Pein got "Ran shirtless with an Akatsuki member because I haven't been assigned on a mission in a year."
What's yours?
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Our Wearable Tech Future

Wed Nov 5, 2014, 7:00 PM
Cyborg by ltluan

What if you could wear your computer or smartphone as a neck tattoo someday?

Motorola has patented the concept of an "electronic skin tattoo" for your throat, equipped with an "embedded microphone" and "a transceiver for enabling wireless communication." This futuristic tattoo would help you communicate with smartphones, personal computers or other "mobile communication devices."

Check out the complete patent application at this link:

Electronic tattoo, which can be applied to a region of the body via an adhesive, is further comprised of a controller, a personal area network (PAN) transceiver, audio circuitry, a power supply, and a signal processor… Controller of electronic tattoo can be configured to execute programs or instructions to enable communicative coupling of the electronic tattoo to external electronic devices such as a smartphone, a gaming device, a tablet computer, a wearable computer, for example.”

The application also hinted at the lie–detecting possibilities of this tattoo, as it could potentially include a “galvanic skin response detector” that could measure and reveal your body’s physical reactions.

The Atlantic senior editor Alexis Madrigal explored the implications of such a device:

The User could have a screen on his throat that turns orange when he starts sweating because he’s a liar. Everything will be clear to his business associates and loved ones, from the timber of his voice to the content of his character. Who would not want to live in this world?”

Melville House’s Dustin Kurtz wrote about the implication of this truth–telling tech for writers:

Our most effective social lubricant, the falsehood, would become so much grit in the wheels. Only psychopaths could be politicians. What relationship could survive? But of course the most adversely affected, as with all big inventions, would be the poor novelists.”

What do you think? Would the convenience of a wearable computer outweigh the potential privacy issues of this theoretical device?

The problem with every type of spy equipment is that those it is being used to spy upon must take measures to defend against the device. It is always safer to assume every spy is using it and take appropriate measures, whether or not there in any real proof. This is why journalists and doctors and human rights monitors have such a problem with CIA and others using their professions as covers. To be safe, the bad guys must assume everyone is CIA and therefore torture everyone indiscriminately. So now, regular journalists are going to get their throats slit because they might have an e–skin tattoo?

As for skin discoloration as yet another “lie detector” device.

Psycho liar killers are sociopaths who do not sweat or experience a raise in blood pressure when lying. They therefore fool lie detector machines easily. Normal people sometimes get “caught” when they’re not even lying, just because the accusation is so upsetting to their system.

If we become a society in which we are not even allowed the occasional “white lie” to ease social situations, we’re doomed to become self–censoring automatons scared to initiate anything outside the lines that might be considered deceptive or rebellious. Since we often have to lie to secure a better job, which we then thrive in or lose according to our abilities finally being allowed to be tested, a world without minor deceptions means a society with no promotions, no personal growth, anti–innovation and risk–taking. So where you’re born is where you stay. The corporate controllers’ paranoid need to police our lives outside of work hours (the reason for lie detectors) thus embeds the spirit of the caste system in our democracy. It’s a cancer we don’t need.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think it would possible in this uber-“recorded” society for you to delete all records of yourself so you could go completely “off the grid?”

Do you think it would possible in this uber-“recorded” society for you to delete all records of yourself so you could go completely “off the grid?”

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The past few weeks were emotionally rough, so I found myself closing down, creatively, and retreating into an analytic frame of mind. I started getting very picky about technical things, focusing like a laser on - you guessed it - brush strokes.  This sort of thing has the potential to quickly degenerate to the level of a symptom.  In my case, I think it starts as a symptom, which is my signal to elevate it to practical knowledge and skill by channeling it through art.

In any event, after a long period of "obsessing," I formulated a new, streamlined understanding of brush inking abstracted from all I have explained so far.  And it should come as no surprise that, as with my original brush handling "katas", it's based on my experience in the martial arts.  

"Inking on the L.A.M." * is a simple, practical, and elegant way to approach controlling ink effects by matching brush movement to the kind of lines and marks one wants to make. It is analytical, not intuitive, which makes it much easier for the beginner to get desired results, and for the experienced brush man to figure out why he's not getting the results he wants.

Consider that there are three kinds of movement: Locomotive, anchored, and manipulative.**  This is all it's about, so let's review each one and start to put that knowledge to work building and refining skill.

1)  Locomotor movement means moving from here to there, as in walking or running.  It is displacing a body or object in space from one set of coordinates to another.  For example, in inking, you pick up a brush and draw a line that starts at the extreme left side of the page and ends at the extreme right side.  The entire brush has been moved from one place to another.  That's locomotor movement.  Strict locomotor movement means that this is the ONLY manner in which you have moved the brush.  You have moved it this way without combining it with either of the other two kinds that follow.  Typically, locomotor movement is performed with action of the whole arm, even with the body.

2)  Anchored movement, or pivoting movement, or anchored-pivoting movement, is also referred to (imprecisely) as non-locomotor movement. This is movement done in place, as lifting, kicking, punching, where one is anchored to the ground and pivots from that anchored position.  In inking this is making lines by pivoting from the elbow, pisiform (palm heel), or knuckles.  While the tip of the brush moves, it circumscribes the point on the handle (or, by extension, the wrist, or arm) at which it's anchored.  

3)  Manipulative movement, or non-pivoting anchored-manipulation, is the extreme of anchored movement and is performed by the fingers without locomotion and/or pivoting, the hand being firmly anchored to the support.  

With knowledge of these three kinds of movement, one can control the brush to draw any ink line he desires.  Long lines (both dead and fluctuating) are done with locomotion by fixing the brush in the hand so that it stands on point, then moving the hand across the surface of the paper.  It doesn't matter if the distance is two feet or a fraction of an inch.  If the desired effect is that which obtains from keeping the tuft at 90 degrees to the surface, then this is the way to draw the line to get that effect.  Doing it another way will yield a different effect.

For tapered lines, side swipes, and scumblings that feather-to-black, and for any lines that curve around an edge, an anchored-pivoting motion may work best.  One picks the pivot point depending on the circumference of the curve.  One may opt to draw with the side of the brush to make a taper (side swipe), or pump the point (pump stroke).

Dots and stamps such as make up the detail of decorative patterns (i.e. commas, small S curves) are done with manipulative movement - with the hand fixed and the brush moved only by the fingers.

Grasping these distinct ways of moving the brush is, I think, the beginning of real brush control.  This is where one begins to make the connections among hand movement, its effect on the angular bias of the tuft, and the marks that result.  The next step is to integrate the movements into seamless, rhythmic sequences, because in practice, the movements are not separated; they are frequently combined, finding expression in varied proportion in any given stroke.   As in dance, the artistry of brushwork is in the transitions - the transitions of one kind of movement to another.    
Quantum Paradox:  On March 14, 2014 I posted a video demonstrating the three component movements.  Here it is…    
* Okay.  It should be "Inking on the L.P.A." : 1) Locomotor movement, 2) Pivoting movement, 3) Anchored movement.   That is because what we call manipulative movement refers to extreme anchored movement, so the term "anchored" should replace "manipulative" as a label.  And "pivoting" is obviously the better label describing 2) than "anchored". BUT, LAM is a catchy acronym, while LPA doesn't mean anything. So I fudged it to get a good journal title.  From here on, call it the LPA.  But really, what does it matter - who reads these things, anyway? (hehe) :blush:  

So, to be obnoxiously precise, the movements in questions are as follows
1) locomotive, (that one's easy enough.)
2) pivoting, or anchor-pivot, or non-locomotive, or non-locomotive anchored-pivoting (N-LAP),
3) Manipulative, or anchored-manipulative, or non-pivoting anchored manipulation (N-PAM).

Or maybe you would prefer
1) arm
2) hand
3) finger
Same thing. Hehe. Now, that was a long way to go for nothing!

The different kinds of movement are implied but not directly identified in my system of strokes.  For example, Finger Arcs are done with manipulative movement.  Straight pulls are locomotive.  The various pivoting strokes are, duh, pivoting movements.  The classification set forth here is an aid to learning to perform pure strokes in each class, with the aim of recombining them to advantage in a controlled manner.  

**I am indebted to Ben Campbell for this classification, which he explains in his book, "Championship Judo Drill Training, Volume Two: National Coaching Standards" (Edited by Philip S. Porter) (1974)  While I take exception to many of the techniques explained in this work, the fundamental premise and principle of drill training is sound.

Examples:  :thumb354459324: :thumb355034632:  
Brush Cuff training device Brush Cuff 2 by Sol-Caninus
16 February 1:20 p.m. :iconvictorydanceplz: Mouse 58 (Dyson Vacuum Cleaner)
Yes.  I pulled the fridge to check for mouse crap.  As I vacuumed there and behind the stove, 58 ran out and I got him.  I was using the wand.  Sucked him up.  Poor thing lodged in the nozzle.  Had to practically pry him free.  Pulled him out by the tail.  Took some effort.  Thought for sure he was dead, but, no.  After an emergency triage, he slowly came around.  But he stayed in shock for a long time.  i was able to pet him, pick him up and hold him in my hand even after I placed him outside.  Took a long time for him to figure out that he was free to go as he pleased.  Unlike every other mouse I've released, he didn't run away; just walked into cover.  I'm hoping he didn't suffer serious injury.  I was sorely tempted to take him as a pet.  Eat it?  Pet it?  Let's take the middle path and simply return it to the wild.  Life is hard.  It's hard for everyone.  Make the best of it. Live and let live.

The new Dyson ANIMAL. . . "And it never loses suction!"

This fellow has been making a racket at night. He's been staying away from the traps and eating only the crumbs and such from the counter, sink and stove.  He's a full grown male and I think he may be the Crafty Hermit.  Here is a guy who achieved success by flying under my radar and avoiding competition with other mice.  (Any wild mouse that lives six months or longer is a success by mouse standards.  I figure that's about how old he is.)  Of course, there's another side to that, because success made him fat, clumsy and sloppy, so finally got him caught. But just before that, this guy had gotten so familiar with me and Mr. Brewster that he was taking us for granted, venturing about in the kitchen in the early evening when I retired to the loft, Mr. Brewster supervising his activity, unable or unwilling to do anything about it.  And he thought nothing of foraging through empty cans and silverware, washed and unwashed dishes and anything else left lying around - obliviously, like a bear in a dumpster.

These mice!  hehe.  Such characters.  

18 February, now, and it's still quiet out there . . . yeah. . . too quite . . . .  I left some goodies on the counter top last night.  Untouched this morning.  Dare I hope . . . ?  Has the apprenticeship concluded?

20 February 2:47 a.m. :iconvictorydanceplz: Mouse 59 (Batmobile)  - Answers the question.
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You and I | Art Feature

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 12:35 PM

Others' voices by agnes-cecile

Suggested Soundtrack: "You and I" by One Direction | Artwork by agnes-cecile 

I figured it out from black and white.

lines hold the memories by agnes-cecile
Seconds and hours.
just one hour - memory III by agnes-cecile
Maybe they had to take some time.

two different lights by agnes-cecile
I know how it goes from wrong and right.
Silence and sound.

Others' voices by agnes-cecile

Did they ever hold each other tight
Like us?
intimacy on display by agnes-cecile

Did they ever fight
Like us?

our lines, our story, it isn't a linear path by agnes-cecile

We can make it 'til the end.
Nothing can come between
our great love story by agnes-cecile
Not even the Gods above
Can separate the two of us.

I don't want you to forgive me by agnes-cecile
I figured it out.
Saw the mistakes of up and down.

within the bounds of this single road by agnes-cecile
Meet in the middle.
There's always room for common ground.

wakeful by agnes-cecile
I see what it's like for day and night.
Never together

this thing called art is really dangerous by agnes-cecile

'Cause they see things in a different light
Like us.
But they never tried
Like us.

Forever yours, Freckles - detail - by agnes-cecile

We don't wanna be like them.
We can make it 'til the end.
Nothing can come between
You and I.

intimacy on display by agnes-cecile
No, nothing can come between
You and I.

xx love by agnes-cecile
Suggested Soundtrack: "You and I" by One Direction

Skin by Dan Leveille
Suggested Soundtrack: "You and I" 
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World War 3 may just be months away, with much of the middle east currently being blown apart by missiles and the locals setting their neighbours on fire, but the real news is that the Twinkie, the USA's primary contribution to world cuisine, could cease to be.

"You eat those?" I hear people ask. Hell no. Never eaten one in my life. There's something about their unnatural, chemical-yellow colour and that they have a half-life rather than a use-by date that just sets off one too many alarm-bells.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that if you read the print on the pack, you'll find asbestos to be a key ingredient.
Even John McClane can't keep one down, and he took out a building full of terrorists with nothing but his bare feet and a Santa hat.

Which leads to my point: Without the Twinkie, there are SO many lines from SO many classic movies that future generations just aren't going to get.
Die Hard, Flight of the Navigator, Zombieland, The Iron Giant, Wall-E, and, most importantly; Ghostbusters.
What unit are we going to use to measure PKE if there are no Twinkies?!
Cats and dogs, man!
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Fri Oct 17, 2014, 5:23 PM
Interstellar by MachiavelliCro

Who needs enemy aliens — when the oddities of space travel itself are so mind–blowing?

s the following gallery of landscapes of deviantARTist–imagined other worlds well attests to — the natural desire of humans to explore and discover knows no bounds, not even the limits of the Earth’s atmospheric shell. Whatever’s out there, beyond our galaxy: we want to put eyes on it. But space travel presents quite a problem.

Even spaceships much faster than anything we’re technologically capable of engineering today would mean voyages to the closest inhabited or habitable world lasting not years — but generations. Exploring new worlds might mean signing up for excursions that would be “one way” and completed by our great–grandchildren, and that’s if we can figure out how to protect ourselves from space radiation. And for shorter outings with a return ticket to Earth? The “twin paradox” is the curious space–time phenomenon of returning to Earth just a few years later and older (by our perspective), only to find that all our friends and family have died of old age.

In the upcoming film, Interstellar, Christopher Nolan takes a break from fighting hostile space aliens to return the “thought–provoking” vein of sci–fi pioneered by 2001 and The Right Stuff. Nolan has expressed a desire to return to the sense of wonder in intergalactic “exchanges” exemplified by Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. While Nolan was accused of crypto-neoconservative sympathies for his “Dark Trilogy” of Batman films, his Interstellar will now no doubt provoke the rage of climate change deniers by positing a climate–change devastated barely habitable Earth in the near future. A space mission via “wormholes” must first locate a habitable replacement for Earth and then race back to Earth for an organized exodus before the “twin paradox” accelerates the planet dying along with everyone the astronauts knew in life. Nolan’s focus is the human psyche’s necessary adaptations to the “future” paradoxes that we all might be facing sooner than we think.

Our future survival will depend upon how well we can evolve our perceptions of time and being.

In an
Empire interview
Christopher Nolan:

I do liken [Interstellar] to the blockbusters I grew up with as a kid, A lot of them by Spielberg. […] there’s a great spirit to films like Close Encounters and Jaws that I really wanted to try and capture, because I haven’t seen it in a very long time.”

You can’t pretend 2001 doesn’t exist when you're making Interstellar, But the other film I’d have to point to is The Right Stuff. […] It’s one of the great American movies and people don’t quite realize how great it is–probably because it’s four hours long!”

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you have any doubts about Climate Change?

  2. Do you believe there are other inhabitable worlds in our Universe?

Who needs enemy aliens — when the oddities of space travel itself are so mind–blowing?

Author: techgnotic
Curator/Editor: DeevElliott
Designer: seoul-child 

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Group considered a racing for new year's celebrations ,We will have three winners with three different award:

1 - First Person 300 pointsAdventure Time: Gunter by smera
2 - Second Person 200 pointsDancing Dalek by CookiemagiK
3 - Third, 100 pointsGlenn Quagmire Banana with b. by zorkky

Rules of the contest:

1 - Fave this Blog
2 - Send your Deviation to folder" Merry Christmas"  :iconclop0:

* Deadline : 7/1/2014

Please Wath & Llama Our Supporters and join our Group suggest:

  • The best Features:

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  • Yearly Features:

  • Group Suggest : ----

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Picked up a cheapo copy of Skyrim today. First impressions: this game is so inside the box, it's inside a smaller box.
Tolkien was, undeniably, a genius, but, for the love of creativity and dynamism; read another f**king book, people.
There's a world of culture, history and myth out there to seek inspiration from! Fantasy should be an exciting, twisted reflection of the world around us, not an endless stream of pirated Lord of the Rings DVDs.
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